Who should NBC hire next to perform intro to SNF?

“I been waitin’ all (these years) for Sunday Night (without Faith Hill’s “bear” legs).”
Yesterday, one of our devoted readers (and our most prolific commenter), Brian W., alerted me that country singer Faith Hill announced on Monday that she no longer will perform the lead-in to Sunday Night Football.

Well, here’s a song for ya: “Ding-dong, the witch is dead.”

If it sounds like I won’t be missing Faith’s SNF intro, you got that right. I hate missed opportunities, and Faith certainly passed up the chance to class up the joint with her skimpy outfits and those pasty white “bear” legs prancing around the stage, belting out that Joan Jett-like tune. Hate that song … mostly because once you hear it, you can’t get it out of your head, along with the image of those “bear” legs.

I so wanted Faith to bring a little elegance to the SNF intro, but she just wouldn’t do it.

Bare legs and these goofy-looking shoes did nothing to help Faith Hill's image during her SNF lead-in shows.
Bare legs and these goofy-looking shoes did nothing to help Faith Hill’s image during her SNF lead-in shows.

Maybe she felt that because this was a sports venue, it called for a more casual look. Wrong!   Hey, Faith, even professional sports cheerleaders (some college and even high school cheerleaders) wear pantyhose with their uniforms.

And, if those “bear” legs weren’t bad enough, I don’t know what Faith was thinking with that”prostitute look” (below left).faithhill

So, yes, I am glad Faith no longer will be doing the introduction number to Sunday Night Football.

Now, I’m wondering who NBC will draft next for that role.

While finally, once again, we’re seeing more and more Hollywood actresses wearing pantyhose during publicity and public appearances, professional singers/dancers today (Faith notwithstanding) always wear pantyhose on stage.

So, I see no shortage of female candidates who could easily step into the SNF intro role.

Beyonce' can light up any stage, always showing off her legs in sheer pantyhose.
Beyonce’ can light up any stage, always showing off her legs in sheer pantyhose.

Here are my top few choices and why.


Well liked and respected, Beyonce’ is always professional and classy.  She’s a great singer/dancer/entertainer, and she is a devoted pantyhose wearer.

And, in addition to always wearing pantyhose on stage, she often wears for publicity events and guest appearances on talk shows.

Of course, Beyonce’ has done a Super Bowl halftime show, so she’s not exactly off the radar to NBC or the NFl.

She’s not controversial.  I’d say, on the surface, she seems to be a natural fit.

[She … could … go … all the way!]

Always professional and classy enough to wear pantyhose during her performances onstage, Rihanna should be a candidate for the next SNF lead-in role.
Always professional and classy enough to wear pantyhose during her performances onstage, Rihanna should be a candidate for the next SNF lead-in role.


Another good candidate who always wears pantyhose with her sexy but tasteful costumes on stage.

But, wait a minute.  Doesn’t she have an idiot rapper boyfriend who has used her face for a punching bag? I doubt NBC and the NFL would want Rihanna to be the poster girl for SNF.

Too bad because she otherwise would be a good choice.


Lady Gaga

OK, just kidding.  She definitely is a devoted pantyhose wearer, but, well, too often she wears practically nothing but pantyhose.  NBC probably would be frightened by her.


Katy Perry is ultra-talented, exciting and always professional.
Katy Perry is ultra-talented, exciting and always professional.

Katy Perry

Now, here’s my favorite. Katy is nothing but classy, lovely, and just plain cute.

She writes some very compelling songs and appeals to audiences of all demographics.

Add to that a fantastic voice, great stage and screen presence, and very contemporary songwriting, and NBC would have a true winner.

Oh, and Katy Perry never goes anywhere not dressed beautifully.  And she’s one of the most prolific pantyhose wearers among all professional entertainers.

I just love her, and I bet that NBC would, too.

[Touchdown, Katy!]

Taylor Swift

If NBC wanted to stay with a country/pop singer, Taylor might be a pretty swift choice. That girl can write some entertaining songs.  She’s got a pleasant sound. She’s got a wholesome persona.

It could work.

[Long field goal]

Selena Gomez

Great voice. Wears lovely outfits, complete with pantyhose, on stage.  But … uh, no.  Cute, but probably too young. Probably not an NFL fan either. Anyway, she wouldn’t get my vote because too many times I’ve been disappointed in her for not wearing pantyhose with her beautiful outfits on late night talk shows.

[Tackled for loss]

(Photo by Seth Browarnik / Rex Features)
Jennifer Lopez is an experienced entertainer who has a connection to the NFL.

Jennifer Lopez

Now, we’re talking.  What a performer!  She can sing. She can dance. She can definitely rock it. She knows how to dress on stage.

But is she an NFL kind of girl?  Uh, yeah.  She’s part owner of the Miami Dolphins.

In one of her movies (the one of her’s I like best), “Out of Sight,” she plays a U.S. Marshall pursuing a career bank robber (George Clooney).

The movie is set in Miami, and in one scene, J-Lo wears short-shorts and a Dan Marino jersey.  But when she is on the job during a good portion of the movie, she’s wearing a skirt with sheer nude pantyhose and heels, and she looks great.

Sadly, I’ve seen her in a couple of TV commercials and print ads doing the “bear” legs thing.  So, she gets a personal foul penalty (15 yards), but I’d still give her the nod to do the SNF intro.

[First down, J-lo]

Gloria Estefan

Another great candidate, the Cuban-American pop singer can belt out a song like no one, and she’s got all the right moves on the stage.  But is she an NFL kind of gal?  Uh, hello, another part owner of the Miami Dolphins, and a “diehard” fan since the Phins’ 1972/73 perfect season, she says.

Makes sense to me.  Hey, NBC, if Gloria sings the SNF intro, I can tell  you this:  “The rhythym is Gonna Get You.”

[First and goal]

Christina Aguilera

Why not?  She’s got the pipes and the dance moves.  And she’s classy enough to wear pantyhose on stage.

[Extra point]

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

Paula Abdul

I have never seen Paula on stage not wearing pantyhose. She can sing and dance.  She’d be a fine candidate.

[Makes the playoffs]


I’m not kidding.  OK, yes, I am.

Then again, she’d still be an upgrade over Faith Hill.  At least Madonna has the sense to wear pantyhose on stage.

[Holding penalty]

Singer/actress Cher was known for her exotic costumes on stage, always with suntan or nude pantyhose.
Singer/actress Cher was known for her exotic costumes on stage, always with suntan or nude pantyhose.


Now I’m kidding, of course.

But if this were the 1990s, she’d likely be my first choice. She most definitely would be classy, exotic and entertaining.

Back in the days of “Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves,” Cher was the entertainment bomb, and so were her on-stage costumes, such as this one (left) from 1978.

Before the likes of Madonna and Cyndi Lauper (both likely influenced by her), Cher was the girl who “just wanted to have fun.”

OK, so today Cher isn’t a candidate to perform the Sunday Night Football introduction, but it would be nice if when NBC considers the next star to take that stage, they choose someone who has the professionalism, glamour and exotic looks that Cher had.

[End of regulation]

OK, now it’s your turn.  Who’d I leave out?  Who would be your choice to perform the introduction number to Sunday Night Football, and why?   Take the poll below to let me know.

Also, next up is a photo gallery I’ve made for you featuring some professional entertainers who probably should be considered.  By the way, when you click to expand the pictures, you know you can comment on any one you like, right?  Just saying …

16 thoughts on “Who should NBC hire next to perform intro to SNF?

  • Robin, I’m surprised not to see Zooey Deschanel, a posterchild for the new hipster legwear movement. Maybe, I’m not surprised, as her manic pixie dream girl persona can be grating at times. Still, any time you see a MPDG on screen, her legs are usually wrapped in something glittery and exciting.

    • Hi MarkDenier,

      Didn’t realize Zooey was also a professional singer/dancer. Obviously, I love and appreciate Zooey as an actress because she certainly is a pantyhose ambassador. I think the entertainer who is going to perform the lead-in number to Sunday Night Football needs to be a well-known singer. But what do I know? Just glad it won’t be “bear”-legged Faith Hill any longer.

      Thank you for your comment.

  • Hi everyone,
    Great to be back on the blog again, and thank you Robin for referencing my post. My pick would have to be Katy Perry to perform the SNF theme. She is such a class act wearing pantyhose/tights whether to perform on stage, or at various public events. Some even said that she looks like Zooey Deschanel, another frequent hose wearer. Who knows? they could be sisters…lol!!!!

    Beyonce would be my second choice. She performed at the this Super Bowl halftime show and is always seen wearing hose, tights, and fishnets when she performs on stage. She also wears hose at public events as well. NBC should consider her to perform SNF theme.

    Taylor Swift would also be a good choice as well if NBC wants to continue with the country theme to SNF. She even performed barefoot in nude hose at a concert a few months back

    I thought about Lady Gaga perhaps going back to rock version of the first SNF theme performed by Pink probably replace it with a tech version of the theme song. She wears pantyhose but shows too much cleavage like if she is working at an exotic dance club, and that may not suit well with the NBC execs.

    Rihanna would have been considered for the part if she was not involved in her controversial off and on again relationship with Chris Brown, which is now off again especially after the physical abuse she suffered from Brown a few years ago.

    J-Lo would be good as well since she owns a share in the Miami Dolphins, but would probably continue performing the theme bare legged like Faith Hill since she seldomly wears hose except for the odd fishnets. Not too classy at all.

    My top three choices perform the SNF theme song for the next NFL season are Katy Perry, Beyonce, and Taylor Swift. NBC should take them into consideration. With those three performers wearing pantyhose on and off stage, I hope they would bring some class back into SNF unlike Faith Hill who showed off those skanky bare legs that showed a lack of class for the SNF intro.

    • Hey Brian W.,

      Was wondering what happened to you. I dedicate a whole post to you and you go all Chuck Norris on me (“Missing in Action”)! Well, good to have you back, and as always, thanks for the great comment. And, thanks for attaching those pics of Taylor Swift. Those are some great photos of her in nude pantyhose. (I don’t often see her wearing pantyhose, and the few times I do, they’re usually some strange patterned tights.) Wow. She looks fabulous in sheer nude pantyhose.

      She is now my Number 2 choice to do the SNF intro. Katy Perry is still my personal favorite, but if Taylor Swift dresses like she does in these pics, I certainly wouldn’t be unhappy if she gets the nod instead.

      J-Lo can be a big disappointment in ads and out in public, but on stage and in movies, she usually delivers (in pantyhose).

      Thanks again, Brian W. And you are by far our most prolific commenter. Thanks for your loyalty to The ActSensuous Blog.

  • I think Beyonce will probably end up being the choice which wouldn’t be bad. But, personally I think Katy Perry is a better choice. Both are sexy, energetic, and avid pantyhose wearers. Yay for that!

  • Robin,

    Gotta give it to Beyonce. Of all the candidates she just screams football to me. Physical, sexy, energy. I think she’s a Houston Texans fan.

  • Being Aussie patriotic here, but my vote is for Kylie Minogue, although maybe not that well known in the U.S. I’ve seen her in pantyhose on occasions and looks gorgeous combined with that trademark bottom of hers!

    Love the collection of photos Robin. Didn’t realise that so many stars were wearing pantyhose these days. Maybe I should take more notice now!

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