How/Why do I have this Pantyhose fetish?

One of the things I enjoy most about writing this blog is the feedback I get from you in the form of comments you make about my various posts.  I can’t tell you how meaningful that is.

First, I need to feel that someone really cares about what I’m doing here.  Second, it would be no fun writing award-winning-quality pieces and not hear your reactions.  Third, reading your opinions, questions and experiences not only help me to stay motivated, but often gives me ideas for new posts.

Case in point:  Our newest reader/commenter, Richard, wrote yesterday that he first developed his love of pantyhose during his 4th grade through 8th grade school days, as a pretty teacher wore dresses or skirts with high heels and pantyhose all the time.  He added that she even wore hose the few times she wore slacks.  And he said that sometimes she slipped out of her high heels and walked throughout the classroom in just her pantyhosed feet.

Richard, like so many other longtime ActSensuous Blog readers ponders how and why he has a pantyhose fetish.  This phenomenon seems to plague hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world.  They question it and seem almost tormented by it.

I’m certainly no expert, but it seems to me that we start to become who we are at an early stage in life, and one of the biggest influencers on us besides our parents (especially, before cable TV and the Internet) was our elementary and middle school teachers.  And back in the day (before cable TV and the Internet, and “Sex and the City”) teachers, like all professional women wouldn’t dream of not wearing pantyhose.

Women in Japan are much more prolific wearers of pantyhose, than those of most other nationalities, especially, in business environments, including the class room.

It happened that way for me.  I can’t remember what grade I was in, but I’m guessing 4th or so.  There was a pretty young teacher who always wore dresses or skirts with heels and nylons, and under her desk we could see her shoe-play, and she had pretty feet.

I think it was the last day of school, when the teacher was seated at her desk occupied by papers and a couple of kids talking with her at her desk.  One boy lost all control and parked himself in a prone position under her desk and kissed her feet for a few minutes.  He later said he was kissing her shoes, but none of us bought that.

I hadn’t thought about that in a hundred years, but Richard’s comment brought back those memories.  I am still amazed that the teacher was unfazed by the thing (maybe it happened to her all the time), and that none of the other kids seemed too shocked by it either.  Most just laughed, but I am sure there were some among us who couldn’t believe that kid had the nerve to act on his fantasy right there for the whole class to see.

I don’t know about the other kids in that class, but I was probably ruined for life after witnessing that scene.  A couple of years later, 6th grade I think, I began to notice other teachers who always wore dresses, complete with high heels and pantyhose.  Of course, that was just the way it was back then, but it still was pretty exciting to see, especially when some of the teachers seemed to tease a little by frequently running their hands over their nylons to feel the silky fabric on their legs.  I always thought that was sexy.  I wondered how any of the boys learned anything (academically) during those classes.

Back in the day, what a beautiful sight it was to see a teacher in a white skirt, white heels and sheer suntan pantyhose.

That was a great time (notice I’m not revealing the year so as not to age myself).  Looking back, I see things for what they might have been.  We were so young that to us teachers were just adults.  But I’m betting that the teachers were probably fresh out of college and they might have been just starting their professional careers.

And back in the day, dressing professionally and wearing pantyhose might have been new and exciting to them, too.  They probably enjoyed being looked up to by the kids, and wearing the proper business attire likely contributed to their own self-esteem.  That, and the attention they probably got from students, as well as from other teachers and faculty, couldn’t have hurt.

Did those pretty teachers know they were making an impression among many of the students in ways other than academically?  Maybe, but it was a more innocent time, so perhaps some of those teachers thought they were looked upon as goddesses, but I doubt back then, they had any idea they were the cause of many kids developing a pantyhose and/or foot fetish for life.

But, in many cases, that’s exactly what they were doing.

While a teacher, dressed in a skirt and jacket with high heels and sheer pantyhose, is very professional, she might also be the first influence of the concepts of beauty, class, elegance and femininity on young students

I don’t think that’s a bad thing in any sense.  While there is no doubt that today millions of us find pantyhose, and sheer nylons over pretty feet, extremely sexy, I still believe that wearing pantyhose makes a woman stand out from those who don’t.  To me, when a woman chooses to wear pantyhose when she goes to work, out to a nice restaurant, or just out and about, she is professional, classy and beautiful.

How sad it is that probably the majority of today’s teachers don’t wear pantyhose.  Heck, today’s teachers probably don’t even wear dresses or skirts.  They are at the front lines, charged with educating and setting an example for today’s youth.  And the decisions these teachers so recklessly make to dress in jeans or pants outfits only reinforces in our kids’ minds that the school system is a casual experience that carries with it not much in the way of expectations.

It’s so nice to see a young actress, such as Vanessa Hudgens, dressed so elegantly, including wearing sheer pantyhose, during a motion picture premiere event recently in Paris.

How sad it is that seemingly most women today don’t get it.  It seems so many women have been poisoned about the very concept of wearing pantyhose by negative influences created in Hollywood and filtered into mainstream life.

It’s sad that something as beautiful and decidedly feminine as pantyhose has been vilified in the fashion world to the point that otherwise normal women think they hate pantyhose now.

But the true haters notwithstanding, I can’t help but feel there are millions of women out there who have no negative agenda against pantyhose, yet, because they believe that pantyhose are “out” today, they feel obligated to go “bear”-legged because “everyone else is doing it.”  That’s why we see women who should know better, such as celebrities, lawyers, real estate agents, and corporate executives ditching the pantyhose with their dresses, skirts, suits and pumps.  They know it’s the right thing to do to wear those outfits, but they have been brainwashed into thinking that it’s OK to skip the hose.

I really think that secretly many of them don’t feel comfortable dressed up but with bear legs, yet, they don’t have the courage to go against the grain.

I can’t help but believe that some day, they’re going to look back at old pictures of themselves in a beautiful dress, high heels and bear legs, and say to themselves, “What was I thinking?”

Polls reflect your views

Another recent comment from a reader, libertariangman, posed the question: “Do Men PREFER Women in Hosiery over Bare Legs?”

That comment/question inspired a recent post from me, “Future of Pantyhose in Men’s Hands?” (03/12/2012).  Attached to that post is a poll: “Do Men PREFER Women in Hosiery over Bare Legs?”

As of this writing, 161 individuals have weighed in.  Assuming the voters are who they say they are, so far, 154 men have voted Yes (95%); 4 women voted Yes (2%) that they think men prefer women in hosiery; and 3 men (Tabitha’s “special” friends) voted No (2%).  Surprisingly, not a single No vote was cast by a woman.

Wow, 95 percent of voters believe that men prefer women in hosiery over bare legs!  That’s pretty good.  But what does this mean?  Perhaps not much.  Most of those voting were (ostensibly) men.  I think the world pretty much knows that men prefer women in pantyhose.  And 161 votes ain’t gonna make the Guinness Book of World Records.  Still, I believe that if there were 161,000 votes, it would still work out that 95 percent of them favor women in pantyhose.

To me, the troubling reality is that women get that men prefer them in pantyhose, but they still ain’t gonna do it.  Shouldn’t you guys be highly insulted here?  I’ve said it before, and I guess I’m going to keep saying it: Men need to communicate better with women.  Somehow, you’ve got to make it clear that you love them in pantyhose, and you have to make them care.

It might be difficult for men to get any work done at the office with a coworker dressed this way, but employee morale likely would soar.

I’m curious, do you guys ever fantasize that you’re the hiring authority of the most highly-sought-after corporation in your city, where everyone wants to work.  It’s a highly-successful and extremely professional business that enjoys the best reputation in its industry.  You run an ad for a female Vice President of Marketing, and you get a lobby full of qualified applicants.  You do a quick scan and see that 90 percent of the women aren’t wearing pantyhose.

What do you do?  You very professionally and gracefully single out the women wearing pantyhose (without acknowledging the fact) and ask each one to sit on this side of the lobby, while those not wearing, are to sit on that side.  Then, you retreat to your office and ask your assistant (who knows better and always wears) to, one-after-another, escort the women in pantyhose to your office for the interview, completely ignoring the non-wearers, regardless of who was there first, or who might have the stronger resume.

After a while, one of those with bear legs questions your assistant about what’s going on, and she tells those women that they really should go home and come back another time when they are dressed professionally for the executive level position and the nature of the corporation.

The women in that group look at themselves and each other and see that they are all wearing perfectly tailored corporate grey or black business suits and skirts with white blouses and closed toe pumps.  What the heck is this lady talking about?  But one or two of them get it.  A few of them knew better.  They knew they should wear pantyhose, but they chose not to, figuring it just doesn’t matter in today’s world — even at a highly-successful and extremely professional business environment.  Because they know they screwed up, they don’t say anything, but one of the young, hot-shot, overly-aggressive corporate fireballs, speaks up:

“Is he (you) not seeing us because we’re not wearing pantyhose?  That’s ridiculous.  Pantyhose are so outdated.  They’re irrelevant today.  No one wears them anymore.”  And another chimes in: “He can’t do that.  (Yes he/you can.)  That’s illegal. (No it’s not.)  That’s discrimination. (Yeah, so what?  It’s the right of any business to establish a dress code, and if you don’t agree with it, no one’s forcing you to work here.  Bimbo!)  I don’t want to work for a place like this.  I’m out of here.”  (Good.  Go!)

Just a thought.

OK, how about this:  You’re deep in the throes of the zombie apocalypse.  There are only a few survivors.  You are holed up in a makeshift fortress.  Two women on foot have stumbled upon your sanctuary, and are pounding on the door pleading to be let in, as the zombie horde closes in.  Unfortunately, there is room for only one more person.  You see that one is an absolutely gorgeous woman wearing a dress and high heels, but no pantyhose, while the other is semi-attractive, wearing a dress and high heels AND sheer suntan pantyhose.  The gorgeous woman expects to be let in because, well, she’s always gotten preferential treatment her whole life.  The undead are closing in. What do you do?

Simple.  You let the one wearing pantyhose in, and say “Missed it by THAT much” to the beauty with bear legs.

OK, OK, fine.  You let them both in.  But to make a point, you first say “Wow, you’re gorgeous, but I’m gonna have to go with her because she’s got the class, elegance and femininity to wear pantyhose with that pretty outfit, and you don’t.”  Then, you let that girl in, closing the door on the one with bear legs.  The brain munchers are almost on top of her now, and she’s crying out, and you say “Alright, alright, I’ll let you in on one condition:  First time we come across a store that sells pantyhose, you grab a pair and put them on.  Deal?”  She agrees and you let her in.  I mean, c’mon, you’re a reasonable fellow.

You guys get me here?  You’ve got to deliver the message:  “We are sick of the bear legs look.  Enough already.  We want you wearing pantyhose.”

Hey, it’s worth a try.  What ideas do you have?  Let’s get a forum going about the ways men can get the point across to women.

289 thoughts on “How/Why do I have this Pantyhose fetish?

  • I’ve always liked pantyhose. I try to wear them in every ocassion that I can. I must recognize that women are increasingly using them less and less, maybe induced by fashion. Pantyhose (and nylon in general) is a common fetish and most of the time are mixed with other ones (at least it is my case). I laughed a lot with your “Zombie Apocalypse” scenario, but I would probably be the girl who would be saved.

  • Hi all! Haven’t posted in a long while. Question. Is it me, or is it something about an airline stewardess wearing hose?

    • Readers: I’ve answered rclosure1’s question already. I believe he wants to hear from many of you. How about it? There’s something about a flight attendant in pantyhose, right?

    • Hi rclosure1. I just returned from a 2 day travel from Delhi, India, through Amsterdam, the Netherlands back to Raleigh, NC via 4 separate flights. I was lucky to spot many flight attendents in skirt and pantyhose (and also in tights) and as always, I enjoyed watching their legs. So yes, I do think there is something with a flight attendant in pantyhose, although I do have the feeling that for quite a few it is just a mandatory attire. Not all seem to feel comfortable in skirt, pantyhose and heels and that shows. Only a woman that feels comfortable in them, gets the most out of it and receives the attention she deserves.

  • About example with female vice president job : of course if you will send candidates at home because of not wearing pantyhose, you’ll get sued from candidates. Result : you will lose.
    It’s similar to this article :
    It’s about skirts and makeup, but there were cases because of high heels, etc, so basically it’s very similar story. Of course you have right to set up dress code in your company. But this dress code applies to both genders. So, if you want that your employees must wearing pantyhose, it applies to males too. At least, it’s the law in the UK and whole Europe. Personally I agree with your point of view, unfortunately, law is totally different.

    • Hi Got2,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous blog.

      I appreciate your thoughts (and thanks for attaching that link), but I do believe it’s as you stated: The law in the UK. I am confident that a lawsuit brought by a woman/women for being sent home, not interviewed (for not wearing pantyhose) by a company here in the USA would not make it to a courtroom.

      And, as for a company’s dress code applying to both genders, yes, that’s true, but in such a case, it would mean that men have to adhere to the defined business standard attire for men (jacket, tie and proper shoes), while women have to wear skirts, pantyhose and the the proper shoes.

      Although we all know now that some men would love for a corporate dress code to be applied equally to both sexes.

      Well, all this is my understanding anyway. Got2, if you want to do the further research about this subject in America, please feel free to follow up and let me know whether or not I am indeed wrong. And, if I am, I will send you a pair of our NewAct IV in each color (if you want them).

      • As casual dress gradually made its way into the work place, there has often been a double standard when applying the codes to men and women.

        I worked in one office, where management insisted that men had to wear ties in the summer, even though women were allowed to work in “bear” legs. A male colleague of mine was highly critical of this code.

        One summer, I worked for a female manager in her mid forties who nearly every day wore a dress with flat sandals and “bear” legs. It was not a pleasant scene. Although men did not have to wear a shirt and tie in this office, I wonder how the manager would have felt if they had been allowed to wear shorts all summer? The site of middle-aged men sporting their hairy legs for a few months might have caused her to reflect on her own fashion faux pas.

      • The Von Maur corporation, which is a family-owned chain of department stores found primarily in the Midwest, requires suits, ties, and dress shoes for men and dresses, skirts, and pantyhose and dress shoes for women. This dress code applies to all employees. Their stores are much like Macy’s was 25 years ago. This corporation is very successful and is opening new stores while the competition flounders.

        • That’s good to hear, Andrew. Thanks for letting us know via this comment. It would be nice to see other department stores, such as Macy’s, which sells high-end brands, adhere to a dress code. I can’t stand seeing the “bear” legs on the women in our Macy’s store here.

          • Oh, I agree. The Macy’s here is beginning to resemble Wal-Mart in both employee professionalism and store appearance.

            There is a Von Maur in the same mall that is like a magic portal to a time when shopping was an “event”, complete with courteous, well-dressed sales staff, high-quality merchandise, and a live piano player.

            I guess the reason I prefer shopping there is much the same reason I enjoy perusing your site – the emphasis on beauty, class, and style that are often lacking in today’s culture.

    • I know for me, Mom always looked more dressed up when she wore pantyhose. She must of worn them almost daily. Back in the day women wore dresses or skirts daily and you wouldn’t be caught dead without wearing stockings or pantyhose on your legs.

      Mom got my younger sister and me used to wearing pantyhose anytime we had on a dress or skirt. It was almost a sin to go bare legged. I remember having a full drawer full of different colors and styles of pantyhose back when I was in juror and high school. Back then you could find all the different shades and colors unlike today, unless you’re in Europe.

      Women in USA think bare legs are what is sexy. I find bare legs so gross even today as a 40+ year old woman that has worn coverings on her legs since tights in elementary school.

      We want to look sexy so start wearing pantyhose again!

      • Hey Stacy,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

        It’s great to hear from a lady who “gets” pantyhose and is devoted to wearing them since her school days. Love the way you see things. Hope to hear more from you soon.


      • Stacy, I think you are spot on. Most women’s bare legs just don’t look finished. One woman may have shapely legs & another women’s legs may not be as shapely and wear pantyhose, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which lady will get more attention.

  • Richard’s comments about his admiration of a young teacher being influential in his lifelong interest in pantyhose brought back an incident that happened to me in Grade 8.

    In Grade 8, one of my teachers was a young woman, in her mid twenties, who wore short dresses, high heels and pantyhose nearly every day to class.

    One day I was too talkative in class and she scolded me and asked me to stay after school. When class ended, she decided to sit at a desk directly across from mine and proceeded to give me a verbal reprimand. I decided to drop my head to pretend I was ashamed for disrupting her class. This allowed me to get a close up view of her pantyhose while I was being scolded. And boy, did her thighs look lovely.

    I honestly think she bought my act and believed I was truly remorseful for being a nuisance in her class. I also knew that even if she thought I was staring at her hose, it would be difficult for her to prove. As I was walking home that day, I felt the lovely experience was well worth a five minute tongue lashing.

    In a different thread, I stated that my interest in pantyhose didn’t develop until college. But Richard’s comments allowed to retrieve this long lost memory and I now realize that the fetish grabbed me much earlier.

  • Please help me. My tights fetish is going to ruin my marriage. My wife knows about my fetish and did try to helpme by buying me some tights of my own, but I spoilt it by insisting on trying them on immediately,and becoming obsessed overnight.

    I have had this fetish all of my life and have been married for 26 years. But it was only this year that I let the cat out of the bag. And she was very understanding.

    But as the weeks wore on, she became cold and eventually suggested I was a bit perverted. That was 6 months ago.

    I work away, and secretly wear my tights in the hotel, in bed, and sometimes under my suits at work. I cant stop.

    Last night wy wife had a new skirt hung up, and draped over it was a pair of tights that she is wearing today. This drove me insane. I get very jealous when she wears tights but wont acknowledge my need to. Very selfish of me I know.

    Working from home today, and as soon as she went out to work, I immediately put my tights on. I love them, but the secrecy and the jealousy is upsetting and I know she gets very upset when I stare at her legs.

    I did mention the tights last night,and she cut my off saying she is not going there again.

    She looked gorgeous when she went out this morning, and I was very turned on, but I completely ignored her and didnt tell how she looked.

    My reason for this is simple. I feel that whenever I mention someting to turns me on, she stops doing it, almost like subconscious reaction.

    I am a sex addiict but have not cheated on her once,and never will. But I love sex, the kinkier the better, but she isnt quite the same.

    She wears skirts and dresses for work, nothing too sexy or revealing, just nice,and pretty, yet I hate it, as she never wears thesesitems at home.

    Iknow if I said her skirt was gorgeous this morning, she willnever wear it when out with me.

    I dont know if she does this on purpose or not.

    I cant stop wearing tights and have ten pairs that I have with me at all times.

    I am not trying to be female and dont think I look sexy in them. I love the feel of them and feel extrenely horny when I wear them.

    I wish I could stop,and I wish I could just accept that its a female item of clothing, and get over myself. I cant,and its killing me.

    • Hi Darren,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      That is one heartfelt plea for help, however, I don’t think I am qualified to respond. Nevertheless, I know there are a great many men who are frequent participants on this blog, and I believe some of them will weigh in with their thoughts, reactions and suggestions.

      So, I will leave it to others to reach out to you here.

      Anyone who has something constructive to offer, please do. Thank you.

      • hey i feel your pain, brother i am an active wearee of pantyhose myself love them n i actually one luckiest men i know i have a loveing n caring girlfreind who accepts my fetish n joins with me n i love it yes yes yes

    • Hi Darren maybe try to ask your wife to wear them more often and tell her how attractive she looks in them. I know Robin I probably commented on this blog more than anyone in the past three years. This is almost like the blind leading the blind I don’t west them myself Wouldn’t Darren rather see his wife in them.

  • Hello again, Robin ! Happy Saturday to you…

    Yours has become my new favorite website/blog since “tripping” over it a couple of days ago. Your forum and its subject matter is as emotionally titillating for me as dumping a HUGE bag of Peanut M&M’s in a steamy HOT box of freshly popped-popcorn is mouthwateringly saporific.

    I wanted to share with you, and your audience, some thoughts that I have surrounding the use, and overuse, of the word “fetish”. It’s used a lot here, in your blog and on the streets and in all sorts of written prose and, in my opinion it’s a critically misunderstood terminology.

    Webster’s Dictionary defines the word fetish as: “(1): An object of irrational reverence or obsessive devotion, (2): An object or bodily part whose real or fantasized presence is psychologically necessary for sexual gratification and that is an object of fixation to the extent that it may interfere with complete sexual expression.”

    A fetish may be healthy and playful or, it may cross over into the psychologically unhealthy side of the spectrum. I have a “thing” for women with sexy feet and painted toes and, I have another “thing” for ultra-Sheer nylon pantyhose and stockings on a woman so, clearly… the two combined would be nothing short of epic for me!

    I’ve dated women with whom I’ve shared my above 2 “things” that I’m rather passionate about and some have said… “so you have a foot fetish…?” to which I respond: “Not a fetish really by definition, just a huge preference!”. The same HUGE preference I possess for the woman in my life to wear sexy nylons and stockings.

    For the guys that read this, I recommend that you embrace your “thing” because it’s a victory to know what does it for you and, to selflessly share this passion with the woman in your life. Further… go online and shop for nylons for her and buy up a whack of them and, take her shopping for a garter belt, after you take her out for a romantic lunch and some wine and, perhaps even a couple-shared pedicure.

    I adore the fact that my 3rd grade teacher and her deliciously painted toes and nylon stockings fascinated me beyond repair… I wouldn’t want it any other way. And, for the women that may read this… understand that your guy craves nylons on you just like you may crave chocolate or a back massage or, having someone clean up for you after dinner… you have “things” too, that arouse you emotionally and otherwise, so share this with your guy and maintain the intimate playful sparks that keep a relationship sharp and firing on all cylinders. This may not be news to you but, this IS reality.

    So, back to you Robin… your blog facilitates a need and a desire to share freely thoughts we all here have in common. Further, you have the brilliance to offer an online store of nylons and accessories and all those things that fascinate us all here.

    It seems to me that there are plenty of men here who somehow cannot meet women of like mind where it surrounds nylons and the playfulness that goes with it. Because of your blog, they gravitate to you hoping that you’d share with them an entire catalog of women you know who are just salivating to chat with and meet to men who get the whole “nylon thing” but alas, it seems that there are many more men on line here who share this passion vs. women… clearly, there’s an intense capitalistic opportunity to pair women and men together who have a passion for nylons that today’s dating web sites are simply unable to legitimately offer up as a service… or, perhaps we men are simply aliens and in fact there are only 1 or 2, perhaps 3 women in the Universe who adore nylons and, nylon-nation;

    I suppose, sadly, that we males come from the Planet Nylon and, we’ve been put here to simply convert those females who are open to the possibilities. That said, Robin… I’ve just received a text message that my rocket is refueled and ready for take off… I’ll bet you can guess where I’m off to visit huh?!! 😉


    • Hi M.,

      Thank you for your detailed comment outlining your views and preferences.

      I don’t know about the “overuse” of the word, fetish, here or anywhere (and everywhere) else. The Webster’s Dictionary two-part definition you quoted seems spot-on for what I believe the readers here and myself feel about a pantyhose and foot fetish, as the two go hand in hand (or, make that pantyhosed foot in hand).

      Obviously, there are other descriptions of the word, fetish, that we’ve all encountered out there, and that doesn’t trouble me in the least. That’s because I think all the variations or meanings of the word seem to have one thing in common — the power that pantyhose (or other styles of nylon hosiery) has over us is all- powerful, and we can’t get along without it in our lives.

      And whether we say the word, fetish, or as you put it, this “thing” for pantyhose (and often feet in pantyhose), there can be no denying that it can dominate our lives. I am OK with that too, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone. And I believe that most men who have a pantyhose fetish (with or without the foot fetish) are inherently good and classy guys. I mean there is nothing more feminine, glamorous, and inherently sexy than pantyhose. I’d rather a guy have a pantyhose and/or foot fetish than a “thing” for guns or knives. 🙂

      As for my website and blog, let me set the record straight. I started ActSensuous in 2001 (at the very height of the “bear” legs movement) and my partner and I created a simple and basic website then. We were babies back then. In fact, we offered one style of all-nylon, stw pantyhose in a one-size-fits-all design. (Wow, we have come a long way since then.)

      The ActSensuous Blog didn’t make its debut until 2009, long after we had developed two more styles of pantyhose in custom sizes. At first, I was determined to keep the blog separate from the business, and I accomplished that for several years. In fact, readers applauded me for doing that.

      I still maintain a bit of a separation between the website and the blog, but the two ultimately became joined at the hip, as readers began to mention both sites in their comments. I will always make my blog a forum for all pantyhose lovers, regardless whether they buy ActSensuous pantyhose or any other brand or style. Everyone who loves pantyhose of any kind are welcome here and not expected to become customers. Indeed, while I make just one style (100% nylon and completely sheer-to-waist), I always say in this blog, “Any pantyhose are better than ‘bear’ legs.”

      Also, for the record, I don’t offer nylons and accessories. Really, we offer just our own brand of pantyhose, although I have long considered the possibility of adding some lingerie accessories some day.

      I do like your “Men are from the planet, Nylon” theory. If that’s true, I must have visited that planet many times in an earlier life, as my goal is to convert the majority of the women on Earth to devoted pantyhose wearers.

      Finally, I wish I knew of a website (or two, or three) that tried to match men with pantyhose (and/or foot) fetishes to women who share this love, or are at least open to them. If any readers out there know of such a site(s), please share with us here.

      Thanks again for your comment, M.


  • Hi everyone. Just seeing how my fashionably smart friends are? Just wondering what everyone thought of shorts with tan pantyhose? Good fashion or a little over the top?

    • Hi Kim,

      Good to hear from you again. Personally, I think shorts with any shade of pantyhose are cool. And, whether we approve or not, they’re everywhere across the globe. (At least, there are pictures of such things.)

      By the way, Kim, I emailed you (even though you never check it) to alert you that you are mentioned in my current post. See how popular you are?

      • Hi Robin,

        It is so refreshing to view your website and read your blog. I have been searching for a woman with your positive insight to your relationships and your knowledge of the power of pantyhose, nylons and stockings.

        I have been searching my whole life but more seriously since my divorce, for a woman with your knowledge of this subject. My ex-wife did wear them for me and would try to experience the power but never truly got it. When we separated a few years ago she would angrily tell a woman, who I was with in public, “good luck trying to fulfill his nylon obsession.” More specifically, she would say, “have fun dressing up like his sixth grade teacher.”

        My love of nylon and pantyhose started long before sixth grade but I was obsessed with my teacher. She was around 5’10”, slender, with the longest legs. She would wear silky mini dresses with all colors of pantyhose. Very fashionable in the 1970’s. I remember having a conversation with that teacher about her legs and feet covered in nylon. Her and I were very close. That was the closest I would come to sharing a moment with her. I also remember the rush I felt just talking to her about it. It never came up in conversation again but I did have trouble concentrating on anything except her silky covered legs and feet.

        Hopefully women start dressing like this again soon with the resurgence of wearing nylons and pantyhose again. I would do practically anything a woman asked me to do if she wore pantyhose for me and fully understood the power.

        I am looking for a woman, in her forties, that is searching for a guy like me. This whole conversation is an open discussion with women I currently date. I haven’t found the one who wants to share this power with me for all the right reasons. I am not happy with women who are willing to pretend they “get it.”

        Well that’s enough for now. I’m hoping you can somehow, help this great guy find that special woman. Let me know if I can help you in your mission. I promise to purchase your products once I find the woman worthy of this gift.

        Signed, “Searching on Long Island”, Eric.

        • Hi “Searching on Long Island,” Eric,

          Thank you for your detailed comment and positive words about my cause, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          It definitely sounds as if the influence of your 6th grade teacher on you shaped your pantyhose fetish. Glad to hear that you’ve had some success in the past in getting your wife/gfs to wear for you, but I agree that if they weren’t truly vested in the idea, it wasn’t enough.

          I wish you good luck in finding the right girl for you who really gets and buys in to the power of pantyhose concept.

    • Hello Kim,

      I can’t think of any better way to show how effective pantyhose are than with shorts! They look great enough with a skirt on, however, I prefer to see the whole leg encased in nylon for that is for me what pantyhose were designed for.

      I have no doubt that seeing your legs, or any other woman’s legs, in tan pantyhose would be the ultimate in fashion!

      Take it from one who wishes to see that all the time. Hawaii has shorts, but not too many with hose. May you always wear them with pride!



  • Brilliant writing and an uncanny insight to our mutual fetish. Not really sure where and when it started but I’m hooked. Have no desire to appear feminine but every desire to wear everything silky, slippery, and feminine.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      By the way, there’s at least one other Steve who’s been commenting very frequently here. If you’re going to submit more comments (and I hope you do), you might want to add an initial to distinguish you from the other Steve.

  • Robin,
    Have you seen the most recent side by side pictures of Kate Middleton and Letiza of Spain. The one thing that stands out the most in all of their side by side pictures is that Kate always looks more polished and professional because she has a pair of pantyhose on with her outfit. The difference in the look is so clear in these pictures.

  • I know Robin. I have a raging pantyhose fetish as stated in some of my previous blogs. I have approximately 18 pair’s previously worn by women. I never worn any myself and I would rather see an attractive women in them.I don’t think I could fit in most of them.Just a normal perv with a pantyhose fetish.

  • In this season of presidential election politics, I pose the question “Do women who lean toward the right or conservatism tend to wear pantyhose more frequently than their left or liberal leaning cohorts?”

    I submit the answer is yes and here is my argument in support of my position. Conservative women favor preservation of tradition, class, good looks, being well dressed and polished. They are typically not subject to what I call the lemur phenomena meaning they will not follow others off a cliff just because that’s the direction the rest of the crowd is heading.

    Liberals, or left leaning women follow current trends and fads. Once pantyhose became a pariah of feminists who viewed them as a symbol of male oppression and sexism, they followed suit and continue to do so in the honest belief that they have no other function save for objectifying women.

    If you’re a liberal or left leaning woman and you wear pantyhose, I would love to read your response and reasoning why you continue to wear nylons in the face of all that stands opposed to doing so.


    • Conservative leaning women might be more likely to wear pantyhose for traditional reasons, but liberal leaning women might be inclined to wear pantyhose simply to be different and attract attention in today’s “bear” environment.

      As far as defining “traditional” clothing styles are concerned, since we’ve been in a pantyhose “drought” for such a long period of time, like it or not, “bear legs” have become the traditional style of dress. As recent comments on this site point out, it is the women who wear pantyhose in today’s world who are looked upon as being the “non-traditional” ones, whose actions are viewed as being “radical”, “pushing the envelope”, “upsetting the status quo”, “being risque”, and who are actively testing modern society’s comfort levels. A decade and a half ago, it was the “bears” who fell into this category.

      Also, since liberal women tend to be more comfortable in expressing their sexuality, they might be more willing to wear sexier clothing than more conservative women. And since liberal women are generally independent thinkers who are typically more willing to express their individuality and independence even if such actions go against society’s norms, they just might be more willing to wear pantyhose in today’s “bear” environment and feel less remorse about their decision for doing so.

      And so it comes as no surprise that as Andrew pointed out, the real growth area in pantyhose sales in recent years has been with young “Millennials”, who by and large, lean toward the left.

      The bottom line is that there are very strong reasons for BOTH conservative AND liberal leaning women to wear pantyhose in today’s environment, but it’s going to take a little bit of time for everyone to get on board.

      Speaking from personal experience, the traditional leg wear for women when I was very young was stockings. Pantyhose use was on the rise (pun intended), but it wasn’t fully accepted by all women. It was the younger, left-leaning, generation who helped make this transformation take place. I think history is repeating itself, and we’re going through a very similar period again right now.

      I see the women who refuse to wear pantyhose today as falling into either one of two categories: “Copy Cats” or “Scaredy Cats”.

      The Copy Cats are followers who simply do whatever they’re told and what everyone else does because they are incapable of acting out of independent thought. When wearing pantyhose was in vogue, they wore them, and would never think of doing otherwise. When pantyhose fell out of favor, they followed suit and perpetuated the trend. Lemmings, pure and simple.

      The Scaredy Cats know better than this, but lack the confidence to do what they feel is right because doing so would make them look like outcasts and subject them to ridicule.

      Both groups lack conviction, and both groups share the blame for our current “drought”, but there is one startling difference between the two. Since the Scaredy Cats are not being true to themselves, they feel guilty for going “bear”. The Copy Cats, on the other hand, feel a sense of pride.

      Both groups are in for an awakening because Kate Middleton and a growing number of Millennials are showing the world that Nude Legs, Off-White Legs, Suntan Legs, and Black Legs MATTER, and their actions are giving the Scaredy Cats a much needed confidence boost. As their confidence level rises and they wear pantyhose more and more often, the Copy Cats will have no choice but to swallow their pride and follow suit.

      (PS: Robin, all the best to you and your family in the wake of the hurricane!)


      • JA, JA, JA, where have you been all these years?

        Wow, this easily is one of the best comments I have ever gotten here (since I started this blog in 2009). I am so impressed, not only by your well conceived content, but also, your writing. As I was reading this, I thought I had actually written it myself. 🙂

        Well, I don’t disagree with a word you wrote. What a wonderful and original piece indeed. I might like to include much of what you wrote in my next blog post, giving credit to you, of course.

        Now, I have to point out that it is soooooooo great to hear from another woman. The loyal readers here often lament the fact that so few females share their points of view about pantyhose — something they so long to know, especially coming from a source besides me.

        And, JA, your point of view is too good, and your writing is too good, to not let us hear more from you. So, please, this is my personal invitation to you to give us all more of what’s in you.

        Finally, thank you for your well wishes concerning Hurricane Matthew. We are fine here … apparently, protected by the gods who favor a return of sheer pantyhose to this world full of defiant or uncommitted women.

        • Robin,

          First of all, I’m very glad to hear you survived Matthew. Florida’s a big state, and I had no idea you were situated where Matthew might make land fall until the storm was nearly on your doorstep.

          Secondly, my apologies for my poor choice of words that lead to your thinking that I’m a woman. I should have said, “Speaking from personal observations”, instead of, “Speaking from personal experience”, in my comment above. Sorry about that. (Heck, I’d like to hear more from women on this subject, myself! Understanding the problem is the first step in finding a resolution.)

          BTW, I’ve chimed in here before, but not since last summer. (Scroll down to around the middle of this page.) I’m very flattered to hear that my views and thoughts on the subject are a re-occurring source of inspiration to you. Likewise, Robin. Likewise.

          So many of us have been living in silent hopes that sooner or later, women will once again feel free to wear pantyhose (if they so desire), without being subject to gags, giggles, or ridicule from other women for doing so.

          This is the 21st century, people. It’s time to realize that we’re living in a Hi-Def world, and the “just rolled out of bed” look isn’t doing ANYONE any favors!

          Black Legs Matter! 😉


          • Hi JA,

            Thanks for following up from your earlier brilliant comment.

            Yeah, you got me on that one. In fact, as I was reading that earlier comment, I was thinking you had commented here before, but in searching my archives for your name/ID, you didn’t come up this time. Still, your quality writing style haunted me (in a good way).

            By the way, as long as I am critiquing your writing: In your statement: “Secondly, my apologies for my poor choice of words that lead to your thinking that I’m a woman”, you meant to write led, not lead. Common mistake. Then again, you correctly wrote “your” thinking, while about 99 percent of the population would have incorrectly written you in that situation.

            Take heart though: I am sure you could find a flaw in my writing if you had the time. (And a magnifying glass.) (And a dictionary.) (And a journalism degree.) (And … well, you get my point.)

            In any case, your previous comment still resonates with me, and I really will reference it in detail in my next (or so) post.

            Thanks again, and please … keep those cards and letters coming.


            • I recently came across an article that suggests that people who are formally dressed are typically viewed as being more knowledgeable than others who are less formally dressed, even by children as young as 4 years of age:


              It seems unlikely (to me) that such an impression would be one that is learned if 4-year-olds are actively demonstrating this awareness. Maybe it’s just a normal human response. Maybe that’s why “dressing up” for a job interview is so important, why many companies have dress codes, and why some jobs and schools require uniforms.

              That said, I can also clearly understand how forcing an individual to dress in a way that makes them feel uncomfortable can result in some level of resentment and rejection of the practice.

              (BTW, great new post, Robin!)


      • Hi JA. Speaking of conservative leaning women you must of seen the tv show on Fox called outnumbered.I have mentioned the show on this blog before.It is nice to see the women on that show frequently wearing pantyhose.

        • Hi Steve.

          Sorry, I never saw the show, but I frequently see young women wearing pantyhose in increasing numbers in real life, not because they HAVE to or feel they are under any obligation to do so, but because they WANT to.

          I can’t think of a more genuine and sincere endorsement of pantyhose adoption than that!


  • Kim’s husband is a lucky man to have a wife like he does.Truly a rate and special find.Yesterday I was eating dinner at a restaurant near where I live and I say near five women wearing dresses and only one of them were wearing pantyhose.I overheard the conversation and one woman said will your the only one wearing pantyhose aren’t you hot.She said my husband loves it when I wear them.One of the other women said there out of style and I don’t think my boyfriend would come near me when I have them on and your the only one I know who wears them.They are out of style.I overheard the conversation. I guess I was looking at the one in hide differently then other people were looking at her.

    • Steve,
      This is an interesting encounter that you had. Who has convinced these women that 1)They are out of style?–out of favor maybe, but the most stylish lady WILL always be wearing hosiery when in a dress and heels and 2) It is possible that their man would not come near them if they were wearing pantyhose? Not a chance!

      I have thought about this recently and if men were polled on whether they prefer the look of a woman wearing hosiery with a dress and heels as opposed to bear legged, I think 80% would give absolute affirmative to hose, 5% would prefer bear legs and the other 15% would lie and say they prefer bear legs so they don’t get in trouble with their wife or sig. other.

      This leads me to another anecdote that I read of they way women view the ladies that do wear hosiery. This woman who is a devout pantyhose wearer was in a restaurant with friends having a meal and she was dressed with class in a skirt, heels and hose. Apparently some other woman who was there with her man came over and called her a “Pantyhose Sl*t” for no other reason than she chooses to wear hose. Most likely she did not like the fact that her man probably got whiplash when taking a look at the hosed woman.

      Just amazing!

      • Good reply to Steve. Thanks, TurboDey.

        In my own little survey posted here four years ago

        95 percent of men (755 out of 795 voters) prefer women in pantyhose and only 2 percent (12 out of 795 voters) prefer women in “bear” legs.

        Of course, the men who are participating in this poll (which is still open) are a “captive” audience.

        So, I suspect if a poll were taken of a general audience, your 80%/5%/15% would be more accurate.

        I do think the women (not ladies) who make negative comments to the ladies who wear pantyhose are jealous. They know the lame reasons they give for not wearing are totally bogus, but they want to hang on to the excuses that were made during the early to mid 2000s because they are afraid of doing the right thing. It’s always easier to dress like a slob than to take care of one’s appearance, and those hopeless women will always try to put the classy ladies down.

        And, you’re right that they don’t like it when ladies who do wear pantyhose get attention from men.

        • “My boyfriend won’t come near me” – what a larf. The majority of guys, I am quite certain, love the look, and the rest probably don’t have an opinion one way or the other; only a tiny minority, I’m willing to bet, actually disfavor them.

          Honestly, I think women who don’t “wear” hold convictions like this because they listen to fashion “experts” and “designers” who are male (thinking that they are getting a man’s opinion), but who are in most cases – I don’t mean to be phobic, but let’s be honest here – gay, and as such aren’t exactly in the best position to judge what a heterosexual man finds attractive.

          • Well written, MrMike. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

            Yeah, I think these women who make comments like that one are trying to fool others (certainly, themselves). They are desperately trying to hold on to the stupid excuses fashion “experts” tried to sell everyone a little more than 10 years ago. Their reasons to not wear were idiotic back then, and they are holding up less and less as each new year goes by.

            • I agree, Robin. The comment I often hear from women is “nobody wears pantyhose anymore”. Some research I’ve done states otherwise. In 2015 the size of the pantyhose market in the United States was about $430 million and has been steadily increasing since hitting its nadir a decade ago in 2006. The United States market is second only to Europe’s. The largest growth in pantyhose sales is among so-called “Millennials” which I guess encompasses women aged 18-35. This age group makes up about 27% of the pantyhose market and has grown about 9% in the last year or so. This age group also primarily purchases pantyhose on-line and not in department stores like most older women tend to do. Just some statistics to put out for anyone who may be interested.

        • Hi Robin,

          Have You (or anyone) ever made a survey how many women (and why) prefer pantyhose to bare legs? This could give us some answer and more interesting explanation of female attitude towards wearing or not wearing. Maybe it sounds a bit like psycho-sociological perspective but I suppose that a woman’s relation to pantyhose in many cases reflects her sense of femininity and self-assessment.

          In my country (Poland) womanhood is still generally appreciated and esteemed by both men and women. And this is shown in women’s daily dress underlining a charming figure and alluring legs in pantyhose (usually). Despite this, I have witnessed recently a number of young ladies who claim that women should cease to dress according to male preference (since pantyhose are so admired by most men). This attitude derives from (and is accompanied by) a rejection of feminine attributes associated with an alleged subordination of women to men.

          Not only I consider this argument ridiculous in our contemporary reality but I’m also sure that pantyhose give women much control over men. This notable rejection of femininity by some women is thus curious and hard to explain. Is it just selfishness or ignorance about the power of pantyhose, I’m not sure.

          Some time ago I posted a comment on a women’s fashion forum in which I plainly described the attractiveness of ladies wearing pantyhose (I mentioned it in one of my earlier comments on this blog). I thought that ladies who dedicate much of their time for improving their appeal and beauty might be well predisposed to appreciate pantyhose as well. But the majority of responses were full of primitive hate, aggression and bad emotions against pantyhose and…against men.

          Several ladies who liked and shared my opinion about pantyhose wrote much more cultured, elaborate and refined responses containing also a favourable position towards men. Isn’t it interesting?

          Robin, thank You for Your work here and for Your efforts to bring pantyhose back.

          Kind Regards,

          • Hi Chris,

            Thank you for your latest comment, and for cheering me on.

            I don’t disagree with anything you wrote, and in fact, your timing is amazing, as my next blog piece is going to parallel many of the points you made here.

            For now, let me answer your first question: I did publish back in 2010 a survey here (aimed at women) about their preference for wearing/not wearing.

            As you can see, I specifically asked for responses from women only, however, I have no way of controlling or even knowing whether men also chimed in. Assuming (because I want to) that most of the votes really were those of women, I was happy to find that 73 percent (as of this date) answered in a positive way. But since only one response was negative, well, it is quite possible that mostly men voted. 😦

            And if women really did vote, you’d have to believe they were pretty much a captive audience if they were reading this blog in the first place. Finally, relatively few (men or women) took the survey anyway. So, not much can be gained from that particular survey.

            What you experienced in reply to the post you made on that women’s fashion blog likely is the more accurate reflection of how the majority of women out there really feel about pantyhose. Of course, my survey was way back then, and this is now. If anyone could get women (really, women) to take a similar survey today, I have to believe the pros would be even with the cons.

            Again, thank you for your well-conceived comment, Chris, and keep the faith. I truly believe pantyhose are on their way back, despite what the cows out there want to think.

      • Hi Turbo Dey.Thanks for your response.There was another part of this conversation I forgot to mention in the previous blog. One of the bears actually said I wonder how men would feel if they had to wear pantyhose.

  • As a a woman, I love my position and the attention I get from my hub especially when I dress up and put on my pantyhose and heels. And believe it or not, I think he likes the attention I get from other men in the room. They….notice. It’s a real turn on for him. (the results are very good for me at the end of the night too wink wink) 😉 What I find funny are the cady reactions I see from other women. “what is she wearing?” look. I actually find that more funny.

    • I agree wholeheartedly especially with the part that I, as a husband, totally enjoy the attention and stares my wife gets when she’s wearing pantyhose especially with shorts and high heels.

      Just returned from Walt Disney World where she wore them pretty much everyday. Lots of sneers and jeers from women – “How can she wear pantyhose in this humidity” – while all the men stare in appreciation.

      • Hi Russell,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Wow, another lucky husband who has a wonderful wife who wears almost all the time.

        Readers, you ought to commend Russell’s wife like you do Kim.

    • Hi Kim,

      Many readers attach links to pics and videos, usually, of celebrities wearing. You may attach pics, as long as they are appropriate for all who might find their way here.


        • Actually, I’ve never attached a pic to the comment section. Hey guys, please reply with step by step instructions. Thanks.

          Kim, I’ve sent you two emails, but haven’t gotten a reply. I guess the one attached to your comment I.D. isn’t accurate. Please send me an email as I want to propose a couple things for you. Thanks.

  • I know my husband loves the pantyhose Hooters girl wear. So when we go out that’s what I wear with white shorts and heels. One of his favorites! Turning my husband on is my responsibility. I don’t understand women who, if you know what your guy likes and then you don’t do it….no wonder a guy gets frustrated.

    • Thank God for Kim. I’ve been saying that for years here. Way to go, Kim.

      Guys, this is what you’ve been dreaming of — a female’s point of view (besides mine). Let Kim know what you think of her and her comment.

      • Wow…thanks for the kudos. I guess I kinda knew that there were that many men that love nylons/pantyhose etc…but I didn’t realize how many til I saw your blog lol. My husband says real men…gentleman prefer them. Hey, he would know!

        • Hello again Kim,

          I simply think that the female body is the most perfect artform there is. To slip a thin, silky, satiny, stretchy material over that artform only enhances the look. It is all based on curves and with that power, no man in his right mind can look away. You have the attention and respect of this reader with how you treat your husband.

        • Your husband is absolutely correct, Kim. Gentlemen do prefer women in pantyhose. The reasons are varied and encompass much of what the other gentlemen have stated as well.

          I think much of the allure comes from the fact that pantyhose are uniquely feminine, and therefore, have become extremely strong signs of womanhood along with high-heeled shoes. The sheer fabric covers but does not hide a woman’s leg and the nylon often has a slight sheen that reflects the surrounding light and easily catches a man’s eye and draws them to the wearer’s legs.

          Often as boys, their curiosity led them to inadvertently (or not) come into contact with a woman’s legs in pantyhose and that tactile experience left an impression that extended into adulthood.

          Men are also extremely visual creatures and from an early age had their eye captured by a woman in their lives like their mother or an aunt wearing pantyhose especially before the 1990’s when women wore them all the time.

          In adolescence the attention to women in pantyhose changes to female schoolmates and then onto girlfriends and wives as these women replace their mothers or other important women in their lives. Since mothers and aunts form the prototype for men’s relationship with women it’s natural that they’d transfer those positive visual attractions to their wives and girlfriends.

          I don’t know about young men, but for men growing up before the 1990’s we also developed an affinity for pantyhose because of the effect of advertising campaigns that made the association of pantyhose to feminine beauty, elegance, and to an extent, sexuality.

          I’m sure you’d probably figured this out already, but I thought I’d add some insights into the discussion.

      • Maybe you can help me. Although I have the same feeling about woman dressing nylon (I feel hopelessly attracted/aroused when she wears it), I do not wish for her to wear them more, even the contrary, because when that happens I feel very uncomfortable throughout the whole day always thinking of it and cannot feel productive or even sleep.

        I don’t feel it’s like a fetish (by definition) because I don’t need them to be on to be aroused or obsess over it, but I just feel so uncomfortable whenever she puts them on and covers herself with shoes and pants and just goes out, it’s so arousing that I believe I may depress over this uncontrollable feeling.

        Do you have some tips on how do learn to cope with this? (Since you want them to wear even more!) Or get used to this? It’ll all new to me, never been so aroused in my life before and maybe all of these new feelings and the fear of the upcoming distance relationship are what is making me lose my sleep or depress and not the constant arousal. I’m so confused.

        • Hi Will,

          Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          Honestly, I don’t know how I (or anyone really) could help you. After all, you correctly pointed out that I want women to wear pantyhose more often.

          If you’ve read some of the many comments that are posted here, you know the biggest issue men are troubled with is their women not wearing for them under almost any circumstances. So, those guys (and I) would have a difficult time trying to understand the feeling you have of not wanting the lady in your life to wear so often.

          Certainly, I give you credit, Will, for being so overwhelmed by the arousal factor of seeing her wearing. I just don’t know how to help you. Perhaps some of the wise male and female readers here will chime in with some good advice.

          In any case, thanks again for presenting here this very different take on things, and best wishes to you going forward.

    • Welcome Kim. It’s great to have another female posting and what a great post! Your man is blessed that you accommodate his favorite. Kudos to you, and please post regularly.

      • Thanks. I never had an issue wearing hose for my guy. It’s a simple request. Now I don’t even think about it. I know why my guy likes them. I guess I wouldn’t mind to know what other guys think and why they prefer them?

        • My preference derives from the overall enhancement of the appearance as well as an indicator that there is additional effort being made to look nice. Robin has pointed out multiple times that hosiery is makeup for the legs. Just think of the effort ladies make when putting on facial makeup, nice dress and delicious heels then go around with pasty white, or worse…spray tanned legs because the don’t want to wear hose or think it unfashionable.
          Hosiery on a woman adds to the look of femininity and draws our attention. The sensual aspect is undeniable too. When my wife wears, it’s like a magnet for me to stroke her hose covered legs because of the amazing tactile sensation. Very inviting and then other things can develop.
          I am sure there are other reasons for the attraction but those sentiments are a sampling that could be echoed by 1 billion men around the world.

        • Hi Kim, thanks for your input here. Your hubby is a very blessed man I’d say.

          1. I like them because of the look. They’ve been described as make up for the legs and I think it is an appropriate analogy.
          2. I like them because of the feel. Assuming they are the right kind it’s great to feel of them when a lady is wearing them.
          3. I like them because basically a woman is saying by wearing them “I’m proud to be a woman.” In other words they are very feminine.
          4. I like them because well let’s just say it, there’s a sexual attraction to them.

          Welcome to the blog, come back often.

          • Thank you. Your answer is concise and to the point. I like that. And you are right. I am proud to be a woman. I love my position. And the attention I get from my hub.

    • Hello Kim,

      Welcome to the best blog ever created. I have enjoyed every masterpiece Robin has created on this site and I hope you will enjoy them as much as I have.

      I am one of the readers that is envious of your husband for what you do for him. Any input you may have for all of us readers is very, very welcome.

      Thank you for sharing your story with us. Until the next time we hear from you.



    • 3 cheers to you, Kim. I agree with both you & your husband. Nothing wrong with either nude or suntan pantyhose & shorts. Now if you wore black hose & white shorts, that may not go together. I wouldn’t care if she was wearing heels or not. I think a casual shoe would work.

      When a woman wears pantyhose the curves of their legs are stand out making them simply beautiful.

      Besides turning your husband on, I’m willing to bet you turn many a head.

  • I also have pantyhose fetish and l cannot handle it. I have black nylon pantyhose fetish than other normal nylons. I sometimes wear it while sleeping or staying at home.

        • Hello Jj,

          Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          I take it by your question that you must think I’m too good to be true. I can appreciate that, as I really am practically too good to be true.

          Ask anyone here. Go ahead. This blog has been up since 2009, and I created ActSensuous in 2001 (during the very heyday of the dreaded “bear”-legs movement), and now we have customers in just about every major country in the world.

          Now, if you’re a female lover of the bear legs culture, I say instead: Yes, I am real. Live with it.

  • It is sad to see that the vast majority of women don’t have a clue of how powerful an impact pantyhoses and tights have on men. It is all in the communication!

    With the proper fit, high quality nylons not only enhance the look and shape of a woman’s legs but the sensual feel and look of the fabric is just heaven!

    Having a fetish for pantyhoses since my childhood, l prefer the dark tones such as navy and black. The fact that my sisters wore dark tights at school must have something to do with my fetish. Black opaques of 80 – 100 deniers are my favorites.

    I would say that most men are afraid to tell their spouse or partner about their pantyhose fetish. But it is such a liberation when we do. My wife knows that l have a thing for pantyhoses and, to my satisfaction, she agrees to wear opaque stay-ups or tights when we have sex.

    • Hi Danny,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I agree, and I’ve stated here many times that men need to step up and emphasize how much they want their girlfriends or wives to wear for them, and if those women refuse, well, I would say their relationships are in trouble.

      It still amazes me that many of today’s women are so selfish, so out of touch with what is feminine and have no clue about (or simply don’t care) what the overwhelming number of men want. Seems today, women prefer to look and act more like men, including in the way they dress. That’s pretty lame.

      Good for you, Danny, that your wife is a good one who is happy to indulge your harmless preference.

  • I’m a man in my 50’s. When I was 9-10 years old, I was fortunate to have a sister who was 16 and very pretty. I used to really enjoy her mini skirts with suntan hose. At home she would go shoeless and her feet and toes were awesome in hose.

    I began my fetish by wearing her pantyhose. What a great feeling on my body. I then began to masturbate with them.

    Forward 13 years and I was married to a beautiful lady. Unbeknownst to me she had a pantyhose fetish. One night I came to bed with pantyhose on. She was delighted, and I was really turned on.

    When we would go to outings where one had to dress up, she insisted I wear pantyhose. She would constantly be caressing me below the waist under the table.

    I’d like to thank my sister for leaving her hose around her room, which led to my fetish.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Yours is a very interesting story — one that likely resonates with many of our readers from around the world.

      Hope to hear more from you in the future.

  • Great post. I am a 14 year-old boy and I have a pantyhose fetish.

    My mother wears a lot of pantyhose and tights during the cold months. When i was young (about 2 or 3) my mother let me try on pantyhose and tights which was just future fetish fuel! Then I don’t think I wore pantyhose for a few years. Then, I snuck into my parents’ room and put them on.

    At one point, a friend who i talk about later, was shown my mother’s pantyhose by me. He freaked out that we would get caught, so he told his parents he was sinning. So I got in some trouble. I think I was absent of pantyhose until like age 10.

    At age 12 I really began to gain interest in pantyhose and tights again to the point where I wanted to wear them. Now I’m really hooked on tights to where I will take some really old itchy ones from my grandma’s house that my aunt wore like over 20 years ago. They are pantyhose tho, and even for a few minutes, it’s good enough.

    Sometime last year my mom was discarding about 15-20 pair due to overstretching, shrinking, and holes. I struck the gold mine and I now have over 30 pair since I found some more old pairs in the attic. I love wearing pantyhose and I sometimes sleep in them. I even wear black tights (very warm) to sleep during the summer because i like them so much!

    A girl I really like goes bare-legged to every concert we play even in the winter and it makes me so sad, because she has a nice body and nice legs which would be enhanced by some black tights. She did wear black leggings to school twice this year which I liked better, but they still weren’t tights. She has nice hips and figure so i think she would look stunning in some pantyhose or tights because she wears short dresses already.

    I also despise panties underneath tights and pantyhose. While pantyhose alone just make me giddy, when i see panties under them I kind of loose interest. First of all, pantyhose are a combo of panties and hose, so you don’t really need panties with them. (They also have a gusset for that reason) If they have no gusset then I guess they could be worn with panties, but thats not my personal preference.

    Jet black tights•backseam tights•thick, opaque coloured tights•L’eggs shaper leggings (and any kind of pantyhose/legging combo)•patterned or printed tights•footless and stirrup tights•fleece-lined tights. Those are all my favorites, though i’ve never worn backseam tights, but they are amazing looking! And i haven’t worn any natural fiber tights or sweater tights which I’m sure would be on my list of faves because they are so different.

    Speaking of natural fibers, a company is making bamboo fiber socks and the inside is made with bamboo fibers which come out amazingly soft. I would love to try a pair of tights made this way! Also fishnets are nice, but for someone with my anatomy, there is nowhere to feel relaxed.

    Back to backseam tights, my friend across the street has had me watch his cats several times while he is away; however most recently they gave the job to our other neighbor. Their house is always a mess, especially upstairs, so I could not be detected a week later by clothes being out of place. But in the past, when I went to feed the cats (who were always hiding) I checked around, and I found countless pantyhose, tights, shapewear, and everything one of us could desire. But what caught my eye most was two pairs of unopened White House Black Market Sheer Backseam Pantyhose in Black! However, since they weren’t opened I wasn’t going to try to open them.

    The next time I watched the cats, one pair had been opened, but I couldn’t find them, not even to try them on quickly and finally experience a backseam, and of course I couldn’t open up the second packet. So the last time I went I looked quite briefly and found neither of them, but I’m sure they are floating around somewhere. But she also owns several very very smooth and soft pairs of tights and footless tights which I really enjoy.

    I can’t wait until I can buy my own tights in the future! I will definitely buy some of yours Robin. 😀

    • Hello Anon Mouse (cute handle),

      Thank you for your detailed comment, although I feel a little strange replying to a 14-year-old boy. Obviously, I can’t control who reads my blog, but thank you for following the style here, which is keeping the subject clean and classy.

      Personally, I believe there is nothing wrong with a pantyhose fetish, and it’s not anything to feel ashamed of. For the most part, I think love and worship of pantyhose is inherently harmless, and it sounds as if you treat your fetish in a manner that hurts no one. Good for you.

      I am sure you know that there are a tremendous number of grown men (certainly, countless ones here alone) who love pantyhose, and write clean, classy and harmless comments here. Many of them lament the fact that their girlfriends or wives know they have a thing for pantyhose, yet, they won’t wear for their men. My advice to you is, as you are young and have a great amount of time to look forward to, don’t fall into the habit of dating girls who choose not to wear hosiery of any kind. You’ve got time, so find girls who don’t have to be talked into wearing.

      In your girlfriend’s defense, her parents might not approve of her wearing hosiery at her age, and that is perfectly understandable.

      Finally, I’ll say this: Like makeup for the face, hosiery was invented and is intended to enhance the beauty of female legs and feet. It is a fashion accessory. Obviously, no one can control his/her obsession with an article of clothing or accessories, but please just remember to try to keep your fascination for hosiery to yourself and not impose your will on others who don’t share the same interest.

      Again, while I see a love of pantyhose as perfectly natural and ultimately harmless, if you ever feel your fascination for hosiery is out of control, don’t be afraid to seek psychological counseling, as this subject is universal and global in nature, and there are professionals who are beginning to pay attention to it.

      Thanks again for commenting here, and best wishes to you.

  • Excellent Post Robin, I can say that my fetish began at a young age. I was in the 3rd grade and saw my homeroom teacher in a pretty peach colored dress, tan shoes, and tan pantyhose. She was very beautiful and had gorgeous legs. Every woman that I dated including my wife wore or wears pantyhose. I love when my wife wears her sheer black stockings and her skirts or dresses and heels, can’t keep my hands off her legs. Very elegant, classy, sophisticated and sexy. She now wears the thigh high stockings to bed for me :-). I’m a blessed. blessed man.

    Keep Up the great work Robin!

    • Thank you for your comment, MikefromPhilly, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      After reading so many sad stories from men whose wives or girlfriends refuse to wear for them, it’s great to get a comment about a wife who happily indulges her husband’s nylons fetish.

      You’ve got a keeper. Good for you.

  • I am a first time reader. This was very good.

    I’ll have to say from my experience this younger generation of women does not know or care for that matter that men prefer them in pantyhose/tights.

    I am 27 years old and have struggled with getting women my age and younger (and some a little older) to understand this. It has always been an act of congress to get women to wear them. Even so with my current wife. Her lack of wanting to wear them and most times flat refusal has halted our sex life and ruined our marriage.

    Something has to be done to change their mindset. What that is I do not know. I’ve tried everything I can with no success.

    • Hi Chris A.,

      Thank you for you comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Yours is an all-to-common complaint I read here, and each time, I get more and more depressed. I can say only that I don’t understand how/why women won’t do such a simple and harmless little thing as wear a pair of pantyhose once in a while for the men in their lives.

      As I’ve written here many times before, it’s not as if men are asking their women to wear 6-inch heels or corsets. Pantyhose are a delicate, glamorous and undeniably sensual little accessory. I have to fear for the men who write such comments here that their relationships with their women seem to be at great risk if their wives or girlfriends deny them such innocent requests.

      Maybe it all comes down to the fact that women still don’t know what kind of pantyhose to buy. If women think pantyhose are uncomfortable, they are buying the wrong size or ones with too much spandex in them. These women must never have experienced the delicate nature of 100% nylon pantyhose. Or, maybe women today just don’t have any concept of what is classy, elegant and decidedly feminine.

      This unwillingness of women to even just occasionally indulge the innocent and understandable desires of men that they wear pantyhose is all so unfathomable to me.

      Good luck, Chris A. I wish you the best.

  • I’ve been a regular viewer of this blog for some time. I’m in my early 40s and I too have a pantyhose fetish.

    I guess for me it must have been seeing a series of animated commercials that aired back in the mid-1970s that somehow turned me on.

    When I was in middle school, I also developed a crush on my 8th grade history teacher because she wore a lot of short dresses showing off her beautiful legs in tan hose. I especially liked it when she slipped her shoe off and rubbed her foot up and down her leg. I was kind of surprised that I did well in that class despite all those distractions.

    I’ve had other teachers and noticed a few girls in high school that I had my eye on (especially this one girl in my French class who wore this business suit with this skirt that went slightly above her knee as well as nude or tan hose and black pumps).

    Man, I could never take my eyes off of her. I guess that I’ve always had an admiration for women who wear pantyhose because they make their legs look attractive as well as add a sensuality to them.

    • Hi rstyeast73,

      Glad to hear you’ve been a regular viewer of The ActSensuous Blog. Thank you for making your first comment here. I like your story, and you presented it in a clean and classy way — exactly what this blog is all about.

      I hope to hear more from you as we go.

  • Hey Robin! This article of yours is Four Years old and has 186 comments- wow! Just a congratulations and a big hug and another gigantic ‘Thank you’. Keep up the smooth work. “Let’s make this world a Silkier place”. 🙂 Talk with you soon. – Erick

  • Iam married to a women that loves when I dress as a female.she is my master and she makes me wear pantyhose all the time and so does she .

    • Hello Steven,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. It’s good that you and your wife share the same interests, so you both can be happy.

  • I’m twenty four, I live in the UK and I’ve just come out of a relationship with a guy who I absolutely adored and he had a tights (that’s what we call them here!) fetish. He didn’t want to wear them (at least he never said so haha!) he just liked me to wear them.

    Before meeting him I thought of tights as nothing special really. I assumed men preferred bare legs. I had to wear them for work and I never even took a second glance at deniers or finishes when buying them. But now. I see the true beauty of them. I can tell which denier and finish someone is wearing when they pass me in the street.

    I absolutely loved the fetish and it became a huge part of my life. I found the entire concept of it so exciting and I now wear them every single day. I also notice that a pair of heels and low denier black tights have turned more than a few heads when I’ve walked by! I do think there’s something about them now!

    The hardest thing I’m finding now we’ve broken up it’s kind of like ‘Well what now?’ Do I just hope someone will find me who has the same ftish? Do I actively look for someone with this fetish? I’ve looked online and found websites and forums but something about looking for someone with a fetish seems a bit ‘not right’ to me?

    I don’t have the fetish myself, but I feel I have been conditioned to link tights with sex now and I find the thought of having sex without them very mundane, I enjoyed it so much! It made me feel so much more attractive, and teaming them with outfits became something I absolutely threw myself into with enthusiasm. At first, I thought it was just because I missed him, but it would seem not.

    I’ve posted this here because I feel this blog is the most ‘clean’ and I’ve really enjoyed reading it. I felt I might get some kind of helpful feedback as opposed to people responding with crude comments followed by their telephone numbers! Haha!

    Thanks. Love your blog.


    • Hi Annie,

      Thank you for your detailed comment and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I really appreciate your kind words, as I take great pride in keeping my blog clean and classy, and you’ll find that the other readers here follow suit.

      You made some very good points, and I am sure your questions will be met with very thoughtful and compassionate replies from our readers.

      My initial reaction is this: I believe from all the things I’ve read and especially the comments here, that at least 90 percent of all men have a pantyhose/tights fetish. And if you are wearing regularly now, not just for work, but also because you like to, you won’t have any trouble finding a man who will greatly appreciate and value you for that.

      Let’s see what the other readers here have to say.

      Thanks again, and best wishes to you.


    • Hello Annie.

      Enjoyed your comments. It is always great to read about a female point of view regarding, which I believe to be, a “wonderful subject”. Yes, pantyhose , or tights, are a very beautiful piece of material indeed on a woman. It enhances their natural beauty and makes them irresistable.

      I agree totally with many of your comments and feel you are going to be able to express yourself in many ways. Do you have a favorite type and color of tights? I don’t wear them either. I prefer them seen on women. Makes their outfits look sharp. Look forward to many more comments. Thank you.


    • Annie,
      Thanks for commenting. It is good to hear of your discovery related to wearing tights and the effect on “us guys”. It still surprises me that women don’t recognize the power they have when they wear. As Tracy and Robin said you will have NO difficulty in finding a man who would not only embrace the tie in you now have with tights and intimacy but feel like the luckiest guy in the world. Obviously you don’t just want some tights perv and you want someone with some depth of character and who will appreciate you for ALL you have to offer, but finding the tights lover will be the easy part. Best wishes on finding him, the lucky b*$+ard.

    • Hi Annie,

      My name is Gary, I am 57 years old and have carried a tights fetish for my whole life, which I blame my mother for RIP New years day 2001.

      This came about when I was a nipper in the early 60s, in those days Pampers was not invented yet, so we all ran about in Terri nappies. Mums used to let us run about without a nappy on to protect us from nappy rash. I used to do this and being the hyperactive child I was, i used to run up to my mother who would be sitting in an armchair and jump on her lap and slide down her leg.

      I became aware of this gorgeous warm feeling as I was sliding down her legs towards the floor. It was her tights and I liked it.

      I took a chance when I was about 5 years old, Mother was very house proud and a stickler for tidiness. She would undress me bit by bit and turn her head and body away and neatly fold my clothes up and place them on the chair next to her. On this particular occasion she was undressing me, when she removed my shorts and underpants, she turned her head and body away to fold them up neatly and place them on the chair next to her. I took a chance and held myself on her tights on the thigh part of them and rubbed against them.

      It was absolutely awesome, it was warm, smooth and comforting.

      I rubbed myself left to right 3 times upon her tights and she turned back and caught me. I went to bed with a serious red hand mark on my backside and crying my eyes out.

      She came up to my bedroom an hour later and apologised and hugged me and told me that this is not the kind of thing that you can just go up to women in public and do.

      Quite right she was, but it left me with this hang up.

      1. I find them sexy. 2. I love the feel of them. 3. I love the look of them.

      And I love the naughtiness of it all.

      As I have stated, I would never do this in public as prison does not look good for me.

      But do I suffer!

      I can remember 20 odd years ago my cousin Paula was dressed in a short skirt, tan tights and open toe heels, she had her legs crossed and we sat there after a night out and talked to the early hours, all the time I had this serious stiffie, I was surprised she never noticed it.

      My favourite tights are in this order.

      1. Tan Run resist (Some companies call them ladder resist). They do not ladder. They go in holes instead.
      2. Black opaque tights, never liked these when they first became a fashion thing in the 90s, now I love them, they have a gorgeous sexy feel to them.
      3. 10 or 15 denier grey or nearly black tights, wonderful feel to them.
      4. German strumpfenhosen, with the heel part like they are fully fashioned stockings, they are really good quality and they feel absolutely gorgeous.

      That’s it Annie, call me weird if you want, it don’t matter, I love tights and I love getting this off my chest.


      • Hi Gary,

        Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

        Note: This comment slightly edited by me for our style (class and decency).


  • Robin, I have read several of your posts. I agree with most everythign, as outlined in this particular post, except one thing: NO, women have absolutely no clue how men feel about pantyhose. None. They hate them with a passion and refuse to even try wearing them in the first place, they think you are a pervert if you say you like them or ask them to wear them. Some of them get down right violent and angry when the subject is brought up. Women do not know men find them more attractive in them. And less and less men are caring, they have given up because the women are so adamant in their opinion and will cut them off (if you know what I mean) as they do to win any other argument. They see them as outdated and have no clue that they are part of a professional or highly dressy outfit for any occasion. The younger generation don’t even acknowledge their existence, it is like they never heard of them. It is a part of culture that a fanny evening dress does not include pantyhose. Though we still have to wear those tight, restricting ties. In an argument, they will even claim that JEANS are more comfortable than pantyhose. “you don;t knwo what it is like to wear pantyhose” you’re a man. Well, neither do you. WTF?? They are a thousand times thicker and hotter. The mind set is gone. The only time most of them wear hose now is as a costume, they think it is ONLY costume dress. I like what you are doing, but I think you are way off on your understanding of how women think of pantyhose. Just look at the evening news, or any news show. Men are in the full suit, with strangling ties, whether it is the dead heat of summer or the dead cold of winter. Women can change their wardrobe to fit the season. Standing next to that man in the full suit and tie, is a woman in barely enough cloth to make a tie, and no pantyhose. It is effectively gone from culture. Now tights, some places are seeing a return to tights. But that is a whole different style garment. I look forward to winter because I at least get to see tights. It is so bad that men are wearing pantyhose, there are companies even dedicated to making men’s pantyhose! Why? Because our supply is cut off, and women do not understand. It’s all about the years of suppresion as well, wearing the MAN’s invention of pantyhose (because only a man would do that to a woman). They wont wear because that objectifies them and makes them inferior and a sexual object somehow. But oh, let us ditch the ties and see the uproar! Oh, I could go on and an. The point is, no, most women are completely impervious, and the ones that do know, those few, don’t care or are offended by the very idea. It’s over.

    • Hi Jim,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I understand very well how you feel. I used to feel almost exactly the way you do, and it was frustrating being what I thought was the only voice for trying to bring back pantyhose from the brink of extinction.

      That was then (2001), and today, things are much improved. Here’s what I mean:

      First, we should never say things such as women, as if all of them are on board with the “bear”-legs culture. They’re not. We have thousands of female customers from all over the world who buy our pantyhose with enthusiasm.

      Additionally, there are thousands of male and female readers here, and many of the men write in what could amount to being a travel blog, in which they document when and where they observed everyday women (on the bus, on the streets, at a store, etc.,) wearing pantyhose. They even go to lengths to state whether their pantyhose were sheer or opaque and what colors they were wearing.

      Second, I see signs of pantyhose coming back in a big way soon. There are many professional models showing up in pantyhose on the runway. Also, I’m seeing more and more actresses wearing pantyhose on both the small screen and the big screen. Even TV commercials have women wearing pantyhose. And, fortunately, young professional singers in their 20s (Ariana Grande, Selena Gomez, and sometimes Taylor Swift) wear sheer pantyhose not only on stage, but out and about. Teenage girls today are very much influenced by pop performers, especially the way they dress. That is nothing but good news for pantyhose lovers.

      Third, I am sure your comment addressed the “bear”-legs phenomenon in American culture, but it is becoming increasingly evident that pantyhose are big in practically every country but the U.S. To mention a few, pantyhose are huge in China, Malaysia and Japan, throughout the UK, and in Poland and Russia. I am sure I’m leaving some nations out.

      Fourth, a month or so ago, Good Morning America proclaimed “Pantyhose are back.” That had to be a good sign. We certainly want a TV series like GMA to say something like that. Actually, they might have jumped the gun a bit. Maybe because of the pressure to be first to make a splash announcement, GMA said it a bit too soon. Nevertheless, pantyhose lovers wanted and needed to hear it.

      Finally, let me state again I have felt very much like you, Jim, in the not too distant past. Are pantyhose really back? They really are on their way back.

      Keep the faith, Jim. I believe sooner than later pantyhose are once again going to be a fashion staple. No fashion trend lasts forever, and things that were once in, then out, usually come back to the “in” status again.

      Thanks again for your comment, Jim, and best wishes.


    • You are completely out of touch with the world and clearly in the habit of taking your aggression out on others. You won’t find happiness until you allow yourself to be happy. You might consider pursuing an education.

      Stay safe.

  • Hi Robin,

    Although my wife wears pantyhose daily, I have always had to spend some time persuading her to do it just for my pleasure and satisfaction. Luckily I live in a country where pantyhose on women’s legs are still quite common. Nevertheless my guess is that most of them do not imagine the large scope of impact they make on men. For ladies it is just an ordinary part of everyday duties from home activities to work. When I met my future wife for the first time she believed (to my surprise) that “wearing pantyhose makes her body unattractive from the point below waist”. Only after my lecture on the subject of pantyhose she changed her mind and soon found that indeed most men look at her legs with much more interest. Despite these findings I suppose that women rarely have a sexual pantyhose awareness and usually dress according to current fashion directions. It may sound a bit curious but this kind of indifference among women on the issue of pantyhose still remains appealing. I like it when a lady on a train sitting in front of me crosses her legs thinking that her behaviour is innocent and normal. And of course it is in a sense. And that is why she is so alluring. Her legs in pantyhose make her look seductive and elegant at the same time. She is sexy, natural, feminine and unsuspecting. She is beautiful. The only thing missing is that she doesn’t know about her power over me. But I am not sure whether she needs to know it if she is wearing pantyhose anyway.
    However I believe that education of women about the charm of pantyhose will always be first of all men’s mission. And thanks to Your blog, Robin, I am feeling encouraged!

    Best Wishes,

      • I mean Poland. We have exchanged messages about it before although I am not a frequent commentator on Your blog. However I am watching the ongoing discussions here with increasing interest.

        • Thanks, Chris.

          At least one other reader here has long been singing the praises of Poland, too. That is good to know, although I’ve never seen Agnieszka Radwanska (WTA player) wear off the court.

          In any case, I’m glad to hear your comments whenever you make them.

          • Thanks for invoking the case of Radwanska. Indeed she appears, as most of our celebrities, to be hostile towards elegance in legwear. In my opinion women engaged in entertainment industry/sports generally share common fashion and styles, regardless of their nationality. Maybe the remaining exception is Asia or countries further to the east of Europe. Fortunately this “bear” legs movement is not followed by average women in the street. My wife tells me she always feels naked and insecure without pantyhose on her legs. And many Polish women treat pantyhose as enduringly fashionable despite being told otherwise by foreign or domestic celebrities.

            • Hi Chris,
              Good observation of pantyhose wearing in your country of Poland. One of my friends who is also Polish once told me that women in Poland, even in Eastern European countries such as Russia, Ukraine, and Estonia wear pantyhose not as a way to attract men, neither as a fashion statement, nor fetish item, but as a culture and tradition of femininity. For instance, If a woman were to see their friends or relatives wear hose, they would likewise do the same to continue the tradition of femininity. Women in those also know that wearing hose completes their feminine look at formal engagement such weddings, grads, galas, etc. It is also not uncommon for women to wear pantyhose in their homes as well. My friend also said that if a woman were to go bear legged in the winter or at a formal engagement, they would be viewed as lazy, poor, and less feminine in appearance.

              There is also cultural differences when it comes to wearing pantyhose. The “bear” legs movement is more ingrained in the western culture, mainly in the fashion and entertainment industry where the so called fashion experts, the media, and women in general keep making derogatory comments about pantyhose being old fashioned, out of style, and granny in order to influence many celebrities, models, and female athletes like your native tennis star Agnieszka Radwanska to forgo the hose, and go “bear” legged even during the winter months.

              There was an American woman of Polish descent, whose blog that I posted here months ago, that hates wearing pantyhose but has a Polish relative explain to her that woman in her country still wear pantyhose. Her Polish relative was shocked to hear that women in America don’t wear hose as much even in the colder months of the winter. Its likely that the American woman has been influence by the media and her peers about the negativity of pantyhose, while her relative still believes in the tradition of wearing pantyhose in her country.

  • Hello Robin,

    Recently I have been noticing around the office at work several of the female workers dangling their shoe off of their pantyhosed feet. Is that something that women like to do, and if so is it because it feels good or looks sexy? It does look rather sexy for I believe that women’s feet in hose is so nice looking! I was just curious about that. Any input or opinion on this subject? Thank you.


    • Hi Tracy,

      Oh, it’s definitely a girl thing. Well, those who truly are girly-girls anyway. It’s totally a femininity thing. I liken it to when we girly-girls run our hands over our crossed legs, as if we’re feeling the fabric of the pantyhose on ourselves. It’s a small club these days, but it still has its place. I would think this drives men crazy.

      • Oh Robin, if you only knew our feeling!!! And to see you rub your legs for that feeling!!! If I wasn’t a gentleman I would spell it all out and confess it to you in capital letters!!! Still yet…I can see that sly smile you have as you tell me these things. Love that sense of humor! If only I had it so good. Thank you Robin.


  • I’m a 43 year old male who wears Sheer Energy STW pantyhose everyday, just because my wife doesn’t (and I’ve brought it up many times for her to wear them) and no other women wear them. My stand on women in pantyhose has went from me wearing them when they don’t, to me wearing them all the time. I feel naked without pantyhose on now. I even make sure my legs are smooth shaved and my privates are shaved as well. If a grown man can do it, why can’t women?
    Btw, I love your website. Thanks for all that you do.

    • Hi Pete. Thanks for your comment. I too wear sheer pantyhose and stockings. Most of the time they are medical gradient compression hosiery due to swelling and chronic venous insufficiency from knee sugeries. Been wearing daily for more than 2 years. However I have loved pantyhose on women (and me) since the 70’s. I loved working in the financial services industry when women wearing pantyhose was the norm. Despite the “bear” legs culture starting in the late 90’s through the 2000’s I think it’s turning around (albeit slowly) as women in their late teens through early 30s are wearing hosiery again. Granted it not like the heyday of the 70’s and 80’s,however as technology in yarns and weaving has improved comfort and appearance of hose, sensible women (including my wife) realize the value added in fashion of wearing pantyhose.

  • Hi Robin, I just happened across the credit ‘wear’ credit is due thread. Why don’t you consolidate all the threads into one since even if they start about slightly different topics they all end up with the same kind of comments. That way you don’t have to skip around to read them.

    Also, how about some new photos?

  • Ad Sunday New York Times Style section page 7. Unfortunately I don’t think you can see the ads online – you have to see the printed paper. Anyway, fishnet probably pantyhose maybe stockings – can’t tell. Open toed shoes!

    There are good fishnets and there are bad fishnets. Good fishnets have very small squares and bad fishnets have large squares. Large squares are bad – if you like pantyhose over bare legs – because there’s too much skin and not enough hose . The fishnets in the ad are good fishnets I’m happy to report.

    This ad and last week’s Donna Karan ad – please don’t tell me this is a sign that pantyhose are on the way back. Because I’ve been hearing that all century and it hasn’t happened yet so maybe you’re jinxing the comeback of pantyhose every time you comment about it.

  • Hello, I just ordered some act III and act IV for my wife. I’m curious, what are the major differences between the two?

    • Hi Tomhusky,

      Thank you for placing an order and making a comment on my blog, and welcome to ActSensuous.

      Both lines are 100% nylon and completely sheer-to-waist. Act III have more of a nylon mesh fabric in the panty area, while Act IV have the same luxurious nylon fabric from waist to toe.

  • Interesting and insightful article. It was published a couple of weeks ago in The New York Times. The article appears slightly to justify the “bear” legs movement of the 90’s and early 2000’s, yet gives a historical account of changing trends and some hope of return to the elegance of wearing pantyhose thanks to Kate Middleton.

  • On your page there’s a caption “A professional model in sheer pantyhose, which have a flat center seam design.” only I can’t get the photo.

    I don’t think you replied to my suggestion that you have videos. How about it?

  • Donna Karan ad Sunday New York Times Styles section page 2. Photo isn’t clear. Model appears to be wearing black dress and sheer black pantyhose. But the photo “fades to black” at the bottom and I can’t see what she’s wearing on her feet. The ad doesn’t say what item/items is/are being featured.

    Donna Karan seems to show more pantyhose than most of the other fashion houses. (On her site they’re called stockings or tight. Not tights, tight.) But she doesn’t really “get” pantyhose. Like a lot of her pantyhose are toeless. Uggh!

    In the USA pantyhose are sheer and tights are opaque. In Great Britain they’re all tights. Unfortunately the USA seems to be going that way. I say unfortunately because there’s something uniquely erotic about the word pantyhose. Maybe some of that has to do with the word “panty” in there. There’s a movie from the fifties called Anatomy of a Murder with the word panties in it. That was considered risque at the time and I think some of the eroticism of the word is still there. Men and women wear pants and the word doesn’t do anything for me. But only women (and a very few men NTTAWWT) wear panties and that adds to the appeal of the word for straight men like me.

    • Hi Walt,

      A quick check of their website shows Donna Karan Hosiery. Well, that’s better than tights at least. And, yes, I saw that idiotic toeless style. Just when one might think Donna Karan gets pantyhose, think again. Anyone who offers or buys toeless pantyhose is missing the whole point about pantyhose.

      Thank you for your comment, Walt.

  • “They chose to wear ActSensuous pantyhose with nothing on underneath for their own personal reasons, but I would imagine, mostly because that’s pretty much the idea based on our style (completely sheer to waist)….There are plenty of reasons a woman might choose to wear something under her pantyhose, but probably only one reason why she would choose not to under ours – ActSensuous pantyhose are designed to be very sexy!”

    Do you know this is the first time I’ve ever seen directly said what I’ve been thinking for years about the sexiness of sheer to the waist pantyhose without panties underneath which I’ve never actually seen in real life. Even sites like which talk about the sexiness of pantyhose and their “peculiar power over men” don’t come right out and state it that way. The best they can do is say sheer to the waist pantyhose is “suitable for wearing with leotards/high slit skirts and other high-cut garments.”

    That peculiar power over men must be something really deep down inside the sex center in men’s brains (this man anyhow) because it’s a relatively recent fetish. Unlike other fetishes no one has a pantyhose fetish because their father’s generation had the fetish because their father’s father’s generation had the fetish etc. Instead the pantyhose fetish popped up suddenly in the 1960’s I guess like Aphrodite arose fully grown from the sea foam. If that were to happen today Aphrodite would rise up from the sea wearing nothing but sheer to the waist Act Sensuous Act IV pantyhose.

  • Where’d everybody go? Looks like except for one post I’m the only active poster. Here’s my post of the day:

    The very best photo on your site is Nikita looking all hot and lovely in act IV light taupe

    The other day I clicked on it and the page was slow to load. The photo appeared slowly from the top down as Nikita unveiled herself starting with her left knee. Usually slow loading pages are an annoyance but this was a tease!

    The four Act IV product photos – looks like the same shoot – are also hot. As is the home page slide show. I especially like the first two – Nikita wearing that royal blue sundress and the act IV light taupe pantyhose is so pretty, feminine and sexy. I like her relaxed but revealing position and I wish I was on the park bench next to her. No doubt about it. Nikita is my pantyhose poster princess of the 21st century.

    It reminds me of my first of very few romantic encounters of a girl wearing ph. I may have grown up as a teenager and young man in the golden age of pantyhose in the 70’s and 80’s but then for all of the girls of my age it was all jeans all of the time. Well, one night my first gf wore a dress and ph. We got back to her house and she sort of flopped down on the couch in such a way that I could see up her dress. It wasn’t that she was trying to let me see up her dress but that she didn’t care if I could see up her dress and that was a real turn on.

    How about some videos, like Jessica’s fantasy stockings?

  • I tell myself, no more than one comment a day. Just this once, a second comment.

    1. This photo of Kayla

    is spectacular.

    2. I think I recognize the legscape, er, landscape. Is this Pennsylvania looking across the Delaware River to New Jersey?

    • Hi Walt,

      Thank you for your comment. That is a nice pic of Kayla, but as far as where she lives, even I don’t know. I know the professional photographer, but the professional model was chosen by him. He doesn’t live in PA, and I don’t remember his traveling to meet the model.

      • I absolutely agree with Walt that the photo of Kayla is OUTSTANDING!

        As far as the comments regarding how sheer-to-waist pantyhose are worn, I’m a firm believer that pantyhose are so named for the function they serve.

        Back in the day, Hanes ran a two-page magazine ad entitled, “Hanes Explains Pantyhose”, that illustrated women of different ages getting dressed for various occasions in various styles of pantyhose — all worn as nature intended. 🙂 (In fact, I’ve never seen any advertisement showing anything different.)

        As far as nude pantyhose looking more conservative than darker shades is concerned, my guess is that since wearing pantyhose has turned into a federal crime, women required to wear them may feel more comfortable making their pantyhose as inconspicuous as possible.

        (To me, this is really silly. I mean, does Clairol make GREY hair color? C’mon, people!)

        What strange times we live in… Men feel free to wear earrings, and women are afraid to wear pantyhose.


  • I wonder how many readers have experiences like these?

    I’m in a supermarket or drugstore. I find some reason to walk down the hosiery aisle. Don’t stop, quick look, keep walking… Maybe some guys have the b___ to stop and stare; I don’t.

    Except if I’m waiting for someone or something, like I’m in a drugstore waiting for a prescription. I walk around randomly looking at things: envelopes…band-aids…vitamin C…pantyhose. Somehow I always randomly end up looking at the pantyhose. Isn’t that odd?

    Pantyhose packages aren’t nearly as erotic as they used to be. Why is that? It’s almost as if they’re trying to desexualize their product.

    • Good observations and a very good question, Walt. Hmmmmmmmm, let’s see: Pantyhose packaging is no longer sexy; women aren’t buying pantyhose the way they used to. I think you’re on to something here, Walt.

      Long gone are the TV commercials in which a few celebrities with nice legs pranced around in L’Eggs or No Nonsense or Hanes, while gentlemen reacted with approving glances if not outright staring. Women thought pantyhose were sexy because men thought they were sexy and TV commercials told everyone so.

      Those were the days alright.

      Thanks for your comment, Walt.

    • Growing up in the ’70s and ’80s I fondly remember the pantyhose commercials on television. The “Gentlemen Prefer Hanes” ads ran for nearly a decade if I remember correctly. Those commercials always featured attractive women in glamorous settings or professional environments as doctors or lawyers. Another favorite of mine was a commercial for Hanes Silk Reflections from the late ’80’s. The commercial featured a man and women dressed for an evening on the town with a voice-over commenting on his date’s flirtatious nature and feminine charm, and of course, her legs. The commercial ends with him picking up his date like a bride as she kicks her legs and they embrace. In the ’70s and ’80s, they weren’t selling pantyhose – they were selling feminine beauty, elegance, confidence, success, and of course, sex; and women were buying. As an adolescent during that time those images shaped the kind of woman I sought for a future partner – one who exhibited the beauty, grace, and elegance of the women in those commercials. For me, pantyhose are a visible and tangible representation of a woman at her best and most beautiful.

      The good news is that since the big players have largely exited the marketing of pantyhose there is more room for niche players to step in and reclaim the pantyhose market by once again selling those same qualities that made pantyhose a huge seller back in the ’70s and ’80s. I’d like to think it shouldn’t be a hard sell to sell these qualities since they are universal across cultures and time periods. It has never been easier or cheaper to market a product. Camera equipment is reasonably affordable and anyone has access to You Tube, Vimeo, Facebook, Pinterest, and various other social media. It would be an interesting experiment to test out pantyhose commercials on an audience on social media.

      Mass marketing pantyhose on television today would likely be much tougher. I think the players like Hanes fear a negative reaction to pantyhose commercials. Social media has given a megaphone to a small, but very loud, minority of critics who would sharply criticize companies that dare show commercials in which men might notice a woman’s legs or comment on her appearance. I don’t think commercials in the same vein as the “Gentlemen Prefer Hanes” ads would get by without controversy today (although controversy might not be such a negative thing).

      There is good news on the horizon. I have noticed very young women in their teens and early 20’s wearing pantyhose on a much larger scale than I’ve seen in years. Perhaps this generation will discover what was obvious to women in the past.

      • Actually, there ARE commercials for pantyhose currently being “aired” today on the Internet. For example, Shapings has some INCREDIBLE commercials and videos of some of their photo shoots posted on Youtube. See:

        As far as television is concerned, one idea might be to air them on TV networks that televise shows from the 70s and 80s. The “AntennaTV” network has been airing a promo for “Three’s Company” where they point out that “Janet” (played by Joyce DeWitt) is almost always seen wearing pantyhose. (Joyce went on to appear in L’eggs television commercials in later years.)

        It’s hard to think of a better opportunity to air a modern pantyhose commercial that pays homage to the past, while promoting their use today!


  • i love the look and feel of pantyhose on a woman. thank you for having the courage to start a website geared to those of us with this fetish. 🙂

    • Hi Charlie,

      Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Hope to see your comments on any of the posts I’ve written, or your reaction to any of the other comments here.

  • Hi Robin,

    When a woman is all fixed up–hair, nails, makeup, dress, pantyhose–heels are sexy. But pantyhosed feet are also sexy, and heels ought to be the first thing to come off. It really bugs me that there are so many packages and product sites that have women undressed all the way down to their pantyhose, but they’re still wearing heels. I’m thinking, show me your feet!

    Your site has both. For any product that shows a woman in heels, you also show a woman in her supererotic pantyhosed feet. Thank you!

    One complaint: tattoos. To each his own, I suppose, but I don’t like’em. I’m surprised you have them on your site, given your emphasis on traditional notions of femininity, which definitely don’t include tattoos.

    • Hi Walt,

      Thanks for your comment. I hear you.

      I don’t have any tattoos and cannot see ruining my skin, but I don’t have a problem with anyone who does have tattoos. Besides, the chance to shoot professional models or everyday girls wearing our pantyhose certainly trumps my own attitude about tattoos.

  • Finally, someone who “gets” pantyhose! No crotch panel, no reinforced toe or heel, no more-opaque panty area, no gets more opaque midthigh (a huge turnoff for me). Lots of websites that you’d think would get it, don’t.

    Even completely but evenly opaque PH get me going. They still conform to a woman’s body, up over her beautiful rounded buttocks, etc.

    There is nothing sexier than a woman wearing nothing but sheer-to-the-waist pantyhose! In my city there was a major road with a big billboard with a women in such a state of dress (or undress), with the caption “pantyhose for men”. I think but am not sure it was a Jockey ad. I can’t find that billboard online; you search for “pantyhose for men” and you get lots of hits about men wearing PH, which is not my thing at all.

    There’s an article 30 September in the New York Times online (which will probably be printed in the Sunday magazine) about the move of dress codes away from pantyhose. There’s this:
    “A friend who is employed by a big bank with a conservative culture…tells us its women are made to understand that they should wear nude hose or black hose or maybe, maybe, opaque black tights in all but the sultriest heat.

    Question: For dress codes that require women in skirts or dresses and covered legs, how is it that the MORE revealing sheer hose, rather than the less revealing opaque hose, became the conservative standard of dress?

    I’ve got lots more to write. I’ll see that this forum is still active and that this comment posts before contributing another comment.

    • Hi Walt,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      As for your question, I don’t know for sure, but my guess is sheer pantyhose look more conservative than opague in corporate environments and formal setting. Also, that’s the way it’s always been in the U.S.

      • Hi Robin,

        Glad to see this forum is still active.

        Odd that the sheerer, sexier, more revealing option became to be considered more conservative than opaque hose. When, why, and how that came about historically I don’t know.

        Hollywood doesn’t “get” pantyhose. Neither do strip clubs/men’s clubs (as portrayed by Hollywood; I’ve never actually gone into one). Sexy is portrayed the same way it’s been portrayed for I guess almost a century–stockings and garter belt with (rubber?) garters, which is a ridiculous system given the alternatives. Maybe they ought to ask men what men really like the most?

  • During the early 1970s, a woman appearing on a prime time television commercial demonstrated the strength and stretchability of her hosiery by inserting her left leg into the hosiery she was already wearing on her right. Although I was less than 10 years of age at the time, seeing the woman’s foot and leg slowly penetrate those tight hose REALLY intrigued me, and I felt inexplicably compelled to duplicate the act myself so I could experience it firsthand.

    Sometime later, another commercial featured women lying on their backs while bending and stretching their legs as the words “Up and down in L’eggs!” were sung in a slow, staccato rhythm. If I’m not mistaken, the women were shown wearing nothing but pantyhose below their waists. This was probably the first time I had seen women in pantyhose, and the mere sight left me in a state of shock and awe. Seeing pantyhose being applied to an act of physical, repetitive, exercise stirred up a VERY strong desire within me to want to go “Up and Down in L’eggs” myself.

    As my fascination with hosiery grew, I would often take diversions away from my parent’s established route through department stores to secretly peruse the hosiery isles where photos of women encased in sheer nylon were displayed on every package of pantyhose. I felt I had reached nirvana when I saw a package of sheer-to-waist pantyhose for the first time. I truly envied the photographers who took pictures of women in pantyhose, and often fantasized about becoming a photographer so I might be able to do the same, someday.

    With more and more of my thoughts being devoted to pantyhose and the beautiful women who wore them, I soon became aware of how women would seductively rub their pantyhosed legs together while crossing them, caress their legs with their hands, dangle their shoes, drop them to the floor, cross their legs and slowly rotate their elevated foot around in a circular motion, and even give their feet a little tickle by gently rubbing the bottom of their feet over the back rim of their shoes, all usually while carrying on a conversation or doing other work. Women not wearing pantyhose did none of these things. There had to be a reason to explain this difference in behavior.

    I could only conclude what I had suspected all along — that an article of clothing as tight and stretchy as pantyhose, that covered so much of a woman’s body, HAD to make them feel good all over, because the women I witnessed certainly weren’t hiding the fact that they enjoyed wearing them! I was finally “on” to their little “game”, and soon grew jealous of the fact that women were free to wear pantyhose and enjoy the pleasurable experience they provided whenever and wherever they pleased, whereas I, as a boy, could do no such thing.

    Men don’t wear articles of women’s clothing for any reason, especially not in front of millions of people for the purpose of selling them to women. But in 1974, Joe Namath did just that by appearing on a national television commercial while waist deep in a pair of Hanes Beautymist pantyhose. I couldn’t believe my innermost private desire was being played out on TV, and that some other man was living my dream and experiencing a forbidden pleasure I so badly wanted to experience myself! Seeing that commercial provoked a lot of embarrassment and jealousy on my part, but it also got me thinking that maybe my secret desire for trying on pantyhose wasn’t so far fetched after all. Unfortunately, that hope vanished soon after the comedians and the rest of the American public weighed in on the commercial.

    Over time, it became increasingly difficult for me to suppress the strong feelings I had for pantyhose and the women who wore them. I discovered that Halloween was a great time to see women playfully dressed in pantyhose, and I strongly suspected some men conveniently selected their costumes so they could get away with wearing pantyhose, themselves. Crafty bastards perhaps, but they weren’t fooling me.

    As their popularity continued to rise, women began replacing the tights they normally wore under their exercise outfits with pantyhose. Not only did this put pantyhose in a very playful and recreational light, but it also put quite a lot of sheer nylon on public view where it was common to see a woman’s feet, legs, and buttocks encased in beautifully sheer nylon that grew even tighter and more transparent with every stretch and bend.

    Pantyhose workouts continued being popular when Suzanne Somers became the spokesperson for the “Thighmaster” in the early 1990s. Suzanne, along with all the other women appearing in her commercials, demonstrated the use of the Thighmaster by repeatedly squeezing and releasing the device between their beautifully pantyhosed thighs. All the women in the commercial had gorgeous legs, but just how much of that was due to the Thighmaster, and how much of that was due to their pantyhose?

    These are just a few high profile events that were common throughout much of our society that helped spark my affinity for pantyhose and keep it burning for over 40 years. I can’t imagine how any man could be a witness to these events and NOT form a strong association between pantyhose and a woman’s sex appeal. While some may feel a threshold is crossed when a man’s affinity for pantyhose rises to the level of wanting to experience the forbidden pleasure of wearing them himself, those individuals should consider the sports fan, who not only enjoys watching a game of basketball played by professionals, but who soon develops an insatiable desire to “shoot hoops” himself as a consequence of being a spectator.

    Some further thoughts on the subject:

    * People are products of their environment, and some of the powerful likes and dislikes we carry throughout our lives are formed at a very early age, sometimes without our knowing it.

    * Young boys are highly influenced by what they see, and it is completely natural for them to want to explore and mirror actions they see in others if the actions appeal to them in any way.

    * Pantyhose are designed and manufactured not only to enhance a woman’s beauty, but to feel great, too. Skin encased in thin, tight, silky nylon experiences a heightened blood flow and an increased sense of touch. The laws of physics and biology that dictate these phenomenon are gender-neutral.

    * Normal healthy human sexual behavior is more than simply being an “act of fertility”. The human brain’s capacity for symbolism makes it completely natural for anyone to subconsciously bind inanimate objects to intimate parts of the human body they represent or come into contact with.

    * Actions that cause no harm to anyone are, by definition, harmless actions. A man who truly admires women in pantyhose or wears pantyhose himself simply for the pleasure they bring is guilty of nothing more than a little symbolic sexuality, and that’s just a normal part of being human.

    * Pantyhose are incredibly “stretchy”. While they may start out being very small and flaccid, the mere act of putting them on causes an incredible elongation into one of tremendous length and strength that beautifully encapsulates a woman’s feet, legs, and private areas. This elongation process is strongly symbolic of a man’s anatomy.

    * The process of inserting the body into a tight, confining structure (such as pantyhose) that grows long and tight and feels increasingly pleasurable as elongation and penetration take place is strongly symbolic of human intercourse.

    * Men are visual creatures. Suntan pantyhose are particularly attractive to men because tanned skin is an indicator of good health in women. Women with tanned skin subconsciously appear to be better candidates to men for the purpose of mating and sustaining the human race.

    * Finally, actions speak louder than words. If women can exercise and do the splits in pantyhose, any claim made that pantyhose are “restricting” or uncomfortable to wear are HIGHLY suspect.

    Everyone’s life experiences are different, but hopefully the thoughts expressed here will help promote a greater understanding and acceptance of pantyhose, an appreciation for the incredible power they often possess, and a recognition of the (sometimes unspoken) benefits they bring to our lives.

    Love and Peace,

    • Hi JA,

      Nice to hear from you again. OMG, what a comment. Besides being the longest comment ever recorded here, you really put a tremendous amount of thought and passion into it.

      Also, very well done. All that, and no poor sentence structure or spelling errors. Let me know when your book comes out because I’ll buy it.

      Thank you very much for this amazing comment.

        • Hi JA,

          You have a profound understanding of, and deep-seated feelings about pantyhose, and you have the talent to eloquently convert your thoughts into words (lots of words 🙂 ). I hope you will comment on this blog frequently.



      • Hello Robin,

        Wow! I can appreciate JA’s comments and feelings regarding pantyhose, especially the male point of view regarding the symbolism of the material. I may not be as profound in my thinking, for I guess I have been relatively simple in how I feel towards pantyhose, but I have always admired the way it takes shape on a woman’s body.

        I don’t wear them so my thought on the matter only focus’s on that. I have no judgement or negative thoughts for men who wear them for that is their liking. I guess I have always thought they were made for women and that to me is the best invention ever to compliment a woman’s lower physical form. Great writing JA.

        I hope at some point to be able to express my feelings as well in such a manner. Thank you Robin for giving us the opportunity to let ourselves express through this blog.

        I whole-heartedly support your passion to bring pantyhose back to it’s glory days.


        • Hi Robin and Tracy.

          Thank you both for your kind comments. Any efforts made to bring pantyhose back from their “mass extinction” get my full support, as well.

          I can recall about 30 years ago when a local K-Mart had a HUGE hosiery department not far from the entrance of the store. They had mannequins waist deep in pantyhose placed so high in the air that they could be clearly seen anywhere in the store.

          Contrast that to today, where the sign above Aisle 3 in a supermarket not far from that very same K-Mart has the word “pantyhose” shifted to the left so that only the last four letters of the word are visible.

          How sad is it that an item of clothing so widely accepted and proudly worn by millions of women of all ages has since fallen off the map and been reduced to an object of such shame, embarrassment, and ridicule? I can understand how a feminine product intended for use by MEN would be rejected by MEN in such an aggressive manner, but WOMEN? Why would women want to sabotage their own femininity?

          I think one of the reasons is that our society has been in an emotional depression for the past 20 years. To be feminine is to be vulnerable, and when times are tough, the vulnerable don’t survive. And so probably without even realizing it, women have “Manned Up”, turned “Butch”, and returned to their old “Granny Panties” and “Bloomers” of yesteryear in response to living in such uncertain times.

          Fortunately, we are beginning to dig ourselves out of this depression. People are feeling better and women are slowly regaining the confidence they need to drop the Fred Flinstone underwear and go “Sheer Without Fear” once again.


          • Hi JA,

            Interesting perspective you have. I agree that there has been a trend during the past decade or so, in which women somehow got the idea that it would better to dress, act and be like men, rather than to embrace their femininity.

            Still, I think everything’s a little less dramatic than all that. I think Hollywood has always influenced fashion, and the Sex and the City TV series and movies gave women an excuse to stop wearing pantyhose, and they jumped on the bandwagon.

            But now, we’re seeing more and more Hollywood actresses and other female entertainers wearing sheer pantyhose again, and we can already see pantyhose beginning to show up again in all the right places. Is there still a lack of effort by the average woman to look professional, classy and feminine? Yes, but those who so easily deserted pantyhose when the opportunity arose, will likely be among the first ones back, as they are concerned more with doing what everyone else is doing, rather than using their own brains, attitudes and beliefs.

            It is clear that men everywhere in the world have made their love for women in pantyhose known in staggering numbers. But men had the chance to stop the trend of women trying to become men themselves from the very beginning. But women were sneaky. They started by wearing football jerseys, learning the game, going to games, acting like animals the way their men do, and then dressing like men, talking like men, trying to take jobs away from men, etc.

            And, in that way, men are to blame for sitting back and allowing women to infiltrate their ranks. Oh sure, they thought it was cute at first, and they loved being able to talk with their girlfriends or wives about sports. I mean, really, it’s great that women want to watch sports and hang out with their husbands and boyfriends, but when they started looking and acting like men, their husbands and boyfriends should have nipped that in the bud.

            My take anyway. Thanks for your comment, JA

            • Hi Robin,

              I totally agree with what you just said. The fact that the Women’s Movement aka suffrage that started in the 70’s by “so called” feminists is also equally to blame. I’m all in favor of people having the right to their own opinion and even expressing that opinion, 1st Amendment rights guaranteed by the Constitution, and what makes this country great.

              I too am saddened and critical of those, in this case, women who will give up on some articles of clothing; i.e. pantyhose or hosiery in any form just be able to claim they are being free and independent. They feel like their total abandonment, hatred, and boycott of the product is their way of proving they are free thinkers and spirits.

              That is the most ridiculous excuse I hear from women and observe. I then try to distance myself from them in some manner. For women as individuals to give up an article of clothing that is feminine, classy, and beautiful just be considered one of the “in crowd” or on the bandwagon does not show any indication of being free and independent thinking at all.

              To me it shows they are no different than mere sheep, just followers not leaders. And, certainly not free thinkers or spirits. Men are also to blame as you mentioned, we as a gender and society have let women dictate to us what they want and think. The so called balance is still off. It does seem to be slowly moving back to the middle but, for now we men need to continue being men and trying to reach that balance in the middle with women on all levels.

              We as men need to also start finding ways of convincing women that wearing pantyhose and hosiery of any kind has more benefits than negatives.

              Looking forward to your next post Robin. Keep up the great work.

            • Hi Robin.

              There’s plenty of blame to go around, but I think the big name hosiery manufacturers should have come out swinging when the downturn started, and launched an advertising blitz to unmercifully mock the “Dare to go Bare” movement into oblivion. They knew men loved women in pantyhose, and that they were a staple in every woman’s wardrobe. They had the sales numbers and were aware of the trend, and they had the power ($$$) to invest in the future of their products and turn the situation around.

              Instead, they pulled back on their already watered down marketing, and diversified their product lines to cushion the blow and protect their stockholders.

              They let it happen. In fact, I suspect they took their eyes off the ball long before the first signs of the impending “Mass Extinction” occurred.

              I cannot emphasize enough how prevalent pantyhose were in our society throughout the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s. The newspaper, magazine, and television ads were unbelievably revealing and provocative (by today’s prudish standards), as young, beautiful women were often seen wearing nothing but pantyhose in those ads and on product displays and packaging.

              Nothing could be sexier, but over time, society started taking a more conservative turn, and businesses followed and reinforced that trend. Packaging and ads started showing women only from the waist down. No longer were there women’s faces to connect to, or happiness being conveyed to potential buyers by the women modeling the products. Eventually even THOSE images got to be too much, and were replaced by some form of artwork, descriptive words, and a small window to allow visibility of the product AS IT APPEARS IN THE PACKAGE.

              By taking women out of the pantyhose picture and removing images of women from their ads and product packaging, hosiery manufacturers effectively dehumanized their products. That’s not the way to market an attractive, provocative, sexy, intimate item of women’s clothing. That’s the way to sell spark plugs!

              Furthermore, it didn’t help matters when L’eggs dropped their iconic plastic “egg” packaging, and replaced with a cardboard box. Every successful product has a “hook”, and that egg was pure marketing genius that symbolized pantyhose in America for decades. Not only is the egg long gone, but L’eggs scrubbed the word “pantyhose” from their website earlier this year, and replaced it with the word “sheers”.

              When a major manufacturer distances itself from its most successful product and treats it as if it were a form of embarrassment, what does this say about the image they are trying to convey about their own product? How can we expect anyone else to think anything better?

              In my mind, pantyhose got devalued so much by these events that it only seemed natural for men and women alike to abandon their affinity for them, and feel absolutely justified in doing so.

              Fortunately, we have smaller companies who realize there’s more to pantyhose than being simply “Granny Wear” and a traditional part of the corporate uniform, who aren’t afraid to admit there are many youthful, fun, playful, sexy, and sensuous aspects to wearing pantyhose, and are taking a leadership role in bringing pantyhose back into that light once again.


  • I am a pantyhose wearing manI like wearing them fresh off a woman’s body after she had them on Its what turns me on drives me crazy I like to feel like themI have worn them all my lifeI would always go in my sisters room after she would take them off And I wouldn’t put them on my body and feel very sexy seductive and luxuriousThen I would put her bra her dress and heels on And when I got fully dressed in her whole outfit I would feel just like she felt in those sexy smooth soft sensuous pantyhose now she gives them to me fresh off of her sexy body when she is ready to take them off she comes to my house and lets me undress her so I can wear her sexy dress bra pantyhose and heels wehold each other tight against each other sowe can feel the sexyness of each otherspantyhose covered body she even brings her girl-friends oover for me so I can wear their sexy pantyhose fresh off of their warm sexy bodies we all love our pantyhosefresh from each others bodies and we don’t have no shame in what we do we even climb in bed with each other and roll around on each other and make outsexually it is out of this world my sisters pantyhose fresh off of her warm sexy body are the most extreme inthe whole world iI’llnever stop wearing them

  • First, I am a man, European, living now in the US for a while and traveled through most of Europe, the US and also to China and Japan and some African countries. Indeed, US women for some reason do hardly where pantyhose (anymore). Probably a collective denial or perception that it is old fashioned, itchy, or whatever. Well, since I wear PH myself, including skirts and high heels (I will get to that later), I can say from first experience that PH are not itchy, they do not sack and they are not hot. Even not in hot, South Easter US summers. It all depends on the brand, the sheerness (ultra sheer in summer) and size.

    As great pantyhose lover, not only on myself, but probably even more on women, it was a great disappointment to come to the US. In 1 year I probably see 10 women wearing PH, a number that I see in Europe in 1 day, probably even double that number. In Asia in 1 hour, my ultimate pantyhose heaven. In fact, I sometimes wonder how the on-line shop where I buy my PH can even survive without me (I am a frequent buyer). I didn’t dare to ask yet. Poor US guys, you miss a lot, I can tell you. Can we ever change that again? I don’t know. Leave that up to you. I just move back to Europe in a few years and have pantyhose wearing women all over the place again!

    How did I get this PH love (for some reason I dislike calling it a fetish, because I feel completely normal about it and calling it a fetish sounds “dirty” to me). Probably like most others in my young years. In those days all women in Europe wore PH all day, as did my mom. At some day, probably around age 10-12, I started realizing that I liked the look of her legs, though I felt ashamed since after all, she was my mom. Finally I got the courage to try on a pair of hers and immediately realized how very good that felt. As teenager it turned me on when wearing them. I have been a ball-room and Latin American dancer and the girls always wore dresses / skirts with PH and high heels. I had a good time. My first wife also wore them, but was absolutely against me wearing them. My second wife has no problem with that anymore.

    Wearing PH started as a medical reason. Wearing male underwear under my pants gave me at that time quite some pain and after many doctor and hospital visits without result, I decided to try wearing PH under my pants. What a relieve! My wife was okay, seeing how much better it was for me. I then also confessed that I loved wearing PH already for a long time. The pain went away, I was able to wear male underwear again under my pants to work, but I kept dressing in PH in the house. Since I do not wear underwear under them (hey, after all, they are hoses and they just feel much better without underwear), it started feeling a bit strange running around the house in a shirt and pantyhose underneath, with my male parts glanzing through the sheer PH. So at one day I put on a skirt of my wife (it was a bit too tight, but women have luckily wider hips than men, so although she is a lot shorter than I am, at least I could try). That felt good! At first I did not dare to tell her, but after a fe months I did. She agreed that I could wear skirts, as long as she is not at home.

    That solved part of my problem. I could walk in PH and skirt while she was not at home, but when she was, I was still “half naked” when walking around. Slowly I could convince her how I felt about that and she agreed me to wear skirts around her. That happened when we had already moved to the US. The first time was a bit weird, but she took it actually very good. Finally I concluded that a skirt and PH do not go with male shoes, period. So I bought my first pair of high heels (2.5 inch). As with the skirt, it took my wife some acceptance time, but I can now walk around the house in skirts, PH and high heels. I have a collection of 8 skirts, 3 pair of high heels and many more PH’s. From (very) sheer, to tights in a wide range of colors. I love combining them with my male shirts. I have no interest in wearing dresses, bra’s or any other women clothes. Just a straight guy, with a female “bottom” part.

    From reading on internet, I know there must be many more guys that wear PH. Of course there are cross-dressers that want to pass as women, but that is not what I am. I wonder if there are also that many guys that wear PH, skirt and high heels and otherwise normal male upper clothing. It may be that in fact more men are wearing PH in the US than women, although only at home. That is definitely my last wish: being able to go outside in my partly female outfit. I hike often in PH under my shorts and my wife approves that. I bought a hiking skirt, under which I also wear PH. That is still one step too far for my wife, so sometimes I go alone in my skirt when I make a walk in the forest.

    I realize my story may not fit too well in this blog. I do hope though to get some reactions of men and women on what they think of men wearing PH, skirts and high heels and if they should be able to wear in public. Better see men wearing it, than nobody anymore here in the US ;-).


    • Hi Erwin,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      Don’t worry. I think you’ll find there are only open and nonjudgmental commenters here.

      One note: Most, if not all the male readers of this blog (and probably most men in general) have a strong pantyhose fetish. I think there is nothing wrong with that, and I don’t see the word as implying anything dirty, as much as passion.

      Thanks again, Erwin. Hope to hear more from you about any of the other posts here that so inspire you.

  • As I’ve said before, I’ve had a hose fetish before I could remember, and I believe that fetish is what spawned my foot fetish! So it’s like a double dose!!!

    I do remember in school though, I was lucky and had some descent looking teachers with nice legs and feet that often wore pantyhose. I was constantly distracted in class watching their legs and feet! Two teachers stick out in my memory very vividly!!!!

    The first was my computer teacher in high school. She was a very attractive, tall lady with an athletic build and long shapely legs! She wore everyday! To make it worse, or better I guess, was that she would always be kneeling at cubicles and she would let her heels pop out of her shoe!!!!! To me that was so sexy!!! She had a variety of colors too, it would be suntan, smoke grey, off black, and a very sheer navy color! Her calves probably were the best feature the way the hose would stretch and wrap around her muscle definition!!!! Drove me crazy, I would have loved to been able to rub my hand across that calf and massage her feet!

    The other was a math teacher that also would Tudor me after school also in her classroom! A petite woman with just great legs and feet also! She always wore suntan hose, always! Usually with loafers or flats. After school when she would Tudor me, she would drag a desk next to mine and begin to explain the problems to me. It was then when she would cross her leg and with the room being so quiet, I could hear the heel of her shoe release its grip from her foot and then she would dangle it from her toes!!! Then she would pop it back on and let it release again, off and on constantly!!!!! It was at this point I was totally lost and she sounded like a mumble! All I could hear was the shoe sliding across the nylon material!!! The whole time wishing it was my hands or hoping she would rub her foot up and down my leg!

    It was after these days I would go home and spend an hour in the bathroom everyday!!!!! Fantasizing about getting my hands on these ladies lovely hosed stems!!!!!!! Very fond memories, but torture also! The crotch area of my pants would be so tight all day, it was a total constant tease session!!!!!

    Hope this brings back memories for others and maybe they had some of the same experiences!!! Would love to hear them!

  • I have always been attracted to a woman’s nylon foot if it is a shapely one. By that I mean a high arch and short toes. The nylons are a must as they give an added sexiness to the female foot.

    I wood like to hear comments from others about something:

    I love the scent of a clean nylon foot that has just been removed from wearing a High Heel shoe all day long. It is a spicy tantalizing affect on me.

    I often fantasize laying on the floor in front of a woman and have her massage my face with her nylon feet. I am sure it would give me a feeling of total relaxation that could not be obtained any other way.

    • my wife’s feet in nylons, with that slight hint of nail polish, and that oh so faint musky scent of her feet after being in nylons, is irresistible to me.

  • I think I am a little different from you guys. I was born in 87 so I grew up in the 2000’s. Naturally I mainly saw girls with jeans and shorts. It wasn’t till 2008 when it became the thing with alternative gals to wear tights/pantyhose under shorts or a cute dress/skirt. Was odd to me getting more and more into women using such clothing. Confused me since I was in my early 20’s and never really noticed hosiery. I would see women wear them every now and then and never thought anything of it. Now everytime I see a woman wearing them with a good outfit I go nuts and have to stare! Which I hate sometimes because I don’t want to make a woman feel uncomfortable but my eyes just stare.

    I can’t relate it to any woman in my youth. None of my teachers, class mates, neighbors or mom’s friends ever wore them. I am very lucky though. My gf since 2010 wears them for me in the bed room and even enjoys them due to me being more lustful. Was extremely hard to tell her and even embarrassing since it weirded her out at the beginning. But she was supportive from the beginning. O am a very lucky man 🙂

  • Hi, I just want to let you know that the poll you use to explain your support has many fallacy. The biggest is that you need to think about your readers. Most of your readers probably support pantyhose, so your random sample is not random. It would be the same idea as going to a group of elderly and ask them if they like hastagging things. Of course most would say no….

    Anyways, I love pantyhose, I think it is a professional wear that has been dropped cause of a casual society. Do get respect, dress for it.

    • Good point, Jay. However, while this is a blog devoted to pantyhose, many pantyhose haters read it and make negative comments about the posts I write.

      Also, look again at the answer choices on the poll that anyone in any camp (pro pantyhose or negative pantyhose) can choose.

      Do Men PREFER Women in Hosiery over Bare Legs?

      Answer Votes Percent
      Yes (I’m a man) 588 96%
      No (I’m a man) 9 1%
      Yes (I’m a woman voting on what I think a man prefers) 13 2%
      No (I’m a woman voting on what I think a man prefers) 1 0%
      I’m a woman and I don’t care what a man prefers 1 0%
      Other: 3 0%

      OK, OK, so most of the readers are men who love women in pantyhose. They deserve to feel good when they’re visiting this blog.

      In any case, thank you for your comment, Jay, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

  • I love when women wear pantyhose and nice shoes even open toed I also love and want to smell worship and paint for them I also would love if I was in a restaurant with a really nice looking woman and she was wearing pantyhose and say nice black shoes and she slipped them off and started rubbing her pantyhose up and down my pants it would make me wanna get underneath the table and smell them and her shoes getting back to helping women paint who wear pantyhose I would love it if they distracted me walking around in their pantyhose while I was painting for them because I love the smell of pantyhose and paint just the thought of it gets me excited!!! I have to get off to women’s pantyhose videos and have thoughts of painting for them!!! I really can’t resist when women wear pantyhose I don’t even have someone and haven’t for over 13 years I even go to bed at night thinking about them I wish I had a woman who I could paint for and whos pantyhose I could worship

  • Stephanie Franklin here. I really enjoyed reading this article. I myself really enjoy wearing black stockings and pantyhose. It is part of who I am. I also appreciate opinions regarding “not” doing the same. It’s related to a freedom thing. All of us in the United States are so fortunate to live in a country, where all ideas are welcome.
    Thank you for continuing your work on this subject. It will be a great help to many people, including both men and women.

  • Recently I went to a picnic with my gf over
    to a house of one of her first cousins and
    she was an attractive younger women in her
    20s and an administrative assistant who
    frequently wears pantyhose. In her
    bathroom there was a pair of pantyhose
    hanging on her shower head and dripping
    with water and that made my mind wonder.
    I then went into her bedroom and I found
    her pantyhose drawer and right outside it
    were two pairs of act sensuos act 3 I think
    barely black pantyhose. Inside the drawer
    were pairs of nude, black and suntan
    pantyhose. I Was Going Thru it discreetly
    feeling them but then I said I better get
    back to the party. Two hours later me and
    my gf left the party. Two days later my gf
    said my cousin said she saw you going thru
    her pantyhose drawer but she didnt want to
    suprise you. I go was she mad and
    my gf goes no way she was quite flattered
    and she told her cousin about my pantyhose
    fetish. My gf handed me a bag saying this
    is from her and two more for your
    collection. I know this seems kinky and
    I hope you don’t start sneaking over to
    her house..a pair of nude and black ones
    were in the bag.

  • Wow Roberts collection makes mine look
    small.Well Robert all I can say is there is
    nothing sexier than a woman who truly
    enjoys wearing pantyhose especially
    with a dress or skirt and heels or pumps

  • Why do so many have long love affairs with their preferences for the “fetish” of exalting a woman’s leg’s and high heels to a fine art? It’s omly natural that BOTH men and women love the pretty look of the leg. Fashioned right, it’s a turn on. If in bad taste, it renders it so. If fetishes didn’t exist, the industry wouldn’t be a multi billion dollar bonanza.

  • I think once a woman thinks a man is a pervert there is no changing her mind, I too developed the curse of loving to see women in pantyhose and heels, my “fetish” got started long before school, my mom had a friend that we kids called aunt Carmen, she was a beautiful woman and so nice to me, she always wore pantyhose and heels, but later on in school my love of them would be strengthened in school,

    in 5th grade I had a really pretty teacher, she always wore skirts, pantyhose and strappy heels, sometimes pumps, in 6th grade I didn’t have anything pretty teacher and the same for the next two years, when 9th grade came I had a teacher that was out of this world!, she was the most beautiful woman I had ever seen, she kind of looked like Janet from three’s company, she always wore skirts, heels and of course pantyhose, but I found out what kind she wore, one day I stayed after school waiting for my mom to come in for a conference with her, while we waited she spilled coffee on her legs and she asked me to goto the bathroom and get some paper towels, when I came back I saw she had taken her pantyhose off and they were in the trash can, well my mom came and talked with her and when we were all leaving I acted like I forgot something and went back and got her pantyhose and stuffed them down the from of my jeans, they were wet with cold coffee but I didn’t care, you couldn’t have gotten those pantyhose from me for all the money in the world lol, when I got home I saw what they were, sheer energy pantyhose size A, I still have the tag from them, I don’t know if she ever knew I took them and I didn’t care, they were my prized possession, but that would all change when summer came,

    I had this friend, me and my brother were both friends with him, me and my brother were both skaters and one night we crashed at his house, well his mom was super sexy, I mean WOW!, well the next morning we got up and no one was home except for us, so we got some breakfast and while we were eating his mom came home, she pulled the car in the garage and came in the kitchen and she had on a leotard, tan shiny tights and heels, I thought I was gonna pass out, I couldn’t take my eye’s off of her, she walked around like that for a while and then she was in the back rooms for a while and came out in jeans and a shirt, she took off the leotard and pantyhose/tights, so my brother and our friend got up and wanted to ride into town on our bikes and I couldn’t go anywhere, I couldn’t stand up, so after a while I was able to stand up and I had to use the bathroom and while I was in there I saw the leotard in the dirty clothes hamper and I opened it and there was the leotard and pantyhose, I took the pantyhose and put them in my skate bag and took them home, this became a habit with me, everytime I would go over there I would take 3, 4 sometimes 5 pairs of her pantyhose, I had a serious collection of her pantyhose, this went on for a couple of years until I started to drive, finally I got out of school and was free during the days,

    one winter day I saw her at the store and she told me to come over the next day, she had something for me to do she said, so I went over the next day and she was home alone, so I knocked on the door and she was on the phone and told me to sit down, when she got off of the phone she came in the living room and and asked me why I had been taking her pantyhose, I must have turned every shade of red known and then some, I remember feeling so hot, she smiled and said she thought it was nice, she dind’t have any problem with what I had been doing, she left and came back with some pantyhose and gave them to me, I won’t get into details, I will say she was the first woman to touch me there, we didn’t have sex, just touching, but it was so nice, but I think it ruined me for life,

    in 1990 I met a girl about my age and she acted like a kid, in 1992 I met a woman, a real woman, 9 years older than me, when I met her she was wearing jeans with keds and I could see nylons but couldn’t tell wheat they were, pantyhose, stockings etc.., we started to talk and then we started to see each other and I found out she always wore pantyhose, she never wore panties, just pantyhose, she lived in them witch was a huge plus, so after a while she moved in with me, she was a good woman, she respected wishes of not having sex, I was saving that for my wife, well after about 6 months of living together she asked me one night if I would marry her, yeah she asked me, I said yes, so about a week later I gave in and we made love, this was right around Christmas of 93, she still didn’t know about my pantyhose thing until one day about a month later, she was laying ontop of me and I had my hands down her jeans rubbing her pantyhose covered butt, she said you sure like my butt and that is when I told about my pantyhose obsession, she rolled over on the bed and I thought she was gonna leave the rom but she started to get undressed and I asked her what she was doing and she said I turned her on, she took off everything except for her pantyhose and we made love, mad passionate love, everytime after that I would want her to wear pantyhose when we made love and one time she said you wear them, I tried to put hers on but that wasn’t happening, she was a small woman and I am 6’5″ and about 220lbs, I’m not small, but it was fun trying lol,

    well, in early Feb. 94 she left for work and was killed in a car accident, I lost the love of my life, my best friend, my world was over, I have been alone ever since, I have tried to date over the years but nothing serious, no one like her, until about 4 years ago a friend told me about this website plenty of fish, so I put a post in there and I met this woman and we started to talk and we talked ALL the time, we got to know each other pretty good, one night she asked me what my favorite part of a woman was and I told her, legs, I am a leg man, so the next day I get a text from her and here is a picture of her legs and she was wearing a skirt, heels and pantyhose, I was shocked, I didn’t let on about the pantyhose thing,

    so this went on for a few months, everytime she would wear a skirt she would send me a leg picture and she was always wearing pantyhose and heels, tan pantyhose, black and brown, in the winter black tights, just teasing me to death, so after a year or so I jokingly asked what she did with her pantyhose when they got runs, she said throw them away, I said save them and give them to me, that’s when she called me a pervert and she ignored me for over a year, so last year I emailed her and wished her a happy birthday and she finally answered me and I told her how sorry I was for what I said, she acted like she didn’t remember and I asked why she ignored me, she ave me some flop ass excuse, so I have given up, that’s why I say when a woman thinks you’re a pervert her mind will never change, I wish I could find a woman like my fiance but I doubt that will ever happen, women like her are hard to find,

    now my story is out there and I am sure I will be bashed and put down and made to feel like shit, happy bashing..

    • Hello, Robert. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Your story is like many others that have been posted here, only your’s has the saddest ending. I am sorry for your loss.

      One thing about this community though — you’re among friends here. There isn’t likely to be any bashing. More like understanding. I think you and Steve have much to talk about.

    • That’s quite a story Robert. I’m sorry things worked out that way in the end. Keep your head up you just never know when great things may come your way in life.

  • Also in my last comment I forgot to
    mention Jill Had a great comment to.
    I have a gf who isnt bothered by my
    pantyhose fetish as I Have mentioned
    before.Jill sounds very intelligent. even
    though we had a bit of a go around.

  • Hey me. nice comment and you are definitely not alone and you could read about some
    things ive written about in this section as
    well as the section about teachers wearing

  • Ok, so I’m a guy with a fetish for women in pantyhose. From reading this site, is it safe to say I’m not alone in that? Are there really women out there who don’t think guys with this type of fetish are strange? I think my wife thinks I’m strange because of it.

    • Hello, Me. Wait, that sounds strange. Hello, You. No wait, you’re Me. No, I’m Me. You’re You. Oh, heck, now I’m confused.

      Thank you for your comment, Me, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I’m sure we women think all guys are strange for several reasons, but seriously, most women who are pantyhose haters likely would think you’re strange. But most women who are feminine and classy enough to actually like pantyhose, probably would get you.

      There are a few women commenters on this blog who love pantyhose, and they usually are very supportive of the guys who make comments on this blog.

      C’mon, ladies, back me (really, me) up here. Come to Me’s (that guy’s) rescue here.

      In any case, thanks again for your comment, Me (You; whoever you are…)

    • Ok me, I’ll play armchair psychologist here.

      Have you talked to your wife about this and explained it to her? If you haven’t, that would be a good first step. She might think it less strange if you try explaining it to her. I think in general women don’t understand the power of the visual on men, so try to help her at least be cognizant of it.

    • Oh oh oh, can I be the psychologist for a minute? I really don’t see this as a fetish at all although I come from a different background. The way I see it, it’s just a look with a little more finish and perhaps too feminine/sexy for the way things are headed.

      A good example of this would be to compare a miniskirt with shorts. You can make both of those the same length and out of the same fabric and I’ll let you decide what gets the most male votes. Now figure how many women will choose the shorts over the mini. Ask her why she would choose the shorts. The way I see it, I really don’t need or want the extra fabric between my legs. Has sexy become a four letter word? I guess I’ll chop off my nails and toss my makeup too

  • Hi Robin.there is a high school near where
    I live and this high school is one that isnt
    affiliated with the actual school district.
    Anyway Ive noticed the female teachers
    who park across the building where I live.

    Most Of The Time It Is Impossible To Tell
    the students from the teachers. I particularly look at the female teachers and they
    usually can be seen in jeans and t shirts.
    There is one teacher who wears a long skirt.
    When I was in high school back in the mid
    nineties the only teachers caught dressing
    like that were the gym teachers.

  • Hey Robin.I added another pair to my
    collection.I am a butcher at a grocery
    store and this younger woman works in
    the office at the same store.She Usually
    Wears Pantsuits but today she wore an
    aqua dress with matching heels and
    nude pantyhose.Well I complimented
    her on her nice legs and I would tend to
    follow her quite a bit during the day. at one
    point during the day I Was On my lunch
    break with her and when she caught me
    staring she said do you want to touch them?
    I Said Yeah And I spent about fifteen
    touching those sexy nylon clad legs later
    on at the end of the day when she saw me
    leaving, she followed me outside and gave
    me the pair she was wearing. She goes
    if you want these you could have them and
    they itch like hell.. She had changed into
    a different pair.

  • Becca.I like your perspective.Your husband
    sounds like a lucky guy.If Im not being too
    forward I would like to see those photos that
    you were talking about.

    • Hi, Steve. From my perspective, my husband and I are both lucky : ) Still deciding about the photos. Hope you understand.

  • I’m 29. I’m A Woman. And Yes, I Wear Pantyhose…

    I know, right? Has hell frozen over? I’m 29 (a “younger” woman, I guess) and I wear pantyhose quite a bit. Gasp. Once you all get your breath back, we can continue : )

    I wear them for myself and I wear them for my husband. And to answer that question — the one I think a lot of the men on this blog are curious about, having read some of the older entries — the answer is yes. But I’ll get to that.

    For myself, pantyhose are a very pretty and “classy” way to complete outfits and to make dressing more interesting. I do have nice legs (I was a professional dancer — no, not that kind — for a while), so pantyhose are a way for me to make them even prettier and, to be honest, draw more attention to them. You use what you have : ) I’m also fair, and I live in the Midwest, which makes going with bare legs sort of ridiculous because when my legs are bare, it’s really obvious (I don’t tan) and four months out of the year, it can be too cold to wear a skirt or dress and not wear pantyhose or tights. (On the other hand, in summer, I do sometimes wear skirts and dresses without pantyhose unless I have a business meeting or a dressier, more formal event to attend.)

    I do have to say that I’m sort of a snob about pantyhose. I wear brands that do cost more (sometimes a lot more) than what you’ll find at a drug store. You can tell when a woman hasn’t spent any time making the right choice because the pantyhose will just look cheap and won’t make her legs look any nicer. And it’s been an education for me too. Robin’s ActSensuous pantyhose are all-nylon, which I had to learn about. And trust me, there is a difference to how they wear and feel and how they look.

    But I don’t just wear pantyhose for practical reasons. Pantyhose are sexy to wear. There, I said it. If the pantyhose are well-made, they’re silky and soft and they can feel very erotic. Also to be honest, I don’t wear panties with pantyhose, and because of the sheerness and silkiness of the nylon, you definitely know you’re wearing them. Sometimes they’ll rub just the right way and that provides a little happy surprise during the day in a way that panties don’t. (I promised myself I’d be honest writing this, so I am.)

    For my husband, pantyhose are a turn-on. He’s always been a big “leg man.” He loves when I wear pantyhose and he’s always been open about that. In fact, I wear them more now that we’re together because I know that he appreciates the way I look in them and that he thinks they’re sexy. A really nice outcome of this has also been that I now know that I have pretty feet — which I didn’t know before I met him. He has a true nylon foot and toes fetish and he’s been honest with me about that too. I didn’t know men liked to see women’s feet in nylons, especially with pedicured/polished toes. But he’s shown me how sexy that can be.

    Finally, yes, I do wear pantyhose pretty often for our “sexy time,” as we call it. The first time we did this, I was prepared to feel odd, but the reality was much different. It was truly exciting from feeling him touch me through them to just the very idea that I was wearing them during our most intimate time together. I’d say at this point I wear them every other time we make love … and I really look forward to both kinds of experiences.

    Now to be honest, only about half of my female friends wear pantyhose. The other half have asked me about it, and let me know that they’d never wear pantyhose because they’re too uncomfortable, etc. I’ve been honest with them and told them it was because of the brands they buy. A few of these friends have actually tried what I’ve recommended and have started wearing them more often. The other friends continue to wear leggings that are so tight and sheer that they’re like pantyhose without the feet (LOL) or yoga pants that fit them the same way — and still, they don’t seem to get the similarities. I can’t change the world : )

    Having written this, I think I’ll write again. And perhaps I’ll send in a few pictures of me in ActSensuous pantyhose. It’s the least I could do to help the cause.

    • Hi, Becca. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      And, wow, what a great comment. Exactly what our (predominantly) male readers have been wanting — the point of view of a woman (besides just me all the time!) Thank you for your thoughtful (and highly personal) insights.

      OK, guys … you got that for which you’ve been yearning for so long. Now, let’s show some love to Becca by commenting on her comment and letting her know your reactions.

    • First time poster here. Just found the blog a while back and reading articles to get up to date.

      First, Robin, you are an exceptional writer in the clarity in which you deliver your thoughts…round of applause. I also appreciate your attitude and perspective related to hosiery, femininity, and dressing classy in a culture that celebrates looking like you don’t give a rip about how you look. Keep the flame burning!

      Secondly, Becca, thank you for revealing your thoughts, perspective and experiences. I appreciate it when any women would make an effort to dress nicely and accommodate her husband’s preferred look. I hope he reciprocates. Kudos to both of you.

      Robin, keep hammering away at the bear legs, flip-flop wearing (equally distasteful to me when done at inappropriate occasions), dress like cr*p culture in which the USA seems entrenched.

      Becca, hope to see you post and respond here in the future.


      • Hi TurboDey-Thank you for your nice comment. My husband does reciprocate. Nothing like him in a nice suit and tie : )

    • Becca, thanks very much for your story and giving your perspective. It gives me some hope that someday soon, there will again be increasing numbers of women dressing classy and elegant especially with all nylon sheer pantyhose. Thank you for standing out positively in an otherwise sea of slobs in our current culture. Look forward to reading more of your comments and hopefully pics of you in Actsensuous pantyhose. All the best to you and your husband.

      • Hi, Sheer Mike. Thanks for your nice comments. We’ll see whether or not the tide turns in our favor : )

        • Thanks for the reply Becca. We too live in the Upper Midwest (Wisconsin). I work in the financial services business and in a large home office. It seems most of the women dress more casual than in the 80’s and 90’s. Even those who do get dressier still go “bear” legged and then when the temperature drops under 50 they go right straight to opaque black tights or leggings with boots. Its rare I see women wearing sheer nude pantyhose.

          I really love the professional, polished and classy look to sheer hose (note my handle :-)) I posted comments to this same subject thread back on 9/20/2013 as to what drives my pantyhose fetish. Starting at 6 with my first grade teacher and again at 10 with an older girl babysitting my sister and me. I did not know yet at those ages about sex, yet understood the visual of seeing pantyhose on a young woman and admiring the sensuous feel of this fabric.

          And yes like your husband, I have a foot fetish, that in my case, think started with the babysitter time. My wife is not as frequent a wearer as you, but also hates the “bear” leggged look especially on what should be semi formal or dressy ocaassions. She has the prettiest pedicured feet especially in her pantyhose. She is wearing more frequently than in the past. I wish I could find a better way to express how much I love her nylon encased feet. Yet at the same time don’t want to make our time together all about what I like. I want it to be focused on her needs too. Any insight you can provide without revealing too much personal can help.

          Thank you again for adding another female voice to this blog and reading many of our comments as well as replying.

    • Becca,

      What a refreshing perspective. I commend you for living outside the box and inspiring others to do the same. I too live in the midwest (Minnesota to be exact) and have often been disappointed by the simple lack of common sense displayed by the ladies, mostly of Scandinavian heritage who blind us during the long winter months with pastie white “bear” legs. Welcome to the community and I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the future.

      • Hi, RNeeser-Thank you for your nice comment. I understand the “white legs in winter” –heck, I live it! And the snow is coming down again today and I’m deciding right now what to wear!

    • Becca,

      Thanks for your comments. You are a breath of fresh air for sure. Tell your hubby what a blessed man he is and that there are a lot of guys who’d love to trade places with him.

      Here’s a practical question for you. What advice would you have for guys whose wife/girlfriend is reluctant or just hostile to the idea of wearing pantyhose? My own advice is to be the kind of man that a woman will want to please. Being loving, being sweet, being kind, being a good listener will get you a lot further than being critical (the honey over vinegar analogy if you will). But, what do you think?

      Thanks again for your comments. I’m sure you have the respect and admiration of all the men here.

      • Hi Brkev-Thanks for your compliments. I don’t think I really deserve them, but I’ll enjoy them right now : ) I agree with you about honey versus vinegar. But I guess I would need to know more to even offer a helpful answer. The three most important questions, IMHO, are what is her age? have you asked her to wear them and she’s said no? And, why are you asking her to wear them (in other words, just to wear them? or for, um, sex? Let me know and I’ll try to offer something helpful, if Robin doesn’t mind.

        • I wasn’t asking for myself just sort of for guys in general who’d like some advice. Thanks for the offer though, maybe some other guys here will take you up on it.

          And you are most welcome for the compliments. Every time I see a younger lady wearing pantyhose I want to go up to her and say “Thank You for wearing pantyhose” but I don’t because I’d probably be thought of as a pervert, weirdo or both, and I’m neither, just a normal red-blooded straight American male.

    • Hi Becca. Read your post, and loved your comment. Definitely appreciate your love for wearing hosiery. And it’s very refreshing to finally read another actual woman on the blog outside our fantastic host Robin. Lol! To make a long story short, I’m one of those fetishists that love owning women’s worn hose. I’m just this year finally making that known. Extra special thanks to Robin’s blog. Are you willing to give away (or sell) a pair of your worn hose? Do not mean to be forward if taken that way.

  • Hello Again Robin.

    I have made other comments
    on this blog about three teachers
    in high school. I have to admit that those teachers
    were rather instrumental in the fact that I
    have a decent job today.

    At one point in
    9th grade I Wondered if I would
    graduate from HS. Then I noticed that
    beautiful material clinging to my nineth
    grade science teacher’s legs. The beginning
    of my fetish. I Never wanted to miss school
    again. I paid attention to this teacher and
    a few other ones.

    I went from a D student
    to a B student and today I have a decent
    job that pays well thanks to that sexy
    piece of nylon.

  • How do I have this fetish? –

    It began early in childhood. I grew up in the 80’s, so naturally pantyhose were a big deal. You saw pantyhose magazine advertisements, television commercials. Everywhere you looked women seemed to enjoy wearing them. Not just for their personal looks, but they seemed to wear them for pleasure too. Because, I noticed that many of the women wearing hose, seemed to like looking at their feet/toes in their pantyhose. While I believe some of the PH wearing women had a personal admiration for their hosed feet. They were very proud of them and would often kick off their shoes, and prop them up on a desk for all to see. Many professional women, secretaries, school teachers, lawyers, etc, would “dangle” their pumps and let them fall to the ground. This usually attracted the attention of others. And from a young male’s perspective, this was a very erotic and “taboo” thing. Because pantyhose, while being translucent, made you feel like you were seeing something you were not supposed to see, or normally see. Such as the nylon encased foot, that was hidden in the shoe (debooting). And from a young man’s perspective, this usually involved a key time during development. When certain male “parts” began to function. Unfortunately, (or fortunately for fetish sake lol) this time may have came during a school class, where a teacher was wearing pantyhose, and dangling or removing her pumps. This of course created excitement in the young boy. That was not worried about the day’s lesson. But, more worried about seeing the teachers uncovered, pantyhose feet. And then, almost as if she knew what she was doing. The teacher would call your name, and ask you to stand before the class and read something at the blackboard. Then, because of your desire, you are humiliated as you hear the subtle laughs from classmates mocking your swollen manhood. So then it becomes public humiliation. So these strong feelings become entwined with an object of desire. Generally, I personally began to associate pantyhose with all things feminine. And I think most other guys did as well. Pantyhose seemed to be a symbol of pride, for a sophisticated woman. I began noticing business women all wore them. And even just common women floating around in a sundress on Saturdays. On TV, I noticed the female superheros like Wonder Woman, and Supergirl, also wore them. To me this became a strong association with women. Both sexy, and powerful.

    Why do I have the fetish? –

    Because to me, there is nothing more feminine than pantyhose. Pantyhose seem to be the last garment that separates the sexes. Women can wear wrangler “tight” jeans, and men can wear sheer shirts and high heels. But no man will wear pantyhose in public. Its pretty obvious the mockery they would receive. In the 90’s, pantyhose started going the way of the dinosaur. You saw more and more bare legs. And women complaining about being forced to wear “god awful pantyhose”. So the trend caught on. And pantyhose became a fantasy. A bedroom fantasy. Enjoyed in privacy. Sure, there are still women out there that wear them as part of a wardrobe, for a job. But I don’t see that same fondness or appreciation for pantyhose anymore, by the women. Not the playful admiration they once had for their legs and feet. Now all I see is women complaining about them, about all the negative they believe they cause like itching, or too hot, etc etc. Some women are very vocal about it. They can make you feel lower than dirt for having such a fetish. But somehow they seem to forget, that it was a women wearing pantyhose, usually a school teacher, dipping her high heels, that created this fetish in many men. Did the jobs force the women to wear them? Sure, but did the jobs force the women to seductively dangle their high heels? Take them off and play with their feet, and prop them up on a desk? Seeking public glory. The women that did such things seemed to personally enjoy those things. They didn’t seem to see it as something “mandatory”. But more as something sensuous. As in the case of women admiring their legs and feet while wearing pantyhose. Carefully caressing their legs and toes, publicly adjusting the seem lines around their toes. It did begin as a fetish for me. As in having to have something to sexually get off or climax. But now it is a kink. Meaning I can have it or not. Whether its the girl in jogging pants and flip flops, or the business women in business suit/skirt, pantyhose, and pumps. But I PREFER pantyhose on a woman. It is my belief they enhance FEMININITY. And that makes a woman more feminine…and that much further away from masculinity. Its understood that a women is just a woman underneath all that make up and garments. But she is a WOMEN. And pantyhose help strengthen that notion.

    Its truly a shame what has happened to this country. Gone are the days when women wore pantyhose because they WANTED to. Now they only wear them when they have to, or to fit in. Like at a funeral, church, or a corporate business meeting. The modern woman would look to any man that likes pantyhose, and say, “you like them so much, you wear them!!!” But its not that simple, as a man, I have that fetish because of women. And even if men somehow started wearing them, (and many companies have tried) they will always be a man, not a woman. But just like you said with the apocalypse analogy, I would always prefer a woman in pantyhose. I wouldn’t leave anyone out in the cold in that situation. But to me personally, pantyhose are a feminine item, meant to be worn by women, to further enhance their femininity, and to be seen publicly as a symbol of female pride, and beauty.

    And for me personally, its all about pantyhose, and not stockings. Sure, they are both nylon. But stockings are like socks. Even men can get and wear thin nylon socks. But you won’t catch a man wearing pantyhose in public. Just watch any football game, the players have colored and lengthy sheer socks. These socks often come down, and we see they are in fact socks and not tights or pantyhose. Why? It seems it would be more advantageous for the players to wear pantyhose VS socks , cause they wouldn’t fall down. And pantyhose are known to stimulate blood flow to the legs. Yet they do not wear them. But the cheerleaders do! (thank God they still wear them too!!) Why do the football players not wear them? Because its a moral thing. And no macho guy would be caught dead in a “feminine” garment. Then what makes pantyhose different than stockings? Because pantyhose are the whole deal. They are sensuous, and cover a woman from waist to toe. So when you see a woman wearing pantyhose remove her shoe. Its very erotic thinking that the same fabric that covers her toes, also covers her genitals. And many business women choose to not wear underwear under their pantyhose. They prefer the cool, and sensual feel, of a thin layer of nylon separating their womanhood, and our world. I was reading how your pantyhose are made completely of nylon. Maybe thats why women don’t like them anymore. Maybe starting in the 90’s companies began mixing in all that lycra, and spandex, into the pantyhose. Its hard to be sensuous, when you are chafing from modern pantyhose. Outch!!!!!!!

    Well, I am glad I found your blog. It was nice to see a woman that actually gets it all. In much the same way that a man gets it. And also the way that women once got it. Although I appreciate pantyhose greatly, and admire them on a woman. I do not wear pantyhose, and I am not married, or in a relationship. But when or if I get a chance to buy pantyhose for a women? I am definitely looking for your blog, and your brand of pantyhose.

    Stay in touch


    • Hello again, usa423. Wow, this might be the longest and most detailed comment ever on The ActSensuous Blog. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings here. You have an interesting perspective, and I appreciate your point of view.

  • There Is Something Magical About Women
    Who Wear Pantyhose Regularly. It Must Be
    The Way The Silky Fabric Clings To A Woman’s
    Legs. Those Teachers I Talked About Back In
    High School Had A Dress Code I’m Sure.
    Something Alluring About The Nylon Clinging
    To An Attractive Womans Gams. I Would Always
    Have The Urge To Rub Those Pantyhose
    Clad Legs. Of My Teachers Back In H.S., the Only
    One I Could Compliment Was The 12th Grade English Teacher. Well Any
    Way Sometimes Even A Plain Looking Woman
    Who Wears Pantyhose Regularly Could Make
    Some Men Go Crazy. They can be the highlight
    of a guy’s day.

  • I also have a leg wear fetish, but it extends beyond pantyhose. I also have an intense attraction to over the knee socks, tights & thigh high stockings. I was raised & currently reside in a large Midwestern US city.

    My initial attraction to this type of clothing is very similar to other’s posts. Being in my late 40s I also (fortunately) grew up when legwear was much more common. I am still a little shocked when I see professional ladies such as lawyers etc with bare legs, not to mention national TV hosts. I never thought I’d see such a change. A couple of years ago the Wall Street Journal had a very interesting article about the decline of pantyhose in the US.

    What I would like to add to the comments that I have not seen addressed (or at least in much detail) is the fact that leg wear is MUCH more common in countries outside the US, even Canada. Western Europe has a very high level of women of all ages that wear legwear in both casual, party (clubs, dance clubs etc) & professional settings.

    I have been to Western Europe many times & this is not my imagination. Last July I was in Dublin & Kilkenny, Ireland & I saw more leg wear in a few days than I would see all year in the large (big enough for a NBA & NFL team) Midwestern city in which I live. Pantyhose were the norm & worn by many women with shorts, dresses etc. They were also very common among the young women in dance clubs & bars at night. Unfortunately, even in such settings here in the Midwest, pantyhose & stockings are the major exception. I wonder if the young & older men of Europe know how fortunate they are! The higher frequency in legwear also applies to the large Canadian cities such as Toronto & Vancouver.

    I understand American women not wearing legwear (much) in the heat of Summer, but in cooler months, it is absolutely ridiculous to not wear legwear. I realize most men don’t enjoy leg wear to the same extent as I (and the others who’ve posted) but I think more men than not do appreciate the feminine allure of hosiery.

    I also would like to know if other readers also share my attraction with other legwear than just pantyhose such as thick tights, opaque tights, over-the-knee socks & thigh high socks and/or hosiery?

    • Hi, Charles. Thanks for your well-written comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. It can be almost impossible to be aware of the number and content of comments in a blog that’s been around for a while like mine, but actually, many readers here have written exactly what you did about other countries being much more legwear-oriented.

      Additionally, I’ve made that point in several of my posts. In fact, I’ve gone so far as to suggest that the U.S. is the worst offender in the world, which makes sense, as it is the instigator of the awful bare legs movement. It’s no wonder even that American men are finding greater attraction and appreciation for women of all other countries. And, while the biggest reason for that is American women’s reluctance to wear hosiery, it’s also because of their turning away from a sense of femininity in general.

      Finally, don’t sell yourself (or all men) short: My research has found that men overwhelmingly prefer women in pantyhose or at least some form of legwear.

      Again, thank you for your comment, Charles. Hope to see more from you in the future.

  • Referring To The Comment I Made Yesterday.
    I Had An English Teacher In Eleventh And
    Twelth Grade Who Was Always Dressed In
    Her Most Beautiful And Delicious State. During The Next To Last Week Of The School Week, She Had A Picnic At Her House. She Had A
    Picnic At Her House. There Were A Few Students She Was Close Too. I Considered Her My Favorite Teacher. On One Instance I Used Her Bathroom. In There She Had
    A Waste Basket. In That Waste Basket I Had
    Found A Pair Of Nude Pantyhose That She
    Threw Away Because I Noticed A Run In Them.
    I Put Them In My Pocket And I Went To My
    Car To Hide Them Before Returning To The
    Party. I Hid Them In The Bottom Of My Closet When I Got Home. I Dont Think My Mother Knew I Hid It In There With Two Other Pairs
    From The Past. I Would Always Compliment My Teacher
    About The Way She Dressed But Never
    In Class In Front Of The Other Students
    Because I Didnt Want To Embarrass Her

    She Confronted Me On The Last Day Of School
    Privately. She Asked If It Was Me Who Took
    Them Out Of Her Wastebasket. She Suspected
    Me Because Of The Way I Always Complimented Her And Stared At Her Legs In Class. I Asked Her If I Was Freaking Her Out And She Said No. She Was Flattered But Curious.
    I Told Her That I Just Have A Fetish For Them.
    I Am Not Gay And I Dont Dress In Womans
    Clothes. We Hugged Each Other And She
    Said Keep In Touch.

    • Great story Steve. I have a story similar though not as exciting as yours. One of my chores when I was 13 was to empty the trash cans. That’s where I found a couple of pairs of my mother’s pantyhose she threw away. Finding those just enabled my fetish further. A lot of truth to the phrase “one’s junk is another’s treasure”.

  • I Had Three Teachers In High School Grades
    9 Thru 12. Throughout Those Years And
    Every Day They Always Wore Dresses
    Complete With Pantyhose And High Heels And
    I Got Perfect Attendance Awards Those
    Four Years.
    I Found Them To Be Very Easy On The Eyes
    And Very Easy To Pay Attention To. I Must
    Have A Fetish For Pantyhose. Thats How It
    Started Twenty Years Ago. Today The Mere
    Sight Of Nylon Clinging To A Pair Of Nice
    Female Legs Make My Pulse Race.

  • I was also struck by the pantyhose bug early in life. This is in the days where designer jeans had yet to come into fashion. Pantyhose were being advertised on TV and in magazines. Amazing to think some of those ads would be censored today from showing what they did. I recall sitting in English literature class next to a young girl, Jacque, who wore pantyhose during the fall and spring sessions. This was at least twice a week. I could not keep my eyes off hers nylon covered legs. The weave over her legs was so tan.
    As luck would have it, she would sit sideways at the end of class. With her legs pointing straight at me, I learned she was sans panties. Oh, how I so loved being in that class. From that point on I knew where to sit in my classes. Jacque would turn out to have started my pantyhose passion.
    It’s a shame I had little confidence in those days to properly pursue her interest.

    Needless to say I long for those days to come back.

  • I just came across/found this blog and thought I’d give my 2 cents worth. I’m beginning to believe that the people that have a pantyhose/nylon fetish are more than likely born with it. I also believe it just takes the right trigger to bring it out. I remember sitting on the floor by my mom’s legs and feeling of the silky nylons she was wearing. Also having 2 older sisters that wore stockings just added to it. Seeing girls in my 6th grade class wearing stockings and or pantyhose (not sure if pantyhose were widely available then) then on through junior high and high school most girls were wearing hose of some sort with the very short dresses and skirts. All those sights were a lot of triggers to stimulate my fetish. I was wearing stockings and playing with myself when I had my first orgasm. I didn’t know what it was but I knew it felt really good and I’ve been doing it ever since. Anyway, my main point is that we’re probably born with it and it just takes the right trigger (sight, feel or even smell) to turn it on.

    Keep up the great blog and I’ll be checking back.

    • Welcome Terry. I commented on another post of this blog why men love the touch of a woman’s nylon encased leg in pantyhose or stockings. Most of our days as boys and men we are wearing or touching fabric like cotton, wool or polyester. It is rare for us to touch nylon or feel it on our skin. It’s just a guess, but might be what drives men’s fetish or desire. The rare times to touch a nylon clad foot or leg.

  • I mentioned a while back seeing my first grade teacher in the 1960’s in sheer nude or beige stockings. I think pantyhose were in stores, but maybe more women were still wearing stockings with garters and suspenders at that time. We were seated as students in a semi circle reading group. When she turned around to reach for another book, her skirt slid up revealing those suspenders and garter along with the reinforced top of the hose. Quite a sight for a 6 or 7 year old. Could not focus on the reading.

    I am not sure when the first time I touched a nylon clad leg or what age. It might have been my mom, but think it was a babysitter. When I was 10 and my sister was 6, my mom had a girl named Denise from next door babysit us. Denise was about 14, but likely looked about 20, as it is with most teenage girls. She was cute and had a beautiful smile. She was one of the most fun babysitters and babysat us on a few occasions. She would watch tv with us, bringing candy or gum over for us.

    I am not sure how it all started, but one evening Denise was lifting my sister, pushing her up with her legs, while lying on her back. They were having a great time. She was wearing jeans or slacks, but with her shoes off, she revealed nylon feet with reinforced toe and heel. Very old school ala “Mad Men.” Yes I know, dating myself. Not sure if they were pantyhose, stockings or knee highs, but they obviously caught my eye. So I naturally or instinctively asked if she thought I was too heavy to lift. As a kid that age I was real light, about 75 pounds. She said “no problem, I can lift you.”

    As I planted my chest on her feet, I held on to her ankles or calves. Man what an erotic feeling (that word was not in my lexicon at the time), touching her sheer nylon hosiery, and at the same time feeling the strength and power in her legs! Later as we sat on the floor, I remarked how strong her legs were and used it as an excuse to touch her sheer fabric covered legs. She did not seem to mind.

    It seemed as I got older and in the 1970’s, I noticed more girls in junior high school (now called middle school) wearing pantyhose as well as some of my teachers and my mom. It really then set off my love for pantyhose on women. It all started, really took off, with that one evening, thanks to the babysitter.

    Great well written post Robin. Thanks for your blog that provides a place where we can be comfortable discussing our experiences with pantyhose and keep it classy and above board.

  • I was just wondering have you ever done any survey’s on here looking at the age ranges of the readers. It may be interesting to see the most common age range and consider the era they would have grown up and how that may have affected them.

  • About a week ago I saw an attractive middle aged woman in beaufiful sheer hosiery AND open toed shoes revealing sexy red painted toenails under the hose! That’s a sight I almost never see these days. It was a real treat considering this is summer – and my office is full of bear legs.

  • I’m late to this party, but I want to add a comment and hopefully churn this topic for new readers.

    I loved reading everyone’s specific triggers for pantyhose fetishes. Mine are similar: child of the seventies and eighties growing up in rural Appalachia and admiring teachers and other students who opened the egg and pulled on a pair of Sheer Energy. I could spot the brand on cheerleaders because they’d wear matching sheer-to-waist Sheer Energy under short pleated skirts and bikini bottoms, but you could see that trademark wide crotch gusset peeking out.

    I can’t remember exactly when I started noticing pantyhose. Perhaps on my mom? On a favorite elementary school teacher? The pretty girl who, in sixth grade, I used to try to sit near on the bus? The forbidden territory of the Sears Catalog lingerie section? I do have a few specific memories that propelled what might have been a relatively mild preference into a full-blown fetish:

    ~An eighth grade English teacher who used to wear nude hose with a pair of brown flats. They were so sheer I could see the pores and veins of her legs through the fabric, although they were muted and out-of-focus.

    ~Girls in the band, including the french horn player who sat next to me, who used to wear pantyhose every single day whether they were in a grown-up business suit, a froofy dress, or jeans and t-shirt. Whatever happened to the high heels and jeans look? It needs to be brought back.

    ~An eleventh grade French teacher who loved to wear sheers in unusual colors like burgundy or olive green. I was enthralled. It was as if Monet had applied watercolors to her legs.

    ~The history teacher who loved to wear expensive (i.e. bought out of town) hose that were so sheer I could clearly see her pedicure through her peep toes. I will never tire of that look.

    ~The girl in college band who found out about my fetish and teased me mercilessly by resting her hoseclad foot in my lap under the table when we were out for pizza with friends.

    ~My first-ever lover my college sophomore year (I was a very late bloomer) who did not go a waking moment without wearing pantyhose, who kept her hose carefully organized in Baggies according to color and denier, who used to sit crosslegged, hose peeking out from her jeans, and talk to me for hours about opera, philosophy, or science fiction, who I cannot believe I let slip through my fingers.

    ~An older friend’s daughter who was cold in their house one winter and joined us for lunch wearing a long t-shirt, sheer brown pantyhose, and thick wool socks. I was gobsmacked.

    ~An optometrist I was madly attracted to who used to wear short skirts and black hose when I visited her for checkups and I’d put my hands on my knees so they’d brush against her legs when she leaned in to peer into my retina.

    ~The women in England who were all so well turned out in “sheer tights” the summer I spent in Oxford. I made a point to swallow some courage and compliment their outfits. We struck up conversations. I’m still in touch with two of them.

    ~The attractive receptionist at an office I managed who would wear sheer nude pantyhose on cool days. I would cross the boss/employee line on those days and compliment her outfit, but only on those days.

    ~The young woman I saw on a hot day in Baltimore who was wearing a business suit, sheer nudes, and a pair of flip flops. Not my favorite look, but I loved the way the sun played across the glossy fabric and I could see her toes so clearly. I suspected she had a pair of pumps in her purse and was headed home. I sat near her and pretended to be sending an email with my phone but kept sneaking surreptitious looks her way, then followed her at a distance for several blocks until she disappeared into the lobby of an apartment building. I did not compliment her because she was at least fifteen years my junior and that would have been super creepy.

    ~Finding this blog and realizing that a love of pantyhose doesn’t need to be a descent into pornography and amateur YouTube videos. This can be a grownup passion shared respectfully between men and women.

    There are many, many more points that escape me for now. Women who decide to put on a pair of hose in the morning should be aware that they might just become a memorable high point in the life of a total stranger.

    • Wow, what a great comment, MarkDenier. Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure you brought back memories for many of our readers.

      I especially love your last paragraph. I can’t tell you how many times I thought the same thing (although not quite as well put): “Women who decide to put on a pair of hose in the morning should be aware that they might just become a memorable high point in the life of a total (admiring and appreciative) stranger.”

      This is what I don’t understand about women today. It’s not as if anyone’s asking them to wear a suit of armor. All we want is for them to slip into the most delicate, delicious and decidedly feminine thing they could ever wear. Women used to care a great deal more what others thought of the way they looked. I would think today they would want men to notice and appreciate them, but sadly, they seemingly think that means dressing like men, talking like men, and acting like men. Pitiful.

      • I get that being a feminist (whether you’re a man or a woman) means that you acknowledge that women have as great a range of opportunities and options as men. This is a positive thing. If a woman feels she doesn’t have to dress for success every waking moment, she should feel free to put on her yoga pants and Crocs for a trip to the store. But being a woman actually means you have more options than us guys. We can dress down, dress casual, or put on one of three basic colors of the same cut of suit. We have comparatively few options in the fashion world. Women, on the other hand, can blossom into all the colors of the rainbow. Women can be all the things men are, but then so much more.

        Pantyhose are special because they can completely transform a woman’s lower half into mesmerizing, shimmering leg-shaped miracle of science. There is no such mystery in men’s clothing. A tie? A blazer? These are designed to be forgiving of the middle-aged paunch; nothing more, nothing less.

  • Hi Robin, My love for pantyhose goes way back when I was in elementary school when teachers would wear a nice dress or skirt and they would wear sheer pantyhose everytime they did. As I got into jr high and high school, I noticed some of my female classmates would come to school dressed up in a nice dress or skirt and they would also be wearing sheer pantyhose. Sometimes it was hard to tell from a distance whether or not they were wearing any on. I remember this one day in high school were a female student had on a nice short pale green floral dress with ultra sheer pantyhose that was the exact same color as her legs and some black dress shoes on. At first, I couldn’t tell whether or not she had any on until I saw her walk by me and I glanced at her beautiful legs and saw a sliver of the sheer pantyhose on the back of her knee caps. Back then, when you came to school and you saw your teachers and female students dressed nicely and wearing sheer pantyhose, you knew it was going to be a great school day. R.M.

  • I too have a similar story in that my fetish started at an early age, I believe I was 4 or 5 yrs old. I remember having seen women wear a piece of clothing that was shiny, reflected light, made women’s legs really radiate with a glow that was mesmerizing. It was like nothing else I had ever seen before and then to finally touch pantyhose for the first time was an experience that forever changed me as a child. The feel and thinking back to all the previous times and future times I would get to see women wearing them was intoxicating. As a child I found it difficult to stop thinking about pantyhose; the look, the feel, and the intense way it affected my mind. Even to this day I find it difficult to stop thinking about pantyhose/hosiery, similar to another post I too look first to try and notice if women are wearing pantyhose/stockings/tights or any form of hosiery. I’ve learned to control my fetish and think that I function pretty well in society in that I have to keep it to myself. But, I am very glad for this blog and glad that some women are posting on here like “Sheery”. I too would like to hear more, well read more women postings so as to learn what they truly feel and think about pantyhose. Because, I’m tired of hearing the same old tune about women giving reasons why they dislike or even hate pantyhose.

    • Hi, AKH. Very well-written comment. Thank you for that. I like everything you wrote.

      On a related topic, since making that recent comment and then reading my reply, Sheery has stepped forward and clarified some confusion on my part — stating that she actually is a he.

  • I’m in my thirties right now and can trace my pantyhose fetish back to kindergarten. My teacher always use to wear blue tights and knee-highs and I remember having a pair of long blue socks that I use to “wear,” mimicking of her of sorts.

    What really sealed the deal was that one day, she lined up all her students and gave each one of us a kiss on the cheek as her token of appreciation for her students. As innocent as it might have been for those days, that led the way for me to view women’s knee highs in a sexual manner.

    Eventually the fetish morphed into introducing pantyhose in the beginning of my teen years and the rest is history after that.

    I don’t hold any kind of blame against Mrs. R for creating my fetish or have any regrets. It’s really just one of those things that developed and made me who I am today. It’s nice to know that the pantyhose fetish is shared and understood, if not by the majority, especially from a female perspective.

  • After reading much of your blog I must confess I’m most excited about finding true sheer to the waist pantyhose. I’ve been buying well worn pantyhose from eBay but they all have some structure “in the way.” Sometimes I can get the seller to send me pictures of them wearing pantyhose they sell me in various stages of reveal for extra money which is often the only way to see any women wearing them at all these days. Even though my introduction to pantyhose derives from my school days it’s still a number one turn on today for me, yet it is so hard to find many women wearing them.

    When I went to school, say the 5th grade up, not only teachers and most adults wore PH so did the girls I went to school with. In fact the fashion of the day was the extreme mini-skirt with JUST pantyhose and that’s all.

    And as I got into high school my first love and my first sexual experience was her wearing pantyhose most days to school. After being together for some time and enduring heavy kissing and heavy petting I picked up my girlfriend after school one day and she came out in the shortest dress I’ve ever seen with pantyhose on. We went to our usual secluded spot up in the hills and to my surprise she wore her panties on the outside of her hose this time as I found out with my hands. She instructed me to take them off just leaving her in pantyhose and her short dress.

    We knew we were ready for more sexually. We were both so incredibly excited and about to explode. I loved kissing her softness through her pantyhose and she was so excited. It was sheerly “covered” but all right there. So HOT! I’ll never forget the silky feeling of her pantyhose against my skin. Of course at 15 yrs. old I was super sensitive and with an endless labido. Then as we got comfortable in the months later we experimented more and even I would wear pantyhose with her wearing them as well while we made love.

    So still to this day I have an enormous desire to have pantyhose part of my sexual repertoire. Sometimes I can get my current girlfriend to wear them and tease me for hours in the house or out in public and these days the super short skirts are gone but short enough to get the job done. I like to watch other men really notice and leer at my girlfriend as they notice she is wearing pantyhose. I melt as it is when I see any woman in pantyhose in my day to day travels. It is quite rare but oh so rewarding. I think some women know that I notice them wearing pantyhose and acknowledge it with a smile or a tease of them rubbing their legs as they ride up their skirt for a moment. Pantyhose is such a classy refinement of beautiful attributes of a woman: her legs and rear end and front. MMM!!

    I love your gallery of pics which get me so excited and are so revealing sometimes and classy as well. I can’t wait to get my order and see how they fit and feel on me. Then I will order some for my girlfriend.

  • I haven’t visited this site in years, probably since Robin first started back in the earlier part of the new century. When I was in high school and college my then girlfriend used to wear a brand of cinnamon, sheer to waist, ultra sheer 100% nylon pantyhose. They used to bag and wrinkle like the stockings of old and I loved them. Have never found anything even remotely close except for vintage Hanes sheer to waist ultra sheers which are very rare and if you do find them, the elastic waistbands have lost their stretch. Have never ordered any Act Sensuous because I don’t care for stretchy 100% nylon hosiery. I enjoy this blog because it’s always great finding other hosiery fanatics.

    • Hi, Russell. Thanks for your comment.

      A couple of things: You’re right — I created ActSensuous in 2001, so the website has been around for a while, but the blog is only three years old. Glad you’ve commented here.

      Not sure I understand the part of your comment about your never having ordered ActSensuous pantyhose because you don’t care for 100 percent nylon hosiery, when earlier in the paragraph, you wrote: “When I was in high school and college my then-girlfriend used to wear a brand of cinnamon, sheer to waist, ultra sheer 100% nylon pantyhose. They used to bag and wrinkle like the stockings of old and I loved them.”

      That’s exactly why I designed Act III. Am I missing something here?

      Anyway, thanks for following us all these years.

  • My earliest memories were from kindergarten in the early 70’s. My teacher, looking like a cross between Mary Tyler Moore and Betty Crocker, would always prop her heeless hosed feet up on the desk while we were supposed to be napping. Not Bill ; ) yes, at 5, I was checking out hosed feet.
    I too have a fondness for tickling hosed feet. and unfortunately, that tends to make me look straight down at a woman’s foot, to see if she’s wearing hose.

    It’s just a shame that society lets others dictate how we want to dress, yet let the government try to take away their rights and they are all up in arms, saying you can’t tell me what to do. Amazing.

    BTW, loved your zombie scenario, Robin. Yes, the hoseless woman get’s the shaft. *BOOT* beat it, stupid. lol, just kidding. I will tell you who gets my full attention though…HOSED GIRL, that’s who. Since it only holds two, she can climb on my shoulders and the bare legged woman can hold the door shut.

    • Bill,
      You and I must be of similar age – we are certainly of similar mind. I also grew up in the early 1970’s and my earliest childhood fantasies were about my young mini-skirt/pantyhose wearing teachers getting captured, tied up and tickled. It’s still with me today.

      Robin has a great site here and if you’d ever like to chat kindly reply here and perhaps we can compare stories.

  • This is a great subject. I hadn’t thought much about it, but I did have two different teachers during my formative years that religiously wore heels and hosiery. I can remember thinking that they looked so beautiful and what a teacher/leader should look like. Since then I’ve encouraged girlfriends and an ex wife to wear pantyhose and or stockings (I’ll take what I can get) to varying degrees of success, but I always think back to the days when hosiery was the norm. Robin I’m hoping your influence can make it happen again one lady at a time.

    • Hello, Rneeser. Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I like that: ” … one lady at a time.” Let’s hope so, but in greater numbers all at once maybe. Robin 🙂

  • Another topic that would be good for discussion are young and tall people in hosiery. On some fashion blogs, I keep reading posts from some people that young women under the age of either 25,30,35, and even 40 in addition to tall women similar to 5’11 first lady Michelle Obama that don’t wear pantyhose anymore, but those are just myths made up by these so called fashion experts and the media to brainwash women into that belief. Maybe come up with women that are under the age 30 (e.g Katy Perry) or 40 (e.g. Zooey Deschanel) and tall women who are 5’10 (e.g. Nicole Kidman) or over that wear pantyhose.

  • For those pantyhose fans who are always on the lookout for ladies in hose – public viewing, what is the first and most important thing you look for when you suspect a woman is wearing pantyhose to match her skin tone?

    From afar I first notice whether the woman’s legs have that perfect sheen and smoothness that pantyhose give but to be really sure (and if I’m really lucky) I look towards the feet.

    It’s hard to find a woman shoeless in public and in stockinged feet but if you are close enough you can often see the sheer stretch of hose covering her “toe cleavage” at the top of the foot. Being a foot fan as well as a pantyhose fan I absolutely love the look of toe cleavage and pantyhose together. The only thing better is a glimpse of her entire nylon clad foot should she slip her shoes off in public.

    Does anyone else agree? Robin – how can you first tell if a woman is wearing pantyhose in public?

    • Easy, Steve H! If you aren’t sure (and if money is on the line) ….. bet that she isn’t.

      OK, just kidding. I don’t think I’ve ever had any trouble trying to tell in public. I’m not sure that there’s a magic formula by which to tell. I’ve been looking for so long (since grade school), I can just tell. Your technique of looking to see if a woman’s legs have that perfect sheen and smoothness inherent in pantyhose is right on. Of course, the more sheen or outright shine the pantyhose have, the easier it is to tell.

      It’s much more difficult to tell when the pantyhose are of a low denier rating and extremely sheer. In such cases, I’ve always tried to tell one way or the other by looking at the knees, ankles and calf muscles. Even the sheerest pantyhose will smooth those areas out.

      Here’s my problem: My eyes are getting so more-and-more-outta-whack, I have trouble telling if a woman is wearing in photos and on TV. Of course, I always want women to be wearing, so I look to see that they are, rather than that they aren’t, and that leads to my being wrong a lot.

      • Sounds good Robin. Did I explain myself clearly enough about the hose stretching over the toe cleavage?

        Usually when a woman is wearing pumps that are cut rather low you can see where they stretch across the base of the toes. I don’t advocate violating anyone’s privacy but if you are close enough and she has her legs crossed near your eyesight you can often see this.

        I’ve had this happen a good number of times (at the bank, office locations, female doctor) during meetings/consultations in close quarters and I must say that it always give me a thrill. Thanks for commenting.

      • Hi Robin

        Thank you so much for your actsensuous blog. I recently discovered it and have been reading a lot of your posts/comments as well as readers comments as well.
        It has been an eye opener and a breath of fresh air to say the least! I am in my mid-forties and have had very similar experiences in my youth much like what
        you and others describe. Mine started in the second grade. My fascination and love for hosiery (pantyhose, stockings, tights) runs (no pun intended) pretty deep.
        After browsing around and educating myself on here, I find that I am not the “only one” that I am sure many feel until they finally embrace, and educate themselves
        about there fetish and love for all things hose.
        I have had past relationships where I have tried to explain my fetish, but I have always held back some. I was afraid they wouldn’t understand. I am currently seeing a woman
        and we have been intimate recently where she wore stockings for me. Needless to say it was wonderful, but again I am holding back. Her and I can really talk about a lot of deeply
        emotional things, so I decided because of your site and our ability to communicate with each other about anything it seems, That I am going to share with her my world
        as a hosiery connoisseur. She knows I have a fetish but by no means to what degree. I plan on introducing her to your site, and to help her become educated and
        hopefully become understanding of my fetish or more appropriately my passion!

        • Hi Rob,

          Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I hope we continue to hear from you about some of the other posts and comments on this blog.


  • Thanks Robin. It shouldn’t bother me so much – but every time I look at a woman it’s the first thing I notice – hose or no hose. I find myself watching older movies where all the women wore hose and longing for those days to return. I can track the decline in hosiery with movies in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s. I saw more and more instances of bear legs on screen. What was a trickle became a flood and by the mid 2000’s – no hose became the norm. I remember watching Fox news in the 2005 time frame and all the attractive female anchors wore pantyhose. But then – one by one – they stopped wearing. It didn’t occur all at once – it just gradually became the norm. Megyn Kelly – the attractive blonde – was one of the last holdouts. She continued to wear pantyhose till 2009 or so. She wore them every day on the air. Now she never wears them. Martha Macallum – another Fox News woman – still wears hosiery if it’s cold out. Alyson Camerota and Gretchen Carlson are awful. They only wear hosiery on the most frigid days of January. I will give a nod to Kimberly Guilfoil – one of the hosts of ‘The Five’ on Fox News. She wears hosiery MOST of the time on air. I don’t believe there are any others. It’s all so depressing.

    • I know. It’s very depressing. Hey, what about Ann Curry? I don’t watch any of those shows, so I have no idea. I do know that Ann Curry was a devoted wearer. Is that still the case? Hope so.

      Take heart in the fact that everyone (execpt you know who) associated with this blog is of like mind, and frustration. We’re all suffering together, and all we can do is take notice and appreciate the few times someone does get it, then we can all celebrate as one.

      • I’m not sure about Ann Curry as I don’t regularly watch her show. I’ll try to see if she sticks with hosiery through the summer. Then I’ll know she’s for real.

  • I’m always bothered by how few women I see wearing pantyhose – especially now that we’re in the warm months. I am still amazed at how quickly pantyhose fell completely off women’s fashion radar – no matter the occasion. There is literally not ONE occasion where pantyhose are considered ‘must wear’ attire. Our very own First Lady openly advocates against wearing pantyhose and does NOT wear them on formal occasions. I’ve been to funerals and weddings where pantyhose are almost non-existent – with the exception of a few holdouts from earlier generations. I watch the network news anchors and most of them do NOT wear pantyhose any longer – and they’re on national TV!!! The anti-pantyhose influences dominate our culture. You almost never see an actress wearing hose any longer – with a notable exception or two – THANK YOU ZOEY DESCHANEL! All of these images reinforce a pantyhose negative attitude among most women. How to break this cycle? Will the dominant culture ever come to embrace pantyhose again? I don’t know. Today – I’m pessimistic. I wonder how women view them. Do most understand the sexiness of hose or do they view them merely as a utilitarian accessory that they may consider wearing once in a while? If many or a majority of men preferred women in hose – wouldn’t they be wearing them more often? Is it just a small minority of men who even notice or care? Today at work a middle aged woman walked by in a dress that revealed the whitest, pastiest legs I’ve ever seen. Does she not realize that wearing hose would present a FAR more flattering appearance? I get the fact that some men – me included – are sexually attracted to a woman in stockings or pantyhose but HOW did we ever get to a point where hose are nearly banished to the dust bin of fashion history? I do not get it at all. I find myself muttering under my breath my disgust at seeing all these hose-less women. I find myself verbalizing audibly when I pass a woman wearing hose ‘THANK YOU’. They don’t even know I’m talking to them – but it is at least SOME acknowledgement of their decision to wear hose. I try to brighten my spirits. Today I did a simple google search – ‘I love pantyhose’. There were 79,200,000 hits. I then typed ‘I hate pantyhose’. There were 5,450,000 hits. ‘I love pantyhose’ wins hands down. Of course – most of this is due to porn type sites that cater to the fetish – but I’ll take it as good news anyway. Forget the sex part and you’re still left with this: WOMEN LOOK BETTER IN PANTYHOSE. They give her a polished and elegant look. Please wake up women and come back to pantyhose.

    • Man, I’m feeling your pain, libertariangman.

      What can I say? You’re right that there appears to be not one occasion in which pantyhose are “must wear” attire. Well, that seems to be the reality anyway. I believe that pantyhose are “must wear” attire in a professional corporate office environment, law offices, courtrooms, and high-end retail stores, real estate offices, etc. But that doesn’t mean it happens in these places. Part of my frustration is that we have allowed a culture of unprofessionalism — almost to “slacker” proportions. And, sadly, this has begun to influence women in almost all other countries.

      To me, there is no excuse for celebrities to dress so poorly to meet the public. I was disappointed (but not at all surprised) to see Angie Harmon appear “bear”-legged on Jimmy Fallon Monday night. And Christina Ricci did the same on Jimmy Kimmel. Both women wore nice dresses and shoes, but their bear legs ruined the overall look. Pitiful.

      Also, on “America’s Got Talent,” there was a cute girl who sang next to her male friend who played the guitar. She was lovely, but wore a boring dress with some rather ugly sandals, and of course, no pantyhose. She has a good voice, but “AGT” is looking for the next million dollar act. Did this girl (and most other girls in the competition) not have the brains, class, or sense of right or wrong to wear pantyhose for such an occasion, especially when so much is riding on the performance? Good thing I’m not a judge on that, or any such, show. Bimbo! Then again, look at the way the idiot judges dress. They don’t do anything to set a good example. Although, host Nick Cannon does dress extremely well all the time.

      It is very sad that we as a society seem to have lost all sense of class and grace, to say nothing of professionalism.

      Finally, about your question: “Is it just a small minority of men who even notice or care?” (about women wearing or not wearing pantyhose), I don’t think so. I think it’s a very high percentage of men who care. It’s just that they don’t seem to care enough. It all seems to go back to the whole slacker mentality — it’s easier to go along than to try to effect change in the world.

      One thing I don’t agree with about your take on things, libertariangman, is your point that most men who do love pantyhose, as evidenced by the numbers from your Internet search, are those who are visiting porn sites that cater to their fetish. Sure, that’s probably part of the equation, but I don’t think it’s most of it. And, as you said, even if it is, so what? Some men love high heels, some love pretty feet. What’s wrong with any of that?

      Men want to see women in pantyhose rather than bear legs. Women obviously don’t care. Maybe there are larger issues at play here. (Cue Twilight Zone music here.)

      Maybe the world really is going to end on Dec. 29. Does anyone really care?

      Thanks, as always, for your comment, libertariangman.


      • Another factor for the decline of pantyhose in the USA is not just the casualization of workplaces, fashion, entertainment, and media influence but also the feminist movement as well.

        There is no doubt in my mind that the feminist movement is the U.S. is very strong. Women today seem to be attacking not just males, but attacking the femininty, class and professionalism of other women especially in the way they dress.

        I am always on the lookout for pantyhose but I don’t expect many women to wear hose since we are in the warmer months of summer. Maybe a few women, but not too many.

    • Well put Libertarianqman. It’s such a shame that there are such precious few outlets or icons to show hosiery in a positive light. I’ll admit that I’ve viewed the porn, but I have to ask myself would it be like this if hosiery still had it’s rightful place in the world.

      • I do like the zombie apocalypse scenario. I more or less lived it by picking a girl who was wearing when I met her. I figured it would be much easier to get her to wear them, and it has been… for 24 years now. She was the last woman wearing hose and strappy heels in most places we went and still makes me weak-kneed with them.

        • Hi Jb,

          Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

          I think you’re the first to give me props for my zombie apocalypse scenario. Thanks for that.

  • Future Topics – what do you all think?

    One title I am suggesting to Robin is “Pantyhose and Pedicures”. Perhaps you could detail what color polish goes best with different color hose and shoe combinations? (I always like burgundy polish with sheer black hose and lighter colors or french pedicure with sheer skin tone or suntan hose). How does a woman go about removing her pantyhose for a pedicure in a salon? How to keep nails trimmed so your toes don’t snag on pantyhose? Wearing pantyhose with sandals to show off your pedicure .

    Another idea I had is wearing pantyhose while participating in sports. I can remember playing golf at a country club back in the late 1980’s where a number of women would wear pantyhose under their golf shorts which I thought was very sexy. Same thing with short tennis skirts and pantyhose which I saw as well. Not too often but it did happen and I did witness it. Also, when I was quite young in the 1970’s I can remember going skiing with my family and in the equipment rental area was a very attractive lady renting skis and boots. She was wearing tight ski pants, a parka and sheer pantyhose under her pants. her legs were crossed and her pretty pantyhosed foot was dangling. She was asking the rental clerk if she should buy some socks but he said that the ski boots she was renting were so warm that you could go barefoot so she just slipped her nylon feet in them and apparently that was enough. It was very sexy watching this.

    I can also remember in the 70’s and 80’s women would wear pantyhose and leotards for workouts at home and at the gym which always excited me.

    Finally, I thought that “Pantyhose from Mother to Daughter” could be a good topic explaining how girls learned to wear hose from their mothers, aunts, teachers etc.

    Just a few suggestions for future topics. Any comments? Thanks.

    • Hi Steve,
      The “Pantyhose from Mother to Daughter” is a good topic to discuss. I mention on one of the boards that my friend from Poland says that Eastern European women, including those in his native Poland, wear pantyhose at home, not just when they go out to various places such as work, malls, churches etc. They do that as culture and tradition of being feminine, and they pass it on to their daughters. If a woman’s daughter sees the mothers, grandmothers, aunts, siblings, cousins, and friends wear hose at home or when they go to places, they would likewise do the same. Women were taught by their mothers at a young age to dress feminine, and wearing pantyhose with their outfits is one of those things. It is not uncommon in those Eastern European countries to see women wear pantyhose at home, even with open toe shoes. That is something you don’t see in the U.S. and some western countries.

  • Hello Robin,

    I am a relatively new fan of your site having only discovered it just about a year ago but I am absolutely thrilled to see that a real woman (not affiliated with any “adult” sites) has a such a pure and independent love of pantyhose. Most pantyhose lovers on the internet are men who only can access their fetish through adult sites where the pantyhose models are lovely but obviously only performing their paid duties. You on the other hand clearly have a love (or perhaps fetish?) of ladies in pantyhose which is true and natural to your individual personality and that is probably what rings loudest with your male fan base.

    As a male in my mid-40’s who grew up with ladies wearing pantyhose every day I’m sure that my fetish started between the ages of 7-10 years old. Watching my teachers at school wear pantyhose with open toed sandals and sometimes even removing their shoes completely had a profound impact on my development. Also images of pantyhose clad ladies on TV and magazine ads still call out to me from that era.

    Like most others who follow your blog I love everything about pantyhose on a lady from the general classy/elegant and mostly FEMININE appearance of them, however I particularly love the way pantyhose make a woman’s feet look. I do have a foot fetish and am aroused by pretty and well cared for womens’ feet however the look of a woman’s foot completely changes when sheathed in pantyhose. The toes are brought together, the arches better defined and the sheerness of the nylon makes the foot look absolutely sexy and erotic. It screams WOMAN.

    In particular I have a fetish for tickling pretty feet in pantyhose. This may sound strange but if you search the internet you will see that it is quite common among pantyhose fetishists. Something about the sheerness of the nylon on a delicate and beautiful foot just invites it to be caressed, touched. kissed and tickled. On the occasional time where I am able to do this with a willing lady I am told that her sense of being tickled is greatly heightened by the sheerness of the hose which makes the tickling fingers glide across the foot even easier, thus making them much more ticklish than bare skin.

    A lovely lady in an elegant outfit and sexy pantyhose having her feet tickled is one of the sexiest images I can think of and I just was wondering if you or any of your readers have encountered this before in your readings/research.

    Robin, I realize that this is outside the mainstream of your typical posts but it truly is representative of a fair number of men who follow pantyhose fetish on the internet and I was just curious what your take on it is.

    Thank you Robin. Good luck with the blog and I hope your pantyhose crusade catches fire with the uninformed women out there who just follow the pack.

    • Wow, what a great comment, Steve H. Thank you for your well-conceived and well-written comment, and welcome to The Actsensuous Blog. Readers, anything to add/say about this comment?


  • To me it started when I was about 6 yo. and we live on our aunt’s house, I notice that on Sunday she always wear hose, the advantage of that age is that you always plays on the floor and that was the best excuse to see those nyloned toes in close up.
    As for my school days, I remember that those days, we had young intern teachers, all young and about to end their teacher’s career, and all of them wore open toe shoes and pantyhose.
    Thanks to you Robin to bring back those wonderful memories.

  • Hello Libertarianqman

    I can relate to a time like that, too. Lol! One day, I think I was 10 or 11 maybe, my Mom had a couple of her friends come over. It was a Friday evening, and think one of them was celebrating a birthday. So they were all going out, but to stop by first to pick up my Mom. So their sitting in the front room, on the couch. I go in to just say Hi and stuff, (noticing my mom’s friend, the “birthday girl” wearing a short black skirt, with blouse, and Yes! White tights), then I decided (lol!) take a seat, cause all of a sudden, something on the television catches my attention…(Yeah right! Lol!) So as I’m “watching television”, my mom and her friends carry on talking and laughing what have you, I actually find myself glued to my mom’s friend’s pantyhosed feet. She had to have been wearing tights, because they were of a thicker denier (I didn’t know what the hell a denier was in those days…lol!), so her feet looked very appealing thru the tights. They were opaque, but I could still see her heel barely, and her polished toes (I think she was wearing red toe nail polish…lol!) All the while she moved her legs as she positioned herself differently while conversing with my mom and company, I kept my eyes glued, because every move she made, made the tights accentuate her legs more and more. I totally lost interest in wah was on the television. Lol! But it blows my mind how that memory, and countless others alike, are so vivid in my mind to this day. The love for seeing a woman in hosiery is so overwhelming at times, that it can be considered beyond any sexual experience you will encounter (in my opinion). It goes hand-in-hand with sex on a general level of course, but, I guess what I want to articulate is that, it’s beyond the “physical” aspect of sex. (I hope I’m making some sense here! Robin, help! Lol!!!) It’s hard to explain, so that’s why I will continue to stay posted here on the blog to share and learn more. Love the comment, Libertarianqman.


  • Hi Robin,

    Loved your post! So well written. And so much the truth! 🙂 And to think, I’ve always thought I was alone with being “haunted” by this “liking”. (I tend to use the word “liking” instead of “fetish”. Fetish has sort of a derogatory tone to it) When I was a little younger, mostly during my school days, this “liking” had gotten to the point I started questioning myself. Like, “Wow! Am I crazy? Is something wrong with me?” I always thought it was a bad thing to enjoy seeing a woman in any kind of hosiery. And at that age it was hard for me to grasp and make any sense of it. So I carried it around for years like it was a deep dark secret. Not knowing, 15, 20 years later, I would be surprised that, there are normal, everyday people, some may be right next door to me, with this same liking. Finding Robin and her blog is like a hugh, gigantic step forward as to understanding, embracing, and feeling comfortable with having a liking for seeing a woman in her hose. Thank you


    • I had a lot of the same feelings. found a girl who knows how to excite me with the twitch of her nylon-clad feet.

  • Excellent post Robin. You brought back some of my own memories regarding the pantyhose fetish. When I was only 3 years old – my mom had several lady friends over for dinner. At that time women wouldn’t even think of going ‘out’ without wearing heels and hose. As the women were all gathered at the dining room table – I crawled underneath and began rubbing my hands up and down their nyloned legs. I loved the silky feel of the hose – and I was young enough – that the ladies just thought it was cute and not odd at all.
    I also had a crush on my 4th grade teacher. I remember looking forward to when she would show the class a film. She sat in front of me to run the projector. I loved how her reinforced heel nylons would pop in and out of her pump. I knew I loved sheer hosiery on women at a very young age.

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