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Hi all,

This is Robin Maryland, co-founder and president of ActSensuousI am a corporate business executive, a former newsreporter, a former news copy editor, a martial arts practitioner, and a lifelong lover of pantyhose.

I started ActSensuous (http://www.actsensuous.com) in 2001 — during the very height of the “bear”-legs (see explanation below) movement.

I write The ActSensuous blog because I want to be the voice of hope and reason for pantyhose lovers throughout the world.  I want to carry the torch for the return to favor of pantyhose  in all areas — business, fashion, entertainment, and as a major element of pop culture.

News style

You’ll notice this isn’t a normal blog.  I write it more as a newspaper column. (My roots, you know.)  I am not going to throw something on the blog on a regular basis just to keep it active and fresh.   I am too busy, not only running ActSensuous, but also doing consulting work for two other businesses.  I’d rather write something detailed and compelling when an opportunity presents itself and the timing is right.

Being a former newspaper copy editor, often, I am tempted to edit readers’ comments, but I usually don’t.  I believe it is important to allow readers to “keep their voice” (a copy editor’s term).   But there are minor exceptions:

(1.) When awful sentence structure makes the comment difficult to comprehend the writer’s meaning;  (2.) Whenever a comment includes words or phrases that are offensive or in poor taste.  (If a comment is so offensive it wouldn’t be worth editing, I simply delete it.  I am happy to report I’ve had to do that only a few times since I began the blog in 2009. Our readers are classy people themselves.)

Let’s keep it clean 

I am committed to maintaining this blog as a safe haven for pantyhose lovers to share their views and express their feelings.  I believe pantyhose are beautiful, classy and decidedly feminine, but, there’s no escaping that they also are inherently sexy.

I do understand you want to share your feelings and experiences about the fetish aspects of pantyhose, and I’ve even opened the door for you to do that in some of my posts.  Many of you have told me you gain some measure of therapy by putting your personal experiences out there.  All I ask is that you choose your words carefully, always maintaining a sense of decency and good taste.  Otherwise, I will have to edit, or in rare cases, delete your comment.

Please try to follow my lead in the way I write the posts here.  I don’t refer to women, especially, their bodies, in a manner that is demeaning.  Check it out. You’ll see that I never use the words you see everywhere else in pantyhose-related blogs.   So please don’t use crude or offensive words in your comments either.  Let’s always treat women with the respect they deserve.

About “bear” legs

To those of you who are new to my blog, you will come to understand that I use the phrase, “bear” legs, to refer to women who refuse to wear pantyhose, choosing to go bare-legged in their dresses or skirts and high heels, whether at business, entertainment venues, or social settings.  I am comparing their bare legs to a bear’s legs.

It’s my way of having a little fun with today’s ugly bare legs culture.  In each post I write, I use quote marks on only the first reference of “bear” legs, and then let it stand in subsequent uses.  And I love how longtime readers of this blog have embraced my phrase, and they themselves now refer to bare-legged women as having bear legs.

Want to see how it all started?  You should read the original post in which I first introduced the phrase, bear legs.  It’s called “Why bears don’t wear pantyhose” and you can find it a couple ways:  Type that headline in the search bar under Snag this … along the right rail of the blog, or below that, scroll down through the Archives and click on the October 2009 entry.

Your support

Thank you for reading The ActSensuous blog, and please know that I enjoy and appreciate the hundreds of comments I receive from everywhere in the world.

From time to time, some of you have written to me suggesting a devoted pantyhose-wearer (or hater), or a topic you’d like to see me write about, and often, I’ve taken you up on it.  Please always feel free to make your recommendations.

And to those of you who award my posts those 5-Yellow Star ratings, I thank you very much.  Your appreciation, feedback and support of my writing, keeps me motivated to continue waging the good fight against the evil bear legs conspiracy.

Stick with me, guys and girls.  We’re going to win this thing yet!

Comment or E-mail?

Sometimes, readers want to ask a question or alert me to something.  Often, they do that in the form of a comment.  That’s fine if it’s something that would be of interest to many.

For those of you who have a question or something more personal you want to share, but not make it available for public consumption, instead of making a comment on this blog, you probably should write me an email instead (robin@actsensuous.com), but again, please always keep everything clean and classy.

Thanks, and best wishes to all of you.

Robin Maryland

496 thoughts on “About me

  • Hello, I must compliment you on your blog and the professionalism it is done. Classy and with taste…. love it , Sheers!
    I am returning to the pantyhose community after 9 years. My soul mate, SweetnPantyhose passed from cancer 6 years ago and it’s about time I get back on the horse. I hope I can contribute wisely!

  • It’s been quiet here so I thought I would try to stir things with a question. As much as we want the bear legs culture to pass away, do you think we can at least say that one “benefit” is that the makers of hosiery had to improve their quality of product to stay in business? It seems that to differentiate themselves from the cheap stuff that you wear once and toss the manufacturers that are still around make a higher value product. Supermarket hosiery was garbage but most name brand products look a lot better and last longer. You may still have to be careful with 10 Den DK sheers but your legs will look amazing and the garment is worth the extra money. Trying to find a silver lining to awful fashion statement of pasty white legs. Thoughts?

  • Hi all! Haven’t posted in a long bit. But I’m still around! Hi Robin. Question. Am I the only one strangely attracted to hosed legs of flight attendants?

    • Hi rclosure1. No, not at all. I think most men with a pulse love women in uniforms (including pantyhose), and flight attendants have to rank high on that list. Good to see you back here. Thanks for your question.

      • Hello i would like to buy some pantyhose but i want some seamless pantyhose i dont know if could you recommend me some, i want it with 10 deniers or 15, i love hoe it feels in the skin i am 17 years old i hope u can understand me an d i love how looks the legs and how feels pantyhose without underwear its so amazing, if you have the same idea about this contact me please

    • Oh no you aren’t! They kill me any time I have three opportunity to be on a flight. I don’t know what it is or why but they always seem to have the best toned and shapply legs.

  • Hi again

    Finally i’ve read many of the replies on this topic and i’m a bit surprised to find talks about movies on this post just dedicated about you. But after all, why not ?

    That’s why, me too, i talk here about a movie very rich in great pantyhose scenes and called: “The edge of seventeen”

    The more famous actor in this movie is Woody Harrelson. The heroin wears shorts and black sheer pantyhose near all along the movie and there is also a great upskirt view with the actress playing the heroin’s mother when she tries to pull her young daughter out of the car. ( i don’t remember her name but i know she plays in a police series and she is Kevin Bacon’s wife in the real life ).

    • Hi French anonymous,

      Thank you for telling us about this movie. I had not heard of it, and until I Googled it, didn’t know it is a 2016 movie. (I don’t get out much.)

      The actress who is Kevin Bacon’s wife is Kyra Sedgwick, who starred in that police series, The Closer. I decided a long time ago that I hate her because she never wore pantyhose in any of the few episodes I watched. In fact, that’s the reason I didn’t watch that series. Furthermore, I Googled her during the time that series ran and didn’t find a single picture of her in pantyhose. Not one!

      So in looking into your The Edge of Seventeen movie, I saw one picture of Sedgwick, which looks as if she is wearing very sheer pantyhose, but I can’t be positive because the picture doesn’t show much leg. I hope she wears in that movie.

      As for the young star of the movie (played by Hailee Steinfeld), I could see she does wear many short outfits with black pantyhose, along with socks and sneakers. However, I didn’t see one picture of her outside the movie in which she wears, including during publicity events and as a guest on TV shows. She’s always “bear”-legged in those events, which tells me she is not truly a pantyhose wearer, and wore in the movie only because costume designer must have called for it.

      Still, thanks again for telling us about this film.

      Finally, my readers here try to match their comments to the appropriate posts, but when there isn’t an obvious fit, they throw it in this section. That’s fine with me.

      • When i read your answer, i can notice, one more time, that not only we have the same passion about pantyhoses but we have absolutly the same reactions too about a movie or a serie: If women playing in, aren’t wearing pantyhoses, we do not want to look at these. ( sometimes my wife is upset about this fact). One of my favorite movie in the last past years is “Time Out” with the very beautiful Amanda Seyfried and her black sheer nyloned legs during most of the movie. But if, in an other hand, someone else ( except my sons or my mother) is at my home and so i’m forced to hide my nyloned legs under pants, i don’t want at all to see a movie with pantyhosed women, too jealous i could be to see them wearing openly and not me.

  • Hi again Robin

    As i just you told in a private message, i haven’t yet finished to read your website. This post got many replies i didn’t read yet all this entire post. So you’d perhaps already replied on this post to some questions i have about you.

    If you accept to reply, i would like to know around what age did you be attracted by pantyhoses and wearing them ( i mean sheer pantyhoses of course, not the ugly thick or woolen pantyhoses) ?

    When you asked your mother to begin to wear sheer pantyhoses, did she agree as soon as you asked or was she a little reluctant about that. ? I’ve often read on the web, in some women’s testimonies that when they were young, their mothers were a little bit reluctant, having difficulties to see their little daughters growing up and dressing on a more mature manner. That’s why i ask you this question.

    When you began to wear sheer pantyhoses, did you already wear them, all days of the year, despite the heat of Florida or did you began later to wear them absolutly daily as an exemple, just when you created Actsensuous ?

    I can understand if you don’t want to reply to these more personal questions and if you choose to not publishing this post on this topic about you.

    French anonymous

    • Hi French anonymous,

      I fell in love with pantyhose at an early age, but didn’t get to wear them until about my junior year in high school. And, yes, I had to hard-sell my mother. She was reluctant alright. Still, I convinced her that all the girls were doing it (most of them anyway), and she finally gave me the green light.

      I didn’t always live in Florida (mostly Pennsylvania), but I wouldn’t say I wore every day. But, as an adult at the office, I did wear every day.

      Also, you’re right again. Now, even in Florida, I do wear every day, not only because I feel it is important to set a good example since I own and run ActSensuous, but also because I really love to wear. And, every day means every day, including Saturday and Sunday.

      • Hi from France Robin

        I have other questions about you:
        Are you wearing only the pantyhoses that you’re selling in your company or sometimes are you wearing other brands than yours?

        Perhaps i’m wrong but on your commercial website, i havn’t seen patterned pantyhoses like polka-dots or with seams behind legs. I would like to know if sometimes you’re wearing these kind of pantyhose ?

        Are you more often black nyloned legs or tan nyloned legs ? And are you wearing sometimes other shades than these ones ? ( grey, white, brown or light-blue )

        That’s all.

        Have a nice day

        French Anonymous !

        • Hi French anonymous,

          Thanks for your questions: Since my partner and I created ActSensuous in 2001, of course I wear only our brand every day. I wore our original style called just ActSensuous, then, our Act II, then, our Act III, and then, our Act IV and now, our NewAct IV.

          I designed and created Act IV in my vision of the perfect pantyhose, so why would I wear anything else? I never wear black. I always wear skin tone shades such as nude, suntan (when I have one) and light taupe. Personally, I have never cared for patterns on pantyhose, especially seams down the back of the legs.

          Nevertheless, I am wise enough to know that this is not all about me, as much as it is about the millions of potential pantyhose wearers out there, so we are planning to introduce some different styles in the future. I particularly like the idea of a making a line of pantyhose with just a little glimmer or sparkles and maybe some unique textures.

          It cost us thousands upon thousands of dollars and almost 2 years to the day to make our NewAct IV. So, it will be a while before we experiment with some different things, but we are quietly excited about our ideas.

          Again, thank you, FA, for your participation in our blog.

          • Hi again and thanks for your quick reply.
            I’m glad to see that you enjoy my participation on your blog and i hope i’ll never induce weariness to be a little bit too gossip on your blog.

            As i’ve already told, my preference is going towards black hosiery, for myself, of course but for the women also. But when a woman wears pantyhose, she multiplies her charm by one thousand, for my eyes, even if shesn’t wearing black shade, The main one being that she have sheer nylon on her legs and when i see these small pleats of fabric on the ankles or on sides of the knees pleats, it’s absolutly delicious.

            One of the reason i like a little less tan ou nude pantyhoses, is that sometimes my eyes have to do an effort to see if the women that i cross in the streets or that i see on their blogs are wearing or not. It’s particulary difficult on some pictures with low pixels and sometimes i doubt, because some of women on blogs have a perfect skin suggesting that they’re wearing pantyhose and finally they don’t wear. Happily, and i know you don’t agree with that, the spandex give a little shiny effect on pantyhoses and so it’s easier to detect. And in France, i think that there is no more models without spandex or lycra ( it’s the same thing i think).

            But i have a technical ask, and as a owner of a pantyhose company, you surely not have difficulties to reply me, but it’s difficult for to explain some technicals terms in translation from french to english:
            Before the lycra comes, it existed two kinds of fabrics of pantyhose. I will use the google translator but i’m not sure about the result: They were the nylon foam pantyhoses (the cheaper) and nylon veil pantyhoses, more expensive but more classy and nicer on the legs and smoother to wear( i repeat i’m not sure at all about words: “foam” and “veil” about pantyhoses). However, before lycra comes, i remember having worn, some ten of years ago, some ultra-sheer pantyoses in 12 deniers and even if they were “foam”, i remember they were absolutly smooth on the skin of my legs. The models you are selling are they “foam” or “veil” ? ( if i have the good translation of these terms)

            Thanks for your kindness and even if i’m a man, it’s a really pleasure to speak freely about pantyhoses with a such kind and open-minded lady.

            i’ll surely have future questions but for now, nothing else comes in my head to ask you.

            French anonymous

            • Hi FA,

              I must say I’ve never heard of nylon foam versus nylon veil. We didn’t start in the pantyhose business until 2001, so maybe what you’re referring to is old technology. I can say this though: Our pantyhose are made in a 100 percent nylon fabric in a 20 denier rating.

              We tested some samples in 15 denier, but (as invisible as they were) the fabric was coarse and there was no way to soften it. On the other hand (legs, actually), our nylon is incredibly soft and people from all over the world write and praise us for how soft and silky our pantyhose feel.

              I still like the look of a lower denier nylon, but until there’s a way to soften the fabric, we will be sticking with our 20 denier nylon.

              Sorry I couldn’t be of any help to you regarding this comment.


  • Hi Robin, it’s amazing how times have changed when it comes to pantyhose especially with the younger women from like the teens thru their 30’s. A long time ago, girls couldn’t wait to reach their mid teens so they could “graduate” from tights to pantyhose like their moms, grandmothers, and older sisters.

    Nowadays, young women have put pantyhose on the back burner and rather wear leggings or capri pants. There are a few of them who will wear them and enjoys doing so.

    I like the fact that a few young women from your past blogs like Leilani, Mylani, Yesenia, Olivia, and Ariel who will wear pantyhose everyday whether it be professionally or leisurely. They are perfect role models for dressing classy to the younger generation.


    • oddly enough though, that trend has shifted to younger people wearing pantyhose more than women hitting 30. i’m at uni and girls everywhere wear pantyhose, and certainly on nights out its normal to see girls in shiny tan hosery. maybe now its as you grow older you go from pantyhose to sweat pants and leggings!

  • New to the blog, found it by accident.

    Seems to me that wearing pantyhose would actually have been practical for many women for two reasons:

    1. To prevent chafing during walking from thighs rubbing together when wearing a dress. I thought about this years ago when a colleague at work talked about wearing a dress one day while walking around a mall and having this problem, of course without wearing any hosiery. She was not overweight or obese.

    2. To help prevent parts of shoes (straps on heels, especially) rubbing directly on feet and causing sore areas or blisters.

    Am I correct about this? What are your thoughts?

    • Hi K-Man,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You make an interesting point about pantyhose being practical — something I’ve not really covered since I began the blog in 2009. The whole practicality issue apparently has been largely overlooked. Good job with that.

      I don’t know how much a factor chafing is if a woman isn’t really overweight, but I suppose it could be issue. On the other hand (or foot in this case), I completely agree with you about the shoes thing. This is something I don’t understand about women, yet, again, I never wrote about it here.

      Why in the world do women want to wear leather shoes against their “bear” feet? That is torture, yet, they say pantyhose are uncomfortable?

      Again, very good catch, K-Man. Thanks again for your comment, and please let’s hear from you some more here.

      • I realize I am little late with this reply, but I was researching my previous post and noticed the chafing comment.

        My work causes me to travel in the area of a city where bars are located. i am constantly amused by young women who choose fashion over comfort when they are partying on a Saturday night.

        After an evening of drinking, some choose to walk home rather than spending money on a taxi. (Uber is not available). it is not uncommon to see them carrying their shoes and walking on a concrete sidewalks in bare feet in 40 F weather. One night I saw another young lady walking a short distance from a bar to a parking lot in bare feet when it was 20 F \I never really thought of chafing or blistering, I just thought the shoes might be causing a more general discomfort.

        However, I think the saddest situation I witnessed, was watching two young women wearing pantyhose and walking a long distance without shoes on a concrete sidewalk. Alcohol must have influenced their decision, because it would have been just as cheap to take a taxi than to destroy a good pair of pantyhose.

  • Question: What is worse than watching a 40 plus actress in “bear” legs? Answer: Watching a 50 plus actress in “bear” legs.

    Last night I watched the first episode of the NBC series “Blacklist: Redemption” starring 52-year-old Famke Janssen.
    She plays the head of a covert mercenary organization and her character mostly wears dresses with “bear” legs. . Ms. Janssen is nearly 6 ft. tall and her long legs would look wonderful if she’d wear a nice pair of pantyhose. Sadly, I wasn’t surprised that she didn’t wear hose, because she also sported the bear leg look when her character was introduced during Season 3 of “The Blacklist”.

    On the plus side, 17-year-old Lennon Stella wore pantyhose for the first time on the CMT series Nashville. Her character was attending a musical performance in honor of her country music star mother, who recently passed away.
    So, kudos to the producers to realize that her character should dress appropriately to honor her mom’s passing.

    • Good comment, Chuck. I haven’t seen much of Famke Janssen, but if/when I do, I’d definitely prefer to see her in pantyhose.

      What’s wrong with these people? Have they no common sense? Well, I think everyone knows the answer to that question.

      Thanks, Chuck.

      • I am happy to report that the bear leg syndrome doesn’t seem to have extended to the 60+ set.

        On last week’s finale of “The Blacklist”, both Christine Lahti and Susan Blommaert were wearing hose. Both are in their late sixties. Because she is very tall, Christine stills looks good in a skirt, pantyhose and medium heels.

        In recent movies such as La La Land and Spectre, Emma Stone and Lea Seydoux have succumbed to the bear leg syndrome. Do I think they would look better in hose? Of course, but because they were in their late twenties when they starred in those movies, I can live with their decision. Its the actresses in their 40s and 50s that show their bear legs that I find annoying.

        • Thanks for your comment, chuck.

          I think, like everything else, it’s all relative. There are some who will always go the way of the bear, and there are female teens to those 60+, and every age in between who love to wear. They’re out there, but we just don’t see enough of the latter group. At least, today, it’s way better than it used to be.

          • Good point. After this post, I did a Google search and discovered many pictures of Emma Stone wearing pantyhose…You can’t always judge a book by its cover.

    • Speaking of the subject. I think I have mentioned the show shark tank with Lori Grenier and Barbara Corcoran . They always look great in sheer pantyhose.

  • Hi Robin:

    As you’re aware, I’m a new reader to your blog. I have been reading a few entries in the archives and notice that you post a picture of yourself in each entry. It’s a nice picture. You have great fashion sense.

    But I also thought it would be nice if we could see a few new pictures of you wearing your product with different shoes and dresses. A different picture could be posted each month. If you had four good photos, each one would appear in your blog 3 times a year.

    I realize you’re a busy lady and may not have time to pose for new photos, but I also think it would be cool for the ActSensuous readers to see the president of the company wear her product with different shoes and dresses

    • Hi chuck169,

      Thank you for bringing this up. (And thanks for the compliment.) Actually, I often get that question via email, so it’s good that you posed it here so I can state this for the record.

      When I started ActSensuous in 2001, I, of course, was our only model, and each pic of the different colors we offered was me in different shoes and outfits. Back then, there were no issues with that. When I started the blog in 2009, the plan was exactly what you proposed: Me in a different outfit and different shades of our pantyhose each month.

      That is until people started taking my pictures and posting them all over the Internet. Problem is, in addition to being president of ActSensuous, I am also a consultant for a couple of very conservative businesses, the owners of which know nothing about my superheroine identity. I’d like to keep it that way, so I never post any pics of myself anymore, as much as I’d like to.

      I find it distasteful (and quite annoying) that people will help themselves to someone else’s property and splatter it all across the Internet, but that’s the world we live in today.

      In any case, one of my all-time favorite customers (Victoria) came up with the idea of having a handful of real ActSensuous customers becoming the models, and she was the first one. I liked the idea of making my sites (website and blog) about the customers and readers, not myself.

      And, that’s the way it’s been since about 2004, although I eventually took the customers gallery down, and now you’ll see real customers wearing ActSensuous only in a few blog features I’ve written (and still will write). However, until I disassociate myself from the consulting gigs, no one will be seeing any more pics of me.

      Again, thanks for your comment and proposal, chuck169. (By the way, those are my legs in Act II Suntan and the red heels.)

      Robin 🙂

      • Hi Robin:

        Thanks for your tactful reply. Guys like me who were alive during the glory days of pantyhose, forget that people’s images are easily stolen in the internet age.

        I’m still glad I proposed the idea, because you were able to clarify the issue and the ACT II pictures are a nice consolation prize. You look great!

    • Hi Turbodey,

      Thank you for your comment. She is Olivia, one of the original pantyhoseclass.com models, and a “real girl who loves to wear pantyhose.”

      The pantyhose she is wearing are so sheer, I wondered whether viewers would think that she isn’t wearing in this picture from August 2012, but she’s in our Act II Light Taupe.

      • It seems that today, most men love to see ladies wearing Pantyhose. They like the real feminine qualities that are brought out in a classy way. In intimate situations, many including myself, love the added passion it brings during lovemaking.
        MY BIG Question? Why are fewer women wearing them these days???? Does it make women feel like sex objects and prefer not to get stares?
        I asked my wife why most women today shy away from wearing an item that makes them look more attractive and feels great on their skin. She said, contrary to how many men feel, it makes women feel confined, restricting and uncomfortable. She also said that in our dress-down comfortable life style, women prefer to be just one of the casual crowd and pantyhose is not part of a casual wardrobe. (I argue this point. Pantyhose goes great with shorts and even cut-offs).
        My thoughts are that many, if not most men, would like to see their partners wearing pantyhose, but for one reason or another, will not suggest their desires to their mates.

        • Hi Tony8888,

          Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          Well, being married, you know there’s no arguing with a woman! Nevertheless, I disagree with your wife’s reasons why so many women today don’t wear pantyhose. As you’re new to my blog, you might not have read my take on this issue, but I believe any woman who thinks pantyhose are confining, restricting and uncomfortable is (1.) Buying the wrong size and (2.) Buying the wrong style.

          Surprisingly, I find most women know very little about pantyhose, and they end up buying what they’ve seen advertised (even if that was in the 1970s or ’80s). So they buy pantyhose with a high content of spandex in them to “massage their legs.” Pantyhose like those are by design tight (and, yes, restricting in such a case).

          Conversely, ActSensuous makes only 100 percent nylon pantyhose with no reinforced areas. Customers from almost every country in the world tell us ours are the softest, silkiest and most comfortable pantyhose they’ve ever worn.

          Tony8888, please don’t allow women to make such blanket statements as “pantyhose are uncomfortable.” That, like so many other negative remarks, are merely excuses to not put an ounce of effort into looking feminine and attractive. Funny, though, that almost all women are into wearing makeup. Just not the nylon makeup for their legs. That’s sad.

          But there is good news out there. An entire new generation of young women are beginning to embrace pantyhose, as they’ve been influenced by glamorous members of the entertainment industry on a massive scale. And, as it always does because it is always true, what’s in fashion eventually becomes not in fashion, and what’s not in fashion becomes in fashion. And pantyhose are returning right under the makeup-ed noses of women everywhere. Soon, those who love dressing like the homeless are going to wake up and find that THEY are now the ones who are out of style.

          Thanks again for your comment, Tony8888. I hope we hear more from you here.

    • Hey Mike T,

      Thank you. You’re the first to mention it. I was wondering what the heck is going on here. I mean it’s the first change of this blog theme in a hundred years. 🙂

      • The. New format is great. Olivia is hot just like all of your other models. Also Robin I don’t think I’ve asked this question before but what are your favorite colors of pantyhose to wear?

        • Hi Steve,

          Thanks for your comment. Yes, Olivia is really special. As for me, I prefer skin tone shades, so I mostly wear nude and suntan, but almost never black.

          Happy New Year.

  • Hey Robin,
    Are you going to do anymore Give credit wear credit is due? or Grizzly Awards? I think you mentioned that you were something different besides those things. Keep us posted as always.

      • Robin,

        Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving.

        I just wanted to comment on the scrolling pics on your home page. They are great and the new models look awesome in your varying colors of Act IV pantyhose.

        It’s nice that you were able to shoot the pictures in Central Park, NY. Hope you do a photo shoot closer to your home in FL. That would be nice to see, maybe Jacksonville or Orlando.

        Keep up the great work!

        • Hi AKH,

          Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving, too.

          Thank you for commenting on the new slide on the home page of our website. I am surprised no one else commented about that, as I think it’s the finest set of professional model pics we’ve ever done. Yes, I thought it would be great to do something in Central Park in NYC.

          Some day, we might do a shoot in Florida, maybe more like in Miami Beach or even South Beach.

          Thanks again, AKH.

          • Aloha Robin!

            Yes, the pics are fantastic! Too bad Hawaii is so far away for a shoot.
            A little island flair! However, wherever a pantyhose shoot is held, it is Heaven on earth.

            Enjoying the many sightings here. Lovin’ your articles.


  • I’m fairly certain that pantyhose are back in fashion again. I live by a University and there are young women walking all over the place in sheer pantyhose like nobody’s business. Black sheer mostly, but there are way more skin tones coming out all over the place too.

    The fashion drought is over.

    • Hi Jona,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      That’s very good news indeed, but please tell us the city (the state or, at least, what part of the country) you’re talking about.

      Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  • Hello Robin… LOVE LOVE LOVE this Blog of yours; the subject of nylons simply titillates me at all levels! I’m a single guy and inherently a one-woman-man. I don’t have a challenge dating but, alas, I do have a HUGE dilemma finding an authentic dating web site that truly caters to men desiring to meet women who have a like passion for nylons. Are you able to direct me, in this capacity?

    Thank you in advance, M.

    • Hi M.,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      OK, readers: There have been comments from a few guys asking about potential dating sites that cater to those who love pantyhose. If anyone knows of any, please respond here. Thanks.

    • Hey Mike T,

      Thanks for this.

      Well, it took Vogue.com long enough to reach this conclusion. As I stated here way back in January 2010: https://actsensuous.wordpress.com/2010/01/04/why-not-pantyhose-and-open-toe-high-heels/

      Pantyhose can make nice legs lethal weapons. Likewise, they can make nice feet incredibly gorgeous and erotic. Remember, that’s the whole idea behind pantyhose – they enhance a woman’s natural beauty. Most guys get that. Funny how so many girls don’t seem to.

      In any case, it’s good to be seeing pantyhose on so many fashion runways these days, and even better to see them with open-toe high heels.

      • Robin,
        So nice to see pantyhose coming back. Women just don’t realize how great their legs can look in them.
        I really hope this is the beginning of a comeback for pantyhose. It has taken long enough. Death to the “bear” legs.

  • Just sending thoughts and prayers out to all those in the southeast US. Stay safe in the wake of this Hurricane.

  • Great profile picture! By the way, out of curiosity, what was the brand of pantyhose you wore before you started ActSensuous?

    • Hi Andrew,

      My favorites always were L’eggs and No Nonsense when both were made in 100% nylon. Thankfully, for 14 years now, I haven’t had to settle for anything that wasn’t what I wanted.

  • Is this an open forum or is there a specific topics area? I would love to offer a little feminine point of view once in a while. After all, guys don’t know unless we tell them 🙂

    • Hey Kim,

      Thanks for that. Yes, it’s an open forum, as anyone can initiate a discussion and anyone can respond and keep it going.

      You made your first comment under the About me section of my blog, however, to get a thread going about a subject that interests you, please make a comment on a specific blog piece I’ve written, so that others will see it and respond in kind.

      I’ll send you a separate email and recommend a couple of posts you might wish to comment on to get something going.

      Thanks again, Kim.

  • I am happy to see an encouraging and sensible blog like this. Looking classy and alluring in the U.S. seems to have gone by the wayside. I love when I travel to Europe and see their culture for class and beauty for us women is alive and well. But then, Europeans have always been more fashionable. Nothing beats a great pair of stocking or pantyhosed legs!

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Also, thank God we finally have another extremely rare female join our ranks. We have about a gazillion men (mostly very classy) here, but unfortunately, so few women. And the men desperately long to hear the viewpoints of women (besides mine all the time).

      While I know there are several ladies who read my blog, precious few ever write comments about the topics here. I hope we can hear from you many more times, Kim.

      Thanks again and best wishes always,


    • I agree, Kim. Thank you for your insightful comments. It’s always nice to get a woman’s take on pantyhose. I notice that the European brands are very sexy and are still advertised in a way that shows their sex appeal as well as adding to women’s natural beauty.

      If you ask most American men, in my opinion, they would tell you that they prefer women in pantyhose over bare legs. The problem is, the opinion of heterosexual men with regards to women’s fashion accounts for very little. Fashion today is dominated by women and homosexual men, and in the United States, they’ve banded together to tell women that pantyhose are out of fashion.

      I don’t think many women today are at all interested in dressing for men’s approval. They dress to gain the approval of their female peers, which in the case of hosiery, means going without since that’s what they have been conditioned to do and they probably fear negative responses if they dare buck this trend.

      I don’t know. Ladies, do you ever get scornful looks or comments from other women for wearing pantyhose? Anyway, this is one guy’s opinion.

  • Hi Robin,

    Last week, I went to a store called Le Maison Simons (or commonly known as Simons) at the newly expanded Rideau Centre in Ottawa. The store was a pantyhose and tights paradise as most of the females employees wore them with their skirts and dress.

    There was about six female employees in their 20s wearing nude hose at the store, so it seems that nude hose is alive and well among the 20 somethings. The reason for the attire is due to Simons’ strict employee dress code where the men have to wear suits and ties, while the women wear skirts and dresses with hosiery (no bear legs) to look very classy, professional, and businesslike in their appearance when serving their mid to high end clientele.

    I am sure that will put a smile on your face like it did with mine. 🙂

    • Hi Brian W.,

      Yes, you’re right. That does put a smile on my face.

      Here, in sunny (translation: extremely hot) Florida, even the cows who work at Macy’s Department store dress like homeless cows. Macy’s ought to be ashamed, as there’s no reason not to enforce a dress code when the store is air-conditioned, meaning it isn’t “too hot” to wear pantyhose.

      Glad to know Le Maison Simons has some brains, as well as class.

      Thanks for letting me know about this, Brian W.

  • I love your blog, Robin! For years I could never understand why I had such an affinity for what the women in my life think is a useless, outmoded undergarment until I came across your blog. I’ve never been able to explain to women why pantyhose are an essential component for a well-dressed woman’s wardrobe until I came upon your blog. I greatly appreciate your valuable insights. Like you I can’t get my head around why women eschew perhaps the sexiest thing they could put on their bodies.

    I have a couple of questions I hope you can clear up for me. Since I don’t wear pantyhose, how does the experience of wearing those made of 100% nylon compare to most brands that are 10-20% spandex? I can imagine that the absence of spandex might make them less constrictive and maybe spandex was introduced to prevent sagging after wear for several hours. What was the reason manufacturers started including spandex in pantyhose I suspect sometime in the 1980’s? I may have missed this in a previous blog post. I guess I would like to know so I can have some basis for expressing the difference to women I know.

    Thanks again, Robin for providing a space for those who have an affinity for pantyhose can share ideas in a classy manner.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thanks for your kind words about my blog.

      Before I answer your (quite good) questions, let me clarify something in your second sentence: Part of the issue might be that the women in your life think pantyhose are a “useless, outmoded undergarment.” Unless “undergarment” was your word (which I doubt), your first strategy ought to be helping women to realize that pantyhose always were and always will be a fashion accessory, much like a scarf or a handbag. An accessory item is intended to accent or liven up any outfit a woman might wear.

      And here’s another thing: A fashion accessory (especially, pantyhose) can enhance a woman’s overall look. In the case of pantyhose, the accessory was designed to enhance or even improve the natural beauty of women’s legs. As many people say today — pantyhose are like makeup for the legs. Really, that’s a very good point.

      I can almost hear those women saying to you, “Yeah, but pantyhose aren’t in fashion today.” Don’t fall for that argument. You can accurately point out that pantyhose have been making a steady comeback for the past several years actually, but never more than right now. Look around. Pantyhose are on TV shows, TV commercials, movies, stages, and (you can read this later today in my latest post) on professional models strutting down fashion runways.

      Now to your questions:

      The difference in wearing 100% nylon pantyhose compared with those that use spandex is very much what you guessed — the feel of the product and the comfort of the wearer. Spandex after all is a man-made rubberized compound designed to give nylon garments (mostly, pantyhose) stretch that returns back to its original shape. That might sound good, but the effect is something that I believe is the main reason most women complain that pantyhose are uncomfortable.

      Think about it. Nylon pantyhose weigh about an ounce and are one of the most delicate things anyone could ever wear. And 100% nylon pantyhose feel like wearing nothing at all. By the way, the other main reason women say pantyhose are uncomfortable (so be ready for this) is because they likely are buying the wrong size. If the wearer is borderline between a size B and a C, for example, she should step up to the C.

      The other effect that spandex has on pantyhose (and you called it exactly) is preventing the product from sagging. I can tell you this: (1.) A good quality 100% nylon fabric isn’t going to sag; (2.) Even if it sags a tiny little bit, I think (and I’ll bet most men agree), that’s actually kind of sexy.

      Also, you are correct that pantyhose manufacturers starting using spandex in the 1980s, in my opinion, ruining brands like L’eggs and No Nonsense.

      In addition to making pantyhose more restrictive, another effect a high amount of spandex has on pantyhose is making them shiny. Now, I realize and respect that many people love tight-fitting and shiny pantyhose, but again, the tightness (especially, around the waist) is what makes pantyhose uncomfortable. I believe that manufacturers during the ’80s went a little overboard, believing that all women wanted (and needed) pantyhose to hold everything in like a girdle. What they marketed, though, was a product that would massage and energize their legs. (Yeah, right.)

      Listen, if women want to wear pantyhose that feel like a tight rubber band around their bodies all day long, there are plenty of places where they can find them.

      ActSensuous makes only 100% nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose. Our customers here in the U.S. and from almost every country throughout the world write and tell us that they can’t find pantyhose like ours anywhere. And they say ours are the most comfortable and sexiest pantyhose out there.

      Andrew, I hope I’ve helped in some small way. Oh, and you guessed right again — all that I wrote here is on our website and in previous posts in this blog. Before you try engaging in verbal swordplay with women about this subject, please peruse our site (www.actsensuous.com) and read the earlier posts on this blog so you’ll have all the ammunition you need. And good luck to you.

      Thanks again for your comment, and I hope to hear more from you in the future.


      • Thank you for your concise answers to my questions. Yes, I like you believe they are a necessary fashion accessory and not a useless undergarment. It’s about time for style and class to return to fashion. Cheers!

  • Really would love to see a new post. I enjoy your blog so much and need more. Most of us guys just enjoy a lovely lady who likes to wear express that desire and what it means. It gives us hope. I have read all your posts multiple times and look forward to your next one.

  • Robin,
    I am so excited to explore your blog and website. As a transgender woman I must admit to the same as most commenting here….I LOVE pantyhose. I always have, I can remember the first time I realized I was trans(we didn’t have a name for it back then) when I put my mothers girdle and stockings on . and then this new wonderful product came out…pantyhose..I was hooked to say the least. Well decades have gone by and I am still in Love ..with pantyhose. It is such a thrill to go out with a new pair of pantyhose on , in a terrific dress and a new pair of shoes.
    Just had to comment

  • Hello Robin,

    So glad I stumbled upon your blog. I was actually looking up on Google for the psychological reasons behind pantyhose fetish and it just popped up! I am a 40 year old male with a life long pantyhose fetish. I know that there a lot of guys with this “problem” but I am confused about your situation. Do you have a pantyhose fetish or are you just simply a hater of “bear legs”?

  • Hi Robin,
    One day, my mom was having a conversation with one of her friends about pantyhose and tights. My mom, who came here to Canada from a warm climate country, was once told by a Canadian woman that she should always wear pantyhose to protect her legs and feet from the cold climate during the fall and winter months. Even my late grandmother told her that a woman always completes her feminine look wearing hosiery with their outfits. To this day, my mom still wears pantyhose and tights with her dresses, and cannot understand why young women these days are not wearing hosiery with their skirts and dresses to protect their legs and feet in the wintertime. She even said that they do not know how to dress, and by not wearing hosiery to protect their legs in the wintertime, it could lead to long term health problems with their legs and feet, no matter how the fashionistas, media, and their peers are influencing them how to dress in the fall and winter.

  • Hi Robin,
    Just wanted to reach out and let you know how much I appreciate your mission. Couldn’t agree more with your underlying principles. I have always been passionate about nylons – for more than 50 years. I have traveled around the world as part of my job for 30 years. One point that I wanted to make is that it seems that in both Europe and Asia, women seem to embrace wearing pantyhose much more than here in the US. I’m not sure of all the reasons, but clearly the manufacturers of pantyhose have been much more responsive to their customers than here in the US. The quality, comfort and overall experience of wearing pantyhose in Europe and Asia far exceeds any product manufactured here in the US. I think if women here could experience the difference, they would be more open to wearing on a regular basis. In any case, thank you for your cause – we can only hope that women here will finally get it and the trend will shift to wearing vs. bearing.

    Thanks so much,

  • Thank you, I just love love love this blog and the photos, They are my favorite and you can imagine with all that the web offers, what that means. I think almost nothing is more beautiful than a woman’s pretty feet encased in nylon, especially if with reinforced-toes. And your photos (Asian women wearing pantyhose) really arrest me with their beauty.

    I feel that there’s something of an intimate nature in hosed feet, and that detail is usually hidden and that is both sensual (as you correctly called your blog) and a little “clumsy”, unfinished, and these contrasting qualities make for an incredible sexy combination, as if the woman should be a little self-aware, almost shy, in showing her nylon feet, and so when she does that, and you capture it with tasteful, elegant, detailed art photos, then my heart stops. The sheer effect, that see-not see, that surprise when the shoe finally falls, the painted toenails whose color you guess while a little hidden, the compactness it gives to the foot, hugging pretty toes, its silkiness, its scent…how boring would this world be without nylons.

    Again thank you for this kindred, resonating website. A place far from the stupid porn take on this passion (not simply a fetish, as beauty is beauty).

    • Hi Carlo,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I definitely like your take on things, and I appreciate your nice compliments about my blog.

      Hope to hear more from you.

  • Hi, Robin. Thank you for championing the pantyhose cause and promoting the lifestyle. I wanted to share with you my observations from attending media day at the North American International Auto Show last week. I am happy to report that there was a majority of pantyhose wearing spokesmodels in attendance…mostly tan and nude hose, which is always a personal favorite. Additionally, I noticed a lady wearing what appeared to be sheer black pantyhose with the sexy back seams. I even met a lady who collects vintage clothing, and was rocking a pair vintage RHT tan stockings with the black back seams. I don’t know if this indicative of the rumored resurgence in pantyhose sales/wearing, but I’ve been attending media at the auto show for about five or six years now and this year was by far the best I’ve seen for hosiery sightings.

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      It’s good to hear what your reported at the North American International Auto Show. It would be nice to think that the spokesmodels wore of their own volition, but if not, it’s also good to realize there are still some companies and organizations that would require their employees (and/or hired models) to wear pantyhose.

      I hope when women learn that there are some occasions and venues that call for some formality or business acumen, they will realize again the significance hosiery has in society.

      Thanks again, John. Hope to hear more from you.

  • Hi Robin, I have a slightly different view on pantyhose. I think women who wear pantyhose often are strong , confident women. I don’t agree on the delicate feminist view. Women who have beautiful legs get them from exercising and running. The women know their legs look good but are looking for every advantage to make them look better. Women in pantyhose can get the man they want even if he is married. That kind of power can make woman with bare legs wondering what she did wrong and upset and crying. To me nothing is sexier than a woman’s butt,crotch,and legs clad in black opaque tights. Very catty look!

    • Hi Sam,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I am not sure whether it’s me you disagree with, but either way, I’ll clarify that I believe pantyhose are delicate and thus inherently feminine, meaning they are (to me) the essence of femininity.

      I don’t support any feminists or feminists’ views any more than I am for or against women of any culture or political bent.

      At the end of the day, I believe that, like makeup, pantyhose can enhance the beauty of any and all women regardless of how athletic or active they are. I am all about the pantyhose always.

      Thank you again for commenting, Sam.

  • Hi Robin,

    You rock!!!

    Happy New Year! It’s great to see women having a renewed interest in pantyhose again, pantyhose always amp up the attractiveness of a woman’s legs.

    There are many men that also like to wear pantyhose but it seems society (many women especially and men too) that are not accepting men wearing pantyhose. Let’s just say Joe Namath was way ahead of the curve, men also like how sheer nylon feels on the body and society needs to progress forward to realize there’s nothing wrong with men wearing pantyhose as well (not just hidden under pants but it looks cool with shorts too). One caveat is that it’s important to shave legs first, no big deal and then the pantyhose glides on more easily.

    Let’s turn the clock forward from “The Flintstones era” to the 21st. Century.

      • Dear Robin
        I have noticed a lot of men braving their stories about wearing pantyhose and the importance of getting reciprocating View of equal rights for men to wear pantyhose but I find you don’t really seem to comment as to your views on men wearing pantyhose can I ask for your honest opinion on this subject? Gary m

        • Hi Gary,

          Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Wow, I think you’re the first to ever call me on this subject after all these years.

          Here’s the deal: I created ActSensuous in 2001 (at the very height of the “bear” legs movement). Innocent as I was, I designed and intended our pantyhose for the ladies, and for the first few years, that was all well and good.

          Then, I got a letter asking whether we made sizes that fit men. I wrote a polite answer back, which basically, said no. Then, I got another letter, and another, and so on. Eventually, I received many letters asking us to make sizes for men.

          Of course, I was stunned, dismayed and still a bit resistant, but so many of the letters were written in a courteous and heartfelt way. I was touched by some of the letters. While I had designed ActSensuous pantyhose to be the ultimate in femininity, I decided I really don’t care what anyone does with our pantyhose (except rob a bank) once they have them. So, I didn’t change anything about our design, except that I made a couple of sizes that would fit men.

          Today, almost half our customers are men. Of course, at least half of them are buying for their girlfriends or wives (or both … kidding!), but still, we have male and female customers from almost every corner of the globe.

          I didn’t then, and I don’t now make any judgments about men wanting to wear pantyhose. I don’t get it, but I really don’t care what anyone does in the privacy of his or her own home. Still, in my mind, ActSensuous pantyhose are for the ladies, and my greatest goal in life is to provide the softest, silkiest and sexiest pantyhose available anywhere, in the hope that I can get more women to start (or return to) wearing.

          Beyond that, if my products bring a little happiness to both women and men, then I will feel as if I’ve contributed something good to this world. It is difficult enough to live in this world. It can be mean, ugly and very negative at times.

          All I want is for pantyhose to return to the mainstream where it belongs, and I won’t stop until that happens.


  • Hi Robin. I am about two months late with the attached article link written in Fortune magazine about the increase in pantyhose sales. The article mentions the uptick in sales across all trade industries and professions. These include law firms, politics in Washington DC, especially GOP conservative staffers. Also financial services corporate offices, boardrooms, as well as airline flight attendants and yes women working at Hooters. It is encouraging. I do not know if it”s my imagination, but it seems like I am seeing a gradual increase in women wearing sheer hose in TV programs, commercials and movies. Nothing empirical to prove it just a hunch. Anyway a belated Happy New Year to you and all fellow readers.

    • Thank you, Sheer Mike. And, no, it’s not just your imagination. Pantyhose are showing up more and more on TV programs, commercials and movies. Even on fashion runways. So, we can all take heart in knowing that there’s still hope for us. 🙂

    • This is some good news. I was concerned that things were going backward and that the “Kate Effect” had diminished. The article still points to Ariana Grande as a hose wearing example but I have not seen a recent shot of her with hose on (Jimmy Fallon Tonight Show, 2015 Grammys). The last I saw where she rocked the hose was 2014 American Music Awards. It is not like I troll the Internet looking for her, these are just the data points I have seen. I had also been informed of 2 American hosiery mills that shut down last fall, thus driving my concern that we were reverting back to bear. Hopefully my concern is unwarranted. Thanks for the link Sheer Mike

  • Hi Robin,

    Great website. It’s sad nowadays how women are so against wearing hosiery. I am glad there are women like you who have a site like this one to promote pantyhose wearing. Pantyhose, stockings or tights are just so much more sexy and classy than bare legs. It’s always great to see when celebrities wear some sort of nylons on television and in movies. Recently, I believe Meghan Trainor was wearing pantyhose at the People’s Choice awards. Not sure if you saw this article too. Maybe 2016 will bring some changes and more women will get back to wearing pantyhose.


    • Thank you for your comment, Paul. Also, thanks for attaching the link. I hadn’t seen that article before, but publicity like that can only help the cause.

      For so long during the entire decade of 2000, publications were telling women pantyhose were out of style, and they responded by stopping wearing altogether. Now, the more times they read that pantyhose are back, the better.

      Let’s hope pantyhose makes it all the way back into mainstream culture again.

    • It’s funny you should mention Meghan Trainor. I recently watched one of her videos and noticed she seemed to be always in some sort of hosiery. If you search her on google it would seem she is a avid wearer, whether it be sheer hosiery or fashion tights. This is quite refreshing for someone in their early 20’s.

  • Hi Robin,

    Love your site. Wish more women would follow your lead.

    The worst observation I’ve made recently in the media: the TV series “The Goldbergs” features a very attractive young lady, Hayley Orrantia, who hasn’t once been seen in pantyhose – in a series SET IN THE 80’S!!!! Now, you and I and everyone else old enough to remember knows how ridiculously wrong that is. The costume designer (who is in her 20s) was quoted as saying something to the effect that the 80s are a great “palette” for designing outfits. If so, she seems to have forgotten an important part of the 1980s-era paint.

    Much better: last night’s episode of The Middle, where the hapless Sue Heck pledged a sorority, featured just about all the pledges and sorority sisters wearing PH. Good sign.

    Another, unexpected good place: Shark Tank. The lovely and quite wealthy entrepreneur and “queen of QVC” Lori Grenier always looks outstanding in pantyhose. Women who don’t have a fraction of her wealth but feel free to dictate that other women should “bear” their legs could learn a thing or two about class from her.

    • Hi MrMike,

      Thank you for your well-written and original comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I have noticed and been disappointed by the exact same thing. It really irks me that a fashion designer gets costumes all wrong in such period pieces, and they seem to do that most about the 1970s and 80s.

      On the other hand, the mother, Beverly, in “The Goldbergs” does wear the classic suntan pantyhose of the era.

      Never watched “Shark Tank” so I can’t comment on that show, but glad to hear there’s a loyal and consistent wearer on it. From the TV commercials, I gather that budding entrepreneurs pitch their biz to a panel of successful execs to see if they can win funding or support or something. If that’s the case, you’d think (or more likely today, hope) that female panel members would dress appropriately for business.

      Thanks again for your comment MrMike and Happy New Year to you.

  • All I got to say is that it’s GREAT to see a woman such as yourself be such a PH supporter. I’m a guy that just LOVES seeing hose on great looking women or women with great looking legs (as do consider myself a “legs” type of guy :-O)! Just wish I saw it more often ;).

    I won’t get into too much detail, nothing beats complimenting a woman and getting a very positive reaction, or getting the chance to give a sweet lady a leg massage…….when she’s in PH of course ;).

    Ok…that’s enough from me, but I’m sure you get my point :P.

  • Happy New Year Robin!

    I wish all the women (or at least most of them) loved pantyhose like You do. Thanks for running this inspiring blog. It really brings me a refreshing view on the charm of pantyhose. Although probably I have more chances than in the U.S. to admire women’s legs in nylon Your writing and comments reveal the real meaning of pantyhose as the essence of feminity. Good luck to You and Best Wishes from Poland!


    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment and compliments, and welcome to The ActSensusous Blog. We have one or two customers and a few readers also in Poland. They have told me that Poland is a pantyhose-friendly place (Agnieszka Radwańska, not withstanding. I’ve looked and have never seen a single picture of that girl in pantyhose. Too bad because she’s one of my favorite WTA players. Or, was.)

      Thanks again, Chris, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

  • OK, I have no idea what most of all that means, but thank you for making a comment, Katzenellenbogen, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. And Happy New Year to you, too.

  • Thanks and I enjoy your desire for pantyhose and bringing them back.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Years and let’s make 2016 the best year for pantyhose.

  • Merry Christmas Robin!

    You know I have always loved it when women dress up for seasons and holidays…for example right now, Christmas. A nice dress, or whatever they choose to wear with nice heeled shoes. What I love most is when some women go all out with pantyhose that have a festive print on them like pictures of holly or bells. Anything that has a theme for any holiday. Since Steve kind of brought up the subject, how do you feel about that type of dressing up Robin? Do you feel you could do that? How about any other female reader’s? I would love to read a response on if you think it is nice or would even dress up that way. I think it is classy. Keep up the good work Robin. Thank you!

    To all a Merry Christmas!!!


    • Call me a humbug (bah), but I really don’t like decorations on pantyhose. That being said, I would rather see what you described so much more than “bear” legs with a pretty holiday outfit. Thanks for you comment, Tracy.

      Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

      • Hello Robin. Nah, that’s ok. You are not a humbug. We all have our likes and dis-likes. We just have a difference of opinion and thank you for your honesty. I pretty much knew the answer. I don’t get to see them much around anyway. To me it just adds to the fun of the seasons. Until next time.


  • Hi Robin and thanks for the answer and I’m sorry if that question was a bit personal .I tend to get consumed by thoughts of pantyhose more than ever at this time of the year.I hope you and yours have a wonderful christmas and new year.

  • Hi Robin,

    It’s been a while since I last posted. Just wanted to send holiday greetings to you and the readers. Merry Christmas to all! Looking forward to your next post.


  • Hi Robin I first want to say thanks for your response to my previous comment. Also I don’t know if you want to answer this question. You said that you first started wearing pantyhose back in high school.At anytime has anyone ever asked if they could feel them on your legs while you were wearing them.

    • Haaaaaaaa. Good question, Steve. That situation really didn’t present itself as much as one might have thought. I think kids were more reserved about such things back then, but if it involved someone with whom I was friendly enough, well, I was usually pretty game about these things. Thanks for your question.

  • am a straight male and I love wearing pantyhose or tights I have all colors and many styles naturally under my pants when out cause of society and their views on men wearing hosiery but why shouldn’t men be able to wear without ridicule women wear men’s clothing nothing said after all they look great on the support the warmth on cold days

  • Okay Robin…you have left us hanging for several months this year. You HAVE to have more than one blog entry for 2015. Waiting with baited breath here. I know you wait until you have something relevant to say but I am seriously ready to send the cops out to see if you really still exist. Your posts are wonderful and I know that I am being selfish, but I want more!!!. Throw me a bone here. Your writing (and of course the topic of pantyhose) is as addictive as crack! In all seriousness I just wanted to encourage you to write ANYTHING on hosiery to keep us going. Your responses to comments are great and I know that you are a busy lady but you have an audience waiting for your prose. I hope all is well and I hope you have solved the Act IV durability issue.

    • Hi TurboDey,

      You are perfectly right, of course. Still, I’ll give you two flimsy excuses at best: (1.) We are right now investigating a possible partnering arrangement for an offshore manufacturer who might be able to help us with Act IV; (2.) I’ve got a great post written, but I am waiting on a professional artist who is doing some custom work to illustrate that post. That’s all I got. Thanks for calling me on it, TurboDey. You rock, dude.

  • http://www.ehow.com/list_6461420_army-regulations-female-class.html
    In the US today we observe Veterans Day thanking all veterans for their service to our country. One of the last bastions of wearing sheer nude hose is in the military. At least when wearing the Class A uniform. Please see attached link of Army Regulation. My wife and I were reservists and she always looked professional sharp and beautiful. Thanks to all veterans. Happy Veterans Day.

    • I agree. The Navy is eliminating skirts for all female personnel starting in 2016. The new uniforms are nearly identical to the men’s. When I was in the Navy 25 years ago, a majority of my female shipmates preferred wearing skirts and pantyhose over the pants because the uniform pants were masculine looking.

      • Hi Andrew,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. That’s bad news about the Navy eliminating skirts. But, hey, U.S. women all seem to want to be just like men, don’t they. Watch … next, military women will be asking to wear their hair in crew cuts.

        • That is unfortunate to hear that the U.S. Navy is phasing out skirts next year. Seeing the female veterans wearing skirts and pantyhose not only shows the culture and tradition of femininity within the armed forces, but professionalism and discipline in feminine appearance. At least our female personnel in the Canadian Armed Forces, whether if its in the Army, Navy, or Air Forces, still wear skirts with sheer nude pantyhose either at their workplace, or at various events as our Rememberance Day ceremony that is held on the same day as Veterans Day.

          • I served with Canadian Forces personnel in the ’90s and I remember the women being exceptionally classy and feminine – even more so than their American counterparts.

          • I left the US Army Reserve in 2000. The nude pantyhose then we’re still standard issue. However I’m sadly not surprised all the branches of the Armed Forces are phasing out skirts and hose for women. Once again a reflection of the culture in the US to be unisex. It does not help our First Lady shuns hosiery too.

            • I had the opportunity to watch a Thursday Night Football promo on the NFL Network for the upcoming game between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars, where it featured two split screens of people representing both teams. A country music singer for the Tennessee Titans, and US female Army captain for the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Army captain wore her uniform with a skirt and nude pantyhose. To me, that is the way a female representing the U.S. Armed forces is supposed to dress to look feminine in their appearance, not looking masculine by wearing pants.

  • Has anyone noticed that Julianna Margulies in the Good Wife is not wearing pantyhose this season? Does anyone know why?

    • Hi Alice,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hmmmmmmmmmmm, if that’s the case, then my eyes are worse than I thought. I specifically look for things like that, and I didn’t notice that Julianna Margulies isn’t wearing this season. I just thought her pantyhose were sheerer this year.

      Actually, I think I noticed that now that her daughter (on the show) is serving as her secretary or administrative assistant, she was actually wearing too. (Probably just wishful thinking on my part.)

      OK, readers, please weigh in. Is JM wearing, or not wearing, this season on “The Good Wife?”

      Thanks again, Alice. I hope we continue to hear from you.

      • Hi Robin,
        I got good news for you. It seems that Julianna Margulies’ character as Alicia on The Good Wife has not succumb to the “bear” legs movement after all. In the last episode, Alicia was wearing a black and white dress with sheer black hose. Its likely that the earlier scenes with a “bear” legged Alicia was shot during the warm months of the summer. Hope to see more pantyhose wearing from Alicia and other characters on The Good Wife later in the season.

        • Hi Brian W.,

          Well, I kept watching on my UHD TV and it never looked to me that she wasn’t wearing. It does look like her new partner isn’t wearing, but honestly, I just don’t trust my eyes anymore. I was happy anyway. Thanks for weighing in.

  • You never get to travel? That doesn’t sound good. I plan to move to Hong Kong sometime in the future to pursue my entrepreneur goals. It’ll definitely be amazing seeing all the girls in pantyhose, there’s more wearers in that city than the entire US.

    • Hey, Ty. Good plan. You should do a travel blog for me about all the pantyhose you see in Hong Kong, and I would turn it into a blog post here. Just an idea. Thanks for your comment.

  • My wife and I took up ballroom dancing about 8 months ago with a prominent national dance studio. We went to a dance showcase this past Sunday here in our city with members of other studios in the Midwest. Plenty of women including my wife wearing mostly sheer nude pantyhose with open toe heels for dancing.

    Guys, if you want to see one of the last bastions of hosiery wearing by women in one place, take up ballroom dancing with you wife, girlfriend or significant other. Lots of social events, people that still believe in dressing up along with SHEER class and elegance.

    Robin, my wife danced all day in your product ActSensuous Act IV nude pantyhose. While there are other more durable hosiery and tights made for dancing, she made it through the day with no runs or ladders.

    Thanks again for your forum.

    • Hi Sheer Mike

      Thanks for your comment. I think it’s great that you and your wife are learning ballroom dancing. Also, it’s good to hear that the participants dress elegantly, complete with sheer pantyhose.

      That’s more than can be said about the disappointing “Dancing with the Stars,” as the professionals almost never wear pantyhose, and most of the time, the “stars” don’t either.

      I thought ballroom dancing was supposed to be classy and elegant. If we want to see female dancers with “bear” legs, we could tune in to see young people doing hip-hop or twerking.

      Finally, so glad to hear your wife enjoyed wearing our Act IV and had no run issues.

  • Sigh……..well I am back to the land of “bear legs”, which is rather disheartening to say the least. I did not want to return so soon. I encourage anyone who has the chance to go to Japan to please do so…it truly is the land of nylon and you definately will not be disappointed!

  • Do you travel to other countries? I’m sure you would meet a lot of women in Europe and Asia who share the same view as you about pantyhose, that’s rather uncommon here.

    • Hey Ty,

      I’m afraid I don’t have much time for travel, but I know what you’re saying. We have a great many customers throughout Asia and Europe, where pantyhose are appreciated by both men and women.

      Thanks for your comment, Ty.

  • Thank you Robin. I am happy I straightened that out.

    I am anxious about your Act IV pantyhose, however, if I am unable to purchase them for my wife, I am sure your Act II and III are spun out of the same (gold) as the Act IV’s.

    They all look absolutely fabulous on your models…and on you in your picture in the white dress I might add!

    Whichever type, I wish you every success with them.

    Just a few more days before I am in the “Land of the Silken Legs”. I will keep my eyes wide open! Thank you for your support and interest in this worthwhile subject.

    • Thanks for your kind words, Tracy.

      Have a great time in Japan. I and surely everyone here will be looking forward to hearing about your trip when you get back.

      Have fun.

      • Konnichi wa from Japan Robin! I am in absolute Heaven here!! Nothing but women, young and old, everywhere wearing pantyhose! Women wearing short skirts, long skirts, shorts, pants, in heels, with boots, open toed shoes…just everything! Every color under the sun, nude, beige, black, blue, fishnet, patterned,and so much more!! So many long legged females around that look so nice. The streets, the trains, the subways all have women of many cultures wearing them.

        You know the first place I went to was a small convenience store, and would you believe
        the first items I saw were rows of pantyhose on shelves by the front door. Simply incredible!! No matter what weather, rain or shine, hot or cold, they are wearing them.
        It will be hard to leave here. Tights are even popular and boy do they have some nice ones. Wish I could really express how it makes me feel being here. Oh well.

        I will get back to you later on Robin. So much more to see and drool over! Would love to touch them. May get me into trouble. Oh well again. Till next time Robin.

        Ja matta!


        • Konnichiwa, Tracy. Arigatou gozaimashita for your travel blog post. Excellent feedback you’re giving us. See, this is why I won’t go and visit Japan — I am afraid I would never leave there.


          • Well whatta ya know? Guess what my wife noticed tonight as we got off the subway in Japan? She turned to me and said “all the women here wear stockings”.

            What do you think Robin…do I have a chance to get her to wear them again on occasion? She has obliged me twice in the past two months.

            I notice nude is the overwhelming color for women here in Japan. Looks so nice! Only two more days. What to do?


            • Hey Tracy,

              What to do? If I were you, I’d send the wife home alone and I’d stay in Japan. 🙂

              OK, seriously, it’s great that your wife noticed that all the women in Japan wear pantyhose. That has to help your chances of getting her to wear for you more often. Hope so.

              Two more days there, huh? Well, at least you’ve still got a little time to get arrested for following (and snapping pictures of) all the lovely ladies wearing pantyhose there.

              Really, I hope your last two days are long and pass slowly. Thanks again for your updates.

  • Hi Robin. You mentioned Anne Hathaway in that one.That got me thinking about the movie the princess diaries where she was changing into her pantyhose in the back of the limo.I think one of the funniest and sexiest movie scenes. of all time.Also the only thing on you tube I found on her. Got me watching that you tube scene.

  • Hi again Robin I agree. Like I always do with everything you’ve said.I was thinking if your company ever had the means to do a television ad.If you could pay a celebrity to do the commercial.Well I could think of a lot of choices.. would you pick Arrianna Grande to do the ad.I also said this before SJP also wears them quite nicely.Which celebrity’s do you think would best advertise your product

    • Hi steve,

      Yes, Ariana Grande would top my list of candidates because she is genuinely a dedicated pantyhose-wearer. If we couldn’t get her, I would try Milla Jovovich, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, Zooey Deschanel … any of the other frequent wearers.

      It is something I’ve thought about doing, but of course, first we have to get our signature product right.

  • Would you say that Ariana Grande has led to many young men developing a pantyhose fetish? After all, the mid-late ’00s were completely devoid of pantyhose due to the “bear”-legs movement. I think it’s fair to say that with her devotion to pantyhose, she’s introduced them to many, many younger people who missed out previously. The best part is that I’m sure many girls are going to take after her example.

    • Hi, Ty. Yes, that is exactly how I see it. Ariana Grande is so influential to young girls, and I really do believe they will emulate her in how they dress. And, yes, I am sure young guys will develop a fondness for women in pantyhose because of her.

      Great comment, Ty. Thank you.

  • I have to declare, yes, I am 45 years old now and when I grew up, all women wore pantyhose even when they were wearing sandals. I also declare that I seldom wear trousers and if I have to wear them, I wear pantyhose underneath my trousers.

    However this is not the point. For me, wearing pantyhose to show my legs in public is a privilege. This is absolutely a woman’s privilege to show off her pantyhosed legs in public with dresses/skirts and I would not call it ‘fetish’ despite I love to wear pantyhose.

    As I am now writing, the climate here is 33 degree Celsius and humidity is 85% and yet I am wearing pantyhose. Why I am here (ActSensuous website/blog) is because I am always looking for a ‘better’ pantyhose from around the world and I found this interesting site.

    I do not understand why women do not wear pantyhose with dresses/skirts to show their privilege. Yes, I admit because I have been wearing pantyhose with dresses/skirts when I was growing up. And now I feel like naked if I do not wear them.

    But back to the fundamental point, it is ‘the’ privilege for a woman to show her pantyhosed legs in public. In addition pantyhose helps to cover up any deficiencies of my legs or lower thighs.

    Last and not the least, wearing pantyhose keeps me attractive to my husband.

    • Ni hao, Alice, and Xie Xie Ni for your very interesting and well-conceived comment.

      While you wouldn’t say it, I will say that Asian women seem to have a higher sense of femininity, grace and elegance than women in all other cultures, and this is evident in the way they dress, especially, in not wearing trousers, and almost always wearing pantyhose.

      As for the fetish thing in regard to pantyhose, I think no one here equates the frequent wearing of pantyhose by females to fetishism. That’s more of a guy-thing in most respects.

      In any event, I love that you see the wearing of pantyhose and the showing off of legs adorned in pantyhose as a woman’s privilege. Sadly, that point is missed by all too many women throughout the world. But it’s getting better out there, and much of the credit should go to dedicated wearers, such as you, Alice.

      Again, my thanks, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Bao zhong,


    • Hello Alice.

      I just wanted to say “thank you” for expressing yourself and that it is a boost to all of us men who think and feel that women who wear pantyhose, in any way, are fantastic!

      I consider your husband very, very fortunate that you wear them for him also. I love how they add to a woman’s figure. It is truly magical.


      • Tracy,

        ‘Most welcome’, it is just a sharing of my thoughts. Not just a boost, I would like all other women to know the effects of wearing pantyhose. And when you get used to wearing pantyhose, you have overcome the so called ‘uncomfortable’ feeling.


        • Hi Alice! So are you comfortable wearing any type of hose or do you stay with one brand? I hope you don’t mind me asking. Trying to get my wife interested again. Made some progress…she wore them twice in three weeks! Enjoy your positive attitude about them.

          • Yes generally I am comfortable with any type of pantyhose but not opaque because I am living in Hong Kong. If you know the place, it is subtropical and much warmer than US even in the winter.

            I do not think it is appropriate to discuss brands here. And of course I miss the feel of 100% nylon pantyhose which were very common in the 80s and/or early 90s (as far as my age could remember). As I am actively looking for them and it brings me here.

            • Hello again Alice.

              I would like to apologize for the misunderstanding with my bad choice of words. I meant to ask if you used the same type of hose or do you try different types . I used the word “Brand”, which changed the whole context of the question. I apologize to Robin also and I would not dream of disrespecting the Actsensuous name for she gives us this blog to express ourselves. What is cooler than that!

              I see you like all nylon pantyhose. Here in Hawaii I don’t know if we have them but may check it out to see if my wife will try. I am hoping the Actsensuous Act IV pantyhose will be back in production so I can purchase a pair or two for her. I would imagine they would feel great on her. Thank you for your input Alice and for letting me ask a few questions.

              Keep us informed when you can! We enjoy another female point of view when possible.


            • Hi Tracy,

              Thanks for your follow-up comment. The way I read your comment, I thought you meant type, rather than brand, all along. Anyway, no harm done.

              By the way, we are still working on Act IV, but if we can’t find a way to fix them, I’ll bring back Act II and Act III instead.


  • Heels go hand-in-hand with pantyhose to many people, wouldn’t you say? I know a pantyhose + high heels combo always catches my attention.

    • Hi Ty,

      Yes, or actually, foot-in-foot. Seriously, we’ve all seen pantyhose worn with sneakers, boots, flats, etc., but, yes, nothing is better than pantyhose with high heels.

    • Hey Ty,

      I totally support the wearing of pantyhose under slacks or jeans. Absolutely. One of the reasons for that is it would seem not particularly necessary, so doing it anyway is a sure sign of an always-feminine, classy and sexy lady.

  • Good Morning America had a segment on Pantyhose this morning. The comeback of pantyhose. They mentioned that it’s downfall was due in large part to SATC. Good to have mainstream coverage now.

      • Hey Robin,

        I am not sure if you anyone sent you the video from the GMA website, but fashion expert Greta Monahan was on during the segment. She mentioned that the hose the models wore were very sheer, but durable due to new technology and fabric to create the nylon so it does not snag easily. I have been saying this all along that European and Asian companies have invested heavily in new technology and fabric to create the nylon in order to make the hose soft, silky, and snag resistant.

        This is why European and Asian women wear hose more than American women. Now it looks like the American hose makers are starting to come on board now after years of sticking with the old method of creating the nylon by stitching the fabric in order to gain profit

        Greta also mentioned that hose are known as leg concealers (great term from her BTW) since they are cosmetics that can enhance the look on the legs from various skin blemishes.

        With celebrities and fashion models embracing nude hose thanks in large part to the new fabric and technology, hope this would translate into American women wearing hose once again.

        • Hey Brian W.

          Thank you for your comment, Brian W.

          Yes, I’ve heard from dozens of readers and customers via email about the GMA segment. This is nothing but good news, and I am excited to see the impact shows, such as this one, will have on hosiery sales in the U.S.

          Thanks again and take care.

  • I was wondering, why do you think Jessie J didn’t wear pantyhose at the AMA? She’s usually very good about wearing pantyhose (she’s even preformed in pantyhose shoeless). It seems odd that she decided to wear that getup.

    • Hello, John. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      John, I am as dismayed about Jessie J’s not wearing as you are. I agree that she usually can be counted on to wear sheer nude pantyhose when performing. I can’t imagine why she wore that ridiculous getup, but then again, who can figure out professional entertainers anyway?

      As it turned out, no one would have been able to compete with how amazing Ariana Grande looked that night. Maybe Jessie J figured “why bother?”

        • Hi John,

          Thanks for asking. It’s going to be another in my series “Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due,” but I’m not going to divulge who? The copy is written, but I am waiting on some custom-designed art that will make this one special.

          Again, thanks for caring.

  • Robin,
    Looking forward to your next post. I know that you said that you would only post when you had something to say, but after 3 months I’m ‘jonesin’ for one of your wonderfully crafted, thoughtful articles. Please don’t keep us waiting too much longer. I know that you are a busy lady and have many pans in the fire but I need a fix…I bet I am not the only one either.


    • Hey TurboDey,

      Thanks for your great comment. Take heart, I am working on something big, but it requires some custom artwork that I’m waiting on. Should be sometime in the next week or so. Thanks for the personal request. You rock.

  • Hi Sophia .I have to agree with what the others said about you. You sound very intelligent.I wish my gf would think like you more often and wear pantyhose more than once a week.Your bf or husband sounds like a lucky guy.

  • Hello Robin and thank you so much for this. I am a man who honestly finds pantyhose on a woman’s legs just about the sexiest sight and feel on earth. Glad to see promotion of pantyhose over the “bear” leg look. I wish more women were on board with pantyhose wearing. Such a sexy sight. Wish I could find a woman with your mentality!! Thanks again.

  • Hi Robin,

    Thank you so much for starting this blog. I was happy to find it, as I am a woman who enjoys wearing hosiery and think I’ve had this fetish since I was young, and yet it seems that there are many more men with this fetish than women. Are we rare, as women who love wearing pantyhose? I am enjoying reading all the posts, especially from men who like seeing women wearing hosiery. For a while I was self-conscious wearing them, with the bare-leg trend, but now it seems they are coming back into fashion and I am feeling more comfortable about wearing them more often. Thank you for starting this blog.


    • Hey Sophia,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      The longtime male readers of this blog will be very pleased to see your comment, as they so long to hear a woman’s point of view (besides just mine all the time).

      And, yes, women who have a pantyhose fetish are rare. In fact, we’re probably more like an endangered species. But, you’re also correct that pantyhose are coming back into fashion. Still, for now anyway, you and I (and a precious few other girls out there), are special.

      Thanks again, Sophia. Hope to hear other comments from you now.

      • Hi Robin,

        Thanks for the warm welcome! I have enjoyed everything I’ve read so far on the blog and feel a little less alone in my enjoyment of wearing pantyhose. It does seem like we are a rarity as you said, women who have a fetish for pantyhose. I do enjoy wearing them but it is also a fetish for me and I really don’t know how it began.

        One thing I find funny as a woman with this fetish is that I enjoy looking at other women who wear them, not to look at the woman (because I am absolutely straight), but because her legs look nice in pantyhose and I can’t help but notice. I’m also just glad to see other women wearing pantyhose because it means they’re coming back into style.

        I also want to say that I really like the way you have this blog, with being very respectful and not too sexual. As you explained there is definitely a very sensual component to wearing hosiery, which is so true. It’s nice to have a place to come and see a dialogue about this fetish in a way that doesn’t go over a certain line.

        I look forward to reading more and posting more. I’m glad to have found this place.


        • Hi Sophia,

          Thank you for the nice follow-up comment. I told you many of our men here would be happy to know of another lady who wears pantyhose — not because she has to, or only because she feels it’s the right thing to do — but because she loves to wear pantyhose.

          I am happy to see our guys welcome you here.

          Also, thanks for your compliment of my blog and how I run it so cleanly. I am lucky to have such as classy group of men and women here who appreciate the beauty of pantyhose, and even though there obviously is an inherent sexy quality to pantyhose, my readers are all too happy to keep their comments clean.

          Take care, Sophia, and please do keep your comments coming.

        • Hi Sophia,
          Welcome to the blog. Thanks for sharing your pantyhose fetish story. You are a true classy lady who knows that wearing pantyhose completes your feminine appearance. I look forward to hear more stories from you. Keep wearing your pantyhose as always.

        • Hi Sophia

          Welcome. Most gracious thanks for your love for wearing pantyhose. I love the beauty, professionalism, class and elegance of women wearing pantyhose. Thank you for going against the so called “popularity”of the “bear leg” trend, that I hope quickly becomes a fad.You have not wavered. When I see a woman wearing pantyhose, next to one who is not wearing, I immediately find a reason to go out of my way to open a door or hold an elevator door open for her. I try and hope not to look wierd doing so. I love being a gentleman anyway, but more so for a woman wearing pantyhose. Thank you again for your kind comments.

          Sheer Mike

        • Hi Sophia,

          Was just reading through some earlier posts from Robin and came across your post. I was just wondering if you are still reading these blogs and if any experiences have happened with you these past 5 months?

    • Hi Sophia,

      Glad to read your comment. It is a rarity to find a woman with a hosiery fetish, much less actually hearing a woman or women say they enjoy wearing hosiery of any sort. I know I along with Robin and the countless men who read or participate on this blog will be eager to hear more from you. So, as a man with a pantyhose fetish who appreciates and admires women who do wear, I will say thank you for your efforts and for being one of few. I look forward to reading more posts from you and hope you will try to help influence other women around you to start wearing hosiery(specifically pantyhose) more often.


      • Hi AKH,

        Thank you for appreciating us women who enjoy wearing pantyhose and looking really nice when we go out. A lot of the women I know also wear pantyhose, although they mainly wear them when they dress to go to a fancy event. I’m in my mid-40’s so a lot of women my age and older just grew up wearing them and knowing that this is the proper way to dress. Some of my friends who are younger though, have made it clear that they do not enjoy wearing them. Whenever I hear them say this, I let them know my feelings and hope that it makes an impression when they see me wearing pantyhose. On behalf of all of us, I will keep championing the cause.


        • Hi Sophia, thank you for sharing your thoughts on pantyhose. As someone who is around the same age as you, I distinctly remember many young women wearing pantyhose from junior high through high school. There were some young ladies who complained about them, but I certainly remember girls dressing up and wearing pantyhose with no problem.

          Ever since the late-90s, women of our age bracket (and many other ages) stopped wearing them due to bad “fashion” advice. So keep up the good cause!

    • Thanks for commenting Sophia. As Robin and AKH said it is nice to see more women who enjoy hosiery participating in the blog. I am another man who appreciates seeing REAL ladies appropriately attired with hosiery as prt of there outfit. Please keep posting and wearing. Keep it in mind that if you are out in public in a skirt, heels and hose; you ARE being noticed and appreciated by 90% of the males around. PLEASE CONTINUE

      • Hi TurboDey,

        It’s really good to hear from men on here that they appreciate women who wear pantyhose and like to look nice. I do realize that I am being noticed when I dress the way I do, and it makes me feel very good most of the time. Occasionally I feel a bit self conscious if I notice that a man is staring, although overall it’s a good feeling. I will definitely continue, as I enjoy my pantyhose too much to stop. I have even worn them in the summer on really hot days. They still feel nice to me, no matter what.


    • Sophia………the Greek word for wisdom, need I say more.

      Seriously it is nice knowing there are ladies like you on the planet. There are many guys here as well as many who’ve never heard of this blog who appreciate you. Those like you bring more beauty to the world, so thank you.

      • Hi brkev,

        Thank you for appreciating women like me who enjoy dressing nicely. It’s good to know that we are being appreciated. I will be glad to continue.


  • Hi Robin,
    If you ever get to do another “Give Credit Wear Credit is Due” post, one person you should consider is Sarah Stirk. The names does sound unfamiliar to you, but Sarah is a sports reporter for the UK’s Sky Sports, and a frequent pantyhose wearer when she appears on TV interviews with golfers, and photoshoots. Sarah is rarely seen “bear” legged, and I bet she knows that wearing pantyhose completes her feminine and professional look when she appears on camera. Here are some pictures of Sarah Stirk in hose:




    Here are a couple of youtube videos of her in hose as well:

    Its looks like Kate Middleton might have some company in the hose wearing department in the U.K. after seeing those pictures of Sarah in hose, but at least it shows that hose (or sheer tighs as they say in Britain) continues to be popular in U.K. Makes you wonder why American women cannot dress as classy as Sarah Stirk.

  • Robin ,thanks a million for creating this fantastic showcase of REAL feminine sensuality. Ladies that want to land a quality man please read , learn & inwardly digest , screw the lamestream ” media ” & the bear legs.

    • Hey Guy,

      Thanks for your comment (and the good idea). I get a lot of looks, as I wear pantyhose every day, but almost no one ever approaches me. I can tell that some of them want to, but as much as I try sending out vibes that I’m approachable, most men appear to be reluctant to compliment a lady for wearing pantyhose today.

      Maybe I should have a sign on my back that reads: Approachable by millionaires.

      Hmmmmmm. The more I think about it, that just might be the thing to do. 🙂

      Thanks again, Guy.

      • I too wondered that at one point. I thought you must be approached by men daily or at the very least given compliments on how you look. For me, I am selective about how I compliment women on their appearance and the frequency. I only say to a woman wearing pantyhose or tights that “You look nice” as the factor of coming across as a freak or pervert does play a role. It is sad that men can’t thank women for wearing pantyhose or tights with apathy towards seeming like a freak or pervert. But, I’m good with my version of the compliment, even if they don’t truly understand why, I know.

        On a side note, I will say I have some good news. And, it is that I have been helping convince a woman friend of mine to wear pantyhose, tights, dresses, and skirts more often to work and out on the weekends. It has been over the course of months that I felt comfortable enough to tell her about my love, admiration, and appreciation of women who dress that way. I also told her of the benefits of how it would make her look, feel, and be more noticed by our co-workers. In the past she used to wear pantyhose and tights very few times a year if at all. Over the course of the past 8 months or so she started wearing a few times every two to three weeks and now wears almost 4 times per week.

        Immediately upon the very first week of wearing them and since, she has gotten and continues to get many compliments from both female and male co-workers. A couple of weeks ago the female CFO, who dresses in pantyhose 4 to 5 times per week, noticed how she was dressed on that day and actually took the time to give her a very nice compliment. She was wearing a pink colored sweater top, black skirt with a pink stitch pattern, and black sheer pantyhose. And heels of course, lol.

        This past weekend I wanted to show my appreciation for all her efforts so, I bought her two dresses along with 7 varying brands of pantyhose and tights. Tonight, she bought two more pair of sheer pantyhose on her own. I count this as a significant achievement. In this day and age when ‘we’, the few, wish more women would wear pantyhose and tights like the days of the 80’s and early 90’s I find it gratifying when someone can help a woman start this kind of trend.

        My female friend now wears more consistently and more importantly has this mind set for her own benefit and not just mine or other males who like to flirt with her. Just wanted to share this to help give a little ‘pick me up’ for the readers and with the hope they too will find female friends of their own to convince.

        Thanks, hope you and the readers have a Merry Christmas holiday season.

  • I love your website and am very glad I found it. All of your readers have amazing stories. I should have gone to sleep over an hour ago(I work night shifts)but I can’t stop reading, My gf loves tights and pantyhose. What would you recommend me getting her for this winter as a Christmas gift?

    • Hi George,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Sorry, but I have no ideas about what you should get your girlfriend for Christmas. Maybe other readers will weigh in.

  • Hi Robin,
    Hope you had a good Thanksgiving. I got some positive news relating to hose sightings in my city. I was out in downtown Ottawa earlier tonight where there was lots of young women in hosiery. While I was walking in the Byward Market, I saw two women outside a restaurant both wearing sheer black hosiery. Later at the Rideau Centre, I spotted about six women in their twenties likely going clubbing all wearing hosiery with three of them in nude hose, while two were in sheer black, and one was in black opaques. Then I spotted two more twenty-something women wearing hosiery with one wearing nude and the other wearing black opaques. On my way home on the bus, I sat next to three twenty-something women all in hose. one wore sheer black, another wore nude, and the last one wore sheer white hose. With the cold weather in full swing here in Ottawa, It was a great night seeing young women wearing a variety of hosiery.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for the comment and your well-wishes for Thanksgiving. I was “Home Alone” for the occasion, but hey, at least, I got some rest.

      Wow, you must be a pantyhose magnet. Good for you that you ran across that many young women wearing. There is hope for the world after all.

      • I’m always on the prowl for a bit of good news on the pantyhose front. Over the holiday I saw the movie ‘The Birdman’ with Michael Keaton in the starring role. Emma Stone is his daughter – and she is in sheer black hosiery in several early scenes. There are also several other glimpses of ladies in sheer hose in the movie. Interesting side note – Stone’s hosiery is torn in several places with a notable run down one leg. Now – she is dressed in funky kind of style so I wondered if the torn hosiery is part of the ‘style’. What interested me further was that in a later scene there was another lady who was very well dressed in a sharp skirt outfit – and she also had a runner in her hose! Is this part of a new fashion trend? Does anyone have a comment on this? Did anyone else see this film?

      • I forgot to mention that when I was walking past a trendy fashion store called “Le Chateau” at the Rideau Centre, they had female manniquins on display at front window, and they all wore holiday dresses with sheer black hose including with open toe shoes. When I saw those displays, It brought a smile on my face, as it made me realize that is the way women are supposed to dress for a holiday party, nice holiday dress, pantyhose, heels, etc. At least it’s a positive sign that hosiery is alive and well in my city.

  • WOW, I was just searching about pantyhose on WordPress and Google. Your blog pops up at the top page. It is amazing that you also made a business out of your passion of pantyhose! Love this blog.

    • Hi leggygirlstyle,

      Thank you for your nice comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. If you read some comments from way back in my blog, you’ll see there are a lot of men who lament the fact that there aren’t more women who write in. These guys long to hear a woman’s perspective (besides just me all the time) on pantyhose.

      So please feel free to comment on any of the posts that so inspire you. Thanks again for your kind words.

  • I’ve never been one to read blogs but just happened to stumble across yours. I Googled “NFL Cheerleader pantyhose” and your blog came up on the first page of results! I obviously haven’t read all your posts yet but I’ve enjoyed the reading the ones that I have. Thanks for posting.

  • Hey great blog! Does running a blog like this require a massive amount work?
    I have virtually no expertise in coding but I had been hoping to start my own blog soon. Anyways, if you have any suggestions or techniques for new blog owners please share.
    I understand this is off subject but I just had to ask.

    Many thanks!

    • Hello leggings,

      I wouldn’t say running a blog requires a massive amount of work. In fact, I wish I had more time to devote to my blog, and I’d bet many readers here would agree with that.

      Also, I know nothing about coding. In fact, I can barely attach a picture to a post I write.

      I usually wouldn’t publish a comment such as your’s. It would be more appropriate to just send me an email next time. Nevertheless, I’ve published it this time anyway because there are many readers here who are much smarter than me, and they might be able to weigh in about your questions.

      Readers, please weigh in about leggings’ questions. There, my work here is done.

  • I just wanted to say I love this site. I’m a 25 year old man from Texas, and love to see a classy women in pantyhose. Unfortunately, I have not been lucky in my search in a lady who excepts love of pantyhosed legs. Texas isn’t very pantyhose friendly.

    • Hi Justin,
      I also want to extend my warm welcome to the Act Sensous blog. It is great to hear a young man like you who love seeing women in pantyhose. Its sad to hear that there is not that many women wearing pantyhose in Texas. I really thought that women from your state had the class to wear hose, but I guess they too are following American bare legs culture. I am from Canada where there are women young and old up here that still wear pantyhose due to our different culture and climate than in America. There are still a few women here that would follow the American bare legged culture, but a majority of Canadian woman still wear pantyhose whether if its sheer or opaques. There are young stars around your age and younger that are still wearing pantyhose despite the negativity of pantyhose from the so called fashion experts in the media. Robin has a section where it contains photos of young celebrities in hosiery from Selena Gomez, Miranda Cosgrove, Blake Lively, Ariana Grande among others. At least it shows that hose is alive and well among the young generation. You should check it out.

  • It’s summer – so that means ‘bear’ legs everywhere. What disappoints me is that so many in the TV industry abandoned hose completely. I could compile a pretty long list of TV personalities who either never wear hose or only do on rare occasions. Megyn Kelly of Fox News is a particularly egregious example. She wore sheer hose everyday until about 4 years ago or so then stopped wearing completely. It is far more typical to see attractive news people bear-legged than adorned in hose. I will give a shout out to Kimberly Guilfoyle and Jenna Lee of Fox for maintaining decorum by still wearing hose. On a personal uplifting note – I saw a woman at an office party a few weeks ago – probably in her mid-30’s – wearing a nice skirt, hose and heels ensemble. She was the only woman of about 20 at the party wearing sheer hosiery.

  • Hello, It is so amazing and wonderful to meet people that feel as I do. I hate, hate when I see women in skirts, dresses and they have bare legs. I think part of the problem is that men do not feel comfortable acknowledging that they are attracted to something feminine like pantyhose. As a result they do not outwardly acknowledge how much less they prefer bare legs than those in pantyhose.

    For fear they will be judged poorly, and be seen as less masculine, or less macho. We ( men) need to find very, very respectful ways to show our gratitude for those women that choose to wear pantyhose, but not in a creepy or disrespectful way.

    • Hi, Paul. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I appreciate your point of view, but I don’t think the issue is men not wanting to admit they are attracted to something as feminine as pantyhose. After all, most men aren’t shy about expressing their love for women in high heels, and those are about as feminine as they get. Similarly, I think men don’t mind pointing out that they enjoy seeing something as feminine as toenail polish on women’s pretty feet.

      My guess is that some men might be reluctant to compliment (or acknowledge their preference for) women wearing pantyhose because of the potential backlash that could come from over-sensitive females, especially, if the subject were broached at the workplace.

      These days, even I usually won’t compliment another woman for wearing pantyhose just because they might be doing so because they “have to,” rather than “want to,” and I don’t have the patience to deal with any possible ensuing debate.

      But, hey, that’s just me. Maybe you’re right, Paul.

      • I don’t like the term ‘tights’ that is used to describe all hosiery these days. Tights is a term that better describes what a young school girl would wear not a professional adult. I think feminists have so demonized ‘pantyhose’ as an article of misogynist hate invented by men to keep women uncomfortable and constrained that the very utterance of the word arouses knee jerk negative reactions from women. Tights is a bland, utilitarian and very NON-SEXUAL term. Thus – it has supplanted pantyhose in our lexicon.

        • Hi, libertariangman. I think of tights as thick cotton-like leg coverings, but throughout Europe the word, tights, is just as normal as our word, pantyhose. Sometimes, you hear the words “sheer tights,” and that distinction helps a little.

          I get your point, and I’ve seen tights used (not as often as you have) to describe all hosiery, and you’re probably right about women using that word to not have to say the word, pantyhose. Similarly, I often hear women refer to pantyhose as “stockings.” Again, some women seem to have an aversion to saying the word pantyhose. Personally, I think the word, pantyhose, is much more appealing than the word, stockings.

          Still, at the end of the day, I don’t care what anyone calls pantyhose, as long as women wear them.

          • Hi Robin,

            I agree with you as to defining tights as thick cotton-like leg coverings and I also agree with libertariangman in that ‘Tights’ is a better term to describe what a young school girl would wear not a professional adult. The problem is, based purely on my own thoughts is that society or in this case women who dislike or hate pantyhose and other types of hosiery want to be able to encompass all hosiery down to two or three terms. The first being ‘tights’, the second being ‘stockings’, and the third I think would be ‘pantyhose’. But, those women who dislike or hate pantyhose and hosiery in general will use those terms with a tone or emphasis in a malicious manner. Some women are just better at hiding their dislike or hate for the article of clothing. I personally feel that women who dislike or hate hosiery of any kind jump on the ‘band wagon’ because of peer pressure, may be not had the chance to wear luxurious brands, and not having actually been taught to the feminine benefits as to wearing them. I could go on and on about the different reasons why women dislike or hate pantyhose and hosiery. But, for most of us who like, love, and have a fetish for them, we know the reasons. I can only hope that more women will start to observe those women who do wear hosiery on a daily basis and other basis, and will learn about the power pantyhose can give them. And, in turn the affect it has on many people albeit mostly men.

        • I agree as well. I believe the term tights has become more common because manufacturers have deemed it a term that does not conjure up the same hatred that pantyhose does for some women. I don’t like the fact that we’re trying to change the term almost as a way to trick women into returning to hosiery, but if it gets more women wearing pantyhose that is one positive from the situation.

  • Well Robyn I feel sorry for you and your love of nylons sacks(oh sorry pantyhose)Tell me what bird is associated with “pantyhose”?The Thrush of course, but some women believe its part of the course and put up with it ,and the frequent doctor visits and the vaginal creams to stop the itching .Most women don`t see the wider picture when they decide to wear them or when they encourage their daughters of a young age to wear them.There is a choice and a choice which should be tried,and encouraged.

    • Mel, although I don’t agree with much of anything you’ve said here I’d like you to take note of something. Even though most of the readers here are very much pro pantyhose they have not attacked your comments viciously and will allow you to have an opinion (as unpopular as it may be within this blog). I just feel this says something about the readership as compared to many online forums out there which can be full of unnecessary attacks on people for having differing ideas.

    • I have been wearing pantyhose for 45 years and have never, never gotten thrush!! Where did you hear such stuff?? I have been wearing them since I was 10 because I love them and they look classy and fun. I live in Florida but started wearing them in Okinawa. Hot climates and never got any infections, itchiness, etc. I feel you need to research before saying such lies. Pantyhose are airy and way better than nylon panties. And wearing stilettos without pantyhose looks half dressed in my opinion. And yes, I still wear stilettos and pantyhose. Everyday!! Any my 24 year old daughter loves them to and also never had a problem. Just because you do not like something does not mean you should spread lies.

      • Hi Anita,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Readers, please note Anita’s comment is in response to Mel, who wrote this comment a few months ago:

        Mel | July 27, 2014 at 6:34 pm
        Well Robyn I feel sorry for you and your love of nylons sacks(oh sorry pantyhose)Tell me what bird is associated with “pantyhose”?The Thrush of course, but some women believe its part of the course and put up with it ,and the frequent doctor visits and the vaginal creams to stop the itching .Most women don`t see the wider picture when they decide to wear them or when they encourage their daughters of a young age to wear them.There is a choice and a choice which should be tried,and encouraged.

      • Hi Anita. Thank you for your eloquent comment and your dedication to wearing pantyhose. I wish there were more women like my wife, you, your daughter and Robin so committed to wearing such an exquisite and feminine garment. I’m grateful for the class and professionalism you ladies show.

  • Dear Act Sensuous: I appreciate your blog. It allows people to express their personal experience with the luxurious wearing and the way they enjoy clad in a sexy pair of pantyhose. So many are uptight about this issue. This forum allows some insight to the wearer love of the silky feel and just how it effects their lives.

  • Do you ever talk about men starting to wear pantyhose now I see a lot of fashion sites about pantyhose topic and men are the biggest commenters ! Can you or someone ells comment on your thoughts ?

    • Hi, Gm. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I’ve not addressed that subject in any of my posts, but there are many many comments back and forth here. You’re among friends here, so feel free to weigh in on any subject, or anyone else’s comments.

  • Wearing pantyhose occasionally is fun and feels nice. I wouldn’t enjoy shaving my legs all the time or wearing them in the summer unless the AC was on 60 degrees though.

  • I wear my numerous pantyhose and over 20 pairs of 4, 5 and 6 inch pumps and open toed stilettos. My favs are Wolfords support tights. I’m over 6′-6″ tall in my 6 inch high heels I am 7 ft. My legs are incredibly long! I drive in my nylons and hi heels at night. I love to rub my nylons with my girlfriends!

  • There is a lot of talk on this blog about “class” and “etiquette”. Please remember that class and etiquette go both ways. That means when you notice an attractive woman in hosiery, don’t be a creep. Remember that there is a person wearing those clothes, and their fashion choices are not an invitation for you to objectify them. Women make clothing choices for lots of reasons, not necessarily to be noticed by random strangers.

    On the weekend, some seemingly-pleasant middle-aged man in front of us noticed my girlfriend and decided to drop behind us to leer at her as we crossed the street and went down the other side. I ushered her into a store and looked back to see this creep hanging back near the corner, watching like a hungry dog.

    Noticing and appreciating is one thing. However, changing your behaviour to follow or leer is creepy, classless, and gross, and demonstrates an alarm-ringing lack of self-control. Women and boyfriends notice that kind of behaviour even if they don’t show it. People who objectify others like that only degrade themselves and make the women around them uncomfortable and their boyfriends annoyed.

    I’m fine with people noticing and appreciating. I am not fine with leers and farm-animal style staring. I am not above unleashing an unrelenting in-your-face glare to help the objectifier feel what it’s like to be stared at, and from the panicked, whiplash-like effects I’ve seen, it’s not pleasant for them to be on the other side of things.

    • Thank you for you comment, nobody.

      Your points are all valid. I think the vast majority of my readers here are very considerate and respectful individuals. Yes, a handful of them unleash some deeply regressed feelings in their writings here, but for the purposes of journalistic integrity, I don’t edit or squelch their comments. (However, I will delete comments that are vulgar, distasteful, or otherwise offensive. Fortunately, that’s happened here only twice since 2009.)

      Still, it’s good to hear another point of view, especially, one presented as fairly and eloquently as yours.

      Thanks again.

  • All the readers out there have got to check out the new version of actsensuous.com and the release of Act IV. Congrats Robin on a job well done.

  • I sure am glad to know there are nice real females who love having on pantyhose because of the sensual and erotic feel too. I’m addicted to it.

  • I nominate Megyn Kelly of Fox News for the ‘bear legs’ award. She NEVER wears sheer hosiery and she has a prime time program. What is particularly disgusting is that several years ago she wore sheer hosiery ALL THE TIME. She went from a 100% wearer to a 0% wearer. She has lovely legs but refuses to finish them off appropriately with sheer hosiery.

    • Hi, libertariangman. Thanks for your comment. And thanks for the “Grizzly Awards” nomination. I don’t know anything about Megyn Kelly, but I’ll certainly investigate, as I actually have been itching to hand out a “Grizzly.” Thanks again for the recommendation.

  • Love the site,I have always thought that pantyhose add that finishing touch to a woman`s already gorgeous legs. However one thing irks me about the continued use of “BEAR” legs, it`s BARE,BARE, BARE, and NOT >> BEAR << !! 🙂

    • Carl, Carl, Carl … You wrote your comment under the About Me section, yet, you must not have actually read what is written there:

      “To those of you who are new to my blog, you will come to understand that I use the phrase “bear” legs to refer to those women who refuse to wear pantyhose, choosing to go bare-legged with their dresses or skirts and high heels, whether at business, entertainment or social venues. I am comparing their bare legs to a bear’s legs. In any event, it’s my way of making fun of today’s ugly bare legs culture…”

      Oh, well. Thank you for your comment, Carl, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog … but you can’t edit the editor! Nice try though.

  • Hey Robin

    So my wife and I just began watching “The Good Wife” last week on Netflix. You weren’t kidding, this is a great show to be sure. It’s a compelling watch and it doesn’t hurt to have such an abundance of great legs in sheer pantyhose either. We’re still in the first season but have been hooked since the first episode. I see you’ve made reference to the show in the past and wondered if you would ever consider doing a blog post dedicated to it.

    • Thanks, Mike T.

      You’re right — I have referenced “The Good Wife” a few times. I don’t really know what else I could write that I haven’t already written about the show. It is awesome. One of the best conceived, written and acted shows on TV, and yes, perfect for us pantyhose lovers.

      I am pretty sure “The Good Wife” will be mentioned again in some related posts I write. Thanks again, Mike T, for the suggestion. I love getting ideas for future posts from my devoted readers.

  • As we all get ready for the start of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, I can think of one sport that gets top ratings — Figure Skating, and not the Men’s, but the Women’s. I read a while back that figure skating ratings come in close behind NFL and NASCAR. I don’t believe it is just due to women watching Women’s Figure Skating either. I believe there are quite a few male viewers, and the main reason is due to the costume outfits these ladies wear and of course the pantyhose or tights as well.

    My question is are they pantyhose or more like athletic/dance type of tights. The natural color leg coverings look like pantyhose, though somewhat more opaque than sheer. I have seen in past competitive events some women wearing a more sheer type of pantyhose or tights. Robin, do you or any readers out there have any insight on this? If this has been mentioned in past blog posts, my apologies for any redundancy.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sheer Mike. I like to watch women’s figure skating, too, for the competition and for the pretty outfits with sheer leg-coverings. I agree that sometimes it looks like the ladies are wearing pantyhose, and other times, they’re more like dance tights. Either way, could anyone ever imagine the ladies not wearing them? I don’t think so.

    • Well, steve, sometimes it can indeed be difficult to tell by looking (without getting too close and staring) whether a woman is wearing pantyhose, or is bare-legged. Such would be the case only if she were wearing extremely sheer pantyhose, or happens to have extremely smooth and silky skin.

      Often, it is almost impossible to tell on television or a movie screen. Such was the case for me with Chinese actress Li Bingbing playing the role of Ada Wong in the movie, “Resident Evil-Retribution.” In some scenes it looked to me as if she were bare-legged, and in other scenes (in the same outfit), it looked as if she were wearing very sheer pantyhose. But Miss Li has beautiful, flawless skin, so who knows?

      If you’re talking about seeing a woman on the street and not being able to tell whether she’s wearing pantyhose or not, you’d have to (discreetly) look for signs of extra gloss at the knee when she is seated, maybe a bit of gathering of fabric at the ankle or behind the knee, or in sunlight, the actual texture of fabric if she’s wearing.

      Or, I suppose you could just ask her. But that would take courage, tact and luck on your part!

      • That sort of happened today, Robin and Steve.

        First of all, I’ve lived in the Upper Midwest for 2 1/2 years. It seems that most of the women in the summer months go “bear” legged, understandably. The months ranging from about May to September. It is only for maybe a month like October, or April (weather transition months), I might see about 20% women wear sheer nude pantyhose and maybe another 25% wear black sheer hose and about another 25% wear opaque black hose. As soon as November hits from then on most women wear pants, closed toe shoes. Maybe 35% wear tights with boots and maybe another 25% wear thick over knee socks or leggings. It’s so rare to see any kind of sheer pantyhose up here since moving from the Mid Atlantic.

        Well today was a pleasant surprise. Here in the middle of winter. I went downstairs in the main atrium of our office building to get some fruit this morning. On my way back, approaching from the other direction a lovely and beautiful young 20-something brunette wearing a beautiful skirt and blouse walked by. My instinct reaction was to see if she were wearing pantyhose.

        In about one more step and a nanosecond later I looked right at her feet (I do have a foot fetish as well as a pantyhose fetish) and saw her open toe shoes revealing sheer nude pantyhose toes and feet though the sheen fabric. I must have given a pleasant surprised and approving look, because in that instant as I glanced up to make eye contact, she flashed a pretty and friendly smile as if she was saying “Caught you looking” but that’s OK, I am glad you’re noticing my hosiery.” Well OK, my thought and interpretation. Anyway it was such a treat in what has been a barren land and season of sheer pantyhose wearers.

        I would love to tell her how professional she looked and dressed particularly her hosiery, but that would likely cause me to lose my job. Anyway you do have to look discreetly for that gloss. The whole exchange of glances probably took 2 seconds, and it was difficult to be discreet and still be a gentleman, but she definitely stood out among a sea of too many women in pants, leggings, booots and tights. Sigh…

        • Wow, what a great comment, Sheer Mike. Fantastic story.

          It is sad that, today, one cannot compliment a coworker, or really, hardly anyone anymore. Women have gone overboard with everything, haven’t they? (I say “they” because I’m the exception to every “rule.” I must be the perfect woman!) First, they try to “run” pantyhose out of town. Now, you can’t say anything nice to them, or it’s harassment. What’s next — no holding the door for them? Sheeeesh!

          Guess all one can do anymore today is what you did: Give an approving smile. Thank God for that!

  • My Favorite Movie Moment Involving Pantyhose
    Was In The Princess Diaries When Anne
    Hathaway Was In The Back Struggling To Put
    Her Pantyhose On. That Scene Was Sexy
    And Funny.

  • I recently saw the singer Sara Bareillas on You Tube. She was wearing a beautiful red dress with nude pantyhose. Her voice could only be rivaled by her shapely gams. That was a real treat to look at. I don’t recall you or anyone else mentioning her here.

  • Hey Robin I Found This Site . And I Also Think
    It Should Be A Felony For Women With Legs
    Like You And Juanita Ingram To Wear Pants.
    With Legs Like Yours And Hers.
    I Mean U Both Look Good In Anything Im Sure

  • Hi Robin,
    During the holidays, I watched two period movies, Anchorman 2 and American Hustle at my local movie theatre. Both films are set in the late 1970s.

    In Anchorman 2, Christina Applegate, who plays Ron Burgundy’s wife and co-anchor, Veronica Corningstone, and some female extras who worked at the news station wore sheer nude hose for most of the film. The disappointment was that Meaghan Good, who plays the manager of the news station, was mostly barelegged throughout the film despite the fact that women wore hose at workplaces in the late 70s/early 80s, two decades before casual fashion changed the workplace environment.

    In American Hustle, there were only two scenes of Amy Adams wearing nude hose. The first scene is where she sat on a countertop with Bradley Cooper trying to kiss her while rubbing her hosed legs and feet. The other scene later in the film was when she helped Christian Bale off the sidewalk, and into the car with a closeup of her hosed feet in open toe heels. There was another nude hose scene, this time involving the wife of Jeremy Renner’s character, but she was wearing garter belts and stockings.

    There were lots of closeups of Amy Adams’, and Jennifer Lawrence’s bare legs and feet in high heels, and platforms though it would have been nice to see them wear hose for most of the film to be historically accurate since the movie was set in 1978 when women dress feminine wearing hose with their outfits, whether if its a casual, or formal setting. Fashion stylists for the film need a lesson in fashion history.

    It’s too bad though that Ms. Adams was barelegged for most of the film after only two scenes of her wearing nude hose. Same with Ms. Lawrence as well. They both have good bodies, but their legs looked like they need to wear hose as Ms. Adams legs were at bit blotchy, while Ms. Lawrence’s legs had visible black spots. Wearing hose does not only cover those blemishes, but enhances the look on the legs.

    Happy New Year Robin, and hope we see more women wearing hose in 2014.

    • Hi, Brian W. Thank you for this information. I haven’t seen either movie, but I, too, would be very disappointed in the film’s lack of attention to detail when it comes to historical accuracy for the time period.

      Happy New Year to you, too, Brian W.

  • Your site is the most inspiring I have ever read. I am a straight male that loves to understand why I do what I do. For you to open the eyes of others and let the voice of many be heard is just great. My wife has never been open to talking about pantyhose. She knows that I have a passion for Pantyhose and she will not open her thoughts to allowing it.

    I have not been caught but would like to share with her a night of fun in Pantyhose.

    Thanks for taking the time to build a great site.

  • I was watching TV earlier and saw a clip of Katy Perry and John Mayer in apparently their first interview as a couple. (This isn’t news I care about by the way.) I happened to notice though how nicely Katy Perry was dressed as always and included sheer black pantyhose as part of her outfit. I wondered if you’d seen this Robin.

    • Didn’t see it (not the news I really care about either), but not surprised that Katy dressed nicely, including wearing sheer black pantyhose. Thanks for your comment, Mike T

  • Hi Robin. Wishing you and yours a Happy Thanksgiving. Thank you for your crusade to change the culture, encouraging women like my wife to again wear sheer all nylon pantyhose, through your blog, website and products.

    I enjoyed reading your most recent post- “Pantyhose, showing they have legs, yet minor snags persist.” You have a first class business. Thanks for your time, dedication and insight about this fabulous sexy garment.

  • Hi Robin,

    I am a long time, although intermittent, reader (and occasional commenter) of your blogs. I love reading about pantyhose (stockings and thigh highs too) and could talk about them endlessly. Not to mention look at them without tiring. I am a 38 year old male and have had a hosiery fetish since I was as young as five years old. I grew up just as the “golden age” of pantyhose was ending and I do sadly miss it. Fortunately, it is true that some women with class and good taste still wear them. I love going to downtown Portland, OR for that reason. Not that it is the reason why I go, but it is a fringe benefit. I am surprised at how many women wear them on Friday and Saturday nights out as well.

    The thing I do find missing from all this discussion is where guys like me, who have hosiery fetishes, can get used nylons when they are ready for the trash? I assume with all the women out there wearing them that there are many going in the garbage. I wish there were women out there willing to donate them. I know I can find them for sale on sites such as ebay, but you never really know what you might get (worn or not) or who from (male maybe?).

    It would be great if you had some kind of donation or connection kind of thing on your site for women willing to help/donate. At least this way it might be more likely that it would be from a woman and of the quality a man could appreciate.

    Or any other ideas would be appreciated.



    • Hi, Petro. Thank you for your comment.

      I like your idea, too, but I’ve got so much going on in my business world that I wouldn’t have time to manage that project. But I’ll bet there are some readers here who have some of their own ideas about acquiring nylons that are ready for the trash, and they might be able to help a great many people who would like the same thing.

      How about it, readers?

    • That’s a great idea . . . sort of like a clearinghouse for discarded pantyhose. The problem is the work it would take to set up and operate. If there was some money to be made for the time spent, I’d spearhead something like that. My wife is a daily wearer and although she is careful she goes through at least a few pair a month that don’t make it. I still save some of them and would love the “share” them with others but the logistics are an obstacle. Great idea though . . . The Pantyhose Exchange.

  • Hey just thought some folks may want to check out an article I recently found. It’s pretty funny it’s a description of the five levels of pantyhose wearing women.

  • Hi Robin. I know you have said you keep your website separate from your blog, and realize you do not seek endorsements for Actsensuous Pantyhose on your post. However, I just wanted you to know my wife tried on your sheer nude Actsensuous Act II Pantyhose today. She loves them! She is amazed at how well they fit, and likes that they don’t pull at her.They are the best pair of pantyhose she has worn in more than 25 years. No complaints, like I used to hear from her in the past with other brands. I too love wearing my first pair of your Actsensuous Pantyhose .They feel great and fit perfect. Thank you for developing an outstanding product, helping my wife to wearing pantyhose more frequently again.

  • Hey Robin,
    Today, I spent some time at the Rideau Centre in downtown Ottawa where there were a few hose sightings despite the unseasonably warm fall weather. I saw a young asian woman in her 20s wearing a pink dress with nude hose and pink heels.

    A few minutes later, I walked past a middle aged woman who was wearing a black short dress, orange platform sandals, and nude hose. At first when I saw her, I thought she was bare legged. But when I saw the sheerness on her legs, that’s when I noticed she was wearing nude hose with her platforms. Very classy and retro :).

    On my way home on the bus, I saw another young woman, not asian but middle eastern, wearing nude hose with her short boots. It seems as though women are coming back to their senses wearing nude hose. It’s only a matter of time that nude hose will once again be back in the hosiery mainstream.

  • Hi Robin,
    I found a blogger who goes by the name of Poppy. She is glad to see the return of pantyhose with mostly positive comments below.


    On her next post though, Poppy mentioned that her legs looked pale without hose due to the fact that she was going to wear a choir robe that would make her legs look hot if she wore hose. She carried a pair of hose but didn’t bothered to put them on. To me, Poppy could have still worn the hose to enhance to look on her pale legs.


  • This is the right web site for anybody who wants to find out about this topic. You realize so much its almost hard to argue with you (not that I actually will need to…HaHa). You definitely put a fresh spin on a subject that’s been discussed for decades. Great stuff, just excellent!

  • I found a blog called retrospace where and the blogger discusses the mysterious fall of pantyhose his wife told him that “nobody wheres pantyhose anymore” (complete myth and falsehood from another “bear” legs movement follower.) I left a comment that pantyhose is pretty much in fashion and recommended your blog to post comments and view the pictures of various women including celebrities to prove to him and his wife that pantyhose is pretty much in fashion. There are pictures from retro pantyhose packages posted on the blog that will probably give you and hosiery lovers memories when women dressed feminine in pantyhose.


  • Hi Robin,
    Hope you had a good weekend. Last Friday night, I spent some time with a friend of mine, who is in her late 40s/early 50s, and recently became a grandmother after her daughter gave birth to a baby boy. When we went out on the town to celebrate at a local pub, she wore a dress with nude hose. After I complimented my friend on the nude hose, she thanked me, and later mentioned that it has been a while since she has worn nude hose after mostly wearing sheer black and opaque designer hosiery on a few occasions. She also enjoyed the look and feel of nude hose, and has thought about buying them again. I am so proud of her not just for the birth of her first grandchild, but for the choice of wearing nude hose to celebrate this joyous occaision.

    • Nice comment, Brian W. Good job complimenting your friend for wearing nude pantyhose in that situation. It’s great when the recipient appreciates the compliment. Everyone feels good, and the world goes round the right way for a minute.

  • As mentioned, am new to the blog. Have there been any comments about women in pantyhose with dresses and dress boots? I know it’s still summer, but it won’t be long. It seems that in the past 2 years I have seen women wearing boots more and with the pantyhose or tights when colder weather hits. Even though the boots cover part of the legs, the fact that it leaves a little of the nylon clad legs showing, adds more of a mystique. Love it when my wife dresses in pantyhose and boots, which is rare. Any other comments of hose and boots?

    • Good comment, Sheer Mike. I hate boots on women, exactly for the reason you stated — they hide too much of the legs. Besides, high heels are much more feminine (and devastatingly gorgeous with something as elegant as pantyhose.)

      OK, there’s one exception I acknowledge: Wonder Woman (as portrayed by Lynda Carter). I can go for that look all day long.

      Having said all that, I am confident that many (maybe most) of our readers here will agree with you, Sheer Mike. I especially like your angle about the mystique created by the little bit of nylon-clad leg showing between the skirt and boots.

      What say you, readers? Pantyhose with boots?

      • Hi Robin. I don’t disagree with you about the boots covering more of the legs. My wife will confirm the more leg showing the better for me and my visual. My comment was from a seasonal stabdpoint with fall and winter approaching. It all depends on the boots (preferably high heeled) dress and how they blend with her pantyhose. I love summer best, but do look forwrd to the fall and winter where maybe just a few women in our office will wear pantyhose likely with boots. And yes Lynda Carter did push my buttons with her Wonder Woman boots ans pantyhose. Thanks.

      • Robin, I totally agree with you comment.

        Pantyhose with high heels, preferably open toed. They are far more attractive and feminine. I much prefer the vision of the whole legs in pantyhose than the mystique.

    • I never cared for the boots with pantyhose look myself, although I’d take it any day over bear legs. Boots cover up the legs too much. I will confess that on occasion, the look can be sexy when a girl crosses her legs and her pantyhose clad knees can be seen. I’ve also seen some younger girls wear shorts, tights, and boots, and it’s a look that I actually like. I know tights might be preferred here, but they can also look great.

      I used to notice that back when pantyhose were worn more often than not, some women who loathed pantyhose at work wore boots with dresses or skirts that covered up their bear legs! That way they could get around the dress code. They’d wear socks underneath.

      I have noticed recently that during the cooler months, more women will wear boots with tights or pantyhose, even in Southern California. I’ve noticed that about cooler weather states or cities in general.

      As a side note, my ex-wife loved wearing boots during winter. She used to wear them with tights. Because I loved the look of nude pantyhose, and she loved the color black, about the only time she’d wear nude pantyhose was with boots!

      • Agree Albert. Love it when the pantyhose shows more when crossing her legs. Of course the shorter and tighter the dress the better with boots. I can remember as a kid in the 70’s when living in Florida, women still wore boots with pantyhose even when it was 60 degrees. I now live in a colder weather region and its amazing how many women will still wear no pantyhose or tights even in when it’s 20 degrees outside. Will not give a woman in boots a second look if she’s not wearing pantyhose.

        • I’m also a child of the ’70s and remember quite well that women tended to wear pantyhose a lot. Not all women, but most seemed to. I grew up in Southern California and even during summer, pantyhose were worn.

          Seems silly that pantyhose aren’t worn during the colder months. I can understand the during the day on a weekend that pantyhose might not be preferred to be worn. But when it’s cold out? I once went out with a woman during winter time and she was wearing a nice dress and high heels, but no hosiery. She was shivering the whole time!

  • Love this blog. So glad to see I’m not alone in my love for pantyhose. I love anykind of women’s hosiery. Have loved hose since seeing my first grade teacher reach across to reveal her stockings with garters and supenders. I was confused yet flushed. Enjoyed seeing other teachers later wearing pantyhose. Such beauty class and elegance we don’t see much of today. Thank you Robin for your crusade. Such a pleasure seeing a woman crazy for pantyhose as I am.

  • I recently took a trip to Toronto and spent some time wandering around the city. Pantyhose were not so common a sight at the moment being the height of summer. That being said I did make a stop into the downtown hooters for a keith’s beer as I was walking by anyhway. Being from a more rural area this was actually the first time I had gotten the chance to visit a hooter’s. I now know what all the fuss is about.

    Anyhow another thing that caught my eye was the stewardess’ on the flight’s there and back. I flew a small regional airline based out of downtown Toronto called Porter Airlines. I would encourage anyone to use them as they are the only airline I know of here in Canada to offer free food and drink while en-route. The staff was very friendly as well, no complaints there. This perticular airline I would encourage people to look up as they came onto the scene with retro style uniforms which are very easy on the eyes. This female flight attendants all wore heels and pantyhose and looked amazing. The airline industry in general I believe may be somewhere that has bucked the trend of becoming all to casual as many professions have.

    All you readers out there check out Porter Airlines and let me know what you think.

    • Thanks, Mike T. Nice comment. Unfortunately today, many flight attendants all over the world, including Asia, are lobbying for and even protesting the wearing of skirts, preferring pants. To me that’s sad.

  • Thank you for this blog. When I read the articles and comments here, I feel less alone.

    I’m a forty-three-year-old dad with a nylon fetish going back as long as I can remember. I was in eighth grade and my English teacher wore nude hosiery every day. I was amazed at how I could still see the pores on her calves through the fabric but how the hose made things look blurry and smoothed out. Still, I think my fetish was well-established by then. I could have been much younger.

    I’m not ashamed to say I’ve tried on pantyhose and it doesn’t do anything for me. It’s a woman’s leg I want to see sheathed in impossibly thin fabric with that ever-so-subtle oily gloss. It’s rare, even here in my northern state. When I see a woman in pantyhose, I want to keep her in my sight. I’ll try to sit close watch her discretely. I try to figure out if she’s wearing hose for her own security or enjoyment or if it’s a work requirement. I can usually tell by the way her hands play over the fabric. If she can’t stop touching her knee or her calf while she sips her latte or talks on her phone, I imagine she’s probably an addict.

    What catches my eye? It’s the illusion that she’s not wearing anything, that her legs are really that perfect, unblemished, even-colored, and glossy. Even if I remind myself that it’s just a long pair of socks, I still imagine her bottom half transformed into a more attractive pair of legs. Different shades only reinforce that illusion. Did she apply a smoky shade of dark gray makeup to her legs? Did someone use Photoshop to remove all her natural color and leave her legs looking like the gams of a black-and-white movie star? While I prefer sheers, opaques do it for me too. Women in tights look like cloth mannequins. It’s a surprise to see her legs move and stretch. Is there really a woman under there?

    I choose movies and TV shows based on the likelihood the female lead will be wearing hose. Your movie blog entry was useful; I’ll have to rent The Tourist now to see Angelina Jolie’s legs dressed properly. Your article was a couple of years old, so it didn’t mention that amazing scene at the beginning of The Avengers, where Scarlett Johanssen takes down a whole gang of Russian mobsters in her black stockinged feet. (I think Joss Whedon “gets it.” There are other nylon-centered scenes in his movies and TV shows.)

    How lucky would it be for a man to be married to a woman who shares his passion for nylon? She’d be someone who left her hose on after she came home from work, who just put on a pair of sweats over them and let her slippery, hazy legs poke out of the bottom. Also, a long man’s t-shirt over a nice pair of pantyhose is one of the sexiest things on earth. Don’t women realize this? Don’t peel them off right away when you get home! A lucky man would share his life with a woman who dressed up her legs for dates and who would drape her cloth legs over his as they sat on the couch to watch a video at home. On a cold night, she’d curl up behind him in bed still wrapped from waist to toe in fabric. Most of all, she would do this because she enjoys it herself, not because she’s doing him a favor.

    I’ve been married twice and both times my wife knew about my fetish and would wear hose if I asked. Both have teased me for being attracted to their pantyhose not to their bodies or to their inner self. This is not true, but I’ve given up. I don’t want to ever ask someone to do something that doesn’t feel natural to them. Nor am I attracted to women solely based on whether they’re wearing pantyhose. She’s got to have a light on inside: be smart, be funny, care about the world and enjoy talking about the many, many things that matter to her. The pantyhose, in fact, would be secondary to everything else–but they would always be there.

    Please keep this place on the Internet going. It’s great to know others are wired the same way I am, and I especially like hearing stories about couples who share a passion for pantyhose. I may not have been so lucky in life, but it’s comforting to know that others have.

    • Hi secretobsession,

      Thank you for writing, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. And, WOW, what a fantastic piece you’ve written. You’ve captured everything so many of us feel and believe, and put it to words extremely well. You’re a very good writer (and remember, this is coming from an ex-newsreporter and newspaper copy editor.)

      I must say I agree with everything you’ve written.

      Thank you for mentioning the scene in “The Avengers” movie. I saw that when it first came out a hundred years ago, but didn’t remember the scene with Scarlett Johansson you described. I do like her, and she is definitely a pantyhose-kind of girl. I keep seeing “The Avengers” movie on my DirecTV guide and always pass over it because I just didn’t remember liking it (seemed to me that it was so unlike the old TV series, which I liked a lot). Now, I will watch it again because of the scene you mentioned.

      NOTE: Update. OK, just looked it up on Google. Oh … that Avengers. I thought we were talking about the one with Uma Thurman and Ralph Fiennes, based on the 1960s British TV series, starring Diana Rigg and Patrick Macnee.

      Don’t give up, secretobsession, in trying to find another wife who “gets it.” You deserve a wife who would appreciate her for who she is, as well as for her class and femininity in wearing pantyhose for herself as much as for her husband.

      Hope to read more comments from you about any of the posts I’ve written that so inspire you. I’ve published 69 posts since I started this blog in 2009.

      Thanks again, and best wishes always.


      • Yes, the Avengers movie I’m talking about is the more recent one with Iron Man, the Hulk, Thor, etc. If superhero movies aren’t your thing, the cool pantyhose scene is in the first ten minutes. I noticed that the movie is on Netflix streaming; I see multiple viewings in the future.

        Thanks for your compliments. I’m also a journalist and editor, maybe that’s why I’m drawn to this blog. It’s a matter-of-fact discussion of why pantyhose deserve a hallowed place in our society and a lament for the bare (“bear” LOL!) legs culture that’s taking over. It’s admirably porn free; most of the hose sites I’ve visited feel exploitative, are grotesquely oversexualized, and say little about how women feel when they wear pantyhose. Your site shows that the power of restraint and thoughtful writing goes a long way toward creating more respect for a garment that’s been, frankly, under siege.

        I’ve spent time in Europe and have a sense for what women wear in Asia. It seems like North America is where hosiery culture is headed downhill. Even airline flight attendants and customer service agents are slipping backward into pantsuits and opaque tights. On recent trips to Florida, however, I did notice that hotel uniforms still prominently feature pantyhose. I did a lot of lingering in those places in a hotel lobby where you can see behind the desk. There’s hope yet!

        A third wife is not in the cards for me. I’ve reached a point in life where I’ve realized that we are put on earth for more important things than scratching a psychological itch. Still, the itch is always there, always real. I’ll just have to reward women who wear sheer hose with my positive, if detached, attention, reward waitresses who wear with big tips, reward businesses with dress codes that include pantyhose with my patronage, and keep scanning the web for the classier places like yours where pantyhose is celebrated.

        I’m certainly going to read all your past posts and would appreciate being pointed in the direction of similar hosiery havens online. I know a few myself, but they’re few and far between.

        Keep the faith!

        • Thank you for another great comment, secretobsession.

          I suspected there was a professional journalist in you, as your sentence structure, spelling and punctuation are spot on.

          I like most movie themes, including superhero genres, although I find those films so unrealistic and mostly disappointing. There’s been much hype about the latest Superman movie, “Man of Steel.” From what I’ve seen in pictures, looks like Amy Adams is doing Lois Lane proud, dressing in skirt suits complete with high heels and sheer nude pantyhose.

          I’ve toyed with the idea of writing a post about the significance and importance of characters in superhero movies, such as Wonder Woman and Lois Lane, being dressed in pantyhose in the current-time remakes. For a while, there was a new Wonder Woman movie in the works, but it had her in “bear” legs, and/or pants. Huh? Not sure if that movie ever happened, but if it did, and if WW was dressed that way, I hope it crashed and burned.

          Speaking of “bear” legs (and thanks for acknowledging it), take heart — I see very positive signs that the movement, started in the late 1990s and with its heyday through the decade of 2000, waning. We’ve got a long way to go still, but I am seeing much more emphasis on pantyhose-wearing among Hollywood celebs, professional models and other professional entertainers. It’ll just take a while for the rest of the population to realize/admit that the “bear” legs movement was just a ridiculous and ugly fashion fad, and that pantyhose will never go out of style or away. Class and elegance never goes out of style permanently.

          To bring you up to speed on the origin of my “bear” legs phrasing, and if you intend to catch up on my previous blog posts anyway, here are three posts you’ll probably enjoy:




          Also, thank you for commenting on and appreciating my devotion to maintaining a clean and classy blog.
          Glad you’ve become a new reader,secretobsession.

          Finally, I hope you don’t give up on the idea of another wife. Perhaps, if you’re not looking, that’ll be the time the right one finds you. Hope so.

          Take care.


          • Wow, thanks for your prompt reply. Looks like we’re both chained to our desks the day after July 4. We should think about getting outside!

            You might be right about remarrying. I won’t get into the details here but I’m committed for the foreseeable future. Young children have a way of rearranging one’s priorities. If someone else were to come into my life, it would have to sneak up on me over the course of many months or years. It would have to be someone who shares many of my interests and passions–including leg wear. She’d have to be the kind of person to whom I could give a new pair of nylons for Christmas or as a surprise gift and she’d be thrilled instead of suspecting me of just wanting to get her in the sack.

            So … yes, um, I’m not looking but it doesn’t mean I’m not paying attention if someone extraordinary steps into my life. And she’d have to have a reason to be there, someone I would be working or spending time with for reasons other than a covert romance.

            For me, the sexiest thing about a woman in a beautiful pair of pantyhose is not making love but the pleasantly distraction of doing anything but. It’s a slowly evolving, almost tantric experience. It’s nice even if she has no idea and is just trying to conduct a business meeting or discuss a project over lunch. It’s even better if she’s in the know and I don’t know she’s in the know, and she idly rubs her knee, does the reliable shoe dangle, or accidentally brushes her leg against me while recrossing in a tight space.

            I’m glad you’re a movie lover too. When I have time to myself, I would rather do nothing else but sneak into a cinema, turn off my ringer, and take in the latest popcorn flick. I think you’d be a bit disappointed with Man of Steel, though. There is a brief flash of Lois Lane in dark hose early on, but she’s mostly in pantsuits and rugged field gear. My favorite Lois will forever be Terri Hatcher, who was a hose goddess on Lois and Clark.

            With regards to “bear legs,” I think women (as well as men) are becoming more observant of physical fitness. I know it’s something I need to be more mindful of as the years pass. However, when women sculpt their bodies at the gym or the yoga studio, it makes them look healthy, but it can actually call attention to pulsing veins, sinewy muscle, and skeletal bone structure. Many women then spend big money on spa treatments, laser treatment, tanning, pedicures, and exfoliation when a pair of pantyhose can hide many flaws. Additionally, the hose simplifies the apparent surface of her leg, stretching across foot bones and calf muscles, making her leg look more like a Platonic ideal of femininity.

            (Still, there’s nothing like seeing a fresh, dark-colored pedicure through a pair of extra-sheers. Mmmm …)

            Television programs like Mad Men and cultural icons like Duchess Kate Middleton are helping women see that they can be both powerful and feminine. In fact, that’s a potent combination in that a woman can act in a position of authority and still disarm the alpha males in her world with something as simple and distracting as a pair of hosiery. I think lawyers and bankers have never forgotten this. Perhaps the trend with spread back into other professions like education, medicine, and technology. The new “Formal Fridays” trend in Silicon Valley is an encouraging sign.


            Okay, back to work with me. I hope you’ve had a moderately productive day too. Enjoy the weekend! Do you wear pantyhose on your days off too?

            • You really get it, secretobsession. I always hate when women use the excuse for not wearing that they’re toned and tanned. That’s swell, but it’s missing the point. Being toned and tanned doesn’t stop those women from wearing makeup, and it’s the same principle with pantyhose. It’s all about enhancing the natural beauty one possesses.

              And beyond that, pantyhose are the epitome of professionalism in business dress, class and elegance in general, and beauty and femininity always.

              Can you imagine if the female lawyers on “The Good Wife” went “bear”-legged? That would make the show completely unrealistic. That the show strives for what is accurate, if not right, not only is refreshing to see, but hopeful in the example it sets.

              Shame about “Man of Steel.” Knowing that, I won’t go out of my way to see it. Thanks for the intel.

              Love what you said about Terri Hatcher’s Lois Lane on “Lois and Clark” — my favorite Lois, too. Cute show, and loved the way they dressed Terri Hatcher for the iconic role. She was great as LL.

              I have tried on a couple of occasions to watch “Mad Men,” but just can’t get into it because I don’t care for any of the characters. But I do recognize and appreciate the devotion to pantyhose as appropriate for the era.

              Oh, and not only do I wear ActSensuous every day to work, I try to set a good example by wearing every day even if the only place I’m going is the bank, the post office or the grocery store. I’m the ultimate pantyhose superhero! 🙂

    • You made some excellent comments.

      I guess I’ve been somewhat fortunate that most of the girls I’ve dated have worn nylons/pantyhose for the most part. I’ve had this “obsession” about nylons since I could remember. I can remember wanting to meet a girl who just simply wore them–not just for work–not as an occasional treat for me–just because she liked to wear them. A lot of girls that I went to junior high and high school wore them. I’ve seen some girl friends who used to wear hosiery almost daily back then turn to bear legs and pants today.

      My ex-wife wore nylon or tights almost everyday until her work said she could work from home. Out went the hosiery and in came workout clothes. I’d occasionally mention that she used to dress up, but she’d give me the line that I liked pantyhose more than her. She’d actually get really upset. My point was that she took the extra minute to put on hosiery, despite people around her saying, “Why are you so dressed up?” She looked “put together” and looked like she took pride in the way she looked.

      I just find it odd that many women (I’m not trying to be sexist), not too long ago in America, wore nylons without an issue. My girlfriend was one of them. Of course, just as with guys and wearing certain clothing, there are always people who just don’t like to dress up. And that’s okay. But what I don’t like is how people shame others into dressing down.

      So-called “fashion” experts have done a lot of damage to the art of hosiery. They’ve convinced so many women who did wear nylons/pantyhose that wearing hosiery is awful. Women will wear make-up, extremely high heels, skirts, dresses, spend hours on nails, yet to put on a pair of pantyhose makes you “outdated.” I don’t understand that.

      • Hi Albert,

        Thank you for your comment. Good stuff there.

        You wrote: I can remember wanting to meet a girl who just simply wore them — not just for work —not as an occasional treat for me — just because she liked to wear them.

        I say: That sounds like an impossible dream today, doesn’t it? I know there are still some of those girls out there, but they are rare and difficult to find.

        You wrote: I just find it odd that many women (I’m not trying to be sexist), not too long ago in America, wore nylons without an issue.

        I say: Nothing sexist about that. You are stating a fact. Don’t apologize for feeling this way, or for stating the truth. I’ve often expressed in this blog and on my website my utter dismay at the fact that women have vilified the most beautiful, sexiest and decidedly feminine fashion accessory that’s ever existed, yet, they are quick to wear high heels, bras, thongs and other much more uncomfortable articles of clothing. Then, they go to great lengths and expense on their hair, faces, fingernails and toenails — all with no complaints — in the interest of beauty.

        I agree that the so-called “fashion experts” did some damage in convincing women that pantyhose are the “bad guys,” but I don’t believe those people have any credibility or much influence anymore today. It’s almost as if they’ve milked that story line for all it was worth, yet, they’ve been proved wrong time after time, as the vast majority of celebrities (including, if not, especially, the young and newest ones) are wearing pantyhose more and more often today, not only on screen, but also out and about in public. And, those same celebs, as well as the vast majority of women everywhere in the world constantly ignore the preaching of those “fashion experts” by continuing to choose pantyhose with open-toe dress shoes. I love that!

        It is very frustrating that such large numbers of Americans today choose to dress like slobs, but that’s a whole other issue all together. To me, the saddest thing is that there is an over-abundance of evidence that men love and prefer to see women dressed femininely — especially, in dresses or skirts and pantyhose. Yet, women just don’t seem to care.

        I often wonder if someday women will look back and recognize their mistakes, and regret their decisions, attitudes, judgments and actions.

        Thanks again for your comment, Albert.

        • Thank you Robin for your kind feedback. I got on a roll with my response, so please forgive me.

          You made many good points about the clothing women wear on a daily basis. I have rarely ever heard of a woman complaining about a bra or thong underwear. I would think that thong underwear would be totally uncomfortable!

          If you go back over the past 50-70 years (minimum), women dressed up. You saw it in film and later television, and most especially, photographs of real daily life. I’m not suggesting that ladies never went bear legged, especially on a hot summer day. But they tended to dress up more often that not.

          Look at almost any movie made from the silent era until the late-90s, women generally wore nylons/stockings. There were actresses like Katherine Hepburn, who openly despised stockings or dresses. Lucille Ball “broke” the barrier and wore pants on “I Love Lucy,” but if you look closely, she wore stockings underneath. There was a sense of class and wanting to look put together. I have seen such modern stars as Zooey Deschanel, Christine Baranski, Christine Lahti, socialite Karen Koeningsberg, and Demi Lovato wearing tights or pantyhose quite regularly. Nice!

          Once women started really making strides in the workplace, they wore nylons. It was “mandatory” in most places, just as men had to wear slacks and ties. By the time I left a corporate job in 1999, suddenly women went bear legged in the workplace. I was really shocked by this. It was as if the girls in the back office, who complained about dressing up, took over the asylum. Then the silly “reality” makeover shows and “Sex in the City” started making it “ok” not to wear pantyhose. The “fashionistas” and “experts” started putting down women for wearing hosiery of any kind. The result has been widespread, all the way to women who wore pantyhose a lot because they liked to!

          My ex-wife used to wear pantyhose or tights almost everyday, until she suddenly wore them hardly at all. This happened for nearly ten years. She started wearing workout clothes once she worked from home and rarely wore hosiery.

          I recently reunited with a girlfriend of mine from college who used to wear pantyhose and tights almost all the time. When we went out for the first time in 23 years, she wore a beautiful skirt, blouse, high heels and no hosiery. Her reason? Her friends took her to lunch one day and told her that pantyhose were “outdated!” She occasionally wore tights, but that was it. No more pantyhose. Luckily, she’s been really cool and has begun to wear them, although she sometimes has been self-conscience about them. She explained to me that because she hadn’t worn pantyhose in about three years, she had to get used to them again.

          I have noticed, in about the last three years, that women have been wearing pantyhose or tights more often. Many workplaces still make them a part of their dress code. I’ve been to other cities outside of Southern California (where bear legs rule) and pantyhose are very much worn. There has been this attitude in So Cal that pantyhose are for grandmas, or they’re uncomfortable or make a women look like a Barbie doll. Yet ladies elsewhere don’t seem to have an issue with wearing them! I’ve even seen younger girls wearing tights around So Cal. I have hope for the future, as they say.

          I totally agree with you about many American’s dressing like slobs today. I grew up in the 70s and 80s and although some people dressed poorly, overall, it seemed like people took pride in how they looked. That’s not a superficial statement, I hope. I don’t always dress up, but for the most part, I dress better than most guys around here. I also hate going into almost any store today and it’s difficult to see who really works there and who is a customer…they dress in the same casual clothes.

          You are correct on men preferring women dressed feminine. Why can girls prefer a guy to dress masculine? Every girlfriend I’ve had tried to dress me a certain way all the time. I didn’t mind because they had good taste in clothes and I wanted to please my girl. Yet if I mentioned they looked great wearing pantyhose, they’d respond back, “You only like me for my pantyhose.” You could look great in pantyhose, but if there wasn’t a good person inside with a big heart and brilliant mind, it didn’t matter. I just happened to love the look.

          Thanks again Robin.

          • Hi Albert,

            Once again, I don’t disagree with anything you wrote.

            In the final analysis, I think women’s decisions to not wear pantyhose today generally comes down to a lack of professionalism and class on their part, which they attempt to justify with weak and ridiculous excuses.

            If you haven’t read these earlier posts of mine, you might want to:



            Pantyhose aren’t uncomfortable unless you aren’t wearing the proper size, or you wear the ones made out of mostly Spandex. And, pantyhose aren’t irrelevant or out of style. Good taste and class never go out of style.

            What I find most disturbing is when stupid women try to bully other women into following their lack of class by trying to convince them that pantyhose are outdated.

            I found this much more upsetting a few years ago, but today, I think those idiot women clearly are in the minority. Today, you don’t have to look very hard to find almost every actress, singer, performer wearing pantyhose on stage and out in public. And the vast majority of women who work in professional businesses still seem to have enough sense and class to choose pantyhose over “bear” legs.

            There will be some lingering effects of the “bear”-legs movement for a while still, but I see tremendous hope and a bright future for pantyhose and pantyhose-lovers.

            Thanks again for your detailed comment, Albert.

            • Thanks Robin. Great points and excellent articles.

              I work out in the desert inside of a very cool and air conditioned office. I don’t wear a suit, but I do wear slacks, a long sleeve shirt, belt, socks and leather shoes. The temperature gets up to 115 some days outside. Yet I still chose to look professional, even though the girls in the office don’t wear pantyhose. It doesn’t kill me to dress nicely.

              As with your points in your articles, I never bought the “my legs are tan, so I don’t have to wear hose” argument. Ladies are missing the point. Hosiery steps up their tan legs. I remember seeing women in the 70s and 80s who were tan and still wore nylons! They looked great. It’s no different from having a pretty face and putting on makeup to accentuate that beauty.

              My girlfriend, once she started wearing pantyhose again, always got the ones that gentlemen prefer. These things were always falling down on her and she was always giving me the “look” as she pulled them up. This is a girl who used to wear them almost all the time. I recommended that she get a different brand and a different size. And what do you know? They fit perfectly and don’t run after one wearing.

              Class never goes out of style. I think there are signs it’s coming back. I’m not sure if we’ll see the heyday of the 80s and pantyhose, but it’s sure a lot better now than it has been.

              Thanks again.

          • Hi Albert,
            Those are great comments, and I agree with you as well.

            The reason why pantyhose sales and popularity have declined in the USA is because workplaces loosened their dress codes due to the rise of the internet allowing people to do their work away from their workplace. That probably explains why your ex-wife is working from home in her gym shorts. It is also around the same time you left the corporate world.

            Another factor is the rise of bare legs especially after Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw who is always bare legged even during the colder months of the fall and winter in New York, brought the trend to the mainstream which would later be adopted and popularized by the fashion and entertainment industry causing many women including celebrities, TV personalities (eg. Katie Couric, Kelly Ripa), and the U.S. First Lady to jump on the no hose/bare legs bandwagon. Some of these women who try to pull off the look have awful legs and feet with various blemishes such as pastiness, scars, veins, and blotches. Pantyhose would enhance the look on the woman’s legs and feet by covering those blemishes.

            I mentioned in one of my previous posts about Candace Bushnell, the newspaper columnist and author of the novel “Sex and the City” that would later be adapted into a TV and movie series. Candace goes bare legged for all seasons after receiving advice from a fashion expert telling her that “no woman should wear pantyhose, especially in the winter.” That is why Carrie Bradshaw is based from Ms. Bushnell’s personal experiences and going bare legged is one of them. The so called fashion experts who criticize women for wearing pantyhose especially with open toe shoes are gay fashion designers like Tim Gunn, who criticized Kate Middleton for wearing nude hose even though she is wearing them with grace and elegance, Isaac Mizrahi, who ironically gave Ms. Bushnell his advice on woman and hosiery to propel the bare legs movement, and Clinton Kelly, who along with fashion expert sidekick, hose hater, and Grizzly award recipient Stacy London, are reluctant to talk about pantyhose knowing that women hate wearing them. All I could say is that the fashion experts who dictate what is in and out of fashion, and what women should wear do not know anything about femininity.

            All of this contributed to the decline of hosiery in the late 90s and early 2000s. Even pantyhose companies such as Sheer Energy, Hanes, No Nonsense that used to advertise on TV commercials and magazines throughout the 70s, 80s and early to mid 90s were no longer advertising due to the decline.

            I am very sorry to hear that your girlfriend had to endure the negative comments from her friends about pantyhose being “outdated.” Those women have likely been brainwashed from the so called fashion experts, celebrities, and media probably from watching TV shows and movies, reading fashion books and magazines, and researching internet sites and blogs promoting the no hose/bare leg look. There are also some internet bloggers that hate pantyhose make silly excuses about it, and attack other women including celebrities for wearing hose. Women these days are not dressing feminine. They are dressing like slobs and skanks. As Robin said, they are lazy, spoiled, and don’t know anything about class, femininity and professionalism.

            At least there are women that still have the class, courage, and professionalism to wear pantyhose again, and it is great to hear that your girlfriend is wearing them again after the negativity she endured from her friends about hosiery.

            Seeing a woman wear pantyhose symbolizes five words: grace, class, elegance, professionalism, and femininity. Those are the words that women including your girlfriend should remember when they wear hosiery.

            • Hi Brian W.,

              You made many excellent points.

              I don’t recall what I wrote, but I left the workplace in 1999. Just then, my former company went “business casual,” the most confusing “dress code” ever devised. And shortly after that, my ex-wife went totally casual in gym clothes. Every once in awhile was fine, but then it turned into a daily routine.

              “Sex in the City,” Katie Curic, Kelly Ripa, those clowns from “What Not To Wear,” Michelle Obama…all offenders of pantyhose! They perpetuated the myth that pantyhose were suddenly out of style, made for grannies, and made women look like a Barbie doll. First, how could pantyhose be in style for decades, and suddenly be out? Second, grannies wore the wrong kind of hose, giving hose a bad rep (I’m not saying grannies looked hot in hose). Third, Barbie dolls hardly ever wore hosiery. Why do some women (again, not trying to be sexist) wear ultra high heels, lots of makeup, tight skirts, but hosiery is out of the question?

              So called fashionistas and “experts” shamed women into thinking it was not okay to wear hosiery. It’s like that nerds and “hip” guys who shunned ties and slacks. You know what? I like wearing nice clothes and even a tie! Just because other people are uncomfortable with those kinds of clothes doesn’t mean they should make comments about those who do. “Why are you so dressed up?” is something I hear…and I’m not even dressed up. I guess in comparison to other guys in Southern California, I am. But the same goes for my girlfriend. She looks absolutely stunning in her skirts, high heels, and pantyhose.

              I know that actress Zooey Deschanel normally wears mostly tights. She got some flack for it last year and suddenly showed up on the red carpet bear legged. Drove me crazy, because here was a girl who clearly enjoyed wearing them. She’s been recently wearing them again and I applaud her.

              Hosiery was always meant accentuate a woman’s legs. I’ve worked with and even dated women who didn’t have the nicest legs. However, a pair of pantyhose, done right, could take their legs up several notches.

              But in recent years, pantyhose and stocking have turned into a fetish piece of clothing. Not that I mind that, but they are so much more than that. They turn an outfit into something complete, as some of my ex-girlfriends would say. I find it amazing that women wore them for decades…DECADES, without hardly a complaint (and if they did, they still wore them).

              My girlfriend has been a real sport about wearing hosiery again. I think time and the fact that her friends and seeing other women going bear legged convinced her that they were “out of style.” It’s amazing that even the slightest hint of “shame” could turn a pantyhose wearer into a bear legged girl. There was a time when she felt they were strange feeling on her legs, but getting the right size made a huge difference in her comfort.

              Whenever I hear the excuse of women don’t wear pantyhose anymore, those girls have never been outside in the world. I’ve been to places like Hawaii and I’ve seen women who work there and even tourists wearing hosiery. NYC, Seattle, San Francisco, and Dublin Ireland…nearly every woman I saw wore some type of hosiery. I was in heaven!

              I do think there has been a upswing in hosiery in recent years, and I’m so grateful. So tired of seeing bear legs. I know pantyhose aren’t for every woman, and that’s okay. But let the women who do like them wear them without shame.

            • I could nlot agree more with Albert’s responce to your comment I think he made some excellent points.

  • Thanks for your comments Robin and yes, both completely understand and agree with them. The one follow up question that I have is this; she has admitting that she doesn’t like the feel of nylons. Is there a particular brand that you would recommend that she would find silky and enjoyable without spending a fortune?

    Thanks again and I have to say that I am very happy that I stumbled onto your site!


    • Mike, on the surface, I don’t understand how any girl could not like the feel of nylons. But delving deeper into things, in this case, I am guessing that your girlfriend has in the past tried pantyhose that were made with support fibers, such as Lycra or Spandex. These typically have a coarse feel and are tight and constricting.

      When women complain about pantyhose being uncomfortable, it’s typically because they have worn the kind that are … uncomfortable.

      Since you asked: ActSensuous pantyhose are made in a 100 percent luxurious nylon fabric with a loose knit. They are soft and silky on the wearer and to the touch. ActSensuous pantyhose are by design decidedly delicate. And they are affordable at between $6.00 and S9.50 a pair. You might like to visit our website: http://www.actsensuous.com

      Mike, if your girlfriend doesn’t like a soft and silky feel against her skin, then take heart — she’s never going to wear nylons for you.

      Either way, I’m happy you stumbled onto our site, too.

  • Robin… I’m new to your site and not sure if you have ever covered this but I am a great fan of women in both nylons and stockings and yes, also have a foot fetish but oddly enough, only when women are in nylons. My question is this, how do I show or (and I hate to use this word but not sure which other to use) teach my girlfriend to enjoy them as well? Any comments?

    Thank You


    • Hi Mike,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      First, you’re among friends here. We all share the same enjoyment you do, so we get you. Second, you can easily show your girlfriend your love for hosiery and feet in hosiery, but I’m not sure it’s possible to teach another to experience your joy for them. Just know that it’s OK to try.

      I think the key is in the relationship itself. If it’s a loving relationship founded on trust, mutual respect and good communication, all you should have to do is share your feelings with her. Try to explain to her how powerful your love for these things are, and let her know that you love her so much that you really want to share this experience with her. If she isn’t into hosiery or making her feet attractive for her own reasons, you might not be able to influence her to ever want to do those things, however, you have every reason to share with her that these things do make you happy.

      Like everything else, there’s a give-and-take here. You likely do some things with her that she enjoys, even if you don’t particularly buy in to them yourself, so it’s perfectly normal to expect that she should want to do something as tame and easy as wearing hosiery once in a while, if only just for you.

      As long as it’s respectful, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to convince her to try this, and hopefully, it will turn into a fun thing that she too may learn to enjoy.

      But, I’m certainly no expert on these things. Perhaps some of our many devoted readers have some good suggestions based on their own experiences.

      Thanks again for your comment, Mike, and best wishes.


  • Well – it’s summer so it’s nothing but “bear” legs in my ostensibly professional work environment. However – tonight I attended a retirement dinner and a lady at my table talked about our agency director – a woman. She commented that the woman NEVER wore pantyhose – even in the dead of winter. I had to just jump in and say that I thought that was very unprofessional. I was heartened to hear the woman agree with me. I further commented that I’ve seen our director walking outside in 20 degree weather with goosebumps all over her legs. Everyone chuckled at that and seemed to agree with my point. Maybe there is some small hope that women will get wise and bring pantyhose back into their wardrobe.

  • Hey Robin,
    I found a facebook group page called I Love Pantyhose with about 14,000 likes, and 2,700 people discussing the topic. I didn’t join the group, but guess who is on the main cover of the group page…it is Pantyhose Class and recent ActSensuous model Ysenia.

    • Wow, I am envious of the number of likes and people discussing pantyhose. I’m not on Facebook or any other social media site, so I can’t access the link you provided, but thanks for sharing.

      Go, Yesenia.

  • Pantyhose Care
    Wanted to address the issue of caring for and proper washing of our treasured nylons. Some ladies (and men) hand wash and air dry, while others machine wash and dry. What’s best?
    Also wanted to address pantyhose folding vs rolling and storage. I personally fold mine and store in a separate drawer.

    Share your knowledge and experience.

  • Found the ‘compliment’ portion of comments and wanted to chime in. I often want to compliment ladies on their choice for wearing pantyhose with heels but rarely do. I just don’t want them to think “jeeeez, what a perv.” That said, I find it easier to compliment a lady wearing some sort of fashion tights with patterns or something. It seems like they made even more of a choice “to be noticed” and I will oblige. Although I personally prefer the plain nude/tan or black, I typically won’t comment as I’m not sure those aren’t her just “every day pantyhose for work” or whatever. The nicer patterned hose theory has worked pretty well because it lends more to a woman who has chosen to wear pantyhose or actually enjoys it over the everyday pantyhose where she is likely forced to wear them. But that’s just me.

      • Thanks Robin.
        I was filling my truck at the gas station last night and this car pulls up, door opens only to reveal the longest, pantyhose clad legs I’ve ever seen. Sheer black, mini skirt and heels. She looked amazing and caught everyones eyes, including my own. So nice to see and made my day.

          • Robin,
            In your opinion, do you think it’s proper to compliment a woman on her pantyhose?
            How would you put that to a woman, safely, without being offensive?
            I mean, I pride myself in being a gentlman, you know, old school, but I’m not quite sure how to put a compliment like that into words? Any advice?

            • Good question, Captn. I have complimented the one or two women (Florida ya know) I’d see in pantyhose, but it is a bit scary to do it today. On the other hand, I like such compliments from gentlemen, as I never go anywhere not wearing heels and pantyhose.

              I would think that when a woman today actually does wear pantyhose, she would/should be upset if no one seems to notice and appreciate her for it. (And that’s what I would tell her.) But everyone is different, so I’m not sure there is a right way for all cases. I think as long as you’re sincere and the compliment comes from the heart and doesn’t sound like you want something, you’ll be fine.

              It would be nice to hear some stories from our readers who’ve given and gotten such compliments.

            • Robin,
              Thanks for the reply. I agree with what you’re saying, from the heart is always best.
              I also agree that it would be good to hear from others, who have received and given compliments on ladies in pantyhose. Make for an interesting topic of discussion.
              Have a great day!!

    • They fit like a glove.
      No snags or sagging. They stay up without the need for a nasty elastic band or control top.

  • hi Robin,
    I just wanted to thank you for making such a great product. I just received my first pair of act sensuous pantyhose and have to tell you that they bring back great memories to my first pair of pantyhose. the pantyhose they make these days have other materials like Lycra that have totally killed the feel off nylon. It’s awesome that a lady understands how timeless a classic pair real nice 100 percent nylon pantyhose are.

    I have bought everything for Victoria Secret, secrets in lace to Wolford pantyhose which costs about $30 a pair and don’t have touch and feel and durability of Act sensuous pantyhose.

    I encourage all pantyhose lovers to stop wasting your money with other brands when act sensuous is the best you can get for your money.

    • Hello, Julio. Thank you for your comment and your kind words about ActSensuous pantyhose.

      Note to all readers: As much as possible, I strive to keep The ActSensuous Blog separate from our online retail operation. I don’t seek or solicit endorsements of ActSensuous pantyhose on this blog, but neither do I edit the content of readers’ comments, and their feedback is, nevertheless, appreciated.

  • I feel that pantyhose are truly the ultimate in feminine accessories. it brings a level of sofistication that is unparalelled to anything else a woman can wear. you can take a simple skirt and blouse add a nice heel and pantyhose and you have elevated it to pure class. even the most elegant evening gown goes a step above when pantyhose are added to the equation.

  • Robin,
    I think that pantyhose are the ultimate feminine necessity. They provide a level of class, elegance and sensuality to any pair of legs. I am a guy, but love pantyhose. I love the way they feel on my skin and love how they feel a woman’s legs and feet. It gives a woman’s feet an allure and eroticism that only pantyhose can provide.

    Lingerie is great but with a pair of stockings it adds that much more to the fantasy.
    Some guys say that they prefer a woman without stockings or pantyhose, but boy do their heads turn when a shapely pair of legs in pantyhose walk by.

    For me the most erotic scenario is a woman sitting crossed leg and a heel dangling from her toe and a pair of suntan pantyhose underneath the heel just calling your name.

    Not sure how many others feel the same, but pantyhose make all the difference.

    • Hey there, Moose. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I agree with everything you wrote, and I know many of our readers also agree. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Moose.

  • Hey all,
    I’ve just discovered this wonderful site and blog. I’m a very happy camper!!
    I feel like I’m among friends here!!
    Any fellow pantyhose lovers from Ontario, Canada in the house?

    • hi captn,
      Yes, I am from Ontario here in Ottawa, and I do like seeing women in pantyhose or any types of nylons (thigh highs, garter belts and stockings) as well.

      Hope you have fun on the blog.

      • Hey Brian,
        Glad to hear from you…neighbour. From Brantford myself, not too far from you.
        I do believe I will have fun exploring this beautiful blog!

  • Hey Robin,
    I just came back from my daytrip in Montreal today. Downtown Montreal was full of women in hosiery. A majority of them were either in black/colored sheer and opaque hosiery. There were so many women in hose/tights, I couldn’t keep count. As for the nude hose sightings, there was about 10 or 11 women that wore nude hosiery. I only spotted five that were bare legged (I know…bimbos…lol), but at least my hosiery sightings in Montreal were positive.

    I was planning to ratio of women in hose/no hose and colored/nude hose as I mentioned in my earlier post but haven’t had the time to do so. But will likely do it either next week or the week after. I will keep you posted.

  • Dear Lady Robin:

    This is my first time doing this, so here goes. My name is Tony of Houston and LOVE Women in pantyhose/fishnets (mirco) and also loves to give ladies footrubs when them wear them. Is that wrong of me?

    • Hi Tony,

      Welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Thank you for your first comment here.

      And, no — it’s not wrong of you to love to give foot rubs to ladies wearing pantyhose. Unless she’s a total stranger and you just grab her and start going at it. That probably wouldn’t go over very well.

      Ha ha.

      • Thank You Lady Robin!

        I also would like to ask you something about what I ALWAYS wanted to happen to me. I’ve always wanted to have some stange ladies wearing Pantyhose to just take me and have me rub and worship their feet. And always wanting to go to a HOOTERS and asking ALL the ladies who work their if I could message their hosed feet.

        Is that Bad or somewhat OK?

        • Hi Tony,

          I’d eat first if I were you, so at least you won’t leave hungry when they kick you outta the joint.

          It’s not a case of bad or OK. It’s an issue of appropriateness. And in a public place, where the girls are working, your idea is much better reserved as a fantasy.

          Try making friends with someone first, and then maybe she’ll let you rub her feet after work in the privacy of your’s or her car or house.

          That’s my best advice anyway.

          Thanks for asking.

        • I would have to agree with Robin, definitely eat first and become friendly with whomever you want your fantasy to happen with. Though, I can tell you with good authority as a frequent Hooters patron that the girls(waitresses) now only wear footless pantyhose. They are the Peavy or Tamara brand. I believe the girls complained about the full footed ones, citing several reasons but, the main one being that there feet would get overly hot and sweaty with the pantyhose and socks and then having to wear sneakers which don’t provide much breathing so to speak. So, needless to say I don’t know if a rare few girls wear the full footed pantyhose. The tan ones that they wear are sheer to the waist similar to the Leggs brand design. And, even I sometimes have trouble telling if they aren’t wearing the Leggs brand. For me personally, the fact that they are wearing pantyhose is the #1 draw for me, then the rest. Good luck in your endeavors.

    • Hi, Michael. Yes, that’s a cool story. I had read it last year, and considered writing a post about it, but I figured everyone knew the story already. I’m not sure Renee truly believes pantyhose really saved her life, but it’s neat that she came out and said so.

      I’ve always liked Renee, and I think that beyond this story, she’s one of the few actresses who usually can be counted on to wear pantyhose in the proper venue.

  • I would be interested to hear from any of the ladies on here about advice on how to deal with this nylon fetish. Also, any thoughts on how I let my wife know about it?

  • Hello,

    I’m new to the site and I’m looking for advice. I’m a 40 year old man and I have had a nylon fetish since I was a teenager. My wife doesn’t know about it though and she never wears pantyhose. I’d feel like a creep if I bring it up to her though and I don’t want her to think I’m a weirdo with a crazy fetish. I look for girls in nylon everywhere I go and I especially like nylon feet or when a girl wears nylon under jeans….am I crazy for having this fetish?

    • Hi, ktm450. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.
      Rest assured, you’re among friends here. I think everyone here (myself included) has this fetish, so no one here is going to think you’re crazy.

      I think the people in the world (and believe me, they most definitely are all over the world) who have this fetish are very special. I think we all have class, grace, good taste, and a keen eye for what true beauty is.

      No one knows this more than the loyal readers of this blog.

      Let’s hear from you. Tell ktm450 what you think.

    • Hey KTM450 believe me this doesn’t make you crazy. Each person has got to decide if they are comfortable with telling their wives so that one is up to you. That being said in my experience even if she is not a big fan of them she will want to do things to make you happy. As well being more honest will likely bring you closer together but only you know your wife so think about it. All that being said their are many cool articles here that you will enjoy. Good Luck

  • This is a poem I wrote some time ago. I shared it with Robin and I’d like to share it with all of you.

    I Love Pantyhose! (August 9, 2009)

    I love pantyhose

    on all females, no matter what her skin color may be

    I love pantyhose

    just how they shine, from her feet right to her booty

    I love pantyhose

    whether her body is sexy slender or pleasantly plump

    I love pantyhose

    and whoever likes bare feet and legs is a chump

    I love pantyhose

    as I look and lust at those delightful nyloned soles

    I love pantyhose

    when I stroke my socked toes with her hosed toes

    I love pantyhose

    when she’s in a business suit, nightie, or formal dress

    I love pantyhose

    how I long for my hands to gently touch and caress

    I love pantyhose

    they are truly my favorite article of clothing ever

    I love pantyhose

    when worn in all seasons, in all kinds of weather

    I love pantyhose

    just the way they look, feel, smell, sound, and taste

    I love pantyhose

    my true affection for them can never be replaced

    I love pantyhose

    even though this cherished, prized fabric is man-made

    I love pantyhose

    to find a lady who enjoys wearing them, I always pray

    I love pantyhose

    when she’s wearing jeans, a t-shirt and white Keds

    I love pantyhose

    from the intoxicating aroma of her silky hosed peds

    I love pantyhose

    when she’s only wearing nude hose and a red silk slip

    I love pantyhose

    they give me such a euphoric, celestial, nylonic trip

    I love pantyhose

    on my lap, to rest her tired, warm pantyhosed feet

    I love pantyhose

    by gently massaging them, that makes my life complete

    I love pantyhose

    when a lady will kick off her high heeled shoes

    I love pantyhose

    when she’s shoe dangles or dips, and ease my blues

    I love pantyhose

    in taupe, coffee, beige, white, gray, black, and suntan

    I love pantyhose

    which is why I will ALWAYS be that hosiery’s biggest fan

  • Hi Robin. Great website. I have always loved women in pantyhose or stockings. Thankfully my wife wears them to work still when so many businesses(where I work included) have allowed women to stop wearing hose. It really is a shame since hose/stockings and closed toe shoes are much more classy and professional looking than barelegs and sandals. I don’t know if you caught the Golden Globes this past weekend but I believe Amy Poehler was wearing pantyhose/stockings when she had a black dress on in which you can see her legs.

    • Hi, DH. Thanks for your comment and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I didn’t watch the Golden Globe awards show, as these things usually make me mad because no one wears pantyhose. Good to know that Amy Poehler might have been wearing.

  • I have such as craving for women and pantyhose as they are so sexy to watch and feel. I especially love the combination of the sheer smooth mezmerizing tan pantyhose on a pair of strong lethal legs. You mentioned your into martial arts and i would find watching a woman working out in her pantyhose a breathtaking experience, my heart is racing

  • I’m a 39 year old male and I’ve had a huge hosiery fetish on women since I was a kid. Maybe men are just programmed to respond to them more. I always look to see if women are wearing hose on TV and in movies (I’m particularly fond of weather women wearing them.) Without question, most men like women wearing hosiery as it’s very much a turn on. Personally, I’m more a fan of the olden days of women wearing nice dresses, doing their hair and wearing stockings ala the 1940s when every woman was doing it (like in 1940s movies.) I think stockings and a garter belt are classy (though I think women today are afraid to wear such things) and a woman dressed thusly would get me thinking “Wow. Now THERE’S a tigress. She knows what she wants.” I consider it sexually powerful for a woman to do that. I find it VERY boring when women whine about how they’re uncomfortable and blah, blah, blah. That would be like me saying, “I’m not going to wear a suit and tie because it makes me uncomfortable” (it doesn’t.) Still, I think women today are scared to be unfashionable and will feel very embarrassed to wear hose, which is a shame. I always love reading what women have to say on the subject so thanks for your site. And, yes, female entertainers frequently wear hose onstage and, of course, the adult entertainment field wears hose religiously. I think a lot of men turn to that for fantasies because it’s absent in their real lives.

    • Hey, Jeff. Thanks for your comment. I’m glad we still can see pantyhose on TV and in movies. Much of the programming I choose to watch is based on what I consider the likelihood of pantyhose being worn. From what I’ve seen, throughout the 1970s and 1980s, movie-makers seemed to be afraid to show pantyhose — believing that all men preferred stockings. I remember scenes in which the female star obviously wore pantyhose (because during action sequences, we could catch glimpses of a lot of leg), but when the scene switched to the bedroom, miraculously, she was in stockings even though the outfit hadn’t changed. Thankfully (as far as I’m concerned anyway), pantyhose were more accepted in films during the 1990s.

      Now, I don’t know about adult entertainment, but it seems to me that during love scenes in mainstream movies, the male star can’t wait to get the hose off the female star. I wish some writer or director had the courage to show the man enjoying the hose on the woman for a while, as I believe that might be more realistic. Every guy seems to understand this, and maybe — just maybe — if more women could see the effect pantyhose have on a man, they would develop a more positive viewpoint about pantyhose, and be more enthusiastic about wearing them today.

      Or not. What do I know? 🙂

  • I have a question. I’ve just discovered The Good Wife, and found it quite refreshing seeing a show where the women on the show, both regular and guest stars, are all wearing hosiery on a regular basis. It’s actually an oddity when you see an episode where they’re not in hosiery and that’s definately a good thing.

    Along with Good Wife, I’ve been doing some major catch up lately on my video backlog and have acquired shows such as Mad Men, and Body of Proof w/ Dana Delany, as well as Nurse Jackie w/ Eve Best and Pan Am w/ Christina Ricci.

    I’m wondering if The West Wing showcases women in hosiery on a regular basis, being that it involves government functions and all. Or does it go the bare-legged route like Covert Affairs or the hundreds of Law and Order and CSI spinoffs that you see on TV. I ask before I take that plunge and purchase the entire series on DVD because I don’t want to spend $150 just to get nothing from it.

    • Hi, James. Thanks for your comment. Yes, “The Good Wife” and “Body of Proof” are great TV series for pantyhose lovers. I have never watched “Mad Men,” “Nurse Jackie,” or “The West Wing,” so I don’t know whether pantyhose are a staple on those shows or not, but our readers/followers will know, so please watch this space for their replies.

      The sad thing about the “Law and Order” and “CSI” shows is that the female leads (detectives or investigators) usually wear pants, but the assistant district attorneys and other lawyers usually are wearing skirts and pantyhose. Wise of you to inquire before buying the series on DVD.

  • Hey Robin,
    With the cool fall weather in full swing here in Ottawa, there were lots of hose sightings in the last few days. While a majority of women I spotted were wearing opaques, designer, and sheer colored hosiery, about 20 of the women were in sheer nude hose. Last weekend while I was waiting for my bus heading home, I saw two women in their early 20s wearing sheer nude hose with one of them striking a conversation with me (she wore a skirt, with nude hose, and black high heels.) To me, that is a way a young woman is supposed to dress with class, elegance, and femininity especially when it comes to wearing hose with their outfits. It also dispells the myth about young people not wearing sheer nude pantyhose anymore (take a look of Kate Middleton, Katy Perry, Zooey Deschanel, Beyonce, and other young celebrities in nude hose.)

    There were also a couple of nude hose sightings as well at my workplace last weekend. I was serving a couple of different women who are both from Eastern Europe, possibly from Russia. One woman was wearing nude hose with a nice dress, while the other women was wearing nude hose underneath her jeans. Like I said, Eastern European women are known to be frequent hose wearers.

    On the downside though, about 7 women I spotted were barelegged, with one woman in her 20s having white and pasty legs, while the other woman was in her 40s and had veiny legs and feet. When will these women know that wearing pantyhose would enhance the look on their legs? That’s their problem if they want their legs to freeze in cold weather.

    Overall, everything was positive seeing young and older women wearing various type of hosiery, not just to keep warm during the cooler months, but to make their legs look classy and elegant.

      • Hi Robin,
        Just want to wish you Happy Thanksgiving south of the border. Here in Ottawa, Canada, the weather has been very cold in the last few days with temperatures in the range of -10C(14F) to -16C(3.2) with the windchill making it feel like -20C(-4F). I was at the Casino de Lac Leamy tonight where the women were all dressed up including wearing various hosiery from sheer nude, colored, black, and opaque hosiery. Two women that stood out was a woman in her 40s wearing nude hose with open toe shoes, and an asian women wearing sheer black hose with black peep toe shoes. They truly get it.

        However on the downside, there was a young woman that did not get it as she arrived at the casino barelegged with open toe shoes in cold frigid weather. Her legs were pasty as well. It had me thinking if she does not realize what the weather is like outside, and would rather have her legs frozen and proned to goosebumps. Wearing hose would keep her warm, and enhance the look on her legs. I guess some women like her decide to choose what they see in fashion over common sense.

        Overall, it was very positive seeing a majority of women wearing hose tonight at the casino.

  • OK here’s a question….. Has anyone been watching “The Five” on the Fox News channel? How incredible and not to mention professional does Kimberly Guilfoyle and Andrea Tantaros look!!! If I’m not mistaken they both wear nude hosiery each and every time they are on the show. Robin, do you think you could find out what brand they are wearing?? Might be a great way for you to introduce your product to them. P.S. have you sent any to Kelly Ripa yet?

    • Hi, Dan. Thanks for your comment. Don’t know those women, and haven’t seen that show, so thanks for alerting me. I’ll have to check them out. I’ve never sent any celeb or TV personality any of our pantyhose. Maybe I should. But not to Kelly Ripa (that was a joke, right?) She’s a confirmed pantyhose hater, isn’t she? Thanks again for commenting, Dan.

    • Dan – you are partly correct. I’ve watched the show closely and it’s true that Kimberly Guilfoyle wears sheer hosiery almost everyday. However – Andrea Tantaros does not wear hosiery at all. Even in winter I see her barelegged on the show. What a shame. But KUDOS to Kimberly who is one of the FEW television personalities who still dons sheer hosiery.

      • Beside Kim Guilfoyle, who I think should be on the radar for the next Give Credit Wear Credit is due, Fox news anchors Jenna Lee, Patti Ann Browne, and Martha MacCallum wear hose regularly during the fall, winter, and spring months. Its only the bimbos besides Andrea like Megyn Kelly, Gretchen Carlson, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, who is now on Fox and Friends that don’t wear them as much.

    • Hi – Kim Guilfoyle DOES wear sheer hosiery every time on the show. However – Andrea Tantaros is only an occasional wearer of hose. More often than not – she will not wear hosiery. Also – I’m disappointed to see Megyn Kelly – who has a show at 9PM – almost never wear hose. She used to be a regular wearer – but several years ago she stopped.

  • I love the site. I too wish for an end to the bare legs of the past decade +

    OK, here’s something that bugs me; How come every hose-hater who doesn’t think that wearing sheer stockings with strappy, open-toed sandals looks good…uses pictures of semi-sheer hose (or even reinforced hose) for their “comparison” pictures…instead of a very-nice quality ultra-sheer stocking?
    Particularly in the evening, I wish that women wore more stockings with sandals, and that they selected very-sheer hose. Shine, and shimmering is very nice, as long as we are talking sheer.
    And here’s a question; why don’t they make stockings that are ultra-ultra-sheer at the toes, and then gets a bit more (just a bit more) opaque just past the toe line?
    Sheer stockings get a bad rap when the match to the woman is wrong, but I also feel that many women just don’t select the right sandals either. Personally, I think that sandals should let all 5 toes exposed (naturally, covered with sheer stockings). Too many times, women select sandals that just don’t “fit” their feet right. Why don’t the shoe designers figure out a way to adjust the strap positioning out front?

    • Hey, Randy B. Great comment. I have thought that myself for several years. They always do that (show a woman wearing very thick (really ugly) hose with sandals. That shows how weak their argument is, and how cowardly they are for using such an obviously bad example. In reality, one would almost never see a woman wearing hose like the ones in their example with sandals, and they know it.

      In all honesty, very sheer nylon hose over pretty pedicured toes looks amazing in sandals. Those in the anti-hose camp don’t want to show anyone that look because it is so clearly more attractive than bare toes. The difference is that the pro-hose people are big enough to admit that in certain situations and venues, bare feet in sandals can be quite attractive and appropriate. But the hose-haters say that one should NEVER wear hose with sandals. Who’s got more credibility?

      Thanks for your observation, Randy B., and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.


  • I simply want to say I am just newbie to weblog and really liked your blog site. Probably I’m planning to bookmark your blog post . You certainly have amazing posts. Many thanks for sharing your web site.

  • Hi Robin!
    The cruise I was mentioning…. Staff 100% Pantyhosed, mostly sheer skin-tone shiny lycra mixture. A few likely to have pure polyamide pantyhose (not too uncommon over here). Some Black shiny too.
    The guests on the other hand….. we just leave it at that…..
    I was very proud for my feanceé having Wolford Satin Touch 20den, skin-tone at dinner.
    Have a great day!

  • I was reading a blog where a woman recently attended a funeral, and was one of a few women that wore hose. She mentioned that there was another woman that sat next to her and was barelegged. While the barelegged woman complimented the hosed woman on her outfit, she asked her why is she wearing pantyhose, and later told her that wearing pantyhose is a fashion faux pas. (looks likes somebody is brainwashed by the so-called fashion experts, and must have forgotten that there are celebrities that are wearing pantyhose)

    I left the woman a message on her blog telling her that she should continue to wear your hose a formal engagement, and not let that woman (an anti-hose and fashionista follower) get to her. I also told her that wearing pantyhose is NEVER a fashion faux pas, as it makes you feel feminine and elegant in your appearance.

    • Hey, Brian W.

      You know it’s bad enough that there are so many women out there who have no class (going “bear”legged to a funeral or other formal venues), but when they go out of their way to actually try to talk the few who do have class into joining their ranks, that really pisses me off.

      Good job, Brian W.

      • Tell me about it Robin. It also amounts to peer pressure as well. One person on the blog even said that wearing pantyhose at a formal engagement such as a wedding and funeral is considered de rigueur (etiquette and mannerism), and not wearing pantyhose would be declasse (low class, lack of etiquette and mannerism).

        Last year, we had a funeral for a famous politician, and most of the women, including politician’s family and friends wore black pantyhose with their outfits. Great to see that women are showing not just their class and elegance in appearance by wearing black hose at a funeral, but respect and sympathy for their loss of a loved one.

          • I attended a funeral in February about 2 years ago. It was cold (temps in the mid to upper 40s) AND it was raining. A woman (I would guess a youngish middle age, old enough to know better) was wearing a very nice black dress but no hose. And her shoes were strappy high heeled sling backs. Never mind the lack of hose (I know, for this blog, that’s the big thing), who goes out in cold, wet winter weather essentially bare foot? She needed to put on some tights or a pair of pants and definitely cover those feet with something more than a web of thin leather strips. She wasn’t looking stylish; she was looking like someone too stupid to realize what the weather is.

          • Last night, I went to a visitation of my friend’s father who died over the weekend after a long battle with cancer. Most of the women at the visitation including my friend and her half sisters were wearing nude hose. Great to see them show class, respect, and sympathy towards the loss of a loved one by wearing nude hose at the visitation. It would also make my friend’s father feel very proud.

  • When I get bored, I need to read. Something. Anything. Particularly waiting in a doctor’s office, I’ll read anything with words: Field and Stream, Popular Mechanics, Soap Opera Digest. A few months ago in such a situation, I thumbed thru an issue of Soap Opera Digest and came across a feature where so-called fashion experts commented on the attire of 3 soap opera stars. In this particular issue, all 3 were women wearing short dresses or skirts with 2 bare legged and 1 with black tights. The first two had legs were scrawny with knobbly knees and wrinkles around the feet which were bunched into shoes that were too tight…and these fashion commenters could not gush enough about how sexy these two women looked and one calling out one of the stars’ sexy legs. I’ve seen sexier legs in a bucket of fried chicken.

    The one with the black tights, the commenters were still kind about her outfit in general but 2 out the 3 comments specifically said the star should lose the tights. This woman’s legs were smooth and shapely but apparently, looking like chicken is the new sexy. Who knew?

    One other thing: this was an issue from March so I presume the events the 3 starlettes were caught at occurred a month or two before….in winter. I can almost picture the first two women shivering in the chill of a January night thinking, “W-w-well, I w-w-will l-l-look s-s-sexy in S-s-soap Opera D-d-digest.”

    My mother in law subscribes to Soap Opera Digest so I took a look at some of the issues she still had around and this feature is consistently anti-hose. There’s was one photo of an older actress who was at least 30 year past being able to wear the mini black leather mini skirt she was wearing but it was the black fishnets the fashion commenters ragged on her about, not the skirt.

    Remember: fried chicken legs are tasty to eat but look horrible in a pair of slinky high heels.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment. What you described reminds me why I never read publications such as this. If I did, I’d want to go and find the morons who write this garbage and beat the soap out of them.

      Take care,


  • Hi, Robin.

    I just discovered your blog and wow, what find! I find your opinions and the comments of your reders very fascinating. I’ve had a long time fascination with women in hose and its good to know there are others who feel the same.

    At the risk of getting kicked off the blog just as I’ve found it but I have no problem with a bare legged look IF (and this is the key word here, IF) a woman can pull it off. The thing is, most women can’t pull it off. It’s like a mini skirt or tight jeans which can be sexy as all get out IF you are the right body type or the right age (and don’t forget the right enviroment). The thing is most women (and not throwing stones here; most men aren’t in perfect shape either!) do NOT have the right body type. But how many times have we’ve seen a grandmother or an overweight woman try to pour herself into the latest fashion trend, not realizing the reason its a trend is because the women who started it are fashion models with personal trainers.

    Hose is a great weapon a woman has to even the playing field with those who set the standards with their impossible bodies.

    I think one of the problems women have with pantyhose is a tendency to lump hose into a indistinct category I call: “oh, and pantyhose”. Every part of the outfit gets thought out for color and texture but hose gets nabbed out of a drawer or package with just the thought, “I gotta put these things on.” Over the years, I’ve overheard these complaints:

    “I can’t stand how my toes are darker than the rest of my leg.” This woman was wearing reinforced toe pantyhose with open toe shoes.

    The classic, “Pantyhose are too hot.” In this one particular instance, this was many years ago uttered by a woman in the middle of summer wearing a pair of matte finished sun tan hose. No wonder she was hot. Would she have complained about her sweater being too hot? No because she wouldn’t have worn a sweater in summer. Yet she put on a shiny thick pair of hose instead of a more sheer pair for the warmer weather.

    And I have specifically heard more than one woman complain about the opposite: “Pantyhose do not keep you warm in winter.” While wearing sheers.

    So it came to pass that the idea was, “why bother? just don’t wear them.” Which is frustrating to a person who admires a good looking, well dress leg.

    I’m hoping that digital TV helps bolster women wearing hose. With digital TV with highly detailed, crisp, clear images, every crevace, line, wrinkle and freckly is on display when Sally Superstar sits down, crosses her legs and begins to chat with Jay or Dave. Hose will solve that problem, ladies. And more guys will tune in.

    I’ve babbled longer than I intended. It’s good to find this forum. I look to visit more often.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You offer an interesting perspective on things, and I hope to hear more from you in the future.


  • Oh! I just had one more entry…lol! (I think I’m falling in love with the act of blogging, and the topic at hand itself, of course) Has anyone noticed, the singer Beyoncè is almost always in a nice pair of hose? Like in every photo, footage, or anywhere I see her, she’s in hose. Before I noticed this, I paid little or no attention at all to her, until I happened to catch a glance of her in a bizarre outfit wearing purple tights (the shiny ones). That’s what made me look her up on Google, went to ‘images’, and about 80% of the photos she was in hose or shiny tights (like the ones made by Peavey worn by the Hooters girls) I’ve found a new respect for Beyoncé since then. Lol! I’m sorry, Robin, but I had to post that one…:)

  • Wow. I’m familiar with who you’re mentioning, Robin. I chat with Jessica from time to time about this topic. And yes, she’s from Canada. She also has a nice site/blog. I mentioned to her that I would also like to create a blog on this same topic, where all others can add input, share and learn from one another concerning the ‘taboo’ world of hosiery and it’s lovers. Lol! There are other sites with individuals that share this interest. Another lady, which I believe is from neighboring Canada also, Sherri Ratcliff. She has an interesting site. Then there are a few others where, some may find there contributions to the love of hosiery a little mannish, being that’s it expressed in an adult-like tone. But, I love it all! If anyone knows of any more contributors that represent and express their love for hosiery, please fill me in. Thank you greatly…:) -Richard

  • I just spent 30 mins typing my comment, for it to just disappear mistakenly…lol! Anyway, ActSensuos, I love the blog. And I love the fact that there’s finally some where where people share the same interest, and not judge one another. I can remember another time in grammar school ( I explained the first, but got erased mistakenly before I posted) where my 7th and 8th grade teacher (same teacher) would come to class everyday in a dress, or skirt, and undoubtedly a nice pair of hose and heels. What drove me nutts was, when she would walk around the class without her heels, only wth her pantyhosed feet. And the sun from the outside would shine along her legs, making the hose glow as she walked back and forth giving us our lesson.
    I find myself watching t.v., reading a book or magazine, or walking down the street, hoping to see a lady in pantyhose and heels. I never understood this “liking”, so I guess that’s how and why I found this blog, to help understand, and communicate and connect with those that have insight, and other who are like me, wanting to understand. Again Thank you ActSensuous for this outlet, and Thank you readers for taking the time to read what little I’ve contributed. -Richard

    • Hi Richard,

      Thank you for all your comments, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Glad you’re with us.

      Loved your comments (actually, both came through) about your grammar school teacher who every day wore dresses or skirts with high heels and pantyhose. I especially liked the part about how she would sometimes walk around without her shoes.

      I too first developed my love of pantyhose in the 6th Grade I think, as a pretty teacher wore all the time, and often slipped a foot out of her high heel, revealing how much lovlier feet look under nylon. I wonder if the majority of us who have a pantyhose fetish got it from the influence of our early teachers? How sad that the chances of such a thing happening today are practically zero.

      Again, thanks for your comments, Richard.


  • Hi Robin,
    it’s great to see new pictures on your website and Nikita and Tracey are great. Therefore, wearing panties under Acsensuous pantyhose just cut the sensuality of these amazing pantyhose. There is nothing more sexy than seing the beauty of a woman trough the thin nylon. They could do sexy pictures, like the other girls posted on the website, that are sexy, but just a little more exciting. I would like to have comments of men and women, of what they think of wearing no panties under pantyhose.

    • Hi Jacques,

      Those are just a few pics from some brand new photo sets of a few new models. Nikita and Lacey are appearing only on the Products page of our website right now, but they’ll be featured soon in the Gallery, and here in this blog.
      Neither are professional models, and while they were invited to pose wearing nothing under our pantyhose, it was their personal choices to appear the way they did.

      Obviously, I’m all for going commando under pantyhose, and there are situations and circumstances for and against it, but it’s always a personal choice. We’ll see what readers say to the question you posed.

      Thanks for your commment.


    • It is great to see the new models….. They look outstanding in pantyhose….

      I wear nothing under my pantyhose and prefer to see nothing under pantyhose…

      But i do feel it is a personal choice….At the end of the day…. They are wearing “Pantyhose”.. Which can only be a very positive thing….

  • Hi Robin,
    I found an interesting blog created by Jessica, a fellow Canadian from Vancouver B.C. It is devoted to feminine trends including pantyhose. Jessica posted about a Mary Kay convention that she attended where the female consultants of all ages wore skirts and pantyhose as part of a dress code. It is due to the fact that Mary Kay believes that women should look professional and feminine especially when a man respects her for behaving and dressing like a lady. Here is Jessica’s blog along with the Mary Kay post, and youtube video discussing the Mary Kay convention.



      • You’re welcome as always Robin. I wonder how would the late Mary Kay react to the Tabithas of the world who insult the femininity and professionalism of women who are doing their best to act like a lady and gain respect from men. I bet she would shake her head in disbelief, and won’t consider those women who insult others to be feminine nor professional.

      • Hey, thank you, both Robin and Brian! It’s really sweet to see people say something nice about my work.

        I have some friends who work with Mary Kay products. I use some products, but I am not one of their staff. However, I end up at their events from time to time.

        No other competitor has the requirement for hosiery. I had one guy guess “Avon” before to this trivia question, so I had to look into it. But in fact they can wear whatever they want, there was no dress code for Avon women.


        • Hi Jessica,

          Thank you for saying hello, and for clarifying the Avon dress code situation. You have a nice website/blog, and you are a wonderful pantyhose ambassador.

          By the way, I answered your other comment via an email I sent to you.

          Take care.

          Robin 🙂

  • Hopefully there will be some new post soon. Maybe one of these gorgeous girl will do a new photo shoot.

  • Hi Robin,
    thanks for the reply and according to me all the women in the gallery are superb, but Lisa would be my choice. It would be great that you could post more pictures from your customers. Also, you have great legs and it would be great if you would puplish your own pictures. What do you think?

    • I always try to recruit customers to be our models, but the vast majority of them don’t go for it. As for me, I prefer for the focus to on our customers, but thanks for the compliment.

  • Hi Robin,
    I just had a look of the girls pictures on the gallery of the pantyhose website. Wow, these girls are so nice and sexy and your pantyhose typical to the 80’s reminds me good memories. I remember that my previous girlfriend used to wear that type of pantyhose with no panties and it was such a thrill. The pantyhose touch was so sheer and special. I got a question here. Does the women in that blog still wear there pantyhose with no panties, or they do it only for special occasion? If so, what motivates you as a woman to do so?

    • Hey Jacques,

      Thanks for your comment. All the girls in the gallery of our website except Michelle are actual ActSensuous customers who voluntarily submitted photos of themselves because they love our beautiful and sexy pantyhose. They are not professional models, they aren’t paid by ActSensuous, and it’s their husbands or boyfriends shooting the pictures. They chose to wear ActSensuous pantyhose with nothing on underneath for their own personal reasons, but I would imagine, mostly because that’s pretty much the idea based on our style (completely sheer to waist).

      The exception, Michelle, is a professional model in her own right. Even she and her friend, who is a professional photographer, volunteered to do the shoot free to build their own portfolios and because of their conviction about ActSensuous pantyhose.

      There are plenty of reasons a woman might choose to wear something under her pantyhose, but probably only one reason why she would choose not to under ours – ActSensuous pantyhose are designed to be very sexy!

    • Here’s the explanation from wikipedia, to be believed or not believed:

      In 1940, John W. Eckelberry of DuPont stated that the letters “nyl” were arbitrary and the “on” was copied from the suffixes of other fibers such as cotton and rayon. A later publication by DuPont explained that the name was originally intended to be “No-Run” (“run” meaning “unravel”), but was modified to avoid making such an unjustified claim and to make the word sound better.[8] An apocryphal explanation is that Nylon is a conflation of “New York” and “London”. A humorous backronym is “Now You’ve Lost, Old Nippon” referring to the supposed loss of demand for Japanese silk.

  • I’d like to compliment another actress who has made a few public comments in support of sheer hosiery. She is Christina Hendricks of ‘Mad Men’ fame. Naturally – this is a great show because it is set in the 1960’s and all the women are wearing nylon hosiery of some sort. Nylons have even been mentioned a few times in dialogue on the show. I remember well that Hendricks said that she LOVED the old fashion styles from that era and that acting on the show gave her a new appreciation for pencil skirts and hosiery that were commonplace in that time. She said that she is wearing hosiery more often in present day. Just wanted to give her some kudos for those comments.

    • That’s a good comment, libertariangman. I watched three episodes last year, but couldn’t get into it. Maybe I didn’t give it enough of a chance, but I didn’t like or care about a single character, and I thought the whole storyline was just awful. Too bad, because I really wanted to watch that show specifically because of the 1960s-era fashion.

      Anyway, it’s good to hear that nylons are sometimes mentioned in dialogue, and that the actress you named has found a new appreciation for hosiery and is now wearing more often because of the show. If you ever read an excerpt from the interview in which she says that, please copy and send it to me. Might be useful in a future blog post. Thanks.

  • Hi Robin
    The last couple days of hose sightings here in Ottawa and Montreal were very positive. I went to a bar called Brixton’s in downtown Ottawa which is mostly frequented by federal employees, politicians, staffers and reporters who work on Parliament Hill. Most women at the bar were wearing various types of hosiery. About 50% were in various colors of hosiery (sheer, opaque, etc.), while another 50% were in sheer nude hose :).

    When I was in downtown Montreal yesterday, there were lots of women in various hosiery ranging from sheer nude and colored to opaque and designer hose. A couple of sightings that caught my eye involved a young Asian woman at Centre Eaton wearing sheer white polka dot hose, and a young East Indian woman at the McGill metro station wearing nude hose with open toe heels proving that all this talk of pantyhose with open toe shoes as unfashionable is just complete falsehood. I also noticed an advertisement in one of the transit shelters for Secret sheer black so a least advertising for hose is alive. Montreal is a very fashionable and style-conscious city in Canada especially when it comes to women wearing hosiery.

    To me, its not just the Kate Middleton effect that nude hose is popular again. I think sheer nude hose has always been alive and well here in Canada, since Canadians have a different culture of dressing than Americans. Those hose sightings would probably put a smile on your face like it did with me in the last couple days.

    • Hi Brian,
      I am very happy to have a Canadian writing in that blog. I work in Montréal and I am on the road and cover the Ottawa region. To be honest with you, I found out that I see much more nylon in Ottawa than Montréal. I can see nylon mostly downtown, but for the rest it is rare. I will definitely visit this bar on my next trip to Ottawa and who knows maybe meet you.

      P.s. Write me intuitivejack@hotmail.com

      • Hi Jacques,
        Welcome to the ActSensuous blog. It’s great to have another fellow Canadian to discuss hosiery on the blog. You are absolutely correct. There are more women here in Ottawa that wear hose than Montreal since most of them are federal employees that work downtown. When I visit Montreal on occasion, I do see women wear hose but mostly in downtown during the work days and rush hour. I would probably see some women wear hose outside the work days maybe if they are going to a bar, club, or party. It’s the same thing here in Ottawa as well.

        At least its great seeing hosiery alive and well in those two cities.

        P.S. Thanks for the email addy. I will write to you later.

  • I haven’t been on here in quite awhile, but for the last three days, there have been lots of hose sightings in my city of Ottawa, Canada. On Wednesday when I was running errands downtown, there were lots of women wearing a variety of hosiery including two young women wearing sheer nude hosiery on their lunch break.

    The following day when I was on the bus, there were two women sitting together with one wearing designer hosiery in a mixture of sheer black and nude and the other, who was with her boyfriend, wearing nude. However, I thought they were together but were not. The women with the designer hose got off the bus first before the other woman first I saw a couple of women in hosiery. Later at my familiar restaurant, I spotted two women at the bar wearing black hose. One that was wearing black opaques and the other was wearing sheer black hose.

    Friday night while I was shopping at my mall, I was passing by a hosiery and socks boutique called Fancy Sox where two women, who are the employees at the boutique were wearing black opaques and sheer nude as part of the store’s dress code. It looks like that hose is alive and well in my city. Great to see lots of hose sightings for three days in my city. I am sure Robin would be proud to hear about that.

    • Thanks for your comment, Brian. And, yes, I love hearing about cases in which our readers encounter women wearing pantyhose in their everyday lives. It’s wonderful to see more and more women coming (back) to their senses and dressing more femininely.

  • Robin, Brian shared your blogsite with me, and I read with interest and smiles that someone else feels as strongly about the bare legs movement as I do! I suspect we are on the losing side of the war, but ya gotta stand up and speak out, and you are. Thanks for doing so. Thanks also for reading and commenting about my blog, The Bright Lights of Muleshoe.

    • Hi Alice,

      Thanks for saying hello. I loved your post, “Bare Legs and Bad Choices.” I thought it was well-conceived and smartly written. I like how you criticized the whole bare legs culture of today, and I particularly appreciated your calling out the female school teachers who showed such a lack of professionalism and good taste by going bare-legged during an awards presentation for students.

      It’s not just sad but, in my mind, senseless and wrong that those in a position to set a good example for young people, especially teachers, lack the most basic of values themselves. No surprise then that young people with jobs don’t demonstrate the repect or responsibility that is called for.

      Witnessing how our values as a society have plummeted over the years, I have sometimes found myself having to fight off disgust and anger, which sometimes shows in my blog posts. Thus, I’ve made a conscious effort to keep The ActSensuous Blog upbeat, positive and, hopefully, entertaining. There are so many cases of everyday professionals, public officials, and celebrity entertainers who demonstrate such poor taste in the way they dress (not wearing pantyhose), and I try to point that out in a light and comical way, while going overboard to recognize and praise the few who truly “get it” (wearing pantyhose) and take a stand for dressing with class, elegance and glamour.

      To me, it is so rewarding to see some of the veteran actresses/entertainers/models, such as Julianna Margulies, Meredith Vieira, and Christie Brinkley always dress beautifully, including always wearing pantyhose. Likewise, I find it heartwarming when a new generation of young entertainers, such as Katy Perry and Lady Gaga, are setting a good example among their young fans all over the world. So I see hope for the future.

      Since I actually run a pantyhose company, I feel it is important that I keep my blog upbeat and positive, but you, Alice, can blast away at this ugly and awful bare legs culture. Thanks, again, for doing just that.

      Take care.

      Robin 🙂

    • Hi Alice,
      I want to thank you for allowing me to refer The ActSensuous Blog to you, and for reading my post on your blog with great interest. I can’t stand the bare legs movement myself. Some women don’t even have the legs to pull it off whether if its white, pasty, and blotchy, and when the weather is cold or snowing in the winter especially wearing them with open toe shoes in the snow. How tacky is that?

      I feel that women in the USA these days are dressing very sloppy and unprofessional, and are influenced by fashion industry and media especially from Hollywood dictating their fashion choices, and telling them what is in and out of fashion.

      Although it may be a lost cause in the USA, at least in other parts of the world mainly in parts of Western and Eastern Europe and Asia, women are dressed very professional, classy, and feminine. They even wear pantyhose regardless if its a casual or formal engagements. It also has to do with their country’s tradition and culture as opposed to what’s in and out of fashion from the fashion industry and the media in the USA and parts of the western world.

      I just wish American women could dress more classy, elegant, and feminine especially when it comes to wearing pantyhose, but it’s going to be a challenge.

  • Some women will do almost anything to avoid hosiery. There is a woman who works in my office who goes bare legged all year long no matter the weather. In winter – she wears high boots with her dresses but no hose. Her legs aren’t that great to begin with – and she doesn’t look good without hose. This is a woman who simply NEVER wears and probably wouldn’t even know where to buy hose if she was forced to wear them sometime. Another thought – many women do not even wear SOCKS with their jeans or pants. It’s WINTER! They’ll wear nice shoes with the pants but NO socks or hose. It’s 30 degrees out. Is this less uncomfortable for them than wearing pantyhose? What is it with these women who can’t even wear socks or hose in the winter?

    • Hi libertarianqman
      Very unfortunate and unprofessional on the part of your co-worker going bare legged for all seasons especially in the winter. I guess she must be a “Bear” legs movement follower with a Sex and the City mindset instilled in her. I wouldn’t worry about it that much.

      I am sure there are some women at your workplace that wear pantyhose unless they dress like your co-worker.

  • Occasionally I’ll post a ‘hose sighting’ when i see a woman adorned in lovely hosiery. Over the past few years the newswomen on TV have abandoned hosiery in droves – so when I see someone resisting this trend – it is worthy of comment. Today on CNBC – Julia Boorstein was almost certainly wearing nude hosiery. As she was speaking – the camera panned back to reveal nice legs and hosiery. Her dress was knee length or slightly higher. VERY NICE JULIA!!

    • And don’t think I and our readers don’t appreciate your doing that, libertariangman. Thanks for this, and for all your support this year. Wishing you a Happy 2012 and then some.

  • I just wanted to say thank you and keep up the good work. Most woman that I have dated hate any form of pantyhose. Although I dated an ex stripper that was very open minded and understanding
    And she would wear them and knew how to pose and position her legs and just made me go wild. We would be in public and she would flash me and tease me showing me her nylon clad legs or reinforced toe my favorite and sometimes I couldn’t wait to get home I was so turned on. She told me one night if you want me to wear them so bad why don’t you wear them and she said she would also wear them but only if I did too so needless to say I did and it was incredible sex and it felt so good as our nylon clad legs rubbed each other. I was really really turned on and she actually wanted us both in them several times after. That’s what an understanding woman and pantyhose can do provide some hot sex and I’m great full for brave woman like you wish there were more of you

    • After reading this…I do not know what to think….

      When it comes to wearing pantyhose… I want to be taken seriously plus i want to be fully accepted as a wearer….

      Yes… Pantyhose can be magical and fun…. But this posting is mostly of a sexual nature….

      I do not want to be negative..But all this can give off a bad impression of pantyhose…

      Most of all i want women and men…Old and young to discover and enjoy wearing pantyhose…..

      From a very happy and pleased ActSensuous wearer…

      Take Care


      • Hi Carl,

        Thanks for your response to Sid’s comment. Certainly, you’ve been a longtime contributor to The ActSensuous Blog, and I respect and appreciate your take on things. The thing about blogs is almost anything goes, including others’ comments. There’s only two situations in which I would edit the comments of our readers: If their sentence structure makes it difficult to read and comprehend, or if it is distasteful or too sexually explicit.

        Before deciding to publish it, I read Sid’s comment several times and found that it was just a guy’s honest expression of the power a woman in pantyhose holds, the positive way in which it affects him, and the thrill he got from the experience of wearing pantyhose with his girlfriend.

        During its 10 years in business, I’ve always steered ActSensuous along a course that is classy and elegant. But I am wise enough to know that, at its very core, pantyhose are extremely sexy. As you know, I’ve designed ActSensuous pantyhose to be among the sexiest available anywhere on the planet.

        Again, Carl, I appreciate all your contributions to my blog and your support as our customer. Trust me. I’ll always keep ActSensuous classy and elegant, but we can’t escape how sexy they are, too.

        Happy New Year!


  • Hi Robin,
    I really enjoyed reading your posts over the last few months. Its great to see that women are still wearing pantyhose through the sales and encouragement of the Act Sensuous blog, and praising those such as Kate Middleton and various celebrities who still have the class, decency, and elegance to wear pantyhose with their outfits, and have not joined the Bare (or as you say “Bear”) Legs Movement or as I abbreviated it “BLM”.

    Hopefully if the pantyhose trend keeps, we will see more women including celebrities wear them at various events, and not be dictated nor criticized by those so called fashion experts, media, and BLM followers that hose is old fashioned, and out of style.

    I would like to take this opportunity to wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Keep up the good work in those sales of pantyhose encouraging women to wear them not just to make men proud, but to make themselves look proud in their neatness and appearance.


    • Hi Brian,

      I’d like to thank you for being a loyal reader of this blog and for leaving very well-conceived and thoughtful comments on some of the posts. It’s nice to know my writing means something to some people. Thanks for your support.

      Best wishes to you and yours for a Merry Christmas, and much happiness in 2012 and always.


  • Robin,

    I can’t agree with you more. I don’t know why women perfer bare legs over pantyhose.. it also seems that heels went out of style for a while. Don’t women understand that pantyhose and a nice pair of heels make men go wild???

    Hopefully things will turn around and hopefully they will choose your pantyhose. I do my best to get the word out about your products, they are great!


    • Hi, JC. Glad you found my blog, and thank you for leaving a comment. You have always been a big promoter of ActSensuous, but you also have recruited models for the gallery of our website. What would we do without you? Take care and keep in touch. Robin

  • Hey Robin – I just discovered your blog. It’s excellent. Christina Applegate was another big time pantyhose wearer in the 1990’s. I can’t bear to watch her new show this Fall as I fear she has joined the bare-legged brigade that infects American society these days.

    • Hi, libertariangman — Thank you for your commment. I agree with you. I used to love Christina Applegate, especially on “Married with Children,” because she never missed an opportunity to wear short dresses, high heels and pantyhose. And she looked great. I thought she had a lot of class and femininity, but you’re right — she has digressed recently. I was so disgusted from watching the promos of her new show that I haven’t tuned in to a single episode. It appears that she’s really let herself go. She looks awful, and from the promos of that show, I just don’t like her attitude. I realize that I shouldn’t judge that show when I haven’t watched it, but if the promos were the best the show has to offer, I have ZERO interest in seeing it. Too bad. I hope she bounces back and gets classy again because she does have talent and she is funny. Thanks for finding my blog, and please feel free to comment again. Robin

  • Hi Robin,

    I want to say that I enjoy reading and commenting on your blogs from time to time. It’s great to see more women are starting to wear pantyhose instead of bare legs. Yes, I agree we still have a ways to go but I have faith that one day, pantyhose will be back in full force.

  • Hi Robin!,
    By the way, great profile pic! Well anywho, the reasons for this partcular email are a couple: 1- Thanks for your blog! It’s nice to see a woman on the side of us pantyhose lovers, for once! 2- I have a phrase that I use on occasion, that you may be able to get a lot more “millage” out of than I can, since you have a lot of followers: “Pantyhose are make-up for the legs!” There are so many women, and probably some men, who wouldn’t be “caught dead”, for lack of a better way of putting it, in public without facial make-up, but will go almost anywhere with their legs, blemishes and all, bare for the world to see.

    • Hi, Garry. Thanks for your comment and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

      Also, thank you for the compliment.

      Your thinking is correct — “Pantyhose are makeup for the legs” — but someone already came up with your slogan a long time ago. Still, you get props for thinking of it, too.

      Feel free to comment on any of my posts that so inspire you.

      Best wishes,


    • Hi Jeff,

      Thank you for your comment.

      I think there’s a long way to go, but it should be a fun ride getting there. It’s very encouraging to see a return to the beauty, class and elegance that wearing pantyhose brings — especially among so many young women today.


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