Fall brings football, and very often, more pantyhose

Are you feeling something in the air these days?  That crisp autumn breeze?  You know what that means, right?

It’s time for some footballlllll.

With new head coaches, new coordinators, new venues, so many new rookies, free agents and traded players looking to make impacts for their teams, this should be another exciting season.

And the Rams are back where they belong in Los Angeles.  So all is right and good in the NFL again.

Oh, and one more thing is new …


SNF opening theme song

Yuk: Carrie Underwood’s dress looks like bad use of tape on gift wrapping paper.

Yes, the Sunday Night Football opening theme song is new this year (thank God, as I was getting sick of “Waitin’ all day for Sunday Night”), but naturally, one thing hasn’t changed.

For the third consecutive season now, Carrie Underwoodenhead will be prancing around on stage, this time in a couple of dresses that look like they belong in a sci-fi movie, flashing those bony, pasty white “bear” legs of hers.

And for the third season in a row, I am calling her on it here.

Ahead of Underwearer’s debut three seasons ago as the new performer of the SNF intro theme song, an advertisement touted that NBC’s Sunday Night Football would feature Carrie Underwood’s legs “to drive men nuts.”

Hey, men, are you nuts over her legs yet?

Quick quiz:

  1. How are Carrie Underwood and an out-of-work school teacher alike?

No class.

  1. What does Carrie Underwood have in common with Ariana Grande, Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Rhianna and Selena Gomez?

Nothing.  Those others have the professionalism, class and elegance to grace their legs with sheer pantyhose on stage.

  1. In what way are Carrie Underwood and singer-actress Cher connected?

Gypsies, (Carrie Underwood) & Thieves” was a #1 single by Cher in 1971.


Stunning: Professional singer/actress Selena Gomez always looks beautiful, classy and decidedly sexy in pantyhose during her stage performances.

Yes, even young professional entertainers like Selena (among many, many others) have the good sense and class to wear sheer nude pantyhose on stage, yet, veteran performer Carrie Underdressed (who truly needs to wear pantyhose so much more than those younger ones do in the first place) still doesn’t get it.

Scary Carrie: In this dress, Carrie Underwouldn’t looks like a villain in an old Star Trek movie.

And, as I wrote last season, the fact that SNF is like the biggest money maker for NBC against all other shows (and so is the NFL itself for that matter), it is unfathomable to me that the director or producer of the SNF intro theme song also doesn’t have the sense (or the guts) to tell Carrie Underwhelming that she should wear pantyhose.

During the past few years, the NFL has been cracking down on bad behavior by players, drumming into their heads that it is a privilege to play in the league.  (Wake up, Colin Kaepernick and Johnny Manziel.)  And on  Thursday Night Football the other day, LB Brandon Marshall of the Denver Broncos was the only member of his team not to stand during the singing of the National Anthem before the first regular season NFL game between the host Broncos and the Carolina Panthers.

I was hoping head coach Gary Kubiak, or executive vice president of football operations and general manager John Elway would bench Marshall for the duration of the game.  It was good to hear that head coach Jeff Fisher of the L.A. Rams would have.  He said as much recently.  I would have, too.  One player isn’t bigger than the entire team and organization, and football is not a forum for voicing one’s personal, political or social agenda.  Marshall might be a good linebacker, but in my mind, he isn’t a good team guy, which makes me wonder whether he’s not a good guy … period.

Sorry, had to get that out of my system (and it’s my blog, and I can say what I wannnnt).  But, now, back to what this blog is all about …

The NFL, rightfully so, is image-conscious these days.  So what makes Carrie Understated think that she is too good to do the right thing when representing the league and SNF?

NFL cheerleaders

I mean 27 out of 32 NFL teams have professional cheerleader squads who wear sheer nude or suntan pantyhose with their uniforms.  (The Bears, Browns, Giants,  Packers and Steelers don’t have cheerleaders.)

Vikings 2016 Preseason Week 4
Now, that’s an entrance: Members of the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders take the field to open a home preseason game against the LA Rams earlier this month.

In honor of the Rams’ move back to Los Angeles, I tried to find a photo of the Rams cheerleaders performing during this year’s preseason.  I found only one, but it was too small.  So instead, here’s a high-resolution pic (above) of the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders ushering in the contest, as the Vikes hosted the Rams in the teams’ fourth preseason game Thursday, Sept. 1.

Not so nice: Members of the 1978 LA Rams cheerleaders during a public appearance.

Can you even imagine today’s NFL’s cheerleaders performing bear-legged?

Check out this photo (left), taken back when I guess there wasn’t color film.  And weren’t pantyhose big in the 1970s?

Heck, today, many college football teams’ and even high school football teams’ cheerleaders have the professionalism and class to wear sheer pantyhose with their uniforms.

Yet, somehow, Carrie Underminer thinks she is above all that.

even-dogs-hate-bare-legged-womenBy the way, I thought of calling her Carrie Underdog, but Underdog is cute, and besides, even a dog hates bare legs (right).

Sooooo, another season in which I will enjoy Sunday Night Football but skip the intro theme song.  Not that doing so will make any difference to anybody, but I can’t stand to look at Carrie Underperformer anyway, so at least, I’ll feel better.


The Rhodes home

lindsay_rhodesA few seasons ago, I praised some of the female hosts/reporters, and Lindsay Rhodes (left), specifically, for wearing sheer pantyhose during episodes of NFL Network and NFL Total Access.

Then, Rhodes all of a sudden stopped wearing, and I stopped watching.

The other day, I tuned in to those shows again because of the start of the 2016 season and was pleased to see Lindsay wearing again (at least, during the episode I saw, but hopefully, she’s back to wearing all the time again.)


Fair ball

What?  Major League Baseball teams have cheerleaders now?   When did that happen?

Something to cheer about:  Members of the Miami Marlins Energy Team rev up the home crowd during a baseball game against the Pittsburgh Pirates earlier this season.

I’ve been an NFL fan for, I don’t know, a hundred years or so, but MLB?  Not so much.  OK, practically, never.  But when I can find nothing to watch on the 250 or so channels I have on DirecTV, occasionally, I’ll stop in on a baseball game.

Pirates Marlins Baseball
Relief pitcher: A member of the Energy Team prepares to throw T-shirts into the crowd during a recent Marlins game. (AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee)

And because of where I live, I always can get the Miami Marlins, and recently I was shocked (but quite pleased) to see the Energy Team, especially, since the girls all wear pantyhose with their uniforms.

According to the team’s website, the Energy Team is a high-vitality male and female squad who perform a unique mix of gymnastics, hip-hop, acrobatics, modern jazz, funk and break dancing to provide excitement and entertainment during Miami Marlins home games and appearances throughout the community.

Additionally, the site states the Energy Team is the only co-ed performance pep squad team in Major League Baseball.

To be sure, I Googled that and found that a few MLB teams have some kind of entertainment squads, but the photos showed that the girls on those teams are all bear-legged.   Love that Miami sports organizations always show professionalism and class.   Way to go, Energy Team!

Questionable voting

OK, enough about sports.  You’ve read a few times here that I usually decide what I’m going to watch on TV based upon what I believe (hope) is most likely to have pantyhose content in it.

I used to watch Dancing with the Stars, but after a few seasons I could no longer stand seeing professional ballroom dancers strutting around bear-legged.  This aint hip-hop, people, it’s BALLROOM.  Somehow, the DWTS version of ballroom missed the part about professionalism, class and elegance.  I haven’t watched that ridiculous show since.

About 11 seasons ago, I started and am still watching America’s Got Talent even though the judges can be quite annoying, as their egos are so huge, they try to make the show mostly about themselves.   Nevertheless, I always liked and miss the old variety shows that were big (I hear) in the 1960s and ‘70s, and AGT truly is a variety show.

Ostensibly, the show is about discovering the next great heretofore unknown super star, and the prize for winning is a headline show in Las Vegas and $1 million.

Strong marriage:  Alfredo and Anna Silva, a husband and wife knife-throwing act called  Deadly Games, perform their dangerous feat during an episode of AGT this season.

Seems each year, I fall in love with a few acts, which ultimately get cut, usually, toward the end of the season when audience members and viewers at home cast votes, rather than the judges.  Such was the case with, Deadly Games, a husband and wife knife-throwing act.  The act was cut during the semifinals.

AGT claims it is looking for an act that is Las Vegas-worthy, but the judges seem to favor singers.  (Aren’t there enough stupid singing contest shows out there?)

What a gal: And your wife said no to just wearing pantyhose for you.

Not only was Deadly Games exciting and extremely dangerous, the duo of Alfredo and Anna Silva was professional in every way.  They stepped up the risk in each performance along their journey, always with a keen sense of timing and great showmanship.  The couple were edgy in every way right down to their sexy costumes, and the beautiful and exotic Anna always wore pantyhose.

Deadly Games was made for Las Vegas, and they richly deserved to advance to the finals (and even win).  I hope a professional agent contacts the Silvas and gives them their start.

Unfortunately, the AGT voting audience is likely mostly young people who cast their votes based on popularity and sympathy for each act’s personal back story, and they wouldn’t know (or apparently care) what a Vegas-worthy act is.   Between the horse’s hiney judges who claim to “love” practically every act, yet, aren’t honest with the ones who really have no chance of winning (i.e., no talent), and these young audience voters who somehow think AGT is really American Idol in different packaging, singing acts seem to get all the love.  This, while really truly Vegas-quality acts, such as Russian Bar, ThroWings, a husband and wife high wire act, and another of my favorites this season, a husband and wife act called Quick Change, get cut by goofball judges or unsophisticated audience voting.

Rather than try to explain the Quick Change act here, check out this video of the couple’s first audition:


Of course I love that Victoria always wore beautiful short dresses and pantyhose with every outfit.  With Quick Change’s talent, I am sure they will find the fame and success they deserve.

Last word

I’ll leave you with this.  In the dashboard behind my WordPress blog, I can see the search terms people entered that led them to my blog.  One search phrase read: “Do Korean women wear pantyhose?”

Red hot: Professional singer/dancer Hwasa of the Korean girl group, Mamamoo, is A-OK in red fishnet pantyhose.

Heck, that could be a future blog post for me, but for now, I’ll say this:  Probably much of the world realizes that pantyhose are deeply rooted in Asian culture; none more so than in Japan, where wearing pantyhose is a must for reasons of courtesy, femininity and just the right thing to do.  I think I love Japan.

I’ve also been following Korean professional models and Korean girl groups (singers/dancers/musicians), all of whom always wear sheer nude or suntan pantyhose on stage and during public appearances.

This picture (left) really caught my attention because … well, it’s really cute, and it shows how deeply seated pantyhose wearing truly is in Korea.  So much so that the performer is perfectly comfortable showing the waistband and part of her pantyhose above her shorts.

While I’m not a big fan of fishnet pantyhose, I like this very sexy look.  Thought you might like to see it, too.

Note: I noticed that none of the pictures here are expanding to a larger version when you click on them.  I always post pics that are in very high resolution (the one of Selena Gomez is 3600 x 2179) for your viewing pleasure.

My blog account was recently updated automatically, and I haven’t figured everything out yet, but this pictures thing is very important to me, so please know I am working on it.  For now, if you right click each picture and select View image, some will expand to, at least, a slightly bigger size.

32 thoughts on “Fall brings football, and very often, more pantyhose

  • The best part of the Indianapolis Colts is their cheerleaders. Every year a few of them march in our July 4th parade looking fabulous as always.

  • Very nice blog, but one tiny thing that bothers me a little. When you write ” bear legs” instead of “bare legs” are you writing it like that on purpose or is it just a typo? Did I miss something here?

    • Hi Lorena,

      Thank you for your kind words, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Yes, you missed something, but it all began in October 2009 when I first coined the phrase. You can see the explanation of “bear” legs in the About me section of my blog. Or, scroll down the list of archives (on the right rail of the blog) to October 2009 and read the post, “Why bears don’t wear pantyhose.”

      Thanks again for commenting here, Lorena, and I hope you’ll comment again and again about anything else here you like or wonder about.

    • Hi Lorena,
      Welcome to the blog. The “bear” legs phrase is a joke that Robin uses for women who refuse to wear hose, and are devoted to going bare legged especially when an event calls for women wearing hosiery. She also has an award called the Grizzly Award where she awards it to a woman from actresses, fashion models, and media personalities who are anti hose and devout “bear” leggers. Hope you enjoy this blog.

      • Thank you for chiming in, Brian W. I did answer Lorena’s question, inviting her to check out the explanation of “bear” legs in the About me section, and the post, “Why bears don’t wear pantyhose.” Unfortunately, we never heard from her again. In any case, thanks again for coming forward with your own explanation.

        Lorena, if you’re reading this, Brian W. is a longtime reader and contributor here. He routinely makes excellent original points, and he’s given me ideas for posts, some of which I’ve actually turned into masterpieces here. 🙂

  • This blog entry is so interesting, I can’t resist stating my opinion.

    As far as cheerleaders’ outfits are concerned, I prefer white boots to shoes. Because the women are scantily clad, i think the boots add some class to the outfit. I do agree with Robin that if boots are worn with a skirt or dress, it defeats the purpose of wearing pantyhose, because very little of the leg is shown. But many of the cheerleaders’ outfits are as short as Lynda Carter’s Wonder Woman costume, so you still see plenty of leg.

      • Hi chuck,

        Thanks for your comment. Yes, I looked for that, too. I had faith that Lady Gaga would wear, as she typically is professional when performing on a big stage.

        I thought she did a great job, performing some of the songs that made her famous. And, best of all, the entire show was done with professionalism and class. I was very happy to see that.

        Correction: The best part was that she wore pantyhose during her performance, as the majesty of the event called for it. Yay, Lady Gaga.

        • Hi Robin:

          I agree with you completely. I think Tony Bennett has been a positive influence on Lady Gaga. As a performer, he is very classy and professional. Since she started performing duets with Mr. Bennett. I have noticed more class and maturity in her solo performances,

  • Hi Robin,

    Tonight’s Monday Night Football game in Philadelphia is a good one between the Eagles and Packers. As good as the game is, the Eagles Cheerleaders are equally great!

    I give credit to them for their toughness and resilience to the cold weather in Philly. They are wearing black short shorts, tan sheer pantyhose, sneakers, and what look like high school leather jackets.

    They show their toughness and brave professionalism by wearing just the shorts when the Bronco Cheerleaders wore pants last night in Denver.

    I know about the Northern fall/early winter weather, having lived in NJ, the temperatures get cold and the wind is brutal! I just want to “give credit wear credit is due”.

    On another good note, I observed 64 different women today wearing pantyhose or tights in downtown ATL. Not bad for a Manic Monday.

    Keep up the faith all!

    • Hi AKH,

      Thanks for your comment. Excellent point about the Eagles cheerleaders in short-shorts and pantyhose, as contrasted against the Broncos cheerleaders wearing pants.

      Also, thanks for the count of pantyhose/tights-wearers in Atlanta today.

  • Hi Robin,

    Another outstanding piece of literary work. In addition to the lovely NFL cheerleaders, it’s refreshing to hear Major League Baseball too has cheerleaders. Next time I see my Braves play against the Marlins, I will have to watch and hope there will be shots of these lovely ladies in their pantyhose.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve been on here. Glad to be back reading your blog post and reading all the comments too.

    Thanks Robin
    Sheer Mike

  • Robin,
    Having Carrie Undermissing’s picture framed by Selena Gomez and the Minnesota Vikings Cheerleaders show how more beautiful, professional, classy, attractive and sensual their legs look versus Carrie’s.
    It would be nice to know what brand of pantyhose where being worn when the picture was taken.
    Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Mac,

      Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Yeah, I have no idea what brands Selena Gomez or the Minnesota Vikings cheerleaders (or any other celebrities) wear, but I am just sooooooo glad they do.

  • And Robin, even the (sic) progressive Lions have cheerleaders this year. Why so? Their ownership is all female. No lie.

  • Robin,

    As always, another great post about SNF: Sunday Night Football and as usual we see Carrie Underwood is just plain unprofessional. I do blame the Executive Producers of the show and the person in charge of the wardrobes.
    They need to be fired and have a the ladies from the Dallas Cherrleaders tv show be in charge of the wardrobe.
    Thanks for the post and at least we can depend on the NFL Cheerleaders to keep wearing.
    Keep up the great efforts.

  • Hello Robin,

    I gave you another 5 Star vote! You know at the beginning of your brilliant article you have 2 pictures nearly side by side…your lovely self w/pantyhose, and Ms. Underwood without. Guess who’s picture caught my eye first and kept my attention? Just wanted to thank you for your always excellent taste!


  • What’s really maddening about it all, is I can remember times when Carrie Underwood was first becoming famous that she DID wear pantyhose and tights. Several times, for awhile. But the more famous and the more “Hollywood” they get, it all goes by the wayside.

    It’s the fashion architects’ and fashion bloggers’ faults as much as anyone, IMO. They drill it into these people’s heads that pantyhose is “out”, or a faux pas to wear. So they just don’t do it. A lot of it probably has to do with the exec producers of these shows, or more specifically, even whoever’s in charge of the wardrobes.

    The dresses they’re wearing these days…I don’t even know how to describe them, except they do seem more robotic, metallic…they sure as heck don’t look feminine. So they don’t do anything to promote looking feminine. They are out to masculinize these women, at all costs, at least until someone calls them on it. Idk why. But they are determined to try to neutralize all sexual polarity, at least it seems that way.

    It drives me nuts to turn on a couple of daytime soap operas sometimes, and they have these women in those sorts of dresses, and they probably think they are looking real sharp. But of course, they’re almost always without pantyhose, and the whole look just isn’t attractive at all. I can even understand it somewhat, in the spring and summertimes. But in fall and winter, come on, have a little class and realism – wear the stockings.

    It’s appalling, actually. Because even when some of these actresses are pretty in the face, their legs are just….they should not be bare, let’s just put it that way. And if you wanna add another dose of “maddening” on top of that, consider the women that don the hideous orange spray tan. “Yay, my legs are naturally white, and I don’t tan, but I will paint them orange!” And somehow they think it looks great. And you see otherwise ATTRACTIVE women doing this. And it’s terrible.

    The FOX sports networks…they used to have these trios of women in each region. They were attractive, and they didn’t even really dress them up, usually. All they did was advertise and promote the show, they were sort of cheerleaders. And now they’ve taken that away. I suppose they were afraid it was gonna be deemed too “sexist” or something. It really bothers me to see stuff like this happen. And the more co-ed they make these kind of cheerleader groups, I raise my eyebrow at that, too. Because how much longer before they decide it just isn’t important at all anymore, or it’s too sexualized or sexist, and they’ll take all the pantyhose wearing away. I hope I don’t live to see it, at least.

    I love the NFL cheerleaders’ pantyhose – it is one of the remaining things that’s still good about the NFL. Hooters, too. I stopped in there twice this month. Sure as heck wasn’t because of the food, I’ll tell ya.

    I’m probably being a little paranoid, but when I see so many things trying to be controlled by these forces, I have to wonder, sometimes. Anyway, “Long live the pantyhose!”, of course.

    Thanks for allowing my space to speak.

  • Thanks for another wonderfully written article. When I get the email that you have posted it’s a lovely little unexpected gift…it’s appreciated.
    Your points about Carrie are right on point. She must be related to Carrie Bradshaw from SATC. Why she (or any other woman for that matter) think bear legs is more attractive is beyond me.
    At least the NFL cheerleader squads carry the torch for at least trying to have attractive legs. The cheerleaders not only look nicer but their legs HAVE to feel better after performing for 3+ hours. Great piece of information about the Marlins Energy Squad. I didn’t even know that existed.
    Thanks for the link to the Quick Change performance…it was amazing. Victoria did look stunning and classy throughout the whole performance.
    Well, just recounting what you wrote was enjoyable, so keep up the good work. I gotta see that video again.

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