The power that comes with wearing pantyhose unrealized by most ladies

It is said that “Knowledge is power” (Francis Bacon).

We’ve also heard that money is power, and that there is power in numbers.  And, two music artists: Huey Lewis and the News, and Celine Dion, sang two different songs called The Power of Love.

Male or female, many people possess such power, but there’s a very special power reserved strictly for the ladies.  Ironically,  however, very many more men than ladies appear to be aware of it.

What am I talking about here?  The power women wield when wearing sheer pantyhose today.

Some ladies do get it, and they embrace this power.  Most of the celebrity ones, you’ve read about many times here.  But this time, we’re talking about everyday real ladies.

How would wearing pantyhose give me this power, you ladies ask?  Apparently, most of you today don’t realize this (or don’t care), but the vast majority of men from practically every civilized country in the world love and adore you when you wear pantyhose.  And they will do almost anything you want when you wear.

You’ll get tons more looks from gentlemen out in public and at the office.  And, more compliments will be given to you, more doors will be held for you, more opportunities will open up to you, and more favors will be done for you.  Mostly, more men will notice you, admiringly.

You see, most gentlemen feel that ladies who wear sheer pantyhose for all the right reasons and at all the proper venues are very special.   And this is all the more significant in today’s time where too many women think, act and even try to look more like men.

Standing apart:
 A lovely young lady in beautiful pantyhose has inadvertantly captured the attention of a man who can’t take his eyes off her, even while the woman he is with is trying to conduct a conversation with him.

And guess what?  You not only have power over men when you wear sheer pantyhose, but also over other women who don’t.  When you wear (and get all the attention and adoration of men), that makes the women who don’t wear feel uncomfortable, insecure and jealous.

Don’t think so?  Look around.  Sheer pantyhose aren’t just coming back.  They’re already back.   If you pay attention, you can see that pantyhose are showing up everywhere again — on TV shows, TV commercials and print ads, in movies … and (hold your breath) … even on fashion runways.  There’s your biggest proof (and your worst nightmare if you’re a devoted “bear” legs practitioner).

That’s why I wrote above that women who don’t wear are uncomfortable in the presence of the special ladies who do.  Those bear-leggers are beginning to notice more and more ladies wearing pantyhose, and they’re feeling insecure about it because deep down they knew all along that this bear legs thing is ugly and stupid, but because it existed, they jumped on and stayed on that bandwagon.

And now, they are being confronted with the reality that (as fashion always does) the bear legs trend is swinging in the opposite direction, back toward sheer pantyhose again.

tumblr_ncj17fwbcq1s4rbj2o1_1280This makes the bear legs disciples jealous of the lovely ladies who already have returned to pantyhose (or never abandoned them in the first place), as those ladies have the courage and convictions of femininity, which includes class, grace and elegance, which the bears don’t possess.

The bears know pantyhose are returning, but most of them can’t accept it, or are hibernating in denial.

As the president of ActSensuous, who’s self-imposed mission in life since 2001 is to carry the torch for the return to favor of pantyhose, I wear every day.  And when I say every day, I mean Sunday through Saturday no matter how hot it is in Florida.  When I go out into the real world, I set an example, whether anyone notices or appreciates it or not.

For a while there, I was beginning to think that men were so long-beaten-down by the bear-leggers, they had gotten conditioned to seeing only Carrie Underwood legs, as they seemed not to even glance my way.  This just couldn’t be, I thought.

So, recently, I resorted to blending into the shadows, while observing my best gal pal, Angela, as she gallivants out and about in our NewAct IV line.

That’s when I came to realize, oh, men are most definitely looking.  It’s just that they’ve become all Jason Bourne about it, adept at very discreetly surveilling a babe in pantyhose.  These guys don’t miss a single delicate (but totally in-control) step, as Angela glides down streets, aisles and parking lots.

even-other-women-lookAnd here’s something interesting I found along the way: Unlike what I expected, the looks from many women weren’t always those of daggers flying from their eyes, as much as ones that carried a hint of envy in them.

They were seeing someone else doing what they probably secretly want to do, but wouldn’t, for fear of seeming out of place according to what they viewed as “just the way things are these days.”

Here’s the reality:  Being out and about in sheer pantyhose — the most beautiful, delicately sensuous and decidedly feminine thing a woman could ever wear — has an effect on men (and many women), which can make the wearer feel like a million bucks because she is setting herself apart from the masses in the most classy and elegant of ways.

Readers saying it, too

Many of you have read comments here from some of those real ladies who get it.  Case in point: Kim, who wrote this comment last month:

Picture from file, not of Kim.

As a woman, I love my position and the attention I get from my hub especially when I dress up and put on my pantyhose and heels.

And believe it or not, I think he likes the attention I get from other men in the room. They…notice.   It’s a real turn-on for him.

(The results are very good for me at the end of the night too, wink wink.)

What I find funny are the cady reactions I see from other women. “What is she wearing? Look.”  I actually find that more funny.

As so many of the comments we read here are from men who express their dismay and sadness at their wives’ or girlfriends’ refusal to wear (and not just in general, but not even once in a great while for their men’s enjoyment), it’s refreshing to see such a positive comment from a real lady out there who definitely gets it.  Go, Kim.

That reminded me of a similar comment we saw here last year.  It came from Aimelous:

Picture from file, not of Aimelous.

For me personally I like wearing (pantyhose) for the man I’m with because I like the fact that it turns him on and it makes me feel desired and in control. It is such a simple request by a man asking me to wear a pair, who would say no?

I’m confused by all the women that do say no or think it’s weird there are so many fetishes and I find this one to be so easy to accommodate. I also like the feeling of somebody rubbing my legs or feet while I have on a pair.  It feels nice and I actually really do like it.

I do read the men’s comments and they seem to have problems asking women or finding women that want to do this and I can’t understand why a woman wouldn’t? Again that is just how I feel because it’s just so easy.

I do also find the nylons to be a very intimate thing and that is more my style. I’m sure I could wear a pair for a guy who didn’t really like them because men basically do whatever you want and ask him to rub my legs but it simply would not be the same feeling to me as a man who truly enjoyed that.

I would rather have a relationship now with a man who prefers them and likes them than a man who didn’t.

power-in-phAhhhhh, now there’s a lady who truly gets it.  Notice that in Aimelous’ very first sentence, she writes “ … and it makes me feel desired and in control.”

This is the power I’m talking about.  Sadly, most women today don’t seem to realize they could wield that power if they would wear sheer pantyhose.

Rather, they must find it easier to just complain and cite the same old lame excuses about how bad pantyhose must be.  I say “must be” because I believe most of them don’t actually know, as they are merely following along, riding the bandwagon that others like them started a decade-and-a-half ago.

Back to Aimelous: A bit later when a male reader (who mentioned that his wife doesn’t wear), asked Aimelous what her favorite shade of pantyhose is, she responded:

For me its the nude and i prefer a better quality nylon. I like very soft/silky feels like cashmere. Since you like them so much as do most men here im confused why you all forgo them (i know its not your choice).

How important is it to you in your relationship on a scale from 1/10. Im confused why people are with others when they cant really be themselves?  I dont think i could ever do that.  Dont get me wrong i understand life obligations, jobs, kids, wife, etc and nylons shouldnt be more important by any means, but isnt it a part of you and who you are or no?

And that is exactly what I’ve been saying for years to men who write comments here, or letters they email me.  It is so refreshing to hear another lady ask:  Why do you guys forgo so easily the thing you love most in life?  And how important is it to you in your relationship?


Now, I’m no therapist, and it’s a good thing I’m not a marriage counselor either.  I wouldn’t be a good one because I’d tell these guys to send their wives or girlfriends packing when they refuse to do such a simple and innocent little favor for their husbands or boyfriends.

Think I’m too harsh?  How many times have I written here:  It’s not as if guys are asking their ladies to wear leather from head to toe, stilettos or corsets?  We’re talking about soft, sheer pantyhose here, people.  They weigh like 1.6 ounces and that includes the packaging.  They are like silk.

Well, that’s true about ActSensuous pantyhose, anyway.  Ours are 100 percent nylon (no spandex).  Any woman who would say these are uncomfortable is simply fooling herself.  In such a case, the real issue must be that she has no sense of femininity, elegance, beauty or glamour.

Comments on this blog like those from Kim, Amielous and a few others are very encouraging, as it’s good for everyone to see in writing that not all women out there are simple cows who just don’t get (or worse, don’t care) what their men want.

Also last year, came this positive, but at the same time, heart-wrenching comment from Annie:

I’m twenty four, I live in the UK and I’ve just come out of a relationship with a guy who I absolutely adored and he had a tights (that’s what we call them here!) fetish.

Before meeting him I thought of tights as nothing special really. I assumed men preferred bare legs. I had to wear them for work and I never even took a second glance at deniers or finishes when buying them. But now, I see the true beauty of them. I can tell which denier and finish someone is wearing when they pass me in the street.

I absolutely loved the fetish and it became a huge part of my life. I found the entire concept of it so exciting and I now wear them every single day. I also notice that a pair of heels and low denier black tights have turned more than a few heads when I’ve walked by! I do think there’s something about them now!

Picture from file, not of Annie.

The hardest thing I’m finding now that we’ve broken up it’s kind of like ‘Well what now?’ Do I just hope someone will find me who has the same fetish?  Do I actively look for someone with this fetish? I’ve looked online and found websites and forums but something about looking for someone with a fetish seems a bit ‘not right’ to me?

I don’t have the fetish myself, but I feel I have been conditioned to link tights with sex now and I find the thought of having sex without them very mundane, I enjoyed it so much!

It made me feel so much more attractive, and teaming them with outfits became something I absolutely threw myself into with enthusiasm.

At first, I thought it was just because I missed him, but it would seem not.

I’ve posted this here because I feel this blog is the most ‘clean’ and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I felt I might get some kind of helpful feedback as opposed to people responding with crude comments followed by their telephone numbers! Thanks.

Wow, what a great girl Annie is.  She truly is a dream come true for most of the men on this planet.  I hope she will follow up and let us know how things are going for her today, and whether she’s found a new boyfriend who surely would consider himself  among the luckiest guys in the world.

In today’s world filled with negativity, hatred, madness (and ugliness in how most women present themselves), it’s wonderful to see that there still are some very special ladies out there who truly get it?  They have learned, accepted and embraced (or, in some cases, always knew in the first place) the reality that they wield true power when wearing pantyhose.

However, this comment came through last year from Elsa:

Picture from file, not of Elsa. Sadly, though, these sheer pantyhose likely found the trash bag in Elsa’s house.

I recently started dating a guy with a pantyhose fetish. I don’t know what to think about it.  I’ve tried indulging him as much as he wants, but honestly I just don’t like the feel of them and can only take them on my legs for a short period of time.

Should I just give up on him and hope he finds someone who enjoys them as much as he does?

It’s not a big deal to endure a little discomfort now and then for his pleasure, but honestly, why is his fetish more important than my aversion to these not-so-natural clothing items?

I get it you guys love the look and feel of them, but isn’t it just a tad bit unhealthy to be so obsessed with an item of clothing? It’s starting to cause problems when he wants me to wear them and I don’t feel like it. It’s not like I haven’t happily gone along with it countless times already, but it can’t be every time. It is just getting boring.

OK, I appreciate that Elsa at least tried to indulge her boyfriend’s love for pantyhose.  Yet, while perhaps she isn’t quite the man-hating bear who couldn’t care less about the wants and needs of the one in her life, she is one of those females I find so perplexing.  She just doesn’t like the feel of pantyhose, and “can take them on her legs for only a short period of time?”  Uh, could that be because they are too tight maybe?

Open market: A business lady already wearing (above, and two others below, right), inspects a pair of sheer pantyhose from a street vendor.

This is one of those issues I’ve been trying to educate women about for … I don’t know, a hundred years now?  For a woman to say she doesn’t like the feel of pantyhose on her legs, tells me she doesn’t know how to choose pantyhose.

As I’ve said for (ever), women have choices!  I suppose even I wouldn’t like the feel of pantyhose on my legs if I were buying the kind with a high concentration of spandex in them.

Of course, I realize there are thousands of men who love the tight-fitting shiny kind of pantyhose, which might actually have more to do with an encasement or bondage fetish than a pantyhose fetish.

Spandex, a synthetic compound of rubberized particles, was invented in the 1980s for athletic apparel, such as compression shorts.

street-vendor-2Their application in pantyhose allowed manufacturers to make a (money saving) one-size-fits-all style because spandex would allow the garment to stretch, but then return to it’s original size and shape.

My belief is that probably most women, but definitely the ones who are slightly willing to “sacrifice” (I’m using that word sarcastically) their comfort and principles for their man’s pleasure, have little if any education or experience in shopping for pantyhose.

So they either buy a brand/style haphazardly, or just wear whatever their men buy for them.

Ouch: Made with a great amount of spandex, pantyhose like these are going to be super tight, something many ladies likely would find uncomfortable.

Now, wearing pantyhose made with a ton of spandex on one’s legs for an extended length of time certainly could be considered uncomfortable.  And since the vast majority of pantyhose today have some degree of spandex in them, it stands to reason that those are the kind most women are buying.

They must not realize they have more than just that style from which to choose.

Those are the women who try pantyhose once or maybe a couple times and come away with a negative feeling about them.

In Elsa’s case, she admits she has an aversion to pantyhose, and calls them a “not-so-natural” item of clothing.  Her hostility toward pantyhose is obvious, making me surprised that she tried to indulge her man’s love for them even once.

Excellent viewpoints

Have you noticed the well-conceived and brilliantly written comments that have been appearing here lately?  They’re quite impressive.  A couple of months ago, Russell, a reader I believe is a lawyer, wrote (in part) this:

kate-middleton-006In this season of presidential election politics, I pose the question “Do women who lean toward the right or conservatism tend to wear pantyhose more frequently than their left or liberal leaning cohorts?”

I submit the answer is yes and here is my argument in support of my position. Conservative women favor preservation of tradition, class, good looks, being well dressed and polished. They are typically not subject to what I call the lemur phenomena, meaning they will not follow others off a cliff just because that’s the direction the rest of the crowd is heading.

Liberals, or left leaning women follow current trends and fads. Once pantyhose became a pariah of feminists who viewed them as a symbol of male oppression and sexism, they followed suit and continue to do so in the honest belief that they have no other function save for objectifying women.

Well, I don’t disagree with anything Russell wrote, although clearly, there’s more to it than that.

Similarly, writer Kinsley Goldman of Celeb Dirty Laundry, an Internet entertainment news publication, on March 26, 2012 wrote:

Kate Middleton (above left) is becoming a fashion leader and this means that the conservative look is definitely on rise.  Duchess Catherine is now the most looked-at woman in the world, as well as the most admired.  Her clothing choices are elegant, modest, and conservative while always fresh and never dowdy.”

A couple of weeks ago, another wise reader, JA, expanded on Russell’s comment, writing (in part) this:

I see the women who refuse to wear pantyhose today as falling into either one of two categories: “Copy Cats” or “Scaredy Cats”.

The Copy Cats are followers who simply do whatever they’re told and what everyone else does because they are incapable of acting out of independent thought. When wearing pantyhose was in vogue, they wore them, and would never think of doing otherwise. When pantyhose fell out of favor, they followed suit and perpetuated the trend. Lemmings, pure and simple.

The Scaredy Cats know better than this, but lack the confidence to do what they feel is right because doing so would make them look like outcasts and subject them to ridicule.

Both groups lack conviction, and both groups share the blame for our current “drought”, but there is one startling difference between the two. Since the Scaredy Cats are not being true to themselves, they feel guilty for going “bear”. The Copy Cats, on the other hand, feel a sense of pride.

That’s an interesting and entertaining way of putting it, and I agree with JA.  But it was something else JA wrote that really resonated with me, as it is something I have believed for a long time.

Here’s how JA put it (in part):

… like it or not, “bear legs” have become the traditional style of dress. As recent comments on this site point out, it is the women who wear pantyhose in today’s world who are looked upon as being the “non-traditional” ones, whose actions are viewed as being “radical”, “pushing the envelope”, “upsetting the status quo”, “being risque”, and who are actively testing modern society’s comfort levels. A decade and a half ago, it was the “bears” who fell into this category.


Beauties and the beasts

The reason I like JA’s statement is its reality takes away what I believe was always the beasts’ greatest goal in life — to change the decent and good values of society in the areas of professionalism, class, elegance and good taste — probably mostly for the sake of just being counter culture, but maybe also because those are the standards they fear the most.  I believe they can’t handle the pressure of living up to such values, and view it as easier to look and act like beasts than to carry themselves with any kind of grace and elegance like the beauties.

The best part is that the beasts sought attention for trying to bring all of society down to their level, but it backfired, as it’s now the outnumbered beauties (those who continued to embrace the traditional values by daring to wear sheer pantyhose for all the right reasons) who are now getting all the attention the beasts so craved in the first place.  And that attention is growing stronger and faster than the beasts ever could have imagined for their own cause.

And, men everywhere are noticing and applauding the beauties.  So tired men are of beast mode.  They’ve had it with this ugliness and their voices are beginning to get a little louder.  For the most part, look at the advertising on TV, which too often portrays women as wanting to look, act and dress like men.

This Checkers

This currently airing TV commercial (right) for a Checkers steak burger, features a woman dressed in leather from head to toe, ratcheting up her jaw to about three times normal size to take a huge bite.  This look isn’t attractive to civilized men, and it doesn’t do women any favors, unless they aspire to be biker chicks maybe.

And garbage like this is only helping to perpetuate beast mode in America.

A few years ago, I stumbled across this site:

You've got to be kidding.
You’ve got to be kidding.

It’s about the ever-growing number of men who are dismayed and disgusted at how so many American women have long lost their sense of beauty and femininity, and when I first saw it, the main example was the way women dress these days, particularly, the fact that they had stopped wearing pantyhose.

Today, I had to search to find the site again.  I Googled what I thought was the website’s name: Don’t date American women.  OK, that wasn’t it, but there were at least 10 pages of links to that subject.  I say “at least” because I stopped at page 10.  It was getting too depressing.

Sadly, most women today continue to miss or ignore two great principles:  (1.) The vast majority of men throughout the world always profess that they love and desire women in pantyhose; (2.) Women appear to have no clue about the power they could wield if they wore sheer pantyhose.

(Or, they don’t care, which is even worse.)

It's much more routine for ladies throughout Europe to wear sheer pantyhose with attractive outfits.

Maybe women today think it doesn’t matter what men love and want.  If that’s their attitude, they are selling themselves and sealing their own doom, as more and more men are becoming fed up with the beasts in America and are now getting the conviction to seek foreign beauties who have strong values, enjoy being female, and dress and act like ladies.

Indeed, the ladies in most civilized countries throughout the world embrace the wearing of sheer pantyhose as part of their culture of beauty, class and elegance.  (As pantyhose once were here, where they were invented.)

It’s much more routine for ladies throughout Europe to wear sheer pantyhose with attractive outfits.

almost-obscureAnd, women throughout Asia in particular don’t have to be persuaded (or begged) to wear pantyhose.

They wouldn’t think of doing otherwise, as sheer pantyhose are that ingrained in their culture.  It’s almost funny to me to see that Asian men often don’t even offer a glance when a beautiful woman in pantyhose walks by.

That might be because, to them, it’s no big deal.  They see it all the time, every single day.

To the beasts who have no interest in the values of femininity and beauty, those who don’t think it’s important to wear pantyhose to the office, to a wedding or even to a funeral; who wouldn’t consider wearing even on date night, or for just 20 minutes to please their men on special occasions, know this: Time is running out for you.   And men are keeping score.

For men, time is now

Back in 2012, I wrote a post here: Future of pantyhose in men’s hands?

In it, I suggest that men need to do a better job of communicating with the ladies.  They need to express (the right way) their feelings about pantyhose.

I still believe that to some extent it is men who can bring pantyhose back into the mainstream.  It’s already beginning to happen.  We can see pantyhose coming back a little every day.

Ticking away: It’s high time for pantyhose to be back in the mainstream in America.

The timing is right for all good men to make it known to their wives/gfs they want to see them wearing pantyhose.

I could be wrong here (it happened once … unless I’m mistaken).  So, to those men whose wives/gfs refuse to wear pantyhose to work, out and about, and definitely not for you, there are two things you should consider:

  1. Life is short. Do you really want to waste your youth, energy and passion?  Find the right match for yourself.
  1. Sacrifice and denial can be good (if you’re into the whole zen thing), but can you live with regret?

I understand that you’re responsible, loyal, and don’t want to seem as if you’re too shallow, and that’s very noble of you.  But, at some point, shouldn’t you ask yourself:

“How strong is my marriage (or relationship)?  Isn’t this thing supposed to be a partnership here, like you know, 50-50 or something?   What message is my wife (or gf) sending me if she won’t do such a simple thing as wear pantyhose for me even once in a while?

“And, do I really want to be with a woman anyway, who thinks it’s OK to go ‘bear’-legged at the office, or to a formal event?  Seriously, can I really be with a woman who has such hatred and aversion to something as beautiful, delicate and decidedly feminine as pantyhose?”

Sorry, but to me, it sounds as if too many of your wives/gfs aren’t trying all that hard to be in their marriages/relationships.  That can’t be good.

Still, all these factors aside, if you’re willing to live without your passion, and you can justify to yourself this whole issue, even though you get no fairness in your relationship (not even a little quid pro quo), here are some things you can do for yourself so that you can at least achieve some measure of sick satisfaction:

Retaliation strategies for men

Longtime readers here might remember, I once suggested a few things men whose wives/gfs refuse to wear pantyhose for them should do in retaliation.  I meant it as a joke back then, but now I really think you ought to try these things.

So, here you go …  If your wife or girlfriend won’t wear pantyhose for you, try these things:

  • Don’t wear a necktie — If she loves to see you in a tie, don’t wear one. Tell her ties are uncomfortable, out of style, too grandpa, and irrelevant in today’s more casual dress styles.
  • Don’t wear a belt — When you go out with her, wear dress pants with a tucked-in dress shirt and dress shoes, but skip the belt. Tell her the same as above.
  • Don’t wear socks — See above explanation.
  • If she doesn’t like a beard, grow one.
  • If she does like a beard, shave or don’t grow one.

Well, guys, there you have it.  I’ve showed you how you can solve the biggest dilemma in your life.  Now, the results are up to you.

Ladies, you knew “Knowledge is power.”  Now, you should know Wearing pantyhose is power.


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103 thoughts on “The power that comes with wearing pantyhose unrealized by most ladies

  • I have just found your blog and think this article is fascinating. When I met my wife she hardly ever wore pantyhose because she found them uncomfortable but now she wears them every single day, even as part of a casual look. What changed? She discovered that if you invest in quality and get the right size, they are not uncomfortable and she now has the confidence to display her legs in a variety of styles.
    Personally I have always admired sheer hosiery on ladies. I grew up in the 70s and 80s when it seemed like every woman wore them, and I do find them alluring and seductive so I will admit that they have a certain power over me. My wife knows this and probably uses it to her advantage !
    But they do have a practical side too. I started wearing skin tone hosiery last year to cover up my own blemishes, as I have developed the skin condition vitiligo. They give me the confidence to keep wearing shorts, enhance the appearance of my own legs and are stealthy enough to wear as part of a male outfit without any connotations of cross dressing. They are a very practical and versatile garment, that can be both sexy and functional at the same time.

  • My first wife was 21 years old when we married. She loved to wear pantyhose and did almost every day. She would purchase as many as 12 pairs at a time. Sheer and reinforced toe styles. She understood the power and attention she commanded when she wore them. She could feel every eye on her legs, feet, and even body.

    It was fun watching her at a mall or event from a distance and see all the men who would stare and even talk to her, and compliment her legs and feet. She was an “Exhibitionist”. she loved to be looked at. Her favorite outfit to wear in the early 80’s was a Terry Clothe Romper and some clear heels. She always wore suntan pantyhose, and her toenail polish color matched her lips and fingers. When she walked into the room dressed like that, all attention was on her.

    We bought our first brand new car and she was wearing this type of outfit. She got everything she wanted. Every time she would cross her legs, or change positions, the salesman would fumble and get distracted. It was soooo obvious that she even laughed at him. He was oblivious to to what was going on. He was under her power.

    Yes, some women are missing out. They truly do have the power to dominate when wearing hose. 🙂

  • This is an easy 5 star post because what’s pointed out here is very important not only to women but also men; but there’s even more to it once we understand…or have somewhat of a grasp where this power fits into the grand scheme of things.

    From a man’s perspective…or at least my perspective, it’s quite evident, to me anyways, that femininity is one of the driving forces behind masculinity. It’s not the most important driving force but one of the most powerful ones. Powerful because it has a lot of influence on the most important driving force, that in my opinion, makes a man a real man and separates him from the males. I’ll get to what I believe that is later, but there are men and there are males. There’s a difference.

    I once read a post somewhere where a female (the difference between women and females has already been established here)…a female posted a question…”Is there any real men left out there anywhere?” Before I could chime in my response to this female’s post, I stopped for a moment and wondered….”Well, first I would need to know her definition of a real man”… which can be defined in so many different ways these days in this country that it’s practically lost track of it’s true meaning. So I didn’t answer, because she didn’t explain how she defines a real man with her question indicating that she probably didn’t have a clue about what a real man is, therefore not deserving a response from a real man, which I do consider myself to be…humanly… of course. I do have my faults.

    So, you’re all probably wondering what my definition of a real man is.

    First let me tell you what I think it’s not. It’s not the guy with all the muscles who flexes in front of the mirror at the gym. It’s not the guy who thinks that he is God’s gift to women. It’s not the playboy who thinks the more women he sleeps with, the manlier he is. It’s not the guy who thinks men are superior to women. It’s not the guy who can’t think beyond NASCAR and the NFL. It’s not the guy who can chug a 12 pack of beer every night and not be fazed…. Trust me, I know. I have been some of this… and the list goes on.

    So here’s my definition

    First and foremost…and most importantly:


    That is the foundation, and the most important driving force behind true masculinity and what separates the men from the males.

    It can be accomplished in many ways I won’t elaborate on here. It’s not just military men, policemen, and firemen. There’s a treasure trove of real men there, but some of them are still just males. It can be as simple as a boyfriend’s commitment to his one and only girlfriend.

    So why do I think that this is important to point out here on this post?

    It’s important because a real feminine woman is more often than not, the driving force behind what MAKES A MAN WANT TO BE THAT. One who serves something greater than himself.

    Femininity drives Masculinity. That’s why pantyhose are powerful. They maximize femininity in women. They are a feminine garment designed specifically to do that… and maximum femininity makes a real man want to maximize his masculinity. He will think about her all the time. He will go out there and get the job done, whatever that is, do it right the first time, with a purpose, which is to get back to her and be with her. Her needs will become his priorities no matter how ridiculous some of them might be. Her femininity will influence him to see past that, even blindly sometimes.

    His only need, or his most important one, will be…just to be with her and her gorgeous sheer nylon legs, and want to do just about anything she asks of him. No matter how tough his day was. Sheer nylon legs can make him put that all behind him….right now.

    Remembering though, that we are still human…and sometimes need a little more motivation, just not nearly as much as males.

    • Wow, Axel, what a great comment. You really “get it.”

      I don’t disagree with anything you wrote, but more than that, I like your very original take on how femininity defines masculinity. As you might have seen here, I am always complaining about how so many women today have lost their femininity. I blame them for that. Still, I never really focused on the degree to which masculinity is dependent upon femininity, and vice versa.

      I believe there is too much of a sense of gender equality today. Guys wanna be girls, girls wanna be guys, “dogs and cats living together … total pandemonium.”

      And when ladies forgo wearing sheer pantyhose — the one accessory that is decidedly feminine, the sexiest thing they could ever wear, and the one thing that is overwhelmingly alluring to men — it only furthers the divide between women and men.

      Thank you for your very good take on this (one of my own favorites) post, Axel.

      • You are most welcome Robin. I’m pleased that you liked it. I wasn’t sure about posting it. Sort of felt like I was going out on a limb. My take on what real men are and one of the most powerful forces that drives them to that, has got me into hot water a few times. Maybe another one of your excellent posts will inspire me to share a story or two, but I’d rather keep things positive and talk about the good things you are doing here, and I cannot emphasise enough how important they really are in the grand scheme of things and how significant that power really is.

        Speaking of something positive. If I may. I never liked referring to the “Passion” of pantyhose on women as a “Fetish”. To me that’s a derogatory term for it and I think it can have a negative impact on the cause. It’s like calling a a black person the “N” word.

        Try this. Google “Fetish” in Images and you’ll see what I’m talking about. You’ll see nothing elegant there. We both know that the internet has more influential power…especially on the sheeple… than anything.

        The term “fetish” I believe anyway, can give something as simple yet glamorous as pantyhose a pornographic image of it, especially to the uneducated, which is a turnoff probably to as many people as it is a turn on….especially those ladies with elegant minds, but don’t want to thought of as a pornographic object. I even feel that the term gave the bears ground to stand on in their mindless effort against us, and used that ground to influence other elegant minded people to their side and validating their cause to the sheeple.

        When people are passionate about something they are positive about it. Totally! And “Passion” is contagious. There are a lot of people out their lacking Passion in their lives looking for it. This simple garment we are passionate about…has the potential to light that fire in some of them…opening a whole new world to them.

        But that’s just me.

        • I don’t know, Axel, you might be on to something there about the word, fetish.

          Personally, that word has never bothered me, but at least one other commenter here a long while back also believed that women might be turned off by pantyhose because they are so often featured in pornography. But women today can easily come up with enough very flimsy arguments about why they hate pantyhose, and I’ve never heard any of them point to pornography.

          Still, I think there is merit in choosing one’s words more carefully, citing a man’s passion for pantyhose, rather than his fetish for them. Couldn’t hurt anyway. I don’t how many times I’ve written that pantyhose are professional, classy, decidedly feminine … and inherently sexy. There’s just no escaping that pantyhose are sexy.

          Nevertheless, I’ve learned that there are at least two different aspects and meanings of the word fetish: (1.) the worship of an object (pantyhose) in replacement of a real human being to achieve pleasure, and (2.) the powerful drive to experience an object of worship for oneself, as in a man wanting to wear pantyhose for his own pleasure.

          So, besides misunderstanding or confusion about the word, fetish, women might be turned off by pantyhose since they are something that turns on men. Then again, the real problem might just be women’s overwhelming desire to be treated equally with men in all aspects of their existence. Nothing could make a woman look more feminine than her wearing sheer pantyhose, so if her goal is to be treated the same way as society treats a man, that’s another “excuse” for ditching the pantyhose.

          Oh well, who can understand anything about a woman anyway, right? 🙂

  • Hello Robin and crew. Just a ‘hello!’ to ya’ll and other PHriends as it has been a while since I posted here. The site looks better than ever, and everyone’s view points are great. Keep up the Smooth work ~ Let’s make this world a Silkier place. 🙂 – Erick the Red Post Script- Last time you mentioned that you liked the Elizabeth Hurley collage I made and asked for more – I have many. Here is one of Kate Bush:

    • Hi Eric,

      Good to hear from you again. Thank you for your comment, well wishes and the collage, although I must confess I have no idea who Kate Bush is.

  • Here is one of my favorite flying/pantyhose stories. I used to be a corporate pilot for a law firm and every lady who worked there (lawyers, paralegals to data entry) always wore sheer hose. There was this one lady who was the definition of gorgeous and always wore a nice tight skirt, sheer hose and stilettos. When I would get the load manifest and saw her name on it, I would always get excited.

    On one occasion I had to fly a group of attorneys to a town for a deposition, and she was on the manifest. When she showed up, sure enough she was dressed to the hilt.

    I flew into this location and they all left to do their job while I waited for their return. When they returned they were getting on the airplane and she looked unbelievable. As I got on board the aircraft, she was already seated in a seat facing the rear of the aircraft, I tried not to stare. She was sitting there with her skirt mid thigh, and her hose sure looked wonderful. I kept saying to myself, don’t stare, don’t stare. LOL

    While trying not to stare, I tripped and landed in her lap right across her thighs. Some people get their five seconds of fame, and I got my five seconds of heaven that day. She looked down and smiled and said, are you enjoying the view? I was so embarrassed, yet excited at the same time.

  • Excellent column with lots of great photos. Women should consider themselves fortunate if their man has a pantyhose fetish. There are plenty of guys with high-heeled shoe fetishes and I have to believe it is much easier to wear pantyhose than stiletto heels to keep a man happy

    The picture of the woman laying on the couch while talking to her therapist was cute and very appropriate for this forum. This website helps all of us guys with the pantyhose fetish deal with all the withdrawal symptoms we’ve suffered during the “bear” leg era

  • At my office, one of the recent hires is an attractive late-twenties-to-thirtyish brunette. Although a decent dresser, she is a confirmed Bear. She usually wears high heels but always wears them (either with slacks or a skirt) “bear,” without even knee-highs with the slacks.

    Only once, so far, have I seen her “wear”: there was a special meeting one day in her department, and she came in wearing a red dress, black heels and tan pantyhose. She looked beyond fantastic. (Yes, I know I should have told her so, to encourage more wearing; but since at that time I didn’t know her that well, I couldn’t think of a way to do so without sounding creepy and sexual harassment-y.)

    So yesterday, she was with a group of us who went across the street for coffee. She was, as usual, wearing high heels, nothing on beneath them. It’s January and freezing cold. I heard her remark to someone about how “my ankles are really cold!” It took all my self-restraint not to say, “Dingus! You don’t suppose that’s because you’re not wearing anything on them, do you?”

    Then today, it’s even colder out…and AGAIN she wears heels and nothing else! Dingus!

    I mean, I’d at least respect her decisions if she was wearing opaque tights or something, even though normally I consider opaque tights proof that the Devil exists (my rule of thumb is, “If you can’t see the toes, it ain’t pantyhose.”). But this? Literally freezing your legs off because some idiot with a keyboard told women fifteen years ago not to wear pantyhose? Again I say…dingus!

    • Hey MrMike,

      Great comment. Thank you.

      Your self-restraint is admirable. Pretty sure I wouldn’t have been able to hold myself back in such a case. It is too bad we all (yes, even us girls) can’t compliment a female coworker (or for that matter, a female out and about in public) for fear of being perceived as creepy weirdos. One more stupid thing the ACLU pansies out on the leftist coast gave us. Thanks for nuthin’.

      I like your: “If you can’t see the toes, it ain’t pantyhose.” But what the heck is a Dingus? 🙂

      Happy New Year, MrMike.

  • Hi Robin. I am 42 years old, and I have dug pantyhose since kindergarten at age 5 or 6. I live in the Mid Ohio area. Back in the day I’d go to the mall quite a bit with my mom, grandma or older brothers. There was this department store at the mall called Lazarus which was eventually bought out over a decade ago by Macy’s. I was with my grandma at the time and while she was looking at clothes in the women’s department, as we entered the misses and petites part of the store, we passed by a couple female mannequins that looked so real and beautiful. There were at least two of them standing side by side, and both were wearing dresses just above the knees and sheer suntan or nude pantyhose with either stiletto pumps or strappy open toe high heel sandals (I could see the toe seam on the latter.) As we were leaving for the exit, when my grandma wasn’t looking I quickly stroked my hand down their hose clad legs so I could feel the silky nylon material. It felt so wonderful. I had felt nothing incredibly luxurious like it before. Another time, at the same Lazarus store, my mom and I went to the children’s apparel department to find back to school clothes for me (I was going into either 1st or 2nd grade at the time.) Across from that department was the young misses department and there was another lovely female mannequin I saw in a tennis outfit (a white sweater, white polo style blouse and a bright yellow short sporty skirt) with no-show white ankle socks, white tennis shoes and, you guessed it, sheer pantyhose (the nude coloured sheer to waist kind that women tennis players usually wore to their matches.) While (my mom) was at the checkout counter paying for the clothes but waiting in line. I sat down on the 2 foot high riser platform next to her (the mannequin) and I slightly touched her hose clad right leg (didn’t know she was wearing hose at the time until I touched her leg) and got an eyeful of her hose, all the way up to her hips, and its gusset panel as I got a nice upskirt view when I looked underneath her skirt. Keep in mind that I was very young and did not know better, but it was well worth it. And the best part of both instances was that nobody saw me do it, not even the guests that walked by or my mom. And given the fact that I was only a little tyke, I don’t think anyone would have cared even if they did see me do it. Since my first feel of the nylon material, I never looked back, and I’ve been addicted to pantyhose ever since those times. I miss the days when ALL beautiful women wore pantyhose.

    Anyway, many people have made mention of the so-called fashion “experts” that tell women not to wear pantyhose and go “bear” (most likely Stacy London and her ilk.) But not all of them are like that. French-American fashion guru Phillip Bloch is a perfect example of that. He is 100% pro-pantyhose, likes to see women hosed up, and he apparently owns a huge chunk in stock for the HanesBrand Corporation which owns Hanes and L’eggs products. He has been on shows such as “Today”, “Good Morning America”, and even “The Wendy Williams Show” making pitches that it’s ok for women to wear hosiery again. He’s an official spokesperson for the company as he makes over frumpy dressed females (seen wearing tees, jeans, and sneakers he helps makes them over) by transforming them into beautiful princesses wearing lovely dresses, high heel pumps or sandals, and either Hanes (Alive or Silk Reflections) or L’eggs (Sheer Energy or Silken Mist) hosiery. In years past, Phillip even made pitches for the more upscale Donna Karan Nudes hosiery brand (a popular brand worn by my most soap opera actresses, and even mega huge pop star Lady Gaga), especially when the Sara Lee Corporation owned DK as well as Hanes and L’eggs over a decade ago before Hanes and L’eggs merged to form HanesBrand. I have attached a few (video and visual) links with Phillip and his appreciation for sheer hose. , , Links: ,, and .

    In addition to the aforementioned celebrities that avidly wear pantyhose while on camera or during special events, there’s also American actresses Jennifer Love Hewitt (of “Party Of Five”, “I Know What You Did Last Summer”, “The Ghost Whisperer”, and “Garfield: The Motion Picture” fame, who a few years back pitched for Hanes in its TV spots), Danica McCuller (Hallmark Channel movie star actress (who often is seen wearing sheer hose on the big and small screen(s), and is best known for her supporting role of Winnie Cooper (Kevin’s girlfriend) on the popular late 80’s and early 90’s series “The Wonder Years”), Felicity Jones (actress from the current “Star Wars” series), dazzling Ukraine-American professional dancer (from “Dancing With The Stars”) Karina Smirnoff (who many times wears fishnets or even sheer hose both on camera and while on the red carpet or during special celebrity events), Canadian-born “Twilight” movie franchise supporting actress Tinsel Korey (who very often wears sheer nude pantyhose on the red carpet and at other special events), famous British actress Pixie Lott (an avid hose wearer), popular British TV hosts Carole Vorderman, Alex Jones and Louise Minchin, Bulgarian-born Canadian-American actress Nina Dobrev, very popular UK musical acts The Saturdays (an all female pop vocal group featuring singers Frankie Sandford-Bridge, Una Healy, Rochelle Humes, Vanessa White, and Mollie King who are all seen clad in sheer tights/pantyhose during their performances) and Sugababes (an all female pop vocal group featuring British singer/actress Heidi Range as its most popular member that did an ad for Pretty Polly hosiery a few years ago), world famous German celebrities singers/actresses Jasmin Wagner and Jeanette Biederman, former Miss Universe contestant turned German TV host Verona Pooth, and popular German TV hosts Marlene Lufen and Simone Panteleit. And we cannot forget many of the women from Fox News, most notably hosts from the show “Outnumbered” Sandra Smith (a beautiful blonde who almost never goes on camera without putting on a pair of sheer tan pantyhose which she always pairs with closed toe high heel pumps, but has never worn any open toed or peep toe heels on camera, even in sweltering hot triple-digit summer climate) and Harris Faulkner (a stunning leggy African American host that religious wears sheer tan hose even on the hottest days of the year), and “The Five” star Kimberly Guilfoyle (a gorgeous brunette who always wears alto spiked stiletto heels, closed and/or open toe with sheer nude pantyhose. But not only the women of Fox News are seen wearing pantyhose almost on a daily basis, women from the other major news networks also wear hose quite a bit. This includes “The Talk” host Julie Chen (an avid hose wearer who makes no secret that she’s very fond of wearing them), former NBC “Today” show host and current CNN newswoman Ann Curry (who wore hose almost every day on “Today” during her NBC days), and occasionally ABC’s “The View” (female) panel member Jedediah Bilas. Latino CBS newswoman Elaine Quijano was seen wearing either off black or dark chocolate coloured pantyhose when she moderated the 2016 Vice Presidential debate, and she wears them whenever she is camera for either CBS News or when she fills in on the panel of its daily morning show “CBS This Morning”. When she opted to wear a skirt or dress and flaunt her legs, veteran ex-original co-host of ABC’s “The View”, former NBC “Today” show host (and occasional newswoman) and second most popular “Who Wants To Be A Millionaire” host Meredith Viera almost never went on the set of her shows without donning a a pair of sheer nude pantyhose.

    And b/c I brought up Felicity Jones in the above paragraph, here is a short she starred in for Donna Karan hosiery a few years ago titled “Haven’t We Met Before?” Forty seconds into the short Felicity is seen sliding on a pair of sheer nude hosiery (hopefully she’s putting on tights/pantyhose.) Here’s the link to that clip . Here’s a hilarious clip from “The Talk” from a few years ago where you see host Julie Chen beginning to put on a pair of ultra sheer nude pantyhose by easing them up one leg while the panel debates the subject of hosiery before then fellow panel member Leah Remini yanks them off her leg and tosses them into the audience (Link:

    And last, this might possibly be the first ever mention of ActSensuous hosiery on YouTube – ever. I made reference of this up and coming brand, and it’s seen in the comment section of one of its pantyhose-related threads (Link: There might be a couple inaccuracies, so you are very welcome to correct anything I got wrong, for I, like most pantyhose aficionados, am fairly new to the ActSensuous brand. By seeing at how superb Act III and IV look on the models, I have to express how impressed I was when I got a first glimpse of the downloaded or enlarged images at both the ActSensuous official website or at the ActSensuous blog. Very nice. And the models look even more classy when wearing these pantyhose. Btw, Melissa is my favorite Act model (l’d love to see more pics or sets of her at this very blog), but they are ALL very pretty young ladies.

    • I almost forgot, while many of the women of Fox News aren’t afraid to wear pantyhose on camera, I think widely popular host of that very channel’s “The Kelly File” the lovely Megyn Kelly (a blonde whose legs appeared obviously “bear” during the presidential primary debates she moderated this past year, and actually once feared and/or insulted by soon-to-be President Donald J. Trump – like him or not) should be a frontrunner for the “Bear” Legs of 2016 award.

      I don’t know what Megyn has against sheer hose but she almost never wears them on the set. And when she does wear any hose they are normally black semi sheer tights. Like Megyn Kelly, another Kelly of a different kind, “Live With Kelly” host Kelly Ripa (probably already mentioned before on this blog) also almost never hoses up on camera. That’s probably where Megyn got her “style”, too. Coincidence? Who really knows? What the heck is up with women named Kelly these days, whether by first or last name LOL, to be anti-hose?

      While I made mention of DJT, I’m not sure if either soon-to-be First Lady Melania or daughter Ivanka Trump should be named a candidate for the “Bear” Legs of 2016 award or not? Neither of them wore hose too often in ’16.

      • Hey DJ,

        Once again, thank you for your comment.

        I agree with everything you wrote. Megyn Kelly certainly seems to be anti-pantyhose, but I am guessing that she stopped wearing after former FOX News chief, Roger Ailes, was dismissed from his rule over the station. Too bad about that. Whether he handled it appropriately or not, I believe it was Ailes who mandated that the members of the on-camera women wear pantyhose.

        Kelly, who probably was Ailes’ greatest adversary, likely pulled off her pantyhose and threw them away forever as soon as the former boss was out the door, mostly just to go against whatever Ailes stood for. I believe Kelly thinks she’s all that, but to me, she is extremely unprofessional and shows zero class in flashing those truly “bear” legs of her.

        Yes, she deserves the Grizzly Award, but I hate to give her any attention whatsoever. As for Kelly Rippa, same thing — but she is too useless a bimbo for me to waste any ink on her.

        Finally, I am soooooo happy that the current First (difficult to call her a Lady) will finally be leaving the White House, and I hope to never see her anywhere again. Real classy that a First Lady would come out against the wearing of pantyhose when every other civilized country’s female dignitaries wouldn’t think of not wearing. Shows a real ignorance and lack of anything close to class.

        And, I too, was stunned and disappointed to see the same thing you did — the Trump women going “bear”-legged during the campaign. If I were the Donald, I’d have told both of those women “You’re fired!” OK, not that, but he should have objected to the casual Friday look, as we’re talking about the position of the most powerful man in the United States. What could be more formal than the office of the president?

        We’ve come a long way, but when the wives and daughters of the president are so unprofessional and show such poor taste in the way they dress, it’s as if we haven’t gained much of anything yet.

        • Hi Robin,
          Megyn Kelly has always been “bear” legged even during Roger Ailes’ tenure at Fox News. Ailes didn’t mandate that all the female must wear pantyhose on TV. Instead, he mandated that they must show their legs on camera, whether if they are wearing hose (mostly sheer hose) or not. Referring to DJs comment, I mentioned in another section that Megyn used to wear hose in her early years at Fox News when she co-hosted America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer. Then along the way, she stopped wearing hose likely after posing for GQ in 2010, and getting her own show on the network due to her rising popularity. Megyn announced this week that she is leaving Fox News to join NBC, whoever replaces her is more hose friendly to the viewers.

          It is not just Megyn Kelly that has stopped wearing hose due to her rising celebrity status on TV, But another personality, Susanna Reid, who is from the UK(Kate Middleton’s country where pantyhose or tights as they are called continue to be popular), hardly wears any hose on TV, so it seems that the Bear legs culture is not limited to America. During her tenure with the BBC, Susanna used to wear hose often. Then after appearing on Strictly Come Dancing (UKs version of Dancing with the Stars), where she became hugely popular after finishing as a runner up on the show, Susanna stopped wearing hose on BBC Breakfast and later on ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Susanna still does wear hose off camera occaisionally at various engagements. To me, if Susanna does not wear hose, but wears hose in real life off camera, its likely that the producers or the stylists are instructing them what they should wear and how they should present themselves on TV. TV personalities like Susanna Reid could always refuse their advice, and stick with beliefs, much like Ann Curry has done during her tenure on Today Show.

          Kelly Ripa is way beyond a Grizzly Award or maybe she should be awarded the Grizzly Lifetime Acheivement Award for her devotion to the “Bear” legs culture. However, she has been wear hose, mostly opaques, for the last few days on her show. I wouldn’t be surprised though, if Kelly goes back to sporting her “bear legs” in the next few days even when the weather is cold.

          While it was disappointing seeing the Trump ladies go “bear” legged during the election campaign, Donald’s daughters, Ivanka and Tiffany Trump do wear hose, mostly sheer black and opaques on special occaisions.

          But Donald’s wife and incoming first lady, Melania, hardly wears any hosiery and tan her legs=Typical Bimbo. Despite being a former fashion model from Eastern Europe, Melania follows the American fashion culture since she has lived in the States for the last 20 years. So Americans go from one “bear” legged first lady to another incoming “bear” legged first lady. Very disappointing and sad lack of class in America.

          Happy New Year to you as well, and hope we see more ladies wearing hose in 2017.

    • Hi DJ,

      Thank you for your (extremely lonnnnnnng comment), and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

      OK, after reading all that (I have a migraine, and now need a new prescription for eyeglasses) 🙂 , I can only say if there were an award for longest comment on this blog (there isn’t), you’d win. In fact, you covered so much with this one comment, I can hardly begin to comment on your comment.

      I will say this, though: You mentioned a couple times being new to the ActSensuous brand, and that we are an up-and-coming brand. Actually, we aren’t THAT new. This new year marks our 16th year of existence. I started ActSensuous in 2001 (at the very height of the “bear” legs movement).

      I didn’t begin the blog, though, until 2009, but I believe it is one of my crowning achievements, as it opened the door for classy pantyhose fans to talk safely about all their loves, hopes and dreams regarding pantyhose. And, along the way, we’ve met some fantastic people here.

      Also, I am intrigued that there is a mention about ActSensuous in a YouTube video. If I read that correctly, and it was prompted (in a comment) by you, well, thank you very much.

      Finally, I didn’t find anything funny (or really positive) about the episode you referenced on The Talk in which Leah Remini interrupted Julie Chen’s piece about sheer pantyhose wearing. Remini was extremely loud and obnoxious regarding her distaste for pantyhose, (trying to make the show all about herself). I used to like Remini a great deal when she played the character, Carrie, opposite of the Doug character on The King of Queens TV series, as she often wore and looked fabulous in sheer nude pantyhose.

      Today, she looks more like an overweight biker chick whom no one would want to see in pantyhose anyway.

      OK, DJ, thanks again for your very detailed, thoughtful and entertaining comment.

  • Just read this article again from start to finish. Robin, you really are an exceptional writer. Of course when you have a passion for the topic it comes through, but the quality is amazing.

    I am not really adding anything to this conversation other than I hope the comeback trend continues and can reach into the hearts of the women in the USA.

    Best wishes for a prosperous 2017 and I hope your business skyrockets as the return to women wearing sheer pantyhose progresses.

    • Hi TurboDey,

      Thank you for your excellent comment. It’s nice to be appreciated.

      Yes, I am committed to fighting the “bear” legs cause, and we are seeing more and more positive signs for the return to favor of pantyhose.

      Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous 2017.

  • Hi all,

    I am not much on blogging but I would like to leave a review of these pantyhose.

    I am a flight attendant on a major airline and I live in Dallas TX.
    I have a friend in the aviation business who heard me say something about being required to wear hosiery while on duty and not liking it. He said he’d give me some pantyhose that he believed I would actually like wearing. I didn’t really believe him, however, he sent me two pair of black and two pair of suntan Act IV and I wore them on my last three days of flying.

    Ok, he was right, they are great, they look great and they are very comfortable. I’ve always liked the way pantyhose looks on my legs, they have just been so itchy and uncomfortable, but not Act IV. I will definitely wear these pantyhose more often, even when not at work, because I can look HOT and be comfortable too.

    My friend is going to send a couple of pairs for some co-workers, I am sure they will be as delighted as I am.

    Thank you.


    • Hi Cindy,

      Thank you for your comment (and review of our Act IV), and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      It’s great to have another female among us — especially, a flight attendant. You know, I think most guys consider flight attendants very sexy, so if you’re willing, it would be neat if you’d send all the guys here another comment some time and attach a pic of yourself in your uniform (wearing Act IV, of course). Just a thought.

      Either way, I’m happy you like our Act IV, and I’m glad you stopped here to say hi and tell everyone.



      • I concur with your sentiments Robin. Welcome Cindy! Glad to hear your opinion, being a flight attendant.

        I’m very pleased with the past few months as at least 4 to 5 women have posted their opinions about your brand of pantyhose and hosiery in general. So, I say kudos to all the recent women who have posted and hope to read more of their thoughts, likes, and descriptions their pantyhose experiences.

        I think very highly of flight attendants, as I used to work for a Regional airline at an International airport, and saw many flight attendants.

        On another note, I’m happy to say that on Mon and Tues of this week I observed 92 different women wearing pantyhose or tights.

        Keep up the faith all!

    • Hello again, thank you everyone for your welcome, that is so nice. Unfortunately, there have been a lot of flight attendants who have gotten in trouble on blog posts. My uniform depicts the airline I work for, so I am uneasy posting any photos.

      I got some Act IV pantyhose in the mail today from the guy who originally gave them to me. These were sent for me to give to a couple of flight attendant co-workers, I fly out again Sunday for a three day trip and I will let you know what they think. One lady is 25 years old, the other 50, and I am in my late 30s. So,we should have a good flight attendant review for Act IV.

      I will say this, Act IV hose looks great on me and are very comfortable, I figure my co-flight attends will agree. Sorry to disappoint everyone but I am uneasy posting photos, I really am not into the hosiery fetish thing, I am just here to give my review.

      My friend, the man who gave them to me, asked me to leave a review. For free pantyhose, I certainly agreed to do that. LOL I do, however, like Act IV and plan to wear them on and off the job. I just need to have my friend continue to purchase them for me. LOL

      • Hi Cindy,

        Oops, yeah, I never thought about the uniform thing being something that should be reserved for official company business use only. Good call there, Cindy.

        Thanks again. It’s always nice to hear from you.

      • Hi Cindy kudos for you on being professional and wearing pantyhose.I know another woman who is a flight attendant and she says she loves to wear them.However she says about three of her coworkers complain about wearing pantyhose and their reason for that is in case of a fire they can be flammable.

        • Like skirts, blouses and shoes aren’t?

          I quote here from

          “Is nylon flammable? Acetate and triacetate are as flammable or slightly less flammable than cotton. However, they can be made flame-retardant with chemical treatment. Nylon, polyester and acrylic tend to be slow to ignite but once ignited, severe melting and dripping occurs. Wool is comparatively flame-retardant.”

          Seems this one’s another lame excuse some women come up with for not wanting to wear pantyhose.

          Thanks for your comment, Steve.

      • Hello Robin. As promised, here is a review of yesterday and today’s trip (One day left). I gave a pair of Act IV to two other FAs. Both ladies liked them, but, they would not come to your blog to leave a review. However, they both gave me permission to do so for them.

        The 50 year old FA said she did like them, but prefers Leggs sheer energy while on the job. She said, “My 50 year old legs needs something a little tighter while working”. She is 50 but looks 30 and has great legs, I wish I had legs as nice as hers. She did say that if she was going out on a weekend to impress, she would definitely wear the Act IV.

        The 25 year old FA, really liked them. She rarely wears pantyhose outside of work, but she said, Act IV pantyhose were so comfortable, she may wear them from time to time because she does like the way men look at her when she has pantyhose on. I did notice the captain checking us out quite a bit. I guess pilot’s like women wearing pantyhose.

        I have to go get ready for our last leg (No pun intended) of the day. Atlanta, GA, to Seattle WA and then tomorrow two legs and then off for four days.

        Warmest regards, Cindy.

        • Hi Cindy,

          Thank you for your comment and review of our NewAct IV.

          I appreciate your giving your fellow flight attendants some pairs to try. It’s good to hear their points of view, so again, thank you for passing along their words.

          Your 50-year-old colleague is correct about looking to a different brand when she wants pantyhose that will give her legs a physical boost. ActSensuous pantyhose aren’t built for that purpose. Rather, they are designed for the “weekend to impress” she mentioned.

          Oh, and for the reason your 25-year-old coworker cited — because she “likes the way men look at her when she has pantyhose on.

          Have a nice Thanksgiving Day celebration, Cindy, and thanks again for your comment/review.

        • Hi Cindy,
          I would like to welcome you to our blog as well. Great to hear that you and your fellow attendants are enjoying Act IV pantyhose. Keep up the good work in your duties as a flight attendant.

          • Like how Brian W. calls it “our” blog. 🙂 Brian W. is in the Top 3 among most prolific commenters, and it’s cool that so many here must think of my blog as belonging to everyone.

        • Nice report Cindy. It makes sense that your 50 yr. old co-worker would want more squeeze on her stems. That is the only real downside to Robin’s products for FA…you have to protect your legs from DVT leg fatigue and 100% nylon can’t do that…it just make your legs look amazing.
          Keep posting…it is nice to hear your perspective

      • Aloha Cindy,

        Thank you for your post and it is a pleasure to hear from you and your review about the Act IV pantyhose that was asked of you to do. I am a male who loves the look of nylon on women and believe me when I say that flight attendants really do look sharp in their uniforms with pantyhose on.

        I too work for an airline and know of the restrictions there are when it comes to posting a picture on line, or just by being in public. There can be some pretty harsh penaties for us if taken the wrong way, even if it is innocent.

        No doubt you look like a million bucks in your uniform w/pantyhose and we will just imagine it w/o pictures. I see flight attendants from all over here in Honolulu and I can imagine how classy the uniform and hose makes you look, especially the Act IV’s!

        Hope this isn’t too forward of me. I contribute to this blog from time to time but am always reading the entries. This blog is a place where all of us who contribute feelings and opinions about pantyhose can share and relate. We are thankful to Robin about providing it. I enjoy the opportunities to express my feelings about something that is rare at home.

        Please continue your reviews or comments when you can. Most everything posted here is of importance and interest to us all! Welcome!!!


  • Robin, your writing on your blog is always superb. However this one about the power women have wearing pantyhose, is your best. Outstanding!

    The tide is turning. I am seeing more women, especially those under the age of 35 wearing sheer hosiery. I do not have much else to add to all the other readers’ comments. Bravo! I have been off here awhile.

    I’m elated to see more women like Paula commenting and providing more insight of her experience wearing pantyhose. Thank you so much Paula.

  • Thais article couldn’t be truer. I might of been a high school dropout if I didn’t have three female teachers back in the nineties who believed that.

  • Hi Paula, I’m also a women who actually loves wearing pantyhose. I don’t get how other women don’t get it. Oh well, their loss. What are some of your favorite outfits and what occasions to you like to wear them?

    • Hi Kim,

      I often wear pantyhose with shorts, suntan, nude or black, it really doesn’t matter. I wear pantyhose with about everything I put on. Last night I even wore a pair of hose to bed, I guess it was like Linus on Charlie Brown, the pantyhose was my comfort blanket. I kind of needed that last night, I was feeling down.

      I grew up in a lower middle class home in Southern Ohio, I had a stay at home mom and a dad who worked construction. When I was a young girl I would put on mom’s old pantyhose and play house with the neighborhood kids. I was always the mom when we played house and the pantyhose made me feel powerful, like my mom. Mom had bought me tights when I was little, but she would only let me wear her old hose with runs in them to play. I wanted to have a new pair that were my own, however, she resisted because she thought I was too young. Back then young girls didn’t wear pantyhose.

      However, on my 12th birthday mom asked me what I wanted, I told her a pair of pantyhose. So, she took me to K-Mart and let me pick out some. She let me get three pair that would be my own, and I picked out Leggs brand because I liked the little plastic egg. From my 12th birthday until today, pantyhose has been a regular part of my wardrobe, panties, bra and pantyhose, yes everyday, seven days a week.

      My first job out of high school was in a factory working on an assembly line. Although it was not girly, girly job, I still felt feminine because underneath my coveralls I had on pantyhose. My hair was in a bandanna, I had on work gloves, and even work boots. But I was still a girly girl because despite it all, I had on my pantyhose.

      You asked me what my favorite outfits are, I like to wear anything that is feminine and makes me feel like a woman. And pantyhose makes me feel like a strong woman, yet soft and sexy. I may not be bloging as much as I was, but I have not left the group, just bear with me. I just have a lot of things to do right now, and I just will not have the time for a while. I will check in from time to time though.

      • Thank’s Paula! I appreciate everything you said. I hope things are okay for you. Being down and having to keep busy sounds like you could use some help. Again, I hope all is okay. I look forward to hearing from you again!


        • Hi Kim,

          Thank you for your concern, but I am fine. Sometimes life gets a little bit hard, but I am not one to feel sorry for myself (for very long) or quit. I always pull myself up by my pantyhose and fight back. 🙂

  • I think it was Alisa that suggested watching a show called “A good wife” because of the pantyhose scenes. It is a lawyer show, and it has a great plot. Every episode has women, young and old wearing sheer pantyhose. Thanks for the tip Alisa.

    • So, how was everyone’s Halloween? I went to a really fun party at my office. I dressed up like a flight attendant, with some nice dark sheer Pantyhose. (Wonder who gave me that idea? wink wink David)

      I took some pictures, but I can’t figure out how to upload them here, is there an attach button? There was another lady that dressed like Wonder Woman, she had on suntan hose, and a witch with dark hose with spider web designs in them.

      Anyway, I thought I would say hi and hope you had a fun Halloween.


  • I took a shot at the bear again today and I think it was a direct hit. LOL I saw this on youtube which was posted today. Someone asked this fashion “expert” about wearing hose, they wanted to and was asking if it was yay or nay. The so called “expert” said, absolutely no, you will look like a grandma. So, I wrote this…

    I So you think Kate Middleton looks like a grandma? Kate always wears nude hose, and believe me she doesn’t look like a grandma. Many celebrities, other than Kate, are wearing pantyhose again. Kate Middleton, Robin Maryland, Riana Grande, Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Rhianna and Selena Gomez, Lindsay Rhodes, Margot Robbie, Laurel Coppock, Christina Hendricks, Olivia Munn, and Carry Underwood to name a few There are many articles from major publications that say they are back. Here is a link to “Why does Kate Middleton’s legs always look good” I would also go to and read the articles there.

    To my surprise, most of the replies where shooting back at this lady with me. Even women were saying she was wrong. Lets make a rug out of that bear. LOL

    • Not sure why you included me among all the celebrities you listed, but good job in exposing that fashion “expert” as the fraud she and all the others like her truly are.

      • Why did I include your name in the list of celebrities?? The dictionary’s definition of celebrity is, “1.A very important person, 2. the state of a person being celebrated. A celebrity is often called a star. You are a beautiful woman, you are intelligent, you are a talented writer, you’re funny, you’re dedicated and you are a wonderful person. You are a very important person who should be celebrated. In my book, you are a “Star” so, why would I not include your name? I don’t say things I don’t mean, you can ask Paula, and Alisa.

          • I don’t get it, why would someone ask a fashion expert if they could wear pantyhose? Do people need to be led so much they have to ask some stranger what to wear? I am a single mom raising two daughters, and I try to do some type of activity every week with my daughters. Last night we decided we would go to the Cinebistro to see the movie “Sully.” The Cinebistro is a dinner/movie theater, lots of fun.

            I put on a nice dress, Act IV pantyhose and some flats. My youngest daughter had on jeans and a nice tee shirt. My 15 year old had on a jump suit that went just to her knees, and Act IV pantyhose, and she looked spectacular.

            We all wore what we wanted to wear. I didn’t call Stacy London, or some so called fashion expert and ask if I could wear a dress and pantyhose to the movies, or if my 15 year old daughter could wear pantyhose.

            Everyone proclaims they want diversity, but yet, they have to do what everyone else does. To all the ladies out there, if you want to wear pantyhose, then wear them, if you don’t, then don’t. But labeling me because I love to wear pantyhose and I love the way they make me look and feel is total BS. I don’t look like a grandma, and my legs, especially while wearing pantyhose, cause a lot of guys to trip over their feet because they are watching my legs instead of where they are going.

            We are having a neighborhood Halloween party tomorrow tonight at our sub-division club-house. I am dressing as Elvira, and those Black Act IV pantyhose will be perfect.

            Oh, and Robin, David is right, you are a star!! I applaud you for what you have been doing since 2001. David is also correct in saying, he never says what he doesn’t mean. He’s a good man.

            • Yet another great comment. Thank you, Paula. I agree with everything you wrote.

              Guys, you finally have what you’ve craved for years. First, Paula is the real deal, wearing sheer pantyhose everywhere she goes; second, she didn’t comment just once and then disappear the way many of the other ladies here did. Please continue to show your appreciation for Paula by commenting on her comments.

              Paula, you gotta get a pic of you in your Elvira costume tomorrow night and attach it to your next comment here. Puh-leeeeeease.

              Thanks again.

    • Like I said in my other posts, when these fashion experts make derogatory and snide comments about hosiery being granny when women are still wearing them around the world as feminine attire, they are disrespecting women being feminine in their appearance. These experts need to get their facts straight instead of dictating what is in or our of fashion, and what women should or shouldn’t wear.

      Don’t forget about Zooey Deschanel, Sofia Vegara, Taylor Swift, and Miley Cyrus who also wear hose at various events as well..

  • We men who admire women who wear hosiery are blessed to have a female ally like Robin who is not only articulate, observant and intelligent, she’s easy on the eyes as well.

    • Yes!! You hit the nail on the head, Russell. Robin is a breath of fresh air in a stale “bear” legs society. Thank you, Robin.

    • Yes Russell, you are so right about Robin, it is nice to see another woman who shares the same ideas. I am glad my friend introduced me to these pantyhose and this blog. Robin, on behalf of women who still like looking elegant and wearing hose, thank you.

      Robin, you joked about David buying me Act IV, well, he gave me two pairs this morning and he also gave me a pair to give to my sister. We’ll have to wait and see what happens with her, she is kind of a bare legs type woman. She doesn’t hate pantyhose, but she doesn’t love them either.

      Oh, I started watching “The Good Wife” on NetFlix, women in hose on every episode. Kind of refreshing.

  • Love the new articles Robin.Hope to hear even more from you soon.Especially liked the beauty and the beasts segments.Sorry if my comments have gotten stale lately.Also I know I said before what a great product act 4 is. By looking at them and feeling them on a certain woman’s legs.

  • Hi Robin,
    Thank you for another well written post. Pantyhose does indeed give women power, not just for the sex appeal, but to enhance their class, and femininity in their appearance.

    It is also great and refreshing to hear from women on your blog about their positive experiences wearing pantyhose to please their men in life.

    Like I said before, all women have to do is find the right size and style of hose instead of the wrong size and style, and dismissing them as “uncomfortable” like the Elsa’s of the world, and the rest of the haters have done.

    Thanks again Robin.

  • I love your blog. A friend, who is a big fan of you, sent me a pair of Act IV and I absolutely love them.

    I don’t know why other women hate hose so much, and I doubt they would if they tried your brand. I love the way they feel on my legs, and I like the way men look at me when I wear them, either at work or just walking around the mall.

    I love the grizzly bear interview and the power women have wearing hose. God that’s the truth! I emailed my friend who sent me your hose to thank him and tell him how much I enjoyed your site. I told him I’ll get a cause going called, “Save the Hose.” I was joking around but perhaps that’s not a bad idea!!!

    Thanks again for the wonderful hose. Sincerely, Alisa.

    • Hi Alisa,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Also, thanks for your compliments, and all your nice words. Glad you love our pantyhose, and my blog. Hope to receive more comments from you here, as all the men who follow this blog appreciate reading the views of women besides mine all the time. 🙂

      • You are welcome, as I said, I love your hose. My friend who introduced me to them, you should hire him as a salesman, he really bragged them up. However, I am glad to say, everything he said was true and then some. I will be checking your blog and I look forward to more posts.

  • Congratulations, Robin! This is one of the greatest article on this blog and I agree with everything You wrote. In many parts it appears as sociological perspective and I really like this approach.

    If I may add anything to Your interesting observations I’d like to comment on an alleged indifference of contemporary women towards men’s preference for ladies who wear pantyhose.
    I have read and heard this claim from many young ladies, even in my homecountry-Poland, namely, that “women don’t want to wear what men like to see”. It is usually stated in line with a feminist tune that modern woman should be independent and loyal only to herself. But when I asked my girlfriend recently about this point of view she replied that this is only partly true. In fact, she said, women usually treat other females as competitors and although this competition (in terms of fashion, dresses and so on) is conducted on terms imposed by other women or marketing, the ultimate focus of this game is always man’s attention. The problem seems to be the men’s inaction and passivity. My girlfriend once told me that she had never thought about pantyhose as sexually attractive for men before learning about it from me. This might be the case for scores of other women. And that is why I fully share Your appeal to communicate with the ladies.

    Best Wishes,

    • Hi Chris,

      Excellent comment and insight into the way many women (at least, those in Poland) think. It makes sense, so I would imagine it’s universally true.

      Personally, I don’t feel the need to compete with other women about anything. But then, you know that, as I am squarely on the guys’ side when it comes to pantyhose vs. “bear” legs.

      Thanks for weighing in, Chris.

  • Maybe a Pantyhose Song would help. Can anyone write one?

    (Blows into a kazoo: “Oooooh……” There, I started it)

  • Hi Robin, thanks for another great article. It puzzles me why many women dislike such a beautiful, natural article of clothing like pantyhose. Do these women realize that they have a secret weapon and that weapon is that many of them already have beautifully shaped legs. Now if only they will wear some sheer pantyhose with a nice dress or skirt and show off those nice legs even if it’s for a short period of time.

  • Very intriguing post, Robin. My two cents and a personal observation from years back. …the two cents. It was brought up on conservative vs liberal thought of women on fashion and I will isolate specifically wearing pantyhose. having worked in tons of offices with other women many feel that if they wear a skirt they will be ogled or objectified by men. ie: men bad. and while that may be true to some degree it was not always that way. I think what’s happened over the years as women climb up the ladder to success is they mimic men not only in work personalities but also dressing.

    More masculine, less feminine and femininity is seen as weak and non-desirable. Now for the personal observation. About 12 years ago I worked at a place where 20% of the staff were female. The head of finance started to wear pantyhose and a skirt. Now having a background in hose myself, I could also see she spent some money on her pantyhose; it was not the cheap dimestore stuff.

    (Bear in mind you this was during the warmer months, not the start of fall or while it was colder out.) As the vast majority of the women in this office setting wore pants, to see her wear a skirt was novel. And then, soon another woman was wearing a skirt and ph. And then two more till the majority of the women turned up in skirts everyday. Women are competitive and definitely check out what each other wear. If just one wears pantyhose and rocks it, it does become contagious.

  • I love to see more legs in pantyhose
    Even when I see a glimpse of pantyhose between a high heel and a pair of slacks it is very sexy. But when I see legs in pantyhose it’s is fantastic
    You know the old saying
    Nothing beats a great pair of legs
    Pantyhose make legs look so sexy
    ActSensuous pantyhose and that awesome sexy look on anyone’s legs trust me
    Even mine

  • Robin, I want to personally thank you for leading the “bear” hunt. You have been the first ray of hope I’ve seen in years to restore the beauty of nylon clad legs. You hit the target dead center with this post, women are more powerful when wearing hose. I believe they must be magical and I will do all I can in keeping the campaign moving forward. Bravo Robin!!!

  • Hey Robin

    Great article. I believe you may be right when you say the tide is beginning to turn. A nearby university town I often pass through has recently shown signs of this. On several occasions I’m seeing more sheer pantyhose on younger and older women alike. Hopefully this is only the beginning of a great resurgence.

  • Robin,
    Great article. As usual well written and thoughtful. The pictures attached to this article clearly show how pantyhose give women’s legs a polished, classy, soft and elegant appearance.
    Same as you I cannot understand how any woman would say they don’t like to wear pantyhose must be picking the wrong type of hosiery, since pantyhose feel so soft & silky. Wearing pantyhose feels good to wear, not to mention having someone paying attention to pantyhose legs.
    Keep up the great work!

  • Brava! This is one of the best posts yet.

    Yes, it is true that men have adapted themselves to be extremely discreet when noticing women in pantyhose out of necessity since it is now not very acceptable to notice attractive women nor comment on their attire even though we are wired to do so. We definitely do notice and appreciate a woman in pantyhose.

    Please keep up the outstanding blog posts and thank you for making the world a more beautiful place.

  • I’ve said it myself that women have a powerful weapon at their disposal that few realize they have. What’s more, men want you to use it. Use it as often as you wish.

    I have also made this connection. About the same time the bare legs movement started is when we started seeing all the ads for Viagra (and other ED meds). When women wore pantyhose more often men didn’t seem to need it. So, maybe that’s another power they have.

  • Wow! What a great article. Completely captivated at the title. I am very glad you wrote this, and as always–well written. We have to hope that the tide will turn in favor of a return to ladies dressing with the class and elegance you speak of here.

    You and others have stated that you see a change in the US, but I must be in the wrong place. Anywhere I go it is bare legs anytime the women are in a skirt.

    It is a challenge to answer your clarion call when my track record in convincing my wife to accommodate my preference is exceptionally poor. I can only hope that your other loyal readers can do their part to encourage their ladies to embrace their power and put their hose back on.

    Fingers crossed here in Maine

  • This article almost sounds like fiction nowadays.A few women that don’t complain about wearing pantyhose.I have a girlfriend who wears them about half the time and probably because she likes the affect it has on me.A lot of women out there seem to think the man who invented pantyhose was a sicko who do sent want a woman’s skin to breathe. I have heard a few women say that.

  • I challenge all men to tell their woman to wear a dress, heels, and nylons the next time they meet a woman for a date. You will be surprised how many women comply with your dress code. It helps you get things out in the open and you don’t have wait for that special occasion when she wears nylons for you. Once she sees the attention they get her she will like it.

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