Future of Pantyhose in Men’s hands?

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Much of the feedback I got from a recent post was about how great it was that I wrote about something other than celebrities in (or not in) pantyhose for a change.

Don’t think I didn’t hear you.  I am always trying to think of new subjects.  And I’m open to your suggestions.  One just came from one of our longtime readers/commenters on this blog, libertariangman.

Here is what he wrote in a comment tonight:

Quick ActSensuous poll: What percentage of men do you think PREFER women in hosiery to “bear” legs?  And by “prefer” I mean – it matters enough to them to notice whether she’s wearing or not, and to be mildly disappointed if she isn’t.  One word of caution:  Don’t let your biases influence your vote.  Remember – if a significant majority of men preferred women in hosiery – we’d have never gotten into this situation where the hosiery industry was nearly killed off entirely. Women have never stopped wearing heels or short dresses after all.

Funny, I had been trying to come up with a subject for a new poll, anyway.  I never would have dreamed of writing libertariangman’s poll because it seems like a no-brainer to me. Of course, I am thinking that the response would be overwhelmingly positive, but then again, I was surprised by the results of a similar poll I posted on April 28, 2010:

Pantyhose To Wear or Not to Wear (ladies only please)

The answers attached to that poll ranged from:

I choose to because I believe in and wholeheartedly support the concepts of beauty, glamour, class and sexiness inherent in pantyhose to

I choose not to because I believe in and completely support the cause for the bare legs movement … period

Surprisingly, (remember, I asked for only ladies to participate in this poll), not one vote came in for the negative response, and 19 out of 24 votes were for the positive answer.  (Three other answer-choices were of the middle-of-the-road type.)

The results of this poll (it’s still open, by the way) tell me this:  It wasn’t ladies only who responded.  But, if by some miracle, this poll reflected the true answers of real women, then that’s great.  Of course, let’s face it — we got a whole 24 total votes.  Not exactly a good measure of … well, anything really.

This is one reason I say I never would have dreamed of running libertariangman’s poll.  First, it leaves the door open for women (masquerading as men) to vote that they don’t prefer women wearing hosiery.  See how easy it would be for the results of the poll to be completely inaccurate?

Other thoughts I have about the poll, as worded by libertariangman:

“What percentage of men do you think PREFER women in hosiery to ‘bear’ legs?  And by ‘prefer’ I mean it matters enough to them to notice whether she’s wearing or not, and to be mildly disappointed if she isn’t.”

(I probably would leave out the “mildly,” and say … “and to be disappointed if she isn’t.”  Actually, in my way of thinking, I’d like to say “extremely disappointed.”)

“Remember — if a significant majority of men preferred women in hosiery — we’d have  never gotten into this situation where the hosiery industry was nearly killed off entirely. Women have never stopped wearing heels or short dresses after all.”

The way I see it, the reason we’re in this situation (“where the hosiery industry was nearly killed off”) is not because men don’t overwhelmingly prefer women in hosiery, but rather, because women no longer care what men like or want them to wear.  Instead, they don’t wear hosiery for all the reasons (dumb as they are) they continue to give:

  • They’re old-fashioned
  • They’re uncomfortable
  • They’re irrelevant in today’s society
  • They’re not in style

Of course, none of these reasons are valid.  They are merely excuses.  The main reason is that the bear legs movement was created in Hollywood, women jumped on the bandwagon, and the rest is history.  And, as for wearing short dresses and high heels, let’s all just be glad that women haven’t made these things the enemy (yet).

So, I disagree that we wouldn’t be in this mess if men preferred women in hosiery.  I believe there’s no question that men prefer women in hosiery.  Rather, I think the issue is men just didn’t make it known during those early days (late 1990s) of the “bear” legs movement that they had a strong preference for women in hosiery.   Had they done that, I believe the bear legs culture might not have taken off, or become as strong as it did.

Similarly, I believe that if men today would make their voices heard louder and in greater numbers, we might win back more women.

Professional model Kate Moss in sheer pantyhose.

Obviously, men have made their feelings known because there are hundreds of websites and blogs that promote pantyhose over bear legs today.  But that’s not enough!  Sadly, men are living up to the rap that’s always been on them:  They don’t communicate their feelings well enough to women.  If they would just care more and become more vocal, I really think it would make a difference.

And maybe that’s the point of the poll, as suggested by libertariangman.

Often, I’ve jokingly stated that men should ditch their neckties, or stop wearing socks, or maybe stop wearing belts, or even shoes.  How about a three-piece business suit complete with sandals?  Maybe that would send the message that men are tired of this ugly bear legs culture.  Enough is enough.  Women have had their fun.  They’ve gone on a long vacation, and now it’s time to get back to the real world.

I think men probably have too much class to do something like stop wearing neckties to express their disappointment in the bear legs culture.  I don’t see them stooping to the low level that women have, just to make a point.

So, maybe it’s back to celebrities.  If some of the biggest male stars out there would just go on record that they hate this bear legs thing, it might help.  Then again, I’m beginning to believe that all of Hollyweird is hopeless, so that’s probably never going to happen.

What do you think?  Do men overwhelmingly prefer women in hosiery over bear legs?

Let us know your thoughts.  And/or take the poll.

I’ve edited the poll a bit.  Ultimately, it might not tell us much of anything.  But what the heck.  We aint the Smithsonian here.

126 thoughts on “Future of Pantyhose in Men’s hands?

  • It is great to see more legs in pantyhose and if you want the best pantyhose then wear Actsensuous. They are awesome

    • Hi John,

      Thank you for your comment (and endorsement), and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      By the way, we have several readers/commenters here named John. In the future, you might want to include your last initial and/or some other distinguishing character.

      Thanks again.

  • Your last statement summed everything up. Women love attention and they will love the attention they get when they finally give in to wearing nylons. I get women that have told me they don’t wear nylons to wear them for me on a regular basis when go on dates. You have to not be afraid to let them know what you like if you want to see a woman’s thighs encased in nylons. I have had women shame or ask me why i like women in nylons. I always stick to my guns and tell them it’s how I’m made. I look at this type of behavior as her testing my will power. Men who think women make all the rules are part of the problem. They are not bold enough to say want they want because they don’t want to risk not having access to sex. If you are not bold enough to tell a woman you want to see her in nylons and walk away when she doesn’t comply then you don’t deserve to have a woman that wears them for you.

  • Just found this awesome blog only a few days ago and still doing a lot of catch-up reading..
    I’m amazed, to say the least, by the way it’s devoted host runs things so smooth and clean, concidering the fact that most of the commenters are men. Which brings me to the first observation that i’d like to make.
    IMHO men admiring women’s legs and hosiery are in their vast majority shy people and seldom if ever get out of line. This is for Robin to attest however.. Part of this shyness and introversion comes from the fact that their nylon addiction makes them feel guilty or ashamed. What is more sad however is that these feelings are sometimes exploited by their wives.
    The main issues of this and other similar blogs are
    1) why women stopped wearing hosiery in public, especially in the U.S.
    2) why wives and gfs refuse to wear hosiery for their men even at home to indulge his nylon fetish and
    3) Can men really do anything about that?
    For the first issue much has already been said and I won’t say anything except that most women are fashion animals and that pretty much covers the subject. It takes courage to dress outside the norm. If nylons were accepted fashion wise almost all women would wear make no mistake about it. Do women know that men prefer them in hose? Of course they do. They simply don’t care, or to be exact they care more about what other women have to say.

    The second issue is quite different however and much more complex. I’ve given it a lot of thought over the years and in my opinion it all boils down to one word: INSECURITY
    Women are either secure/confident of the sexual image they project or not, and this usually has nothing to do with actual beauty, it is a psychological issue entirely.
    If you try to persuade an insecure woman into wearing something that is outside the norm and which she doesn’t usually wear, this would likely make her more insecure because she feels that she is not accepted for who she is and acceptance is the only cure for insecurity (for every one of us alike)
    I live in a country where wearing pantyhose is still the norm for women of all age (thankfully). My ex-wife was an avid wearer and even loved the feeling of nylon on her skin. But when I tried to persuade her into wearing garters and stockings for me (I love the sight of women legs in all kinds of nylon, but when it comes to sex stockings is my thing..) I kinda hit the wall! For her this was something slutty and whorish, period. By asking her to wear something outside her norm just to please me, I unintentionally ignited her insecurity even more. I hope you get what I’m trying to say here..
    On the other hand, women who feel secure about their image usually have no problem wearing almost everything as I had the opportunity to find out later on. They actually love the feeling of power they posses over you instead of feeling hurt and rejected or even humiliated.

    Can guys really do anything about that? The bad news is that this insecurity issue is not likely to go away the same way as our nylon addiction is not going to fade either. After a certain (small) age we are who we are and very little can actually change. Only if you can address this issue you can have some serious hopes about your wife donning some nylons for you. Do whatever in your power to enhance her self esteem, that is if you love her enough and you are not exhausted by rejection yourself. Miracles can always happen but I wouldn’t bet on them..
    I will finish with a happy note however. A close friend of mine had some trouble convincing his wife to wear nylon stockings. Hopefully she was not adamant in refusing him and decided to give it a try. She doesn’t have the prettiest of legs and this added to her insecurity I guess. However the attention she got mainly from men turned things around all together and she now wears nylon stockings everywhere almost all year round!
    Thanks for baring with me. Greetings to all.

    • Hi E.Z.,

      Thank you for your well-conceived and thorough comment about my post, “Future of Pantyhose in Men’s hands?” I must say you’ve offered some interesting points, which must be considered.

      After all this, I still think men ought to find out what women really love for them to wear most, and stop. Then again, it could be that I’m just mean this way.

    • Well stated, E.Z!

      In support of E.Z.’s premise that men probably don’t have a high degree of influence over what clothing women wear in public, I would simply reiterate an observation I and others have made in recent months regarding the “de-sexualization” of pantyhose marketing and packaging over the years, and question what forces caused that trend to take place.

      Can we honestly say that the popularity of a silly cable TV show caused pantyhose manufacturers to begin marketing and packaging their products the same way AC Delco markets and sells spark plugs?

      I kind of doubt it.

      Did men rise up one day and object to the fact that pantyhose were being marketed in such a way that left little to the imagination?

      I kind of doubt that, too.

      So, who’s left?

      Only pantyhose manufacturers can say for sure whether they came under pressure for the methods by which their highly successful products were marketed in the 70s and 80s. But I *DO* recall seeing a TV news report sometime in the 90s that showed women up in arms over a large billboard in New York City that showed a woman wearing nothing but pantyhose below her waist. (It just happened to be an ad for a high-end pantyhose manufacturer.)

      Even today we continue to hear women objecting over the way female models are depicted in magazines and advertisements, with men’s opinions on the subject carrying little or no influence. (Those photos were intended to attract the attention of men in the first place.)

      To quote author Jack Kammer, “If men have all the power, how come women make the rules?”


  • I don’t even give a woman young or old a second glance if she’s not wearing silky shiny pantyhose I prefer a woman in pantyhose and I will only date a feminine pantyhose wearing woman. I have noticed (I am not a pervert) that even young girls are finding that pantyhose are great and the boys are always looking at them and asking them out on dates so I think they are making a comeback in the next generations.

  • I believe this is a valid claim that the future of women wearing pantyhose is in the hands of men. Men you have to get bold with women and suggest that they wear them for you on regular occasions. I do this on a regular basis and trust me I’ve been rewarded with many dates and girl friends wearing pantyhose for me. They will come up with all the silly excuses that we have heard but I have had very few out right refuse. Some women have admitted to me how they liked being told what to wear on dates with me. If she does refuse then at least I know not to spend anymore time on her. It’s a natural high to get a woman that does not normally wear pantyhose to wear them for me. Men we have to be bold and let them know what we like. Don’t be ashamed that you want to see your wife or girlfriend in a dress, heels, and nylons on a regular basis. When she does give into to your wishes she will like the attention she gets and so will you.

  • I have a question or 2 for the group, why do pantyhose have to be considered a sensual or sexual item on women and why do pantyhose have to be a feminine only item?

    Reason why I ask the last question; not only do I like seeing pantyhose and tights on woman, I like wearing them myself. Society finds something wrong with that. I don’t want to change my sex or go to bed with someone of my sex. Tights are soft and comfortable. Pantyhose are split between feeling soft and silky to support hose stops my legs from aching. In short both tights and pantyhose feel good.

    I’ve enjoyed reading everybody’s comments. I hope more people will find this blog, especially women.

  • On the subject of the “future of pantyhose being in men’s hands”, I think that there is an interesting tangent. That is, are we as the steadfast lovers of women in glorious pantyhose, doing everything that we should, or could be doing? I mean, we are all here regularly discussing how (obviously) much better a woman adorned in pantyhose looks. There is no question or comparison between bare legs and the feminine elegance of women in pantyhose.

    So I pose the question; do you ask your wives or girlfriends to wear for you regularly? Do you give her the proper compliments? How about the incentives to wear? Do you rub her pantyhosed feet and legs? Or give her a good reason to dress up regularly? If not, you should. She WANTS to do it for you.

    My guess is that the majority of men in here have sheepishly mentioned their adoration, or fetish for their love of their partner in pantyhose a time or two, and given up. For any number of reasons. And then in the end, 99 times out of 100, you don’t get what you want or need. Bare legs. All the time. So you turn to this website, some XXX or the like.

    So I pose this challenge. Man up with your wives, women and/or girlfriends.

    Now, what about us as a society? As it pertains to the women that appeal to the masses; today, we have UNPRECENDENTED access to the women that set the table for fashion, on a daily basis. You probably don’t think about it, but your women are influenced every single day, just sitting in front of the TV as she gets ready in the morning. Turn on the morning national news. Good Morning America, The Today Show, etc. Notwithstanding most of the summer months, you’re like to see Amy Robach, Ginger Zee, Natalie Morales, Dylan Dryer, Savannah Guthrie, Erica Hill, Martha Maccallum and the like in pantyhose every single day.

    Yet, with modern day access to these highly styled women, I take a peek at their facebook pages, and never hear a peep about it. I see comments to these women like “you’re so hot” “marry me” and an occasional “great legs”.

    So my question to you Robin; I think it is absolutely our duty as (mostly) men to tell these women in a public forum such as facebook how spectacular they look when they wear hosiery. Don’t you think Robin that we should comment on their pages, as the GENTLEMAN that we are “you looked fabulous in that dress today. Great fashion! Your legs in pantyhose are second to none” or the like?

    Or conversely, “what a great skirt. Love the high heels, but you would have looked much more elegant if you wore nylons like you did yesterday”.

    Is this an appropriate interaction Robin? Because I fear that just like so many men that don’t do what it takes to have their woman happy to wear hose for them all the time in their personal lives, if we don’t genuinely, regularly, sincerely and GENTLEMANLY compliment those that influence our partners fashion – we’ll get exactly what we don’t want. Those unpolished bare legs everywhere!

    You’re the best Robin! Keep up all you do and the great work!

    • Wow, what a comment, Schelomo Hoseman. I don’t disagree with anything you wrote.

      However, since you asked my opinion: I would just echo the point you made over and over, it’s OK to show our appreciation for the fashion-influencing celebrities wearing pantyhose, but it’s sooooo important that we do it in nothing but a tasteful manner.

      If we make it feel uncomfortable (however unintentionally) our efforts to compliment and encourage, likely will backfire, and instead offend and discourage those who tried to do the right thing, but maybe weren’t all that convicted just yet.

      Just my thought here. Thank you for your comment, Schelomo Hoseman, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

  • There were earlier posts about the attractive young brunette who stars in the AT&T phone commercials. Anyway – she is in a new commercial that clearly shows her ‘bear’ legs for several seconds of disgusting air time. I am quite confident that she has never worn hose in any of the commercials. On a related point – the key to identify ‘bear’ legs on TV is to look closely at the ankle area particularly. You’ll see clear definition of the achilles tendon and ankle bone area. Naturally – ‘bear’ legs also reflect light more sharply than hosed legs which diffuse the light. After many years of observation – I think I’m pretty accurate in recognizing these differences.

    • Thanks for your comment, Steven Haags. Not only has this young lady not worn pantyhose in any of those commercials, she’s probably never worn a pair in her life. Too bad because she’s really cute, and she’d look fabulous in a pair of sheer pantyhose.

      As for your tips for identifying when a lady is wearing pantyhose or not, I got that beat: Back in the day, I could tell just by looking not only whether a lady was wearing or not, but also what brand it was. (But back then, it was mostly either L’Eggs, No nonsense, or Hanes, which owns L’Eggs). Top that! 🙂

  • Hi Mike and Robin,

    Well to put it into perspective, I went to a Christmas party and only two ladies had hose on. They were older ladies. The younger ladies, who were dressed up for fashion, weren’t wearing hose at all.

    I did happen to here some younger ladies talk about this topic once. For some reason, they associated hose with looking trampy. I guess because when they see other women wear them with short skirts, they thought it looked fake, or maybe seductive, like the girl was easy or something. That was the impression I got. I don’t know if it’s a carryover from the eighties where they got that idea. Like the MTV music videos with ladies in short skirts all the time, wearing hose.

    But on top of that, I think a lot of young ladies find wearing dresses a bit restrictive in social situations now.They prefer to wear pants, or leggings. It kind of starts off in school. All the girls wear pants, jeans or leggings, but usually not a dress. So when they do wear a dress, they usually choose not to wear hose. They want to have that natural look and not to look like what they think is trampy. And then long boots have been in for awhile and many ladies see hose as unnecessary. The fashion accessory is the boots themselves.

    Plus look at Halloween costumes. They always have short clothing, mostly with hose, so it creates that seductive image for them. Female costumes are often seductive looking, as we all know. So I think all of this has contributed to the trend.

    Guys do wear them privately or concealed. Mostly for comfort or warmth. Some are for fashion now.

    Anyway, I kind of rambled on, but that’s the impression I’m getting with all this. 🙂

    I don’t expect women to wear them anymore if it makes them uncomfortable.


    • Hi Tan and Mike T,

      I get where Tan is coming from, and there’s certainly some validity to his/her point, but I can tell you from experience that pantyhose are alive and well today. Just do an images search for “women in pantyhose” or “celebrities in pantyhose” and you’ll find hundreds of thousands of pictures of women from everywhere in the world wearing pantyhose.

      Personally, I make no judgments about men wearing pantyhose, but I have every confidence and conviction that more and more women are starting to wear again, and soon enough, pantyhose will become a fashion staple again.

      • As a wearer of compression pantyhose due to health issues, yes there is a growing trend of more men wearing. It will likely grow and at some point be more acceptable in society in perhaps a generation. That said, and to echo Robin, women are wearing legwear more frequently, be it leggings, stockings, pantyhose or tights as a staple. I believe this trend will grow especially since from my own observation, most of these women now wearing are under 35. Happy New Year Robin and all fellow pantyhose lovers (and wearers).

        • I hope my comment did not come off as insulting to men who wear regularly. I have no problem with that personally. All I meant was that I hoped it would not come to a point where they were mostly only worn by men that’s all.

          • No worries Mike T. I did not see anything insulting. As a male wearer, I believe (and am glad) women will continue being the larger number of wearers. I’ve told this to my wife as well. 🙂

          • I am also a male wearer and was just on a website the other night casually talking about favorite brands and styles with other male wearers ( my latest passion is spanx high waist) and the conversation was clean and fun when a couple ladys busted in calling us a few names and saying we were just “wrong” which was ok because no one bated them and they left, so, I think we were all hetro wearers (wouldnt matter either way) and some lady said they are for females and not males…someone came in and said that they read somewhere that male, TG, etc.wearers are about 45-50% of the hosiery industry buyers.?? not sure if that is true but it got me thinking ” danger when this happens” a lot of guys always ask ,” what happened to females wearing pantyhose??” my opinion is that females were required to wear them for work and when times changed and dress codes didnt require pantyhose anymore that they shed that second skin with a vengeance and so became the hatred of wearing pantyhose..so..for some of us guys that missed those wonderful days, we just had to wear them ourselves to fulfill that need, and thats where I think the males wearing pantyhose thing exploded..(this is only my opinion) but think about it, did men possibly keep hosiery manufacturers from going under???

      • Pantyhose, sheer tights, or nylons as others call it in some parts of the world is pretty much in fashion in various European, Asian, and South American countries. It’s just the American fashionistas, media, and their western counterparts to a lesser extent that still push for the lazy and classless “bear” legs look, despite the fact that Sex and the City has been off the air for about 10 years, and numerous personalities from Kate Middleton to celebrities including Sarah Jessica Parker, whose Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw ironically solidified the “bear” legs movement in the fashion mainstream, have been wearing pantyhose in the last few years.

        Even though I am not a fan of men’s pantyhose unless it is for health reasons as stated by Sheer Mike, I believe there is a market out there for men’s hose for either warmth or fashion (watch out Joe Namath…lol!!!).

        Now that we are in 2015, I hope to see more women in hose. Just got to keep the faith.

  • Actually, pantyhose are becoming more common for men these days. Men wear them under their clothes and at home. Some even do it in public. I think the pantyhose trend is only changing, not disappearing. We’re moving into a men in pantyhose culture instead of women. That’s all. Women can take a break from them. They can let their men wear them without feeling pressure to wear pantyhose themselves. It’s just a change in fashion. It’s very out of place to see women in pantyhose thes days. But not for men to be wearing them.

  • Actually, I think the trend is swinging toward men wearing pantyhose now. When women stopped wearing them, men started to wear them in increased numbers and found that they liked them. Women don’t need to go back to pantyhose. It’s out of fashion for them. They can just let their men wear them instead. In fact, if you look at most of the women on TV and commercials now, they aren’t wearing hose. The ones that take care of their legs look great. Men have more interest in PH now. They’ve learned to wear them and like it. Ladies, your off the hook. =)

    • Thank you for weighing in, TJ. Obviously, I disagree with your statement that pantyhose are out of fashion for women, and that women don’t need to go back to pantyhose, but I respect your right to voice your opinion.

  • I have heard a few females say that they
    would wear stockings but not pantyhose.
    Their excuses were all the same. They
    Would say the man who invented pantyhose
    was a sicko who dosent want a womans
    skin to breathe.

  • Hi Robin,
    Tonight, I was on the bus heading home with a bunch of young people in their early 20s on their way to a gala event at the Casino de Lac Leamy in Gatineau. While the men were all dressed in their suits and ties, five women were all dressed as well. Out of the five women, three of them were in hose. Two wore sheer black hose, and one that sat across from me on the bus wore sheer nude hose. I would have love to make a nice compliment to the woman about her outfit and nude hose but her boyfriend sat next to her. Only two women didn’t seem to wear hose as one wore boots, and the other had ghostly white bare legs wearing flats. The two women were not the only ones not wearing hose.

    There was another woman that I walked past earlier in downtown Ottawa who was bare legged in open toe shoes in 15-20cm of snow and in temperatures of -18C(0F) with the windchill of -29C (-20F). I don’t know why some women sacrifice themselves for laziness, and fashion influence instead of using common sense by dressing appropriately for the weather including wearing hosiery with their outfits. Some of our winter weathers here in Ottawa, Canada are extremely cold, not as mild in parts of the USA. I guess some women would rather freeze their legs instead of using common sense. At least the three women in hose knew how to dress, not just for occaision, but to protect themselves from cold winter weather.

    My sightings sort of reminds me about this topic from this article about bare legs in winter with comments posted at the bottom.


    • Good question, steve. Ladies, please let us know your stories.

      Or, men, have you ever given a compliment to a woman for wearing pantyhose, and if so, what was her reaction?

      • Robin, up until I found this blog post, there were only 2 women I complimented for wearing pantyhose. The first was a woman I dated steadily back in college. It was several dates and months into that relationship. The other is my wife, very early in our relationship.

        I have never complimented in person any other woman for wearing pantyhose. I complimented your wearing pantyhose Robin when commenting on your blog photo shortly after I came on as a reader back in August 2013.

        There are many women I would liked to have thanked, but was not sure of the kind of reaction I would get.

        • Hi, Sheer Mike. That’s exactly the kind of comment I was looking for. I wonder how many men wanted to compliment a lady for wearing pantyhose, but ultimately didn’t because he worried about what her reaction might be?

          Even I have talked myself out of complimenting a stranger for her wearing because of the same thing. Today, you just never know. I will say the very few times I did have the nerve to say something, it was always well received, but I do believe it would be different for a male stranger to compliment a female about her pantyhose.

          I can say that I’ve been complimented only a handful of times, and I always appreciated it, but then … well, I’m great. 🙂

          Thanks for your comment, Sheer Mike.

          • I believe every one of us here have often wanted to compliment a woman on her hosiery. The problem is as you said compliments from a male stranger may not always be well received. It’s quite difficult to think of a way of expressing your feelings towards how nice the woman looks without seeming creepy.

            • I wonder Robin (and any other ladies out there) if on past occasions you could tell from body language whether a man admired your legs encased in pantyhose. Did it look like he wanted to say a compliment on your hosiery?

            • Excellent question, Sheer Mike. Of course, I’m way too self-absorbed to ever notice any such kind of thing, so I’ll leave this question to our other female readers. C’mon, ladies, let’s hear from you on this one. Thanks for that question, Sheer Mike.

      • Yes, I have, but mostly it’s been for tights: color of the tights really made their legs stand out or that the tights really made their outfit pop. If it’s pantyhose my compliments are more reserved live: you have pretty/beautiful legs. I always get a nice thank you, but every now and then the thank you comes with a big warm smile and I can tell I’ve made their day.

        • Hi ‘the friend’. Thanks for your reply. Yes any woman wearing any kind of hosiery – sheer pantyhose or opaque tights- makes my day. I wish I had more courage to compliment more women for wearing.

          • I never got here name, but then again she had a ring on her finger. She had this look on her face of tired & unhappy. As much as I would have liked to talk with her I didn’t want to come off strange. Well when I complimented on her dress dress being pretty, but the tights really made the whole outfit pop. I told her the tights showed off the curves of her legs. I don’t think I used the word sensual as a description, even though they were. I did tell her that besides being pretty, she had a very elegant appearance. Could you (I) see the change in her. Her face lite up & her face began to glow. The more her face glowed the bigger her smile got. From her face not only did I make her day I may have made her month or her. Well the way in which she was dressed and how much my compliment meant to her made my day. My only regret I didn’t have more time to enjoy watching her.

            I wish I would have been the lucky man she was going home to.

  • Hi Robin,
    I got some good news to tell you. Over the weekend, there were lots of pantyhose sightings here in Ottawa. Last Saturday afternoon, I went to the Rideau Centre where majority of the women were all dressed including wearing pantyhose for the Wine and Food Show event held at the adjacent Ottawa Convention Centre. About 40% of the women, young and old wore nude hose at the event.

    Later that day, I went to the Casino de Lac Leamy across the river in Gatineau where there were more hose sightings. About 10 women were wearing nude hose including a woman that stood in front of me at the coat check lineup. Her daughter who also stood in front of me wore sheer black hose.

    Sunday at my workplace, I saw a young woman in my store wearing nude hose.

    From all those hose sightings over the weekend, it looks like nude hose is back in the mainstream, at least in my city.

  • Saturday evening at about 8PM I stopped by the supermarket to get groceries. I was pleasantly amazed to see a young woman walk in – she was about 30 I would guess with gorgeous shoulder length, wavy blonde hair. More importantly – she was wearing sheer black thigh highs. She was wearing a short yellow dress and the thigh highs were rolled just above the knee. She kind of looked like a 1920’s flapper girl. But she was wearing flat, casual shoes and didn’t appear to be wearing for some special costume party or something. Again – it raised my hopes that hosiery isn’t completely dead among young women. Summer is just an awful time for hosiery sightings. But now and again – I do see them. I’ll never understand how women could have abandoned hose in the numbers they have. At least some of them still get it.

      • Hi Robin,
        I did not expect to see much hose wearing during the summer months but there were a few sightings. About a month ago when I was taking the bus going to downtown Ottawa from the movies, I noticed an couple of middle aged asian women on the bus wearing nude hose with open toe shoes. Then later, I saw another asian woman, this time, much younger and likely going to a party with her partner wearing a blue dress with nude hose and open toe high heels. Asian women seem to be frequent hose wearings even during the summer. It was not just Asians alone I saw that day. I saw a young caucasian woman wearing nude hose with peep toe slingbacks.

        Then last week when I was in Montreal, I spotted a mature woman wearing nude hose with peep toe shoes at the Bonaventure metro station.

        Now earlier today, I spotted two young women wearing nude hose. One was at my city hall in a business suit, and the other was in a blue dress wearing flats while I was on my way home from the downtown shopping mall.

        Good to see women having the courage to wear pantyhose especially nude hose during the summer months. They truly get it.

        • Hi Brian W,

          Thanks for sharing this positive news with us.

          Sightings like these show us that we have much to appreciate and look forward to regarding a return of pantyhose to business, social and cultural significance. I believe that sooner, rather than later, pantyhose once again will be the mainstay accessory of women’s fashion.

          • Hey Robin,
            Another day, another hose sighting. Earlier yesterday when I was at a local mall, I saw a young Asian woman wearing black designer hose. Part of it was sheer at the top with black opaque sides that resemble garter belts, and the bottom was opaque all the way down to her feet. With all these hose sightings in the last couple months, its only a matter of time as you say that pantyhose will be the mainstay of women’s wardrobe, as long as no hose hating fool gets in the way of progress.

            • Thanks, Brian W. I am pretty sure there always will be hose-hating fools who’ll try to stand in the way, but thankfully, they probably won’t have much influence anymore.

            • Hey Robin,
              The type of hose that the Asian woman wore that day were mock stockings. They are a type of pantyhose that resemble garter belts and stockings with thick black lines as garters, lower legs and feet as stockings and upper thighs as the nude part of the hose.
              Here is an example:

              And I figure this might give women out there some movitivation. 🙂


              Robin’s note: Brian’s comment a follow-up to this comment he wrote last year:

              Submitted on 2013/08/12 at 12:42 am | In reply to ActSensuous.

              Hey Robin,
              Another day, another hose sighting. Earlier yesterday when I was at a local mall, I saw a young Asian woman wearing black designer hose. Part of it was sheer at the top with black opaque sides that resemble garter belts, and the bottom was opaque all the way down to her feet. With all these hose sightings in the last couple months, its only a matter of time as you say that pantyhose will be the mainstay of women’s wardrobe, as long as no hose hating fool gets in the way of progress.

            • Hi Brian W.,

              I don’t know about you or anyone else, but I think those are about the ugliest pantyhose I’ve ever seen. I’d rather see a woman “bear”-legged than wearing those awful things.

              But, I do like the “Be a lady like Kate …” campaign.

          • Hey Robin,
            Happy Halloween. Speaking of which, those mock stockings would make a great Halloween accessory with a costume. That would be pretty scary if its becomes everyday attire.

  • Hi Robin,

    Thanks for the reply to my last letter! Sorry if I sounded uppity, but I stand by certain points that I didn’t state well. So, I’ll come at it from another angle. 1) Women may wear pantyhose more often… if they see their men making a similar sacrifice, be it a three-piece suit and tie, or pantyhose under shorts. I’d rather do the latter! I hate suits & ties with the heat of a thousand suns. Also, a bf or husband gets to gently ask his lady to dress up more often once in awhile… beyond that, it becomes nagging or being bossy, and it’ll create resistance.

    From what I can tell, American women like pantyhose about as much as I like suits & ties. I hope that the sexes aren’t at an impasse!

    Do Americans dress too casually? Probably! Here in the midwest, it’s OK to wear jeans & t-shirts to church. Sure wasn’t like that in the 1960’s. Do I think that pantyhose are in danger of becoming fetish wear, like lace-up corsets? Absolutely. I’m seeing it happen. Can men do something about it? Yes. Dress up more often and set an example.

  • I can’t believe that I’m reading this thread! Men should just put their collective feet down and tell women to wear pantyhose? Uh huh, that’ll work. Anyone else here old enough to remember Women’s Lib?

    Look at the title of this blog. Notice that it’s “Act Sensuous,” not “Act Sexy.” Most women hate being gawked at for wearing tight clothes and showing off their legs. Men drooling is creepy, if it’s not your significant other. Forget what you see in fashion mags, Hollywood and yes, porn. It’s not real. Models and actors are paid to be the center of attention.

    Stick with me for a second, and I’ll tell you how to turn this all around instantly. It’s simple, but I’ll get flamed for certain. Hear me out.

    Men, if you like to see women – especially YOUR woman – in dresses, skirts, and hosiery, then buy some pantyhose, shave your legs, and wear them under shorts. Add a pair of crew socks if you want. Buy a few new shirts, and toss the grubby tees. Grow a pair and set an example, rather than being bossy and whiney.

    My wife used to wear pants all the time. BTW, she gave no excuse other than comfort… she has a great figure. We looked like clones, both of us in tees and blue jeans, even at work. Then I began complaining to my doctor about swollen ankles and varicose veins (yes, men can get them). He suggested mild compression hose. Cut to the end of the chapter – I often wear semi-sheer nude pantyhose under shorts, temperature permitting. And guess who’s wearing skirts with sheers or opaques to work? Here’s the best part: her co-workers are following her lead.

    Forget “sexy” and “feminine” as reasons to coerce uncooperative women. Instead, let’s all of us together change the perception of leg wear into “fun” and “healthy” articles of clothing, for both sexes. It’s not the 1950’s any more.

    • Well, OK, then.

      Thanks for your comment, Tom, but I think you might have read into the thread something that isn’t there. No one here (especially me) has said that men should “Tell women to wear pantyhose.” Men should put their feet down and tell women how they feel, yes. Men should put their feet down and tell women that they love them in pantyhose, yes. But I’m pretty sure that no one should, or would, ever tell women what to do — and especially, not what to wear.

      In the post your comment refers to — “Future of Pantyhose in Men’s Hands?” — I did write this:

      “There’s a chance that if men had only made it known in those early days (late 1990s) of the ‘bear’ legs movement that they had a strong preference for women in hosiery, the bear legs culture might not have taken off, or become as strong as it did. Similarly, I believe that if men today would make their voices heard louder and in greater numbers, we might win back more women.”

      Tom, I’ve reread our readers’ comments to this post, and I just don’t see where anyone is advocating that men tell women to wear pantyhose.

      And, yes, my company’s name is ActSensuous, not ActSexy, as you pointed out. And while we maintain a clean and classy website and blog, I am pleased and proud of the fact that all our readers have conducted themselves (in making comments) in that manner, as well.

      But, here’s the thing: While my belief and my position is that pantyhose are beautiful, and the very definition of femininity, I also believe pantyhose are inherently sexy. There’s no getting around that, and I don’t think that’s a bad thing. And, as for our readers’ comments, I see them as being passionate about their love for seeing women in pantyhose in every day situations — not gawking or drooling over women — as you say. And I don’t think they’re being “creepy.”

      I do think the majority of men in the world today just want to see women dressing more femininely, and with more class and elegance. And they (correctly) feel that the core component to that is pantyhose. Good for them.

      By the way, even my poll at the end of that post poses a question, not a demand. And in that poll — “Do Men Prefer Women in Hosiery over Bare Legs?” — of the 458 votes (as of today), 439 were Yes. That’s 96 percent. Even 9 women voted Yes (that they believe men prefer hosiery to bare legs). Not a single No vote came from a woman, although 6 (suspicious) men voted No.

      Tom, your idea about donning pantyhose as part of your own wardrobe to influence women to start wearing again might work for you, and if that’s the case, go for it. But I don’t think that would be the solution most men would choose.

      In any case, thanks again for your comment, Tom.

  • I must say I enjoy wearing hosiery, I enjoy looking at other women wearing and believe that hosiery oppose to that of bare legs are making a strong comeback and will only grow stronger. Its a new day and women are finally recognizing the behind the scenes benefits of wearing.

  • I didn’t get a chance to put this up earlier since I haven’t been on here much, but I did a ratio back in April about the number of women in hose and no hose here in Ottawa and Montreal.

    In my city for hose/no hose sightings, it was 66 hose to 8 no hose.

    For colored hose(including sheer and opaques)/nude hose it was about 50 colored hose to 16 nude hose

    In Montreal, despite being there for one day, I still conducted the ratio on hose sightings where it was 12 hose to 1 no hose, and for colored/nude hose it was 8 colored to 4 nude.

    I will conduct another ratio of hose wearing sometime either in October or November when the weather cools down. At the least the ratio shows that hose wearing remains strong in Ottawa and Montreal.

  • Robin, and fellow pantyhose lovers, I came across this USA Today article courtesy of Nylon In Film.com, and it’s about the legendary Hooters restaurant implementing major changes, including upgrading their uniforms… specifically… the removal of PANTYHOSE!

    What the hell?!?!?

    Click on the link below to cast your vote. Let it be known to the Hooters Corp. that you’re NOT going to stand for that!

    Hooters tries surviving middle age with makeover


    • Hi, Mikey G.

      Thank you for the alert. I had not heard anything about this. Obviously, I like the Hooters uniforms, but the food is awful. I haven’t been to a Hooters since the 1990s.

      So, making changes should start with the menu, but they should not mess with the iconic look. If they want to modernize the clothes a bit, that’s fine, but killing off the pantyhose probably would cause them to lose much more business.

      They really ought to ask the girls. I’ll bet the majority of them don’t want to wear those skimpy short-shorts without pantyhose. First, most of them would be smart enough to realize that their legs need the beauty enhancement pantyhose provide. Second, pantyhose would keep them from freezing because you know they keep restaurants cold. Third, THEY’LL LOSE BUSINESS … period.

      If anything, they probably should replace those tight-fitting, support-style, shiny pantyhose with a softer, sheerer nylon fabric. They’d be more comfortable and look so much nicer.

      Of course, I realize there’s a huge population who love the thick, shiny tights look, and it is part of the iconic look. So, I wouldn’t be the least bit unhappy if they stick with their current style. One thing I always say: Any pantyhose are better than NO pantyhose.

      Thanks again for the comment and the link, Mikey G. I didn’t see a place to vote though.

        • OK, got it. As of my voting a minute ago, the poll: “Do you think Hooters should change its uniforms?,” stood at 69% No to 31% Yes.

          C’mon, guys … cast your votes.

          • Hi Robin,
            I too just voted and as of Monday night at 10:30pm the results were 73% No and 27% Yes. I actually just got home before 10:30pm from being at the Hooters in downtown Atlanta, GA where that article and those pictures were taken. I am a constant patron at that very location. And, though I didn’t get to see or talk to Terry Marks, I would tell him that as one of the best current patrons of that location, if the Hooters organization gets rid of pantyhose from the uniform I would have to boycott Hooters for some time. I agree that the company should change the food, the look of the restaurants, and even some of the service methods BUT not the iconic uniform. Some changes as far as the material of the shorts, shirts, and even the socks and shoes are ok. But, they should not mess with the color scheme or the pantyhose. Besides the fact that the pantyhose help cover up blemishes, scars, and other unsightly aspects of the waitresses legs; they also serve other purposes. As you noted they do help a little with warmth, they help accentuate the good things about their legs, and they help hide the fact of stubble or those girls who don’t regularly shave or wax their legs. So, in that sense it pertains to sanitation and looks. No man or woman as a customer wants to see their waitress in a skimpy or some what revealing outfit with 3 day stubble or hairy legs. That’s enough to ensure disgust from the customers and that no business would be conducted. Pantyhose are easily changeable but other efforts are not. Sorry to get detailed but as a long time Hooters patron and pantyhose enthusiasts I would not be as attracted to go to that business if they get rid of the pantyhose!! I’ve been to Twin Peaks and the girls are hot looking but they don’t wear pantyhose and that’s a big turnoff for me.

          • Hey Robin, Absolutely Not!!! Hooters and Pantyhose are a team, always have been. Where else can you go to enjoy and admire, shaply pantyhose clad legs? And have a pound and a pint at the same time, while watching the game?? It doesn’t get any better!!
            Long live the Hose at Hooters!!!

  • Undoubtedly, there is nothing classier and feminine than a lady in pantyhose. It’s such a tragedy that recent fashion trends have thought that this is not the case.

    Only just stumbled across this your blog Robin, so haven’t explored to much yet, but good on you for being so passionate for creating it. I’ll certainly be reading more!

    It seems very difficult to find ladies who enjoy wearing pantyhose these days though, although Asian ladies seem to be into it more than others. It would be great to find a way to track these ladies down in Australia!!

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your posts.

  • Hey Robin,
    I found this blog from a woman who goes by the name of Szabo. She is a hose hater but respects the fact that women do wear hose in certain situations. On the downside though, she blames Kate Middleton for ruining the freedom of women going bare legged. I know what you are say about her…typical bimbo…lol!!!!

    I left a couple of messages on her blog explaining to her that hose never went out of fashion and that there are still celebrities that wear them even during the Sex and the City era and long before the Middletons enter the spotlight. I also explained the reason why American women do not wear hose as much like European women do.

    I had to make my post positive since she is entitled to her opinion. The topic on her blog is one of the most popular topics since it has turned into a huge debate about pantyhose. She, Szabo does have her followers who hate hose as well.

    I made a typo on my first post at the end since I was in a hurry, but corrected it on my next post.


    • Hey, Brian W. When all is said and done with respect to wearing or not wearing pantyhose, it really comes down to femininity and class. It’s obvious where Szabo falls on these issues. The bimbo! 🙂

      • Hey Robin,
        Remember “the bimbo” Szabo that hated hose but respects the fact that women are wearing them. She finally wore high quality hose at a wedding in June though she was the only one that wore hose since the wedding was held outside in the Southern USA. She said that she did not get a snag nor run on her legs, and it finally completed the look. Szabo might think about wearing them again, but not for an outdoor event. It looks like she finally saw the light for wearing hose after stated that she hated wearing hose several months ago. I posted a comment on her blog thank her for wearing hose at a wedding.


  • Do men overwhelmingly prefer women in hosiery over bear legs?

    Speaking for myself, that is a resounding… HELL TO THE YES!!! I can’t help but glance at a woman’s nyloned legs, which is far more appealing then that tiresome bare legged look. And I hate to burst the bubble on those so-called feminists out there, as well as those flip-flop loving, pajama pants wearing, sloppy, lazy dressing females as well, but pantyhose are NOT DEAD! Now that’s a lie!!! There are a small remnant of women who still wears them… even in the summer.

    Women look so good in pantyhose, especially when they are dressed up for work, church, or wherever. It’s more professional and classy than women with tanned or pasty legs, even in the dead in the winter. But that’s just me!

  • Since this blog entry is about what men prefer I thought it would be the best place to post this video I found on YouTube.

    Keep in mind that it isn’t a pantyhose commercial, but a jewelry store commercial.

    Here are a few thoughts on this short commercial……

    1. It’s aimed at getting men to come and shop at their store, notice how they appeal to men.

    2. To the ladies, if you want to attract the guys who will splurge on you for Christmas/Valentine’s/Birthday then guess what might be a good way to attract them?

    3. Also to the ladies, if your guy does splurge on you like this, what would be a good way to reward him?

    Thoughts from others?

  • Speaking of polls, there was a poll conducted on another pantyhose blog that I cannot describe due to its adult content. It was asking people if they think that a majority of men like hosiery on women? 82% said Yes (103 votes), 22% said No (22 votes). While the votes were positive for men liking hosiery on women, some people who voted no said that they have guy friends who hate hosiery, nor don’t care if women wear hosiery or not. That tells you that it is not just the women who hate hose. Some even said that it is a generational issue since some men that were born in the early to late 80s, and early 90s never experienced the pantyhose craze due casualized workplace in the wake of the World Wide Web era, and the changing fashoin trends of the mid to late 90s, and early millenium where bare legs became all the rage from the fashion and entertainment industry to women in general. Others say that it is a cultural issue since women in other countries still wear hose as a culture and tradition of being feminine, and where society requires women to separate themselves from men in the way they dress up.

    While I like seeing women wear hosiery, I have to respect the opinion of those men who hate hose or don’t care about it as much than those men who experienced the pantyhose craze of the 60s, 70s, 80s, and early 90s.

    • Honestly even 18% seems a little high for those not in favor of hosiery. It would be interesting to know what the age demographic actually is for the no votes. This would give us a clearer picture as to if it were a generation thing. One way or another the world is a better place I suppose because of differing views, Even if they’re wrong haha. That being said 82% is still a nice majority.

      • Thanks for your comment, Mike T

        It seems that the 18% vs. 82% you quoted applies to the poll I referenced in the body of the post, “Future of Pantyhose in Men’s hands?” rather than the actual poll that appears at the end of that post.

        I gathered that by the numbers of the referenced poll, in which, only 9 out of 24 responses to the poll “Pantyhose — to Wear or Not to Wear” were negative, meaning 82% were positive.

        Actually, the numbers and percentages of the poll at the end of that post, “Do Men PREFER Women in Hosiery over Bare Legs?” are much more impressive and compelling. In that case, 402 of the 421 votes so far are for YES. That’s 95%.

        That’s very encouraging.

  • Looked at the poll for the first time in a while. Obviously most men, at least those coming here, prefer women in pantyhose. And what few women are here seem to think that as well. Hopefully a catching trend.

    • Hi, BrKEv. Yes, that poll has gotten a lot of play. At this writing, of the 247 votes:

      235 men have voted Yes,
      4 men have voted No,
      7 women have voted Yes,
      zero women have voted No,
      and 1 woman has voted that she doesn’t care what men think.

      That poll was a great suggestion on your part, BrKEv.

  • Last weekend at my workplace, The Home Depot, despite the hot weather that wreaked havoc in my city, one of my co-workers in her 20s was wearing nude hose with her skirt while she was greeting customers at the main entrance. She always wears hose with her skirts, and the only time she does not wear hose is if she is wearing pants, capris, and shorts. There were also two customers that wore nude hose with open toe shoes: a woman in her late 50s, and a young woman who I don’t want to describe further due to her age. It was a great weekend at my workplace seeing women wearing nude hose despite the hot weather.

      • Speaking of hose sightings, there have been a few of them from women of color and ethnic origin in my area last weekend. When I was on the bus heading home from a friend’s place, I spotted two young black women in sheer black hosiery likely heading to a club. Then at my workplace on Sunday afternoon, there were two more black women in hose. One was entering the store wearing nude hose, and the other that was leaving my store wearing sheer black hose. There was also an east indian woman in my store wearing nude hose as well.

        The only downfall in the hose sightings were two women (One of them was Asian but likely raised in North American culture) in downtown Ottawa bare leggged in cold freaking weather at -4oC (25oF)…typical showoffs.

        I am very glad to see that hose is alive and well over the weekend not just among the young women, but women of ethnic backgrounds as well

  • Hi Robin,
    I found an interesting blog from Casey Mullins, a young writer and photographer from Indiana who has started wearing nude hose since they are back in style. She mentions that she has white pasty legs and wretched feet, and had problems applying spray tan on her legs. That tells you that not all women have the legs to go bare, and pantyhose can enhance the look of her legs.

    The following comments about Casey’s and her love for nude hose are mostly positive from women…yup WOMEN. One woman made a comment that she was bullied by a group of friends to take off her nude hose but has since distance herself away from her friends, and kept wearing her nude hose. Another women who wears matching skin tone hose with her skirt and uniform to work had an argument with her friend who told her “Nobody wears pantyhose anymore” (obviously a bare legs movement follower.) You could even leave a comment on Casey’s blog if you want maybe refer her to your company and blog.


    • I read the article you’re speaking of and it was quite interesting and positive. I haven’t yet had time to read many of the comments in there but it appears there are quite a few. A nice anecdote on how she realized their importance almost by accident. Now if she only realized the extra attention she will soon be recieving over the women who go “Bare” legged she’d be even more excited about rediscovering pantyhose.

  • I didn’t get a chance to bring this up, but someone on another blog site did a ratio of women wearing hose/no hose when travelling around Europe to show which countries has the highest ratio of women wearing hosiery. I had planned to do a similar ratio during the fall, winter, and early part of the spring in my city but completely forgot about it. I am going to do the ratio with hose/no hose and another one, sheer nude/sheer and opaque colored hose and will post the results later. That way, it would prove those doubters, and fashion experts wrong that nude hose is either out of style, old fashioned, and uncomfortable. It would also prove that nude hose is still in fashion in my city.

  • The shame of it is – I wonder if that woman understands how appreciated she is. I mean – how would a guy compliment her in such a way as that she wouldn’t think him strange. I wish there was a way that women could be approached and complimented on her choice of leg wear without suspicion being aroused and cops getting involved! Since most women don’t wear hosiery – I think the ones that do need to know that they are noticed by those of us with discriminating eyes. A real shame that we need to admire these women in silence and keep our feelings hidden.

    • I know what you mean. Even I hesitate to compliment a stranger I see wearing (which is beyond rare in Florida) because people seem so unapproachable today. But, like you, I feel it is a loss or a missed opportunity to compliment someone who singles herself out (from the herd).

      You feel like you owe it to that person to recognize her for doing something that no one else has the class to do. You want her to go away with a postive feeling about her choice to wear in today’s world, and if you don’t have the courage to tell her, you feel as if you blew the opportunity to be the one person who probably told her that. You’ll be disappointed in yourself the rest of the day. Right?

      I can tell you this: I would want to be approached by a stranger and told that I am appreciated for wearing when no one else does. The key is to be and do exactly what I know you would, libertariangman, a gentleman, nonthreatening, from-the-heart:

      “Excuse me. I am not hitting on you. I just have to tell you that it is nice to see a lady today, dressed so professionally (or with class and elegance), wearing hosiery (probably best to say hosiery rather than pantyhose). I just wanted you to know that you look fantastic, and it is very refreshing to see …”

      Something like that. Then, run!!!

      • After reading your reply, Robin, I have to say that I’m forced to agree with you. I have gotten into the habit of complementing every woman I come into contact with who is impeccably dressed… and definitely wearing pantyhose. They really appreciate my kind words and I love the way they blush and/or smile. Being a gentleman, I’m always nonchalant, honest and chivalrous in my approach. I have yet to compliment her for wearing hosiery, though, but I most certainly will. I can’t wait.

        I believe more and more men should follow this simple act. Hey, it couldn’t hurt!

  • Hi all. I just got back from a business trip to Colorado. While there – I took a side trip to that den of progressive, non-hose wearing radicalism – Boulder. I walked in the large pedestrian downtown area – and amid all of the 60 year old female academics with the long, gray, barely shampooed frizzy hair and birkenstocks – my eyes feasted on a simply beautiful young woman – brunette hair cascading delicately around her shoulders, in a slinky black dress and SHEER, NUDE HOSE!!!! She was walking up and down the sidewalks with her boyfriend. I couldn’t help but follow them and simply ADMIRE the beauty of this woman in hose. She was probably 22 years old or so. Wonderful to see a young woman wearing hose in a place where no one else does. Of the hundreds of women I saw that afternoon – she was the ONLY one wearing sheer hosiery. It was a clear day – maybe 70 degrees – low humidity. Almost all the other women I saw that day were disgusting in their nakedness – bear legs on display for all. I wondered how many of them even noticed this vision in black – and did it occur to them that her appearance was so much more elegant and sexy than their own. But it gives me HOPE. As long as there is even ONE holdout – who maintains her elegance by CHOOSING to wear hose – then all is not lost.

    • Great story libertarianqman. Hope you had a good business trip. Speaking of sightings, there were some pantyhose sightings at my workplace, The Home Depot, which is rare since it is a home improvement retail outlet. However, we usually get women who do their shopping after work wearing a variety of hosiery. My co-worker, who is in her 20s and works at the service desk, was wearing a short blue dress, and nude hose!!!!! A few years ago, one of my former co-workers also wore a dress with nude hose since she came from her other day job. Usually The Home Depot requires people to wear jeans with steel toe shoes, but our Canadian Division dress code is much looser and lenient than the American Division. Besides my co-worker, there were three customers I spotted over the weekend wearing sheer nude hose as well. Both women, one in her 40s and the other who is middle age were wearing nude hose with their dress, and an early to mid 40s woman wearing nude hose with jeans and peep toe shoes.

      There were also nude hose sightings outside my workplace as well. At my mall, I walked past the fancy sox stores where they sell various socks and hosiery. I saw a young girl in her early 20s working at the store. For a moment, I thought she was sporting bare legs, which would have been a shock since the store’s dress code requires to wear hosiery. When I looked at her legs again, she was wearing sheer nude hose, probably the low denier type. Later when I went to eat at my favour restarant, I saw a middle aged woman going to the dance hall wearing sheer nude hosiery. The young ones were wearing sheer black/colored, and opaque hose, while the others were bare legged with one of them having blotchy legs. These women would never learn. Just because they see someone sport bare legs does not mean they have to do it too since there legs look awful without hose. Its good to see that nude hose is alive and well in my city

  • We’ve doubled the number of women readers. LOL

    If there were more female readers then they would know what men like. They might not care, but at least they would know.

    • Oh, I see you noticed another woman has voted (Yes) to the poll, “Do Men PREFER Women in Hosiery over Bear Legs?” Actually, we have no way of knowing how many female readers we have — only how many of them make comments (or in this case, vote on a poll.) I hope we have hundreds of female readers, and while I’ll always want more, I am very thankful for those we do have, and especially those who participate in this blog.

  • It is just sad to see “the hosiery industry was nearly killed off entirely”. Is this true in the states? I think European women still wear pantyhose a lot. I need to learn about this bear leg movement a little bit…

    • Hi, asianeverydaygirl. Not only is it true in the U.S., the “bear” legs movement actually originated here. Of course, we’re talking about a culture that actually is referred to as the bare legs movement. I call it the “bear”-legs movement or culture as a joke, comparing womens’ legs minus pantyhose to the legs of bears.

      You are right that pantyhose are still big in Europe (where they’re referred to as tights), and it might be the influence of Kate Middleton, the new Duchess of Cambridge, that helps to bring pantyhose back as a fashion accessory in the U.S.

      Still, I believe that Asia is the most prolific pantyhose-wearing continent by far, and in my view, Asian women deserve all the credit for maintaining the qualities of beauty, femininity and class in making pantyhose a preferred accessory in how they dress.

      That’s one reason I love your blog. You do a fantastic job of showcasing the beauty and grace of Asian women in pantyhose.

    • Dear asianeverydaygirl,

      You are such a classy and very beautiful lady. It sure is a breath of fresh air knowing there are still ladies (I didn’t say women) left in the world that wear pantyhose.

      One of your many admirers,

    • Hi
      Tights/pantyhose are still big in most of Europe…… Here in the UK wearing tights/pantyhose is popular with all age groups… Black opaque tights are the in thing over here at the moment… But when the weather gets a bit better the nude colours will come out…

    • Hi Asianeverydaygirl,
      I had an opportunity to check your blog and love the pictures of Asian women wearing pantyhose/tights whether if its sheer nude, black, colored, or opaque. Great to see that Asian women still have the class and femininity to wear hose. Wish I could visit Japan, China, or Korea someday.

      Robin did mention that the “Bear” legs movement originated in the U.S. around the mid to late 90s with the casualization of the workplace environment in the dot-com era. Then the TV series Sex and the City would take bare legs to new heights as the main character Carrie Bradshaw (Sarah Jessica Parker, who Robin awarded the first Grizzly Award to for orchestrating the bare legs movement) and her friends are always seen around New York bare legged with open and closed toe shoes especially during the cold months of the fall and winter.

      This bare leg trend from Sex and City would later gain popularity from the American fashion industry, media, and Hollywood that women including celebrities and media personalities would abandon hose like sheep and go out bare legged, even though some of them don’t have the legs to go bare if they are white, pasty, blotchy, and present scars on them. Even the U.S. first lady, Michelle Obama has given up on hose saying that she is too tall to wear them, and they rip on her legs (lame duck and lazy excuse), which to me is showing a lack of class and professionalism for a U.S. first lady especially when she visits a foreign country where wearing pantyhose is considered a respect for the country’s culture and tradition to femininity as opposed to not wearing them. That is why she is on my (and possibly Robin’s) radar as another Grizzly Award recipient.

      American women would even bash pantyhose with insults and disdain towards it saying that they are uncomfortable, made for grannies, old fashioned, out of style, and would insult the integrity of women that wear hose. Those are coming from women who are immature, lazy, want to remain dressing like slobs, bimbos, and don’t seem to care what they or others think about their looks. That is why men are not attracted to women like that, and are more attracted to women wearing hose since it shows that a woman cares about her elegance, class, femininity, and professionalism.

      I will have to explain further about the background of Sex and the City and the bare legs movement later on.

      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks for your comment, directed to the blog site, asianeverydaygirl. Good summary of the “bear”-legs movement and your thoughts about it.

        PLEASE NOTE: You and brkev have written responses directed to the asianeverydaygirl blog site, as I have, since that blog site began following mine and leaving comments. The site administrator of asianeverydaygirl wrote to me and explained that he is a part-Asian photographer living in China and taking pics of Asian women he knows, as well as strangers, going about their daily routines. He (Jake) uses the picture of that very lovely Asian girl as more of a logo for his site, not a gravitar image. Don’t worry, I made the same mistake, but he corrected me instantly. I doubt he has seen your comments about the asianeverydaygirl blog, which likely explains why he hasn’t responded to your’s and brkevs’s comments.

        Thanks again for supporting the asianeverydaygirl blog site by leaving comments.

        I love the site and plan to write a post about it soon.

        Robin 🙂

    • what happened to asianeverydaygirl blog? When I click on it it says it is not there. Do the fashion police have a sting operation going on?

      • I noticed that, too, so I wrote to the blog administrator, but the email address bounced back. All of a sudden, it’s as if asianeverydaygirl never existed. Don’t think it’s the fashion police in a sting operation (good one) because pantyhose are part of the culture among Chinese women. Hopefully, asianeverydaygirl is just switching to a different hosting company and they’ll be back soon. Fingers crossed.

    • I never heard of that at all but if it has been though it wasnt in the last 37 years while I was alive, its an industry that has been picking more and more steam year after year, they never sold more than they do today ,there must be literally thousands of brands on the market, they even maufacture them for men nowadays and that is picking up too though mostly in europe for now. The problem with information in our global society today is that when poeple see something on the news they actually believe it( if its on the news its a safe bet its false 99% of the time lol) and whats on the news, when true, is usually true only for a very small portion of the poeple in a small part of the world, like say teens in friggin hollywood. Personally I dont care one bit what britney spears wear, she has no talent, no life and only influences a bunch of airhead teens and tweens. A real lady like say Emmanuelle Beart or Kate Beckinsale, will appear in movies seen all over the world, by poeple of all ages and usually represent and or influences a much wider range of poeple, not to mention they are a lot more elegant and classy. And guess what, both examples do wear pantyhose more often than not:)

      • Thank you for your comment, SomeDude.

        Note: I want to live where SomeDude lives. Most statistics available for the worldwide sales of sheer hosiery are difficult to come by. There still are many online stories that gloat over the absolute demise of pantyhose sales, and more and more stories that hail what is only recently a promising return to market prowess of pantyhose sales, thanks in large part, the articles state, to Kate Middleton.

        But as hard statistics go (from real sheer hosiery industry analysts), what’s available on the Internet is figures from 2007, citing sharp declines in sales compared to 2002.

        ActSensuous has been in business since 2001, right around the height of the decline in pantyhose sales worldwide. Trust me, sales still are down globally contrasted against the pantyhose heyday of the late 1960s until the mid-1990s. Way down. Is there hope and a decided upward trend? Yes, indeed. And I see it only getting better and better.

        Still, I wanna live in SomeDude’s world.

        Robin 🙂

  • So far 32 out of the 34 votes cast have been men voting Yes. Either a lot of women are voting as a man or the male readership of this blog far outweighs the female readership. Which basically means females who wear pantyhose should have no problems finding a man.

    • Yep, that’s 94 percent for Yes the way the answers are categorized. I suspect all those Yeses (32 Yes, and 1 “Other,” which also was for Yes) were indeed from men because the opportunity is there for women to vote Yes or No, and at least one woman did vote Yes. So, actually, we’re 34 out of 34 votes for Yes that a man prefers seeing a woman in hosiery over “bear” legs.

      That’s very encouraging, and I want to thank everyone who’s voted. Of course, every time I open the results of the poll, I fully expect to see Tabitha’s NO vote. 🙂

  • Hi Robin,

    Having just read the current piece you wrote and voted, I voted ‘yes’ the first option. I can say that I agree with libertariangman and you and with what some of the others have posted about men preferring women wearing hosiery over the bare-legged look. I think that libertariangman and brkev both are right in what they said and I would add that I think that most men are embarrassed to say one way or another because of the ridicule that would follow. I know for me personally, I am always looking and thinking to myself how women I see during the day that are dressed in skirts, dresses, and pants should always wear pantyhose or some type of hosiery period. I would never voice it out loud because I know that women and men, but especially women would ridicule me or think that I was some kind of pervert. Also, they would immediately think and treat me differently. I think that’s what keeps most men from voicing their opinion about the matter. There is one thing that I do openly admit to most people I talk to, and that is that I profess my loyalty to being a life long patron of Hooter’s. I profess all the “normal” reasons like boobs, skimpy clothing, good looking bodies, and pretty faces, but the real reason is I am a legs man and I love seeing those Hooter’s waitresses in those outfits with the tan pantyhose.

    I do think libertariangman’s perspective is also spot on, a lot of women do associate hosiery of any kind to porn or any variation of it. That’s a crime and flat out ridiculous excuse to be against wearing sheer pantyhose or thigh high stockings. To me it amounts to laziness and an easy escape for women to use to express why they won’t wear pantyhose more often. I think if more women, especially wives, girlfriends, and women dating, would wear pantyhose or hosiery of some sort more often that men would not only appreciate it more but they would definitely pay more attention to said women. Which could be a great starting point in fixing some of the societal problems existing today, can’t say for sure, just my opinion.

    This leads to my last comment, Robin I think you should pose this question on Youtube and see what kind of response you get. Thanks.

  • I just submitted my ‘yes’ vote. Thank you for running the poll Robin. I’ll add one other thing. I think some women view hosiery through the lens of pornography. Now this may apply more directly to thigh highs or gartered stockings – but it could be that some women paint all hosiery with that broad brush. In fact – I know that some do – because I’ve heard them say it. They think that if a guy wants them to wear sheer hosiery – it’s degrading to them somehow. Hosiery IS a sexual attractant to many men because it is a silky fabric that hugs their skin and enhances the beauty of her legs. Porno films often depict women in stockings and I think that some regular women connect hosiery to pornography and therefore don’t want to wear them. What do you all think of my thesis?

    • Hey, libertariangman. See what your good suggestion produced — I wrote a whole post around your idea for a poll. Thanks again for that. It’s nice to see some early reaction to it, isn’t it?

      Now, as to your theory of some women viewing pantyhose as a prop for porn, who’s to say, but I think that would be a very small minority. If that were the case, wouldn’t high heels and short dresses also be associated with that genre? No, I think some women will make ANY excuse to try and justify their refusal to wear pantyhose.

      If that’s the best they can do, I say who needs them anyway? Let them wallow in “bear”-legs land, where they can take pride in having no class, no grace, no elegance and no sense of true femininity.

      What do you think of that?

    • I’m noticing that not a lot of women seem to be reading this and taking the poll, unless they are pretending to be men for some reason.

      You may have a point. Something being sexy doesn’t make it pornographic though. But I can understand why some women might make that connection. So guys, if your significant other happens to fit in this category, be patient. Let them know you don’t just view them as sex objects, but want them to look attractive.

  • Doesn’t seem to be a nail biter so far. Of course given the readership of this site it’s a lot like asking vegetarians if they prefer steak or salad. I wonder how it would do in a broader environment. My own thought is that most men would still vote Yes (as long as they can do it anonymously, because most are a bit embarrassed to admit it) and most women would say they don’t care what men think.

    • I don’t know … I think 10 votes and 10 yeses in 17 hours of the poll being posted is fantastic. But then, I’m easy! I’m basing my excitement on the fact that most of my polls have seen real lackluster responses. Hopefully, this poll will continue to generate some interest.

  • I think the most common mistake is that a man tells the ladies what to wear, we see a lot of shows in which one man took the hand of a woman and make a transformation, the good side of it is that they always brought the lovely side of a woman, the bad thing is that they always made her go bare legged to any event, say a job interview, a formal dinner and so on.
    We have a show like that here in my country, but the girl that runs the show, always suggest the ladies to wear opaque pantyhose, to bad for the hose, but the fact that she always suggest the ladies to wear them is a good sign, she for instance always wear opaques, but I must confess, that she has a very bad taste for fashion, lol.
    Over the months I must say that news ladies is wearing more and more pantyhose, not daily but at least once a week, that is a great step in this country where the girls seemed to have an enemy in good sense in fashion.
    Don’t be discourage Robin, the battle that you fight with the heart is not loss, you are our flag in this quest.

  • I can’t believe it, the first vote.
    My wife still wears pantyhose sometimes. Now if I could just get her to wear a dress again.

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