Rare occurrence for pantyhose lovers about to take place

Sept. 25, 2013


OK, well, that was rather anti-climatic.  Not only were there very few scenes of Lucy Liu wearing sheer nude pantyhose during tonight’s Season 2 premiere episode of Elementary, but no real great camera views.

Nevertheless, it doesn’t change the fact that Lucy Liu actually did wear sheer nude pantyhose for (the first time ever on the show?), and at least we have the still shots to enjoy what we didn’t get to see enough of during the actual episode.

Original post — Tuesday Sept. 24, 2013:

I know that at least some of you are like me (so sorry for that) in that you make decisions about which movies or TV shows you watch based on the likelihood of the female lead character wearing pantyhose.

Lucy Liu on the set of
Actress Lucy Liu on the set of Elementary Aug. 21, 2012 in New York.

Being a huge Lucy Liu fan, I have tried to watch the CBS reimagined Sherlock Holmes TV drama series, Elementary, in which she plays Dr. Joan Watson — a sober companion-turned-apprentice-detective to Holmes.

While I love Lucy Liu and think she’s a fine actress, I haven’t been able to stick with Elementary for two reasons:

First, she has too much of a backseat role for my liking; Second, I don’t care for her wardrobe (usually, some fluffy skirt, with ankle booties and thick, dark tights; sometimes, slightly not as thick and lighter-colored tights, but always the tights).  Tights! Tights!  Always, the tights.

This also appears to be Lucy Liu’s preferred real-life look — or worse, not with the tights even, as she all-too-often does the “bear” legs thing.

That’s a shame because when she occasionally dresses elegantly, and when she extremely rarely wears sheer pantyhose, Lucy Liu looks absolutely spectacular.

Sheer miracle

Now, something earth-shattering is about to happen.  In this Thursday’s (Sept. 26) Season 2, Episode 1 premiere of Elementary at 10 p.m. on CBS, Dr. Watson is going to be wearing a fluffy dress, those goofy ankle booties and … wait for it … SHEER NUDE PANTYHOSE.

In the episode, “Step Nine:” Holmes and Watson travel to London to help a former mentor of Holmes’ investigate an unsolved mystery.

Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson appears in a scene of
Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson appears on the set of Elementary in London, wearing sheer nude pantyhose.

Now, since the show is on Thursday, I don’t know the details, but I was fortunate enough to find some pics from the scenes, which were shot last month.  It’s a bit confusing because Watson is wearing two similar-looking outfits, one in New York, where the show is set, and the other during  the London scenes.

LL Elem 3
Lucy Liu bare-legged during a scene from Elementary in NY.
LL Elem 4
Lucy Liu wears sheer nude pantyhose in Thursday’s episode of Elementary set in London.

During the scenes shot in NY, Watson is “bear”-legged, but while in London, she wears sheer nude pantyhose.   Hmmmmm.

Two things here:  First, most of the outfits Watson wears at least include tights, so why she appears out in the streets of NY in bear legs actually surprises me; Second, the fact that she wears pantyhose while in London is very interesting.

Is this a sign of respect directed toward Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, while on Kate’s turf?

After all, it was Kate Middleton who almost single-handedly brought back, not only pantyhose, but more specifically, sheer nude or suntan pantyhose, to mostly the whole world.  (Thanks again for that, Kate.)

And if this is a sign of respect, was it the decision of the costume designer of Elementary, or was it Lucy Liu’s decision or suggestion herself?

Either way, I’m happy, but I’d like to think that Lucy Liu wanted to wear sheer nude pantyhose.

Again, since we won’t see the show until Thursday, I don’t know how the bear legs outfit and the sheer nude pantyhose outfit are worn during the same episode.

It sounds as if the show begins with Holmes and Watson traveling to London, so I don’t know whether the NY scenes come up first, or if it is after the characters’ return home, or perhaps, the NY scenes are in the following week.

Either way, it appears that the photos from both NY and London were shot around the same time last month.  Well, we’ll see, but the thing that is particularly significant here is that this episode, or episodes will serve as a wonderful compare/contrast deal.

To actually have the opportunity of the whole Elementary-viewing public to see for themselves and compare/contrast Watson’s bear legs with pantyhose-adorned legs in one episode (or two), is fantastic.

Lucy Liu's pantyhose-graced legs on the set of
Lucy Liu’s pantyhose-graced legs during  Elementary last month in London.

LL Elem 5
Lucy Liu’s bare legs on the set of Elementary last month in New York.And what a tremendous difference there is.
When I wrote earlier that I want it to have been Lucy Liu’s decision that she wear pantyhose for the London scenes, it’s because I hope that she didn’t care much for the way her legs look in the NY scenes.  Do you realize the significance of that?

How many times have you read my words on this blog, expressing my dismay at how a celebrity could see herself on camera after going bear-legged and not say to herself afterward: “What was I thinking?”

Whether that happened in Lucy Liu’s case or not, Elementary has just gotten a great deal more interesting and appealing to me.

OK, I feel some of you slipping away.   What’s the big deal whether she wears pantyhose or not, you ask?

Listen, I love Lucy Liu.  I think she is an incredibly beautiful lady.   And I think she’s beautiful whether she’s wearing pantyhose or not.

LL baton 1But look at this picture (right) from Thursday night’s episode. Lucy Liu as Dr. Watson is heading to a confrontation with a suspected bad guy.

Check out those legs.

I adore Lucy Liu, and I think she’s got some world-class legs.

But, after seeing this picture of herself, do you really believe Lucy Liu would be happy with how she looked in this short a skirt … and bear legs?

It doesn’t mean she’s not still beautiful.  It doesn’t mean she isn’t a wonderful actress and a great person.

LL on setBut being honest, you have to admit her legs look a great deal more spectacular in this picture (left) from the same episode … only in sheer nude pantyhose.

So for those who wonder why it matters, this is why:  Do you think Lucy Liu would go without makeup during a TV episode or a movie?

I doubt it.  She’s a superstar.  She’s always going to present herself in the best possible light.

And, just as makeup can improve every actor’s face, sheer pantyhose can enhance the beauty of every girl’s legs.

I’m not saying Lucy Liu should never go bear-legged.  I am saying that when she wears sheer nude (or any skin tone shade) pantyhose, she goes from beautiful to incredibly amazing.  That’s all.

Make a difference

Now, here’s where you come in.  Here’s your homework assignment.  Whether you’re a Lucy Liu fan or not; whether you like Elementary or not, you should tune in Thursday at 10 p.m. on CBS and watch this episode.

Let’s make the ratings skyrocket at least for this episode.  Will that make a difference?  Would anyone associated with the show realize that people watched because Dr. Watson finally wears sheer nude pantyhose on Elementary?  Probably not, but it couldn’t hurt.

Maybe those of you who are Internet savvy will write in to the show, lauding Lucy Liu’s and/or the costume designer’s decision to dress Watson this way.

If nothing else, the sharp contrast between Lucy Liu’s bear legs and pantyhose-graced legs will be permanently preserved on film print for critical scrutiny.  If anyone really cares.  I do, and I know you do, too.

ActS pollIn one of my polls: “Which Asian actress do you most want to see wearing pantyhose?” you chose Lucy Liu by a significant margin.

As of this writing, of the 45 votes you cast, 17 were for Lucy Liu (38%).  The next highest vote-getters were Tia Carrere with 10 (22%), followed by Zhang Ziyi (my personal favorite) with 9 (20%).  And the field included some other very impressive candidates.

Actually, I’m shocked that Gong Li got no votes.  She looks amazing in pantyhose, but sadly, you won’t find many pics of her in them.  One exception is in her role in the “Miami Vice” movie.

In any event, at least for one episode of Elementary, we get to see Lucy Liu in sheer nude pantyhose, and suddenly, all seems right in the world.  I hope it leads to many more episodes in which she dresses this way.

19 thoughts on “Rare occurrence for pantyhose lovers about to take place

  • I have watched Elementary for several years now. I think Lucy Liu’s lack of fashion sense on the show is a classic example of a middle aged actress thinking she’ll look younger by dressing like a twenty-something. It seldom works. The forty-something actress generally looks silly.

    I have noticed a gradual improvement in her clothes. More dresses, more traditional high heels. But, still no pantyhose. She repeated this performance on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon last March. Nice dress, nice shoes, but “bear” legs.

    I’m not optimistic that we’ll see Lucy wearing hose any time soon. I think when she finally realizes that her bear legs don’t look very good, she’ll migrate to pant suits and stop wearing dresses and skirts altogether.

  • It seems to me, whether on the Internet, or reading some magazine, I’m always seeing a model, or even a celebrity wearing hose. Seems to always be tan/nude hose too (my favorite!). Saying that to say, I honestly don’t think pantyhose have ‘left the building’. Looks to me, it’s coming on stronger and harder. And every time I read some spread of a celebrity, she’s wearing tan hose and heels. That’s the way it SHOULD be…:)

  • Wow Lucy Liu looks great in hose. She has those great legs for them. What blew my mind was the Jennifer Lopez photo, some guy holding her in the air…those nice tan hosed legs just drove me up the wall! And this Ariana Grande lady, Woo!!! She looks so LOVELY in hose. I believe every picture I’ve seen her in she wears…My kinda lady…:) Thanks Robin!

  • I just had a real shock; browsing through this month’s Bazaar magazine, and looking at the section in the back with the “best of next season” …they were almost all wearing Sheer Nylons…and wait for it – with Sandals!! I was amazed. Even in one shot with a shoeless woman, she was wearing sheer tan (well, let’s say nude) stockings.
    I am not kidding, someone else should check this out.

    • Hi, Tracy. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Don’t worry, you didn’t just cross over into the Twilight Zone! During the past couple of years, I’ve been seeing more and more cases of professional models wearing sheer pantyhose.

      And, just as the influence of female celebrities (including professional singers/dancers) wearing pantyhose has been so positive on young women today, the more often 30- to 40-year-olds see professional models in sheer pantyhose, the more likely they are to follow suit, as well.

      Thanks again for a great first comment.

  • Do you want to know why Lucy Liu was wearing hose and stockings in one season, and none in another? Here’s the big reveal: they’re dressing her appropriate to the the weather in the storyline. In cooler months she wears stockings and hose. In warmer months she’s now going bare-legged and wearing lighter hose.

    That’s the big secret.

    And for the record, she looks fabulous and sexy with her legs bare, or with stockings.

  • Robin, I think the reason why hose went out of style–besides Sex & The City–has to do with the culture of spray tans, tattoos, and body piercings among women. They invest tons of money to show these things off, and nude hosiery does not work with these things. Naked skin displays it the best. Belly piercings will hook on hose. This crowd won’t wear tights in winter except as a last resort. They tend to prefer pants. For the record, I don’t belong to this group. I refuse to do those things to my body.

    • Hello, That Hat Lady. Thank you for your comment.

      I don’t agree with anything you wrote, but I respect your opinion and appreciate your sharing it on this blog.

      First, I don’t think pantyhose ever really went out of style. I think professionalism, class and elegance never go out of style. Yes, pantyhose-wearing certainly took a vacation for about a decade, starting in the mid-1990s as the dreaded “bear”-legs culture came into being, but there remained a sizable population who never bought in to the movement.

      Second, while spray tans may offer an alternative for some, they have proved to be not a very good one. And tattoos and body piercings are not valid excuses for not wearing pantyhose for want of showing them off, as pantyhose are sheer enough that those things would still be visible, and possibly even enhanced. And belly piercings (while idiotic), could be overcome by rolling the pantyhose waistband down a bit, or wearing more of a hip-hugger style. Also, pantyhose have been worn over the top of ankle bracelets for decades with no negative issues. In fact, many people feel that an ankle bracelet worn under sheer pantyhose looks even sexier.

      Hey, I acknowledge that there are always going to be women who don’t get the beauty and femininity of pantyhose, and are never going to wear under any circumstances. That’s certainly there prerogative, but most men aren’t going to find them very desirable anyway. And those who refuse to wear tights or pantyhose even during winter, except as a last resort, likely are trying too hard to not do what makes the most sense.

      Again, thank you, That Hat Lady, for sharing your point of view by commenting on this blog.

      • I think a lot of the “bear” legs crowd will find an excuse not to wear hosiery no matter what they are in to. Funny thing is that those “rebels” that do those things to their bodies are more conformist than you brave bold ladies wearing hosiery.

        • Thanks for your comment, rneeser

          True, those body-piercing, tattoo people indeed are following a fad. They destroy their bodies because they want to be part of the counter culture crowd. They think they’re making a statement. It’s what they perceive to be different and cool. But guess what? Today, the ones who actually stand out are those who don’t make a fool of themselves, those who respect their bodies and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve.

          And, you’re right, the ones who wear pantyhose today are the courageous ones who stand on the principles of what’s right, what’s professional, what’s feminine and beautiful, despite the negative propaganda of the mass media and so-called fashion experts, whose agenda appears to be turning our country into a garbage dump. In that world, where everyone can dress down, no one would need to put any effort into being beautiful, classy and elegant. It would be so much easier to just be a slob.
          Let them conform to that!

    • Perhaps I didn’t say it right in my original post, but I agree with everything Meeser and Robin said. I prefer the look of 1930s-early 1960s and always will. But around 1990 or so, I noticed the culture threw away dressing like ladies and gentleman. Since then, I feel like the odd one out every day. As sales of classical attire fell away, classical manufacturers like Talbots, Mark Shale, Joseph A Bank bankrupted out or are struggling. It corresponds to the rise of what I call the naked skin culture. In that time, women substituted leggings, tunics, tights and boots for skirts with hosiery. Thongs or no underwear instead of regular underwear. Flip flops in place of shoes. No socks in place of socks. Tight synthetics with stretch that show every bulge, instead of elegantly draped natural fabrics. Low rise pants & jeans in place of classic waistbands worn with a belt. Tans and bare skin instead of modesty. All these things accommodate their need to be edgy, show off naked skin, tattoos and piercings. Men started wearing oversize hip hop clothes showing off their rear ends and underwear. Those who didn’t swathe in grunge showed skin. I hate it, and it won’t go away! Google London’s Daily Mail & you’ll see disparaging comments about Kate Middleton’s style. It’s a shame. She’s a beautiful wife and mother who dresses appropriately for her role as a princess, and they call her “safe and boring.” One even said she’s not a role model! Honestly, whose style would be the proper role model–Miley Cyrus?

      • Oh my gosh, what a great comment. Thank you, thathatlady

        Also, thanks for the clarification of your first comment. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote here. And whoever had the audacity to criticize Kate Middleton for her style, and label her “safe and boring,” even stating that she’s not a role model, must be from a different planet.

        It’s a shame that some people are so jealous of someone like Kate (who is the very definition of beauty, class, grace and elegance), they feel the need to disparage her — probably out of some misguided attempt to justify their own lack of sense and values.

        And, thathatlady, I love your last line. Made me LOL.

  • We could call it the “When in Rome syndrome.” Personally seeing the photos of Lucy in the black dress with black pumps makes me think she is really missing the boat by not dressing like that more frequently.

    • I soooo agree, rneeser. It just amazes me that someone who looks that beautiful and amazing dressed that way wouldn’t want to present herself like that all the time. Or at the very least, much more often. I wish I were her fashion advisor. (Is that even a real position?) 🙂

  • Hi Robin. You can count on me to watch Elementary Thursday night. I generally don’t watch much television. Have seen trailers for the show at times during football games, but never viewed the show. Look forward to seeing it, as well as Lucy Liu in sheer nude pantyhose. Also, might take up your suggestion to write to the show’s producers/costume designers and pay compliments for Lucy’s dress and hosiery. Gives hope.

    The split screen pictures of Lucy Liu bare legged in New York while “across the pond” in London in sheer nude pantyhose are striking. I believe this is well thought out by the show’s director(s) to contrast both cultures, as currently noted today. Still encouraging, and yes all is right with the world, if but for a brief hour long television drama.

    As always brilliant post. Exceptionally written and well done. Thanks Robin.

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