Pantyhose appearing everywhere these days

Longtime readers here know I’ll come up with just about any excuse to shine the spotlight on pantyhose.  Hey, that’s my job ya know. 

Case in point:  The movie, Suicide Squad (the latest in the DC Comics films series), which appears to feature its main character, Harley Quinn, wearing fishnet pantyhose (pretty much throughout), was No. 1 for a second weekend in a row (Aug. 5 to Aug. 14), pulling in $222.6 million, according to Box Office Mojo.   This, after posting an August-record $133.7 million opening.

So far, Suicide Squad has earned $466 million globally.

Notice above I wrote “appears” to feature its main character wearing fishnet pantyhose. That’s because I haven’t actually seen the movie yet.

Actress Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.
Actress Margot Robbie plays Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad.

Still, there are many promotional photos out there, in which Australian actress Margot Robbie wears some red or purple briefs over torn fishnet pantyhose.  While I am not a huge fan of fishnets, my philosophy (as you’ve read here for years) is: Any kind of pantyhose are better than “bear” legs.

I don’t know much about Margot Robbie.  Check that … I don’t know anything about Robbie.  In fact, until I saw the TV ads for Suicide Squad and looked up the cast, I hadn’t heard of her.  So, I don’t know whether or not she’s really very pantyhose friendly, but a quick Google search seems to indicate, well, not exactly.

To her credit though, earlier this year, Robbie was photographed after landing in London from a flight out of Los Angeles, wearing a black skort (combination of skirt and shorts) with sheer black pantyhose.

Also, in a photo from Suicide Squad, it looks as if Robbie might have on sheer nude pantyhose during an interview scene, in which she wears a more business-like outfit with a white lab coat (below left).

MR 2
At least on this occasion, Margot Robbie arrives earlier this year at Heathrow Airport in London, England.

At least on this occasion, Margot Robbie arrives earlier this year at Heathrow Airport in London, England.

I say she might be wearing because the picture isn’t in the highest resolution and the lighting is a bit dim.

MR 3Anyway, I hope she’s wearing in that scene.

As the chances of my actually going to see Suicide Squad are slim to you-must-be-joking, if you see this movie, please tell me whether Robbie is wearing in that scene.

Since I have no one who would be interested in seeing this film with me, I will wait until it arrives on the DirecTV movie channels.

Oh, and if I did go out to see this movie, I of course, would be wearing a dress, heels and sheer nude pantyhose.

Rio Olympics  

Athletes of China participate in the 2016 Olympics opening ceremony earlier this month in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Female athletes of China participate in the 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony in Brazil.

I was happy to see that, once again, the ladies of the China delegation wore sheer nude pantyhose during the Parade of Nations ceremony at the 2016 Olympics in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I didn’t see the delegations of Japan or Korea, but a Google search showed that those nations’ women did not wear pantyhose.  In all fairness though, that could be because their ladies wore slacks and blazers.  Haaaaaaa

All the U.S. delegation members wore white slacks and blue blazers.

Still, I love that China treats the Olympics ceremonies as a formal occasion, and the ladies always wear skirts, pumps and sheer nude pantyhose.

United Emirates

For some time now, I’ve noticed during ATP and WTA tennis tournaments when the camera pans the crowd, there are a couple of beautiful ladies in skirt suits standing at each of the entrances/exits throughout the different stadiums.  They are always wearing sheer nude or suntan pantyhose and look quite awesome.

They are the flight attendants or air hostesses of United Emirates Airlines.

According to, “Emirates is the national airline of Dubai, the United Arab Emirates city-state that has become the Middle East’s luxury playground.”

Lately, the Emirates air hostesses themselves are becoming luxuriously legendary.  Check out this awesome video I stumbled upon a while back.

It was shot in May this year, when the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team hosted the Cincinnati Reds, and Dodgers pitching legend Orel Hershiser came onto the field to throw out the ceremonial first pitch.

Members of the United Emirates cabin crew take the field earlier this year for a special presentation at the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stadium.
Members of the United Emirates cabin crew take the field earlier this year for a special presentation at the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball stadium.

It’s a short video (definitely worth your time to view it), and I am so impressed with the cute and clever theme.  That, and the fact that the Emirates ladies pulled it off so beautifully and wonderfully. 

Lovely ad lady

I gotta say I really hate stupid car (and truck) TV commercials, but I can handle the Toyota ones featuring the receptionist, Jan, who has all the right answers for consumers who come in to the dealership.

Jan is played by Laurel Coppock, a professional model and actress who has appeared on TV shows and, at least, one movie.   When Toyota first introduced the character, Jan, she was either behind a desk or on the showroom floor wearing slacks.

Lately though, Jan has been on the showroom floor, flashing some shapely legs in short dresses, pumps and sheer nude pantyhose.  Seems Toyota realized what they have in Coppock and they wisely are delivering a great message to those most interested in car commercials — men.

Model/actress Laurel Coppock as Jan, shows some leg in sheer nude pantyhose in Toyota car commercials.
Model/actress Laurel Coppock as Jan, shows some leg in sheer nude pantyhose in Toyota car commercials.

I don’t know about men (but I’ll bet I’m right here), when I see those commercials, all I focus on is Jan.  I miss whatever message I’m supposed to receive about the automobiles and the deals.

I want to praise Coppock for wearing pantyhose with those attractive outfits, but as always, who knows whether she wants to wear them, or Toyota wants her to?  You guys know I’m always all over these things, so what did I do?  That’s right, I Googled her to see whether she is a devoted pantyhose wearer or not.  Looks like not.

I couldn’t find a single picture of her wearing pantyhose, other than as the character, Jan.  And you guys likely know what my next point is going to be:  When Coppock sees how incredible she looks in those Toyota commercials, why wouldn’t she want to look that fabulous all the time?

We can only hope that Coppock will see the light and start channeling Jan in future appearances everywhere else she lands.

Runway real

How many times have you read here that fashion is inspired by Hollywood?  That was really just my own observation.  I wasn’t sure whether or not that is really an accurate statement, but it’s my blog and I say what I waaaaaaaant.

So when I found and followed this link,

A professional model wears a Lena Hoschek outfit.
A professional model wears a Lena Hoschek outfit.

I was thrilled to learn I was, at least, partially right.  I don’t know anything about Lena Hoschek, except that I must love her.

(Lena Hoschek is an Austrian fashion designer and movie costume designer whose style of “Old Hollywood” glamour is all of a sudden all the rage on fashion runways.)

If the last holdouts of the “bear” legs subculture are still clinging to the belief that pantyhose are gone forever, the link above and this one a couple of years ago

ought to keep them awake at night.

Professional model wears a Lena Hoschek-designed dress.
Professional model wears a Lena Hoschek-designed dress.

I’ve been saying here since 2009 that the few (now many) Hollywood actresses and the scores of professional singers/performers who almost always wear sheer pantyhose during their shows would eventually help to bring pantyhose back.

But when a respected fashion designer has her professional models gliding down the runway, rocking the sheer pantyhose, that can be nothing but a very good sign don’t you think?

It’s in print

I was very pleased to see this piece in the The Saline Courier, an online version of the daily newspaper based in Benton, AR, and covering all of Saline County since 1876.

The publication’s Senior Editor, Lynda Hollenbeck, wrote a great editorial encouraging the return to fashion of sheer pantyhose, along with our common sense.

Give it a read here:

No Wonder

On Aug. 3, in time for the release of the Suicide Squad movie, Instyle Magazine published its picks for The 5 Best-Dressed Superheroes of All Time —

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman during the 1975 television series likely is Number 1 in the hearts of fans of superheroes, in large part because of those awesome sheer suntan pantyhose she wore.

And while InStyle led the series off with a picture of Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, they actually ranked her Number 4 behind (1.) Jennifer Garner as Elektra, (2.) Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne/Batman, (3.) Chris Pratt as Peter Quill of Guardians of the Galaxy.  At Number 5, was Will Smith as John Hancock.

Here’s what they wrote:

(4.) Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman, Wonder Woman TV series

“When Lynda Carter started playing Wonder Woman on TV in 1975, the role would forever be changed. Nerdy Diana Prince turns into va-va-voom Wonder Woman with a simple spin, losing the glasses and button-ups for a revealing and patriotic one-piece. And Carter’s super-toned bod?”

The Best Act

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Pantyhose alive and well

Every day, I get emails and comments here from readers who still lament the fact that  pantyhose seem to be all but gone from the landscape.  Not true, I say.  If you really look, you will see pantyhose appearing everywhere these days.

Now, here are some extra pics that didn’t fit anywhere else in this post.  Enjoy!

Members of China's contingent wave as they take part in the athletes parade during the opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games at the Olympic Stadium
Female members of China’s contingent look fabulous in sheer nude pantyhose as they take part in the athletes opening ceremony of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony
Female athletes of China during the opening ceremony for the 2016 Rio Olympics in Brazil.


China social feed rio-olympics
Chinese female athletes look amazing in sheer nude pantyhose in this social media feed photo ahead of the 2016 Rio Olympics.  Bet that one male athlete is feeling lucky.
Members of the United Emirates Airlines cabin crew present a cute safety-inspired demonstration to celebrate the Emirates’ partnership with the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team in May at Dodger Stadium.
In relief for Dodgers pitching legend, Orel Hershiser, who was to throw out the ceremonial first pitch, an Emirates cabin crew member gets the sign from the catcher before a series against the Cincinnati Reds.
Cincinnati Reds vs Los Angeles Dodgers
Emirates Airline flight attendant winds up to throw out the first pitch prior to the opening series game against the Cincinnati Reds earlier this year at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles.
UAE pitch
Emirates pitcher lets it fly (quite beautifully).
Jan in Toyota TV commercials
Professional model/actress Laurel Coppock as Jan rocks her lovely legs in sheer nude pantyhose in a Toyota TV commercial.

A series of pics of Australian actress Margot Robbie as the DC Comics character, Harley Quinn, in Suicide Squad, which opened earlier this month …

31 thoughts on “Pantyhose appearing everywhere these days

  • Hi Robin,

    Yes I agree, pantyhose is appearing everywhere now on movies and Tv especially during the holiday season.

    Last week, I went to the movies to watch Office Christmas Party. Most of the females characters including Jennifer Aniston and Olivia Munn wore hose throughout the film. Jennifer wore sheer black hose, and in one of the scenes, a glimpse of her hosed sole is shown during her physical altercation with her younger brother in his office.

    Interesting to note that later in the film, Kate McKinnon’s HR character called one of the characters “Pantyhose” so at least there is a pantyhose reference in the film. Overall, it was a great funny film to watch during the holidays especially if you are into hosiery sightings since this film offers much of that.

  • I think somebody mentioned the show shark tank with Lori Greiner who seems to be a frequent. wearer of nude pantyhose and I mentioned the show on fox called outnumbered where quite a few women frequently wear pantyhose.A rate find nowadays.

  • Saw a video of Miley Cyrus wearing nothing but red pantyhose and then nothing but black ones.It lasted about a minute and thirty some seconds. I’m sure alot of your male readers saw the video I’m talking about. Not bad but Miley is no Katy Perry.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thanks for the info. I am sure many of the readers here appreciate the news.

      Of course, I am not interested in anything regarding Cyrus, except that if she returned to her home planet, wherever that is.

  • Hi Robin,
    Great column as always. I didn’t get the chance to see Suicide Squad but great seeing pictures of Margot Robbie’s character, Harley Quinn wearing sheer black hose.

    I also had the opportunity to watch bits of the opening ceremonies of the Olympic games. While it was great seeing the Chinese female athletes wearing nude hose, the female athletes from Eastern European hosiery friendly countries like Poland, Estonia, Latvia, and Romania were bare legged with open toe shoes. However, given Rio’s warm and hot climate, most of the outfits that the Olympians wore at the ceremonies were casual, so I didn’t really expect much hose wearing.

    One example you mentioned was the Japanese delegation that wore red suit jackets with white shirts and pants. Its going to be interesting to see what the Japanese delegation will be wearing four years from now since they are going to be host the next summer Olympic games in Tokyo. Maybe the women will wear hose with their outfits given Japan’s conservative values when it comes to their culture. You never know.

  • Great article! The suburban Midwest is a veritable pantyhose desert where you don’t see them even at upscale restaurants, shopping, the offices, and rarely at church except for Christmas and those usually are the young ladies from about 16-22.

    The past weekend I dined at a mid-priced, locally-owned restaurant and happened to notice all of the hostesses dressed in sleek black dresses and matching pantyhose. These young ladies appeared to be about 20 years old. I had to do a double take since I feared I was suddenly in a time warp where it was 1989 all over again.

    I also notice that Miley Cyrus is hawking pantyhose in Italy for the Golden Lady brand. I don’t watch much television except for live sports but I do see the Toyota commercial with Jan that you mentioned so there is definitely a comeback in the works.

    Thank you so much for your enlightening and entertaining commentary.

    • Hi Andrew,

      Great comment. Sorry to hear that the suburban Midwest is mostly devoid of pantyhose wearers. I would have thought the mid-western values of the area would have made for classier dressing, but I’m sure the female lawyers in Chicago still wear. Hope so, anyway.

      This might be a whole topic, but personally, I hate that women think they’re supposed to match black pantyhose with a black dress or skirt. On the contrary, nude pantyhose looks fabulous with a black outfit. I mean these ladies aren’t going to dye their arms black, so why can’t their legs be in flesh tone pantyhose, too?

      Yeah, I think Golden Lady brand pantyhose didn’t think things through, as Miley Cyrus has ZERO class. I wouldn’t hire Cyrus to be a spokeswoman for kitty litter. Seriously, if that piece-of-work volunteered to endorse ActSensuous pantyhose free of charge forever, I would decline. I wouldn’t want her to be associated with any product that represents class, elegance and femininity because she is absolutely none of those things. What was Golden Lady thinking?

      Thanks again for your comment, Andrew. I am looking forward to hearing from you again.

  • Aloha Robin,

    Once again your masterpiece is second to none! Read it 3 times to soak it in. Always excellent picture choices. Except for uniforms, not much has materialized in the hosiery search. Keep up the good work for I am never disappointed! Thank you!


  • Thanks for this article, Robin! In Poland even in the hottest summertime we may witness some legs in pantyhose. But this year is cooler than the previous one and that’s why women wear them daily. Sadly, there are many stubborn movie-followers who claim that pantyhose are uncomfortable, sticky, have runs and are too tight. Recently, I have posted a comment on a fashion forum where lots of women (no less than 80%) were complaining that pantyhose are bad, outdated etc. Some of them even stated that they are feeling asexual while in pantyhose. I wrote that it is inconsistent for a woman to care for her looks and body on the one hand, while on the other hand to reject a garment which enhances her beauty like the most perfect makeup. In my opinion a woman wearing pantyhose is the most charming and glamorous human being that can be imagined by a man. I contradicted their ridiculous assertion about “asexual” pantyhose by noting that only sheer nylon makes female legs seductive, elegant and graceful. After two days of silence to my comment, a few replies from women appeared. All of them favorable to my point of view and one admitted that she really likes to wear pantyhose because it makes her feel attractive. The rest of ladies remained silent and presumably surprised with my statement.
    My point is that we should talk more to our wives, girlfriends, female colleagues about the obvious qualities of wearing pantyhose by women. I suppose that many of them (even ladies who wear them with a daily dress) may be simply unaware of the inherent power of legs in nylon.


    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Good job in your counter to the negative (and incredibly stupid) things those women posted on the fashion forum. One can usually tell by the ridiculous excuses some women make for not wearing pantyhose that they are merely “haters” who can’t be pleased about anything — especially, things that are inherently girly. Don’t worry about these kind of women. They have no idea what is feminine and beautiful. They are the kind who want to be men anyway.

      It must have felt great that your comment elicited positive feedback from some women who obviously disagree with the ugly “bear” legs subculture.

      Thanks again, Chris. Hope to hear more from you soon.

  • Thanks Robin. As always it was worth the wait. Great observations on hose making more appearances. I just hope it can find it’s way to the more rural settings too. REALLY hoping ladies will start dressing nice for events such as weddings and church again.

    BTW, the German Olympic team both male and female wore leg-wear at opening ceremony. Not sheer, but still no bear legs.

    I liked the Wonder Woman reference…she looked amazing. Fond memories of watching Lynda Carter in her costume as WW. You know that Debra Winger played her younger sister in an episode of the show and looked pretty good in her “satin tights”.

    • Hi TurboDey,

      Thanks for your comment. I didn’t know that about Debra Winger. Thanks for telling me.

      Also, didn’t know that thing about the German team either.

  • Excellent article Robin. Wonderful to hear from you! And you are absolutely correct; pantyhose are trending back en vogue in a big way! I live in the hot Phoenix desert, and I am even seeing women wearing sheer pantyhose in the summer time!

    • I have only been to AZ once in my life. When I went, it was hot during the day, and most all women I saw were predictably bare legged. However, at night when the temp dropped and got really cool, I would see women in hose. It was awesome.

      • Absolutely correct! There is a very large night-life in Phoenix, and more specifically Scottsdale. Even on the hottest nights of the desert summer, there is absolutely no shortage of female bartenders and party-goers that will be wearing pantyhose. A great sign that maybe the feminine, elegant and sexy style for women is becoming the norm!

  • It is in fact that pantyhose is coming alive this years, I’ve seen in television mostly in european tv shows, german and italian, and also korean and japan tv, but of course oriental girls know how to wear it, in my country is still a matter of “should I wear it or not”, I think is a matter of how fast the lady has to be ready for a meeting or any professional activity, but for some time the girls at the news seem to be more confident because is more often they wear pantyhose, the color is black always, but is a start.
    As always your point of view is the true word, pantyhose is coming back and I am glad about it.
    Great post as always Robin, wishing you the best always.

    By the way, count me in as your companion if you’re planning to see the Suicide Squad movie, that outfit you suggested would be a killer and I don’t want to miss it. he he he.

    Greetings, Julio

  • Nice column. It all depends on where you look, I guess. Believe it or not, there are a couple of soap operas I flip on and pay attention to, and am always dismayed at the lack of hose wearing, everywhere. Especially in office settings and people who are supposedly “well-to-do”, etc. It all has to do w/the producers or whoever is in charge of their wardrobes, I guess. I do think they’re on the rebound, though (finally). We sure as heck need to see more of it. One great thing about all the car commercials from when I was growing up, was they were always smart enough to have seductive women w/great legs in them – showing them off in pantyhose.

    • Hi Todd Smith,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I think you’re the first person (since 2009) who refers to one of my posts as a column. Yes, I do write these things more like a newspaper column than a true blog. Nice notice.

      Hope to hear more from you in the future.

      • Ha ha…the “column”….that’s because I’m older, I guess – I have a few of those old school ways. I have commented a couple other times before. Always enjoy reading anything about the nylon hosiery.

  • Hi Robin,
    Great post as usual. I’m always glad to see that you include pictures as visual aides to ‘accentuate’ your opinions. I have not seen the movie Suicide Squad yet but, look forward to seeing it. Especially, now that I know Harley Quinn wears fishnet pantyhose throughout most of the movie.
    To add to your point that pantyhose are making a comeback, I observed and counted 18 different women today wearing pantyhose. 15 of the 18, I saw during my lunch time from about 12pm to 1pm. I saw them in a food court area in downtown ATL, which also happens to be across the street from where I work. The women were of various races, heights, and sizes. I mention this as hope for others that they too may see more sitings like mine. And, because of the fact that today was especially hot and humid in ATL today. Even though these women work in air-conditioned buildings and may not have had to go outside, I did see a few of them walking outside at one point. My point is that throughout most of the summertime, we all know most women use that as an excuse not to wear pantyhose, the 18 women I saw today went the extra mile to dress professionally and classy as we all hope more women will do. I’m always happy when I can count more than 5 women wearing pantyhose on any given day.

    • Hi AKH,

      Thank you for your comment. Great observations and insights. Keep the watch going and I hope you continue to see many more pantyhose-adorned ladies every day.

  • Robin Pantyhose are coming back I see them more and more in public TV and movies I was so excited when Supergirl came out It is so awesome to see the return of pantyhose and tights and when people try yours they will be in heaven John

    Sent from my iPhone


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