15 thoughts on “Lacey modeling her favorite Act III shades

  • Aloha Robin,

    Just wondering…have heard from or seen any other work with nylons from Lacey lately?
    I know it has been a few years since your article on her. She has some great pictures! Caught them again going through your masterpieces. Was curious.☺

    Thank you.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Well, you know …. being a spy, Lacey has had to remain all covert. Another agent recently told me she’s on assignment back in D.C., so I’ll contact her and ask whether she’s up for another shoot. With a camera. Not that other kind of shoot. Spy, ya know …

      • Hmmm…I hear even spies look good in them. I appreciate you for trying to contact her. Who could resist you and your products for a photo shoot. Thank you for your product…and sense of humor. Both are treasures! Always look forward to them!

  • I loved the photos on the windowsill where Lacey spread her toes and let the sun shine between them. You really get a sense of how sheer this fabric is when you can see the definition of her toes and toenails like that.

  • Super beautiful and sexy. Great fit body. Those have got to be some of, if not THE most beautiful feet I have ever seen. If I could buy all of her pantyhose when they are ready for the garbage I would be honored.

  • all the pictures, are magnificent, what a gorgeous lady, love those feet encased in ActSensuous Act III

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