What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

Robin Maryland
Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Sept. 6, 2010 — What is it that we love so much about pantyhose?  Is it the look, the feel, or both?    Most people will admit that legs adorned in  pantyhose look better than “bear” legs.   I believe true lovers of pantyhose love the way they feel as much as the way they look.

What is silky?  

Almost universally, people say pantyhose have a “silky” feel, probably because that’s the word they’ve always heard associated with pantyhose.  But when they describe how pantyhose feel to the touch, most people use words such as “smooth,” “slick” or “slippery.”

I have always thought of pantyhose as silky, but to me, “silky” means extremely soft and delicate like the silk of a spider’s web.

Not exactly silky

When Lycra (the most widely known brand name for spandex) is added to the nylon fabric, you get a “support” effect.  Spandex is a man-made synthetic blend of rubberized particles.  That can be good for keeping pantyhose from sagging, or for therapeutic reasons.

Pantyhose made with spandex offer a  smooth, slick or slippery feeling to the touch.  If you run your hand over pantyhose like these, it will slide across effortlessly, as if on a glassy surface — like running your hand over a  dolphin as it swims by.

I do understand how some people are attracted to pantyhose made with a bit of spandex.  They can look alluring and still feel petty nice.

On the other hand (or legs), pantyhose made with a high degree of spandex (left) are very shiny (yeah, I know many people really like shiny) and have an elastic look.

To me, those pantyhose feel like a rubber band stretched to the max.

I strongly believe this is the reason women say they hate pantyhose and complain that they are too tight (below right), too hot and just too uncomfortable.

It’s almost as if manufacturers today believe that all women want pantyhose that will hold their tummies in and massage their legs (really?), but in so doing, the tightness can give them stomach aches and cut off circulation to their toes.

Speaking of toes, I find it a bit disturbing when everyday real girls, or even professional pantyhose models show off their feet in photos, but their pantyhose are so tight because of too much spandex, it actually pulls their toes down and under, so they aren’t displayed properly.

In the picture (left) this Japanese professional model is wearing that kind of pantyhose.  Knowing how much most men love seeing pretty feet in nylons, it’s a shame that this model’s pantyhose are made with so much spandex, the fabric compresses the natural curves of her legs and squishes her toes together, curling them down.

In fact, the pantyhose she’s wearing are so thick, you can barely make out her toes.  A longtime reader here (unfortunately, I’ve forgotten which one) wrote recently:  “If you can’t see the toes, it ain’t pantyhose.”

I love that quote, and couldn’t agree with it more.  (Will the guy who wrote that to me in an email please write me again and remind me who you are so I can give you the proper credit here if you want it?)

Now contrast those super tight and shiny pantyhose with this image of actress Angelina Jolie (below) in the movie, The Tourist, and this scene in which she slips out of her pumps.


See how much more delicate her pantyhose are (likely all-nylon, or very little spandex), as her toes are clearly and nicely displayed?

Sometimes, you can tell when the pantyhose are all-nylon (no spandex), as the toes are held in their natural position.  Of course, this isn’t an exact science, as some girls just have toes that aren’t straight, and they probably shouldn’t be showing them so readily.

Give and take

P1160596What I love is the extremely soft and truly silky texture you get from 100 percent nylon pantyhose (right).

I love that when you touch that fabric, it sorta touches you back.  It gives.  It moves.  When you touch this fabric, you can really feel it, and you can make the person wearing it feel what you feel because the pantyhose will move on her legs, forcing her to actually feel the soft and silky fabric against her body.

And then, there’s the overall concept of 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  There’s just something very sexy about the sense of vulnerability that truly silky and delicate pantyhose provide.

Most of the pantyhose you find on the market today are made with some degree of spandex.  And what drives me crazy is when I hear ridiculous excuses from women, such as “pantyhose are uncomfortable,” because I realize they might never have tried anything but that kind of pantyhose.   Perhaps they don’t realize there is a choice.

I can’t fathom how anyone would describe the feeling of 100 percent nylon pantyhose as “uncomfortable.”  Nothing could be softer, silkier and more delicate than 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  They make your legs look perfect, they feel so nice on, and they feel incredible to the touch.

Look at the silky, almost powdery texture of these all-nylon pantyhose on the lovely girl to the left.  Just by looking, you can almost feel how amazingly soft and silky these pantyhose are.  Couldn’t you envision how, if you ran your hand up and down her calf, the beautiful nylon fabric would move up and down with your hand.  What could be more delicious than that?

Pantyhose can be practical:  The right thing to wear at the office, proper for a formal or special occasion, maybe good for a massage.

Or, pantyhose can be beautiful, decidedly feminine and extremely sexy.

You have a choice.

7 thoughts on “What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

  • You know there are so many days I strongly wish I could just sit down and talk with women that enjoy wearing pantyhose.
    I have so much I want to express how I feel about them wearing this magical material. Not too many around who would do that though. For me it is somewhat rare. Of course “feel” is the area that can have double meaning. My case would be “talk”. That is what “feels” right to me.

  • You know Robin, I do have a question about pantyhose when women do wear them. I am curious to know if you have an opinion on whether women who do wear pantyhose wear them for the style and looks, or for how they feel on their body? I have always stated how they work for me seeing them on women, but never have asked how they work for a woman? Maybe I missed an explanation in an article you wrote earlier? It would make for an interesting answer I believe.

    • Hey Tracy,

      I think there’s not one answer to that question. These days, for most women, it’s probably more about how they look. As, you’ve read here many times I’m sure, I believe most women think they don’t like the feel of pantyhose, as they’ve probably worn only the kind that are made with a great amount of spandex, making them tight and uncomfortable.

      Personally, I and the girls in the office here wear ActSensuous both because of how they make our legs look AND because we love how soft and silky they feel.

  • That’s just what it is all about for me. A sheer, thin, silky, satiny material stretched over the beautiful curves of a woman’s lower body. To me there is no lovelier sight in the world. What may top that is the way this precious material feels over the body. Either way it is a win, win situation for me…if one can find the opportunity.😧

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