Models dazzle in our NYC photo shoot

During the months of October and November this year, I partnered with an outstanding photographer to conduct a photo shoot with three professional models wearing our NewAct IV line of super sheer pantyhose for an “Autumn at Central Park in NYC” theme.

The idea was to make a new slide for the home page of the ActSensuous website.

A few (seriously, only a few) of the devoted readers of this blog have raved about the new slide, so I thought some of you might want to see more pictures from the sets among the three professional models.

Dinara kh

Originally from Moscow, Russia, Dinara’s professional modeling experience includes taking part in car shows, exhibitions and a bikini contest in Moscow.  Additionally, Dinara has been a runway model, performed in promotional modeling assignments, and she has stood in foot modeling gigs in New York.  You’ll see why the foot modeling.  Wow!

Besides all that, the 5’6, 110-pound, Eastern European beauty with olive skin has made her presence known in a variety of genres, including acting, dance, fashion, fitness, glamour, sports and stunts.  And, she’s been a host and spokesperson.

Here is Dinara in Central Park:

Daryann Danielle

Describing herself as “a natural performer since the age of 2,” Daryann is talented in various forms of dance, such as ballet/pointe, modern/contemporary, African, jazz, tap, hip hop and lyrical.

“As I grew in age and talent, I expanded my versatile abilities, going into the fields of modeling, as well as singing and acting,” Daryann tells us.  “As I continue to get older, I look to better myself and my career, while taking modeling, acting and dancing to the next level.”

The 22-year-old New Yorker is 5’4, 98 pounds and wears a size 0 dress.  Daryann performs in many genres, including acting, art, dance, fashion, fitness, glamour, hair/makeup, lifestyle, artistic, and promotional.  Additionally, she’s been a hostess and a spokesperson.

One of the things we loved about Daryann from the beginning is she wrote in response to our casting call:  “The shoot seems very classy and I am comfortable in pantyhose.”

Daryann in Old Westbury Gardens in NY:

Alisa Sharoikina 

Originally from Belarus, the 25-year-old is a professional psychologist and a freelance model who is passionate about everything she does.

Alisa’s list of projects includes acting, body paint, fashion modeling, fitness modeling, glamour, hair/makeup, lifestyle, lingerie, pinup, promotional modeling, runway and swimwear modeling.  Also, Alisa has been a spokesperson and hostess.

After the shoot, Alisa wrote:  “Just wanted to let you know that it was a pleasure to shoot for ActSensuous!!!  I fell in love with the pantyhose!  I’d be honored to be considered for future projects.”

Alisa in Central Park:

My deepest thanks to professional models, Dinara, Daryann and Alisa for representing ActSensuous with beauty, glamour and class.

The photographer

Pro photographer, Linley of LawrenceNyPhoto, sets up a shot with professional model, Dinara, for ActSensuous during October 2016 at Central Park in New York City.

I have worked many times before with professional photographers, but this time, I was looking for someone new; someone with a New York state of mind.

I had been talking with a few of our customers in NYC, hoping that maybe someone knew of a good photographer, and my hunch paid off, as one couple who own a gift shop recently had professional photography done for their store’s catalog.  They highly recommended a fellow entrepreneur who also is a professional photographer, and that’s how I became introduced to Linley of LawrenceNyPhoto.   I pitched the idea of “Autumn at Central Park in NYC” to Linley, and he instantly jumped on board, bringing tons of energy, enthusiasm and professionalism to the project.

So I have to give a special shout-out to Linley, who truly deserves all the credit for pulling this thing off under a tight budget and a tighter deadline.  Almost single-handedly, Linley helped to identify and screen the best models out of many dozens based in the NYC area.   He also chose the venues, coordinated the shoots, handled all the little details, and along the way, delivered some fantastic photos.  Wouldn’t you say?

Again, my thanks to Linley.

Want to play?

Whenever I invest in a project for our website or blog, I always try to steer the business to one of our customers or loyal readers of this blog.  I enjoy keeping things in the family. Case in point, our website was created by a customer, David (and his wife, Sheri).

So customers, or readers here, sometimes, it pays (literally) to let me know what you do for a living, as I have lots of ideas in my head, many of which can turn into paying opportunities.   If you offer a special talent or skill set that could be useful in my campaign to bring pantyhose back into the mainstream of fashion, entertainment, and as a staple in American culture, and if you desire to cooperate on a project, please approach me.

Christmas promo

Finally, a note to all our customers from all over the world, in case you miss it on our website (, we are running a Christmas promotion now through  Dec. 31:  Take 33% off  your purchase of at least 4 pairs of our NewAct IV.  Just enter coupon code Santa33 at Checkout.

Note: The coupon is for NewAct IV only, as Orig. Act IV, Act III, Act II, and our  NewAct IV-BP for our beauty pageant organizations’ delegates already are discounted to practically giving them away status.

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas.

28 thoughts on “Models dazzle in our NYC photo shoot

  • Hi Robin

    Wow! Love the new site format. Been busy over the past month. Happy New Year!

    Love the photo shoot. A First Class presentation of lovely ladies, so fashionably and professionally dressed. They are brilliant as they are beautiful, especially wearing new Act IV Actsensuous sheer pantyhose.

    Thank you for your blog posts. Thank you for your continuous advocacy and movement to bring pantyhose wearing back in the mainstream for women. Look forward to additional blog posts.

  • Robin,

    You need to add a slogan to these pictures that reads:

    “If you think a woman can do everything a man can do, you’re thinking one thing too short!”

    All the best,


  • Wow…these are all fantastic, well-dressed, and very professionally done. Spectacular in every way. I could post a few of these on my Pinterest page (which pretty much specializes in hosiery), if you wanted. It would go in the ‘Classy’ section and be free publicity. I don’t know how you or the photographer feel about that, it’s up to you, of course. It’s really nice to read your blog and see the fresh insights about hosiery – keep up the good work! : )

    • Hi texasleaguer37,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

      It’s OK with me if you want to post a few of the pics on your Pinterest page, but I’d better check with the photographer to make it official. I don’t think the models have any say in it. Glad to hear it would be under a”Classy” section. I’ll get back to you with the final answer.

      Thanks again.

  • Ouch both of their names start with a D. All 3 of them look very hot.Not very common to see that many women wearing pantyhose anymore. It would be distracting photographing those beautiful women dressed like that.Ian sure the photographer was loving it.

  • Once again my own girlfriend catches me looking at one of your models and says do you want me to wear something like that.specifically the dress that Daryann was wearing.She said I’m a pig and then she said just kidding.I notice how you admire my cousins legs.Well I guess this photo shoot made me look like a perv.

  • Well Robin, you did it again! Congratulations on a fine campaign to introduce your excellent pantyhose line.

    I guess I was your 2nd vote for 5 stars. Being out here in the Pacific, I tend to be one of the last to find out about your new articles time wise. Just the same, no matter how many times a day I check out this blog to read the many entries, I have to say I am never disappointed.😊

    The models you chose all look great in your pantyhose! To your every success.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thanks for your kind words and the 5 stars. You’re not so late in responding. The new slide on the website is only about a week old, and this is just Day 2 for the post on my blog. (OK, technically, it’s Day 1, as the post was published Sunday evening.)

  • Hi Robin.Great stuff once again. Or am I just dreamin that you would find that many women to do a pantyhose photo shoot.Especially younger women.Probably have to go back to the eighties to see something like this. Also liked the sensual curves in the arches of Daryanns feet. Gorgeous models thanks again.

  • Hi Robin,

    Once again, thank you for sharing more details and more photos from the shoot in NYC. The models are beautiful and show off your brand of pantyhose in a great way. Kudos to the photographer; the quality of his pictures are a site to behold! I really like the way the Act IV black looked, the others are great too. But, I love seeing women in Black and Tan pantyhose the most.

    It’s great that you have some of your fans and followers help you out with projects.
    The pictures are wonderful!!

  • Wonderful shots and lovely models. Thanks for sharing this. I don’t go to the website very often so I am glad you posted on the blog.

  • Robin
    Your models look awesome in your pantyhose
    The photos are great and show your pantyhose to be very sexy
    Keep up the great work
    I love looking at all your sexy models in your fantastic pantyhose

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