Waitin’ all day for another disappointing SNF intro theme

It’s baaaaaaaaack.  Just a week from today, the NFL kicks off.  Finally, life has meaning again.
My mind is filled with questions:

Will Big Ben and the Steelers be the Stillers again?  (That’s how we say it “in the burgh.”) RB Le’Veon Bell returns in his sophomore season finally healthy, and RB LeGarrette Blount joins the backfield as a free agent.  Will the black and gold’s offense resemble the Jerome Bettis days?

Will the Dolphins finally challenge for the AFC East?  We’ll find out next Sunday, as the Fins host the Patriots.  It’s a 1 p.m. game, and I’m hoping it’ll be 98 degrees with 95 percent humidity.  QB Ryan Tannehill enters his third season with a brand new offense installed by new OC Bill Lazor, who was with the Philadelphia Eagles last year.  So there will be lots of speed, motion and quick decision-making by #17, but behind an offensive line that features five new starters, after center Mike Pouncey underwent offseason surgery.

Will the Rams be able to overcome the loss of QB Sam Bradford?

Will Peyton Manning and the Broncos match or top last season’s record-setting offensive production?

Will the Seahawks dominate again, or experience a letdown?

Wait a minute.  I’m off track here for the theme of this blog.  Let’s get to the burning question that’s really on my mind:

Will Carrie Underwood go classy, or once again, slobby for the opening theme song of Sunday Night Football?

Having “Faith” in Underwood, assures she’ll go slobby again, and that thought has been driving me crazy for weeks.

Singer Faith Hill wore some strange outfits while performing the SNF intro theme.
Singer Faith Hill wore some strange outfits while performing the SNF intro theme.

During her reign as performer of the “Waitin’ all day for Sunday Night” theme song for SNF, Faith Hill went the way of the bear, wearing dresses or short-shorts, always bare-legged.

I suppose it’s possible she was wearing pantyhose under these very weird boots, but even if she did, it doesn’t count since she’s not showing enough leg anyway.

In any case, one would be hard pressed to call any of the outfits she wore to perform the SNF intro theme professional or classy.

In replacing Hill last season, I so hoped Underwood would show a little class, but that didn’t happen.

Instead, she wore denim short-shorts, a sleeveless top and cowboy boots, complete with “bear” legs.

Singer Carrie Underwood could have performed in a biker bar with this getup.  (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)
Singer Carrie Underwood could have performed in a biker bar with this getup. (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

What will Underwood wear for the opening act of SNF this season?  Probably something else equally disappointing, including, of course, bear legs again.

I do hope I’m wrong, but whatever she wears, the chances that she will have on pantyhose are about as good as completing a Hail Mary pass for a touchdown.

As it turns out, in searching for Carrie Underwood on the Internet, I stumbled upon this video.


So, if this is the final wardrobe selection, we have our answer:  Underwood once again will underwhelm, wearing a very short and strange-looking dress that appears tattered, comfortable-looking high-heel sandals, and, you guessed it, bear legs.  Pause frame at 0:12/2:50.

I’ve written it before (last year, actually), but it’s worth repeating: The NFL has gone to great lengths to improve its image during the past several years.  It’s a privilege to play in the league and to be associated with the NFL in all capacities.

The NFL is a multi-billion dollar business.  (In the preview video, Fred Gaudelli, Coordinating Producer, Sunday Night Football, says “Sunday Night Football is the Number 1 show on television …”)

And, in almost every case, everyone associated with the NFL who appears on TV dresses very professionally.  The guys in the booth, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth, who call and comment on the game, wear business suits and ties.

Similarly, the female hosts on NFL Network wear pantyhose with their dresses and heels, alongside the male hosts and analysts who wear suits. (I’ve since been corrected about this.  Well, for a while there, Lindsay Rhodes used to wear quite beautifully, though I haven’t seen her in a long time, so I really don’t know now, and Amber Theoharis was wearing for a while, but apparently now, she’s gone the way of the Grizzly.  Too bad.  She used to look awesome.)

And remember, all NFL cheerleaders wear pantyhose with their uniforms, even in the hottest months in the hottest cities.

The Washington Redskins cheerleaders perform a routine before a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers  Aug. 12, 2011 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.  (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
The Washington Redskins cheerleaders perform a routine before a game against the Pittsburgh Steelers Aug. 12, 2011 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Larry French/Getty Images)
Singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood has been known to wear sheer pantyhose during performances.
Singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood has been known to wear sheer pantyhose during performances.

If all these people dress with professionalism and class, why can’t Carrie Underwood, an otherwise professional singer/songwriter, do the same when representing the NFL?

It’s not like she doesn’t know what pantyhose are.  She’s worn sheer pantyhose to perform on other stages.

No, sadly, this is a choice made by Underwood, the costume designer, the director, the producer, and/or anyone associated with bringing this act to the SNF stage.

And shame on all of them for wanting their star to prance around the stage of the most-watched show on Sunday night as if she were ushering in a barbeque for the big ho-down.

Way to go, folks.

NFL losing its mind

Seems to me that the NFL is getting goofy these days anyway.  I get trying to protect players by making it illegal for tacklers (and ball carriers) to initiate contact by leading with the head, using the helmet as a weapon.  I agree with penalties for grasping the facemask and for horse-collar tackles.

I can even see the point of emphasizing the enforcement of illegal hands to the face, but, c’mon, this is football. Things like that are going to happen occasionally, accidentally.

But this business of moving the starting point of the kickoff up to the 35 yard line to discourage a runback — ostensibly, the most exciting play in the game?  What genius came up with that one?

And I understand the NFL wants more scoring, but not allowing the DBs to touch a receiver after 5 yards?  And don’t get me started on PI.  Today, all a veteran quarterback has to do on 3rd and forever is throw deep, knowing there’s a better than average chance the defender will be called for pass interference, resulting in an automatic first down.

Then, there’s roughing the passer.  Since the days of Hall of Famer Dan Marino, and soon-to-be HOFers Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, the NFL has wanted to protect the quarterback.  I appreciate that.  But today, you can barely touch a QB without getting penalized.  You’ve seen it:

A defensive end or a rushing outside linebacker (or even a Safety on a corner blitz) gets to the QB, makes contact, but the signal caller magically wiggles out of a sure sack, scrambles to find a now-open receiver and completes a pass for a first down.  And I’m not just talking Big Ben here.  He does that routinely because he’s like 6-5, 265 pounds, and that’s just part of his game.  He’s practically patented that move.  I am talking about almost any QB today is able to escape being sacked, and I think it’s because defenders are concerned about getting penalized for roughing the passer.  I’m not saying it’s a conscious decision by defenders.  I just believe it’s in the back of their minds, causing them to hold up a bit.

C’mon, NFL, let these guys play football.

That’s right, I’m a petite little thing who wears nothing but dresses or skirts and heels and  sheer pantyhose every day … and I know football.  (A dream come true, aint I?)

Sorry for the rant, but these things have been bothering me for some time now, and what am I gonna do — write to the NFL?  Puh-leeeeease.

Back to reality

Longtime readers here know I do not like, and cannot tolerate missed opportunities for entertainers to do the right thing.

I wrote this last season, and I’ll write it again here:  There are so many more professional, credible, exciting performers who are much more glamorous than Carrie Underdog (not a typo).

If whoever is behind the production of the SNF opening theme song cared (obviously, he or she, or they don’t), a more professional and glamorous performer could do an exciting version of “Waitin’ all day for Sunday Night,” and look fabulous at the same time.

That guy I mentioned earlier, Fred Gaudelli, Coordinating Producer, Sunday Night Football, says of the SNF intro theme show for 2014: “It’s got a major star in Carrie Underwood.  That’s the right star to open up a show like Sunday Night Football.”

Seriously?  I soooo disagree.

Pop singer/songwriter Katy Perry can always be counted on to wear a fabulous outfit complete with sheer pantyhose during every performance she makes.
Pop singer/songwriter Katy Perry always can be counted on to wear a fabulous outfit complete with nude, suntan or black pantyhose during every performance she makes.

In April of last year before Underwood was announced as the new SNF intro theme performer, I had written a post recommending a few stars I hoped would be considered to replace Hill (Who should NBC hire next to perform intro to SNF?) and my first choice was Katy Perry.

When I found out it was Underwood, I was disappointed.  Why another country singer like Hill?  Why someone else who likely would dress like she’s performing in a saloon?

In that post last year, I included a poll, and most of those who participated picked Katy, as well.  (I like being right.)

Jennifer Lopez always puts on a high-energy show, and always wears sheer pantyhose with exotic outfits.
Jennifer Lopez always puts on a high-energy show, and most often wears sheer or sparkly pantyhose with exotic outfits.

Today, I still believe Katy Perry, Beyonce’, Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez would be better choices to do the SNF opening, as each is more professional and much classier than Carrie Underwear (again, not a typo).

I know those ladies would wear a fabulous costume that included sheer pantyhose.  And this time, I’d add to that list Jessie J, and maybe Ke$ha and Shakira.

As far as I am concerned, consideration still should go to Selena Gomez and now Ariana Grande, but I do believe both are a bit too young and don’t have the credibility for such a venue yet.

Still, I am convinced both would at least have the good sense, good taste, professionalism and class to wear sheer pantyhose with their outfits.  Something Carrie Underwhelming doesn’t seem to have.

Really, if I were producing the SNF opening theme, I’d probably feature a different performer each week singing her own version of that song.

And if SNF really wanted Underwood to do the singing for the first episode, I’d go for that.  She could sing the song, but I’d get the Radio City Rockettes to do the actual performance.

The Radio City Rockettes are the epitome of class and glamour when it comes to performing at high-profile events.  And what are the Rockettes most famous for?  Their legs adorned in sheer nude pantyhose.
The Radio City Rockettes are the epitome of class and glamour when it comes to performing at high-profile events. And for what are the Rockettes most famous?  Their fabulous legs always adorned in sheer nude pantyhose, of course.

That’s how you open Sunday Night Football, people!

Out of sheer morbid curiosity, I will watch the SNF intro performance next Sunday, but as Johnny Dangerously would say — “Once!”

I just want to see the pageantry and imagine what could have been one time.  But after that, every Sunday night, I will have the telecast on until the intro theme comes on, at which time I will change the channel until I think it’s over, and then I’ll rejoin the program.  My little way of protesting this missed opportunity.

Will you join me in this?  Not sure it will make any difference, but it’ll make me feel better.

OK, your comments please.  And please take the new poll.  Tell us who you’d rather see perform the SNF intro theme.

30 thoughts on “Waitin’ all day for another disappointing SNF intro theme

  • Hi Robin,
    Speaking of cheerleaders, not from the NFL but from another sport that is part of our Canadian culture, hockey. I was at a Ottawa 67s junior hockey game tonight, and the 67s cheerleaders, known as the dance team, wore nude pantyhose with their outfits. It was the first time this year that I saw them wearing hose with their outfits after years of wearing sweat pants. As a bonus, a couple members of the dance team even performed their routine right beside where I was sitting to watch the game. Great to see the 67s dance team perform their routines in pantyhose.

  • Hi Robin. As Christmas and the holiday season approaches, I’m reminded about a national treasure that expresses the ultimate legs with grace and femininity. The Radio City Rockettes.

    Have loved watching their high kicks in sheer nude pantyhose for years. It’s hard to believe that 30 years ago pantyhose were such a mainstream garment, pitched by the Rockettes in a Legg’s tv commercial, as shown in the attached link.

    Also attached is another link or article from about 2008 as to the dance troupe and that 1,400 pairs of pantyhose are worn in an 8 week span.

    Also want to say Merry Christmas to you and to the devoted readers and lovers of all things pantyhose. Best wishes this holiday season.

    Leggs pantyhose featuring the Rockettes in 1984.:http://youtu.be/RhNnRgHk4lU


  • On a separate side note, I found this pretty great picture today while I was looking at my Fantasy Football team page. The picture was at the bottom of the internet page and caught my eyes, of course. The picture had a quote about what one of the ladies was quoted saying about unemployment and young generation graduates. That’s not as important as the picture is, of course. The picture is great because three out of four very ‘powerful’ and successful women are wearing pantyhose. YAY! The one on the far left is not wearing any pantyhose, but the next three are. Two caucasian females are wearing a variation of nude pantyhose and the Asian woman is wearing black pantyhose. All pantyhose are sheer and look to be like they are possible designer brands, though I don’t know which ones. Anyway, I just thought this would be something encouraging for everyone as we enter the Autumn season. Oh, by the way the event the ladies were at took place in California. Glad to see that these ‘powerful’ executive women still have the class and professionalism to wear pantyhose and be an example that all aspiring professional women should follow.

  • Hi Robin

    Attached is a link to an article from Sports Illustrated (SI). There is a new sports show debuting this evening on CBS Sports Network of all women hosting a sports talk show. Unprecedented. It is on tonight at 10 ET. Hopefully, like you Robin, these women will have the class to wear sheer nude pantyhose. We will see. Among the women include Lesley Visser, one of the pioneers of TV sports reporters. I remember Lesley fondly in the 90’s, when she accentuated her leggy look wearing pantyhose. I’m not sure if she is a wearer these days.
    We will see. Sports talk by women in sheer hose. We can only dream.


    • Hi Sheer Mike,

      Thank you for bringing this to my attention. Hmmmm, if the picture in the link you provided is any indication, I don’t hold out much hope that these women will do the right thing and dress appropriately for this show, and if they don’t, that would be a real shame.

      On the surface, it doesn’t sound like a show I’d watch. Who wants to hear a bunch of women trying to act like men, talking about sports?

      We’ll see. I used to like Lesley Visser (when she used to wear pantyhose with her nice dresses), but I think she’s since gone the way of the “bear.” Too bad because she does have some credibility.

      Betcha $5, Mike, that not one of the women on this show wears pantyhose!

      • Hi Robin

        I have DirecTV, but not the premium package, which includes CBS Sports Network. So I was not able to view the debut of “We need to Talk”. Did you or any of the readers watch it to see if any of the women were wearing sheer pantyhose? Would be interested in finding out. Robin I believe at least one of the women would be wearing sheer hose. If not, will buy a couple of pairs of your Act IV STW pantyhose in lieu of $5.

        • Hey Sheer Mike,

          And guess what? I completely forgot to watch it last night. Dohhhh!

          Good job reaching out to my readers to see if anyone caught it. I mean we have a whopping $5 riding on this thing.

          You even spelled DirecTV properly. Love it.

  • Hi Robin,
    I got some more positive news. I was watching NFL gameday on the NFL Network Sunday morning, and Melissa Stark was wearing nude hose while conducting an interview with one of the NFL insiders. I guess I was wrong when I thought that the female hosts on that network do not wear hose as much. I will keep an eye to see if Amber Theoharis will do the same by wearing nude hose since we are in the fall season.

    Speaking of Ariana Grande, she made an appearance on the season premiere of Saturday Night Live wearing nude hose while performing a couple of songs on stage, and in a sketch as She-Ra.

    It’s still a long ways to go and challenges to overcome, but it’s great that fashion is turning in our favour as we are seeing more women wear nude hose in the news, sports, and entertainment world for the last few days.

    • Agreed, Brian W., although I’d say more than just during the past few days. I’ve been seeing this trend the past few years actually. And I’d add to the venues you listed of news, sports and entertainment, TV commercials and even on fashion runways.

      All these developments are very encouraging, but when professional models start wearing pantyhose during fashion shows that feature the latest designer styles, I have to believe this is a true indication that pantyhose are destined to once again become mainstream. Fingers crossed.

  • Thanks for everything you do Robin. Your posts rock and your pantyhose do too. Been a big supporter of your product and will continue to do so.

  • Hey Robin,
    I watched the SNF intro for the game between the Denver Broncos and Indianapolis Colts, and was disappointed to see Carrie Underwood performing the theme song barelegged. I can’t believe she or whoever told her to dress like that would go the slob/skank route to perform the SNF theme after all these years seeing her perform at various concerts in hose, even in fishnets.

    As for the NFL Network, I hate to disappoint you, but the female hosts such as Amber Theoharis, Melissa Stark, and others rarely wear hose. Even Andrea Kremer, who was on the NFL Gameday show this morning didn’t wear hose and at her middle age, Andrea’s legs did not look good as they were blotchy and wrinkled with visible spots. However, Nicole Zaloumis, who used to be on the NFL Network co-hosting the NFL AM morning show, would occasionally wear nude hose with her outfits.

    On the positive side, we could finally see the cheerleaders of each NFL team perform on the sidelines wearing pantyhose with their outfits. Thanks for the blog post Robin.

    • Hey Brian W.,

      Thanks for your comment. I don’t know what happened to Amber Theoharis. She was rocking the pantyhose for a while there. I haven’t watched NFL Network in a while, so thanks for setting me straight.

  • Hi Robin,

    Once again a well written blog post. I am ecstatic about the upcoming football season, both for College and the NFL. As always, I agree whole heartedly with you about all females associated with the NFL should wear sheer pantyhose with their outfits. Especially, the female vocalist who performs the Sunday Night Football intro theme song. I voted for Katy Perry but also like the other choices you included. I try not to watch the SNF intro theme anymore. The last one I saw was last year’s first episode with Underwood and I was extremely disappointed with her choice of no pantyhose. So, I refuse to watch it even if I don’t have the remote, I’ll turn my head or try to engage someone in conversation so I don’t have to sully my corneas with Underwood’s appearance and lack of “professionalism and class”.Great to know you dress with professionalism and class, as well as having great knowledge of Football. What a catch you are to some lucky man. Go Niners!!

  • Hi Robin. Brilliantly written blog post. Excited for the NFL season and College Football to be starting. I wish too the NFL would mandate in the contracts with the networks, that female sideline reporters wear sheer nude pantyhose. Looks classier and professional. So happy seeing a lovely woman, as yourself, who not only is always right about elegance and wearing pantyhose, but shares the same passion and great knowledge of football. Thanks for your blog.

  • I agree with your comments. What’s maddening too, is that Carrie is actually a very feminine and beautiful woman…she’s worn pantyhose in the past, but the influence and powers that be let that happen less often now. Too much of the wrong kind of fashion influence – they are convincing these young women nowadays that they will all look like unchic grandmas if they wear pantyhose. Anyway, I’m glad I stumbled onto your site and blog, I enjoy it.

    • Hi, Todd.

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Underwood should stick to her own convictions and dress appropriately.

      Obviously, J-Lo, Katy Perry, Beyonce’, Rihanna, Jessie, Selena and Ariana to name only a very few, aren’t influenced by stupid things fashion magazines say, especially, that thing about pantyhose making one look like a granny. Think the Radio City Rockettes would ever stop wearing their signature sheer nude pantyhose because of idiot things fashion magazine editors preach?

      What cracks me up is pantyhose are appearing more and more on the runways, as professional models are wearing them with the latest fashions. And there are so many young and middle aged Hollywood actresses who continue to wear sheer pantyhose with their outfits, despite the nasty jabs so-called fashionistas continue to make at them.

      It’s my hope that the zombie apocalypse happens right away and the fashion magazine editors are the first to be eaten. But then that likely would give the poor zombies upset stomachs, too.

      Thanks again, Todd.

  • Wow!!! A lady that knows her football and loves pantyhose. Can’t wait for football to begin go Cowboys! Booo to bare legs!!

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