Friends Don’t Let Friends Go ‘Bear’-Legged

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Remember the slogan “Friends Don’t Let Friends Drive Drunk,” written several years ago by the U.S. Department of Transportation and the Ad Council? That campaign created an effective awareness about the death toll from driving impaired, and introduced the concept of the Designated Driver.

I like to think that The ActSensuous Blog has similarly wide-reaching influence, and I’m sort of the designated person trying to drive women to wear pantyhose.

Let’s count the ways this blog has impacted what you’re now enjoying, shall we?

During the 2010-11 NFL season, I complained in my blog about Faith Hill’s awful “bear” legs in her Sunday Night Football intro song.  And then, what happened in the 2011-12 season? That’s right: She donned pantyhose and looked 100 times better.  Oh yeah, I’m taking credit for that. (Hey, you’re welcome!)

Not convinced? OK, how about this: Devoted watchers of NFL Network have to admit they cringed every time they saw one of the show’s hosts, Kara Henderson, who always wore way-too-short skirts for those horrid pasty white legs of her’s, which she flashed all too often. And what happened not long after I called her out for this (Nov. 4, 2011: “Pantyhose happenings on my mind”)? That’s right. She has been wearing pantyhose regularly on the show — quite beautifully, too. Coincidence?  I don’t THINK so.

Check out this video of Kara Henderson in studio on the NFL Network:

I can picture how the conversation around the NFL Network studio must have gone: “Kara, we love ya, girl, but those bear legs of yours are killing our ratings. We get that you women today hate pantyhose, but listen, we don’t want you to end up getting The ActSensuous Blog’s next Grizzly Award. That’s the kind of thing that can end a gal’s career.  So, c’mon now, why don’t you break out the pantyhose? Our ratings will soar, and Robin will probably heap loads of praise on you for how good you’ll look. It’ll be a win for everyone.”

Yeah, it likely went something like that, I’m pretty sure.

Now, if you Google Kara Henderson, you won’t find a single photo of her in pantyhose. But on NFL Network, she has become a pantyhose babe. But, I’m not done with the NFL Network yet. Now, it seems every female host on the show has gone all pantyhose on us. Check out this video of the lovely Lindsay Soto (now, Rhodes):

Wow. Those are some killer legs in beautiful sheer nude pantyhose, eh? Do you just see how influential the ActSensuous Blog really is?

I feel some of you slipping away from me.  You want more evidence, don’t you?  Fine, fine.

One of my regular columns on this blog is “Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due,” in which I recognize and glorify the little people (you know, like Ann Curry and Julianna Margulies) for dressing beautifully, including wearing pantyhose. Otherwise, probably no one would ever pay these budding celebs much attention.

You remember my post in January 2011, “Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due — Who’s that T-Mobile Girl?” In that one, I lavished so much praise upon the up-and-coming Carly Foulks for how pretty she looks in those pink dresses, high heels and very sheer nude pantyhose. Yeah, that’s right — I put that girl on the map!  And what happened after that? Verizon goes out and gets the beyond-beautiful model, Cherub Moore, to wear that fabulous gray skirt and dark wine-colored blouse, complete with gorgeous sheer pantyhose for last year’s Black Friday TV commercial.  Need I say more?

Again, if you Google Cherub Moore (and, really, why wouldn’t you?), you won’t find one picture of her wearing pantyhose. But it’s pretty clear that when advertisers write spots for their clients, they think of me and the influence of The ActSensuous Blog. Obviously, they realize the value of featuring their lovely models in pantyhose.  And, again, I take full credit for that. (What?)

Too much power?

But, as Peter Parker’s uncle taught us in Spiderman, “With great power, comes great responsibility.” (Did I mention Kirsten Dunst wore pantyhose in those Spidey movies because of me? But, I digress …) And now, I have to live with the fact that this far-reaching influence I wield actually could be starting to back-fire. That’s right. Those people who are equally devoted to the bear legs movement — the people I like to call, you know, the villains — are beginning to take notice of all the good I’m doing out there for truth, justice and the American way, and they’re fighting back.

I didn’t write a post about this next subject (although I did think about doing it), but you guys beat me to the punch when you wrote some comments about the CitiBank TV commercial, in which (actual professional rock climber Katie Brown) says:

My boyfriend and I were going on vacation, so I used my Citi Thank You card to pick up some accessories: A new belt, some nylons, and what girl wouldn’t need new shoes? …

A few of you praised that commercial for its obvious reference to nylons of the hosiery variety. I loved that you picked up on that and made a big deal about it. But have you noticed that the writer(s) recently modified that line? Now, when the lady rock climber talks about picking up some things she’ll need for her vacation, she says “A new belt, some nylon (instead of nylons) …”

Are you kidding me? Is the writer of that commercial such a pantyhose hater that he or she (more than likely, she) had to take away that cute play-on-words in order to not encourage us pantyhose lovers? I can just picture some little Kelly Ripa-like writer thinking to herself: “I’ll show those pantyhose lovers!” Is it just me, or is this edited line a retaliation for all the excitement I (OK, you this time) generated about this commercial’s use of the word “nylons?”

Similarly, Cherub Moore has since appeared in (at least two Verizon commercials that I’ve seen), but now she’s actually wearing pants that do nothing for her lovely figure. I hope Verizon is happy with themselves for dressing her down, and making her look just average, after I (yeah-yeah, you guys, too) bragged about how beautiful she looked in the Black Friday commercial.

Are the writers/directors/producers of these commercials making adjustments based upon what we’re doing in this blog? OK, well, probably not. But it does kinda make some sense. We brag them up for dressing their spokeswomen in pantyhose during a time when, let’s face it, the majority of the world’s women hate pantyhose. You’d have to think those responsible for these commercials might realize that they could attract a larger audience for whatever they’re selling if they suck up to the bear-leggers rather than to those in the minority who appreciate and value pantyhose.

Reality setting in

Similarly, I’ve been sooooooooo disappointed lately in many of the celebs on whom I’ve heaped tons of praise for their devotion to wearing pantyhose. And when some of the usually-pantyhose-friendly ones don’t, I make excuses for them and blame it on the costume designer for dressing them in bear legs. But, when celebs appear on late night talk shows, or are out and about town, and dress in nice outfits but with bear legs, that’s clearly on them.

Stars I’ve complimented for their devotion to class and elegance, especially in dressing up and wearing pantyhose, have been letting me down lately. For example, I have never seen Morena Baccarin wear pantyhose on a single talk show or awards show. Not Dana Delany either. Not Jennifer Lopez. And lately, I’ve seen Milla Jovovich more often bear-legged than in pantyhose. And don’t even get me started on Angelina Jolie and her constantly popping her bear leg out from her high-slit dress during the Academy Awards show. Bimbo.

Actress Julianna Margulies is always professional and classy during appearances on late night talk shows, such as “The Late Show with David Letterman.”

Still, the only celeb who seems to always do the right thing when it comes to how she dresses for public appearances is Julianna Margulies.  But, is she wearing pantyhose in the photo above?  If so, those are the sheerest nude pantyhose on the planet.  I actually saw this episode of  “The Late Show with David Letterman” and thought she was wearing, but at least one of our readers commented on this post that she is actually bear-legged.   I guess my eyes aint what they used to be, or more likely, I saw what I wanted to see.   What say you?  Did Julianna Margulies actually appear on Letterman bear-legged?

I’ve often written that Nicole Kidman and Sandra Bullock, almost always can be counted on to wear pantyhose during public appearaces.  And, maybe to a large extent, that’s still the case, but increasingly, it seems that 99.5 percent of celebs are brainwashed and believe they have to appear in public bear-legged because “that’s what everyone is doing.” Pitiful.

One celeb I thought I could count on more than most to wear pantyhose during public events is gorgeous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi, but she’s killing me these days. I really thought of her as very strong-willed and independent — someone who would always do what she wanted to do — not what everyone else was doing.  Yet, while she once frequently wore pantyhose during publicity events, presumably because it is the right thing to do, and because she has the class and traditional values to do the right thing, it is increasingly rare to see her in pantyhose.  Still, I have confidence in her.  I believe (I need to believe) she’ll go back to doing what she knows is right.  She looks incredible in pantyhose and even (gasp) bare-legged (no bear here for her), so I can only hope she chooses pantyhose just because she wants to.

And lovely little Lucy Liu? Forget about seeing her in pantyhose, which is practically a crime since she looks stunning in them.  And the extremely rare times we do see her in pantyhose, they’re too often the thick black ones that just don’t suit her.

While it is great that Sandra Oh was honored recently in Canada’s Walk of Fame, it’s sad that she didn’t think the occasion called for pantyhose with that nice dress.

But I am most dismayed by the way Sandra Oh dresses. I know what you’re thinking, but unlike her character on “Grey’s Anatomy,” she truly is gorgeous in a dress, high heels and sheer nude or suntan pantyhose.

Sadly, it seems lately that we’ll just never see her in pantyhose anymore.

She’s a perfect example of a star who grew up with traditional Korean values, used to dress beautifully and appropriately in the proper situations, but now has seemingly become just another brainwashed Hollyweird go-along-er.

A case in point occurred in October 2011 when Sandra Oh was inducted into Canada’s Walk Of Fame for her long career in film and television.

If ever there were a time for Sandra Oh to wear pantyhose, this was it, especially since she grew up in Canada. Instead, she did the “ugly American” thing and showed up bear-legged.

Terrible, Sandra.

Always hope

Actress Miranda Cosgrove shows class and grace, appearing on the Red Carpet wearing a beautiful dress and pantyhose during a Screen Actors Guild awards show recently in Los Angeles.

As much as I appreciate when veteran celebrities do the right thing and wear pantyhose during public appearances, I think I love it even more when very young up-and-coming stars set themselves apart from the pack in the way they dress, wearing pantyhose with their pretty dresses and high heels.

You know how I’ve gushed over the likes of Lady Gaga and Katie Perry for being frequent wearers of pantyhose when out and about. And that can be said for Paris Hilton, too. I’ve almost resigned myself to realize and admit that EVERY celeb is going to have days where they just can’t be bothered to dress nicely.

But recently, I’ve been seeing two 19-year-olds, Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove (iCarly) wearing pantyhose during public appearances.

I have to say I had never heard of Miranda until I saw her on a couple of late night talk shows and was so proud of her for dressing up and wearing pantyhose for the occasions. This is such a great sign of hope for the future.

So I’ll go ahead and give myself credit for that.  I’m funny that way, ya know.

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  • Pantyhose are the best
    I love to see sexy legs and feet in sheer pantyhose
    I love to wear them my self and Actsensuous pantyhose are they sexiest sheerest softest ones made
    In today’s world a lot of men are wearing pantyhose and tights
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  • I was in Montreal yesterday, and while I didn’t expect much hose wearing due to the warm weather in the high teens/low twenties, three young women stood out wearing nude hose. I was waiting for the metro at Peel Station when I saw a young woman wearing jean shorts and nude hose. Then later on the metro, I spotted two young woman, one standing and the other sitting down texting both in business suits and nude hose. Great to see that three young women have the class, profressionlism, and courage to wear nude hose despite the warm weather in Montreal. That city does not disappoint when it comes to women in hosiery

  • Robin,

    Jenna Lee could be a possible candidate for credit where credit is due. I haven’t seen her mentioned on here, so if she has been, my apologies. Just let me say that she makes watching the news around lunchtime on FOX very enjoyable.

    Since the NFL Network is mentioned in this article it is also an interesting aside that her dad, Bob Lee, was an NFL quarterback in the 1970s for the Atlanta Falcons and Minnesota Vikings.

    So, check out the video everyone.

    • Thank you, brkev. I had never seen, or even heard of Jenna Lee before (guess I don’t watch TV during the afternoon enough), but she does look pretty amazing.

    • Nice work on the video, thanks for posting it. I really enjoyed watching it. Much like Robin, I’ve never heard of her either, too bad I don’t get that channel.

  • I only recently discovered this blog but think it’s just great. I’ve long searched for a place to read discussions on the subject of pantyhose and think this is by far the best site out there. I’ve long had a fetish for pantyhose and admitted this to my wife before getting married. She’s not really into them, (sadly) however she is nice enough to indulge me on occasion. Not as often as one would like but o well. I would love to see an article about the show “Mad Men” which is not only a great show but definitly lots of nice legs in every episode. Although I suppose they are stockings not pantyhose. Anyhow in closing great blog and I plan to comment more in the future and look forward to more posts.

    • Hi, Mike T. Glad you found my blog. Thanks for leaving a great comment, and please do let us hear from you again and again. I appreciate your suggestion about my writing a blog post about “Mad Men.” I’ve thought about doing that, but I have never watched an episode, so I’ll have to start one of these days. Thanks again, and take care.

  • Hey Robin,
    I watched the Late Show with David Letterman last night, and Julianna Margulies made an appearance on the show. I bet you must be thinking that she is going to wear pantyhose like she does when making previous appearances on the Late Show since she is a very classy and professional women like her character on The Good Wife. Unfortunately, I hate to disappoint you but she was wearing a long black gown barelegged. Has Julianna succumb to the American “Bear” legs culture after years of looking classy wearing pantyhose when she appears on Dave? I would be shock and sadden if she did. :(.

    • See, that just tells me that it isn’t that SHE is so special personally — it’s more a case of the costume designer for the show being professional and having good taste. Conversely, we always find that her co-star, Christine Baranski, is truly professional and classy, always wearing sheer pantyhose whenever she dresses for an occasion. I’ve seen JM on Dave and at other venues, and honestly, she’s no prize. She’s a typical Hollyweirdo as far as I’m concerned.

      Thanks for the commment, Brian W.

      • I don’t watch The Good Wife but heard that Julianna Margulies’ character Alicia has gone the “bear” legged route this season. I don’t know why she would forgo hosiery unless the early episodes were shot during the summer, or the show has a new wardrobe designer that is anti-hosiery. If it’s the wardrobe designer, that person needs to do some research of how lawyers like Alicia dress in a conservative setting like a law firm.

        Another actress Archie Panjabi, whose character Kalinda was a frequent tights wearer, left the show last season, so another hose wearer has bit the dust.

        The show had a lot of female characters wearing hosiery showing its upswing on prime time tv. However, it’s sad that Margulies’ character would turn her back on hosiery after years of showing class and professionalism with her lawyer character wearing hose to sink low in joining the “bear” legs movement.

        • Hi Brian W.,

          Wow, it seems everyone’s eyes are better than mine. I do watch the show, and I haven’t noticed that JM is not wearing pantyhose. Oddly, I have noticed that the camera is picking up her legs much either. Until I actually see for myself that JM is no longer wearing, I have to assume she is. (My goodness — I even have a UHD TV, and I haven’t detected anything here.)

          Now, if she isn’t wearing, that wouldn’t really surprise me, as I’ve seen that when she appears as a guest on a talk show, or when she’s out and about, she does not wear. This makes me realize that — given the choice — she would always choose the bear’s way, but that then shows how unprofessional she is because, as you pointed out, female lawyers in Chicago law firms certainly would be wearing.

          Again, none of this surprises me about JM. Maybe, she is such a believer in the “bear”-legs culture, she no longer could stand being a prime time example of a professional character wearing pantyhose.

          As always, thank you for your comment, Brian W.

  • Hey Robin! I’m a newbie and guess you could say this is my “virgin” ActSensuous Blog comment. First of all, I’m enthralled by the following you have and what a great community of passionate pantyhose aficionados that contribute some fabulous content here.

    I spent several hours reading through the awesome comments by your customers and can’t wait to order a couple of pairs of ActSensuous pantyhose. I’m curious what your customers’ favorite colors are. If the pics of Lacey’s and your other models’ legs are any indication of how they look on, well, I’m glad I don’t have any heart health issues.

    Your zombie article was outstanding and thanks to you, I have a lot of movies to watch! I have a feeling I’m going to wear out the Pause button.

    I work in NYC most days, and let me just say that if anyone thinks pantyhose aren’t as popular anymore, then they need to visit the Big Apple. I was on the subway just the other day and a beautiful young woman in her 20s was standing in front me (it was a rare day that I actually got a seat) and she had on a pair of the softest looking sheer nude pantyhose. I’m now wondering if they were yours – well, I mean ActSensuous — not actually Yours. To say there are several “Kodak moments” per day would be a massive understatement.

    I’ll share my “how did your fetish start?” story another time, but I’m glad you have this great forum where people can share their stories, experiences and support one another as well. Oh yeah, their heart-pounding love of pantyhose as well…

    • Hey K,

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      All told, we offer 11 colors among our two styles, yet, the most popular shade remains Suntan. Who’da thunk it?

      As for the lady in soft, sheer pantyhose you saw on the subway, I was wondering where that pair of my pantyhose went. So, she got them, huh? Better check my locks.

      Looking forward to hearing more from you.

      Take care.

  • Months ago, I mentioned that Zooey Deschanel should be featured in the next “Give Credit Wear Credit is Due” columns. So far, she has kept our word by wearing nude hose at the FOX fall TV premiere party last month. Click on one of the pictures and you will get a close up of Zooey and her hosed legs.

    Scarlett Johanssen is also a frequent hose wearer but usually wears sheer colored hosiery or opaque tights. I didn’t see the movie the Avengers, but there is one scene where Scarlett’s character, the Black Widow is in a fight scene, and is wearing sheer black hose with a closeup of her legs and feet. Scarlett should be on the radar of the Give Credit Wear Credit is Due as well.

    Seeing all those young starlets whether its Zooey, Scarlett, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Adele, and Miranda Cosgrove wearing hose dispels the myths that no one under 40 or 50 years old wears pantyhose anymore, that they are old-fashioned, and are irrelevant in today’s society.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your comment, and for attaching those pics. Wow, Zooey looks absolutey fabulous. It’s so nice to see a young actress/entertainer who “gets it” the way she truly does. She’s fantastic, and you yes, you’re right that she deserves one of my Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due features.

  • This is a tip for us guys with a pantyhose fetish. If we love seeing our girlfriends or wives in pantyhose then we need to make sure that our air conditioning is in order and properly maintained especially in these high temperatures. It makes it very difficult for them to put pantyhose on when the air is humid and warm so lets make it difficult for them to come up with an excuse to go bear legged.

  • Hey Robin,
    Jessica on her blog mentioned that she recently saw a young female lawyer bare legged which she considers tacky and unprofessional in business professional setting. She also read a book about etiquette in professional meetings that wearing hose is a must even in the summer. I am not sure if you agree with this, but my opinion is that if it’s a business casual setting, wearing hose may not be necessary. However if the setting is business formal or professional like a law firm or courtroom, then wearing hose is required (tan or nude in the summer). I posted my comment on her blog.

  • I love soft sheer pantyhose
    the feel so soft and sexy
    i wear them under my pants to work
    i love to wear them around the house and to bed
    In the winter i also wear a black long sleeve leotard with my sheer to waist black pantyhose
    Pantyhose are GREAT


  • I was at a restaurant in downtown Ottawa last night to watch the NHL Stanley Cup playoffs between the Ottawa Senators and New York Rangers. Most of the restaurant’s female employees were wearing white tops and black shorts showing off their bare legs. However, there were a couple of employees that stood out wearing sheer nude hose with their shorts. One was a hostess with an European accent, probably from Eastern Europe. At first when I looked at her legs, I noticed that they were sheer which had me thinking if she was wearing nude hose. When I looked at her legs again, she was indeed wearing nude hose after seeing her nylon foot out of her flats while standing. One person on the blog even mentioned that European women wear hose more than American women. The hostess has good values of a native European women and their way of dressing feminine by wearing nude hose with their outfits whether if it’s casual or formal. Another female employee that I saw wearing nude hose was a waitress who also had a tattoo on her right foot.

    Great to see that restaurant hostesses and waitresses show their professionalism from their fellow employees wearing nude hose on the job. I wish that more female restaurant employees would wear them as well.

    • Hi Brian,

      Thanks for your comment.

      I’ve been watching the ATP/WTA Tennis Federation Cup matches, and last night there was a contest that pitted Svetlana Kuznetsova (Russia) against Ana Ivanovic (Serbia). The match was in Russia. When you watch a tennis match, every once in a while the cameras pan the spectators, but also, when the camera follows a player’s movement after a point (walking back to the service line), you get a good look at members of the crowd in the background.

      There were two women, probably in their late 20s or early 30s, sitting near the front, both wearing short dresses or skirts, and both in sheer nude pantyhose. Because of where they were sitting, they appeared on camera throughout the entire match. They looked fantastic. Also, there were other women in the bleachers who were wearing sheer nude pantyhose, and one wearing sheer black pantyhose.

      Now, I ask you: How many times would we see women spectators sitting in the bleachers at a sporting event in the U.S. wearing a skirt and pantyhose? Uh ………….. NEVER!

      • One of my friends from Poland told me that European women, including those in his country, wear pantyhose as a culture and tradition of being feminine as opposed to it being a fashion statement, attractting men, and the fashion industry/media influence in some western nations especially the USA. It is because of the way women were raised and were taught at a young age by their mothers and grandmothers to dress feminine including wearing pantyhose with their casual or formal attire. If a European woman sees their mothers, grandmothers, siblings, and friends wear pantyhose, then they would likewise do the same. European women seem to take wearing pantyhose very seriously than those in the USA.

      • Hey Robin,
        Speaking of Russian women and sport events, I went to the Women’s World Hockey Championship game between Russia and Germany today. In the crowd, I spotted two Russian women in their 20s wearing nude hose with their skirts. One of them even smiled at me when I glanced at her. I rarely see women dress like that at a hockey game these days, but Russian women seem to dress very professional and classy wearing pantyhose with their outfits whether if its a formal or casual event including the ATP tennis tour that you mentioned in your earlier post. As I metioned before, European women including Russians take wearing pantyhose very seriously than American women. Too bad Americans can’t follow their example instead of ridiculing pantyhose.

          • Hey Robin,
            Earlier tonight, I was at the semifinal of the women’s world hockey championship game between Canada and Russia. I didn’t see any Russian women, but I saw former Canadian womens hockey player, Jennifer Botterill now covering the game for our Canadian sports station TSN, wear black hose with her boots. I also saw her last Wednesday wear nude hose as well. At least a former player gets it wearing hose to look professional in her appearance while covering a sports event.

            • Nice comment, Brian W. Likewise, I continue to be impressed with Lindsey Rhodes (formerly Soto) of NFL Network, who consistently rocks the set with short dresses, high heels and sheer pantyhose. She is a true professional, knows her stuff, and always looks lovely.

  • Hi Robin, One celebrity that I see wearing pantyhose a lot is Beyonce. Her legs look great in pantyhose when she’s performing even though she looks like she’s wearing support pantyhose all the time. I bet her legs would look magnificent in ActSensuous pantyhose. R.M.

  • I’m always on the lookout for positive news in pantyhose. Yesterday at the supermarket I saw an ‘in the aisle’ display of LEGGS hosiery. It was boldly displayed at the end of an aisle. That’s the first time in a LONG time I’ve seen hosiery occupy anything other than a dank and dark corner of a supermarket! Of course – on a related note – Leggs also has a commercial that has aired on TV for their hosiery products. Advertisements for hosiery fell by the wayside back in the late 80’s I think. So we’ll call this PROGRESS of a sort.

    • you sure it wasn’t an artifact at a museum. LOL You do have to wonder if some of the younger generation doesn’t ask “What is that?”

  • Quick Actsensuous poll. What percentage of men do you think PREFER women in hosiery to bear-legged? And by ‘prefer’ I mean – it matters enough to them to notice whether she’s wearing or not and to be mildly disappointed if she isn’t. One word of caution. Don’t let your biases influence your vote. Remember – if a significant majority of men preferred women in hosiery – we’d have never gotten into this situation where the hosiery industry was nearly killed off entirely. Women have never stopped wearing heels or short dresses after all!!.

    • Hi, Libertariangma

      This seems like a no-brainer to me, but you have given me an idea for a new post, which could include your poll. “Bear” with me. I’ll write it up tomorrow. (Unless I come to my senses by then.) 🙂


  • Another great post. I have not commented for a while but I have definitely been reading. Great job showing how important pantyhose are to the complete look. I can’t understand why manufacturers haven’t chosen a famous lady to be a spokesperson. That is what they need to get more stars and everyday women to start wearing again. Hosiery is obviously on the way back and hopefully the momentum isn’t lost. Robin, would love to see you do an interview with one of the bears. A direct one on one Q & A addressing why the dreadful beach look when inappropriate. Oh, and congratulations on getting so many readers for the blog.

    • Hi James,

      Thank you for that nice, positive and upbeat comment. I agree with everything you wrote.

      And, thanks for congratulating me on getting so many readers of The ActSensuous Blog. I am very fortunate that so many have come forward and showed their support by leaving comments on this blog. It is not lost on me that we have some extremely classy followers. So many of them write thoughtful, intelligent and witty comments. And they are always classy about it. They make the work I put into trying to come up with timely, compelling and entertaining posts sooooooo worth it, and I am very thankful for them.

      Robin 🙂

  • I’d like to give a shout out to the actress Zoey Deschanel who is a frequent pantyhose wearer. She has even commented before about how they are a ‘safety blanket’ for her. Not sure what that’s all about – but she does wear. She was on Saturday Night Live a while back and she came out for her opening monologue in sheer hose. I also think that Scarlett Johanssen wears hose on occasion at least. She also hosted SNL last year – and wore sheer pantyhose for her monologue.

    • Good to hear that you brought up Zooey Deschanel. I was thinking about mentioning her on the blog. She sets a good example of young celebrities wearing pantyhose whether if its at casual or formal engagement such an award show or movie premiere. Zooey even mentioned that she likes wearing hosiery year round even in the summer.

      I was watching an interview on youtube when the interviewer ask Zooey about sheer nude pantyhose trend that Kate Middleton brought, Zooey said she loves sheer nude hose, and praised Kate Middleton for wearing them. Zooey wanted to wear pantyhose on the set after wearing them in theater, but was told that she was not allowed to wear them, and does not wear them much on her TV Show, The New Girl. Who ever told Zooey not to wear pantyhose on set, probably a pantyhose hater whether if its the producer or costume designer, they deserve a whack in the head. Zooey should wear pantyhose whenever she wants to.

      Here is the youtube video with the question about pantyhose and Kate Middleton at the 11:04 mark of the video.

      If you type “Zooey Deschanel Pantyhose”, under google pics, you will see pictures of Zooey in various hose and tights including nude hose. With her being a frequent pantyhose wearer, Zooey Deschanel should be deserving of the “Give credit wear credit is due” for 2012.

        • Hey Robin,
          Another person you could give consideration for “Give credit wear credit is due.” is Sofia Vergara of TVs Modern Family. Sofia always wears sheer black hose when she makes a lot of public appearances including talks shows such as David Letterman, and Live with Kelly. (One person on Youtube said that Sofia should show Kelly how to put pantyhose on…lol!!!!)

          It is good to see that Sofia has embraced pantyhose for comfort. She is showing true beauty and class for a Columbian actress.

          • Another good call, Brian. I tried to watch “Modern Family” once but just couldn’t get into it. Maybe I just happened to catch a dull episode or something, but that show definitely did not pull me. But I did see Sofia Vergara on that Letterman episode you mentioned, and she was great.

            She most definitely “gets it” about sheer pantyhose, although I wish she didn’t always choose black. In any event, she knows she’s a trained killer in them.

            She is definitely on my radar for Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due.

            • Speaking of Ms. Vegara, I just watched her appearance today on Live with Kelly and Michael to promote season five of Modern Family and her new movie, Machete Kills. She was wearing a black and red dress with sheer black hose even though there are other colors of hosiery she should wear (maybe you could mail her some of your!!!).

              Great to see Sofia show class wearing hosiery on her TV appearances than Kelly “skinny and skanky bear legs” Ripa. I wonder if they could trade Sofia for Kelly as Michael Strahan’s new co-host to bring class and professionalism back on the talk show since its glory days when Regis and Kathie Lee used to host.

            • Nice comment, Brian W.

              I am very impressed with Sofia Vergara, as she is a true professional and ultra classy. I’ve never seen her not wearing pantyhose while on the clock. She deserves all the credit in the world for being a devoted pantyhose wearer. But, like you, I wish she would wear nude or suntan pantyhose instead of just black all the time.

            • Hi Robin,
              Another day, another Sofia Vergara hose sighting. During her appearance on the Queen Latifah Show today, Sofia was wearing a blue dress with sheer black hose.

              When Sofia makes a public appearance, I rarely see her without hose as well. She probably goes bare-legged when she is acting on a tv show, movie or appears at an award show where she has to wear a long gown. But most of the time she is always in hosiery, but should try other colours besides black. Even though she is 41 (looks good for her age), Sofia could be the next pantyhose queen, watch out Zooey.

            • Great comment, Brian W.

              Actually, I’ve never seen Sofia on any TV show or movie, except once on “The Late Show with David Letterman,” on which she wore her signature sheer black pantyhose, and of course, on TV commercials (and I’ve never not seen her wearing even on them). I can’t imagine her not wearing pantyhose while she’s on the clock.

              As you stated, I too, wish she would wear a shade other than black, but as I always say: Any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose, so I’m not complaining. The few times I’ve seen her (again, on TV commercials) wearing nude or suntan pantyhose, she looks fabulous, so I don’t know why she favors black as much as she does.

              And, you’re right: She most definitely could give Zooey Deschanel a run for her money.

              Thanks, Brian W.

            • Actually, Sofia did make a couple of public appearances on talk shows bare legged. A couple years ago on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and ten years ago on the Late Show when she was an unknown actress. But since then, she has showed class wearing pantyhose at various appearances including talk shows. She also has her own pantyhose line called Sofia by Sofia Vergara including nude hose. She should be next reciepient of the Give Credit Wear Credit is Due honour.

              To echo your words “Any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose”

      • Hi Brian,

        Thanks again for posting the RBT interview with Zooey Deschanel. Actually, I only just now watched it. I didn’t know much about her, but I am glad I watched this because she is quite charming and seems fairly grounded. She certainly has some clear values that one doesn’t often see in other celebrities. (Not sure about that woman who conducted the interview though. She just seems weird to me.)

        Also, thanks for letting us know exactly where the subject of sheer nude pantyhose comes up in that video. (I didn’t catch that the first time I read your comment, so I watched the whole [boring] interview to find it.) I love how convicted Zooey was about her love not only for tights, but also sheer nude pantyhose. Even in the face of the psycho interviewer’s aghast response at the very thought of it, Zooey calmly and confidently stuck to her guns and confirmed her love for pantyhose. Love that.

        Good job finding and posting that video, Brian.

        By the way, another of our longtime readers, libertariangman, also put in a good word for Zooey a couple of days ago.

        You guys are right: Zooey clearly deserves to be featured in one of my next Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due columns in The ActSensuous Blog.

        Take care.


        • Zooey’s body language painted a thousand words when tights and pantyhose was mentioned…. It was very positive…… A true tights/pantyhose lover…..

          Take Care


  • I had an interesting experience the other day after work. I commute on a vanpool with about 10 other people everyday. There is an ongoing joke on the van about how I have a ‘thing’ for the lady that heads our agency. One woman on the van said she looked real good today in her heels – AND she was bear-legged! She said this as if it was a good thing. I immediately corrected her by saying – I wish she was wearing pantyhose. The woman kind of groaned and said – I thought you would have preferred her bear legs. I said – NOPE – she should wear pantyhose because it looks so much more professional. The other women and men in the van kind of cackled uncomfortably at that – but that’s where the conversation ended. At least I had a fairly easy opportunity to DEFEND pantyhose and I did so.

    • Good for you. It’s important for women in real-life situations like that one learn that men prefer pantyhose over “bear” legs. The conversation might have stopped there, but I’ll bet there’s some thinking going on now.

    • Good for you. I would have been too embarrassed to say anything, knowing that the cackling would have happened. As a single guy who’s on a couple of dating sites I’ve gotten to the point that I tell an perspective female my thoughts on it, but online it’s easier because no one knows you yet. With people who know you and that you are dealing with in person, it is tougher. We salute you.

  • From my vantage point near the Washington DC area – I’d have to say the pantyhose comeback is mixed at best. This winter – most professional women in my work environment did wear hosiery – although a high percentage of them wear those THICK, black tights. I have been pleased to see a good number of women in SHEER hosiery with their skirt outfits and heels. HOWEVER – the head of my agency is a woman of about 50 years old. She wears skirts everyday – and NEVER wears hose. What a terrible example she sets for other women in the workforce. I was disappointed again this week – a cold day – when she was bear legged as she walked into the building – goosebumps on her legs. UGGGGHHHH.

    • My experience today of spotting women wearing pantyhose went from disappointing to jubilation. The disappointment occurred when I took the bus on my way to work this morning. I spotted a woman in her early to mid 60s on a bus attending Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses across from my workplace. To my shock, the woman was bare legged in the cold and her legs were not good as they were white, dried, and wrinkled. Not only her legs looked awful but her ankle had a dry bloody scar…..DISGUSTING. I don’t why this woman didn’t put a bandage on her scar, and cover her legs up with pantyhose that would hide her imperfections and enhance the look on her legs. Just because she sees women go bare legged in the cold does not mean she should do the same if her legs don’t look good. The woman should have at least looked in the mirror at her legs and feet.

      However things were positive throughout the day when I spotted another early 60s woman wearing nude hose while shopping at my store. On my way home from work, I was sitting across from two young women in their early 20s, both were wearing sheer hose. One was wearing sheer black, and the other was wearing nude.

      It was a mixed day in my city spotting women wearing or not wearing hose.

  • Actually, I took a second (closer) look at the Juliana Margulies pic on David Letterman show and I have to say I don’t think she is wearing nylons.

  • Juliana Margulies is definitely wearing sheer pantyhose. No doubt about that. What I do doubt is your reference to the Tmobile girl wearing sheer pantyhose. I have NEVER seen her in pantyhose and it’s a shame. I know it can sometimes be hard to tell with some sheer nylons if the woman is wearing them (all the sexier IMO) but I believe 100% she (Carly Foulk) is definitely not wearing any.

    • Hey, we have another Peter! Thanks for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      You guys are killing me. Pretty soon, I won’t be able to post pics of anyone wearing sheer nude pantyhose. Instead, it’ll likely have to be only black or some other color that isn’t a flesh tone.


  • What did I do? Well, I also spotted Ms. Hill in hosiery and that is a rare sight indeed. Personally I do credit the Duchess of Cambridge and her sister for having the foresight to wear pantyhose (or tights as they call them in the UK and beyond) and look damn good in them. The other day in the Daily Mail they had Catherine photographed wearing a very dark but glossy brown hose. Stunning. Even Faith Hill realizes younger women ‘get it’. I like what’s going on. Glad you figured it out way before anyone else Robin as you are an inspiration.

    • Some nerve, trying to muscle in on my territory, peter_a. You should know by now that whenever anything good happens in the world concerning pantyhose, it’s always going to be because of all my efforts. I hereby claim all the credit all the time. So there.

      OK, OK, I’ll give you credit for the Middleton sisters. You hounded me for months and months until I finally wised up and wrote about Catherine and Pippa. Gotta admit, you were singing their praises long before anyone else out there. Good call on that one. There, I said it: peter_a gets credit for Kate and Pippa. Robin gets credit for everything else.

      Ha Ha Ha. 🙂

  • In the Japanese language, bare legs are referred to as “nama ashi,” which means raw legs. The same way a Japanese chef would never serve a large chunk of raw broccoli on a plate, for example, lovely legs should be presented with beauty, class, and finish, IMHO. Presentation does matter, and pantyhose (nice ones like Robin sells) becomes the wrapping of the beautiful gift. I hope they are all listening to your observations, Robin. I appreciate the revolution.

    • Hi, Super Fan. Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Love your comment. Thank you so much for the insight into a bit of Japanese culture. I see the Japanese as a very polite, gentle people who have strong values, and I love that Japanese women embrace pantyhose probably more than any other nation. And I love how Japanese men love their women in pantyhose.

      Again, thank you for joining The ActSensuous Blog, and for your kind words about us. Looking forward to reading many more comments from you. And please keep educating us about Japanese culture.


  • Juliana Margulies looks bare legged on Letterman unless her appearance was during the spring and summer where the weather was warm. She probably wears hose during the colder months of the year in the fall and winter.

    My mind was also read about Lucy Liu. Like I mentioned before, Lucy Liu did appear bare legged with open toe shoes while co-hosting Live with Kelly last week with the familiar bare legged host. Those two should share a room…lol.

    Its too bad that Sandra Oh, who is from my hometown of Ottawa, has followed the American/Hollywood bare legs movement at various events especially during the colder months of the year, and her appearance at last year’s Canada’s Walk of Fame in Toronto is no exception. International Celebrities, whether they are Canadian, British, Australian, etc., seem to follow the American fashion trend and culture after spending a great deal of time working and living in the U.S., and later bringing them to their native country.

    One example is Hazel Mae, a Canadian sports anchor of Filipino descent, who initially worked with our Canadian sports channel, Sportsnet anchoring the morning sports news about a decade ago. She always used to dress very classy and professional including wearing pantyhose with her outfits. Hazel later moved to the U.S. to work with NESN and MLB networks, and marry a former MLB player. After she came back to Sportsnet last fall to anchor the 6pm sports news, Hazel began going bare legged with her gorgeous outfits and has stayed that way since. Just a lack of professionalism on Hazel’s part to appear bare legged on a sports news show even though her choice of outfits and shoes look very nice on her. That is an example why some Canadian women tend to follow the sloppy and tacky American bare leg trend even in the winter.

    On the positive side, it is great to see a young up and coming actress Miranda Cosgrove wearing sheer black hose at the Screen Actors Guild Awards, something that you don’t see often from young celebrities her age at Award shows. At least Miranda is showing that there is a bright future ahead for pantyhose as long as no fashionista or media gets in the way of progress. Maybe Angelina Jolie could learn from her…lol.

      • Just gotta look carefully at the legs. Julianna has a tanned gloss on her legs. If they were sheer, I would say that she is wearing hose, but if it has a tanned gloss likely from creams or lotions, then her legs are bare. Julianna has also made previous appearances on Dave bare legged as well but I will have to post them up later.

        As for Angelina Jolie, I can’t understand why she was flaunting her legs at the Oscars. Her legs are white, and pasty, and her feet are a bit veiny. She really does need to wear hose. Some of these celebrities like Angelina still don’t seem to get it especially if their legs and feet look awful.

        Not surprisingly, most of the comments from this British news article about Angelina and her legs at the Oscars are negative.

        • Uh, yeah, I kinda know a thing or two about this.

          I see things a bit differently in this particular photo, especially at her knees, but I shouldn’t have chosen a pic in which there could be any doubt. Usually, I don’t publish a pic that isn’t more obvious. I would take this one down and replace it with a different one, but then your comments wouldn’t make sense.

          One thing I can say for sure is I could easily be wrong here. I may be too biased regarding JM. Maybe I’m seeing what I want to see.

          Either way, I appreciate your view. Wonder what everyone else thinks.

  • Miranda Cosgrove is gorgeous. Unfortunately she is half my age. Just my luck the generation before me wore pantyhose, and the up and coming one is……..but I’m stuck in BARE-en land.

    As for the NFL Network, perhaps the powers that be realized that their audience is primarily of the male persuasion and hence you present your programming in a way that males like. Of course, expect the fashionistas to throw the challenge flag claiming that the females on there are in violation of fashion rules. LOL

    • Good one, Brian. The officials say: “After further review … we have a reversal. NFL network hostesses must go back to bare legs, and ActSensuous is penalized.” Ha Ha Ha.

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