Pantyhose showing they have legs again, yet, minor snags persist

Since the “bear” legs movement first reared its ugly head (and legs) during the mid-to-late 1990s, women throughout America have been trying to permanently “run” pantyhose out of town.

(If you’re new here and wonder about my use of the word, “bear” instead of bare, please see my explanation in the About Me section.)

But during all this time, the fashion accessory — once the staple of female professionalism, class, glamour, femininity and just plain good taste — has showed a remarkable resilience that would belie its otherwise delicate nature.

Launch an Internet search for pantyhose and you can see that not only are nylons still relevant today, but, in fact, they appear to be growing more and more popular every day.  There must be thousands of websites devoted to women wearing pantyhose, and the men who love them.

And if you want to see celebrities from every corner of the planet wearing pantyhose, there are hundreds of websites, featuring millions of pictures devoted to that subject.  In fact, it is more difficult to find a celebrity today who isn’t wearing pantyhose in at least a few pictures.  Seeing this, one might actually think there never was a bear legs movement.

Actress Jessica Alba appeared during the 2006 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studio in 2006 in Culver City, Calif.
Always classy:  Actress Jessica Alba made a stunning appearance  during the 2006 MTV Movie Awards at Sony Pictures Studio in Culver City, Calif.

In this blog, my column, Credit “Wear” Credit is Due, has glorified many celebs who could be considered devoted pantyhose wearers.  But here’s the thing:  Each one I’ve praised has let me down one time or another, going bear-legged during appearances that I would have thought were the perfect venues for wearing pantyhose.

One exception is actress Jessica Alba (left), who never stopped being classy, elegant and professional enough to always wear sheer pantyhose even during the heyday of the bear legs movement.

Of course, there are some celebs, such as Sofia Vergara, Nicole Kidman, Anne Hathaway, and Zooey Deschanel, who are consistent pantyhose wearers; and some who are very frequent wearers even just out-and-about (Paris Hilton comes to mind).  Nevertheless, the vast majority of celebs, including most of the aforementioned, more often than not, appear bear-legged on late night talk shows and awards ceremonies.

Similarly, there are many veteran singers/dancers who almost always wear pantyhose on stage (Madonna, Cher, Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez), just as there are many young, rising stars (Katy Perry, Rihanna, Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande) whom we’ve come to expect to see in pantyhose during such events.

Ariana Grande, always wearing sheer suntan pantyhose and high heels, greets young adoring fans before performing a concert recently in New York City.
Trendsetter:  Ariana Grande in her signature sheer suntan pantyhose and high heels greets young adoring fans before performing recently in New York City.

And among that group, I’ve observed that Ariana Grande is the most dedicated pantyhose-wearer.  And, as she is only 20 years old, I could not be more impressed with her.  And grateful to her.

And I love her for being a shining example for her legion of young fans in always dressing beautifully, including wearing sheer suntan pantyhose.

From this, we can conclude that these performers are professional (and maybe classy) enough to wear pantyhose on stage, realizing their legs look better under the lights.

First snag

So how in the world do some of these superstars show up to receive awards, such as during Sunday night’s American Music Awards (AMA) presentation, wearing gorgeous gowns and stilettos, yet, with bear legs?

I don’t get it.  These stars mostly are consistent pantyhose wearers when performing concerts and often when making publicity appearances (Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Rihanna), then, on what should be the most special night of their careers — a night where they are recognized for their achievements among their peers, and before a national television audience — they almost to a woman, attend bear-legged.

Here’s what I don’t understand: They seem to recognize that this special night calls for the most expensive designer dresses, fabulous jewelry and amazing shoes.  But pantyhose?  Nah!

I present this as the first snag in the comeback of pantyhose because for all the steps forward we take when celebs wear during performances, it’s like a huge step backward when all of them gather on one stage at one time for such a significant event, and practically no one wears.

Incidentally, I didn’t watch the AMAs.  Instead, I was watching Sunday Night Football and recording The Good Wife.  So on commercials, I’d check in on the AMAs.  I was happy for Taylor Swift, winning awards for Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, Favorite Country Female Artist, and Favorite Country Album.

Singer Taylor Swift wins Artist of the Year, Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist, Favorite Country Female Artist, and Favorite Country Album awards during the 2013 American Music Awards Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif.
Not too swift: Singer Taylor Swift showed a lot of “bear” leg during the 2013 American Music Awards Sunday in Los Angeles, Calif.

Taylor is one of the young stars who more often than not wears sheer nude pantyhose on stage, and frequently wears when she’s out-and-about.

I couldn’t wait to see what she’d wear during the AMAs.  Then, I saw.  Her dress wasn’t all that fancy, but it was nice.  And it was super short.  And I liked her high heel dress sandals.

But how could she not wear pantyhose with this outfit, for this event?

Similarly, Rihanna is extremely likely to wear pantyhose on stage with all kinds of outfits from elegant to exotic to what-the- what?

And, she’s frequently seen wearing pantyhose during public appearances.

Like Taylor, I fully expected to see Rihanna (Favorite Soul/R&B Female Artist award) standing out from the herd (all disrespect fully intended) during the AMAs.  However, she didn’t wear.

Singer Ariana Grande was the most elegantly dressed artist at the American Music Awards.
Beyond her years:  Singer Ariana Grande was the most elegantly dressed artist at the American Music Awards.

Then, there was my new fave, Ariana Grande, who wore the most beautiful and elegant gown of any of them.

It was floor length, but when she climbed the steps up to the stage to accept the “New Artist of the Year” award, I noticed she indeed was wearing her trademark sheer suntan pantyhose.

I am so happy that Ariana won New Artist of the Year.

I also happened to check in on the AMAs in time to see Lady Gaga’s performance of “Do what you want with my body,” and that’s about all I want to say on that subject.  Other than that I think that song and performance was just another example of the all-too-many-just-like-it songs/videos that glamorize a lack of values in society today.

The only reason I bring up the performance at all is because Lady Gaga did wear her signature nude fishnet pantyhose with her outfit.  Since I’m complaining that almost no one did Sunday night, I have to point out that Lady Gaga did.  Nuff said about her, though.

Singer Jennifer Lopez stole the show during the American Music Awards with a high-energy Salsa performance.
Flying high:  Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez, who typically wear pantyhose on stage, stole the show during the AMAs with a high-energy Salsa performance.

What I loved was the performance I happened to catch by Jennifer Lopez.  Now, J Lo knows how to put on a show, belting out some great vocals and high-energy salsa dance moves in three different outfits (all accessorized with suntan fishnet pantyhose).

Second snag

In addition to celebs opting for bear legs during awards shows and other venues, those dreaded so-called fashion experts still are waging war on pantyhose.  Granted, we don’t hear as much from them today as we did during the late 1990s through most of the decade of 2000.  But they’re still out there.

Of course, I never read fashion magazines or websites, and I couldn’t care less what their so-called experts think, but when I noticed last month a picture of one of my favorite actresses wearing a cute outfit, I clicked on it, only to be taken to an online fashion site, which I found was actually putting her down.

Taiwanese model/actress Shu Qi attends opening of a Jimmy Choo accessories store last month in Hong Kong.
So cute:  Taiwanese model/actress Shu Qi attends opening of a Jimmy Choo accessories store last month in Hong Kong.

Here’s that picture (left).  It’s of Taiwanese actress Shu Qi.

She is an extremely popular model and actress throughout the world.  Her first English speaking role came in the movie, The Transporter, in which she co-starred (very delightfully) with English actor Jason Statham.

Qi (her given name, pronounced Chee) is adorable and extremely professional and classy, almost always appearing in pantyhose on stage and during publicity appearances.

But the online website RCFA (Red Carpet Fashion Awards) last month slammed Qi for wearing nude tights with her outfit during an appearance at a Jimmy Choo accessories store opening ceremony in Hong Kong.

The author of RCFA, Catherine Kallon, wrote:

The actress’ Jimmy Choo accessories included a crystal-accented ‘Charlize’ clutch and ‘Anouk’ pointy pumps as expected; however, the same can’t be said for her dress.

On this occasion, the usually conservative star wore a Calla Spring 2013 printed frock with a gauze sheer insert at the waist.

It’s a cute, fun, flirty look, but the dress doesn’t sit as well as it does on the model …  I could’ve overlooked most of the flaws to give Shu a pass for stepping outside the box, but why oh why is she wearing nude tights? (Robin’s note: I added the bold to highlight my point.)

And what’s up with the Paris Hilton pose?”

A model, left, and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi wear the same outfit, but Shu rocks it in sheer tights.
Not even close:  A model, left, and Taiwanese actress Shu Qi wear the same outfit, but Qi rocks it in sheer tights.

Wait a minute.  Kallon thinks the outfit looks better on the model in the pic on the left?  Really?  Uh … I don’t think so.   First, she looks like a refugee from a third world country.   (Please … someone give that girl a cheeseburger.)  How did she even get a job as a model?   Second, I’d like to kick Kallon’s you know what.  OK, OK, I’m not really like that, but …

I think Qi looked adorable in this outfit, and even though I’m not a fan of shiny tights (as my love is for sheer nude pantyhose), Qi absolutely rocked in them.

Legs, legs, legs:  Shu Qi (front, center) most often can be seen in sheer nude pantyhose in movies, including ‘Gone with the bullets,’ an offbeat love story set in China.

Fortunately, Qi almost always can be seen in sheer nude pantyhose in the many movies she’s starred in, whether romantic comedies, action or dramas.

And, another thing:  While Shu Qi typically does dress professionally, elegantly and beautifully, I wouldn’t call it “conservatively,” as Kallon does. Certainly, I love that Qi has the class and good taste to most-often wear sheer pantyhose, but if Kallon and her readers think the tights she wore at Jimmy Choo’s were an eyesore, they really haven’t seen anything.

Qi has been known to wear some pretty exotic-looking pantyhose and tights during publicity events, as you’ll see later in this post.

Besides, Kallon’s stupid remarks, her post generated 23 comments, one of which was:

Nat39 says:

July 10, 2013 at 21:06

The dress is too young, cutesy and girly for her and sits awkwardly on her to begin with, a very wrong choice for her, the nude tights are an eyesore and bring the look down completely.

OK, I really do want to kick Nat39’s a$$.  Oh, and Nat, know what a run-on sentence is?  You’ve got about three sentences all rolled into one there.  Hey, good job with that.  And, I think we all can tell what Nat’s gender preference is.

Worse, it seemed (I’m not sure because I stopped reading, as my blood pressure was starting to soar) that all 23 comments were in support of Kallon’s opinion.

Well, I can live with an idiot “fashion expert” dissing a lovely celebrity once, but recently, I stumbled across another post by Kallon (written last year) this time, putting down Megan Fox.  Seriously, Megan Fox?

Kallon posted this pic of a model wearing an outfit she liked, and contrasted it with the same look on Megan Fox, disapproving because Megan wore it with pantyhose.

Online fashion magazine editor thinks the bare-legged model on the left looks better in this outfit than Megan Fox who had the class and elegance to wear it with pantyhose.
No comparison:  Online fashion magazine editor thinks the bear-legged model on the left looks better in this outfit than Megan Fox, who had the class and elegance to wear it with pantyhose.

OK, you decide:  Who looks better, the model or Megan?

Here’s what Kallon wrote:

Getting up for the 5am Golden Globe Awards nominations announcement this morning would’ve been easy for Megan Fox, considering she’s probably used to being up at that ungodly hour with her newborn.

… Megan also opted for a lady-like look. Clearly the new mum is putting her sassy days behind her.

She wore a beautiful floral Giambattista Valli Resort 2013 dress with an ivory top and moss-green skirt which she styled with nude platform Louboutins.

This is a great look for Megan. I couldn’t be more envious of her hair, but those nude fishnet tights are jarring.” (Note:  Again, I added the bold to highlight my point.)

CKPosted by Catherine Kallon (right) on Dec. 13, 2012 RCFA (Red Carpet Fashion Awards).

What’s next, Kallon?  You going to criticize your countrywoman, Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, for wearing sheer nude pantyhose?  Unbelievable.

Now, if like me, you can’t fathom how a site like RCFA could be so demeaning to superstar celebrities for wearing pantyhose, here’s example for you:

The Fashionable Teacher Grading Red Carpet Fashions Everywhere.  Are you an A+ or a Fashion Fail.

This site is run by mochababe73.

Jennifer Hudson looking snazzy in this ensemble, complete with sheer pantyhose.
Much maligned: While Jennifer Hudson’s ensemble was questionable, at least, she had the class to wear it with sheer pantyhose.

In this case, The Fashionable Teacher didn’t like an outfit Jennifer Hudson (left) wore to a movie premiere in April of this year.

Here’s what mochababe73 wrote:

Jennifer Hudson really stood out from the crowd.

“And, not in a good way. This Emmanuel Ungaro dress was really, really busy. The animal print and polka dots have no business being in the same dress, and it’s wrong on so many levels. The two prints together are just and assault to the eyes.

On top of that, the white cuffs, gold details, and visible bra just add to the carnage.

“Love the Saint Laurent shoes, but what’s with the pantyhose?” (Note:  Well, you get it by now …)

This must be the Jennifer Hudson look RCFA prefers. Actually, Hudson looks great in this photo, but those "bear" legs certainly would benefit from a pair of sheer pantyhose.
Way of the bear:  This must be the Jennifer Hudson look (above) that RCFA prefers. Actually, Hudson looks great in this photo, but those bear legs certainly would benefit from a pair of sheer pantyhose.

Well, for starters, they represent professionalism and class, mochababe73.  And, like makeup, pantyhose greatly beautify the look of a woman’s legs, mochababe73.

Great, another “fashion expert” who knocks a celebrity for having the good sense and class to wear pantyhose with her outfit.

Actually, I don’t disagree with what the “fashion expert” said about the ensemble.  That was a really strange-looking outfit.  I disagree only with her nasty comment about the pantyhose Jennifer wore.

I decided to look for other photos of Jennifer Hudson wearing pantyhose. Unfortunately, I found only two.  

Of course I don’t think that the negative comments of mochababe73 on her website influenced Jennifer to not wear pantyhose.

Nice shoes, but no pantyhose.
Nice shoes, but the “bear” feet and ankles hurt the look.
How could anyone object to pantyhose with these shoes?
How could anyone object to pantyhose with these shoes?

I do think it’s a shame that those who don’t have professionalism or class, use their forum as “fashion experts” to criticize celebs who do.

I suppose the pic of Jennifer (above, right) in the red dress with bear legs represents the look that mochababe73 finds more appropriate?

In any case, here is the author’s profile:


Houston, TX baby!

I am a wife and mother.  I am a teacher.  And, I am one wife, mother, and teacher who devours fashion. My fashion magazine collection is insane.

Hey, mochababe73, you’re a teacher?  Shouldn’t you end that last part of your tagline (way up above at the start of the whole Jennifer Hudson bit) with a question mark, not a period?  You have:  Are you an A+ or a Fashion Fail.  It should read: Are you an A+ or a Fashion Fail?


More ‘expert’ advice

Finally, it would amaze me if anyone really listens to these so-called fashion experts.  I am always amused when I see an online post from a woman asking for advice about what she should or shouldn’t wear to a function.

CCA frequent question is “Can I wear pantyhose with open-toe dress shoes?”  And all the “experts” jump on that one like vultures on road pizza.  Naturally, they all attempt to talk women out of committing such a fashion no-no, and I always love how NO ONE ever follows their advice.

It remains one of the dumbest things these “fashion experts” wax on about.

Fortunately, no one’s listening.

Look at this picture of beautiful Chinese actress Cecilia Cheung (right).  What could possibly be wrong with her wearing sheer pantyhose with these peep-toe heels?  She has perfect toes that look all the more gorgeous under those deliciously sheer nylons.

Perhaps, there will always be a few snags that slightly delay the return of pantyhose to favor.

Still, it is so wonderful that we see cases every day in which celebrities and everyday women throughout the world choose the class, elegance and femininity that comes with wearing pantyhose.

Now, here are some of my favorite pics of Shu Qi wearing a wide variety of pantyhose and tights styles:

44 thoughts on “Pantyhose showing they have legs again, yet, minor snags persist

  • Robin,
    It looks like Melina Trump is going to be like Michele Obama and have bear legs. I can’t understand how women in their position can not get that they need to wear pantyhose. Kate Middleton gets it and always looks classy. I especially disappointed in Melina because she is a model and not born in America, so I thought that she would have more class. Perhaps the bear could give Melina a Bear legs award. Maybe that will wake her up.

    • Hi Mike B.,

      Yes, that would be very disappointing. Perhaps, once the Trumps are officially on the clock, Melania will come around. Hopefully, when Melania hosts or travels to meet the dignitaries from other countries, she will dress professionally and appropriately for her position and the office Mr. Trump will hold.

      If not, then maybe the bear will present her with the coveted Grizzly Award.

      Thanks for your comment.

      • Hi Robin,
        I had the opportunity to watch the presidential inauguration of Donald Trump, and I am disappointed that none of the Trump women wore any hosiery given that it was a formal engagement in the cold chilly weather in Washington D.C.. Its seems that they still have this so called fashion expert mentallity about hosiery since they come from the celebrity and social scene. If any of the Trump women is a reliable hose wearer, it would likely be Ivanka as she only wears them occasionally, while Melania hardly wears any hosiery. We will see if Melania will come around, but I pretty much doubt it given her fashion background.

        On the positive side, the outgoing VP’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden wore nude hose with her pink short sleeve dress, while her successor, Karen Pence and her daughters Audrey and Charlotte all wore hosiery at the event. Karen wore sheer nude hose at the lunchoen event inside the Capitol building, Audrey wore sheer black hose with black knee high boots, and Charlotte, along with her sister in law wore black opaques. Maybe the Trump women can learn from Dr. Biden, and the Pence women to dress classy for a formal engagement now that the Trumps are the First Family of the United States.

        • Hi Brian W,

          I was hoping you, or someone, would comment about that. You are a great deal more diplomatic than me, as all I can say is I am extremely disappointed in the fact that Mrs. Trump went “bear”-legged during the most formal of events in this country. Makes me think she isn’t all that bright, and doesn’t have much in the way of class.

          Mr. Trump deserved to be represented much better by his wife.

        • Brian,
          I commented to Robin about a week ago about the fact that Melania does not wear hose and how class less this is.
          It is a shame that a women who will be a role model for all women and fashion in this country can not show more class. Apparently the Pence women get it. As I told Robin, Kate Middleton gets it and is always looks very classy. Melania had a very classy outfit, but it looked totally unfinished with her bare legs. Robin needs to send her a free pair of nude hose with a note that says”Melania you need to start wearing these” and see if she takes the hint. What do you think Robin?

  • I saw a recent photo of Katy Perry and Sara

    Bareilles in concert.. It was a concert for
    women with breast cancer.They both look
    hot as ever.Sara was beautifully dressed in a white dress with heels and nude
    pantyhose and katy had a dress with socks

    up to her knees. I have to admit even though
    Sara has been my favorite.I always thought
    these other singers coukd take lessons from
    katie in the wardrobe department.They both
    have legs and voices to die for but Katy
    disappointed me by not wearing pantyhose

    • Thanks for your comment, steve. I didn’t see that picture, but I am very disappointed to hear that Katy didn’t wear pantyhose, especially since Katy has been a consistent wearer, not only on stage, but also while making public appearances.

      But good for Sara. I hadn’t searched for pictures of her before, but I see now that it’s 50-50 at best. I would have thought Katy would have been much more likely than Sara to be wearing pantyhose for such an event.

      I’ll never understand why entertainers, especially, those with a good reputation for dressing professionally and with class, such as Katy, all of a sudden choose to go too casual out of the blue. Just when you think the likes of Selena Gomez and Ariana Grande have the class and good sense to always wear pantyhose during a concert, you occasionally see them “bear”-legged on stage, at an awards ceremony or during a publicity campaign. I don’t get it.

      Nevertheless, so far, my money is still on Ariana. She’s still far-and-away a more consistent wearer of suntan or nude sheer pantyhose during performances, and almost everywhere she goes. I have to say she’s my favorite.

  • Id Like to see Katy Perry in concert.There
    is a performer who has always been seen
    wearing pantyhose.At least from every
    photo ive seen of her. also I recently saw
    a concert on you tube with Selena Gomez
    and her friend Demi Lovato. They both look
    very hot. However Demi always seems to
    wear those high denier opaques. In just
    about every picture ive seen of her she
    always seems to wear opaques. Demi
    could take lessons from Selena when accessorizing.

  • In Reference To Anne Hathaway, The One Part
    That Was Both Funny And Sexy In The
    Princess Diaries Movie Was When She Was In
    The Back Seat Struggling To Put Her
    Pantyhose On And She Bumped Her Head.

  • This Is In Response To ThatHatLady’s Comment.
    I Think You Should Stick To The Black
    Or Nude Ones. Also At The Risk Of Sounding
    Like A Perv. I Might Have To See A Pic Or 2
    Of You In Nude Or Black Hose. Cough. Ahem

    • Hi, Mike. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Also, thanks for attaching the link to Ariana Grande’s arrival in Tokyo. She is so awesome. So many Western celebrities visit Japan (where pantyhose are still the standard of elegance for women), yet, they don’t respect the local culture. Instead, they bring the ugly American “bear”-legs culture with them, possibly creating a negative influence on the lovely Japanese women. So, kudos to Ariana who always displays class, grace and elegance for such a young, rising star.

      BTW, did you notice that the first comment to the story you linked us to was putting Ariana down for wearing her signature suntan pantyhose? It’s from some moron from the UK (even though that’s where Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, like Ariana, can always be seen wearing sheer pantyhose).

      • Yes, I noticed the comment. I down rated it. Twice. Dailymail displays comments in a strange way: you can see 10 of the newest, oldest, best rated or worse rated comments. If you search all the comments for “tights”, there are 1 good, 4 bad. Search for “legs”, 7 good. So people like her legs.

      • Ms Grande still looked elegant in her nude hose at the Grammys last sunday night. I like her shoes as well (taking a page out of Kate Middleton and Angelina Jolie’s character in The Tourist.).

        And as you said Robin, there are going to be some haters out there like typical celebrity tabloid blogger, Perez Hilton and posters on eoline trying to bash her outfit including her pantyhose.

        My advice for Ms. Grande is continue to wear your hose and be yourself. Do not let the haters like Perez Hilton, who wants to downgrade class and professionalism, get to you, and your own personal appearance.

        • Thank you for your comment, Brian W., and for attaching the pics.

          It is unfathomable to me how little class exists among celebrities and those who make their livings following them. When a monkey like Perez Hilton criticizes someone as lovely and professional as Ariana Grande for dressing beautifully and wearing sheer pantyhose, it’s no wonder that this culture of slobs is so prevalent today. And the same goes for all the dumbasses who made nasty comments about Ariana’s outfit.

          When celebrities don’t think The Grammy Awards is an occasion that calls for class and elegance, to say nothing of professionalism, then it’s no wonder we live in a dressed-down society today. That’s sad enough, but these weirdos, and the idiots at home who support this culture, show just how far gone they are from anything resembling class when they put down someone who has the good sense, the good taste and the courage to do the right thing.

          I hope Ariana has the strength of her convictions to ignore stupid peoples’ stupid remarks, and continues to dress with class and elegance. She is a beautiful young lady who stands way apart from the majority of her peers.

          • Do you know if there is any truth to some of the comments made that suggest she dresses in a certain way because she is under contract?

            • Hey, Mike T.

              Assuming you’re referring to Ariana Grande here, I’ve read that she is still with Nickelodean. Not sure whether she’s also under contract to Disney.

              Either way, I’ve never heard of a star having to dress a certain way to be in compliance with a contract. Some have speculated that she has to maintain a “teen” look, but hey, she’s what 19, 20? Her look is her look I think. It’s pitiful that so many morons make comments under her pictures suggesting that she should change, update or “improve” her look. I assume they want her to be a slob like most of the other stars today.

              And probably the pantyhose haters out there feel very threatened by the fact that Ariana has the professionalism, class and elegance to wear dresses, high heels and pantyhose. Good for her. She is helping to clean up the image of celebrities and most young people today.

            • Yes it was Arianna Grande I was referring to. I’d actually never heard of her before reading posts you had written concerning her in your blog. I agree that some of the comments are terrible about her. It’s sad when a young woman can dress classy like her and be heckled by folks who probably love wearing their workout pants 7 days a week. Excuse her for making an effort.

          • Here are a couple of follow up articles where Ariana almost broke down in tears after being criticized for her personal appearance on the red carpet. The comments are mostly supportive of Ariana, and highly critical of the mean comments directed at Ariana and her appearance at the Grammys.



            • Everybody goes on and on about bullying in schools across the country yet this is no big deal right because after all Ariana’s successful. Total crap. It’s just people being jealous. These so called experts are nothing more then wannabe’s

  • I wonder if the male and female readers here could give their opinion on fashion hose? By this I mean colors and styles that aren’t skintone: sheer black, opaque black, fishnets I nude or black, black with metallic shimmer, sheer patterned hose with rose trellis or tiny dots, back seam hose. I am trying to decide if I should keep wearing these or toss them out, and stick to skintone.

    • Hi thathatlady. Please do NOT discard any of the fashion hose you mentioned. While the sheer nude, beige or suntan are the best, those aforementioned fashion hose still have their eye appeal at least to this gentleman. I’m not a fashion expert , but as has been stated before by Robin and other readers, any pantyhose is better than none especially in the culture that has existed since the late 90’s and “bear” legs. Each of those fashion hose you mentioned, still have a place depending on the ocassion, dress, colors and accessories. I especially love the fishnets on a woman mainly for an event in the evening, but also the sheer pattern and seams are hot looking as well.

      As an aside I don’t think that hosiery really goes out. I think back to the 80’s when some recording artists used hosiery to display on an album/cd cover like Boz Scaggs’ Middle Man” in 1980, or Morris Day in 1988 with his hit simply titled “Fishnet”. Both artists had already great appeal to women fans, yet also could use their songs and imagery to get male audiences. Maybe I’m stretching it (pardon the pun) but they reflected hosiery in its heyday.

      Thsnk you thathatlady for your professionalism and being a pantyhose wearer as well as being a devoted reader and contributor to Robin’s blog post.

  • I am just hoping that, in the third installment of the reimagined Star Trek movie serials, Uhura (and the other females in the cast) with start wearing the black pantyhose that the women in the original series wore. The fact that they all went “bear” while wearing “military uniforms” makes my skin crawl because it looked so “unprofessional”. In a word “YUCK!”.

    • It’s funny you mention the original star trek series. I’ve actually been watching it lately with my wife. She’s familiar with the series as she’s watched them before but for me it was the first time watching the original series. My wife told me I’d enjoy it for the females outfits if nothing else and she wasn’t wrong. The short outfits worn by the females with black pantyhose do not disappoint.

  • In the picture of Ariana with her fans, notice how different her legs look from those of her fans, and ask yourself which looks better. This isn’t to cast aspersions on her fans as most of them are probably too young and are just dressed casually, but just to draw attention to which look is better.

    • Thanks, brkev. That’s the way I see things, as well. That, and I so appreciate Ariana for having the courage of her convictions to stand out among the crowd (all crowds) by wearing sheer suntan pantyhose with pretty outfits, no matter the age-range of the audiences.

      At such a young age, Arian is making a statement. When most young ladies her age would go with jeans and casual shoes, she wears dresses or skirts, high heels and sheer pantyhose.

      I think Ariana is an angel sent from heaven to show a prettier, classier way for young ladies to present themselves today.

  • Another great article Robin. I certainly agree with your thoughts about pantyhose, tights, and hosiery itself coming back but with some ‘snags’ so to speak. I will say that I had the great pleasure today while walking around the Peachtree Center food court in ATL that I saw 71 different women wearing pantyhose and tights. I’d say more were wearing tights than pantyhose but, it was great none the less. All different women of color and race were wearing today. I couldn’t believe my luck when I made a final mental count of how many women were wearing. But, as always I’m very happy to see that even it is somewhat weather driven. I’ll take it. They were wearing mostly opaque tights, different colors and a few different patterns. Those wearing actual pantyhose wore sheer ones, comprised of different colors and patterns as well. It certainly made my day. Just wanted to share that to help spread some hope that pantyhose and tights seem to be in this Fall and Winter finally.

  • Hi all!
    I recently (by that I mean in September) I checked something off of my “bucket list” and attended Oktoberfest at the Oktoberfest Capitol, Munich Germany. The USAF Reserve sent us there for temporary duty and the timing was perfect. Most of the women wore the “traditonal” dresses (somewhat resembling serving wenches’ dresses). I could tell the difference between the native Germans versus American tourists. Without fail, the German women wore hose and the American women went bare.

    While at one of the booths enjoying our beers, all of us guys (five of us) unanimously agreed that the women wearing hose were more attractive! As a matter of fact, the German women EVERYWHERE wore hose regularly.

    Present company excluded, American women could learn a thing or two from the German women! Just thought that I’d share that with all of you.

    Thankfully, hosiery is still a required accessory with women in the military when they’re wearing a skirt with their dress uniforms!

    • Hi, Marcus. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. You’re right. The author of that piece, Elizabeth Licata, makes a fool of herself, as the Duchess is world renowned for her class and elegance in wearing sheer pantyhose with all her beautiful outfits. And, it’s not like this is breaking news! Kate’s been doing that for years.

      Even better, all the comments came out in support of Kate for wearing pantyhose. Get a clue, Licata.

      • I love Kate because she always dresses amazingly and is almost always wearing pantyhose, though she is a princess so dressing nice is a given, lol. You also mentioned Ariana Grande in this article, I am in love with her. She is the only celebrity I have had a crush on. I have heard in Europe (especially Eastern Europe) and in countries like China, Japan and Korea that women wear pantyhose a lot. Here in south Florida where I live I am lucky to see 2 girls wearing them a week, if that.

  • Hi Robin,
    While I praise Megan Fox for wearing nude pantyhose for the Golden Globe nomination event, Jessica Alba, who was at the same event, and who I thought was a frequent hose wearer disappointed me by going bare legged for the event. Years ago, Jessica always wore hose at various events whether its awards shows, movie premieres, talk shows etc.

    However there was a blog called The Fashion Spot where these clueless bloggers who are acting like these so-called fashion experts posted negative comments about her pantyhose

    These bloggers have no idea that Jessica is looking professional wearing hose even with open toe shoes, and yet they stoop low by downgrading class, and professionalism when it comes to celebrities wearing hose.

    Here are pictures of her in hosiery:

    Here is a picture of her at the Golden Globe nomination event sans hose:

    I hope those negative opinions from The Fashion Spot blog did not get to Jessica, influencing her to go bare legged and trying to impress these so called fashion experts. Her legs and feet look a bit awful without hose compared to her earlier pictures where she always looked elegant in hose. It would have been a huge bonus if Jessica wore hose along with Megan Fox proving that hose is alive and well in the celebrity mainstream.

    These celebrities on the red carpet seem to be influnced by the opinions of the fashionistas (experts, stylists, and designers). All the fashionistas care about is making opinions about what is in and out of fashion, and wanting women to follow the herd instead of allowing them to wear what is suitable for them at various events. If that includes wearing pantyhose, then the celebrities should continue to wear them, and not worry what these fashionistas think.

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