Conviction needed from celebrity pantyhose wearers

In the ongoing battle between pantyhose and “bear” legs, I’m no expert (wait a minute … yes, I am), but it seems these days we’re in a one step forward, one step back situation.

Lately, I’ve learned how to keep my blood pressure from spiking out of control:  I don’t watch movies or TV shows that I intuitively know are going to piss me off because the actresses who should be wearing pantyhose likely ain’t gonna be.

Case in point: I steered clear of last Sunday’s American Music Awards (AMA) show because I knew it would disappoint me.  However, I did DVR it so that I could later blow past stupid commercials and much of the ugliness that this freak show has become.

Note: Pitbull should never be a host.  He’s too much in love with himself, and other than singing, does he have any real talent? I think not.  Second, much of what they were calling entertainment doesn’t sound like music to me.  More like a train wreck maybe.

I actually worry that other countries will see the AMA show and wonder what happened to America?  With a few notable exceptions, looking at how the presenters, guests and performers dressed and conducted themselves, it appears that values, decency and class are disappearing from pop culture.  If what I glimpsed is any indication of what the future holds for this country, I’d prefer that the big meteor crash into Earth now, wiping out … oh, I don’t know … most of the population?

Naturally, I got what I expected out of the AMAs: Most of the female artists (including Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez, both of whom I hoped wouldn’t disappoint me) wore beautiful gowns and fabulous heels, but no pantyhose.

Professional singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez delivers a high-octane performance during the 2014 AMAs.
Professional singer, dancer and actress Jennifer Lopez delivers a high-octane performance during the 2014 AMAs.

Only the two I thought would — Jennifer Lopez and Ariana Grande — wore pantyhose.  (OK, and so did Iggy Azalea during her performance with J-Lo, so I give her credit “wear” credit is due).

DISCLAIMER: Again, I didn’t actually watch the AMA show, but instead fast-forwarded at 4-speed on the DVR remote, stopping only when something promising-looking caught my eye.  Thus, if I missed a female presenter or performer who actually was wearing pantyhose, feel free to correct me in your comments.  And, if I diss one of your favorite stars just because she was bear-legged, hey, this is a pantyhose blog.  It’s what I do!

J-Lo always delivers a high-energy, exciting performance, and the vast majority of the time, she shows professionalism and class in wearing pantyhose with her outfits on stage.  For those reasons, I am always interested in seeing her perform.

Always professional and classy, singer/actor Ariana Grande dazzled during  the AMAs.
Always professional and classy, singer/actor Ariana Grande dazzled during the AMAs.

But the artist who stole the show (for me, anyway) was Ariana Grande.  Amazing that it’s just about the youngest performer out there who consistently is the most professional and classiest of them all.  I love this girl.  Now, I have to say her voice makes me want to pull my hair out, and I can’t understand 90 percent of her lyrics (which, actually, might be a good thing), but I am extremely impressed with Ariana for sticking to her core values (or, at least, her good taste), always wearing cute outfits, high heels and her signature suntan sheer pantyhose.

During the AMA show performance, Ariana was part of a threesome that included Jessie J and Nicki Minaj.  Jessie J usually is very pantyhose-friendly, but she didn’t wear for this number, and neither did Minaj.  I know nothing about Minaj, so I have no idea whether she typically wears or doesn’t.

But I know this: Jessie J and Nicki Minaj might want to rethink the idea of performing alongside Ariana because they looked awful next to her.  I think, anyway.

From left, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande perform a number together during the AMAs.
From left, Jessie J, Nicki Minaj and Ariana Grande perform a number together during the AMAs.

My eyes were glued on Ariana only, and I suspect that also was the case among most men watching the performance.  Ariana is tiny next to Jessie J and Nicki Minaj, but with her professionalism and class, she stood (figuratively) 10 feet taller than them.

Think I am overdoing it with my praise for Ariana?  Here’s the thing:  If pantyhose are going to win the battle against the bear-legs crowd, we need a superstar celeb who consistently wears pantyhose on stage, to awards shows, as a guest on television specials, and even just out-and-about.  Ariana has showed many times that she is a devoted wearer.

Actress/singer Selena Gomez is one of the more devoted pantyhose wearers, even out-and-about.
Actress/singer Selena Gomez is one of the more devoted pantyhose wearers, even out-and-about.

Taylor Swift appears to be 50-50 at best.  In pantyhose, she looks awesome, but she’s not consistent in wearing during concert performances or anywhere else.  Of course, she does sometimes and looks great in those cases, but then she arbitrarily shows up on the biggest entertainment stages bear-legged.

On the other hand, Selena Gomez is far more consistent in wearing pantyhose for all the right occasions and venues.  Selena might be a close second to Ariana as a dedicated pantyhose wearer, including when she’s just out and about.  And, like Ariana, when Selena wears, she looks stunningly beautiful.

Of course, longtime readers here know that I’ve praised Katy Perry big-time in this blog.  Yet, too many times, I’ve seen photos of Katy on stage and off in bear legs.  I still love Katy, but she’s just not as consistent a wearer as Ariana.

Consistently wearing beautiful outfits, complete with her signature sheer pantyhose, Ariana Grande always delivers an exciting show.
Consistently wearing beautiful outfits, complete with her signature sheer pantyhose, Ariana Grande always delivers an exciting show.

Let me tell you something: Ariana is the real deal.  She might be the one performer who truly sets a good (and right) example for her legions of adoring young fans.  When those girls become 17, 18 and older, they might be more likely to wear pantyhose to emulate their idol.

Besides Ariana, is there a celebrity we could describe as a truly consistent pantyhose wearer? If there is one, it’s Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton.  Pantyhose sales throughout the UK and to some extent, the U.S., already are thriving again thanks to her.  Kate should win the Nobel Peace prize for that.

Actress Sofia Vergara almost always wears  pantyhose for all the right reasons.
Actress Sofia Vergara almost always wears pantyhose for all the right reasons.

Certainly, Zoey Deschanel has demonstrated she is a devoted pantyhose wearer.  I’m sure she has appeared bear-legged once or twice on TV shows, movies or at public appearances, but in those cases, I’d have to believe the venue called for a more casual look.  Otherwise, Zoey must be one of the most dedicated and consistent pantyhose wearers anywhere.

How about Sofia Vergara?  It seems she’s everywhere now, pitching airlines, clothes, cosmetics, furniture, soft drinks.  Most often, she wears sheer black pantyhose.

The other day, I saw her in a TV commercial for Rooms ToGo, and it looked as if she were wearing nude pantyhose, but the few pictures of that ad I could find online weren’t of a high enough resolution, and she looked to be (gasp) bear-legged.

Sofia, a consistent pantyhose wearer?  You’d have to say yes, but I couldn’t believe the number of pics I found of her in bear legs during publicity appearances.

One step forward, one step back

Seems we have a long way to go still.  You can look on the Internet and find millions of pictures of celebrities and real women wearing pantyhose.  There are so many, I sometimes wonder how the bear-legs culture is still around.

Usually more classy, Taylor Swift inexplicably goes bare-legged in an elegant evening gown, which gave way to a sexy little number even for a formal set on stage at the AMAs.
Taylor Swift inexplicably goes bare-legged in an elegant evening gown (which gave way to a sexy little slip or something).  Those bare legs look awful with her outfit and the otherwise formal set during her performance at the AMAs.

But then on the world’s biggest stages, including the AMA show, presumably, the grandest show of the year for celebrities in the music industry, Taylor Swift and the overwhelming majority of women show up bear-legged.  Why is that?  I think it’s because today too many celebs still have a bear-legs consciousness.  When the movement dawned during the late 1990s to early 2000s, the concept of bears legs was a bit shocking, but soon enough women from all walks of life jumped on the bandwagon.  Once the excuse to not wear pantyhose was out there, it quickly took roots among almost all women.

Of course, it’s pretty clear now that pantyhose are making a big comeback.  Nothing in the fashion world lasts forever.  What’s hot turns cold, and what’s cold eventually turns hot.  I have every confidence that pantyhose will some day be the preferred look again.  We can see evidence of that everywhere we look.  But, as long as there is some measure of doubt about what’s “in” today, we’ll see inconsistency among even those celebs we would view as devoted wearers.  Many of them just don’t have the conviction yet, and so they aren’t sure which way to go.  And, not wanting to appear out of touch, it seems that they choose the lesser course to be safe.

While that is frustrating, I still find this to be an exciting time.  When a celebrity shows up at an event wearing pantyhose, it’s a thrill.  Now, it’s like the celebs who wear are the cool ones since everyone else is doing the same old bear-legs thing.  The ones who wear today are like the first ones to not wear.  They are now challenging what became the norm just a decade or so ago.  That will cause a stir and create doubt the other way — that perhaps women should be wearing pantyhose today.

A treat when pantyhose show up unexpectedly

That was the headline of my post (May 16, 2011) that featured South Korean model and actress Jun Ji-hyun, starring in the movie, “Blood: The Last Vampire?”  I was reminded of that headline this past Sunday, when I watched “Talking Dead,” the post-show to AMC’s “The Walking Dead,” in which host Chris Hardwick and a few guests analyze that night’s preceding episode.  Usually, the guests (often at least one from the cast of TWD) don’t exactly dress up, and lately, I’ve been skipping the post-show.  But as that night’s episode of TWD was ending, the network flashed a quick peak at what was to come on TD and I caught a glimpse of a guest wearing what I thought might be sheer nude pantyhose.

So I tuned in and was thrilled to see Christian Serratos (who plays Rosita Espinoza) wearing a little black dress, black heels and, indeed, sheer nude pantyhose.

“The Walking Dead” actresses Christian Serratos (Rosita), center, and Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), right, and comedian, actor and writer Paul F. Tompkins discuss last Sunday’s episode with “Talking Dead” host Chris Hardwick, not shown.

And, wow, did she look incredibly gorgeous.  I like her character, Rosita, but I had no idea who the actress is because I had never seen her in anything other than TWD.  I’ve since learned she is, (or was maybe) on “Twilight.”  I don’t really know because I’ve never seen a single episode of that TV series (or is it a movie, or movies?).  Obviously, I don’t have anything against vampires.  I just don’t care for the whole young romance theme, which Twilight appears to be about from scenes I’ve noticed during promotions.

Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinoza on
Christian Serratos (Rosita Espinoza on “The Walking Dead”) plays a feminine but capable survivor of the zombie apocalypse.

Anyway, Christian Serratos is petite (like me) and, as Rosita on TWD, she’s the most feminine of the female characters, her signature outfit being shorts and a cropped shirt that exposes her midriff.  Naturally, in the wasteland that has become the zombie apocalypse, we don’t expect to see a woman in pantyhose (with the exception of fabulous Milla Jovovich as Alice in the awesome “Resident Evil” movies), and I always wondered why the female cast members of the show wouldn’t want to appear on the post-show dressed all girly for a change.

Wouldn’t they want their audience to finally see a different (more elegant) side of them?  Many of the actresses do dress up on TD, but they never wear pantyhose, but now that Christian did, she is my new girl crush.

Actress Christian Serratos appears in a sexy outfit, complete with beautiful pantyhose during a recent advertisement for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).
Actress Christian Serratos appears in a sexy outfit, complete with beautiful pantyhose, during a recent advertisement for PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals).

Of course, I Googled her to see if she’s really a pantyhose kind of girl, or if this appearance on TD was a total aberration.  I found only a few pics of her in pantyhose, but that’s OK.  To me, it actually makes it even more meaningful that she viewed the occasion of being on TD significant enough to dress beautifully, including wearing sheer nude pantyhose.

Does it seem to you that when a woman today actually does wear pantyhose with a black dress and black heels, it’s almost always black hose?  Of course I get it (what we’ve always been taught), but I wish women today didn’t think it’s mandatory to match the shade of hosiery with the color of their shoes.  Nude pantyhose are such a beautiful look with a black ensemble (and all other colors really.)  So I love Christian Serratos all the more for her good taste in wearing sheer nude pantyhose to go along with her class and elegance.

In all fairness, in looking for the photo of Christian Serratos from TD, I found that there actually was at least one other female star from TWD, Lauren Cohan, who also appeared on the post-show wearing a skirt and pantyhose.

“The Walking Dead” executive producer Robert Kirkman, left, Lauren Cohan (Maggie),
and Scott Wilson (Hershel) appeared last season with Chris Hardwick, host of “Talking Dead.”

Like Christian, Lauren (who plays prominent character, Maggie) is very feminine in real life.  I don’t know any other works she’s done, but in searching the Internet for pics of her in pantyhose, I could find only one, other than the few from her appearance on TD.

That’s really too bad because she is a beautiful girl and has spectacular legs.

Another unexpected treat

I’d never watched the TV series, “Person of Interest,” but not for any reason other than that it just didn’t occur to me to do so.  I don’t know at what point it was, but I saw during scenes for an upcoming episode that actress Sarah Shahi had been added to the cast.  That got me interested in POI, and I watched an episode or two and liked all the characters, although I am so late coming to the series I really don’t understand much about what’s going on.

For someone who looks this amazing wearing pantyhose, Sarah Shahi, sadly, hardly ever does.
For someone who looks this amazing wearing pantyhose, sadly, actress Sarah Shahi, hardly ever does.

I’ve had a love-hate (mostly hate) relationship with Sarah Shahi because, while I thought she was great in the old “Life” TV series, in her role as a detective, she was always dressed in pants.

Later, when she starred in “Fairly Legal,” I figured that was a role in which it would be appropriate for her to wear pantyhose, but nooooooooo.  She went bear-legged.  (Hated it.  Didn’t watch it.)

I had seen on the Internet the same (like, 3) whole pics you’ve seen of Sarah Shahi in pantyhose (always black), so I was glad to see that she at least knows what pantyhose are.  And, oh my gosh, does she look gorgeous in them.  But I’d given up any hope of seeing this talented beauty ever wear them on a TV show or movie.

Sarah Shahi typically wears a black dress and heels, with her usual bare legs as the character, Samina Shah, on the CBS drama,
Sarah Shahi often wears a black dress and heels, with her usual bare legs as the character, Sameen Shaw, on the CBS drama, “Person of Interest.”

And, as expected, I found that on POI Sarah’s character (Sameen Shaw) wears mostly all black pants outfits as, I guess, one of the muscles on the team.  Otherwise, she wears a black dress and black heels, but, sadly, she’s always bear-legged.

Still, I’d become intrigued with POI, and I was ready for the new season (4) which started Sept. 3.  I recorded the premiere episode, but didn’t actually watch it until recently.

The show opens with a female blonde character (she’s a bad guy) in a black dress and heels (bear-legged) who meets a journalist in a bar, and murders him because he’s on to something about Artificial Intelligence about to take over life as we know it.

Subsequently (still in the first few minutes of the show), the scene changes to a fashion department store, the camera fixed on a pair of beautiful sheer nude pantyhose-adorned feet and legs in black heels and a black dress, and as the camera slowly pans upward, I am thinking to myself, please let that be Sarah Shahi’s character, Miss Shaw.  And, to my sheer delight, it is.

I could hardly believe it.  Finally, I am seeing Sarah Shahi in a little black dress with black high heels and sheer pantyhose.  And not black pantyhose, but sheer nude pantyhose.  And she looks spectacular.

Of course I am hoping this is a sign of things to come — that we’ll see more of Miss Shaw in sheer nude pantyhose.  I also like that the show sticks to some sense of realism, in that the Shaw character, working as a sales associate (as a cover) in a big upscale department store (such as Macy’s) indeed would be expected to wear a dress, heels and pantyhose.

Not amused at working in a department store as part of her new  cover ID, Sameen Shah (Sarah Shahi) approaches a team member who came up with the role for her.
Not amused at having to work in a department store as part of her new cover ID, Sameen Shaw (Sarah Shahi) approaches a team member who came up with the role for her.

After watching that episode, I tried to find that awesome picture of Miss Shaw (bored and feeling the assignment was beneath her), standing in an aisle of the store offering customers a sample of perfume.  Unfortunately, it was nowhere to be found, however, I got one (above) that shows just enough of her legs to see that she’s wearing.  And, of course, I did find the premiere teaser video for your viewing pleasure.  (You’re welcome.)

Like me, do you ever wonder how some photos from TV and movie scenes make it to the Internet, and some (the best ones) don’t?  And if only you or I were in charge, we’d make sure that priceless gems such as this one of Sarah Shahi in sheer nude pantyhose would definitely make it?  It’s like, who’s in charge of these things?  Doesn’t he or she know the significance of such a shot?

Mycroft (Rhys Ifans, middle) enlists Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller, right) and Watson (Lucy Liu, left) to help solve a case in an episode of the CBS detective series,
Mycroft (Rhys Ifans, middle) enlists Holmes (Jonny Lee Miller, right) and Watson (Lucy Liu, left) to help solve a case in an episode of the CBS detective series, “Elementary” last season. Photo: Jeff Neumann /CBS

Not since Lucy Liu wore sheer nude pantyhose in one or two episodes of “Elementary” last season, have I been this excited about a character in one of the TV shows I follow, but I have a feeling we won’t be seeing Miss Shaw in sheer pantyhose again, any more often than we’ve since seen Joan Watson in them.

One step forward-one step back.  Still, it’s “A treat when pantyhose show up unexpectedly,” and until our favorite celebs become more consistent in choosing this look we love, we can, at least, savor the next surprise.

48 thoughts on “Conviction needed from celebrity pantyhose wearers

  • I have seen some impressive pictures online of Ariana Grande wearing shorts and pantyhose. I love the look. It’s very sexy. It also means that she must really love her hose because it is less comfortable to wear in hot weather than shorts and bear legs. She also has older role models in the business such as Lady Gaga and Beyonce who are dedicated to the cause, so l’m not worried that she’ll be joining the bare leg brigade anytime soon.

  • Hi Robin,
    You mentioned about Sarah Shahi, the actress from Person of Interest that hardly wears any pantyhose in real life except for the occasional black hose, and the season 4 premiere of POI where her character, Shaw was working undercover at a department store, wearing a black dress, high heels, and nude hose. Interesting fact is that she used to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader years ago before breaking into the acting scene. I found a old picture of her, and much like her fellow Cowboy cheerleaders, she is wearing nude hose with her uniform.

    • Hi Brian W.,

      Oh, man, you had me going for a minute there. Was beginning to think you’d discovered gold, but yeah, I saw those old Dallas Cowboys (Mexico’s Team) Cheerleaders pics, too. Too bad they are all such low resolution shots.

      I’ll bet if Shahi could have gotten away with it, she wouldn’t have worn pantyhose back then either. Seriously, you’d think since she had a career that many would love, but few ever get, and one in which pantyhose were an integral part of the uniform, SS would have come away with a more positive attitude about wearing. But probably, like seemingly all the whiny, crybaby, spoiled little Hollyweird princesses out there, she was way too easily influenced by others not to wear.

      Too bad that one set of pics of her in those black pantyhose weren’t in nude or suntan hose instead. I still treasure that one department store scene in POI, but I haven’t been able to find a still picture of that scene anywhere.

      Come up with that one, Brian W., and I’ll let you manage ActSensuous for a week.

      Note from company legal staff: The above statement was made erroneously, Robin doesn’t have the authority to allow anyone to run ActSensuous, and we regret any damage her irresponsible remarks might have caused.

  • Hi Robin,
    I previously posted about the TV show “The Goldbergs,” and how attractive Hayley Orrantia, who plays teenager daughter Erica, is never seen in pantyhose (this despite the fact that the show is set in the 80s, an obvious absurdity).

    Well, on last night’s episode, at loooong last, we finally got to see Ms. Orrantia wearing.

    It was a “Dirty Dancing” theme, and so she was more or less “in costume” (in the Jennifer Grey role), but hey, I’ll take it – and she looked great. We even got a one-second closeup of her feet, as if the director was trying to prove that she was indeed Wearing (or maybe the cameraman is secretly One of Us….)

    Don’t know if it’ll lead to anything, but at least she may now realize that she won’t explode or melt or something if she wears pantyhose.

    • Hi MrMike,

      Like last time, an excellent comment. I record that show, and I will watch it soon.

      Funny that you said ” … maybe the cameraman is secretly one of us.”

      Good stuff. Thank you for your comment, MrMike.

  • Hi Robin Okay the superbowl is two weeks from tomorrow.I think you know that Beyonce Knowles is in the halftime show. Maybe a chance to see someone in pantyhose on television. It has been rare indeed.However on Fox news I noticed a lot of female announcers and guests wearing pantyhose.Well speaking of pantyhose I am looking forward to reading your next blog.

    • Hi Steve,

      Actually, I had no idea that Beyonce’ is scheduled to perform in the Super Bowl. So thanks for the heads up. I don’t watch Fox News, consequently, I don’t know what the women wear, but it’s good to learn from you that they often wear pantyhose.

      Also, thanks for your encouragement about my blog. There’s actually a very good reason why there hasn’t been anything new here. Hopefully, that situation will change very soon.

      Take care.

  • Hello everybody, I just wanted to thank you for the immense relief this blog I’ve just discovered is bringing me. There still is life out there in the “bear” legged steppe – life of people who keep braving the overwhelming cultural dumbing-down of the Western world which has begotten this (slowly declining, but still sticking about like crazy in the minds of too many women) absurd, hideous, nonsensical, irritating, stupid, ideological hatred against sheer pantyhose and especially sheer suntan/nude pantyhose, the classiest.

    Here in Europe things have been going a little better than in America over the blasted “Bear” Legged Decade, but not that much better. Prior to the Evil Decade women would wear pantyhose as a fact of life, more or less – no longer today, although I admit the giddy peaks of anti-pantyhose hysteria reached in the US have hardly been equaled over here. How many times I’ve cursed those unbearable fashion gurus with their campaigns against wearing sheers with open-toed shoes (hey fashion idiots, ladies have been wearing sheer nylons with open toed shoes or sandals for years and years, up until and through the 1980s and nobody would ever find fault with that, to the contrary it was very good taste to do so!)…how many times, I can’t even count them.

    I hope the no-hose ideology is crawling to its deathbed, but I have misgivings since the ingrained laziness and sloppiness of so many women seems impossible to dent (“hose is uncomfortable” and so forth with the usual rants of the shabbily dressed woman, because being shabby is so comfortable, oh yeah).

    Thank you again and let’s keep fighting the good battle.

    • Hi Hose_Deprived,

      Thank you for your comment/rant, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Of course I agree with everything you wrote. You’ll find friends here. Feel free to continue commenting on this, or any of the other posts here that so inspire you.

      Take care across the pond.

  • Here we go again…it is Oscar Night and another opportunity for the Hollywood elitist to congratulate themselves for their “art”. Again we will see the red carpet preening and the divas dressed in attire costing many thousand dollars complete with stilettos costing a grand and then brandishing skanky bear legs. Here is hoping that some day a modicum of sanity will eventually trickle in to those circles and the tide will change. Rant complete……

  • I have not seen any comments on the Grammy Awards show. I didn’t watch it, but I saw a picture of Ariana Grande and it looked to me like she went bear-legged for this show. Anyone else see something different?

    • Hi TurboDey,

      I didn’t watch either, as these things have become just freak shows in my opinion. I did search online and found that Ariana is wearing during performances on stage, but in at least one outfit (a long gown) while on the red carpet, it appears from the little bit of leg that shows through the slit, she indeed is “bear”-legged.

      If that’s the case, it is a real shame, as perhaps, she is caving to the criticism and pressure from all the slobs who want her to look as nasty as they do. I do hope that Ariana stays resolute and lives by her own principles, which have been stellar when it comes to how she dresses.

      • Hey Robin,
        I used to watch awards shows when I was young as it was more about who is taking home the awards, and less drama about who is dressed, and who is dating who. Now, its the other way around with more drama, and less about the awards that stopped me from watching awards shows altogether. Honestly, I blame the stylists and so called fashion experts who seemingly want to push their slob agenda against class and professionalism. That explains why celebrities are underdressed by dressing tacky, sloppy, and skanky in appearance even if a woman tries to wear a dress, they forgo hosiery at an event that calls for dressing up including complete their outfit with pantyhose. It also goes against a principle that a woman is not completely dress until they wear pantyhose with their outfits.This is also why the lazy and slob generation in prevalent in today’s society.

        Its too bad that Ariana caved into the pressure of those fashion experts by going “bear” legged, a stark contrast from last year’s Grammy’s when she dressed classy in a short dress and pantyhose despite the crticism she received from the haters including that blogging jerk Perez Hilton. Ariana’s legs do not look that good without hose as they have various blemishes such as scratches and bug bites. This is why she wears pantyhose often to hide the blemishes on her legs, even wearing a long gown as well. She also does not look too happy on the red carpet, and I bet she had to grudgingly cave into the pressure from the heartless slobs that want her to join their ranks. I too hope Ariana sticks with her principles by continuing to wear hose at other venues when she appears on and off stage, and not let these slobs and haters get to her.

  • Has anyone heard or read why Ariana Grande wears pantyhose as faithful as she does? And why won’t Amercan women follow suit?

    • Hi rclosure1,

      I have three possible reasons: She is unusually professional and classy for her age; she wants to be different from the pack, wanting to stand out; she has a boyfriend who confessed his love of pantyhose, and thus, she wears so faithfully to please him.

      In any case, we all owe her our gratitude and support as fans (although I can’t understand half of the lyrics she sings).

      Thanks for your comment, rclosure1. Good to see your name again in this blog.

  • I have seen photos of Sara in pantyhose before and she absolutely looks hot when she wears them.Why can’t she have the mentality of someone like.Who can I think of that wears pantyhose everyday.

  • I know that was a great show. Especially when she flew thru the air during her fireworks song. In whatever that device was. She always dresses very. nice. Another singer I think would be good in that super bowl show would be Sara Bareilles if she would wear pantyhose more often. I could only remember about three pics of her in pantyhose. Also Selena Gomez would be a great choice but some people say she is too young. I think I remember you saying that once.

    • Hey Steve,

      Yep, I did say that about Selena. I don’t know much about Sara Bareilles, other than that she has a great voice. As for her not being a frequent wearer of pantyhose, well … she’s got “bare” in her last name. What could we expect?

  • Hey Robin I think you saw the halftime show yesterday.It was very good how’ever I couldn’t quite tell if Katy was wearing pantyhose yesterday.

    • Hi Steve,

      Best Halftime show in a hundred years. Katy Perry is awesome. And, yes, she was wearing very sheer pantyhose. For how long, and how many times, have I been telling the NFL that Katy Perry should be their Sunday Night Football theme song performer?

      I rest my case.

      Thanks for the comment, Steve.

      • Katy Perry was amazing in her halftime show. Great that she wore nude hose/fishnets during her performance. Maybe if Carrie Underwood decides not to return to sing the intro for SNF next season, NBC should consider Katy to be the next singer for the SNF. Perhaps we can finally have a hose friendly lady like Katy to the SNF theme song.

  • Once again we are in the brink of major improvements, just find out today a recent campaign signed by the notorious but no less beautiful Miley Cirus with Golden Lady pantyhose campaign, this is a new hope for all the starlets out there, and women alike who are devoted followers of new lines concerning the way a true lady would wear. This is a major event since the campaing choose a young celebrity, I just hope that most women take note about how classy and elegant a woman should dress from now on.
    We can find the 30 second promo in youtube.
    Again Robin, your wise thoughts are not in vain.
    Regards and season greetings.

    • Hi Julio,

      Thank you for your comment. OK, here’s the deal: Yes, it’s good news indeed that a pantyhose company has tapped a young celebrity to advertise its products. I’d like to do that, too, but if she volunteered to advertise for us free, I wouldn’t pick Miley Cyrus in a million years. Why? She’s like an out-of-work school teacher — no class!

      I don’t think I need to cite the many examples in which she has brought negative attention to herself. And her attitude is just plain nasty. No thanks. But, hey, if by some miracle her You Tube ads happen to influence some young women out there to start wearing pantyhose, well, good for her then.

      Thanks again, Julio. Wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas.

      • I saw the commercial on youtube which is in Italian since Golden Lady is actually an Italian hose company, so it is likely being marketed to Italian and European women rather than American women. If it was an American hose commercial, I would be very happy that they finally got a young celebrity like Miley (though she is not my choice as well) to market hosiery proving that hose is alive and well amongst the young generation in America. Maybe Miley could model for Act Sensous, except I don’t think Robin would approve due to the negative attention that Miley recieves in the media.

    • Nice find! I’m not sure how to feel about it. I watched the ad, and it’s actually pretty tasteful. But I’m kind of glad it’s evidently only being marketed to Europeans. I’m afraid if she endorsed hose in America, it would only ultimately backfire – people just seeing her as too trashy, and an excuse to dis hose. Thanks for pointing out the ad campaign.

  • Thanks for another well written blog Robin. It will always be a constant battle with the fashionistas and their “bear”legs psychobabble. I definitely see progress on our side of pantyhose lovers, albeit a slow incremental one. Especially among women under 40. Thanks again Robin.

  • I never heard about Ariana Grande until the presenter of a TV show I am used to watch (here in France) announced she would perform at the end of the show. Sadly that night, I was extremely tired due to a too short sleep the night before. So when Ariana Grande showed up on the screen, I was asleep in front of my TV so I missed her performance. Now that I know her better by hearsay, websites and blogs such as this one that taught me that she’s a “pantyhose goddess”, I regret to have missed her on TV even more. However, I say to myself, there will be other opportunities, like the last times I saw Rhianna and Kylie Minogue, who are regular hosiery wearers, and never disappoint me on this.

  • Brian W, I also appreciate your comment. I hadn’t heard about the remarks upsetting Ariana that way. It is almost as if these fashion designers view women as competition, and so they go out of their way to not support women looking great and feminine. Maybe that’s far fetched, or maybe not.
    In the local area where I live, there is a predominant supermarket chain. I noticed recently the one store used to have a hosiery section which is no longer there. And this is with the fact that store actually EXPANDED and is now selling various clothing items, as well. But you can look all over that store and there is no hosiery section, which I find ridiculous. I suppose it’s about supply and demand, and they’re not going to sell something with not enough demand. However, I really question how many clothes a grocery chain is going to sell, period. I find that, in itself, is tacky and won’t last. But I guess time will tell.

  • Some of the celebrities who shun pantyhose to go “bear” legged at various events such as an award show, movie premiere, festival, gala etc. are still influnced by the so-called fashion experts and their stylists that wearing pantyhose is a faux fashion pas or out of style despite some recent years of seeing more women wearing pantyhose after almost a decade of it being outside the mainstream of fashion. I bet these celebrities were advised by their stylists that if they were to wear pantyhose on the red carpet at a various event, they would look be ridiculed by the fashionistas, and media, and would be seen as old-fashioned, out of style, or granny. Ariana Grande was one of those celebrities who wore a short dress with nude pantyhose at last year’s Grammy Awards, and even though Ariana showed class by wearing pantyhose to the award show, She was ridiculed with negative comments from the fashionistas, and bloggers including that idiotic celebrity blogger Perez Hilton about her nude hose as being out of style, granny, old-fashioned, even reaching the point where they said that she should her to lose the hose and go “bear” legged, even though her legs have visible scratches, and spots on them. It tells you too that not all women can pull off the “bear” legged look if their legs have various blemishes such as patiness, blotches, bruises, scratches, moles, etc. Those negative comments about her outfit and pantyhose would later cause Ariana to break down into tears.

    The fashion experts and the bloggers who make those negative comments about hosiery want to promote the slob (laziness) and showy (women who show off more skin including “bear” legs when they wear provocative clothes) agenda in USA. They are also giving the USA, a bad name and reputation when they promote that agenda worldwide. This is why women around the world including Eastern European and Asian women (most notably in Japan), will always dress classy in pantyhose rather than look lazy, skanky, and sloppy in appearance.

    Here in Ottawa, Canada due to our cold weather, I am seeing more women in hose whether if its nude, black , colored etc. There are still a few women though that opt to go “bear” legged in cold weather that would look lazy and silly, but its likely that they have been influenced American fashion trends from the media. At least the majority of the women here in my city wear hosiery.

    The fashion industry today is now being run by gay men who obviously don’t care about class and femininty. Instead, they only care to dictate what is in, and out of fashion and what women should or shouldn’t wear. Some of them are advisarial towards pantyhose, and sadly women have bought into their word. Women today are no longer dressing to please their men, they are dressing to please the fashion experts and their peers.

    Despite seeing more women in hosiery than in the last decade where ‘bear” legs ruled thanks in large part to TV shows such as Sex and the City, it remains an uphill battle in the fashion and entertainment to get celebrities to wear hose again at various events. I do hope to see more celebrities in hosiery, and not worry what these so called fashion experts as they main goal is the promote an agenda, rather than allow a woman look classy and feminine in their appearance.

    • Thank you for your comment, Brian w.

      I didn’t know the complete story regarding the criticism Ariana Grande endured about her style, but I did hear that the hurtful remarks made her cry. This makes her even more impressive to me for sticking to her own convictions, despite the nasty things stupid people say.

      I can see how many people would be jealous and feel threatened by the fact that she is dedicated to dressing professionally and with class during a time in which the preferred fashion seems to be to look like a slob.

      • You are spot on. The criticism toward Ariana Grande is all based on jealousy since Ms. Grande is very young, exceptionally pretty, and an all-around class act. I heard the other day that Bette Midler made nasty comments about Ariana Grande’s fashion sense. Bette Midler sounds like a celebrity whose best days are long in the past and resents Ms. Grande’s youth and beauty.

        • Hi Andrew,

          Thanks for your comment. Bette Midler? She’s still alive?? I’m not sure she EVER had best days. Either way, she has NO business criticizing Ariana Grande. Never in her 97 years or so has Midler ever looked as amazing as Ariana does.

  • Of course you know, you are preaching to the choir. It’s really disturbing to see something that once leaned so traditional, like a country music awards show, be filled with bear legged women. And pretty much anything nowadays that comes out of Hollywood – awards show or not – you know is predominately bearlegged. It even makes a little bit of sense for Hollywood to be that way. Hey, it’s California, and usually warm. However, it’s ridiculous the way most of the actresses shun pantyhose – especially for formal occasions and things that call for class. Why does this happen?
    Well, for one, there is always some (insert profanity here) fashion blogger constantly telling these women how awful it is to ever wear pantyhose – they are too grandma, too out of style, too whatever – how dare they actually wear a pair of hosiery? Secondly, with the predominance of tanning beds and crap that women can smear on their legs these days to give the appearance of a tan, wearing tan or nude hose in particular now seem to be really out of style. This is maddening. OUT OF STYLE? Hell, pantyhose should never be an accessory that’s viewed as ‘in’ or ‘out’ – it should be a constant in a woman’s wardrobe.
    But for the reasons I just mentioned, we’ll probably never see tan hose be the norm as it was yrs ago. I was spoiled, I grew up watching things like “Three’s Company”, “Cheers”, “Dallas”, etc…it was just the norm for women to always be in these suntan pantyhose. Or if not suntan, by god, they were at least in some kind of hose. I never dreamt it wouldn’t be a norm anymore. It shouldn’t be. And I do think hose will continue to come back. But it’s still an uphill battle right now.
    Too much media and things telling these women how to dress and how not to dress. I have a niece who is 18 yrs old. Her and her friends, I’m sure are never in any kind of hosiery, it’s a rarity. They grow up, these kids go to proms, homecoming, and everything else thinking it’s this faux pas to wear pantyhose. It makes me sick. Especially when there are quite a few whose legs NEED the help, and SHOULD be wearing pantyhose.
    What’s even more maddening, is this seems to be confined to an American thing. Other countries, they still recognize that women look so much nicer and feminine in hosiery. Eastern Europe, Britain, Canada…even prior to Kate Middleton, I believe they were wearing hosiery far more than the U.S. I have suspicions and opinions – things that don’t really belong in a blog like this one – that there are even political reasons for something like this (also the last thing I want to do here is discuss politics). Maybe that’s totally off base. Maybe not. Anyway, thanks for your space to soapbox.

  • Another great article Robin. You mention how common it is for women to wear black sheer pantyhose rather than nudes or any other colour for that matter. I spent a day in Halifax, Nova Scotia recently and was surprised by what my wife and I encountered. The temperatures of course are dropping here so bare legs luckily are no longer a sensible option this time of year in this climate. However as nice as it was to see the sheer amount(Of course the pun was intended) of hosiery women were wearing it still seems many women see their options as either black pantyhose or black tights and that’s it. Kate Middleton has been a great example as you mention of how fantastic sheer nude hose can look. Hopefully this upward swing in popularity will continue.

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