Wearing pantyhose a lifelong pursuit of business-bound college babe

While more and more young women today are discovering

the beauty, glamor and femininity in wearing pantyhose, at least one college girl has celebrated its virtues for about as long as she can remember.

Mylani, one of my favorite models on my friend, Kim’s, new website — PantyhoseClass.com — wouldn’t have it any other way.

A Business Management major in college, Mylani is intelligent, professional and goal-oriented, convicted in her own personal values, while also possessing a keen self-awareness as it relates to all aspects of life in today’s society.

To that end, Mylani understands how rare it is to be a young lady who is devoted to wearing pantyhose, but to her, it’s more about just doing what she thinks is right.

Mylani is devoted to dressing elegantly, and to her, that means always wearing pantyhose.
Mylani is devoted to dressing elegantly, and to her, that means always wearing pantyhose.

“I don’t see myself as special,” she said.  “I just see myself as knowing how to be sexy and sensual.  I like to look my best and have allure.  For me, that includes wearing pantyhose.”

And, while she can’t help but attract a great deal of attention for how she dresses, Mylani doesn’t concern herself about what others think.

Asked if she thinks men notice her more when she’s wearing pantyhose than when she isn’t, Mylani said the answer is yes.

“I have gotten many compliments on my pantyhose.  As a waitress, I wear shiny pantyhose.  Lots of guys seem to love that.

“It is easy to tell that you get more looks when wearing pantyhose — especially, shiny pantyhose — but your question is flawed.  I get more looks from men AND women.”

Mylani said some women (not surprisingly) question her about why she wears pantyhose so often, but they have never tried to talk her out of wearing them, and she says, a few have started wearing after seeing her in them so much.

Getting to know her

Name: Mylani
Age: 21
Height: 5′ (152cm)
Figure: Slender
Pantyhose size: A, XS
Ethnicity: Chinese-American
Favorite hosiery styles: Shiny, Beige Pantyhose, Tights

Overview: “Mylani is a business major in college. She loves to shop and rarely finds a pair of heels she doesnt like. On the weekends, she works as a waitress in one of the hottest nightspots in the city. The other girls wear tight pants but Mylani wears short skirts, shiny Peavey pantyhose and heels. Can you guess who gets more tips?” – PantyhoseClass.com

At work in a hot nightspot, or on her college campus, Mylani always looks her best in a skirt, heels and pantyhose.
At work in a hot nightspot, or on her college campus, Mylani always looks her best in a skirt, heels and pantyhose.

Asked what it is that she loves so much about pantyhose, Mylani said it’s the way they make her legs look.

“When I wear pantyhose, it is obvious my legs stand out.  Even with pantyhose so sheer, you can barely tell I am wearing, they just accent my legs so nicely.

“For me, I feel naked without pantyhose.  Not only do I love how my feet feel when they slip into the silky nylon, but it makes me feel dressed and ready.”

I wondered if Mylani could ever have a boyfriend or husband who didn’t realize how lucky he was and appreciate her for wearing pantyhose, and her answer surprised me.

“Well, men are men,” she said.  “I don’t wear for them.  If they love me in pantyhose, that is fine, but I am going to wear no matter what they think.”

(I don’t think it’s a matter of IF.  Men, those with at least a pulse anyway, would definitely love her in pantyhose.)

But when did Mylani first realize that she loves pantyhose?

“I’ve always loved tights since I was little, but wanted to wear sheer pantyhose,” Mylani told me.  “Pantyhose look sexy.  From very young, I have been in tights and pantyhose.”

Crediting her Chinese heritage and glamorous aunt, Mylani is a big believer in the virtues of femininity inherent in wearing sheer pantyhose.
Crediting her Chinese heritage and glamorous aunt, Mylani is a big believer in the virtues of femininity inherent in wearing sheer pantyhose.

For Mylani, it was the influence of her culture and heritage as a Chinese-American girl, as well as the example set by her aunt that shaped her love of pantyhose.  A love that would continue to blossom and is in full bloom today.

“When I was 12, I saw my aunt at a wedding,” Mylani said.  “Her legs looked so spectacular in her pantyhose.  She and I talked about clothes and pantyhose.  She took me shopping to buy my first pair of pantyhose.  I still love my tights, but pantyhose make me feel more mature.”

To this day, Mylani credits her aunt as her hero and role model in her life.

“She was a cocktail waitress at a casino and always wore the sexiest uniforms with shiny pantyhose,” Mylani said.   “When she wasn’t working, she usually wore pantyhose too.  Her legs always looked so elegant and sexy.”

Frequent readers of this blog know that I believe Asian women are the world’s most prolific wearers of pantyhose.  I’ve often written that I believe part of the reason for this is Asian women are more devoted to femininity, and carry themselves with grace and elegance much moreso than women of other nationalities.  I wanted to know if Mylani agrees with this.

I feel that I am just doing my job to be noticed, and flirt with my legs.

“Asian culture is more gender strict,”  she said.  “Asian women are supposed to look like women, and being bare-legged is not an option.  To me, American women have forgotten what being feminine is.  They wear T-shirts, jeans, sneakers and baseball caps.  Those are men’s clothes. Yes, they tailor them for women, but it is not feminine to me.”

For every occasion, at every venue, Mylani can be seen in a  beautiful outfit, complete with heels and pantyhose.
For every occasion, at every venue, Mylani can be seen in a beautiful outfit, complete with heels and pantyhose.

What a great answer.  I couldn’t help pursuing the issue, so I asked Mylani whether she was aware that Asian women are appreciated all over the world for their feminine qualities, especially, for wearing pantyhose, and wondered how this makes her feel.  And, in typical, Mylani fashion, this was her answer:

“I feel that I am just doing my job to be noticed, and flirt with my legs.”

Cute the way she worded that — “I am just doing my job …”

I love the commitment Mylani has to being beautiful and sexy.  I asked whether she would would wear pantyhose to a job interview for a high-level professional career opportunity?  It was a feeble attempt on my part to test her professionalism.  Who was I kidding.?

“That is a no-brainer,” she said.  “Of course.  When I go for an interview, it is always in a pencil skirt, pantyhose and heels.  It just makes me stand out among the other women in pants suits.”

I asked Mylani what she is studying in college, and what her career aspirations are, and her answer was priceless.

“Business Management.  I hope to someday have my own office with lots of people at my pantyhosed feet.”

Guys, is she a dream-come-true, or what?

Maggie Q, a professional model and actress of Vietnamese heritage, often wears sheer pantyhose on her hit TV show, "Nikita."
Maggie Q, a professional model and actress of Vietnamese heritage, often wears sheer pantyhose on her hit TV show, “Nikita.”

Of course, Mylani was showing off her cute sense of humor, but her commitment to her college studies is no joke.  I asked whether she had ever considered a career in acting or as a professional model and she said, “Yes, I thought of modeling as a career, but it probably will be just more of a hobby.  I think my future lies in the business world.”

But speaking of actresses and professional models, I wanted to know who Mylani’s favorite Asian celebrity is, and she was quick to name one who is both:  Maggie Q.

“I always loved Maggie Q,” Mylani said.  “She looks so sexy, but is also very athletic.  She is compact, super cute, and has great legs.”

Very true.

Finally, as I always do, I asked if there were anything she wanted to say that I hadn’t thought to ask in our interview.  I didn’t expect this answer, but it is appreciated:

“I love your pantyhose,” Mylani said.  “I wish you would make some with shine and gloss, but I know that probably would take away from their feel.”

Wow, another thing to love about Mylani.  She “gets” about pantyhose what I love about them, and what ActSensuous pantyhose in particular are all about — besides how beautiful they look, what’s amazing is the way they feel to the touch, and how they feel on.

My thanks to the beautiful and sexy Mylani for sharing her story with us.

You can see lots and lots of photos of Mylani in her beloved shiny pantyhose and tights on Kim’s website at http://www.PantyhoseClass.com .  You’ll even find a few pics of her wearing  ActSensuous pantyhose on Kim’s site.

Thankfully, Kim, a professional photographer, also shot lots of pics of Mylani wearing her favorite ActSensuous Act II colors for this blog.  Enjoy them in the gallery below.  And please leave some comments, telling Mylani what you think of her in pantyhose.

24 thoughts on “Wearing pantyhose a lifelong pursuit of business-bound college babe

  • Hi Robin, I know I am a couple of years behind your article on Mylani, however I was just wondering if she is still doing any pantyhose modeling? Do you have any info on that to share? My, my…what a classy woman! And she loves shiny too!💕


    • Hi, Tracy. You are welcome to comment on any posts, no matter how old. Mylani still models from time to time. You can see her on the website, pantyhoseclass.com

  • Great post on Mylani, Robin. Very refeshing to see a beautiful and elegant young woman like Mylani who knows femininity. She is a great role model for women under 30 in wearing hosiery.

    • Thanks for your comment, Sheer Mike. Yes, Mylani is not only beautiful, but also very intelligent, professional and classy in every way. She truly loves pantyhose and understands its power. Mylani is a very special young lady, and the world is a better place with her in it.

      • Oh yes, Mylani definitely understands the power of pantyhose, as of course you and other women too. Sad that more women don’t get that. Loved her answer about her goals to own or run a business.

  • I love to wear pantyhose and do alot of the time.Ive always had a problem when wearing some high heel sandals with them,especially backless heels,like slides which are hard to walk in unless im bare footed.I recently found pantyhose with footgrips that are great to wear with my slides.Nice to wear hose with all my heels

    • Hi Kimberly,

      Thank you for your comment. Many of our male readers often have expressed dismay that not enough women make comments on this blog. It’s nice to hear your viewpoint, so thanks again, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Hoping to hear from you again, Kimberly.

      • Hey Robin,
        Did you watch Body of Proof last night? Dana Delany was wearing sheer nude pantyhose with a black backseam! They looked fantastic!!

        • Hi Captn,

          Thank you for your comment.

          I missed that episode. That show is on the bubble, and the writers from previous seasons have been replaced (which I think was a mistake). Worse, I’ve seen a couple episodes this season in which Dana Delany’s character actually was bare-legged, which turned me away from this show.

          And in the episode before last night’s, Jeri Ryan’s character was trapped in an elevator with a detective. Instead of being in a dress or skirt and pantyhose (the way her character almost always dressed in previous seasons), she wore slacks. And while in the elevator, she took off her high heels, revealing her (not very attractive) bare feet. You know how I hate missed opportunities.

          I do like a couple of the characters (the two guys who assist Delany’s character) in that show, but really, I won’t miss “Body of Proof” if it expires on the table by the end of this season.

          • Robin,
            I totally agree but it’s so rare to see anyone on that show in hose, I had to bring it up.
            It’s so sad that someone like Dana, with her beautiful legs, goes without pantyhose. I did see the show where Jeri was in the elevator with nasty, bare feet. That scene could have been so much better with a skirt and Actsensuous Pantyhose!!

    • As one of those male readers, I echo Robin’s words. Welcome to the blog Kim. Ladies like yourself are a breath of fresh air.

  • Mylani,

    You are certainly a great role model for young women today. Very pretty and feminine with great legs too, of course made perfect by lovely pantyhose. Hope to see more photos of you soon.

  • Awesome to see awesome young ladies showing awesome legs for sure. Been a leg lover for fifty years now. Robin is awesome and I enjoy everything she does with her product. Keep up the awesome work…

  • Hi All (and thanks for the quick reply, Robin, and the opportunity to share on your blog!).

    Let’s face it, the human being is a complex and wondrous creation. We creat profound and lasting associations with things and people that give us pleasure (the opposite is true, but there are other sites for those with hang ups on negative crap).

    How is it that a thin material can give us so much pleasure? I spent long time purging and wondering myself. I’m at an age where I realize how precious my time is and don’t care what others think. I don’t mean that insensitively. I recently combined my love of digital art, photography, and hosiery to create some pics that I hope other legwear afficianados will enjoy. I’m starting to get pics sent to me for personal requests and would gladly connect with anyone who love to wear and pose in ActSensous pantyhose.

    Robin, thanks again for providing a forum to share our mutual love of pantyhose.

    Don’t hesitate to stop by my site to see my work and say hello.


  • Hi Robin! Long time and hope all is great with you. Well, let me start by saying what amazing feature on Mylani – beautiful and classy tribute to a professional and sexy woman that appreciates how feminine and elegant pantyhose are. I’d also like to mention that pantyhose are abundant on young women in NYC where I work! Hosiery departments are packed with young professionals who know how to complete an outfit. I have been working on my unique hosiery art for several months now and Hope you don’t mind a quick plug here – http://hosieryfx.deviantart.com/. Your Actsensuous blog and products are amazing looking and look incredible on the models who are the true girsl next door who appreciate class and beauty.

    • Thank you for your comment, and compliments, K.

      And thanks for the link to your hosiery artwork. Very nice work. You might wish to write another comment and explain to our readers what you do.

      Thanks again.

  • Thank you for the great article on me! It is so great to see people are so into pantyhose! I wear them because that was how I was raised and also from the reaction I get. Honestly, I just love wearing them! All the attention I get is a plus! 😉 It was great to pose in your pantyhose and hope you come out with some shiny ones for me! 😉

    • Hi, Mylani. I’m so glad you like the feature about you. I was very happy to write it. You are so amazing, and I am thankful you modeled ActSensuous pantyhose, and allowed me to tell your story. So nice of you to make a comment here. Please let us hear more from you on this blog.

    • Hi Mylani,
      Welcome to the ActSensuous blog. You look very nice in those pictures modelling ActSensuous pantyhose. Great to see an Asian-American female like you who is very devoted to femininity in addition to your culture.

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