Real-life ‘Covert Affairs’ type loves her pantyhose

When I created ActSensuous in 2001, I was hoping there was at least a small market for 100 percent nylon, completely sheer-to-waist pantyhose.

I never dreamed we’d have several hundred customers from every corner of the world, including in almost every state in the U.S.

But we do.  From Atlanta to Australia, from Boston to Bangkok, from California to Chile’, from Denver to Denmark, we have devoted customers.  And they’re also in China, Korea, Japan, Singapore and Vietnam.  I love it.

I get many email letters from customers, and I answer each one.  I’ve gotten to know many of them, and they include bankers, lawyers, doctors, business owners, and now, add spy!

Lacey prepares to leave her house to head to her “spy” job, wearing her usual ensemble of a fabulous skirt and top, high heels and Act III Suntan pantyhose.

OK, well, I don’t know if she’s really a spy (but getting information out of her is practically impossible, so maybe), but one of our newest customers – we’ll call her Lacey (because she told us to) – works for the U.S. government, specifically, the Department of Defense.

In this blog, you’ve read my criticism of the costume designer for the movie “Salt,” because he or she didn’t dress Angelina Jolie’s character in pantyhose with her impressive skirt suit.  (Idiot!)  And you’ve read my lashing of the costume director of the TV drama, “Covert Affairs,” because he or she misses too many opportunities to dress Piper Perabo’s character in pantyhose to complement the gorgeous dresses and stilletos she wears.

C’mon, I say.  A female spy or operative for the CIA goes “bear”-legged with her suits and high heels?  I don’t think so.

And neither does Lacey.

“I work from home most days, but do have to go to the office one or two days a week,” she said.  “When I go to the office, I am always in a skirt, heels and pantyhose. When I work from home, usually, I wear just a cami (camisole) top, shorts and pantyhose.”

Even when working from home, Lacey wears only a comfortable shirt and pantyhose, in this case, Act III Nude.

Wow, even when working from home, Lacey wears pantyhose.  Now, this is my kind of girl.

(Note: In the gallery below, you’ll see several pics of Lacey at home wearing her favorite colors in our Act III line.)

Despite today’s dressed-down society, which seems to prefer casual attire regardless of the event or venue, Lacey, 29, embraces the wearing of pantyhose.

“I love being in just my cami, shorts and pantyhose at home,” she said.  “But I know how to dress for the function and occasion.  A wedding, a funeral, a party thrown by and for high-level business associates, a formal event or important social gathering – pantyhose are for all those occasions.”

And Lacey doesn’t waste any time or energy wondering or worrying about whether other women will be wearing during these occasions.

“I wear pantyhose because I love them,” she said.  “It has nothing to do with the others at a function.  In any case, I know my legs will get looks.”

Indeed, Lacey gets noticed all the time at work and everywhere she goes.  She gets lots of compliments, too.  Sometimes by acquaintances, sometimes by strangers, and often by coworkers.  Her favorite compliment?

“It was from one of the interns we had,” Lacey said.  “She told me she never wore pantyhose and rarely wore skirts, but after seeing my legs, she said she was going to wear skirts and try pantyhose.”

Lacey adheres to an exercise routine, which includes yoga, to maintain her fighting figure, and those incredible legs of hers. Here, she works out in Act III Pink.

It would seem impossible not to notice Lacey’s legs.  They are quite muscular, yet, very shapely.  And, supporting her 5’3, 120-pound, size 4 figure, those legs are kept in shape by Lacey’s regimen, which includes running 2 miles a day, practicing yoga, playing tennis, and walking her dogs every day.

Lacey says her legs are the part of her body of which she’s most proud.

“A lot of it is genetics,” she said. “I have a muscular frame to begin with.  I don’t work out my upper body because I would look too masculine.  I think my legs look strong and feminine though.”

Lacey’s sculpted legs are softened a bit by wearing sheer pantyhose, in this case, Act III Suntan.

She’s got that right.  What’s really cool is that she most often wears very sheer pantyhose that not only enhance the look of, but actually soften those impressive muscles and glamourize, her super toned legs.

From where did Lacey’s devotion to pantyhose come?  She said it started when she was a little girl growing up in the Philadelphia area.  Lacey’s mother wanted her to wear dressses even though most girls her age didn’t.

“If I wore a dress, I always had on tights,” Lacey said.  “When I got older, I moved to skirts and pantyhose.  When I got to the business world, I felt hosiery was a part of professionalism. Pantyhose give your legs a nice, sleek glow.”

Lacey, who holds a college degree in business, said if she weren’t working for the D.O.D., she’d like to be “A professional shopper and party hopper.  I love to be in a sexy cocktail dress, pantyhose and heels, going from one party to the next.”

To Lacey, it’s all about being a good person and looking her best.  She describes herself as being passionate about friends, shopping, and fashion. And that means complementing her pretty outfits with pantyhose.

“I love to get dressed in a cute dress, pantyhose and heels for a night on the town, she said.”

More about Lacey and pantyhose:

On wearing – For me, pantyhose are proper with any dress or skirt. I think pantyhose add to any style.  I wear mostly sheer pantyhose, but do have lots of patterned and specialty pantyhose and tights.

When did you first realize you love them – 7th grade dance (my first formal). When I was in middle school, I realized that high heels fit more comfortably when wearing pantyhose, and they covered imperfections in your legs, such as cuts and bruises from playing sports.

What size do you wear – Size A or small.

Your favorite shade – Tan.  I like the neutral colors that are more skintone.

On how they make you feel – More confident and sexy.

On getting compliments – Others notice because pantyhose make your legs stand out in a positive way.  I have received compliments about how nice my legs look and I know it was because of the sheerness of the pantyhose.

On the bare legs movement – I think women overlook the enhancement value pantyhose give to your legs and do not realize that all pantyhose are not uncomfortable.

I am so happy to have gotten to know Lacey, and I thank her for agreeing to model some of her favorite colors of Act III pantyhose for us.  You can view a gallery of her pics below.  They were taken by a mutual friend of ours, Kim, a professional photographer whom you’ll get to know in an upcoming feature on The ActSensuous Blog.

Meanwhile, enjoy Lacey’s gallery.

31 thoughts on “Real-life ‘Covert Affairs’ type loves her pantyhose

  • Not sure if this has been posted before – but here is a link to a NY Times article on the comeback in pantyhose. Article is from Nov. of last year. It’s a very positive account of pantyhose.

  • A small bit of good news. I’m watching Jay Leno show and he’s interviewing Zoey Deschanel. She IS wearing hosiery – although they’re not my favorite. She is wearing the black, thicker tights that aren’t as sexy as sheer. However – it’s good news ANYTIME an actress is adorned in hosiery these days.

  • Robin. Great post and well written as always. I’m about a year late on this one. Thanks also to Lacey for modeling. Her legs are beautiful and look exquisite in your ActSensuous sheer pantyhose. Thank her also for service to her country. Also Robin there is one last bastion subculture of pantyhose wearers. Those are the women that serve our country in uniform- our US. Military. Pantyhose are still a standard issue item mandated for women who serve when wearing a Class A uniform or in the case of the Army where I served Dress Blues for formal events like banquets, dinners and receptions. It is sheer nude, beige or suntan. A very professional look. Just maybe a thought for a future post. Robin maybe later in the fall as we approach Veterans Day. Women who served proudly, and the history of stockings and pantyhose in the military. Don’t know. Just brainstorming. Thanks always

    • Yes, it’s embarassing that the first lady of the United States of America appears during any publicity event with no class or grace. Guess representing the sanctity of White House means nothing to her. Swell.

      • Hey Robin,
        I was wondering if you are able to look for pictures of Ann Romney wearing pantyhose. I was trying to looking for pictures of her in pantyhose, but some of the recent pictures have her going barelegged, or are difficult to tell whether she is in pantyhose or not. I know she is a frequent hose wearer unlike Ms. Obama, and probably wears them more when the weather gets cooler. Maybe Ms. Romney should be next reciepient of the Give credit wear credit due or not award like you did with Michelle Yeoh, while Ms. Obama might be up for a Grizzly award that would coincide with the U.S. Presidential Election come November.

        • Hi, Brian W. Thanks for your comment.

          Probably no one on Earth deserves The Grizzly Award more than Mrs. Obama. The very fact that the First Lady of the United States of America doesn’t have the professionalism, class, dignity or sense of elegance to wear hosiery during official events at local and international venues, as well as for promotional public events, is downright embarrassing. She singlehandedly has de”class”ified the sanctity of the White House. That’s bad enough, but add to that the fact that she is vocal about hating something as beautiful and decidedly feminine as pantyhose, and The Grizzly Award couldn’t be more appropriate or warranted in her case.

          By the way, the few times I’ve observed Mrs. Romney during public appearances, she always was wearing pantyhose. Obviously, she is professional, classy and dignified.

          But, Brian, you and longtime readers know that ActSensuous maintains a positive, classy demeanor in all areas. And one thing I’ve learned over the years is that there are a few topics that just don’t mix with business: politics, religion and sports. On The ActSensuous Blog, I’ve taken a couple of shots at Mrs. Obama in passing, but I don’t want ActSensuous to appear to take a political stand, and I really have no desire to bring any attention to her, positive or negative.

          Still, your recommendation is valid and completely warranted, and for that, I thank you.

          I’m Robin, and I approve this message! 🙂

          • Robin, my vote is for you. Well put and very lady like of you to steer clear of any mud slinging. I don’t think the pantyhose debate could have been framed any better than when Mrs. Obama visited our athletes at the Olympics and had audience with Kate Middleton. We had grace personified from our friends overseas and then the ugly American.

    • Thanks for sharing, libertariangman. As usual, it appears only a minor few “get it.” It appears the majority of the commenters are hopelessly lost when it comes to professionalism and class, or are just looking for a fight.

      Sadly, not one of them can complete a sentence with proper spelling, punctuation or construction. So, as bad as these people are willing to look at the office, I wonder what their performance on the job is like? Either way, maybe the declining standards of dress at the office isn’t the biggest problem we, as a civilization, are facing.

      • I had the opportunity to read the article. It is very sad to see libertarianqman being attacked by those whose are showing a lack of professionalism in the way they dress for work. One example is when I notice a woman walking to her downtown office building here in Ottawa. She was bare legged with a tattoo on her left leg and wore platform exotic dancer pumps like if she is a tramp looking for attention. The way the woman was dress shows a lack of professionalism on her part, and respect for the office environment. If she wants to dress like a tramp, she should work at a night or strip club.

        While I do like to see women where hosiery in the summertime, they also do need a break from wearing them even in the warm and hot climates unless there is a dress code in conservative workplaces that wearing hosiery is a requirement.

        I hate to bring his name up especially when he criticized Kate Middleton for wearing sheer hosiery, but Tim Gunn coined this term best “The slobification of America” or as I say it “The slobification generation,” and we are witnessing that in the way people are dressing in a proffessional office environment.

    • Wow that was a hornets nest there. It amazed me that the one gentleman (I use that term loosely) went the route of a fetish. While it’s true that many of us have a fetish for hosiery couldn’t the same argument be made for nearly anything else in the office?

  • Nice pictures of Lacey. Great to see that a young woman like Lacey look her best when it comes to wearing hosiery.

  • Thank’s to Robin and Lacey,
    Robin the founder who is a hot lady.
    Lacey also hot in pantyhose as well.
    Robin keep up the good work and you always have my support.


  • Thank you Lacey and Robin for posting these fantastic photos! It really is exciting to think of a real life ‘spy’ wearing pantyhose every day. Lacey – you have beautiful legs and feet which are only enhance by Robin’s pantyhose.

    Speaking of female spies in pantyhose – does anyone remember the Iran – Contra situation in the 1980’s when Col. Oliver North’s beautiful secretary Fawn Hall testified that she smuggled documents out of the Pentagon bldg. in her pantyhose? It was big news at the time.

    Steve H

  • I agree 100% this post is magic and I hope Lacey is going to publish tons of photos of her sexy legs. It would be great that she would make more explicit pictures, no porn, but just suggestive pictures as shown on the website models of ActSensuous. It is by far much more exciting than majority of the pantyhose blogs. You can really believe that she exists and she is the girl next door. Too bad I live so far from Philadelphia.

    Have a nice day,

  • This is quite a blog. Rather it’s more of a feature style interview. Your best posting yet, Robin. And what is it with the great state of Pennsylvania and pantyhose? When I read that Lacey was from Philadelphia I was not suprised that she was an ardent pantyhose wearer. I know quite a few people from Penn that wear hosiery. It’s in the blood. Fantastic I might add. As a pantyhose wearer myself and a fan of pantyhose (yes, we really do exist) I enjoyed the great pictures, the writing and can hardly wait for the next blog. Hurry up, Robin (wink, wink).

    • One of my favorites, too. Thanks for getting it, peter_a. Stay tuned. There’ll be more coming like this one.
      And you’re right about Pennsylvania. I guess besides producing the greatest NFL quarterbacks, you can count on PA for girls in pantyhose.

  • Great photo set!!
    My wife wears ActSensuous pantyhose to work often and I’m always late for work because her awesome legs look so sexy in them I just cant keep my eyes off her…
    Great Job!

  • At first I didn’t believe what I was reading, a woman who wears pantyhose almost all day, no way, but then I saw the pictures and I was mesmerized, two things I noticed, first the fabric of the pantyhose, wow, you Robin has done a masterpiece of this wonderful garment for ladies, and two, the pantyhose looks terrific in Lacey’s legs and feet.
    Thanks Robin and Lacey for share with us the wonders of pantyhosed legs and feet.
    As always Robin, you are my heroine.

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