Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due — You won’t believe who

Longtime readers here know when it comes to the subject of pantyhose, I am always right.  About everything really.

When ActSensuous was born in 2001, it was I who — on our first website — coined the phrases “bare-legs movement” and “bare-legs culture.”  (Of course, in 2009 when this blog launched, I changed the bare to “bear” and you all know why.)

Also on our first website, I blamed actress Sarah Jessica Parker in her role as Carrie Bradshaw in the “Sex and the City” TV series (and later, movies) for starting the whole bear-legs movement.

Ever since, she has stood as the bear legs villain of all time.

Besides on our website, I’ve also vilified SJP in this blog.

Then, one of our longtime readers and most prolific commenters, Brian W., in August 2013, made this comment:

Hi Robin,

You are amazing!  (Alright, alright, I added that part.  Here’s Brian W.’s real comment:)

I mentioned in one of my previous comments about Candace Bushnell, the newspaper columnist and author of the novel “Sex and the City” that would later be adapted into a TV and movie series.  Candace goes bare legged for all seasons after receiving advice from a gay fashion expert telling her that “No woman should wear pantyhose, especially in the winter.”  That is why the Carrie Bradshaw character is based on Ms. Bushnell’s personal experiences, and going bare-legged is one of them.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker arrives for a special ceremony hosted by ActSensuous last month.
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker arrives for a ceremony hosted by ActSensuous last month.

That comment got me thinking that, perhaps, I was wrong (this one time only) and Sarah Jessica Parker wasn’t the real bad guy in the bear-legs movement.

Then, I thought Naaaaaah, SJP has to be the villain, as she always has been the face (OK, the legs, actually) of the very bear-legs culture itself.

Still, in addition to Brian W.’s comment in 2013, I had been noticing more and more pictures of SJP wearing pantyhose in movies, at movie premieres, media appearances, publicity events, and often, even when she’s out and about.

What?  How could this be?

After seeing so many pics of SJP in pantyhose, coupled with the facts from Brian W.’s comment about Bushnell, I realized that I really was wrong, and SJP had been wrongly accused by me.

After all, SJP made an appearance during a Chanel event in August 2011 wearing a pair of the high-end clothing, handbags and accessories retailer’s pantyhose, which sold for $250.  Seriously, $250.  I mean, who does that?

Yes, it was time for me to open my eyes and my mind, and take notice of the former SATC star.

So, a couple of weeks ago, to make up for my having falsely accused her of starting the bear-legs movement, ActSensuous invited SJP to a special function, which she cheerfully accepted.

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her Act Sensuous Credit 'wear' Credit is Due award last month in Indialantic, Fla.
Actress Sarah Jessica Parker shows off her  ActSensuous Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due trophy last month in Indialantic, Fla.

Thus, in the headline of this post: Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due — You won’t believe who, the “who” is one Sarah Jessica Parker.

Now, I know what some of you are thinking:

Has Robin lost her mind?  Was she paid off?  Did I log on to the wrong blog?

Let me assure you, readers … all is well and good.

It’s just that in doing my research for this post, I found way more pictures of SJP wearing pantyhose than many other celebs who’ve been praised several times in this blog by me, and also by some of you in your comments.

In fact, the more I investigated, the further I became convinced that SJP is not the villain I’d been making her out to be since 2001.

Walking off stage, Sarah Jessica Parker smiles at ActSensuous staff and a cheering audience.
Trophy in hand, Sarah Jessica Parker smiles at ActSensuous staff members and a cheering audience as she walks off the stage.

And in graciously accepting the ActSensuous invitation to be honored in this blog, SJP didn’t disappoint, always arriving in style at the Space Coast Imperial Palace .

And during the three-day celebration, SJP always showed up in fabulous outfits, complemented by some awesome high heels, and showing off a few different styles of pantyhose.

As amazing as SJP looks in pantyhose, it’s a mystery to me why she ever would want to be seen bear-legged again.

Seeing SJP in beautiful outfits and pantyhose during the 3-day award ceremony, only reinforced in my mind what I had been seeing the past few years.

Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, left, and Christina Hendricks on the way to a meeting in the movie,
Actresses Sarah Jessica Parker, left, and Christina Hendricks on the way to a meeting in the movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does It.”

One of the movies in which she starred, “I Don’t Know How She Does It”  (2011), was not only a cute story, but it featured SJP as a corporate executive who has to learn how to juggle her rise to the top at a financial management company along with her family responsibilities.

As the movie was set in Boston during the winter months, and mostly, because SJP played a corporate exec, it was fitting that she always wore skirts or skirt suits, heels and pantyhose.  And not just pantyhose, but often sheer nude pantyhose.

This made the movie and SJP’s character more realistic, and that isn’t always the case in motion pictures of this kind.

SJP and Olivia Munn during a scene from the 2011 movie,
SJP and Olivia Munn during a scene from the 2011 movie, “I Don’t Know How She Does it,” walk down Wall Street in New York.

By the way, as a side note, Olivia Munn played a junior associate at the firm, and she dressed in proper business attire, as well.  And while it’s not that unusual to see Olivia Munn in pantyhose (at publicity events and often just out and about these days), it was absolutely wonderful to see her (finally) wearing sheer nude pantyhose.

Here’s the thing (and I’ve said this … what, about a thousand times regarding different celebs?): When Olivia goes back and watches “I Don’t Know How She Does It,” and sees herself looking as amazing as she did in sheer nude pantyhose, why wouldn’t she want to dress this way all the time?  Or, at least, more often.

Am I right, people?  Are you hearing me out there?  Look at those gorgeous gams on Olivia Munn.

Back to the ActSensuous award ceremony: Don’t think for a minute that the three days were all just fun and games.

After all, SJP had always been the signature client of the Grizzly, yet, here she was receiving the ActSensuous Credit “wear” Credit is Due award.

You remember the Grizzly.  He held his own celebration a while back, handing out the inaugural Grizzly Award to that total “fashion” witch, Stacy London, of “What Not to Wear.”  Now London definitely is the most deserving recipient of the Grizzly Award.

You’re with me on this, right readers?

Still, it was SJP who put the Grizzly on the map, and he wasn’t about to let her go so easily.

SJP's moment on the red carpet is interrupted by the Grizzly during the ActSensuous award ceremony for her last month.
SJP’s moment on the red carpet is interrupted by the Grizzly during the ActSensuous award ceremony for her last month.

It appears our security was not up to snuff because the Grizzly crashed the event, trying to talk SJP into staying in his camp.

He greeted her on the red carpet with a bottle of what looked to be some very fine Champagne.

I almost felt sorry for the Grizzly, as he was rebuked by SJP on the red carpet, surrounded by a horde of paparazzi and adoring onlookers.

But the Grizzly is not discouraged so easily.

He wasn’t about to let his most famous and best client go, without trying every trick in the book to woo her back.

The Grizzly tries to tempt SJP backstage with flowers and a box of chocolates
The Grizzly tries to tempt SJP backstage with flowers and a box of chocolates

And, somehow, the Grizzly was able to sneak backstage the next day, where he tried to entice SJP with flowers and a box of Godiva chocolates.

Fittingly for the occasion, he even wore a tuxedo.

We’ve gotta give the Grizzly props for his creativity and style in going all-out in his efforts to win back his best client.

He certainly won some points with SJP for that backstage maneuver, yet, she once again found a way to resist the Grizzly’s advances.

Apparently, she was now enjoying her new-found attention and appreciation for being a more pantyhose-friendly celebrity.

Bear-at-Entrance-Finally, in a last-ditch effort, the Grizzly pulled out all the stops.

Several days after the ActSensuous award ceremony, while SJP was back home relaxing, the Grizzly did the unthinkable:

He showed up at the star’s estate home.

SJP had shunned all the Grizzly’s attempts to woo her back.

It had been a long partnership between her and the bear, and it couldn’t have been easy for her to keep turning him down.

Nevertheless, SJP was convicted about wearing pantyhose and finally putting the distinction of being the Grizzly’s signature client behind her.

Bear boomboxSo, taking a page from the 1989 John Cusack movie, “Say Anything,” the Grizzly parked himself on SJP’s and Matthew Broderick’s property, and facing her bedroom window, played the song “Baby Come Back” from the band, Player in 1977.

You know the lyrics: “Baby, come back.  You can blame it all on me.  I was wrong and I just can’t live without you.”

SJP-windowThe Grizzly was desperate to salvage his Number One and favorite client, and he’d stop at nothing to keep Sarah Jessica Parker.

Take heart, Grizzly, you might have lost SJP, but there are plenty of other suspects you could go after.

One such candidate is Candace Bushnell.

This former columnist for The New York Observer, and current novelist and television producer who authored SATC, is more to blame for the bear-legs movement than SJP ever was.

As reader and frequent commenter, Brian W. stated, Bushnell, 57, was too easily persuaded to ditch pantyhose by a gay fashion designer.

I wear bare legs most of the year,” Bushnell said during an interview with The Mirror, an online tabloid.  “It’s kind of a fashion thing.  A New York designer decreed that women should never wear pantyhose, not even in winter.  They’re just not sexy.  I just shave my legs.

She “wears” bare legs?  More like she wears a bear’s legs.  “It’s kind of a fashion thing?”  And pantyhose are “just not sexy?”  OK, does Bushnell sound like a prolific novelist and TV producer to you?   I think she’s easily influenced.  She’s certainly confused.

At least 90 percent of the male population and millions of females throughout the world (such as me) think pantyhose are the sexiest thing a woman could ever wear.

Oh, and shaving one’s legs ain’t exactly some closely-guarded secret known only to celebrities, Bushnell.  And, if you think just shaving will make your legs look sexy, uh, yeah … that’s not going to happen for you.

The CW Network's 2012 Upfront - Red Carpet
Candace Bushnell appears during a CW Network event in 2012 in New York City. (Photo by Kevin Mazur/WireImage)

It’s too bad Bushnell was so easily brainwashed against wearing pantyhose.

Still, she might never have been much of a pantyhose wearer in the first place.  In a Google search, I could find only two pictures of her in pantyhose.  In the photo at left, Bushnell actually showed up dressed like this to a television station’s event.  Real professional, Bushnell.

How is an accomplished author and a television producer so easily influenced about how to dress by a gay fashion designer?

But that is exactly what happened.  Once, when asked during an online interview about the best fashion advice she ever received, Bushnell said:

“Isaac Mizrahi once told me that a lady never, ever wears pantyhose. Even if it’s snowing and 20 degrees outside.”

Wait, THAT was the best fashion advice Bushnell ever received?  And it made sense to her?

Now I say instead of being the next client for the Grizzly, I think she should be eaten by the Grizzly.

Candace Bushnell told Vogue Magazine online during an interview in 2010,
Candace Bushnell told Vogue Magazine online during an interview in 2010, “I’m not Carrie Bradshaw.”

Yes, it was Bushnell who wrote the SATC TV series, which aired from 1998 to 2004, featuring high-society women in New York City who wear the fashions of the day, including fabulous heels, but sans the pantyhose.  That show spearheaded the launch of the bear-legs movement.

So, really, Candace Bushnell — not Sarah Jessica Parker — is the culprit who instigated the bear-legs culture.

Yet, years later (2010), Bushnell herself wore sheer pantyhose for an interview with an online fashion magazine.

Perhaps Bushnell is finally growing up?

Maybe she’s still confused.

Another suspect the Grizzly ought to go after is Patricia Field, the costume designer for SATC, who won a Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Costumes for a Series (Sex and the City 2002).

Four out of five models wear pantyhose during a 2012 fashion event hosted by Costume Designer Patricia Field in New York City.
Four of five models wear pantyhose during a 2012 fashion event hosted by costume designer Patricia Field in New York City.   How boring the poor model in the middle looks.

Ironically, Field, 74, (also gay) hosted and designed the outfits for a fashion event in 2012 in New York City, and it featured many women wearing pantyhose.

Meryl Streep, left, and Anne Hathaway during a scene from the movie,
Meryl Streep, left, and Anne Hathaway during a scene from the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Similarly, Field designed the costumes for the TV series, “Ugly Betty” (2006-2010) and the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada” (2006), both of which featured its stars wearing pantyhose.

So, while Field obviously has something personal against pantyhose, she at least hasn’t shut them out of the wardrobes of all movies and events.

In looking at images of Field online, I didn’t see a single picture of her wearing pantyhose herself (thank God for that, actually).

However, I did see a picture of Lucy Liu attending Field’s 2009 birthday party, in which (of course, Field was bear-legged), yet, even Lucy Liu wore pantyhose.

Lucy Liu, left, celebrates costume designer Patricia Field's birthday Feb. 16, 2009 in New York City.
Actress Lucy Liu, celebrates costume designer Patricia Field’s birthday February  2009 in New York City.

That’s significant because Lucy Liu hardly ever wears pantyhose during public appearances.

So, indeed, the Grizzly has a couple of candidates for new clients, but SJP no longer should be considered one of them.

And, it’s appearing more and more obvious that the next Grizzly Award should go to Bushnell or Field, or both.

Now, is SJP still going to disappoint us by showing up bear-legged on talk shows, at movie premieres, public appearances and even while she’s just out and about?

Yeah, more than likely.  OK, definitely.

Then again, there isn’t a single celebrity, even the ones who can be considered devoted pantyhose wearers, who don’t do that at one time or another.

Sad GrizzlyIn any case, Sarah Jessica Parker wears pantyhose of her own volition, and frequently enough that she no longer should be considered the ambassador of the bear-legs culture.  Certainly, she’s not the cause of it.

And while this saddens the Grizzly, the bottom line is I was the one who blamed SJP for the bear-legs movement, I was wrong, and so I’ve corrected the mistake.

Welcome to the good side, SJP.

Sorry, Grizz.

Note: My thanks to professional graphic artist David Joseph (whose wife, Sheri, is an ActSensuous customer) for his awesome artwork for this blog post.  I provided the ideas and the raw pictures, and David expertly turned my vision into reality.

David also designed the current ActSensuous website and the beautiful packaging for our Act IV pantyhose.

Note II: My thanks, also, to Mark Johnson, a professional graphic artist and a corporate attorney (and an ActSensuous fan) for the very first picture of the Grizzly in the John Cusack pose from the 1989 movie, “Say Anything.”


I first delivered (July 2014) the Cusack photo and a grizzly bear picture to Mark, along with my vision for this post.  It took some doing, but the resulting artwork (above) was the very key to my writing this post.

Thank you, Mark, wherever you are now.

Below, you’ll find more pictures of Sarah Jessica Parker wearing pantyhose throughout the past few decades, and at various venues.  Enjoy!

31 thoughts on “Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due — You won’t believe who

  • When SJP got the Carrie Bradshaw role on Sex and the City, she was in her mid-thirties, married, with no children. She’s now 51-years-old, married, with three children.

    I think the changes in her life made her realize she wasn’t a really young actress anymore and allowed her fashion sense to mature. She probably knew she had to make some changes in her wardrobe to continue to look her best. Not all actresses over 50 want to continue to dress like a thirty-something.

    • Hey chuck,

      Good point, but if you look at the pics of her in the gallery below that post, you’ll see she was a very frequent wearer during her younger years. But like all those truly shallow Hollyweird actresses, she bought in to the “bear”-legs culture between about 1996 to the entire decade of 2000, and adopted the SATC look.

      As you pointed out, she’s gradually coming back to pantyhose (since she received my Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due award). 🙂

  • Hi Robin,
    I found a couple of Daily Mail articles of SJP wearing pattern hosiery in the last few weeks with open toe shoes, YES!!! open toe shoes. So it seems that this pantyhose/tights and open toe shoes as a fashion faux pas is just another fashion myth made up by the fashionistas who watched Carrie and her SATC gals who wore open toe shoes with no hosiery of any kind.

  • Hi Robin!
    As far as I know Julia Roberts is not an avid pantyhose wearer, it’s probably the other way around. However we should give her credit for being the ambassador of an italian firm that produces a very wide range of nice hosiery and here is a recent advertisement spot to prove it.

    Haven’t read all of your posts yet so excuse me if the subject is brought up before but I would like to make a special mention to a true pantyhose goddess, Brigitte Nielsen. She is almost never caught without her sheer nylons wich she wears with all kinds of shoes, sandals and peep toes being the most enjoyable of course..

    • Hi E.Z.,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I am one of those who believed that Julia Roberts was no friend to pantyhose, like pretty much, ever. So I am extremely surprised to hear she is an ambassador of a line of Italian hosiery.

      That doesn’t improve my low opinion of her. In fact, I think it is a poor choice on the part of Calzedonia for just throwing a lot of money at a celebrity to get an endorsement, when, otherwise given the choice, she wouldn’t be caught dead wearing pantyhose.

      As for Brigitte Nielsen, I’ve seen maybe 10 pictures of her in pantyhose, compared to about a thousand in which she’s “bear”-legged, so you must have much better sources than me. Still, I’d consider Brigitte Nielsen much more a pantyhose wearer than Julia Roberts.

      Thank you again, E.Z.

  • Hi Robin.Hope everything is going well with your business.Anyway I saw a video of the show what not to wear and Stacey London was talking about pantyhose.I don’t know how old the video is but I have to admit she was wearing pantyhose quite nicely . She was saying woman should wear 50 or more denier opaque pantyhose in the daytime and they should wear Sheerer ones in the nighttime.I personally like the lower denier ones better.She is pretty hot in pics of her I’ve seen in dresses and sheer pantyhose.Hopefully she could be another SJP.

    • Hi steve,

      Thanks for letting me know. I did a cursory search, but didn’t find the video you saw. I am quite surprised that she appeared anywhere in pantyhose. Shocked actually. I know you know pantyhose, steve, so I believe you.

      As for her saying women should wear 50 or higher denier (those are tights) during the daytime and sheerer ones at night, she is proving to me that she indeed deserves the Grizzly Award I handed out a few years ago.

      Anyway, thanks for your comment, steve.

  • Does anyone else get excited for the fact that its October again, and the percentage of sexy pantyhose’d legs goes up, while the dull, unattractive bare legs go down? I know I love this time of year!


  • I know that this article has been out several months and I finally got around to commenting. First–Robin, I again want to praise your writing skill as concise, clear and very easy to read and your sense of humor oozes from every paragraph, especially in this post. It was such a fun read and the artwork did enhance the reading experience.
    Second–It was surprising to see the choice for the credit that you were dispensing. However, your substantiation showing that SJP is not the complete fashion dullard that her character was in SATC is pretty compelling that she is not a true grizzly. The additional photo gallery was really a great addition and showed that she can “rock the hose”.
    The thing is, most women would look an order of magnitude better if they would just get their heads out of dark orifices when it comes to hosiery. Instead of palpitating with anxiety over putting them on, and what will other women think if they aren’t following the bear legs trend.
    I know that I’m not expressing any novel thoughts since your blog is loaded with like minded comments. I just enjoy the conversation and am hopeful that the trend is turning back to some level of sanity when it comes to hosiery, especially the sheer, flesh colored style. Like many here I grew up in the 70s-80s when it was unimaginable that a woman would wear a nice dress with hot heels and have bear legs…I do miss that aspect of those two decades.
    I am rambling but since I hadn’t commented in a while I beg your indulgence. I look forward to your next blog entry and I really enjoy reading everyone else’s comments.

    • Hi TurboDey,

      Great hearing from you again. I really, really appreciate your comment, as this post hasn’t garnered the love and support I usually get from readers. I put so much into this post, not the least of which was the clever Grizzly art. I can’t believe it’s gotten only 9 votes (and not even for 5 stars).

      Oh well. Can’t win ’em all, I suppose. I’m glad you liked it.

      In any case, I saw an injustice (which I started in the first place), and I fixed it. So, at least, I’m happy.

      Thanks again, TurboDey.

    • Thank you for your comment, Anonymous.

      In researching this subject after your comment, I found quite a few websites, which credited the group, Player (1977/78), and a few sites that gave the nod to Hall & Oates.

      Clearly, I remembered the Hall and Oates song, until tonight playing the Player song online. Now, I am thinking Player was the original artist. Sorry about that.

      By the way, a British group, The Equals, performed a completely different song in 1968 (properly written with a comma as “Baby, Come Back”). I really like this song much better anyway. It’s really cool.

      Thanks again, Anonymous, for alerting me to all this.

  • Robin, you have absolutely changed my mind, and my general disdain for SJP. She appears to indeed be a PH lover herself. How ironic. I believe that in the end, women are generally discovering again that the feminine appearance matters. Do you want to look back in 5, 10 or 20 years and look like a masculine grizzly? I don’t feel that most women of any age want that. A couple interesting articles to follow up this point.

    1) The wall street journal says in this article from 5/20/2015 that nude pantyhose is making a comeback. I personally don’t think that they ever did (or ever should have) gone out of fashion

    2) When you think of the most famous and beautiful legs of all time, don’t you think of women that we’re / are avid pantyhose wearers? I think this recent list would absolutely confirm this.

    Keep up the great work Robin!

    • Hi Robin’s Pantyhose,

      Cute name. Is that a tribute to me? In any case, thank you for alerting us all to this wonderful event. This is the best news since, what … 1995 or so.

      This could usher in a whole new generation of pantyhose wearers, and certainly spark the former wearers who left once there was a bandwagon on which to jump to come back to pantyhose again.

      Let’s all celebrate what could be the start of a new era.

      And as for SJP, well, remember, we’re still likely to see her more often bear-legged than in pantyhose. All I did was let her off the hook as the main villain of the bear-legs movement.

      Thanks again for you comment, and take care.

  • Your best work, Robin. Loved it as a tremendous amount of effort, knowledge and humor went into this posting.

  • I think the “Grizzly” trend gained traction in the beginning because it rewarded laziness, and anything that rewards laziness will gain a following that will be tough to beat.

    Of course, hard work and effort ALWAYS pay off. Some folks realize this faster than others. Sometimes a little “push” is needed to get the process in motion.

    So, Robin, you got me thinking. Every successful product has had a “hook” of some kind. L’eggs had their egg shaped container, Cracker Jack has their little prizes, and Pez candy has their little dispenser.

    We are at a point in history where perhaps the two largest groups of women in American society are those who would never consider wearing pantyhose, and those who might start if they just weren’t so afraid to put them on.

    So, I propose that some clever writer create “fortunes” to include in their pantyhose products. These “fortunes” would include humorous remarks intended to give the purchaser a little chuckle and encouragement, all at the expense of the “Grizzlies” and the “Haters”. (A win-win situation.)

    I’m thinking, “Don’t be spastic. Pull up the elastic.”, or “Wilma Flintstone had bear legs because pantyhose didn’t exist in the stone age. What’s your excuse?”

    I can see these “ditties” being passed around at cocktail parties among all the other pantyhose wearers, while the “Grizzlies” would either be out of the loop or very embarrassed if they were to find out.

    Kinda encourages pantyhose acceptance from two different angles, doesn’t it? 😉

    • Hi JA,

      Thank you for your comment. You have some great ideas.

      I am not sure that they’d make a difference, or not much of a difference anyway, because the women who buy pantyhose today are doing so because they want to, or have to for their careers. And the women who aren’t buying pantyhose today are against the very concept of pantyhose, and nothing is going to change their minds.

      Still, your ideas have merit, JA, and I appreciate your sharing them with us here.

  • One thing is for sure Robin, when it comes to produce a television show or a movie, the production alongside with the “fashion experts” always choose what they want, everything is staged from the beginning, and for the clothing the actors and actresses wears, is the same, so is no surprize that we are all the time disapointed about the things they stage on screen.
    One example, a few years ago Naomi Watts performed Diana, we all know who she were and how classy she always dressed, but in the movie only in the main credits scene at the beginning of the movie we saw Naomi wearing pantyhose, the rest of the movie we saw none. But it’s not her fault, it’s the producer’s.
    Great article as always Robin, wish you the best always

  • Hi Robin. Fabulous blog post, and of course well written. It is refreshing to see SJP increase the frequency of her wearing pantyhose. She looks so much classier and elegant. Still, I’m holding my breath and hoping her wearing is not some anomaly.
    Closer here locally in the Upper Midwest US, I have also observed a greater number of women in my office building wearing hosiery albeit gradually. Maybe an increase of 10 to 15 percent, the past 6 months. And even over the past 4 weeks my wife is wearing pantyhose more frequently, while we go ballroom dancing. Oh but wait. Of course,it’s because she too is wearing Act III & IV ActSensuous pantyhose . Thought I would slide that plug in while having the chance. Best wishes on fixing the Act IV, and many thanks for your blog.

  • Hi Robin,

    Thank you for referencing my quotes and research to your latest blog post.

    Sarah Jessica Parker has been wearing hose a lot in real life than her iconic fashion character Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City.

    I find it kind of funny that Candace Bushnell goes bare legged for all seasons after receiving advice from Isaac Mizrahi on pantyhose, and yet she shows up wearing hose at an event. I don’t know if her hose wearing was a one time occasional thing (much like Kelly Ripa or Michelle Obama), or if she if just confused about wearing pantyhose.

    The people that should be fed to the Grizzly are those fashion designers, stylists, and experts especially gay fashion experts like the Isaac Mizrahi, Clinton Kelly, and Tim Gunn’s of the world who continue to downgrade class and femininity by bashing pantyhose, and telling women not to wear them, and go “bear” legged. Would these designers rather see legs that have various blemishes such as pastiness, blotches, flabs, bruises, moles, and scratches when pantyhose can enhance the look of women’s legs from those blemishes.

    Thanks again Robin.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your comment. Also, thank you for your original comment about Candace Bushnell a couple of years ago, which led to my writing this post in the first place.

  • Hi Robin,

    So very glad to see your new posting. I was quite worried that you weren’t going to post anything. I’m glad to read that SJP is not the one totally responsible for the ‘bare leg movement’ but, am still not as willing to give her full credit yet. I do agree with you that I too was wrong about her. I’m shocked she actually showed up for the event you invited her too. That does say a lot. I was never a big fan of Mizrahi anyway but, as a whole I just don’t follow the fashion designers and experts. Especially, any from 1996 till now. They just don’t have a clue. I can only hope that SJP will make a stronger effort to start wearing pantyhose and tights from now on with greater frequency. Hopefully, the attention you, your staff, and any of your supporters gave that were at the event helped her realize the power that pantyhose have of garnering attention of any kind. Especially, the good kind. Please keep up the good fight.

    • Hi AKH,

      Thank you for your comment. And thanks for missing me. Yes, I went silent for a while because I’ve been working like a crazy person trying to find a way to fix our Act IV style. Also, I just won’t write a blog post unless I really have something compelling to say.

      But don’t worry. I’m not going away, and I’ll always keep up the good fight.

      • Sure, no worries. I did miss you and I did read on your website you were busy trying to fix the issue with them(Act IV). I hope you all will be able to come up with a good solution. I think I’m going to buy a pair of the Act IV and Act III soon, I just need to choose the right woman to give them too.

        Glad to hear you are not going away. I know I can trust you to keep up the good fight.
        Hope all continues to go well.

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