New website features college-age women who love pantyhose

In addition to the many great comments and suggestions from the wonderful readers of this blog since 2009, during ActSensuous’ 12 years in business, I’ve also been contacted out of the blue many times by pantyhose lovers. Along the way, I’ve made a few friends.

I love it when a professional photographer asks for ActSenuous pantyhose to do a photo shoot. A year or so ago, I was contacted by Kim who is an amazing photographer. She asked to shoot several models in ActSensuous for a new website she was developing. I saw the preview of her site and was extremely impressed, so I was only too happy to agree to the project.

Kim’s new website,, officially launched this month, and you can find it at One of the reasons I love the site is that it is in a fairly unique genre’ – sort of “The Girl Next Door in Pantyhose.”

Sure, there are thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands) of websites devoted to women wearing pantyhose, but Kim’s is different because it features “real girls” who truly love wearing pantyhose – and what’s even more unique – most of them are college students.

PantyHoseClassYes, you read that correctly – COLLEGE STUDENTS. I love Kim’s website for a couple of reasons. First, the site is extremely well done. It’s professional, it’s classy, and the photography is outstanding. Second, it’s COLLEGE GIRLS. Well, mostly.  At least a couple of them are college-age professionals.

This is further evidence that one of the biggest objections that pantyhose haters cite, and use in a feable attempt to brainwash today’s girls, is that pantyhose are outdated – something only older women would wear.

Of course, we know this argument doesn’t hold water because we continue to find young celebrities today who are devoted pantyhose wearers. You know who they are: Anne Hathaway, Kate Middleton, Katie Holmes, Katy Perry, Miranda Cosgrove, Paris Hilton, Selina Gomez, and Zooey Deschanel to name only a few.

But college-age girls who love to wear pantyhose all the time? That is such a positive.

Some of you may remember it was Kim who shot the pictures of her friend, Lacey, who I featured in a recent post, so you understand the kind of girls Kim finds and features in her new website, and you know the quality of Kim’s photography.

I am impressed with each of the many models on, but I have singled out a few I simply cannot resist. You will find them featured here one at a time, wearing ActSensuous pantyhose.

Yesenia, a model on the new website,, is a devoted pantyhose wearer.
Yesenia, a model on the new website,, is a devoted pantyhose wearer.

This feature is about Yesenia. The 20-year-old Yesenia is an artist in Philadelphia. A pantyhose size A, Yesenia, loves to dress professionally and glamorously for work and all other occasions. And that means pantyhose.  The young professional of European and Latin ethnicity says she wears pantyhose to work, to her yoga classes, around the house, and even to sleep in.

I asked Yesenia what she loves so much about pantyhose?

“Pantyhose are good for every day and every season of the year,” she said. “Pantyhose feel like such a great piece of apparel to have on because they have many uses, and of course, pantyhose go with everything.”

Yesenia said she first realized she loved pantyhose at a young age, but the feeling took off when she was around 9 years old, starting ballet classes and wearing pink tights every day.

“It used to be the best feeling in the world, and to this day, still is,” Yesenia said. “When I put on those pink tights, I wasn’t Yesenia – I was someone else.  I was a strong ballerina.  I could be anyone I wanted.”

Yesenia is quick to give credit to her dance instructor, who once told her: “In these pink tights, you will live and become this beautiful work of dancing art.”

“So, of course, naturally, being a little girl, I was very eager to throw those tights on and get to dancing,” she said.

Yesenia looks awesome, wearing Act II Light Taupe pantyhose.
Yesenia looks awesome, wearing Act II Light Taupe pantyhose.

Today, Yesenia loves the feeling she gets when she slips into a pair of sheer pantyhose, saying it’s “Overwhelming and awesome that this delicate fabric could make my legs look so good.”

Yesenia isn’t sure whether men notice her more when she’s wearing pantyhose, than when she isn’t, but then again, she’s in pantyhose most of the time, and she certainly attracts a great deal of attention. Describing herself as a “natural born Gothic,” Yesenia likes to stand out, and she gets attention because of the way she dressses in general. Still, she feels that a pair of black pantyhose will always make her look better.

Asked if she could ever have a boyfriend or husband who didn’t appreciate her for wearing pantyhose, Yesenia wasn’t sure how to respond.

“I haven’t been with a guy who has had a pantyhose fetish,” she said. Then, she added: “I mean, I am sure if I worked it a certain way and worked it right, I could totally make a guy fall for it.”

No doubt about that.

Home from her work as an artist, Yesenia kicks off her high heels, but leaving on her Act II Suntan pantyhose.
Home from her work as an artist, Yesenia kicks off her high heels, but leaves on her Act II Suntan pantyhose.

Yesenia did say she frequently gets compliments from strangers about the pantyhose she wears.

“Anywhere I go, I hear all the time: “Hey, I love your pantyhose.”

Of course, not everyone appreciates her commitment to looking professional, glamorous and classy.

“I have had female friends ask me why I wear pantyhose,” Yesenia said. “Back in high school, when it really wasn’t so popular to wear them, I would get questions all the time – and not like positive ones, but more like negative ones.

“I wouldn’t say they tried to discourage me, but rather they just didn’t understand the world of pantyhose and all its wonders. I tried to explain to them it’s a magical world and pantyhose go with everything. Of course, now that it’s popular to wear tights, I never get questions anymore.”

In any case, Yesenia doesn’t consider herself special because she wears pantyhose during a time when other women find it old-fashioned to do so, or just refuse to wear them. Rather, she said she considers herself “One of those lucky old-fashioned women who love pantyhose because of all the beautiful things they can do for you and your body.”

Yesenia doesn’t pay much attention to the “bare legs culture” of today. What she would tell women who think pantyhose are so terrible? “Hah! More for me and none for you. No, really, I wouldn’t say much,” Yesenia said.

Yesenia heads off to the job in a professional outfit, complete with Act II Off Black pantyhose.
Yesenia heads off to the job in a professional outfit, complete with Act II Off Black pantyhose.

One thing Yesenia could never imagine is not wearing pantyhose to a job interview.

“I have always worn, and will always wear, pantyhose to a job interview, even if it were for something less than a very high-level professional position.

“I think it’s very unprofessional for high-level businesswomen to not wear pantyhose. It’s almost like you have this amazing suit on, but you forgot to put on your pants if you understand what I mean. I would feel so bare without pantyhose, I wouldn’t feel like I had a suit on at all.”

Wise and mature beyond her years, Yesenia says she doesn’t watch TV or movies, and doesn’t know anything about celebrities or pay attention to what they’re wearing.

“I don’t have any role models. I just try to do what’s good for me and leave it at that.”

For now, that means being a devoted daughter, sister and girlfriend who works to support her family and herself, she said.

“I believe in being good to people. I believe in putting my family first. I believe in being loyal and honest, and to never be bad to others. I always try to be understanding of everyone, and realize that the person next to you or 10 feet away from you is fighting a battle every day.”

Yesenia loves the look and feel of sheer pantyhose, such as Act II Suntan.
Yesenia loves the look and feel of sheer pantyhose, such as Act II Suntan.

Asked if there was anything she wanted to say that she wasn’t asked, Yesenia said:

“Sure.  I love your pantyhose. Great feeling and great colors. My personal favorite is Suntan.”

Well, that was nice.

Yesenia is a lovely young lady. She is professional, classy and quite feminine. My thanks to her for wanting to model ActSensuous pantyhose for and my blog.

Enjoy the gallery (below) of Yesenia in ActSensuous pantyhose, and see many more photo sets of her wearing all kinds of different brands and styles on Kim’s website at (

Note:  I don’t know what I did, but somehow the gallery below is linked to another page where the gallery actually lives.   Trust me, there are more than 2 pictures in the gallery.  Clink that link, and you’ll find the real gallery.


29 thoughts on “New website features college-age women who love pantyhose

  • Just looked up ur site, and luv it… im a male who luvs nylons and the way they look and feel, i wear them every day for my circulation in my feet n calves,and they make me feel more energetic, and guess it does make u feel sexy too… lol luv them nylons. Luv ur site take care …..

  • Excellent place to hear nice stories, specially when I married to a lady that consulted to a Catholic priest that I love to see her, my wife wearing pantyhose and the priest told that this is a demon action. Now I have to beg my own wife to wearing pantyhose

    • Hi Mario,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I started this blog in 2009, and during all this time, I thought I’d heard it all. However, your story is totally unique to me. And, sad.

      Hopefully, you’ll enjoy coming here often.

  • This blog is great. Robin, you’re brilliant. But we need to see more of you and your spectacular legs in pantyhose. 1 pic isn’t enough!

    A Fan Gams

    • Hi A. Fan Gams,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I learned a long time ago that this isn’t about me. It’s about you and all our other great readers. I much prefer to bring you news, commentary and pics of the real pantyhose stars out there.

      Still, I do appreciate your kind words.

  • Hello Robin! Merry Christmas!

    I was waiting at a traffic light for it to turn green when I saw a beautiful sight rush by me going through the intersection. A motorcycle with what must have been a young boyfriend and his girl raced through the crossing when the girl’s dress was blown all the way up showing her black control top pantyhose to the waist.

    She was probably late for work and looked to be dressed as a hostess or waitress at a restaurant. This was the loveliest sight I have seen in a long, long time.

    Due to the circumstance, she didn’t seem to care at all. Very lovely shape! Of course it doesn’t take much to excite me. Just thought I would share a little holiday cheer! I hope you are well.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment. If only you had a remote control that would allow you to pause, rewind and view again in slow motion. Put that on your Christmas list. Thanks for sharing.

      • Thanks Robin.

        A video would be nice, however, it was a good memory. I don’t get too many of those chance happenings. I am very satisfied with your picture on the staircase. It shows just enough to keep me satisfied, yet curious. 🙂 You are still number one with us who admire
        pantyhose on a woman. Have a great holiday season Robin.



  • Women like these are so hard to find these days…. I truly wish the fashion trends would change for the better. IF and when I ever get married again, it will have to be to a woman who truly appreciates the professional and sensual look of pantyhose. 🙂

    • Hi Yesenia,

      Thank you for your comment. It was a pleasure to write that post because – even though you don’t think so – you really are very special during this ugly “bear”-legs culture.

      I’ve gotten some good comments about that post and about you specifically. And it’s cool that you’ve commented here, because now my readers can see that you really do exist.

      Readers: Here’s your chance to communicate with Yesenia directly. Let her know how you feel about her being such a classy young lady who loves wearing pantyhose.


  • I enjoyed this story about the college aged ladies who love to wear pantyhose and also the next story about the MWI pageant winner. The website linked to this story was very well done. I may have to join that site, as an admirer of women who love to wear pantyhose and truly believe in them. The site and this story blog gives me hope that there are women who truly believe in the benefits, feeling, sophisticating, and professional look that comes from wearing pantyhose or hosiery of any type. I find far too often women will only wear pantyhose or tights during late fall to early spring simply because of the season and not because they truly believe and love wearing pantyhose. I dislike women who only pay “lip service” to wearing pantyhose and tights. Now if women in general would take more heed to what they feel personally looks better, themselves dressed in an outfit with pantyhose or tights and themselves dressed in an outfit without I think they would find these so called “fashion experts” are full of themselves and just like hearing their own voice.

  • Great website showing college age women like Ysenia who really love wearing pantyhose. Speaking of college age women, I was on the bus tonight heading home from work, and saw a group of eight women on the bus in their early twenties believed to be going to either a concert or party all in hose. Five of them were in sheer nude hose, and three were in black opaque and sheer hose. Great seeing the young women like those I saw on the bus, and pantyhose class website wearing pantyhose in certain situations. At least it shows that pantyhose is alive and well among the young generation of women.

  • Great one…”Yesenia says she doesn’t watch TV or movies”…. Think…How many thoughts are your own….
    In life “Monkey See Monkey Do”…. Pantyhose = Pantyhose…

  • Thought I would share this link . It appears that a lot of the fashion by users posting have outfits including tights and pantyhose. Seems to me more popular in UK. My wife knows I like pantyhose and showed me the site. we had a fun time looking at the many styles and commenting on if they worked out not! It’s a popular site and you may have heard of it. I just wanted to share with other pantyhose and tights lovers out there.

  • Great post. “We” need to all agree that the enemy of every pantyhose and stocking lover, wearer AND manufacturer is the evil Vogue (former) fashion editor – Andre (the giant) Leon Telly. I cannot post his photo here but you folks can Google him. You will be shocked.

    Here is a true story. Yesterday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Telly appeared with popular and controversial NY Times columnist Maureen Dowd. Joe’s co-host is Mika – an amazing talented professional woman who prefers to dress ah-la bare legged. Dowd wore sheer black hose.

    Fashion “expert” Telly made the “comment” that the stylish “Vogue” woman does not wear stockings. $%#^ him. Just look at this guy. Why is “he” giving” fashion advice to anyone? I tweeted Mika that she might be stunning if she – like Dowd – wore black hose. Swear to ActSensuous and all that is sheer – this morning – Mika had on midnight blue patterned tights and looked fantastic.

    • I googled his name as you mentioned, and Telly is another one of those gay fashion designers trying to dictate what women should or shouldn’t wear, and what is in or out of fashion. I tend not to worry about these so called experts say and think. Much like Clinton Kelly, Tim Gunn, Issac Mizrahi, and now Andre Leon Telly, these gay fashion designers don’t know what classy, femininity, and professionalism really means. They just want women to follow the herd instead of letting them dress what is suitable and comfortable to their appearance. If it includes wearing pantyhose with their outfits, then let them wear it instead of decrying it.

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