Caption! this …

“Hello, Pantyhose Hotline …”

Readers/Visitors: Write a caption for this image and you could win a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose. See details about the contest in the Comments area below (scroll all the way down to the bottom to find Robin’s comment). Have some fun with this one, and you just might win.

8 thoughts on “Caption! this …

  • Hello!?! Yes I simply MUST have more of these pantyhose! They feel so great, time not wearing them is wasted! Yes, seven more of these exact pairs.

  • You promised me that my pantyhose would arrive in time for the prom. I wouldn’t even dream of going anywhere without them. I’m sorry but bare legs just don’t cut it.

    • No surprise, we have John first out of the gate. He wants his third pair of ActSensuous. And, really, who wouldn’t? Now, is anyone going to take him on? This thing is called a contest, ya know.

      Thanks for your enthusiasm, John. And good luck to you.

  • Congratulations to John for writing the winning caption for last week’s image, “Out to lunch.” John has won a free pair of ActSensuous pantyhose for the second time in two weeks.

    Readers/Visitors, again, if you don’t want to submit a caption of your own, please at least comment on someone else’s caption. John won, in part, because Tracy and Turbodey both commented about the caption he submitted. Please show some support for this space on my blog if you want to see it continued.

    OK, now we have a new image in need of a caption, “Hello, Pantyhose Hotline …” You’re on the clock as of Saturday June 24. Good luck, everyone.

  • Readers: Write a caption for this image and you could win a free pair of ActSensuous pantyhose. Submit your caption for review as a comment about this image. Over a period of one week, we will see how many comments we receive from other readers about your caption. The writer of the caption that garners the most readers’ comments wins. (Unfortunately, we can’t go by the number of likes, or votes for yellow stars to determine a winner because those things roll over with each new image.)

    Once we have a winner (determined after 1 week), we will delete the previous caption(s) and their comments, then start over, publish a new image, and begin receiving captions and readers’ comments for it (unless we have no other contestants at that point).

    Rule 1: The writer of the caption cannot comment on his/her own caption. We will determine that by the IP address from each comment (which only I, as the blog administrator, see).

    Rule 2: We will not publish any comments that we deem to be possibly offensive or inappropriate in any way.

    Note 1: This contest might not work as designed, or be too difficult to manage, in which case we may change the process, change the rules or end the contest all together with or without notice, regardless of where we are in the process. Also, it’s been my experience that the vast majority of readers do not bother to comment or like, or rate a picture with the yellow stars (welcome to my world, contestants), which is a major reason why this contest might not be successful, and therefore get canceled.

    Note 2: The contest is open right now. (Readers even if you don’t want to submit a caption yourself, please help out those who do by commenting here on their captions.)

    Note 3: No trees were destroyed in the writing of this explanation and rules, however, a couple of lawyers justifiably were beaten up.

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