Loving even the little condition mistreats in pantyhose-wearing

Robin Maryland,
president, ActSensuous

June 30, 2013 — Earlier this week, one of our readers, Jan, wrote a comment expressing his (yes, his) dismay about a lack of attention many women give to the condition of their pantyhose while they’re wearing them.

Here’s Jan’s comment (and by the way, I don’t edit readers’ comments):

Dear Robin!
I have often wondered, why some pantyhosed women never pay any attention on how the pantyhose is doing during the day or what’s happening to the pantyhose on duty?
My well trained pantyhose eye will spot all kinds of pantyhose miss treats on any given day. You can find toe caps not in line or vertical toe caps, sole reinforcements almost upp side on the wrist, heel caps twisted up sideways and damaged.
Also, there’s long runs from heel upp to waist and heavy tear and damaged pantyhose legs.
I wish some women could take more care of their pantyhose and put some thought into what’s going on pantyhosewise. Maybe take a pantyhose moment and adjust reinforcements and check seams etc. This is probably even more important when using the classic 100% polymide pantyhose.
I personally approve of all kinds of pantyhose use, but I also think that a the pantyhose is a delicate and beautiful thing that need a bit of handling and care. Mature women knows this, they know how to handle a pantyhose. But the “next gen” pantyhose users….
Sometimes I wish I could just start a pantyhose handling centre.

Often, I have an idea for a new post, but after doing the research, looking for the right art to go with the writing, or even just over-thinking, I’ll talk myself out of writing it. In case you’re keeping score at home, that’s why you don’t get a post from me every day, every week, or even every month. I prefer to deliver quality, rather than quantity, and I’m a harsh judge of what that means.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think a little run or snag in an otherwise beautiful pair of pantyhose can be kinda sexy.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I think a little run or snag in an otherwise beautiful pair of pantyhose can be kinda sexy.

I had long been thinking of writing a post about a topic similar to Jan’s, and, as is often the case with me, it took his comment to tip the scales in favor of my writing it. So, first, let me encourage every one of you to please continue to write comments that reflect the pantyhose topics on your mind, and/or feel free to suggest subjects about which you’d like for me to write.

In my reply to Jan’s comment, I wrote (in part) “… I’m just so happy whenever I see a woman wearing pantyhose today, I don’t care what condition they appear to be in.”

Would anyone find fault with the way the nylon bunches a bit where the toes meets the shoe on actress Blake Lively's lovely legs here?
Would anyone find fault in the way the nylon bunches a bit where the toes meets the shoe on actress Blake Lively’s lovely legs here?

I didn’t go into more detail because I had decided at that point to write this post. So here it is.

While I created ActSensuous to make the style of pantyhose I loved but could no longer find, I have always realized and appreciated that people all over the world love a great variety of styles. These include the thickest and shiniest kinds to the most delicate and sheer types that challenge one to discern whether a woman is actually wearing or not.

My feeling is any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose. Similarly, I find beauty and extreme femininity in the very concept of pantyhose.

So, I truly meant what I wrote about not caring what condition pantyhose are in, as long as they’re on. In fact, since I love and appreciate most the kind of pantyhose that are practically invisible on the wearer, more so than patterned or thick and shiny kinds, I love subtle little indicators that make it obvious that pantyhose are being worn.

Little wrinkles in the nylon fabric on the ankles or where the toe cleavage meets the shoe is sexy to me.
Little wrinkles in the nylon fabric behind the knee, on the ankles, or where toe cleavage meets the shoe is sexy to me.

Often, that means seeing some of the condition “mistreats” about which Jan wrote.

In fact, I think it’s kind of sexy when the seam at the toe ends up a bit vertical, or when there is a run up the leg, or those little fabric wrinkles over toe cleavage or at the ankles.

Often, I’ve wondered if anyone out there is as sick as me. Do you hate it when you see these little pantyhose condition mistreats, or do you love it? Are those things awful, or are they kind of sexy? Do you love it when you see a girl adjusting the nylon fabric up her leg, or smoothing it with her hands over her legs?

A beautiful scene when Christie Brinkley pulls the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg in Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" music video in 1983.
A lovely and sexy scene when Christie Brinkley pulls the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg in Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video in 1983.

Long before I ever dreamed of creating my own company, I was profoundly influenced by the image of Christie Brinkley pulling the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg during a scene in the “Uptown Girl” music video from Billy Joel’s hit single in 1983.

It is a beautiful scene that was not uncommon to see in real life during the great pantyhose decade of the 1980s (all of the 1970s and the late 1960s I’m told, but was too young to have experienced it for myself), but just the fact that someone was wise and creative enough to include it in this music video (2:14/3:23) is awesome.


Ever professional and classy, Christie Brinkley almost always wears sheer pantyhose during public appearances.
Ever professional and classy, Christie Brinkley almost always wears sheer pantyhose during public appearances.

I would love to meet the person who was responsible for that scene because he or she (probably he) obviously understood the beauty, femininity and extreme sensual qualities of pantyhose back then, and probably suffered like all of us during the height of the “bear” legs movement in the late 1990s to 2000s.

Would love to hear what that person has to say today.

Further, to her credit, Christie Brinkley is still a beautiful and classy woman who never bought in to bear legs culture.

Maybe she, too, was influenced in the virtues of pantyhose-wearing from the making of that music video, as she still wears sheer pantyhose (quite beautifully) today.


When I see images of girls running their hands over their pantyhose legs, sometimes subconsciously it seems, they’re not only smoothing the fabric, but also feeling it themselves.

I’ve always thought that has to be exciting to see for the guys who love pantyhose.

So, what do you think? Do you hate the little condition mistreats inevitable in pantyhose-wearing, or do you love them? Are they ugly, or beautiful and kind of sexy?

Again, my thanks to Jan for his comment, which motivated me to write this post.

15 thoughts on “Loving even the little condition mistreats in pantyhose-wearing

  • Hi Robin,

    Just out of curiosity, is the young lady at the beginning of this blog with the black skirt and nude
    colored pantyhose one of your models or someone else?

    Also, the pantyhose she is wearing, are they your brand or another. Great picture!!!

    • Hi Tracy,

      No to everything. She’s not our model and she isn’t wearing ActSensuous pantyhose. I know that picture doesn’t expand, but if you look closely, her pantyhose are shiny and they have a reinforced band above the toe area, peaking out from the shoe. Thanks for asking though.

  • You know…hearing about and seeing all these men and their good fortune of having their lovely partners wear pantyhose make me appreciate any problems or “condition mistreats” that happen. To me it is a “perfect imperfection!”

    Sometimes it is the only way for me to strike up a conversation about pantyhose with a woman who wears them without making it feel creepy to them. It is “sexy” and so “feminine”to hear them talk about hose without making the topic degrading and vulgar.

    My envy goes out to these men who have so much.

  • I enjoy seeing slightly off seams and bunching. I actually like the reinforced toe is both practical and nice no matter what shoes. Practical as less chance of nails causing run, it also tells me they wear more often as a less wearer they aren’t that selective.

  • Yeah, in general, any time a woman does a little self-preening on her hose, it’s a sexy thing. When her hose are put on a little crooked, and that toe seam is a little vertical….that’s even kind of sexy, in an imperfect way.

    But as much as I love women in pantyhose, I finally got to where seeing the reinforced toes in an open toed shoe just looks tacky to me, and not well thought out. Kind of a faux pas, like not enough thought was put into what she was wearing (that she should’n’t have worn reinforced toes w/those shoes). Just my personal opinion.

  • With pantyhose, its the thought that counts. Being bothered by a small run in a woman’s pantyhose is similar to being upset by a small scuff on a nice pair of shoes or being perturbed by a few hairs that are out of place in a nice hairstyle. We shouldn’t expect perfection. We should appreciate the effort.

  • I fall in the camp of not liking seeing a run but wrinkles and such are kind of cute. But like you said that even though there may be little “mistreats”, they are STILL wearing. Really like the memory jog with the “Uptown Girl” reference. Thanks

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