To a new year.

Hello Loyal Blogowers,

I would like to first start by saying It has been my pleasure to share my thoughts with you these past few years. I have really enjoyed our time together. It has been a wonderful experience, however due to some health issues as well as needing to spend more time with family, it is time to pass the torch. My trusted colleague and best friend, Rachel, whom has been helping out behind the scenes for a long time, will be taking the reins. She shares my passion for our products and looks forward to working with you all. Please join me in welcoming her into our fashion hosiery community.

Yours Truly,

Robin Maryland

19 thoughts on “To a new year.

  • Back in the ’60’s the decade of the mini-skirt/above the knee dresses, an era of the equal rights amendment started.Even though parity has not been achieved, great strides have occured. The me too movement, equal pay for equal work, and the glass ceiling is still here but it is definitely coming down. We have seen great laws put in place to protect those in need. Antiquated laws are amended, personal liberties enhanced. We must look at Americans as one. Not necessarily female or merely male. But people with unalienable rights who should free to express their god given constitutional freedoms. Amen

  • Dear friend Robin,

    I so very much wish you the best of everything and really appreciated you letting
    all of us bend your ear as we told you of our feelings for pantyhose. I do understand
    about how important health is. My back is healing nicely after the surgery. You will be very missed,
    but do understand your decision. May you always be rich in blessings in whatever comes
    your way. If you are ever in Hawaii, please enjoy the atmospere. It works wonders for the health!

    I would like to welcome Rachel to the family here and I am sure you can fill the big void that
    Robin has left. Look forward to your insight and knowledge of the pantyhose world. As for your
    introduction, thank you for the information and look forward to “discussing” in the future. Till then,
    “Good Luck!”


  • Robin, thank you for your hard work and great pantyhose info over the past 17 years. I hope all is well with your health and I wish all the best to you. Welcome Rachel and thanks for keeping the Actsensuous website going. Looking forward to hearing more from you.

  • Thank You so much for Your wonderful work, it is due to heroes like You, when beauty, elegance and grace won’t vanish from this world, and our ladies will still have the attributes, which their charm deserves. May You have a wonderful time with Your family and always stay healthy!
    I warmly welcome Your friend Rachel as the new pantyhose queen, I am sure, she will do an excellent job.

  • Robin,Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself over the years.  I hope all is well with you and wish you nothing but well wishes to you and your family.  THANK YOU! All my best forever,Tim Christis

  • Welcome Rachel! Are you going to make a formal introduction about yourself, or would you mind giving us a casual background about yourself here? What may we expect from you? Robin has set the bar really high!

    Robin, you have been amazing. Thank you for carrying the torch and being a bright beacon of hope for all of the men (and women) that appreciate the fashion, passion, feminine, elegance, sophistication and much needed appreciation and necessity of the resurgence of professional pantyhose clad women. And those with insatiable appetite for them!

  • Robin so sad to see you go, but family comes first. Rachel welcome aboard. If you have half the enthusiasm as Robin you will be a success.

  • Robin, I hope those health issues aren’t too serious, & that you can be well. It is reassuring to just have the opp to discuss pantyhose with someone. Went out last night on NYE & saw 3 women in sheer black hose – there is hope!

  • Robin, wishing you the best. Rachel welcome to the leadership role of the blog. Will look forward to hearing from you

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