Santa’s sexy little helper

Santa's sexy little helper

Christmas pictures contest

Readers (female), send us pics of you, or (male), send us pics of your wife/girlfriend wearing a Christmas costume/outfit and pantyhose.  I’ll choose the best ones and publish them here, and our readers can vote on who they like most.

Winner will receive 6 pairs of ActSensuous pantyhose.

Deadline to submit photos is Jan. 15, 2013

Send to
(Tell me whether she’s you, your wife/girlfriend, a friend, etc.)

Please include:

Your name and contact info (email address)
Model’s name (first name only or stage name OK) and email address
City, state, or country

(Note: Contact info will be seen by me only, and not published.)

If the pantyhose she’s wearing are ActSensuous (not necessary), please let us know whether Act II or Act III and the shade.

Note: My thanks to Jacques of Montreal, a longtime reader of this blog, for the idea.

6 thoughts on “Santa’s sexy little helper

  • To be honest, I feel disapointed concerning the place that pantyhose has in the fashion today. I live in Quebec and it is quite cold in the winter, and you almost never see women in pantyhose. Doesn’t matter where you go, you just don’t see them anymore. I just turn 50 and I remermber when I was in the 20’s every girls were wearing their pantyhose the Saturday night. I remember the TV ads from Hanes, telling gentlemen prefers Hanes. These were the golden days for pantyhose. Today, you don’t see women in pantyhose in summer or early fall and when it start to freeze they just wear pants or these ugly opaque tights. On a very personnal standpoint, I always enjoyed that my wife wear pantyhose with no panties to make love. I always did that and I remember the good old pantyhose of the 80’s (like Actsensuous products) with that bare look and no cotton gousset hummm. As you wrote these pantyhose are the most sexy thing a woman can wear. For me it is about 7 years that my wife refuse to do that. She knows my passion for pantyhose, but she just don’t want to play that game anymore. On my side I feel frustrated about the situation, and no matter the kit she wears, it is a really turn off for me the bare legs. The pantyhose make the woman and that change an average woman into a very hot and appealing person. Men see that this way and I just don’t understand why most women don’t see it this way.

    Concerning the blog, I notice that it is stricly men who write comments. I guess that most of these guys, loves pantyhose, but as me their wifes or girlfriends just block them for that sensual pleasure.On a positive note, I have been working downtown Montreal for a while and believe me, this is the paradise for pantyhose lovers like me. It looks like if all the women of Province of Quebec who wears pantyhose work in that area. For the rest, forget about it. There are a lot of Christmas party and I feel terrible when I see women with their long boots, short skirt and bare leg…… Also, I agree with one of the guys from Ottawa. I go once a month for my job and I can see quite a lot of pantyhose in the city of Ottawa.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Jacques,
      Great to see you back on the blog. I am very sorry to hear that not many women in Quebec, except Montreal, are wearing pantyhose but wearing opaque tights. Its unfortunate that your wife does not wear them anymore especially for sexual pleasure. I thought Quebec women were frequent hose wearers but I guess they decided to follow the fashion gods like they do in the USA. The situation is different here in Ottawa.

      I attended my workplace Christmas party a couple weeks ago. Of the 18 female co-workers that were wearing dresses/skirts, 15 were wearing hosiery. 10 were in sheer and opaque colored hosiery, 5 were wearing nude hose, including a couple of my young co-workers, and only 3 were barelegged but a couple of them have excessive tattoos on their legs which I consider tacky and trashy. At my bank that I go to, I saw a woman, believed to be a bank manager in her late 30s/early 40s wearing nude hose and high heel sandals. Two of her young employees also wore hose, but it was sheer black.

      There was also a downside as well. When I was in downtown Ottawa last Saturday braving the cold weather with temperature at -10C(14F) with the windchill of -20C(-4F), I spotted a group of young people including 2 young women heading to a party. While one woman dressed classy and professional wearing nude hose, the other one was barelegged with open toe shoes in FRIGID COLD TEMPERATURES. When I saw that, it had me thinking if the woman is either crazy or stupid enough to realize what the weather is if they want to get their legs frozen. Her legs were also blotchy that needed a pair of hose to wear. Just lazy and unprofessional on the part of that woman not dressing up to protect themselves from the cold instead of listening to ludicrous ideas from the fashionistas and the media on how they should go bare legged in the winter.

      Overall, everything was positive seeing women wear hose in my city. Keep you hopes up in your hose sightings. Maybe your wife might change her mind about hosiery since you like seeing her in hose again.

      Great hearing from you Jacques. Feel free to post on the blog anytime.

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