Costumes with pantyhose make Halloween nothing but a treat

A few of our favorite “real girls who love pantyhose” models have gotten all decked out in cute costumes and ActSensuous pantyhose for your Halloween viewing pleasure.

You’ve met Yesenia in the preceding feature and gallery, as well as back on Jan. 21, 2013.  Yesenia appears in the gallery below, as does:

Olivia, who (along with her sister, Ariel, and friend Leilani) modeled for us at Christmastime last year.  Today, Olivia, 23, is a secretary who aspires to work in the legal field.

Originally from New York, Olivia currently lives in Pennsylvania and says she wears pantyhose to work every day.

The 5’4″ model of Puerto Rican descent is 115 pounds and wears a size 2 dress.  Her favorite pantyhose shades are nude and black.

Mylani, who was featured here on Feb. 24, 2013, is now a college graduate, climbing her way up the corporate ladder.

“For my internship, I worked in a company that had about 100 employees, mostly female,” Mylani said. “What I noticed was very few women wore skirts, dresses or heels, and hardly any of them wore pantyhose.  It struck me as unprofessional all these women walking around in pants and loafers or oxfords.  I am all for equality in the workplace, but you don’t have to look like a man.”

Mylani, who is Chinese-American, says she wears skirts, dresses and high heels every day.

“And that includes pantyhose,” she added.  “Act IV are my favorite pantyhose to wear to the office, and they look great with all my costumes.  I never miss a chance to get dressed up in a cute costume and show off my pantyhose legs.”

There are no tricks here.  Just treats.  See what you think …

36 thoughts on “Costumes with pantyhose make Halloween nothing but a treat

  • Hi Robin. Well its almost Halloween and I’m getting well excited. My two favorite women have picked our their costumes. My girlfriend is going dressed as an aqua highlighter while wearing matching pantyhose.

    Her younger cousin will be wearing a cheerleader costume while wearing nude pantyhose from actsensuous. She said that they feel like satin on her legs.

    Fortunately for me my girlfriend dosent get jealous when I admire her cousins legs. I hope you don’t mind me asking if your wearing anything for Halloween.

    Hope your days are going smooth as silk.

    • Hi Steve,

      Good for you that your girlfriend and her cousin are dressing up for Halloween, and your gf doesn’t mind that you admire her cousin’s legs. Of course, I like that the cousin is wearing ActSensuous.

      Each Halloween, I (always too late) tell myself that I should wear a costume all around town and to greet the little goblins at my door in the evening. Unforeseen circumstances prevent my doing that this year. Maybe next year.

      • Good thing I wasn’t driving my car with them in it like that.There could have been an accident from me being distracted.They say don’t text and drive.Driving a car with female passengers wearing pantyhose could be dangerous too.(especially if one is wearing act sensuous) Thanks Robin.

  • I know that Halloween is coming upon us, which I greatly enjoy being able to see women dress up in costumes and generally with pantyhose or hosiery of some sort. The fall season, including the build up to Halloween and into the winter season usually provide for the best times to see pantyhose and hosiery be worn with no objections. I love that fact as most of us do.

    But, second to all of that is an event that happens here in ATL called Dragon Con (abbreviated for Conference). It is by far the best example of a pantyhose or hosiery lover’s dream come true. And, any people who love “Cons” of any genre, show, book, anime, cartoons, movies, or any other type of cult like followings. Dragon Con is the Con or Conference where all who are passionate about Cons go to meet up and enjoy each other’s company, talk about their favorites, network, and just plain party till you drop.

    I dare say it is even better than Halloween because the attendance for Dragon Con is usually about 70 to 80 thousand strong each year. And, out of those numbers there are at least 50 to 60 thousand people who dress up in some form or fashion as their favorite characters spanning across the categories I mentioned earlier.

    For those of you who are aware of it or about it you know what I’m talking about. For those of you who don’t, Google it and you will see pictures that will fill you to complete extacsy and beyond that will overload your senses. A lot of the costumes are some of the finest you will see anywhere, as some people devote as much as they possiblly can in every manner of speaking. Especially, financially, they put hundreds even one thousand dollars or more into making them. It is really a treat to see.

    I, of course, love being able to see the thousands of women dressed up as their favorite characters because the majority of them wear pantyhose, tights, thigh high stockings, and knee highs. You’ll see the best cosplay costumes that exist if you are brave enough to immerse yourself in the crowds.

    I strongly urge you all to do a Google search about Dragon Con and just view the pictures, you will feel like you’re in heaven or very close to it. Just thought I’d share that info with you all to help you pumped up for the Fall season and all of the great benefits it brings for us hosiery aficionados.

    • Hi AKH,

      Thank you for sharing this with us. I had never heard of it before. I did take your advice and Googled it. I was hoping to see a greater percentage of pantyhose-wearers than “bear”-leggers, but it could just be that the particular pictures published happened to be the other way around.

      One question: Why do all the fat ugly women wear the skimpiest costumes? Have they never seen a mirror? 🙂

      • LOL. I’m sure they do but, most of them don’t care. There are still more than enough good looking ones that do wear pantyhose and other forms of hosiery.

  • Aloha again Robin,

    Thank you for your post regarding a subject we all love to talk about. You know I was just sitting here getting over jet lag when I realized that my favorite time of year is just around the corner.

    Halloween has been my favorite for a few great reasons, and that being that there are plenty of women out there who wear pantyhose with costumes to look at, and the best reason for me is I can totally be myself on that day and enjoy looking at them without being deemed strange or perverted. I can take picures of them and just enjoy it.

    There are a few female co-workers at work who know about my liking of females in hose and tend to tease me with their costumes, much to my delight, and let me snap away. I wish it could be all year but have to be thankful for what I have. One offered to let me feel them on her, but it was a struggle to decline. I appreciated her gesture though. That is my weak point.

    Your brand of pantyhose would do wonders on them I am sure. Oh the potential!

    I look forward to your next article when you are ready to inspire us. Wishing you every success!


      • It was a struggle to not do so, however, out of respect to my wife and marriage I knew it would lead to more trouble than not. Even though my wife does not care too much for pantyhose doesn’t mean I can indulge in every opportunity, whether good or bad. To many I am considered too nice, which to me is a compliment and not a weakness. Thank you Robin.


  • About a week or so ago I saw a slender young woman – probably about 18 yrs. old in nude pantyhose with short shorts and tennis shoes. It was a warm and humid day – so I was particularly pleased to see her adorned in hose. I don’t think pantyhose will ever die out completely – and I’m especially heartened when I see a young woman in hose.

  • You know Robin, I still marvel at your Korean-American model Michelle and her pose with your pantyhose. We have two new Korean women working with us now here in Hawaii and they look absolutely fabulous with their long legs in pantyhose. It truly is a wonderful material that encases such beautiful parts of the body! They seem to go on forever. I may be biased, but I do believe Asian women make hose rock! However, I will praise any woman who chooses to wear them in any way, type, or color.


  • Great post again Robin! And, the models of course looked great in their costumes and pantyhose. I too got to see some great costumes on the local Hooters girls at the downtown ATL location that I go to fairly frequently. Of course, I went on Halloween night after work. I also dressed up as PSY, the Korean singer and YouTube sensation. I’ll just say it was an awesome night. Most of the girls were wearing the classic Hooters pantyhose, which I think they now use the Tamara brand instead of the former Peavy. But, my Hooters waitress(babe) lol, wore a nurse costume with white thigh high stockings over her uniform pantyhose. One girl wore red tights with her costume, she was a cute mouse. One of my favorite girls wore a sexy mouse costume but wore black stretch leggings, and even though I was disappointed I still was glad to see her. Another girl wore a variation of the Wonder Woman costume but of course had the tan sheer uniform pantyhose, thank goodness. And, even a female co-worker of mine who dressed up as a roach lady, who is in her early 30’s and sexy, had the good choice of wearing some tan L’eggs sheer energy pantyhose. I was impressed. Hope all had a great a Halloween.

  • Just an aside: these images appear to be taken with a wide angle lens while standing up. The result is a distortion that tends to shorten the legs of the model. The shooter may want to consider shooting while kneeling (model’s belly height) or even lower, and using a lens with a longer focal length to avoid distortion. Note that trying to fit the whole model into each frame will lose the opportunity for all kinds of sexier shots where you get closer. Natural light looks great because it has some shadow and nuance… the flash in these images is blasting them out, particularly the last sets with the pull-down fabric backdrop. Taking the flash down a bit and allowing some directionality can pull out some sexy shadows. Also note the power of images where the model is not looking directly at the lens– more of a “tease” than a mug shot.

    • Hi, nobody special. This is your second comment (this time, with a slightly different handle) that is well-conceived and well-written. Thank you for your advice (Photography 101). I will pass it along to the person who shoots models for us. Would love to read comments from you about other posts here.

    • Thank you for your feedback, nobody special. I am the photographer and will put your ideas to use! As always, we had so much fun shooting for Robin. The girls love ActSensuous pantyhose and can’t wait to do another set for Robin. I will try to put some more mugshots up soon.

  • I always look for a few glimmers of hope on the pantyhose front and today I found a few. I went to see the new Nicole Kidman movie – Before I go to Sleep – and there is one scene where Nicole is laying on the couch in dark pantyhose with a hole in them. There were also billboards in the theater advertising upcoming movies. In one – Jennifer Anniston is wearing dark, sheers for the movie Horrible Bosses 2. In the other one – and I forget what movie it advertised – Rose Byrne is shown wearing shiny, nude hose. Needless to say I was ecstatic as I studied that poster closely to confirm that she was adorned in hose. As I left the theater – I saw a young woman – 20’s – wearing dark but sheer hosiery with her skirt and flats. I always rejoice when I see a young woman in hose. By the way – this is libertarianqman. I am just using a different ID.

    • Oh, hi, Steven. I like your new ID. I had missed hearing from you, so it’s good to see that you’re back. Great reporting on the upcoming movies. Looking forward to seeing them.

  • WOW I love halloween.My gf was dressed as
    a bag lady.Her costume consisted of a blue
    jean dress with nude pantyhose that had
    runs in them.Sometimes runs in a womens
    pantyhose can be sexy.Her cousin came to
    visit me at my job wearing a devil costume
    that consisted of red pantyhose..Well Robin
    you kick ass .THE Models are so hot
    especially Yesenia

  • Added benefit of pantyhose…
    “You really need to write another pantyhose article,” so said a few Hooters servers who enjoyed a late Summer post or article. So here is an item of note…
    Not Halloween it is necessary. OK, it is Halloween but using pantyhose while officiating soccer games is born of necessity. The mercury for these late October, early November night affairs is under 55 degrees. Toss in some wind and you have hints of Old Man Winter knocking on the door.
    An added benefit of this excellent though often criticized ‘accessory’ is support. Case in point. One afternoon called for a junior varsity boys game. A good amount of running on a warm day with two high school teams playing. That evening there was a 5-6 grade game on a large field. This league uses one official so there is appreciable running on the order. The temp was high 50s, not freezing but a chill.
    For the evening game I wore nude pantyhose, sheer energy lighter that Hooters. They kept my legs comfortable but an added benefit was keeping them fresh. The latter part of the game my legs felt good and the hard running was no problem. Chalk it up to the pantyhose keeping them warm and ‘energizing’.
    A team mother on the bench couldn’t even tell I had them on but thought it was such a practical idea. She said she would suggest the travel team might want to use them for cold morning games. Naturally, told her about the benefits of keeping the legs refreshed for hard running throughout the contest. Finally, couldn’t resist saying ‘my legs literally and figuratively had sheer energy’.
    For the ladies employed as waitresses, servers and occupations with them active and spending a lot of time on their feet, pantyhose not only completes the uniform and/or outfit. It adds the benefit of literally messaging the legs.

  • Thank you Robin and thank your models They were all terrific very sexy! Great job !!! I can’t believe this site is free!

  • One thing about your wonderful products….definitely makes the girl’s legs and feet look astonishing.
    Personally I loved every picture of Mylani, she is gorgeous, great body, beautiful face and legs and feet to die for, and the best of all, she’s Asian.
    Thank you Robin for this wonderful set of lovely girls wearing Act IV.

  • Bravo! I enjoyed this, lots of nice photos. I especially liked the firegirl in pantyhose, good stuff. I agree with the other commenter, I hate that they’re tainting this new Wonder Woman image by having her without pantyhose. And not to get offtrack, but I’ll be keeping an eye on the CMA pics Nov. 4, to see if Miss Underwood dons any hose. If she does, you know it will likely be black.

  • Amazing gallery! It’s terrible to see Wonder Woman and other costumes without pantyhose. But there are so many women that leave off this particular item. Seems like it’s getting better in the last few years. Look at pictures from comic-con. Most of those costumes seem to include hosiery.
    Great models, great outfits, great legs, and great hose!

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