New year, new hope for more pantyhose

Did you know that January 4 is “National Triva Day?”

I just learned that while doing research to write this post.  Turns out there are about 20 other little celebrations associated with January, including “National write the wrong year on your check month,” “Bath Safety Month” (seriously?) and “Stalking awareness month.” (OK, there’s one for you.)

I found this a few days ago when I went Googling for validation of something I saw on a TV commercial.  It’s an ad by ShoeDazzle (link below), referencing the celebration of “National Bootie Month.”   I thought, “What?  Is that really a thing?”

OK, apparently, mostly, it is, only it’s really called “National Bootie Day,” and it’s actually on September 10, according to and other references I’ve now seen.

So, ShoeDazzle jumped the gun a bit (just nine months) to promote its products, but the timing of that commercial was spot-on for me, as it got me wondering all about booties worn with pantyhose, and this ad prompted me to look into the whole idea and write about it here.

Those of you who’ve gotten to know me throughout the years probably realize I don’t like the wearing of boots with dresses or skirts, but what about booties?  Hmmmm, let me think … NO.

Why do I dislike boots or booties with a dress or skirt?  Because it hides too much leg and foot. My preference has always been any kind of high heels (but not so much the platform kind), or pumps or dress sandals.  And the less the shoe, and the more the foot, the better.

British-American actress, Sienna Miller, wears a plaid tweed jacket with shorts and peep-toe booties.
British-American actress, Sienna Miller, wears a plaid tweed jacket with shorts and peep-toe booties with black tights.

On the other hand (OK, the foot), open- or peep-toe booties worn with sheer pantyhose apparently is a thing these days.

And you know what?  I’m good with that.

diane-krugerI mean, you ain’t never gonna find me sporting the look, as actress Diane Kruger (right) does, but I officially state here that I am all for it on anyone else.  Why?  If women will wear pantyhose with open- or peep-toe booties, it’s another win for all of us.

Further, it’s just one more thing that ought to drive the “fashion experts” crazy.

fpWe all know how much the fashion police out there despise, not only pantyhose, but even more so, pantyhose worn with open-toe high heels, even while no one ever follows their stupid advise.

Nevertheless (and this is huge), it now appears we’ve all finally worn down some of those fashion freak naysayers.  Case in point, check out this story that ran a few months ago:

Runway model wearing sheer pantyhose with open-toe shoes.
Runway model wearing sheer pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

If, with the new year upon us, you’re looking for signs of hope and optimism about the return to mainstream status of sheer pantyhose, this story is a giant leap forward.

Too bad, though, that the only photo (I could find anyway) related to this new concession about sheer pantyhose being worn with open-toe shoes on the runway, is this one (left) with the model wearing some ridiculous-looking pantyhose.

Still, there’s no denying this is a huge step forward for pantyhose lovers.

I mean first, the fashion police told us pantyhose for any situation and venue were an absolute no-no.  Yes, they won quite a number of blind followers, yet, pantyhose didn’t die, did they?

And, you’ll remember, ActSensuous (which started in 2001, at the very height of the “bear” legs movement), was always here telling you not to worry; to keep the faith, as there remained a sizable pocket of resistance by classy ladies, female business execs, celebrities and thousands upon thousands of “real girls” who never gave up on pantyhose.

When the fashion watchdogs realized, but couldn’t admit, that pantyhose were still a force, they shined their negative spotlight a little lower, barking out that, of all the horrible things about pantyhose, the absolute worst was wearing them with dress sandals.

Ph toes They actually plastered this pic (left) all across the Internet, trying to show how bad that idea is, as if anybody believed anyone actually wore ugly hosiery like that with sandals.

To that, I present this image (below).

abbey-clancyThe wearer (right) is Abbey Clancy, a lingerie, catwalk model and television personality in England.

Anyone who would try to discourage this look is, well, most likely jealous, as Abbey’s feet are beautiful in those sheer pantyhose.  Often, I smiled when seeing absolutely everywhere that NOBODY was buying that rubbish the so-called fashion experts wanted women to believe:  That it was taboo to wear sheer pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

And, thankfully, from the most successful and highest profile women to the everyday real girls out and about across the whole wide world, everyone who wears pantyhose always has been wearing them with open-toe shoes.

During the past few years, the latest manifestation of that trend has been wearing pantyhose or tights with open- or peep-toe booties.  To me, that’s sorta like giving a big “Take that” to all those fashion know-it-alls.

Kylie 1

Still, I didn’t really care, and just forgot about the whole thing until I remembered seeing this picture (above) of young TV personality, Kylie Jenner, wearing open-toe booties (quite beautifully) with sheer black pantyhose during a Nickelodeon awards show a few years ago.

I thought she looked amazing, but I still figured this was a very unique thing, and as usual for me, I somehow missed the point and largely forgot about Kylie’s look back back then.  Until, that is, I saw the ShoeDazzle commercial earlier this month.

jessica-albaSo I launched an Internet search to see whether anyone else really was sporting this look?

To my surprise after three days of research, I was able to file only a handful of pics, such as this one of actress, Jessica Alba (right), to share with you.

Now, that doesn’t mean that’s all I found.  No-no-no.  I actually saved 93 pics that have something to do with the subject of this post.

And, lest ye think that what I do for you here is all just fun and games for me, let me share the dilemma I came to have.  When laying out the copy and then trying to illustrate it with the perfect artwork (meaning choosing just the right image to illustrate a specific point I make), it’s way too cumbersome to sift through the 93 choices in one folder.  So, being the super-organized type, I sorted all 93 images into different subfolders — nine to be exact.

I can hear what you’re thinking now: “That Robin, she’s a clever gal.”  Yeah, but nine subfolders to do with wearing pantyhose or tights with open- or peep-toe booties, you ask?  You bet.

You see, the problem I encountered was this whole booties thing ain’t all that black and white here.  To give you an idea of what I’m talking about, let’s go through all nine subfolders of images.  C’mon, it’ll be fun …

1. Open- or peep-toe booties with pantyhose

kylie-j-2 The very point of this post, right?  Well, the most significant photo I found was the one that started it all for me: Kylie Jenner’s look (right) during that Nickelodeon awards show.

In my opinion, she is the signature example of wearing sheer pantyhose with open-toe booties, although, I don’t get black pantyhose with white footwear.

Still, I have to give her credit for this look.  With those toes in those hose, she could pull off anything.

2. Open- or peep-toe booties without pantyhose

nina-dobrevI know what you’re thinking: Why would you show a picture of that, Robin?

Well, one cannot know what cold feels like, if one has lived one’s whole life in 90-degree weather. (Prophetic, huh?)

And since open- or peep-toe booties exist, naturally, they are (most often, I found) going to be worn with bear legs.

So here ya go.  See how they look?  Now, aren’t you glad you saw Kylie Jenner’s way of wearing them?

You’re welcome.


3. Booties with pantyhose

morena-baccarinYou get that?  Just plain old booties (not open- or peep-toe).  In my search, I found many more pics of regular booties, but at least, I found a bunch of pictures of women wearing them with pantyhose.  So you have to see one of them.

Probably, the most compelling pic I found of someone wearing just plain old booties (but with pantyhose) is this one of actress Morena Baccarin.  There are precious few photos of Baccarin wearing pantyhose, so to find one of her wearing pantyhose with booties seemed too significant not to show you.

Why do we care, though?   Well, it’s “National Bootie Month.”  OK, actually, it isn’t (as we covered in the beginning), but since that goof-up was what spawned this blog post, look at this picture and be thankful.  Good job.

4. Booties without pantyhose

OK, just kidding.  I’m not going to show you that.  I mean, I found a lot more of those pictures than anything else, and I did put a few of them in a folder with this name, but we’ve got more important things to cover here.  So, we’ll move on.  (You’re welcome.)

5. Just booties

Christian Louboutin-Guerilla Studded-open-toe booties.
Above, a Christian Louboutin Guerilla Studded open-toe bootie.

Seriously.  With pantyhose or without, I found so many things that might, or might not, be booties, I had to create and fill a subfolder with that name.

So, to be clear, the image you see here (right) is an authentic bootie.

6. Not actually booties

You see where I’m going with this?  Some footwear pics I found (below, left) kinda, sorta looked like booties and even had pantyhosed feet in them.   I have no idea what the heck these things are called, maybe just boots (low ones), but they aren’t in the spirit of the booties we’re talking about here.  Maybe they are just some kind of funky, chunky shoes.

just-bootsIn any case, since I collected and stored those pics (then, realized after all the experience I’d gained) that they actually aren’t booties, you have to see a pic of one of them.

Pretty nice pic, too.  At least, the girl is wearing these regular old boots with pantyhose.


7. Not sure

kylie-minogueThat’s right.  There are some pics of women in pantyhose wearing something that might, or might not, be a bootie.  The only thing I know for sure now is that I have no real idea what the heck a bootie is.  Hey, sue me, OK?

So here’s a picture (left) of Australian mega performer, Kylie Minogue.  See if you can tell whether those things on her feet are booties, or something else, smarty pants.  Hey, at least, she’s wearing pantyhose with them.

not-talking-about-this8. Not this

One thing I had no trouble with was being pretty clear that this image (right) is not what this blog post is about.  But I really I liked the picture.

So here it is.

9. Absolutely stupid, doesn’t count

dumbest-look-everSeriously, I made a subfolder with this title.

That’s because these pics I found, but didn’t want to find (or even see) are the dumbest thing I have ever seen in our beloved pantyhose industry.

And because I had to see it, you have to see it.

I would like to find the moron who came up with this idea, and karatefy him or her.

In fact, I’d also like to kick the frick out of the bigger moron who actually bought this idea.

Here’s how I imagine the first meeting about this product design went:

Pitchman:  Hey, I’ve got a great idea here.  How about we make pantyhose that go from the waist all the way down to the feet, but stop at the toes?

Boss:  Wait a minute, did you really just say what I think you said?  What the heck is wrong with you?

stupidPitchman:  Now, hear me out, hear me out.  We’ll call them toeless pantyhose, and that alone probably would get some  women out there to buy them.

Boss:  Why on Earth would anyone buy such a thing?

Pitchman:  Well, for years, all those fashion experts have been telling and making some truly dumbass women out there believe that they should never wear pantyhose with open-toe shoes.

So, with this new product, they can now wear pantyhose so that their legs look great, but … and here’s the best part … their toes will be bare, so they can wear their open-toe shoes the way the fashion experts tell them to.  Huh?  Huh?  Brilliant, right?

Boss:  OK, let me get this straight.  The women who …

Pitchman, interrupting the boss:  … dumbass women …

Boss:  Right, right.  The dumbass women who wear these things would have on real pantyhose that make their legs look, well, fabulous, all the way down the foot, but stop at the toes?

Pitchman: Yes, yes …

Boss:  OK, so to be clear, these …..

Pitchman, chiming in:  dumbass …

whatBoss:  Right, dumbass women, they go about their daily routines wearing, say, black pantyhose down through the shoe, and then their bare, white, pasty toes peek out to the world, and ….. I’m sorry, tell me again … why would any woman in her right mind do such an incredibly stupid thing?

Pitchman:  That’s just it.  They do incredibly stupid things.  We don’t even have to tell them it’s what the fashion experts agree with …  I mean, if we make this product, they’ll think it’s the thing, and they’ll buy ‘em and wear them.

Boss:  Yeah, OK, I’m sold.  Let’s do it.


hanesAre these people kidding?  I guess not, because even Hanes bought in to this concept (right), and their ad campaign actually reads:  “Hanes Silk Reflections Ultra Sheer pantyhose toeless design lets you wear sandals and open-toe shoes and show off your pedicure.”

OK, now I’ve definitely seen everything in this business.  I will have a difficult time trying to get these images out of my head now.

Readers, seriously now, is this the dumbest thing you’ve ever seen related to pantyhose?


In any case, it’s a new year.  And with it, comes renewed optimism that pantyhose will continue to make leaps and bounds toward returning to mainstream acceptance.

Already, we’ve seen some great signs, such as actually promoting the wearing of sheer pantyhose with open-toe shoes on fashion runways.  Don’t discount the significance of that.

And, with the growing fad of wearing sheer pantyhose or tights with open- or peep-toe booties making inroads, there’s definitely reason for increased confidence that we are taking the right steps forward toward bringing pantyhose all the way back.

It should be a fun ride.

Wishing you all “sheer” happiness, health and prosperity in 2017.

Oh, and by the way …..



25 thoughts on “New year, new hope for more pantyhose

  • I was told (by men) that the only reason why they watched Dukes of Hazzard was because of Daisy Duke. (Like I didn’t know) Well when I saw how my husband loved that look I immediately started wearing cut off shorts with Hooters pantyhose and heels. Needless to say he is always excited lol. I never really paired shorts and hose, miniskirts yes, but shorts not really. Now I love it! Pantyhosed legs are such a popular look I started my own blog about European and Russian women who ALWAYS wear tights and stockings. I have been there a few times and it amazes me there sense of fashion I had to start this blog and how cultural it is for women over in Russia to look good. We need to do better!

  • Boots and/or booties are Ok with jeans. Up in the north where I live, It would be cruel to expect a lady to wear a dress all the time. But ladies who wear nice boots and even low cut booties with a nice heel in jeans get a high femininity mark from me.

    Ladies who don footwear that indicates they are wearing pantyhose under their jeans get bonus femininity points. But only in winter. When the climate warms up, sport the legs elegantly in a nice pair of pantyhose…and heels that display the feet and toes elegantly.

    Even stiletto closed toe pumps are acceptable as long as they are not platforms. Get the bricks off your feet ladies. I’d like to find whoever started the horsefoot fashion. Still looking for him, her, or them.

    Jessica Simpson ruined the image of Daisy Duke.

    NFL Cheerleaders are the exception. They look great in their outfits. Sure they would look great in stiletto open toe pumps…but when my team is loosing….I’d prefer to watch them.

    • Thank you for your comment, Axel. You taught me something, as I had not heard of the horse foot fashion. And now that I’ve seen it, I now wish I hadn’t. It’s amazing how low women will stoop to wear something that is hideous, yet, the majority of them would never dream of wearing something as beautiful, elegant and totally feminine as sheer pantyhose.

      And you are soooooo right: Jessica Simpson absolutely ruined the Daisy Duke image (and legacy). I didn’t see the movie because I don’t want to see a “bear”-legged Daisy Duke. Now, it might not have been her decision, but rather, that of the costume designer. Either way, if they wanted her to play the part, she could have insisted that she adhere to the high standards Catherine Bach set for the character.

      By the way, I also haven’t seen the new Wonder Woman movie either for the same reason.

  • Hi Robin. Didn’t want to rush my comments on here (heh heh) but now seems an appropriate time. Toeless hose? It has as much to do with showing off an expensive manicure as opposed to a marketing gimmick to get a lot of vain consumers to purchase pantyhose and that is who the manufacturers are after. I know I will get shot at dawn for saying this but I prefer closed toed shoes to open toed shoes. A full pantyhosed foot is sexy, erotic and …well just right.

  • You know Robin, you had a “picture of the day” post that was of a young woman standing next to her dog wearing what looked to be just pantyhose and a top. Blew my mind! Never got to comment about it but it sure was “sexy” looking. You have a knack of finding great pictures. Does that appear to be all she is wearing? Can ‘t wait to see the next posts!

  • Any woman who thinks toeless hosiery is a good idea shouldn’t mind massive runs and holes at the toe. I’ve always thought toeless hose was one of the dumber inventions ever.

    How about a men’s tie without a knot? It buttons down the front of your shirt so you can leave your collar open.

  • I have never been a fan of booties. To me, they are a shoe/boot hybrid. The open-toed booties are a tiny improvement. I am a fan of some boots, just not the ubiquitous black boots that most women wear.

    I live in a cold climate, and this past weekend, I saw a young girl wearing a short black coat, beige boots and matching beige pantyhose. I thought she looked very pretty.

    I also like the white boots worn by the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders, but I don’t think that counts because their outfit is a costume.

  • Hello Robin,

    It is so good to be back on the blog reading your great posts. I have had a few health issues and that has kept me away, but I am back and ready to go bear hunting again. I met a 21 year old collage girl who likes to wear pantyhose, and I talked her into trying Act IV. So, there is another direct hit on the bear!!! LOL It is my quest to be an honorary sales person for your company and get as many women wearing Act IV as I can.

    I have enjoyed reading the new post, I just finished reading ‘New year, new hope for more pantyhose’ and I agree, I don’t care for boots, and I especially hate platforms. However, I once knew a lady who would wear a very short skirt, sheer hose and boots and I must admit, that was pretty hot.

    “Absolutely stupid doesn’t count” I have learned you can’t fix stupid, but toeless is better than nothing, a little bit. LOL

    I did read a few more of your posts, and that one where Nicole Kiddman is in an airplane, I wish I was the pilot on that flight. Being a professional pilot, I have seen some really nice pantyhose clad ladies on an airplanes. I was a corporate pilot and I flew a lot of business ladies to meetings and most had on hose.

    One of my favorite encounters on a flight was, back when the TSA first required you to remove your shoes prior to getting on an airplane. Well, on a corporate jet that is not a requirement, it is totally different that flying a commercial airline. Anyway, I had this female passenger who was wearing a nice business suit, sheer silky hose and heels. I had flown her many times and she always wore hose and looked so sexy, I always enjoyed it when I saw her on the passenger manifest. This new rule had just came in effect and when she showed up, I jokingly said, “I need to inspect your shoes”. She was a jokester too and she was also very agile. She lifted her hose covered legs up and put her nylon clad foot in my hand and said, how’s that?. I was in heaven, the feel and view were priceless. I am not sure I was in any condition to fly. Just like your article, “the power of pantyhose” well, that is one of the truest statements I have heard in a long time. It was like kryptonite, I was powerless. LOL

    I have so many great pantyhose stories from my years as a pilot, I hope I can tell more of them here. I have really missed you and missed being here on the blog. “Shhh. Be vewy vewy quiet, I’m hunting wabbits”, I mean bears!!

    • Hey David,

      Nice to have you back. Thanks for your catch-up-with-everything comment.

      We are happy to have you as our stunt salesman, as you do an excellent job recruiting new innocent young women into the ranks of the anti-bear. Too bad the position doesn’t pay anything. 🙂

      Wow, you really had a great career as a pilot for corporate jets. You must have some magic when it comes to women and pantyhose. Good for you.

      And please do tell all those great stories from those glory days.

  • These things tend to ruin the look.I tend to like heels on a woman high or medium. The less the shoes the better. Especially for shoeplay (dangling and dipping) open toe shoes can be okay. As for pantyhose I don’t care for them much when there altered like the toeless ones. I don’t like patterns much . Backseamed ones are allright.

  • Hi Robin,
    Toeless pantyhose???? I don’t even consider them pantyhose, they are toeless leggings covering up the heel, ankle, and middle of the foot. The time to take for women to wear those awful things, they should go “bear” legged for all I care.

    Thanks again for your first post of the new year.

  • Hi Robin.I don’t know about those toeless pantyhose and booties . I do prefer a woman in high heels and the lesser the shoes the better.I think you said that too in your article.

  • I doubt most men really find the booties that appealing, at least I don’t. But like you said, if women are wearing hose with these open toed booties, that is kind of a comical win-win, ha ha.
    The toeless hose are simply awful – thank God they never really caught on. They’re an abomination – either wear the hose or don’t, you can’t have it both ways. Hannah Storm used to wear hose a lot on ESPN and then I saw her try these hose a couple times. Just terrible. Even going back aways, I noticed in some of the Daisy Duke pantyhose shots, Catherine Bach was wearing the toeless hose. Arrrgggh…talk about knowledge I didn’t wanna have.
    Nice column, Robin!

    • Hi texasleaguer37,

      Thanks for your comment. I used to like Hannah Storm, but once she stopped wearing pantyhose when she was on the clock, I stopped watching her. I had no idea she ever wore toeless pantyhose. I would have given her credit for more brains and class than that.

      But, Catherine Bach wearing toeless pantyhose in the days of the Daisy Dukes? Didn’t know such a thing existed way back then.

      Wish I hadn’t read that!!

      • I never dreamt that about Catherine Bach either. Not saying she wore those that way all the time, but I did see it when I was googling old Daisy Duke pics of her. I used to like Hannah too, but over the yrs she’s made some questionable fashion choices.

  • Another fun read. I’m with you on the whole bootie thing being kind of odd but like you if it drives hosiery wearing, bring it on. Your toe less pantyhose dialogue was great, by the way. I may comment more after I read through it again

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