Welcome 2018!

Hello, my name is Rachel.  Just wanted to give a proper introduction to myself.  I have had the pleasure of working with Robin over the past few years, mostly behind the scenes. Just to give a bit of background on me… growing up I was a majorette, and so I know the impact that pantyhose can have especially for performances.  However, since working with Robin she has given me a bigger perspective and appreciation for pantyhose and their impact on people.  She has a lot of knowledge that I have tried to learn from, and I hope that I can continue with the same passion as she has.  I look forward to meeting new people with those same passions and inspirations we have.


Thanks in advance for your continued support.



33 thoughts on “Welcome 2018!

  • As usual I’m relaxing while donning a nice new pair of Platino Clean Cut pantyhose. The high heels are red and are 6 inches tall. Nothing in particular is happening. Just enjoying the look and the feel of smooth and silky legs.

  • Best of luck Rachel in your new endeavor and Robin thanks for bringing the sensuousness of pantyhose to the forefront. For us pantyhose lovers it’s much appreciated

  • Hi Rachel . Havent heard any thing about this blog for a while. How is everything going. I was at a restaurant . There were abunch of waitresses there and only one of them were wearing pantyhose.She was also a little bit older than the other ones probably in her late forties. She waited on me too. I complimented her on her appearance which she didnt even mind me doing.She said she got more tips than the other waitresses that she said were younger and better looking and she didnt understand why. She was the only one wearing a skirt and nylons. I was with my gf and my gf walked away to use the restroom.The waitress said to me thanks for the compliment and she didnt want to say that in front of my gf. She goes I wait on this table every week. When I left with my gf who is younger than her .She said do you want me to wear something like that and I saw you looking at her legs. The waitress didnt know the power she possessed over the younger waitresses.

    • I am glad to hear. This is a wonderful story to hear. I am in the works for something but not sure if I want to do it. On the wall about it. Stay tuned.

  • Wow! I have been away too long! So sorry to hear about Robin leaving.
    Rachel, welcome! I look forward to reading your blogs and helping bring back the sheer (pun intended) joy of pantyhose in our cultural mainstream. Robin was outstanding pushing the dialogue and agenda. I know you Rachel will pick you the mantel and take the wearing of pantyhose yo an even greater level. Please give Robin my best wishes, prayers and love in her new life for good health.

  • Pleasure to meet you Rachel. I loved working with Robin on projects. Hope she is well. Look forward to your insights. Good luck to you.

  • Hi Rachel,
    Welcome to the Act Sensuous Blog. I look forward to hearing your views about pantyhose. Sorry to hear about Robin’s departure from the blog due to her health issues she is dealing with in addition to spending time with her family. I wish her all the best in her future.

  • Welcome Rachel. Would love to hear your views.These are great pantyhose and I recently won a pair in a contest Robin had.I gave it to female relative of my gf who happens to be a flight attendant and I got to feel them on her legs.Hope everything is all right with Robin.

  • Welcome Rachel.  I truly look forward to the new heights you will take ActSensuous, as well as looking forward to reading your blog entries.   Warmly,Tim

  • Hi Rachael, great to see your post. I have really missed Robin, I hope she is ok. However, a pleasure to meet you.

  • Welcome Rachel and thanks for keeping the blog going. How about introducing white or off white pantyhose to go along with the black and tan you currently have?

  • I wish you the best of luck. As long as this site stays here and these fantastic hose never go away, I’ll be happy. I’m sure you’ll be great.

  • Welcome Rachel glad to see that someone is keeping this site up. Looking forward to seeing your ideas on pantyhose and tights after all they are a great fashion item that completes a outfit.

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