11 thoughts on “A typical day at the office for Yesenia begins with her ActSensuous pantyhose

  • Where to start?? Somehow today, i randomly stumbled upon the pantyhose Heaven/Utopia that is actsensuous.blog, now almost 9 hours later, i cannot yet drag myself away from all this deliciousness! Your outlook is moee than refreshing, its invigorating and on some level life affirming to me!

    You (And Yesenia) have honestly brightened my world and restored my faith in the female sex with your insatiable sexiness and beyond perfect outlook on ANY/ALL things nylon from what i have been reading! WOW…..OMG….

    Honestly,there are no words to truly describe exactly how beautiful and incredibly sexy Yesenia is! As amazing as she looks in those actsensuous hose, thats not even the half of it! Her attitude, outlook, and replies to your “interview” questions truly puts her over the top in my book! I mean she is absolutely stunning and breathtakingly beautiful without a doubt, but she also seems genuine, down to earth and like a fun “girl next door” type, wrapped up into the sexiest, nylon covered package my eyes may ever have seen!

    FYI Robin, same goes for you! Congrats on not only filling a need that has gone unanswered for FAR too long, but also for having the courage, determination, and inner strength to perservere in making your dreams come true and then continuing on your righteous mission to put pantyhose back where they rightfully belong! (Preferrably on at least 70% of ALL womens’ legs, feet, and toes! Hehe)

    I have had an intense, ongoing love affair/infatuation/fetish for stockings, pantyhose, womens’ legs, feet, and toes since i was literally 4 years old! Please forgive my rambling, not sure how much sense it made cuz u have blown my mind and i am uncharacteristically a lil out of sorts!

    I hope to become a regular contributer/commenter here and hope that i have plenty of ideas/thoughts/experience to share with other members!

  • Maybe I heard wrong is that a construction office that she manages.Probably as intelligent as she is attractive.That could be a distraction to a construction worker if she walks onto a construction site.

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