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Tasty-looking tootsies

If your girl wore pantyhose like Mylani’s, wouldn’t you be happy to massage her feet upon request? Participate in our contest, Reader-submitted image, and you could win a pair of the 100 percent nylon Act II Nude pantyhose Mylani is wearing. See details about the contest in the Comments section below. Send us one of your favorite pantyhose images and you could win a pair of ActSensuous for your girl.

4 thoughts on “Reader-submitted image

  • I went to the Opera this past Saturday in San Antonio Warm Day but the Theater was air conditioned Ladies with nice legs but very few with
    pantyhose /stockings Ladies is is not wrong to wear pnathose!!!

  • Congratulations to Rand M. for winning this past two week’s Reader-submitted image contest. Rand won for his image “Reflections” (Aug. 19-25) of a beautiful young Asian lady reflecting in a mirror, as she seemed to admire her own pantyhose-adorned legs.

    Rand’s image was in competition with Peter_A’s image, “Party time” (Aug. 26 to Sept. 2), in which Katherine Heigl, wearing black patterned pantyhose, was exiting a vehicle to attend her birthday party with family members.

    Rand won because three other readers/viewers (Chuck, Steve and Turbodey) made comments about his image, while only two (Chuck and Steve) commented about Peter_A’s image.

    Rand, a longtime reader here, was a first-time player (and winner) in the Reader-submitted image contest. He wins a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose. Peter_A, also a longtime reader here, won the contest earlier in August.

    Now, we have an ActSensuous standby image occupying this space until someone else brings us a new Reader-submitted image.

  • Readers: Send us one of your favorite pantyhose pictures for possible inclusion in this new space: Reader-submitted image — and you could win a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose.

    If I know you, feel free to email your image to me. If I don’t know you, please make a comment here, and then send me an email. Remember, we keep it clean and classy here, so please send us only images that are in good taste. See details below.

    If we publish an image you submit, we will run it for one (1) week before changing it, and during this time, you and we can keep track of the readers’ comments your image receives.

    Then, we will take it down and put up a new reader’s image for a week, and so on during a month.

    If, at the end of the month (a cycle of 4 different reader-submitted images displayed each week), yours garnered the most comments, you will win a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose in your choice of style, color and size.

    If only one other reader submits an image while yours is running, we will run your image for a week, and then the other reader’s image for a week, and the contest will be decided by readers/viewers’ votes. If no other reader submits an image during the week yours is running, you will definitely win.

    In determining a winner, we can go only by readers/viewers’ comments about your image. Readers may give likes and votes for yellow stars, but we cannot include those things in the voting because they roll over each time an image is changed.

    A few notes and two simple rules

    Note 1: You don’t have to write captions for the images you submit, but if possible, please give me enough information to write a proper caption (who, what, when, where, why and how).

    Note 2: An image you submit must be of high resolution (at least 700W X 1,000H) to justify the space here.

    Note 3: An image you submit must be one in which the subject is facing forward, or looking to her left when facing forward, or the action is mostly oriented to the viewer’s right to justify the layout of this section of the blog.

    Rule 1: We will not publish any image that places the subject/subjects, or the pantyhose, in a negative light. If you don’t know what that means, you probably shouldn’t submit any images to us. (And, while we respect and don’t judge men wearing pantyhose, please send us pictures only of ladies wearing.)

    Rule 2: Those of you I’ve gotten to know through the years may send an image to me via email. Others, please first make a comment about any post on this blog, then send me an email so we can establish communication. Then, please email me your submitted image. Either way, we must have an accurate means by which to alert you if the image you submit is the winner.

    Disclaimer: This contest might not work, as it’s been my experience that the vast majority of people who view posts and images here don’t bother to leave comments or indicate whether or not they like something, or anything really. (Welcome to my world.) In such a case, we might change the rules, or kill the contest all together with or without notice.

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