Underwood drops ball in Sunday Night Football theme song premiere

We’ve been waitin’ all (off season) for Sunday Night.

Well, it’s back!  And tonight features the Week 1 opening of the 2013 NFL season on Sunday night, as the New York Giants are taking on the Dallas Cowboys right now at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas.

So, the good news is the NFL is back.

The bad news for me and fans of this blog is country music singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood made her debut as the new voice and face (OK, legs) of NBC’s Sunday Night Football theme song, “Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,” to what was estimated to be 25 million viewers.

Or, wait, was that actually Carrie Bradshaw of “Sex and the City,” prancing on stage in those “bear” legs?

“Obviously, we wanted to make it sound like me,” Underwood said of her new version of the theme song that Faith Hill had performed the past six seasons, “but we definitely wanted to bring a fun edge to it.”

I do like Underwood’s sound better, but it would have been nice if she had given the performance a new look, too — a little class by wearing sheer pantyhose with those short-shorts.  But like Hill before her, Underwood must think that the $30 billion business the NFL is (wiki.answers.com) calls for a casual look on stage.

Country singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood makes her debut tonight, performing NBC's Sunday Night Football theme song.  (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)
Country singer/songwriter Carrie Underwood makes her debut tonight, performing NBC’s Sunday Night Football theme song. (Photo by: Paul Drinkwater/NBC)

Underwood wore dark blueish/blackish denim short-shorts, a dark blue tank top and dark blueish/blackish cowboy boots.  And, unfortunately, bear legs.  [Note: I use quote marks on only the first reference to bear legs — my way of making fun of today’s bare legs culture.]

I guess you can take the bumpkin out of the country, but you can’t take the country out of the bumpkin.

Somewhere, Hill must be smiling.

I was afraid Underwood would disappoint in this manner, but I so hoped she wouldn’t.  I don’t know anything about Underwood (I’ve never watched a single episode of American Idol), and I couldn’t name a song she’s ever written or sung.

In doing the research for this piece, one thing I did learn — something that stands out — is everyone makes a huge deal about her legs.

And being a country music singer, it makes sense that most of the photos I found were of her performing for country music audiences.  So, not surprisingly, in the majority of the pictures, she is wearing denim shorts or dresses with cowboy boots and bear legs

But I did find some pictures of Underwood wearing a fancy dress with peep-toe stilettos and sheer fishnet pantyhose during — of all places — the 2009 CMA (Country Music Awards) show in Nashville, Tenn.

Carrie Underwood performs during the 2009 CMA presentations in Nashville, Tenn.
Carrie Underwood performs during the 2009 CMA presentations in Nashville, Tenn.
Carrie Underwood performs during the Country Music Awards festival in 2010 in Nashville, Tenn.  (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)
Carrie Underwood performs during the Country Music Awards festival in 2010 in Nashville, Tenn. (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

That made me think there was hope that she’d dress like this for SNF.  But, then I found pics of her a year later wearing shorts, cowboy boots and bear legs during the 2010 CMA presentations.

That appears to be Underwood’s preferred look.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  She looks good.  I just don’t think the look is professional or classy enough for the intro theme to SNF.

In 2012, Sunday Night Football averaged 21 million viewers each week, according to Nielsen.

According to Wikipedia, American football is the most popular sport, and Super Bowl Sunday is the biggest annual sporting event held in the United States.  In fact, the Super Bowl game is always among the highest-rated programs of all-time in Nielsen ratings.

Now, I’m wondering about the demographics of the national fan base of the NFL?  What is the connection between the NFL and country music?  In researching this question on the Internet, I couldn’t find that answer.

And what I could find about the average NFL viewer surprised me (only because the numbers are smaller than I anticipated):  Men make up 62.8 percent, compared with women (37.2%), and the highest percentage of viewers by age is in the range of 35-44, which is 21.2 percent.

I don’t know.  Apparently, the findings were in 2003 by Scarborough Research, so maybe the numbers are more impressive today.

Carrie Underwood performs during the  2009 CMA presentations in Nashville, Tenn.  (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)
Carrie Underwood performs during the 2009 CMA presentations in Nashville, Tenn. (Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

I don’t think there’s ever been an official poll that measures the percentage of men in the world who say they prefer women in pantyhose over bear legs (I couldn’t find anything official), but my own poll that posed that question last year returned predictable numbers: Out of 485 total votes, 465 (96%) answered Yes.

So, here’s what perplexes me: If (we’ll be conservative here) more than half of the men in the world prefer women in pantyhose, and more than 50 percent of men watch the NFL, why would Carrie Underwood and Faith Hill before her perform the SNF intro theme bear-legged?

Conversely, most other professional singers perform on stage throughout the world’s largest venues wearing pantyhose.

To me, the answer is Underwood and Hill don’t have the professionalism or class that most other professional entertainers do.

Back in April, I wrote this post:

Who should NBC hire next to perform intro to SNF? in which I featured the professional singers I hoped would be considered to replace Hill.  My first choice was Katy Perry, and most of you agreed, as supported by the poll I attached to that post:

Katy Perry always puts on a high-energy show, and always dresses beautifully in sheer pantyhose.
Katy Perry always puts on a high-energy show, and always dresses beautifully in sheer pantyhose.

Which celeb should be next to perform SNF intro?

Katy Perry               51 (59%)

Beyonce’                 10 (12%)

Lady Gaga               10 (12%)

Jennifer Lopez          5 (6%)

Taylor Swift               5 (6%)

Rihanna                     3 (3%)

Other                         3 (3%)

Selena Gomez 1

Gwen Stefani 1

Frankie Sanford 1

One thing I knew was, had NBC selected Katy Perry to perform the SNF theme song, she would have dressed beautifully in a great dress or shorts/jump suit with high heels and sheer pantyhose.

And so would Beyonce’, Rihanna, Taylor Swift …

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders perform during an NFL game.
Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders perform during an NFL game.

I’ve written this before (and AKH just wrote this in his comment already) — NFL cheerleaders always wear pantyhose with their uniforms.  Why?   I mean it’s usually hot on the field, or raining, or cold, or snowing.

So why do the NFL cheerleaders wear pantyhose?  Because it’s more professional than bear legs.  It’s classy.  It looks awesome on them.

And it’s the NFL.  The NFL has always cared about its image.  Never more than in recent years.   So, if the cheerleaders have the professionalism and class to wear pantyhose as the integral part of their uniforms that they are, why would Underwood, and Hill before her, think their bear legs are appropriate in representing the NFL?

In the case of Carrie Underwood, well, all I can say is it’s a missed opportunity to build a professional and classy image.

Too bad.  I am officially not a Carrie Underwood fan.

All we can do now is just be happy that football is back.


24 thoughts on “Underwood drops ball in Sunday Night Football theme song premiere

    • Hi My Info,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      In fact, I think Underwood’s career should be finished. Does she not see how ridiculous her bony, pasty “bear” legs look in that beautiful, short dress?

      The NFL always gets big productions right, but the bonehead who designed the SNF intro piece keeps blowing this one. I think his career should be finished, too.

  • Well Robin, once again Carrie Underwood shows she has no sense of professionalism and class. Her performance tonight shows she just doesn’t get it when it comes to performing in front of millions of people.

    Her choice to not wear pantyhose on the SNF opening intro video is proof she only has a good voice and doesn’t care about her look. She seems to think wearing some type of lotion will suffice but it DOES NOT.

    I hope that someone will be able to talk some sense into her. Highly disappointing!

    • Hi AKH,

      Yes, I was wondering when someone was going to make your comment. I specifically watched the opening to SNF, too, and could only shake my head.

      What a lost opportunity by a high profile celebrity. Under(dressed)wood, wears a beautiful, skimpy and sexy short dress, and punctuates it with dull, pasty and bony looking “bear” legs.

      She’s pathetic, and so is the producer/director of this segment.

      Once again, SNF settles for a ho-hum image, when in the segment, tape is show of some NFL cheerleaders looking fabulous in pantyhose with they’re uniforms.

      Hope SNF is satisfied with Carrie Under(whelming)wood.

      Thank you for your comment, AKH.

  • Wow. Love those photos of Katie Perry. Is it just me, or does anyone else like to know what the feet of those hose smell like?

    • Hi, Sandy. I know. I am an ex-newsreporter/copy editor. I use “bear” as a play on words to make fun of today’s bare legs culture, comparing the look of bare legs to a bear’s legs. That’s why I use quote marks on the first reference, but not throughout the piece, as my longtime readers get the meaning.

      It’s based on a post I wrote back in 2009.

      In fact, if you read some of the comments to my posts, most of the readers have embraced the use of “bear” for bare legs, too. However, they don’t always use quote marks.

      Thanks for commenting, Sandy, and take care.

  • Robin, you are the pantyhose world’s quickest blogger. I saw the intro and had the same opinion as you. Myself I’d describe the whole thing as “….meh”. That look may or may not be timeless but SNF needs to redo the intro.

  • Hi Robin,
    I agree with you. Carrie could have dressed more classy for the SNF theme instead of the southern trash look with a tank top, Daisy Duke shorts, boots, and “bear” legs. That screams two words, Lazy and Sloppy. That appearance would be good for a music video in an outdoor setting like a farm, barnyard,or garage (taking a page from Jessica Simpson), but not on stage to promote the NFL on a major TV network like NBC since they expect a professional appearance from Carrie to distance themselves away from Faith Hill and her “bear” legs.

    Carrie’s SNF appearance should look more like her previous photos when she dressed more classy and professional wearing hose with her outfits during her peformances and public appearances.


    On the positive side, with the NFL season underway, we once again get to see the cheerleaders including the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders perform on the sidelines wearing sheer nude hose with their gorgeous outfits.

      • Speaking of the SNF theme, I had the opportunity to watch the inaugural SNF theme performed by Pink, and throughout the song, she is wearing sheer black hose (possibly fishnets) with her outfits. If only Faith and Carrie could learn from Pink on how to dress professionally when performing the SNF theme for the NFL and NBC.

        • Thanks for that, Brian W. What must have hurt her chances of returning to do the SNF theme was she looked a little too punk rocker. Hate the outfit. The dress, especially those boots (yuk), and the short hairdo were not flattering at all. But, at least she had the professionalism and class to wear pantyhose. I’d take Pink over Carrie Underwood or Faith Hill any day!

          • Agree Robin. Will take Pink over Faith Hill and Carrie Underwood any night on SNF. The hosiery makes a difference in adding value to sports and entertainment. Great blog/post again. Thanks.

            • Hey, Sheer Mike … was wondering where you were. Thank you for weighing in. And, I’ll bet you were one of those who gave my post that 5-Star rating. Thanks so much.

  • I totally agree with you, she dropped the ball and looks terrible! If she was going for a theme of ‘Daisy Duke’ she should have done her research. But, even more to the point, NBC should have asked the same questions you did and done the proper research. They should go back and look at the previous female entertainers for the past Super Bowls and they would see that even those ladies had the sense to know that when on a stage as big as the ‘NFL’ and the ‘Super Bowl’ you wear sheer pantyhose! Plus, they should do more research to find out why NFL cheerleaders wear sheer pantyhose. I know that one reason is no matter how close fans are to the cheerleaders the managers of the cheerleaders know they want to show a look of conformity and shine. The best way to do that is sheer pantyhose like the current NFL cheerleaders wear. Female entertainers who want to have the same appearance know that short of baby oil the best substitute is sheer pantyhose, though female entertainers(singers, dancers, and back ups) don’t have to wear such thick brands as Peavey or Tamara. I was afraid Carrie Underwood would try something like Faith Hill did and she made a grave mistake. Daisy Duke wore a great tan sheer pantyhose probably similar to the same brand as Linda Carter did as Wonder Woman. I’m highly disappointed!

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