6 thoughts on “Mylani wearing her favorite shades of ActSensuous pantyhose

  • You know I still can’t say enough that a women’s body is the most perfect art form there is! Mylani looks fantastic in any color and when she raises her legs into the air, it shows the great definition of her legs and the nice curve of her bottom. What man in his right mind could not appreciate that lovely sight. Pantyhose and tights were definitely meant for women!!! You are working on a great and worthy cause Robin! Keep wearing them well Mylani!


  • I think Mylani is beautiful and classy. She dresses well and looks greattt in her pantyhose. I like her story and her responses to the questions asked. It does show that wearing pantyhose is not just lip service but an actual way of life. I commend her for that, being both an Asian and a woman, I hope she will be able to help more women see the cons of not having a better appreciation and even love for pantyhose. Way to go Mylani. Keep on keeping on!

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