Love of pantyhose a constant in young woman’s life

For years, this blog has shined the spotlight on many wonderful celebrities whose consistent wearing of pantyhose has helped turn back the once seemingly-unstoppable “bear”-legs movement.

Along the way, this blog also has featured a handful of “real girls who love pantyhose.”  One extraordinary young woman we got to know about a year-and-a-half ago here, continues to rock the world of those who love pantyhose, as she wears practically every day for work and for fun.

She’s a young businesswoman, a part-time painter, a part-time model and a full-time romantic who is devoted to her family and friends.  And, thankfully, her love of pantyhose continues to grow, and she remains a dedicated wearer.

We caught up with Yesenia, and you won’t believe what she’s up to these days.

While still completing a college degree, somehow the dynamic Yesenia already has a career (professional accountant), but still finds the time to paint, play video games with her young brother, and, oh yeah, she’s working in construction — sort of as a hobby, she said.  (Yes, construction.)

TOP DRAWER:   Yesenia searches for a file while working from her home-based office.

“Being an accountant, most days I can work from home,” Yesenia told us.  “Sure, I do have to go to the office occasionally, but most of my work can be done from my home-based office. “

So that means most of the time, Yesenia doesn’t have to wear pantyhose, right?

“Many people, not having to leave the house, probably would just work in sweats or something comfortable,” she said.  “For me, it is all about professionalism.  I still want to dress as a professional.  You never know when a client might stop by to drop off paperwork, or I have to do a video conference with the office or a client.  What does that mean?  Skirts, blouses, heels, and oh yes, ActSensuous Act IV pantyhose.”

Really?  Yesenia routinely chooses ActSensuous pantyhose?  That’s nice, but this feature would have been written no matter what brand of pantyhose she wears.  Why ActSensuous?

“ActSensuous are the sheerest pantyhose I have ever worn,” Yesenia said.  “They are very soft and do not bind.  In other pantyhose I’ve worn for work, they have Lycra (spandex), and by the end of the day in those pantyhose, I feel like a sausage all squeezed in.  With Act IV, you can barely feel you are wearing pantyhose, but, you sure can see how great my legs look in them.”

As Yesenia is a woman in only her early 20s, I wondered where this love and devotion to wearing pantyhose originated.

“Having Latin culture in my background, I learned from a very young age how to look, act and be a lady,” Yesenia said. “When I turned 15, I followed the custom for Latin girls to start acting like ladies, and wearing high heels instead of flats.  And a lady is never to wear heels without pantyhose.  A girl can wear tights or leggings with flats, but a lady must be in skirts, dresses, heels and pantyhose.”


Getting to know Yesenia

Age:                            23

Height/weight:       5’2, 110

Dress size:                4

Shoe size:                  7

Pantyhose size         A (Small)

Where from:             Puerto Rico

Ethnicity:                  Spanish, Italian and Scottish

Marital status:        Single

Favorite color(s):   Black, blue and yellow

Favorite food:          Sushi

Favorite drink:        Boba (Bubble tea)

Favorite snack:       Chia pods

Favorite song:       “Stay with me” by Sam Smith

Favorite book:       “Red as Blood” by Tanner Smith

Favorite movie:     “Spirited away”

Top 3 TV shows:    “The Walking Dead,” “Penny Dreadful,” and “Freak Show”

Favorite actors:     Ginnifer Goodwin and Evan Peters

YOU KITTEN ME?: Just another way Yesenia can enjoy working from home (unless kitty snags her pantyhose with those claws).

Yesenia is such a delight, we sat down with her to find out what really makes her tick.

ActS:    If you weren’t an accountant, what would you be doing for a living?

Yesenia:     I would own a contracting business.  I am absolutely in love with everything about construction.  It’s a big hobby for me.  I am currently building a new home.  Sometimes, it’s quite the pain, but it’s worth it.  I couldn’t be happier.

ActS:            If you owned your own construction business, would you still wear skirts and heels and pantyhose?

Yesenia:     I certainly would.  As the owner, I’m sure I’d be doing many jobs, such as the secretary, the bookkeeper, the foreman, etc.  I would wear skirts and heels and pantyhose to set a good example. And when I was on the construction site, I’d be the only one in a hard hat and pantyhose.  That probably would motivate the work crews.

ActS:      What are your goals in life?

Yesenia:    Simply, doing everything I can to help those around me.  I’d like to get certified in construction one day, I want to finish college, and, of course, be able to continue to model for a very long time.

ActS:        What do you believe in? What are your values?

Yesenia:      Honesty is a big thing for me. Knowing the difference between right and wrong, and being able to admit when you are wrong.

ActS:         What are you most passionate about?

Yesenia:       That’s a rough one.  I would like to say construction, but it would have to be playing video games.  I love that for a few hours, you can forget about yourself and all your problems and become this character that can whisk you away to another world.  Video games can capture our emotions.

MISSED OPPORTUNITY: Bet the guys at the corporate office hate it when Yesenia works from home, as they don’t get to see beautiful sights like this.

ActS:   What are the top three things you couldn’t live without?

Yesenia:     My cell phone, and Xbox. (And pantyhose.)

ActS:   That’s four things.

Yesenia:   I know, but aren’t you glad I added that one?

ActS:    Indeed I am.  What’s the secret to winning your heart?

Yesenia:   If you want to win my heart, you must never judge yourself or those around you.

ActS:    What do you want people to know about you?

Yesenia:  That I am an odd, old soul with much to offer when it comes to friendship.  I can promise that things will never be dull with me.

ActS:    OK, let’s get to the real questions now.

Yesenia:   Thought you’d never ask.

ActS:   Why do you love pantyhose?  What do you love so much about them?

Yesenia:  I love everything about pantyhose.  They come in all styles and colors and can make or break your look.  Pantyhose are like foundation for your legs.  Pantyhose aren’t just an article of clothing, but a very important accessory.  Pantyhose are a never-ending way you can express yourself.

ActS:   Do you have a pantyhose fetish, or do you wear just because you’re a classy girl?

Yesenia:   I’d say both.  I love pantyhose and I feel like you should wear them for almost any occasion.

ActS:   On average, how many days per week do you wear pantyhose?

Yesenia:  I wear pantyhose nearly every day.  Unless I’m doing something that may rip my pantyhose, I am always wearing them.

AT HER FINGERTIPS: Yesenia has everything she needs to conduct business from her home-based office.

ActS:  Do you carry a spare pair of pantyhose in case you get a run while you’re out and about, or do you think a run is actually kind of sexy?

Yesenia:   I can actually say that in my entire life, I have only ever had a run in one pair and that was at the park doing a photo shoot a few years back, but to be safe, I always have an extra pair on me.  I myself am not a fan of runs in pantyhose unless they were made that way.

ActS:   Do people notice your legs more when you’re wearing pantyhose?

Yesenia:   Absolutely.  Pattern or no pattern, shiny or not, smooth legs can just capture some attention, and never in a bad way.

ActS:   Do you ever get compliments from strangers about your wearing pantyhose?

Yesenia:  I get compliments occasionally about the kind of pantyhose I am wearing, or overall, how they look on my legs.

ActS:   What’s the best remark about your wearing pantyhose that anyone ever said to you?

Yesenia:  That I have perfect legs and could make any pair of pantyhose look good.

ActS:   What did you say back?

Yesenia:   I simply said: Thank you, you’re being too kind.

COMFORTS OF HOME: While this screen saver would be inappropriate at the main office, Yesenia can surround herself with the things she loves at her home-based office. And, yes, that is ActSensuous pantyhose (Act IV Black) on that model.

ActS:   Has a stranger ever asked if he or she could feel the pantyhose you were wearing?

Yesenia:   Yes, it happened only once.

ActS:    What did you say?

Yesenia:   I said sure.  The person could not tell at first that I was wearing pantyhose until she noticed the shine.  I also told her the brand and where she could purchase them.

ActS:   Do you ever wonder how it must feel to someone else who touches your legs in pantyhose?

Yesenia:    Yes, all the time.

ActS:   Have you ever felt the pantyhose on another girl’s legs?

Yesenia:  I have.  I met a girl wearing these new trendy pantyhose from Japan, and I asked if I could feel them.

ActS:   How did you like it?

Yesenia:   I loved it.  I was amazed at how thick, but so sheer looking her pantyhose were.

ActS:   What would you say to a girl who thinks it is too hot or too cold to wear pantyhose, or that they are uncomfortable, or that pantyhose are not in style or are irrelevant today?

Yesenia:   I would tell her she simply needs to find the right balance.  If it’s too hot, she needs to find a sheerer pair.  If it’s too cold, she should wear a thicker pair.  If she thinks pantyhose are uncomfortable, I would suggest that she may be wearing them wrong (maybe the wrong size, or ones with too much spandex).  If she said to me that pantyhose are not in style, or are irrelevant today, I would tell her that you make your own style — not the other way around, and your own personal style is never irrelevant today.

FINISHING TOUCHES: Yesenia adds a little jewelry to complete her outfit, but to her, the best accessory for a business suit is her Act IV Light Taupe pantyhose.

ActS:   OK, finally, are you preparing for the zombie apocalypse, and when it comes would you still wear pantyhose all the time?

Yesenia:   I am totally prepping for zombies to take over the world.  I am totally ready for it, as well.  Pantyhose can serve as warmth, not just for my legs, but for my upper body. I could use pantyhose as a bag if needed to carry supplies.  I could use pantyhose to carry my weapons, but the main thing would totally be wearing them.  If I had to make myself look like a zombie to be invisible to a herd, I would put a few tears in the pantyhose and add some zombie blood to make it look as if I have some tearing flesh.  I could use that to get past a herd. I’m going totally Walking Dead style here.

ActS:    And you’d likely be the only girl wearing pantyhose during the zombie apocalypse (with the exception of myself, of course, and don’t ever forget I thought of it first, kiddo) so the guys in survivor groups would look after you more than anyone else, right?

Yesenia:  Right.  (In both cases.)

Yesenia, truly is a special young woman.  She told me she likes to keep her legs toned and her feet soft with a pedicure.  But she said her legs are not perfect, and that’s another reason she loves pantyhose.

And even though I didn’t solicit it, she added:

SERVICE WITH A SMILE: Yesenia answers a client’s questions. Or, she’s talking with a friend. Either way, she always looks like she’s working.

“When I wear ActSensuous pantyhose, my legs look perfect.  Act IV are the best, and the shades are great to match with different outfits to change my skintone ever so slightly.  The Nude are great if I want to highlight my natural skin color, Suntan are perfect when I am wearing something a little bit lighter and want my legs to stand out.  The Light Taupe are my favorite because they go with so many outfits and give the look that you are wearing pantyhose, but still show off my skintone. And, Black, well, I am sure everyone knows how essential black is to any wardrobe.”

Yesenia said she still loves to wear tights and patterned pantyhose, but she considers ActSensuous “a must.”

“I am so glad you make these wonderful pantyhose,” she said.  “I have worn ActSensuous for years, and Act IV are the best yet.  If I run out of one shade, I panic.  Most women pick the outfit first, then choose the pantyhose to match.  For me, I start with the pantyhose, slip them on and see how they look, then decide what outfit I will wear to show off my pantyhose legs.”

Whatever brand or style of pantyhose Yesenia wears, I am just happy to know her.  You don’t have to look hard to find hundreds of thousands of pictures on the Internet of celebrities wearing pantyhose.  And you can find pictures of professional models wearing pantyhose with the latest fashions — further evidence that this boring “bear”-legs culture is wearing thin with most people these days.

What might be most encouraging though is finding thousands and thousands of pictures of real girls from all over the world wearing pantyhose.  Who are these girls?  Where are these girls?  How do we find girls like them walking around in everyday situations and venues?

Well, Yesenia is as real as they come.  She’s professional, she’s classy, she’s beautiful, and she’s really, really cool.  And she’s just 23.

And now, at least, you know her.  Somewhere, steve is smiling.*

*Steve (written as steve on this blog) is a longtime reader here, who’s made many comments, especially, about how much he and his girlfriend admire the photos of Yesenia.

Below, please enjoy the special gallery of Yesenia in the full shoot of her during a typical day at the (home) office.

26 thoughts on “Love of pantyhose a constant in young woman’s life

  • Excellent blog about Yesenia and her love for pantyhose. She is setting the perfect example of great style, class and elegance to the younger generation of women. It’s great that she developed her love for pantyhose at an early age and now they are like a daily part of her life. Yesenia knows that a great pair of sheer pantyhose will make her legs look and feel wonderful and her pics show that very well.

  • Hey Robin thanks for those photos of Yesenia and I hope to see her posing in more photos like that at Christmas time.Well my gf has still been wearing them once or twice a week. Her catching me looking at Yesenia was one of the best things that ever happened to me.

    • Nice find, there, Steven. Yes, Anne Hathaway is one of the classier young stars who more consistently wears sheer pantyhose for the right occasions and venues.

      I know nothing about her co-star, Jessica Chastain, but a quick Internet search shows she’s not exactly real pantyhose friendly. However, it appears possible that in this case, she is wearing very sheer nude pantyhose. You might think not, but after seeing on the Internet just how awful her “bear” legs look, I have to think she is wearing here.

      Honorable mention should go to Matthew McConaughey for also dressing very professionally and with class for this event.

      Thank you for sharing this, Steven.

      • Yes – I’m a big fan of Jessica Chastain and had the opportunity to meet her once in NY. I think she’s a great actress BUT she does not wear sheer hosiery often at all. There is a nice photo spread of her in a recent magazine (the name escapes me) that shows her in gartered stockings – but for most occasions she simply doesn’t wear hose.

      • Oh – I almost forgot. Jessica Chastain is a very fair skinned redhead. Her bear legs look really doesn’t cut it with such fair skin. Her legs look too pasty. Sheer hosiery would so much improve her appearance but it would seem she is steeped in the bear leg culture. From all I’ve read – she is very into fashion and always wearing the latest in feminine styles. It is a shame she does not include sheer hosiery in her wardrobe.

  • Yesenia is really great! She was one of the first women I asked to model for me. Every time I saw her, she was in pantyhose or tights. When I asked her if she wanted to model pantyhose, “Yes” came out of her mouth before I even finished asking her. Once she slipped on ActSensuous, she was in love and it began a great partnership with Robin and posing for ActSensuous.

  • I am very pleased to read this story about Yesenia you always wondered if other people have a passion for pantyhose is really true and this brings the proof home she is very brave and open and she speaks her mind I think all women and men should do the same thing be open and honest about your passions do not be afraid to let someone know ! Like my wife and I both wear pantyhose however I wear them under my clothes My wife and I have also the same passion as Yesenia does however we are not public about it for the fear of negative minded people commenting negatively about it so I am very proud to hear the story. I would hope one day that women and men give consent or permission or being open-minded that a guy could also wear beige pantyhose with regular guy shorts to get that extra comfort in between seasons where you need a little bit warmth do you think this would ever be possible Robin ?

    • Hi G,

      Thank you for your comment. The answer to your question is yeah, probably. I mean I never would have guessed that so many women would hate pantyhose — the one thing they could wear that is inherently feminine, beautiful and sexy.

      Likewise, I never would have imagined that men would turn to wearing pantyhose themselves in an attempt to fill the void left by women shunning what once was a staple in their wardrobes. So, now, nothing would surprise me.

      • Definitely seeing more websites, social media, blogs and chat rooms of men wearing pantyhose. While small in numbers, an increasing number of men are talking about wearing pantyhose in public with shorts. I myself have started going out in public a couple of times in public wearing hose and shorts, just for about 3 minutes or less each time. So true Robin. Nothing should be any surprise these days. Yet it takes time. Having said all this there are more women wearing sheer hose again and mosthe of them are under the age of 40. It is gradually coming back. My wife and I are going to take up ballroom dancin lessons. Part of it is to learn to dance, part of it is to keep the weight down, and another reason is to get more dressed up and go to dances. That means her wearing pantyhose more often.

  • Outstanding and well written blog post Robin. Yesenia, you are a brilliant and beautiful woman with class and elegance. Thank you for being a model of Robin’s first rate pantyhose-Act IV Actsensuous.

  • Great photos! The quality of your product really shows on all of the models.
    One trend I’m beginning to notice in the media that the women who are wearing pantyhose are those in their 20s. I think for them it is exciting since during their youth they weren’t de rigeur so they’ve likely never worn them much at all until adulthood. I also think they’ve discovered the beauty and elegance of pantyhose that has been forgotten or ignored by their older peers and it allows them to differentiate themselves from these older women when competing in the workplace. I really hope this trend continues.

  • Thanks Robin for featuring a young woman who loves to wear pantyhose. Yesenia is a rare enigma in this time and age, a very welcomed one. I thoroughly enjoyed reading that story. And, the pictures of her in different aspects of her day wearing pantyhose were awesome. Hopefully, she will be an inspiration to more young women especially when it comes to wearing pantyhose. Look forward to more posts like this one, thanks.

  • Awesome piece. I’d love to find a woman that would be so dedicated to wearing pantyhose. This is a great site, thanks!

  • Wow.Robin . thanks. this hose freak pervert
    liked that interview.My girlfriend has been
    wearing them more often.She Usually
    wears them once or twice a week however
    she still says they can be uncomfortable
    and beauty is pain.Thanks to the time
    she caught me looking at yesenias photos
    on the internet at the local library.
    g was trying to be discreet about that.

    • Thanks for your comment, steve. Knew we’d get one from you. As, Yesenia said (and I’ve said this about a million times), if your gf thinks pantyhose are uncomfortable, she is buying the wrong kind and/or wearing the wrong size. Sure, beauty can be pain, but not when it comes to something as soft and delicate as pantyhose. Don’t let your gf get away with that one. That’s an excuse, and it doesn’t hold water.

  • A most interesting blog. I can tell you that Yesenia knows the power of pantyhose and a nicely turned out leg – men love this. Latin women are especially atuned to this. Actsensous continues to turn out a blog of information that other hosiery sites and forums neglect to feature.

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