Loving even the little condition ‘mistreats’ in pantyhose-wearing

June 30, 2013 — Earlier this week, one of our readers, Jan, wrote a comment expressing his (yes, his) dismay about a lack of attention many women give to the condition of their pantyhose while they’re wearing them.

Here’s Jan’s comment (and by the way, I don’t edit readers’ comments):

Dear Robin!
I have often wondered, why some pantyhosed women never pay any attention on how the pantyhose is doing during the day or what’s happening to the pantyhose on duty?
My well trained pantyhose eye will spot all kinds of pantyhose miss treats on any given day.  You can find toe caps not in line or vertical toe caps, sole reinforcements almost upp side on the wrist, heel caps twisted up sideways and damaged.
Also, there’s long runs from heel upp to waist and heavy tear and damaged pantyhose legs.
I wish some women could take more care of their pantyhose and put some thought into what’s going on pantyhosewise. Maybe take a pantyhose moment and adjust reinforcements and check seams etc.  This is probably even more important when using the classic 100% polymide pantyhose.
I personally approve of all kinds of pantyhose use, but I also think that a the pantyhose is a delicate and beautiful thing that need a bit of handling and care.  Mature women knows this, they know how to handle a pantyhose.  But the “next gen” pantyhose users….
Sometimes I wish I could just start a pantyhose handling centre.

Often, I have an idea for a new post, but after doing the research, looking for the right art to go with the writing, or even just over-thinking, I’ll talk myself out of writing it.  In case you’re keeping score at home, that’s why you don’t get a post from me every day, every week, or even every month.  I prefer to deliver quality, rather than quantity, and I’m a harsh judge of what that means.

I don't know about anyone else, but I think a little run or snag in an otherwise beautiful pair of pantyhose can be kinda sexy.
I don’t know about anyone else, but I think a little run or snag in an otherwise beautiful pair of pantyhose can be kinda sexy.

I had long been thinking of writing a post about a topic similar to Jan’s, and, as is often the case with me, it took his comment to tip the scales in favor of my writing it.   So, first, let me encourage every one of you to please continue to write comments that reflect the pantyhose topics on your mind, and/or feel free to suggest subjects about which you’d like for me to write.

In my reply to Jan’s comment, I wrote (in part) “… I’m just so happy whenever I see a woman wearing pantyhose today, I don’t care what condition they appear to be in.”

Would anyone find fault with the way the nylon bunches a bit where the toes meets the shoe on actress Blake Lively's lovely legs here?
Would anyone find fault in the way the nylon bunches a bit where the toes meets the shoe on actress Blake Lively’s lovely legs here?

I didn’t go into more detail because I had decided at that point to write this post.  So here it is.

While I created ActSensuous to make the style of pantyhose I loved but could no longer find, I have always realized and appreciated that people all over the world love a great variety of styles.  These include the thickest and shiniest kinds to the most delicate and sheer types that challenge one to discern whether a woman is actually wearing or not.

My feeling is any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose.  Similarly, I find beauty and extreme femininity in the very concept of pantyhose.

So, I truly meant what I wrote about not caring what condition pantyhose are in, as long as they’re on.   In fact, since I love and appreciate most the kind of pantyhose that are practically invisible on the wearer, more so than patterned or thick and shiny kinds, I love subtle little indicators that make it obvious that pantyhose are being worn.

Little wrinkles in the nylon fabric on the ankles or where the toe cleavage meets the shoe is sexy to me.
Little wrinkles in the nylon fabric behind the knee, on the ankles, or where toe cleavage meets the shoe is sexy to me.

Often, that means seeing some of the condition “mistreats” about which Jan wrote.

In fact, I think it’s kind of sexy when the seam at the toe ends up a bit vertical, or when there is a run up the leg, or those little fabric wrinkles over toe cleavage or at the ankles.

Often, I’ve wondered if anyone out there is as sick as me.   Do you hate it when you see these little pantyhose condition mistreats, or do you love it?   Are those things awful, or are they kind of sexy?  Do you love it when you see a girl adjusting the nylon fabric up her leg, or smoothing it with her hands over her legs?

A beautiful scene when Christie Brinkley pulls the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg in Billy Joel's "Uptown Girl" music video in 1983.
A lovely and sexy scene when Christie Brinkley pulls the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg in Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video in 1983.

Long before I ever dreamed of creating my own company, I was profoundly influenced by the image of Christie Brinkley pulling the fabric of her sheer nude pantyhose up her leg during a scene in the “Uptown Girl” music video from Billy Joel’s hit single in 1983.

It is a beautiful scene that was not uncommon to see in real life during the great pantyhose decade of the 1980s (all of the 1970s and the late 1960s I’m told, but was too young to have experienced it for myself), but just the fact that someone was wise and creative enough to include it in this music video (2:14/3:23) is awesome.


Ever professional and classy, Christie Brinkley almost always wears sheer pantyhose during public appearances.
Ever professional and classy, Christie Brinkley almost always wears sheer pantyhose during public appearances.

I would love to meet the person who was responsible for that scene because he or she (probably he) obviously understood the beauty, femininity and extreme sensual qualities of pantyhose back then, and probably suffered like all of us during the height of the “bear” legs movement in the late 1990s to 2000s.

Would love to hear what that person has to say today.

Further, to her credit, Christie Brinkley is still a beautiful and classy woman who never bought in to bear legs culture.

Maybe she, too, was influenced in the virtues of pantyhose-wearing from the making of that music video, as she still wears sheer pantyhose (quite beautifully) today.


When I see images of girls running their hands over their pantyhose legs, sometimes subconsciously it seems, they’re not only smoothing the fabric, but also feeling it themselves.

I’ve always thought that has to be exciting to see for the guys who love pantyhose.

So, what do you think?   Do you hate the little condition mistreats inevitable in pantyhose-wearing, or do you love them?   Are they ugly, or beautiful and kind of sexy?

Again, my thanks to Jan for his comment, which motivated me to write this post.

28 thoughts on “Loving even the little condition ‘mistreats’ in pantyhose-wearing

  • Hello Robin,

    I really, really enjoy how you bring out the little things about wearing
    pantyhose in your blogs. I particularly enjoyed this “little mistreats”
    article due to the fact that it is an important part of the “pantyhose
    etiquette” we all enjoy.

    Where I am going with this is that yes, we all love to see women of all
    shapes and sizes with their nice features enhance them even more
    by wearing hosiery of all types and styles. It helps me appreciate their
    willingness to bring even more class to a great outfit of choice.

    I am a man that has a keen sense of awareness to any flaw made on a
    woman’s pair of pantyhose. Even the little subtleties such as “wrinkles”
    or “mis-aligned seams” catch my eye. That is what I love about reading your
    articles Robin. Your expertise gives us readers and admirer’s a fresh new
    way to appreciate a women’s point of view about pantyhose, not only a
    man’s view of what he likes or dislikes. It balances my observations.

    What I love most about the “mis-treats” and “flaws” is that it opens up an
    opportunity for me to address my fascination of hose on women in a way
    that is not creepy or sexual. I simply point out the “run” or “hole” in their
    hose and so begins a nice little chat about pantyhose. Depending on where
    the topic goes or the mood, they may find out my fondness for pantyhose
    on women, but it is not important as long as the chat was pleasant. I just
    appreciate the talk about a wonderful material.

    So there you have it Robin. Your blogs are very well appreciated…at least
    by me. I learn from them and am always fascinated by the content and
    excellent writing. I am still going through them one by one, word for word.
    Thank you.

    Always inspired,


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment. Interesting take on the subject: Pointing out the little condition mistreats to open a discussion about your favorite discussion (mine too) is a pretty clever ploy.

      Love that you’re going back to 2009 and reading every post and commenting on the ones that inspire you.

      Thanks again.

      • Thank you Robin. Yes, I guess it does sound a bit sneaky in a way, however I find it to be easier to work into the subject so it doesn’t sound so direct. I have experienced some hesitation when complimenting women about how nice their legs look in pantyhose. To some it may sound creepy or they quickly change to another subject. As much as I love to discuss this fascination, and it could be all day if I had my choice, I have to be courteous about it. Don’t want to offend. Oh the day long discussions we could have Robin! Would be a treat indeed.

        Anyway, that is my take on that. More often than not, the opportunities to “discuss” present themselves to me. I don’t have to go searching for them. My observations catch mistreats all the time. I’m patient. ☺ Now to study some more blogs!

        Thank you again Robin


  • Hey Robin,
    I am not sure if I brought this up already, but Jessica mentioned on her blog several months ago that another reason why women in America don’t wear pantyhose as much than women in Europe and other parts of the world is because American hosiery brands do not invest in new technology when it comes to sewing, textile manufacturing, and processing in order to make quality hosiery. Instead, they stick with old fashioned way by stitching the nylon fabric in order to gain profit, but could lead to problems. Some hose packages even dollar and discount store ones also mention that the hose is 100% nylon but do not indicate the denier nor if its run resistant or includes spandex/lycra which is key for women to buy hosiery. If the nylon does not indicate those things, the hose could have a low denier either under 10 or 10-15 that could be prone to runs, snag and itchiness. That is why American women dread wearing them causing hosiery to decline in popularity in America.

    European brands use new technology such as microfibers to create run resistant hosiery by knotting the fabrics together and incorporating it with lycra/spandex in order for it to be soft, silky and run resistant. Stitching the fabrics alone would lead to runs and snags. That explains why Europeans create a high quality of hose, which is very popular and in the mainstream in Europe and other countries around the world despite the fact that it is expensive.

    Its too bad American hosiery companies can’t learn from their European counterparts when it comes to investing in new technologies to create hosiery. Had the American hosiery companies adopted those technologies like they do in Europe, then more American women would wearing hose with little complaints about it being itchy, snagging, or causing runs on their legs. Hosiery would also be pretty much in the mainstream in America than the tacky bare leg trend.

    • I don’t know, Brian W. It sounds to me like just more excuses for not wanting to wear.

      I don’t know how much more advanced European hosiery manufacturing really is, but if U.S. companies aren’t following their lead, it could be that we worry about the chances of women here agreeing to pay $30 a pair.

      I can tell you that ActSensuous has spent more than one year designing its all-new line, Act IV, which is set for release later this month or in November. We went to great extremes to make a 100 percent nylon (20 Denier) fabric that is completely sheer to waist, comfortable and beautiful, and will retail for less than $15 a pair.

      Thanks for your comment, Brian W.

  • I agree with you Robin about the sight of a woman pulling up her pantyhose to adjust, as well as rubbing her hand up and down her leg to feel the nylon. Such a thrilling excitement. In my 8th grade math class, sat next to a pretty strawberry blonde named Vicki. One day out of the corner of my eye I saw her pulling up the fabric of her pantyhose. Got my heart racing and of course lost all focus of the teacher’s instruction. I was smiling inside.

    Years later as a young adult in the financial and insurance business, shared a cube with a woman named Sharon. This was 1988, the heyday of pantyhose. She wore pantyhose to work almost everyday. One day after a long aftenoon visiting clients and agents she sat back at her desk, took off her heels and strarted adjusting the seam around her toes, while talking about one her meetings with one of our key clients. Didn’t remember one word she said. I got the feeling later that she probably knew that.

    So yes. Love those little miscreants of pantyhose. Loved it then and especially would love it more now, given the pantyhose wilderness we seem to be in.

      • Thank you Robin. Just to expand, seeing some of the imperfections in the pantyhose of women brings out the reminder of the human condition. Nobody or nothing is perfect. Yet there is still something sexy and endearing of that imperfection.

        By the way Robin, I love the profile pic for the ActSensuous on this blog. I assume that is you. Lovely white dress and of course your exquisite nylon clad legs.

        • You got it, Sheer Mike — there is something very sexy and endearing about the sometimes little imperfections inherent in pantyhose. And, yes, that’s me on the stairs of the beach house. Thanks for the compliment.

          • Wow Robin! Wearing pantyhose at the beachhouse. Love your dedication, commitment and passion to looking beautiful, classy, feminine and sexy. Being a great role model for women.

  • Coming of age in the 80’s, I remember women considering a run in their hose as a reason to discard them. I know this because I grew up with 3 older sisters. They would get very upset.

    However by the late 80’s I noticed more women (at nightclubs at least-maybe not so at work) wore them anyway. I remember being surprised, because it previously was considered trashy, then attracted to it.


    I think it’s sexy- the smooth continuity is broken, giving the viewer a focal point.

  • hmmm….too young to have experienced it? ok Robin. always love your humor.

    let me take the subject matter of this blog and twist it even further (and this is the truth). I find mistreats on nude or pale hose abominable yet on a nightshade hose, sooo…..sexy? why is that? are we pre-conditioned to certain shades as ‘sexy’ or ‘attractive’ – and not others and are willing to overlook flaws or otherwise?

  • I have feelings both ways. There is no doubt that a ‘filled out’ pair of pantyhose is the sexiest thing ever to us fetishists. By that I mean a woman who doesn’t fill them out with fat but rather nicely toned legs that have some muscle on them. Nice calves and the like I mean. I really do not care for pantyhose on a woman so skinny that she can’t even stretch them enough to have the wrinkles go out of them. That looks like a little kid wearing mom’s pantyhose and is not for me! However, when a woman has a toe seam that’s way crooked or whatever and makes no move to fix it, i kind of like it. It’s that whole ‘wearing pantyhose as a matter of course’ for the wearer that’s appealing. Like they have them on but are not obsessed about them and just have them on and don’t notice them. I am not articulating what I mean here very well but I like my pantyhose stretched out enough that they don’t even wrinkle when the ankle is slightly bent but I also like minor imperfections like a crooked toe seam.

    Oh and always sheer toe, always!

  • I do enjoy seeing a woman in a flawless pair of hose. The little snags and runs say a lot about the quality of hosiery she chooses and the attention she gives to its care. Pantyhose that look beat up have obviously been thrown in the wash with t-shirts and jeans, and pulled out of the dryer, getting stretched out the whole way.

    Still, it’s thrilling to see a little wrinkle or misplaced seam on a woman’s legs. The illusion of her perfect legs falls away and you see the pantyhose for what they are, an article of clothing. Then, the illusion reasserts itself and you can pretend the woman is a lovely otherworldly creature half made of cloth. (Remember to look her in the eye and be polite, guys!)

    A waistband peeking out from above the top of her skirt will make me gasp with happiness and put a smile on my face the rest of the day.

  • Hi Robin, it has been quite some time since i have posted and I hope all is great with you!

    I find those little imperfections incredibly sexy and sometimes even more so than a perfectly smooth pair of pantyhose. For me, seeing the fabric with a small wrinkle where the shoe kisses the fabric is sure to send my heart pounding. I agree with you – it is an immediate switch that goes on telling my brain that a woman is wearing them and her legs are enveloped in sheer ecstasy (play on words completely intended!).

    I work in NYC and blessed to see pantyhose and tights year round. The winter months bring out a pantyhose and tights bonanza and seeing those small runs and wrinkles are more frequent.

    Thanks for the great article and I’m glad we have this in common. Have a great summer!

    • Hey K,

      Thank you for your comment. Good to hear that NYC is once again a pantyhose haven, after being the place that almost killed pantyhose off years ago with SJP’s “SATC.”

      Hope to hear from you more often.


  • I find it sexy to see a woman in ultra sheer pantyhose that’s nearly invisible on her legs and sometimes seeing the nylon fabric hanging a little loosely on the back of her kneecaps as she walks. What I see as a big turnoff is a woman who rushes putting on pantyhose and easily putting runs in them instead of taking the time and slowly easing them on their legs one at a time, until they are adjusted and fitted properly.

  • When you’ve been in the desert for a long time and you find an oasis, you don’t complain that it doesn’t have enough palm trees.

    Anytime I see it, I appreciate it. I don’t complain over small details.

    If the female population of the United States as a whole ever embraces pantyhose in particular and femininity in general again, then we can worry about small things. Until then thank you to all the ladies who honor us with you class and elegance.

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