girls prepare for Christmas in ActSensuous pantyhose

A few of the models from my friends over at test drove our brand new line, Act IV, recently, while decorating for Christmas.

All of the models at are real girls who are in college and/or have real jobs.

They are all young ladies who just love pantyhose.

A few of them, Leilani, Olivia and Ariel, couldn’t wait to try the new Act IV and give me their feedback, while we are still in the R&D stages.

Leilani dons Christmas outfit complete with Act IV Suntan.
Leilani trims the tree in her Christmas outfit, complete with Act IV Suntan pantyhose.

Leilani, 23, is a college student who enjoys blogging her fashions and looking for new fashion blog sites.

She has always loved pantyhose, saying they are a part of who she is.

To put herself through college, Leilani is a hostess at one of the most affluent restaurants in her city.

“I have become a popular hostess at the restaurant because I wear a skirt or dress every day with pantyhose,” Leilana says.  “I never wear pants or go bare-legged.

“I wear tights a lot and shiny pantyhose, so Act IV are a great change in look and feel for me.”

Olivia, 22, works in a medical office during the day and is a bartender by night.

She says she loves pantyhose because of the professional look they give her, and she loves how they feel.

Olivia, left, and sister Ariel prepare Christmas decorations, wearing Act IV suntan.
Olivia, left, and sister Ariel, prepare Christmas decorations, wearing Act IV Suntan.

Olivia, who says her hobbies are hitting the stores to find perfect clothes and going shoe shopping, says she wears pantyhose every day and even sleeps in them.

“I love Act IV because they are so light and sheer,” Olivia says.  “They give the look of bare legs, but the secure feeling of pantyhose.”

Ariel, 19, is Olivia’s sister.  She always enjoyed seeing her big sis modeling pantyhose, and said she couldn’t wait until she turned 18 so she could start modeling, too.

An assistant manager at a clothing store, Ariel says she loves to show off her legs, and she feels that pantyhose or tights are essential.

To that end, the horror movie fan says she wears pantyhose six days a week.  Wow.  Ariel is my kind of girl.

“Act IV pantyhose are very sheer and delicate,” Ariel says.  “They look and feel like you’re not wearing pantyhose, but they make your legs look so good.”

My thanks to Leilani, Olivia and Ariel for trying out our brand new Act IV.    Now, here they are making Act IV look good:

36 thoughts on “ girls prepare for Christmas in ActSensuous pantyhose

  • Hi Robin, it was only either 2015 or 2016 when I first learned of ActSensuous hosiery and this blog which is devoted to the subject of pantyhose in general. Ditto with which shows fully clothed genuine college-age women modeling pantyhose with an assortment of lovely attire – my kind of website – much better than the adult-oriented full blunt nudity sites (or porn for short), many of which I find highly distasteful.

    PHC is so addictive that I just cannot stay away from my laptop. These days I frequent these sites just as I do other non-nude pantyhose fetish sites. As a longtime fan of sheer pantyhose (I don’t wear them but I like seeing them on the most beautiful and leggiest women in the world) I really dig the look of the ActSensuous hosiery (so far, I’ve only seen Acts III and IV and their shades) on the models, especially in the nude colour. They look so invisibly sheer on them that even a pantyhose fanatic like me cannot tell whether or not she’s even wearing hose.

    I’d love to see a seamless ActSensuous style of pantyhose which are incredibly invisibly sheer. Any plans of making seamless hosiery, possibly for the Act V line? Is that even possible?

    • Hi DJ,

      Thanks for your comment and compliments about ActSensuous and

      Actually, in addition to Act III and Act IV, you actually have seen our Act II many times, as that is the line most modeled by the girls. In fact, the model on the header image of this blog is Olivia, wearing Act II in Light Taupe.

      As for your inquiry, the answer is yes. It’ll be Act V (the final act), and our plan is to make them true to the same design parameters of our New Act IV — 100 percent nylon with no reinforced areas or demarcations of any kind.

      As our New Act IV line is still brand new, Act V might not make its grand entrance until 2018.

  • Hi Robin! Happy New Year!

    I am curious…am I allowed to ask what type of pantyhose your Act V are? I do have my wishes. By the way, I am happy about your Act IV pantyhose and the success you have had with them. When you go back into production, I have some lady friends I would like to introduce that line to…would be great. Thank you!


    • Hi Tracy,

      It might take a couple of months still before we can launch our new Act IV line. Depending on how things go in 2016, we might debut Act V around this time next year; maybe earlier. And for now, the design of Act V is a big secret. Let the speculating begin.

      Thanks, Tracy.

      • Big secret huh? Well, I do have my speculations. My utmost fantasy at that! I will keep hush, hush about it. Now that you have your Act IV line back, it makes it possibe to go with the next line, possibly my favorite!! Can’t wait!

        • I am sure you do, Tracy, and you’re probably right. Act V will be the ultimate in sexy pantyhose. But, please note: We don’t officially have Act IV back yet. I am hoping we’ll be official again in February. But don’t tell anyone.

  • Hi Robin and how are your holidays? Well any plans for act sensuous 5 pantyhose this coming year and some of your hot models to show them off. Once again thanks for the excellent blog. (Nice being able to vent my feelings ) I hope you have a great new year.

    • Thanks for your comment, steve. First, it looks as if we’ve finally solved the problem with Act IV. In fact, we’ll be testing samples this week with a few of our longtime customers and models. And, yes, Act V will be coming, as well. Maybe by this time next year.

      Happy New Year to you, steve, as well as to your very open-minded gf and her equally cool cousin. 🙂

  • Hi Robin, I must say that Olivia, Ariel and Leilani surely are beautiful real women who love pantyhose and will wear them everyday. Their legs are shaped very nicely and look so beautiful in Act IV pantyhose. It is great that Ariel looked up to her sister modeling pantyhose and decided to model them as well. Just the thought of them wearing Act IV pantyhose and describing the sheerness and feel of them as it clings to their gorgeous legs perfectly is a big turn-on to me. Plus I love the fact that Olivia says she sleeps in hers. These young,classy women are definitely true pantyhose lovers and wearers for sure. R.M.

  • Ah yes, the lovely sights of Christmas! I really liked the pictures of these women, especially with the Act IV pantyhose on. Wish I would have known about this site when you did the shoot
    and I could have complimented the young ladies also. Robin, I have some questions about the pantythose used during this shoot, and the questions are “Did you know about the problem
    of the run from the seam down through the leg during this time, and if so, did you have to change into many pairs to complete it?” Did that problem come around later? I zoomed in on many of the pictures of the ladies legs and they looked as smooth and supple as they are supposed to. I am really impressed how sexy they look! Of course both the pantyhose and the young women. I am curious.

    As I looked through Leilani’s pictures, her outfit reminded me of a Christmas episode of “Home Improvement” when Patricia Richardson wore some white Pantyhose with the same type of outfit. She really made that outfit rock! I remember that she wore pantyhose and tights several times in many episodes through the years. Don’t remember which year the Christmas episode was. I do have the vision seared into my memory though! I do know it was the early 90’s. It is amazing how a simple material can bring on so much pleasure. I love the idea that Olivia sometimes sleeps with pantyhose on. That would be a dream come true for me to wake up to. Wouldn’t be able to sleep all night!

    I like your picture ideas Robin. It helps us to see how the sheer nylon looks on an actual person. How well they show a female’s natural curvy shape. That is important! I mean that with the utmost respect to the models and all women. I can’t feel the material on them, but it sure makes it easy to imagine how they feel. Well the temperature is going up here so I had better close. Thank you for another superb literary experience Robin! I do so enjoy them and all the comments! I look forward to the next one.


  • LOVE the long gloves ,short skirt / dress and sheer pantyhose combo , the most sensous , sexy & ultra feminine look ever , thank you very much for posting these classy sexy pictures.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Please feel free to comment again on any topics here that interest you. Happy New Year!

  • To Lelani. Thanks For Dressing Nice And Looking Professional.
    You Are Very Easy On The Eyes And I Love Your
    Perspective. I Have To Admit I’ve Always Been
    A Sucker For A Lady Like You.

  • I Think All These Models Are So Hot I Am
    Thinking About Buying A Couple Pairs For
    The Girl I Am Currently Seeing..

    I Bought Pantyhose For
    The Teacher I Mentioned One Other Time.
    This Was In My Senior Year Of H.S. My Gf Back In H.S. Was The Only One Who Knew About This And She Said Let
    Me Guess They Must Be For Mrs Wright. I Go
    How Did U Know? She Wasn’t Upset Or Offended
    But She Goes I Always Notice You Staring At
    Her Legs All Bug Eyed Everytime She Walks By.
    I’m Surprised You Ever Learned Anything
    In Her Classes.

    I Gave Her The Present After
    School While She Was Walking To Her Car. I
    Also Complimented Her. Her Response Was
    I Could Never Own Enough Of Those. She Then
    Gave Me A Massive Hug.

    • Hi, Leilani. So nice to hear from you. Thank you for your kind words. And thanks again for doing the shoot for us. You look very lovely in our pantyhose. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and much happiness in 2014.

  • Robin, thanks for your blog, your products and all you do to show women about being classy wearing all nylon sheer pantyhose. Wishing you, the lovely models and all readers a Merry Christmas and prosperous year ahead in 2014.

  • Thank you Robin, you hit another home run. Nice looking models, so happy these ladies dress and look professional. Merry christmas and happy new Year,

  • Thank you Robin. I really enjoyed doing the shoot. Was a great holiday gift to model your pantyhose with my sis! ActIV are the sheerest and most delicate pantyhose you have made!

    • Hi, Olivia. Thank you so much for commenting here. You and Ariel (and Leilani) did a great job, and I really appreciate your wanting to do the shoot. You and your sister are very lovely and make Act IV look fabulous. We’ve gotten some nice comments from some of our longtime readers, praising you, your sister and Leilani.

      Thanks again, and best wishes to you and Ariel for a beautiful Christmas day, and much happiness in 2014.

    • Thank you for your dedication to wearing pantyhose. Hopefully more young ladies will follow your lead. Merry Christmas to you.

  • Many thanks for those lovely gifts Leilani looks amazing, and she’s asian, double gift. And as for the sisters, wow I’m seeing double, twenty lovely toes encased in nylon, marvelous Christmas.
    Thanks again

    • Hi Julio. Thanks for your comment. Leilani is of Vietnamese and Hawaiian descent. The sisters are Puerto Rican. They’re all super cute girls who love pantyhose, and the world is a better place because of them.

  • I agree, great short post and awesome pictures. The Act IV do look ‘barely there’ and yet give just enough shine and shimmer to let you know they are there. Very NICE!

  • Wow great post with an amazing array of photos. I can’t wait to order some act IV for my wife after they’re released.

    • Thanks, Mike T. Was hoping to launch in time for Christmas, but we are trying to make Act IV perfect in every way, and that’s taking longer than expected. Hopefully, we’ll launch in January in time for Valentines Day, which I like even better.

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