Reader-submitted image

Feel her pantyhose

You have to feel Mylani’s 100 percent nylon pantyhose to believe them. Want a pair? Free? Participate in our new section here: Reader-submitted image, and you could win a pair of the ActSensuous pantyhose Mylani is modeling. See the Comments area below for details. Enjoy this contest, and you may get to wear Mylani’s pantyhose.

15 thoughts on “Reader-submitted image

  • Well Robin I am hopelessly obsessed with women’s pantyhose mainly because of women like this. At work there was a woman that I work with in customer service who came into work wearing a purple dress with sheer black pantyhose and she was 22 years old.

    I walked up to her and complimented her on her appearance and she was happy about it. She goes I’ve been wearing these things since I was fifteen and I love it when guys stare at my legs and compliment me.

    We both happened to go on break at the same time. I was near her in my companies break room and she noticed me staring at her legs. We both have a significant other and she goes you have an attractive girlfriend and does she ever dress like this for you. I go sometimes. A lot of times she still wears skirts and dresses with bare legs and she complains that pantyhose are too hot especially in the spring or summer.

    She asked me if I wanted to touch her legs and so I did massaging them for about fifteen minutes. Nobody else was around by the way. By the time our breaks were over she took off the black pair and changed into a suntan one. She goes do you want my black pair I go sure and I put them in my pocket.

    At the end of my shift I met my girfriend who was wearing a nice dress with nude pantyhose. She said to me You got a black pair for your collection because the customer service worker began her day in a black pair and ended the day in a suntan one.

    Also by the way you said I won a free pair. I know you have to email me for the answer. I think I gave you my address and the right information size color and type.

    • Thanks for your comment, Steve. Love your stories. If they’re even a little bit true, you really live a charmed life. Good for you for always indulging your pantyhose appetite.

      Steve, Steve, Steve, do you actually read the emails I send you? (How do you even have a job?) 🙂 Yes, you gave me your ship-to address, and you told me you want size B (very happy to hear that!), but I still need for you to tell me: The style (Act II, Act III, orig Act IV, NewAct IV) and the shade your gf (or that Customer Service girl) wants. Thanks.

  • Yes, this is a very nice picture of Mylani. Great choice of pantyhose color, and yes, I will agree that her pose is excellent!

  • You know Robin, Mylani in this pose really shows the sheerness of your pantyhose. That enhances her beauty so much more. Who in their right mind could resist her? Love the hose pose!!

  • This past weekend, I saw a young woman wearing a similarly colored pair of pantyhose with a black dress and black sandals (flat, no heels).

    Now I can be old school in some of my preferences and have always believed that shoes should have at least a medium heel when worn with hose. But I have to say, she looked very classy (and sexy) because she was dressed entirely in black.

    This picture gets 5 stars because the model is not wearing shoes (very sexy!) It also demonstrates the high quality of the product.

    • Thanks very much, chuck. I always like at least a little heel, too, but I agree that sometimes flats can make for a cute look. Kind of the Audrey Hepburn look. The bottom line for me is as long as a lady is wearing pantyhose, anything or everything else is OK with me.

  • Congratulations to BM80 for winning last week’s Reader-submitted image contest with his or her picture of actress Megan Boone wearing sheer nude pantyhose. BM80 wins a free pair of ActSensuous pantyhose.

    Also, our thanks to Tracy, Turbodey and Shawn who commented on BM80’s image.

    Readers, again, if you don’t want to submit an image of your own, you can at least comment on someone else’s image. Please show some support for this space on my blog if you want to see it continued.

    Now, as of today, Friday June 9, we have space for a new Reader-submitted image. Send us something, and like BM80, you could win. Good luck, everyone.

  • Readers: Send us one of your favorite pantyhose pictures for possible inclusion in this new space: Reader-submitted image — and you could win a free pair of ActSensuous pantyhose.

    Please submit your photo as an attachment to a comment you make here. (If I know you, feel free to email your image to me.) Remember, we keep it clean and classy here, so please send us only images that are in good taste. See details below.

    If we publish an image you submit, we will run it for one (1) week before changing it, and during this time, you and we can keep track of the readers’ comments your image receives.

    Then, we will take it down and put up a new reader’s image for a week, and so on during a month.

    If, at the end of the month (a cycle of 4 different reader-submitted images displayed each week), yours garnered the most comments, you will win a free pair of ActSensuous pantyhose in your choice of style, color and size.

    If only one or two other readers submit images, we might run your image longer than a week. If no other reader submits an image, you will definitely win.

    In determining a winner, we can go only by readers’ comments about your picture. Readers may give likes and votes for yellow stars, but we cannot include those things in the voting because they roll over each time an image is changed.

    Note 1: You don’t have to write captions for the images you submit.

    Note 2: This contest might not work, as it’s been my experience that the vast majority of people who view posts and images here don’t bother to leave comments or indicate whether or not they like something, or anything really. (Welcome to my world.) In such a case, we might change the rules, or kill the contest all together with or without notice.

    Note 3: The current image is one I’ve submitted to take up space here until we begin to receive actual reader-submitted images. You can make comments, show likes and give yellow stars, but this image is not included in the contest.

    Rule 1: We will not publish any image that places the subject/subjects, or the pantyhose, in a negative light. If you don’t know what that means, you probably shouldn’t submit any images to us. (And, while we respect and don’t judge men wearing pantyhose, please send us pictures only of ladies wearing.)

    Rule 2: When submitting an image to us, please do so as an attachment to a comment here. (Those of you I’ve gotten to know through the years may send an image to me via email.) Either way, we must have an accurate means by which to alert you if the image you submit is the winner.

    Finally, this new space is all set to go, so if you want to play, send us your images now. So far, no one has submitted an image, so your chances of winning the contest are very good. C’mon, let’s see what you’ve got.

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