2011 a Great Year for Pantyhose

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

If the “bear” legs movement won the decade of the new millennium, pantyhose certainly got their legs back in 2011.

(NOTE: I’m putting quotes around “bear” just once and then running with it as-is. Seasoned readers get my play on words, which have their origin in one of my earlier posts: “Why Bears Don’t Wear Pantyhose.”)

No, I’m not proclaiming that everything’s back to normal; far from it. But I think greater strides were made in 2011 than at any time from 2000 on.

I do think 2011 gave us much for which to be thankful, and optimism for years to come. While things looked pretty bleak from 2000 through 2010, I am thrilled by the number of new and seasoned celebrities we saw wearing pantyhose in 2011.

In movies, on TV shows, in TV commercials, on singers/performers taking the stage, on game shows, across fashion runways, in magazines, and practically everywhere we looked in the community, we saw more pantyhose in 2011 than I think we saw in the previous 10 years. And if you want to see beautiful women in pantyhose, just do a google search, and you’ll find that pantyhose are indeed alive and well.

Pantyhose took us by storm in the late-1960s, absolutely ruled in the ‘70s and ‘80s, and enjoyed a good run through most of the ‘90s before “Sex and the City” reared its ugly head in 1998.

In the role that made her famous, actress Catherine Bach as Daisy Duke on the TV show, “The Dukes of Hazzard,” made sheer pantyhose famous.

And, in the ’70s, no one did more for pantyhose than actress Catherine Bach in her role as Daisy Duke on the TV show, “The Dukes of Hazzard.”  Bach took sheer pantyhose to icon status, wearing them with her signature short-shorts and heels on the show.

It’s difficult to imagine how and why so many women in the world would try so hard to distance themselves from the look made famous by Bach.

Looking at this picture of Catherine Bach, I can’t see how anyone could believe that pantyhose are old-fashioned and irrelevant in society today.  A look of sheer beauty and the truest sense of femininity is never irrelevant, and it never goes out of style.

I honestly didn’t believe the bear legs culture would catch on, and I never dreamed it would flourish, almost to the demise of pantyhose.

It has taken a great deal longer than I imagined, but women have begun coming to their senses again. That was clear in 2010, and never more evident than during 2011.

Still, through the darkest times of the 2000 decade, I was so pleased and encouraged by the vast number of men throughout the world voicing their displeasure over the bear legs movement. There are thousands of pantyhose forums, websites and blogs about the love and devotion that (at least) men feel for pantyhose.

I still can’t believe that so many women don’t seem to care that seemingly 99 percent of the male population loves them in pantyhose. The fact that women almost universally reject the beauty, femininity, class, elegance, and sensual characteristics inherent in pantyhose remains a complete mystery to me.

I should acknowledge that, along the way, there have been many women who never bought into the bear legs culture.  Occasionally, I read on an online forum about a woman or two who, like me, just don’t get the hostility other women have toward pantyhose.  It is so heartwarming and encouraging to read the words of some women who say they love pantyhose, and the attention and appreciation they get from wearing pantyhose for men who love it so much.  We can’t know about these everyday women on a large scale, so unfortunately, I cannot give them the praise they deserve. Still, we know they’re out there, so if you’re reading, thank you for remaining professional at the office, classy about town and always feminine in all situations.

Similarly, I’ve been delighted and encouraged by all the support from readers of The ActSensuous Blog this year. I greatly appreciate all your comments, compliments and well wishes.  So, in addition to my usual ranting and raving about celebs and the state of the pantyhose industry, in this year-in-review post, I want to share with you some things you might find interesting – the stuff you guys contribute.

Your comments

You guys write some well-conceived and thought-provoking comments.  You have a real understanding of what’s going on in the world of pantyhose.  You know the celebs who are devoted wearers, and you know the ones who aren’t.   In many of your comments, you attach links to pictures, videos and online articles about pantyhose.

I love it when you write about a colleague at work who routinely wears, or doesn’t.  I love when you write about your most memorable pantyhose experiences and the affects they had on you.

And, of course, I appreciate all the nice things you write about my different posts.  I couldn’t do this if I didn’t think you cared and appreciated it.  So thank you for all your support.

In case you ever wondered, most of those who comment on my blog are not ActSensuous customers.   Sometimes, it’s a bit embarrassing when a customer writes a comment and closes with how much he loves our products and our customer service.  I’m not asking for that, but it’s always nice to read the positive feedback, and I am sure it’s good for business.  So, to those customers/readers, I’ll say this:  That’s not what the blog is about, you don’t have to endorse us in your comments, but I know it comes from the heart, and I do appreciate very much your good intentions.

One reader complimented me a long time ago for keeping the blog separate from the business.  I never expected anyone to notice or care about that, but I always appreciated that this guy got it and pointed it out.  In fact, of the 48 (before this one) posts I’ve written since May 2009, only one was blatantly about ActSensuous – the one on April 25, 2011, called “Return of Pantyhose TV ads a Good Sign.”  In it, I shared my vision (OK, fantasy) of having a celebrity become the official spokesmodel for ActSensuous.  I wrote about the celebs I’d choose if I could.  That post was pretty popular and got some good comments, but I really thought it would get more response from you, telling me which celeb you thought would be perfect to represent ActSensuous.

And that leads me to this:

The polls

I thought polls would be a good way to be heard for those who don’t feel comfortable leaving a comment on a blog post.  What could be more anonymous than that?  Even I don’t know who clicks an answer on a poll on my blog. Yet, the response numbers seem low to me.

To those who have voted on my various polls, I thank you.  Your answers to the poll questions – your voice – give me an insight as to what you think about the state of pantyhose in society today.  To demonstrate that point, I’ll share with you the results of some of those polls, starting with:

  • “Which celebrity would be perfect to represent ActSensuous?”
Following her breakout role in the movie, “The Devil Wears Prada,” Anne Hathaway has maintained a classy and feminine look, including wearing pantyhose for all the right occasions and venues.

Of the 50 votes this poll generated, Anne Hathaway garnered 14 (30%).  To put that in perspective, the next highest vote-getter was Milla Jovovich with 9 (20%).

They beat out the likes of Sandra Bullock, Bai Ling, Nicole Kidman, and four write-in names: Zhang Ziyi, Gong Li, Christie Brinkley and Morena Baccarin.

I was not surprised you chose Anne Hathaway.  I love that, even though she is so young, she gets it. While probably every celeb has her days when she just isn’t going to wear for any occasion, Anne is pretty consistent.  She has the maturity, the class and sense of femininity to wear for all the right reasons and at the right venues.  I believe Anne has a bright future as a Hollywood star, and I’d be proud to have her represent ActSensuous.

Of course I love Milla Jovovich.  She is beautiful, extremely professional, ultra classy and just plain cool.  She is a great actress, and if the truth were known, I’d choose her if I could.

Of the others, I love Bai Ling, Nicole Kidman, Zhang Ziyi and Gong Li, and I would be thrilled if any of them would even consider being the face (legs) of a pantyhose campaign, but that seems rather remote to me.

Christie Brinkley

Now, Christie Brinkley as the official spokesmodel for ActSensuous ….. that seems pretty realistic and very appealing to me.  I’ve always liked Christie.  She’s always been extremely professional, very classy and ultra feminine.

Those are some incredible legs, and she certainly understands the appeal of sheer pantyhose.

I would have thought the same thing about Morena Baccarin, but even though she can always be counted on to wear sheer pantyhose with her outfits in TV series (“The Visitors” and “Homeland”), I’ve never seen her wear during visits on late night talk shows.  I find that so frustrating because it kills my image of her.  I want to believe she is what I see in her TV roles, but have to face the reality that when she’s on her own time, she chooses not to wear.   That amazes me because she looks 100 times better in pantyhose.  Then again, isn’t that true of all of them?

  • Which Celebrity do you most want to see in pantyhose?”
Sandra Bullock performs a scene in her new movie, “Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close,” in Brooklyn.

This poll generated 91 votes, of which Sandra Bullock took 34 (37%).

She overwhelmed the likes of Jessica Alba with 22 votes (24%), Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman, Bai Ling, and seven write-in answers, including Fran Drescher, Michelle Yeoh, Lucy Liu, Bette Middler, and Jenna Fisher.

Good for Sandra Bullock to win that poll.

It goes to show the popularity of the veteran action, dramatic and comedic actress among the ranks of pantyhose lovers.

Why not?  Sandra always has had the professionalism and class to wear pantyhose for the right occasions.

I would have liked to see Michelle Yeoh, Bai Ling and Lucy Liu score higher, but they do in the next poll.

  • Which Asian actress do you most want to see wearing pantyhose?”
The lovely and multi-talented Asian-American actress Lucy Liu sometimes wears pantyhose during public appearances, and when she does, she looks fabulous.

Out of 34 total votes (only 34 – what’s wrong with you people?), Lucy Liu won with 13 votes (38%).

Very impressive, as she beat out whom I think is the world’s most gorgeous woman, Zhang Ziyi, who came in second with 8 votes (24%).

This poll was won because of the popularity/familiarity of Lucy Liu.  I mean who doesn’t love her?

Ironically, from what I’ve observed, Ziyi is a much more prolific wearer of pantyhose than Lucy will ever be.

In fact, as much as I adore Lucy Liu, she breaks my heart by doing the bear legs thing much more often than wearing pantyhose.

Further, it seems the rare occasion on which we see Lucy Liu in pantyhose, she’s wearing the thick, black ones.  Yet, to behold her in sheer nude pantyhose is a breathtakingly beautiful sight. At least the black pantyhose she’s wearing in this photo are fairly sheer.

Zhang Ziyi (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” Rush Hour 2”) is only just becoming known to Western audiences, and since she lives in China, she’s not quite the household name Lucy Liu is.

Classy Chinese movie star Zhang Ziyi almost always wears pantyhose during public appearances.

But Ziyi is the Asian actress I most want to see in pantyhose.  To me, she is total perfection.

Other vote-getters in this poll were Tia Carrere, Michelle Yeoh, Devon Aoki, Bai Ling, Gong Li, Maggie Q, Karen Mok and Brenda Song.

Besides Zhang Ziyi, I next most want to see Michelle Yeoh in pantyhose.  I still love her more than any other Asian actress, and she is simply awesome in pantyhose, although, sadly, that’s a rare sight these days.

It’s so frustrating that Maggie Q doesn’t wear pantyhose on her hit show, “Nikita,” (or any other thing I’ve ever seen her in.)  There was a time (early 1990s) when Tia Carrere (“Wayne’s World,” “High School High,” “True Lies”) was the most beautiful thing that pantyhose ever happened to, but those days appear to be long gone.  I would guess most of you have no clue as to who Karen Mok is (“Black Mask” and “So Close”), but someday I’ll do a whole post about her.

Young model/actress Devon Aoki (“Debs” is my favorite movie of hers) is a frequent pantyhose wearer and looks amazing in them.   I haven’t seen enough of Brenda Song, but it’s neat that someone voted for her.

I love Gong Li, Maggie Cheung and Karen Mok, and they all look fabulous in pantyhose, but to me, there is just something truly remarkable about seeing Bai Ling in pantyhose. Maybe that’s because it’s so unexpected.

Bai Ling dressed beautifully, complete with brown pantyhose, during an appearance at Grauman’s Chinese Theatre on Nov. 4, 2011, in Hollywood, Calif.

Bai Ling is an enigma.

She is extremely intelligent and has great talent.  She is incredibly beautiful.  But she fits in perfectly within the Hollyweird culture. I don’t really get her, but I can’t help but love her.

She is known for wearing the skimpiest and strangest outfits, and looking awesome in them.

But when she wears pantyhose, it is so heartwarming to me.  She kills me in a good way.

  • Pantyhose – To Wear or Not to Wear (ladies only please)

This was not the poll that saw the widest margin of victory, but the winning answer got 19 of the 24 votes (79%). The winner, I’m happy to say, is this answer:

“I choose to because I believe in and wholeheartedly support the concepts of beauty, glamour, class and sexiness inherent in pantyhose.” Coming in second was the answer:  “I am not on one side or the other and would wear or not wear pantyhose based on the appropriateness of the situation/environment.” That answer got 3 votes (13%).

I wrote (ladies only please) at the end of the poll question because I knew what answer men would give, and I really wanted to see what women would say. I always wondered if the votes were indeed by women only. I don’t know, but there were 2 votes (8%) for the answer: “I choose not to on my own personal volition because I think pantyhose are uncomfortable, impractical and/or unnecessary.”  We know women cast that vote.

But here’s the real news: Not a single vote came in for the answers: “I choose not to because I believe in and completely support the cause for the bare legs movement … period;” or for: “I choose not to because the excuse now exists thanks to the bare legs movement.”

Hey, I’ll take our minor victories anywhere I can get them.

  • Today’s “Bear Legs culture:

This is the poll, attached to the post “Why Bears don’t wear Pantyhose,” that launched my whole “bear” legs terminology.  The answer that won this poll was: “Can’t die a horrible death soon enough.”  Still, it got only 60 votes out of 110 (55%).  Taking second place with 26 votes (24%) was the answer:  “Is to punish men (for being men).”  Sorry about that, guys.

OK, are you wondering what poll got the most activity and won by the very widest margin?  This won’t come as a surprise to most of you. It was attached to my first (and arguably best) post of 2011 (Jan. 9), titled “Why Not Pantyhose and Open-Toe High Heels?”  This post still gets comments and generates discussions, remaining one of the most popular on this blog.

  • Pantyhose with open-toe high heels?

This poll generated 160 votes – by far, the most activity of all the other polls.  The winner was the answer: “Absolutely! Yes, please!”  You gave that answer 151 votes (94%).  I’m so proud.  Getting only 7 votes (4%) was the answer: “No way! No How! Never!”  And just 2 voters (1%) selected the answer: “Who cares?”

Professional singer/dancer and TV personality Paula Abdul always wears sheer pantyhose during public events, and looks perfect in open-toe heels.

More than any of my other posts, “Why Not Pantyhose with Open-Toe High Heels?” struck a huge chord with you.  This was the post in which I first bashed all the so-called “fashion experts” for making up hard and fast rules that dictate what they say is acceptable or not for you to wear.  That anyone listens to these people is unfathomable to me.

I had no idea when I wrote it that this post would generate so many comments and poll votes.  I am so glad you overwhelmingly support the wearing of pantyhose with dress sandals.

Even more, I love it when celebs (by far the greatest influencers of fashion) completely disregard the advice of the “experts” and always wear pantyhose with open-toe heels.

Looking at the picture of Paula Abdul, I can’t imagine how there could be even a few people out there who still think this look is wrong.



As much as I love my self-appointed mission of being the voice of hope and reason for the return of pantyhose to favor in all aspects of society, I couldn’t write this blog without your participation.  I try to make my posts compelling and entertaining, hoping to generate comments and discussion among you.  And I throw in polls to give you another avenue to express your views about pantyhose.

Sometimes, when more time than usual goes by between posts, I’m struggling to stay motivated or to come up with something I think you’ll care about.  The point is I do this for you.  I hope you will continue to contribute, and I hope more of you will get involved.

Finally, I could say this (and probably will) until I turn blue, but we owe our thanks to so many wonderful celebrities all over the world who turned out in droves wearing pantyhose this year. There’s not enough space to acknowledge all of them, but let me recognize a few we couldn’t have done without this year.

Ann Curry: She is beautiful, classy and professional. We owe her so much gratitude for keeping the bar high in TV journalism.

Carly Foulkes, the beloved T-Mobile Girl:  Now we know it wasn’t a fluke. I don’t know how many commercials she’s made now, but she’s always in one of those famous pink dresses, with awesome pumps and sheer nude pantyhose.  She’s a young hottie who potentially can influence an entire generation to dress more femininely.

Julianna Margulies is one the most professional Hollywood actress, always dressing professionally, especially wearing elegant outfits with sheer pantyhose everywhere she goes.

Julianna Margulies:  She has always been professional and classy, and now, as the star of “The Good Wife,” she can do no wrong.

She’s a great actor on arguably the best show on TV, and so, in her we have a highly visible celeb who wouldn’t be caught dead not wearing pantyhose.

Hopefully, Julianna will influence those career women who don’t think there’s anything wrong with showing up for work with bear legs.

What I like most about Julianna is that not only does she always wear pantyhose on the job, but also out in public and on late night talk shows.  She’s truly a devoted wearer.

Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Rihanna, Selena Gomez and other young professional entertainers are doing the right thing.

Perry and Gaga, and Paula Abdul are practically pantyhose ambassadors because they wear not only on stage, but also out in the public eye.

These women are priceless contributors to our cause.

Kate Middleton: Obviously, much has been made of her commitment to wearing pantyhose, and rightfully so.  She clearly is all about class and elegance and doing the right thing.  In all fairness, she may be the one woman who singlehandedly changes the course of pantyhose’s fate in global fashion circles.

Yes, 2011 was a great year for pantyhose. We’ve made up so much ground, and I am looking forward to more of the same in 2012 and beyond.

Wishing you and yours a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

82 thoughts on “2011 a Great Year for Pantyhose

  • Just reviewed this article again. Here we are 4 years beyond this original article and I wonder where you think we are at the end of 2015? Has progress stopped? It seems it has in the States especially when I have heard of 2 more hosiery mills shutting down. I’m thinking the Kate Middleton effect has subsided. It seems some of the youngsters we were hoping to influence young women to wearing hosiery have started to abandon the practice themselves (Ariana Grande). Thought So?

    • Hi TurboDey,

      Thank you for your comment. I won’t say much now, as I probably should write a post about this subject, as it is the end of another year. I will say this: I had no idea that Ariana Grande had abandoned the practice. I truly hope that isn’t the case, as she gave me (and you, and surely, many others) some optimism about for her having a positive influence on a new generation of young ladies out there.

      Well, keep the faith, TurboDey, and let’s all keep fighting the good fight. Wishing all of us a Happy New Year (but not Carrie Underwood). Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • Hello Robin,

    I remember when I used to watch the “Dukes of Hazzard” and of course could not take my eyes off of Catherine Bach and those pantyhosed legs of hers. I had the opportunity to meet her in person here in Hawaii when I was a Front Desk Clerk @ a prestigious hotel in the late 1980’s. She still looked good and as I recall she was trying to sweet talk me into giving her a larger suite at the price of a regular room. She tried several times but due to the chance of getting fired, I graciously refused her and of course she was disappointed. I too was disappointed not because I had to say no, but that she was not wearing any pantyhose and was wearing very tight painted on jeans with Sandles. Don’t get me wrong, the sight was to die for but no pantyhose or “Daisy Dukes”. Maybe that would of been worth the risk if she wore them!

    Also a note, Maggie Q and Tia Carrera are both from Hawaii and I remember when Tia was discovered working in a convenience store in Waikiki. A director’s mother went to that store and thought she was beautiful and convinced her to try out for her son’s movie, which I believe was “Tai Pan”. She played “Venus Poon”. Unfortunately I have never seen either of them wearing pantyhose around Hawaii. The main dress wear here is T-shirt and shorts with Sandles or slippers. I consider myself lucky to work at a place where pantyhose is part of the uniform. That is my “Paradise”!

    I like the fact that you are interested in pantyhose Robin. Would of been nice to see you wearing them in your high school years and beyond. I am sure it looked “classy”! Must of impressed many guys during those times…as you do now. Keep up the good work.

    Until next time.


    • Hey Tracy,

      Thank you for your comment.

      Wow, you’ve met some awesome celebrities. I have to wonder about the likes of Catherine Bach, who looked so amazing in her iconic outfit from the TV show, but I’m not sure she ever wore pantyhose in anything else she ever did. I don’t understand that, really, but I do know it was the TV producers who made it mandatory that she wear pantyhose with those short-shorts. (Those were the days.)

      Also, Tia Carrere wore pantyhose with practically every outfit in her earlier movies, and she looked nothing short of incredible in them, yet, I never saw her in pantyhose when she made public appearances. Go figure.

      Finally, Maggie Q almost never wore pantyhose on “Nikita,” yet the few times she did wear sheer nude pantyhose, she looked amazing. She is one actress I never expect to be wearing pantyhose, however, recently, I saw a series of pictures of her wearing for an appearance she was making. That was surprising to me, but of course, in a very good way.

      You’re right, Tracy, not to risk your job by saying anything about pantyhose to the celebs you meet these days, but I probably would. I’d just point out how amazing they looked when they did wear in the good old days. That, and I’d probably tell them that pantyhose are poised for a return to prominence, and advise them to be out in front of the pack by wearing now.

      But that’s just me.

      • Thank you Robin. You don’t know how much I wanted to ask Ms. Bach about her legs, however we were not allowed to ask or bother the guests in case they complained. The hotel took that very seriously. All I know is I was single then and found it difficult to sleep that night. She did manage to say “hello” to me the next day. Tight clothes as usual. Yep, those were the days. Reminds me of the time I serviced Olivia Newton John’s room when she was there…well, that’s another story. Thanks Robin!


    • Hi, Mike T.

      Thanks for attaching the link to this article. I’ve seen quite a few stories like this one. It’s a great deal better, more positive and hopeful than many of the stories that are written on this subject. (Translation: This one doesn’t piss me off.)


    • Great positive article about the return of hosiery except the last person in the article was not convinced, and wants to continue to freeze her bare legs during the cold months of winter. There will always be the haters out there that could care less about hosiery and want to show a lack of class in their appearance regardless of the weather and setting. Overall, its a positive article about hosiery, and its bright future in the fashion world.

  • Surprised there was no mentions of the Grammies
    I didn’t watch I did see some pics of the best / worst dresses
    Not allot of pantyhose (one word lol) but not sure they
    Would have helped some of the outfits

    • Actually, there were a couple of comments about the Grammy Awards, most notably about Adele’s wearing, and the lack of professionalism and good taste in going “bear”-legged during all awards shows and red carpet events.

      Thanks for your input, Joe.

    • Thanks for sharing that, Brian. That’s a well written piece. I feel like I have a sister out there.

      I try to keep my blog upbeat and positive because it is too easy to get downright depressed about how far we’ve descended in values and decency as a society.

      I enjoyed reading her post because she called out everyone, including school teachers (they should be ashamed of themselves) and young people who have jobs but not the sense or maturity to look or act the part. Then again, when the First Lady has no class and no respect for the sanctity of the White House and what the title means, whadaya gonna do?

      Sadly, no one commented on this bloger’s post. Someone should because when one writes a piece like that and no one comments, it feels like one is all alone in one’s views. I’d like to comment, but when a business does that, it looks like the owner is just trying to drum up business for himself and using the comment section to get noticed. Usually, a comment from a business ends up in the blogger’s spam gueue.

      Again, thanks for forwarding this post to us, Brian.

  • I’ve never been much of a pantyhose fan for comfort reasons but I do adore stockings. Now I’m intrigued about ‘bear’ legs…must go and read further!

  • Hey did anyone see the Today Show this morning ???? Not only did you have Ann Curry, but Natalie Morales AND Savannah Guthrie in great looking hose…… and we can’t forget the blast from the past… Debra Norville…!!!!!! Great Morning !!!!

    • We cannot overstate the value (and the potential impact) that can come from Ann Curry and her colleagues wearing on the Today Show, as well as the appreciation we pantyhose lovers have for them.

      • And let’s not forget the women on the Weather Channel, who consistently are very professionally dressed…from head to toe! Kudos to Kelly Cass, Stephanie Abrams, Maria LaRosa, Krystal Eggers and Jen Carfagno, for continually being excellent spokeswomen, who provide national weather information while showing off nice looking pantyhose-clad legs on national TV!

          • Don’t forget – it’s winter. Those Weather Channel ladies often go without hose in the warmer months. Don’t get me wrong though. I’m very happy they are wearing now!!

            • I watch probably too much TWC year-round, and disagree that during the summer some of the fine women on the TWC are going hose-less. Stephanie looks to be always wearing; although during the summer she dons lighter shades. I think most of the women on TWC follow suit. Also, I’ve noticed during the summer that when the peep-toe heels are worn, it appears that some of the women go without pantyhose. But these women still appear to have legs that are too shiny and not quite pale enough to be bear legged, so my guess is that there’s a Spanx toeless pantyhose- type trend on display, or they are really oiling up the gams. There are a few women (e.g. Kim Cunningham) that look like they go bear-legged an unfortunately large portion of the time, but most of the women on TWC, seem to get that looking professional means leaving pale legs at home….:).

            • To AJ, in other words the Weather Channel is more informative and nicer to look at than most of network television.

  • Here is a youtube clip from various David Letterman interviews with actresses. He comments about how sexy their legs are – with lots of leg and foot closeups. Not even ONE of these actresses is wearing sheer hosiery. Dave asks Charlize Theron how she got her legs to look so shiny! She probably spent hours applying creams and lotions to get her legs to look like that rather than take the one minute to put on a pair of elegant hosiery. Hopefully – we’ll see more and more actresses wearing hose in the coming year.

      • Happy New Year to all. I’ve read all of the positive “pantyhose is on the upswing” comments over the past several months and would love to be able to say that I could agree from personal observation. Unfortunately, that is not the case. For example, at a Catholic Church Christmas Eve Mass, if there were 100 women in the crowd, about 5 weren’t bare legged :(. If ever there was a place where pantyhose should have been front and center, I’d think that would’ve been it. I’ve thought that maybe it was just my corner of the world, but after seeing the Letterman clip, it reinforced my opinion that there’s lots of work to be done. Thankfully since my wife doesn’t look around and go with the local flow (mostly bare legs and lots of flip flops, even with dresses or skirts…), I’m one of the very lucky minority. For those in places where there may be a big upswing in women wearing more pantyhose more frequently, enjoy and revel in the upswing! Unfortunately, there are still some areas where bear legs (regardless of how pale the legs may be) still rule. Sorry to be such a downer, but here’s to a new year where more inroads in ending the bear legs majority continues to be the march of the masses…

    • Just watched the Late Show with David Letterman youtube video, and where to begin… Jennifer Aniston and Gwen Stefani (too much legs exposed due to their skimpy shorts), Katie Holmes (white and pasty), Kim Kardashian (exposing her bandaged toe after an injury – disgusting), Eva Longoria (dressed like an exotic dancer in stripper shoes), Felicity Huffman (bruise on her right leg as Dave pointed out), Charlize Theron (too shiny like a bronze statue maybe overdid her lotion on her legs), and Kat Von D.(too much ink). That goes to show you that not all celebrities have perfect bare legs and feet. Is this how celebrities are influencing woman out there with their appearance on a late night talk show? Totally unprofessional, hideous, and tacky on their part for not wearing pantyhose to cover the impefections on their legs and feet.

    • Speaking of Charlize Theron, In her movie “Young Adult”, she plays a divorced writer who visits her old hometown in Minnesota to reunite with an old high school sweetheart. Later in the movie, Charlize’s character is wearing nude hose when she visits one of her old high school classmates, and starts having sex with him in hose. The movie is probably out on DVD and blu ray right now. Great to see that movies these days are finally showing women wearing nude hose.

      Its too bad that Charlize does not wear nude hose in real life. I bet she would look good in them as opposed to her bronzed legs when she made her appearance on David Letterman months ago.

  • I only see the show sinces it’s on while I am at the gym. If she did wear hose I might fall off the elliptical machine lol 🙂

  • Saw the rippa nomination I’ll add one Liz hasselback (the view). Has great legs wears nice skirts and dresses but mostly bare legs, occasional wears hose but not enough in my opinion. Now whoopi can stay covered lol 🙂

    • Hi Joe, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. Thanks for your nomination of Elizabeth Hasselbeck for a Grizzly Award. Never have seen a single episode of “The View,” and don’t know anything about her, thus, she was not on my radar, so thanks again for the recommendation.

    • go to youtube and search for Elizabeth Hasselbeck and pantyhose and see what you come up with. True she does not always wear them, but you certainly can’t call her a hater of pantyhose.

      • Thank you, brkev. I will do that.

        In any case, I always research a possible suspect before considering her for a Grizzly. From what you’ve said, I have a feeling I would end up ruling her out as a recipient. Good job heading that off. I like when my readers participate this way. And you’ve likely saved me from putting a lot of time and work into determining whether she should get the next Grizzly. So, what’s your take on Kelly Ripa?

      • Elisabeth Hasselbeck does wear hose as well, but its mostly sheer black designer hose or opaque tights. I don’t think she goes bare legged much like Kelly Ripa unless the weather gets warmer. The only time Elisabeth had an issue with pantyhose was when The View hosts were discussing a business in Kansas City making women wear pantyhose as part of a mandatory dress code. Elisabeth’s concerns do not mean that she hates pantyhose, its just part of the dress code she had an issue with. It was also the same time that Michelle Obama was on the show where she admitted that she gave up on pantyhose a long time ago.

  • Happy New Year Robin,

    I just found your blog, an I must say I think it’s great. However, I noticed you haven’t touched upon, or made mention of one of the biggest “bears” out there. She is seen every morning on ABC, and I’ve heard her mention time and time again how much she dislikes pantyhose. If you haven’t guessed yet, I’m refering to Kelly Ripa. think about it, like I mentioned she is watched every morning, and all of the women that are watching, see her bare legs. Now don’t get me wrong, I think Kelly is great, except for this one flaw, and if anyone needs to wear pantyhose I think it should be her. What do you think?

    • Hi D,

      Thanks for finding us and writing a comment. And I totally agree with you about Kelly Ripa. Believe me, she’s been on my radar, but I just don’t know much about her, and I’ve never watched a single episode of that show. Don’t worry, the Grizzly Awards is in its infancy — there’s been only two Grizzlys issued so far — and I’ll definitely get to Ripa. I love your passion about this. The way you wrote ahout Ripa inspires me. She might just be my next “honoree.”

      Happy New Year to you, too.


      • Thank You for getting back to me Robin, I do have a passion for this, women need to realize that pantyhose are an essential part of their wardrobe. I just think if you reached out to someone like Kelly and showed her how important pantyhose are to a woman’s professional attire, then more women would wear them. Ask her this, how unprofessional would it look if she were to walk in for an appointment, whether it be with a doctor, a lawyer, her agent, and the gentleman is wearing a business suit without a tie. Wouldn’t that look “sloppy” and extremely unprofessional?

        • Actually, I doubt Ripa would get it. The fact that she’s so unprofessional as to go “bear” legged on a national TV show, I can’t imagine she’d notice or care whether any business executive wears a tie or not with his suit.

          • You’re probably correct, but you get my point. Well I just wanted to say hi…. keep up the good work and I look forward to speaking with you in the future…Please keep in touch…..

          • Hi Robin,
            The best thing to do is watch Live with Kelly for about a month. If Kelly is “bear” legged or wears hose less for about a month or two especially now that it is wintertime, she should be the first recipient of the grizzly award for 2012. I didn’t get a chance to bring this up, but before Kelly started wearing sheer black hose, or opaque tights on the show, she said that she hated wearing pantyhose, and would never wear them. That is why you are seeing Kelly “bear” legged for most of the time, and is indeed a follower of the “bear” legs movement.

      • I was watching Live with Kelly this morning, and country music legend Dolly Parton made an appearance on the show to promote her upcoming musical film Joyful Noise. As always, Dolly was wearing sheer nude hosiery with her peep toe shoes. She also wore them at the premiere of her movie, and other events as well.

        If there is a give credit wear credit is due award for 2012, it should go to Dolly Parton. Even though she is in her 60s, Dolly has the class, grace, and elegance to wear hose with open toe shoes at various public appearances and events. She also has the courage of not being swayed by these so called fashion experts and the media who still think that pantyhose with open toe shoes is a fashion faux pas.

        Dolly’s character from Steel Magnolias said it best:
        Dolly Parton: “These thighs haven’t left the house without lycra since I was 14 years old.”
        Olympia Dukakis:” You were raised right”.

        Maybe Kelly could learn from Dolly but sadly, that is unlikely to happen.

        • Hey, Brian. Another excellent comment. Good job.

          You’re right … DP has always had the class to dress professionally and femininely throughout her entire career. I can’t say I’m a DP fan, but I’ve always respected her for the way she dresses.

          Thank you for attaching the photo links. I don’t watch those kinds of shows, so I have no idea who the bimbo in photo 323948 is, but she is totally unprofessional. At least her male counterpart is dressed extremely well, but she wears some goofy looking pants, and she apparently has no feet, but that’s OK because she was probably wearing some dumpy shoes. I think the producer of any talk show (or news show or whatever) should feel completely humiliated and ashamed when the guest dresses more professionally than the host(s).

          Also, good job with the quotes from “Steel Magnolias.”

          Thank you, Brian.

          • I believe the guy that is dressed nice is Good Morning America anchor George Stephanopoulos, and the female anchor, I have no who she is but she is dressed like if she just got out of bed.

    • Kelly does wear hose, but mainly sheer black to opaques. If you google image or youtube “Kelly Ripa pantyhose” you will see her wear sheer black hose and opaque tights. However she wears them occasionally, and most of the times, she is bare legged especially during the wintertime.

        • lol….I mean that Kelly only wears them once in a blue moon, and is always bare legged even though some of the female guest are seen in hosiery. Kelly Ripa is a follower of the BLM, and is deserving of the grizzly award.

        • Hi Robin,
          It seems that some of the Grizzly Award nominees are starting to wear hose again(they probably must be aware of your blog….lol..jk). I just watched Live with Kelly today and for the first time in a while and this year, Kelly is wearing black opaque tights, but it still won’t change our mind that she is a Grizzly Award nominee.

          There was a mention of Alisyn Camerota going bare legged and deserving of the Grizzly Award. Alisyn has been wearing hose in the last few days, but those days are still not enough for her to escape nomination. One person that I would like to add for Grizzly Award is Fox and Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson, who used to wear pantyhose years ago, but is no longer wear them. Here is a youtube video from several years ago where Gretchen is showing off her clean pantyhose foot on the table.

          Gretchen Carlson Pantyhose

          Gretchen now, and in recent youtube videos, is always seen bare legged relying on self tanning lotions for her legs. She once took off her pantyhose after the first hour of the show. If Gretchen wanted to wear hose, she should have found the right size and style of hose instead of the cheap ones that run easily.

          One person that I miss on Fox and Friends is E.D. Hill, who is now a news reporter on CNN. Unlike Alisyn and Gretchen, E.D. always had the class and professionalism to wear pantyhose with her outfits on Fox and Friends.

          Even though Kelly and Alisyn have started wearing hose recently, it does not mean that they are no longer nominees for the Grizzly. If they wore them more often, they would not be deserving of the Grizzly. However, knowing Kelly and Alisyn, I won’t be surprised if they are back to sporting their bare legs on their TV shows sometime soon, meaning that their status of getting a Grizzly Award is unlikely to change.

          • Yes, I do have some trouble with all this. I mean I really want the Grizzly Award to go to someone who is as devoted a pantyhose hater as Kate Middleton might be a pantyhose lover. I had a couple of suspects in Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Garner, but wouldn’t you just know that both have been seen in pantyhose for the first time in like … ever!

            Really, who’d have thought it would be so hard to find someone who is truly deserving of the Grizzly? I mean Stacy London was a slam-dunk. I’d really like for the Grizzly to go to others like her. I just need my readers’ help in identifying those who are truly deserving like London.

            Your recommendations all sound like good nominees, and I thank you for them. I will keep your targets, especially Gretchen Carlson (never heard of her, so I appreciate the intel), on my radar, but I’d prefer to go after the really consistent, devoted and obvious pantyhose haters first.

            Thanks again.


            • Good points Robin. The suggestions you are getting for the Grizzly are probably a bit too much for you. As you mentioned, I think the rules for the Grizzly Award should be limited to:

              1. A person that is a devout pantyhose hater, and has stated in public that she hates wearing or gave up pantyhose.

              2. A person that is always bare legged on TV shows and public events.

              Right now Michelle Obama and Kelly Ripa are on top of my list. I would have included Alisyn on my list, but in the last few days she has worn hose on Fox and Friends. Even though Alisyn does the “bear” legs thing, there was no mention of her stating that she hates wearing pantyhose. Same with Gretchen despite going bare legged as well.

              I also had the opportunity to watch Live and Kelly last Tuesday where Kelly wore black sheer woolford hose as seen in this video.


              At the end of the video, Kelly nearly forgot to mention about the sheer black woolfords that she wore made her legs and feet silky. She went back to sporting bare legs the next day on her show, so I was not surprised. Like I said, Kelly only wears hose once in a blue moon. I just wish she could wear sheer hose more often if she felt very good and silky in them.

            • Not at all … I love getting everyone’s suggestions about whom should receive the next Grizzly. I love that people care and have bought in to my whole “bear” legs concept and jargon. I don’t know as much about some of these daytime shows and their bear-legged hostesses that you guys reference, so I greatly appreciate getting your nominations.

              As you know, my whole Grizzly Awards column is still in its infancy, and it’ll evolve with all our readers’ input, and my stellar efforts at research. And, yes, the one thing I do believe in pretty strongly is that the coveted Grizzly should go to only the most richly deserving of bear-legs-showing-and-supporting women. You’re right about Michelle Obama. Perhaps, no one is more deserving of the Grizzly than her. Ripa probably is not far behind, but for now, the jury is still out on her.

              Those who wear pantyhose occasionally might just “bearly” escape receiving the honor. But don’t worry — already, I’ve dreamed up a whole new angle for the Grizzly Awards that’ll touch those “tweeners.” I’ve got to put a little more work into it, but soon, a whole new Grizzly will be unleashed.

              As always, I thank you for your thoughts and suggestions, Brian.

              Take care.


          • Alisyn is only wearing hose because it’s winter in NYC. She has always worn hosiery on the coldest days of the winter – and that’s it! She never wears hosiery when it’s above 40 degrees or so outside.

      • She very rarely wears any hosiery at all…including opaques….and I’ve only seen her wear sheer hosiery one time in the 10 yrs. that she has been doing the show.

  • Hi Robin,

    Happy New Year. 2011 was definitely a great year in pantyhose compared to the previous 10 years as more women and celebrities were seen wearing them. I believe that 2012 and for many years to come, we will continue to see pantyhose win over bare legs. It just puzzles me how some women hate wearing something so natural and luxurious as sheer pantyhose. R.M.

    • I’d also nominate Alyson Camerota of the Fox and Friends morning show for a Grizzly award. She almost never wears hose – and she sits on a couch with her co-hosts so her legs are always on display. I’ve watched closely – and the only time she will wear hose are on the absolute coldest days of the winter. Disgusting.

      • Man, you all know so many individuals and shows that I’ve never heard of or seen. I love it. I certainly want the Grizzly Awards to go to the most deserving out there, so thank you for making this suggestion, libertariangman.

      • I notice that Alyson’s knees look knobby and legs look like toothpicks when she is bare legged. Fox and Friends is nothing like the Today show on NBC, where Natalie Morales and Ann Curry are always seen wearing hose.

        • Yes – that’s the real kicker – Alyson has skinny legs – all the MORE REASON that she should be in sheer hosiery. It’s incredible that she can’t see this obvious fact.

  • Happy New Year Robin,

    I will have to say New Years Eve is now my favorite night / day. I was in Atlanta, GA.
    I went to the Bowl Game to watch Auburn play and let me say I saw many pair of nylon covered legs there. The ages ranged from 20 to 70. I was looking back over my shoulder watching a twenty something young clad in black hose, she was super hot in her mini short dress. I was enjoying the sites of legs all night long. I was impressed to see some many different styles, to include tights, pattern hose, plain black also.

    I hope 2012 will prove to be a great year for nylon covered legs. Last night I was in high cotton seeing all the legs.

  • Hi Robin,
    Happy New Year. There was a momentum in my city with women wearing various types of hosiery leading up to New Year’s Eve. A few days ago, I saw a couple of women in their early twenties wearing sheer nude hosiery going out to the party. Then when I went out last night on New Year’s Eve, I saw another couple of women in their twenties wearing sheer nude hosiery, and a group of women wearing a variety of sheer or opaque colored hosiery. However, the momentum ended when I saw some young women outside at the club bare legged especially in the cold snowy winter. One that irked me the most was a young woman walking bare legged with open toe shoes in the snow. I guess some women still don’t seem to get it or don’t care what they or others think about their looks thanks in large part to these so called fashion experts and media that continue to brainwash women with the bear legs movement despite the cold winter weather. If women want to get their bare legs frozen, that is their problem. As for the women that wore hosiery, great to see them showing the class, beauty, professionalism, and elegance to wear hose during the holiday season. As you say, give them credit where credit is due.

    • Hi Brian
      You said…”the momentum ended when I saw some young women outside at the club bare legged especially in the cold snowy winter. One that irked me the most was a young woman walking bare legged with open toe shoes in the snow. I guess some women still don’t seem to get it or don’t care what they or others think about their looks”

      You are correct…. They have been brainwashed…. Unwittingly lost some critical thinking and common sense… It is called “Cognitive Dissonance” They might be very cold and look very stupid… But the conflicting beliefs will make them go against common sense……

      Take Care


      • Hi Carl,
        Thanks for the response. Personally, I think this Bare (or “Bear” to quote Robin) Legs Movement (BLM) has gone too far and way over the top especially in winter.

        One celeb that must have influenced women out there is Mariah Carey, who went bare legs with open toe shoes while shopping in Aspen, Colorado, where it was very cold.


        At least Mariah was fortunate enough to change into her boots, but I was disappointed that she did not wear any hosiery. Just because a celebrity like Mariah Carey can go bare leg with open toe shoes in the winter doesn’t mean that women should try to pull off the look in the winter.

        I bet it would be foolish and laughable to see women go bare legged even with open toe shoes in cold sub zero degree weather. Hopefully common sense will prevail and we should see more women wear hosiery in 2012.

  • brk – Most definitely – republican women are more likely to wear pantyhose than democrats. It partly has to do with the ‘traditional-minded’ thinking of republicans as opposed to democrats. As further proof – you might recall that the current first lady – Michelle Obama – HATES pantyhose – and said so in a TV interview a while back. She is the ONLY first lady ever to reject hosiery. She never wears them at formal events at the White House or in foreign lands. A foreign dignitary even commented to the press that he thought it was in poor taste that Obama did not wear hosiery. All of my facts are easily confirmed by googling the topic.

    • I remember that interview on The View a few years ago around the same time that female hosts were bashing pantyhose after some Kansas City firm required women to wear pantyhose as part of a dress code. While some have praised Ms.Obama for her sense of fashion, others have criticized her even for not wearing pantyhose at formal engagements in foreign countries. One person in the Czech Republic said that Ms. Obama made a fashion faux pas by not wearing pantyhose at an formal event that requires women to wear hose since they have different dress codes in that country due to its cultures, customs, and tradition.

      Maybe Ms. Obama should be the next recipient of the Grizzly Award, the first for 2012. What do you think Robin?

      • You’re right about Mrs. Obama, Brian. Excellent suggestion that she should get the next Grizzly Award. I can’t believe I didn’t think of that myself. Thanks for your comment.

        • Here is the story of Michelle Obama’s appearance on The View about four years ago, and her pantyhose confession.


          Sure, she is a tall woman at 5’11 and nothing fits for her. But saying that she is too tall to wear hose is just another lazy, lame duck excuse. I know women who are over 5’10 to about 6’1/6’2 that wear pantyhose. All Ms. Obama has to do is find the right size and style of hosiery that is more comfortable instead of wearing cheap hosiery that is either too small for her or rip on her legs.

    • Speaking of Republicans, I was going through some books at the library that were on display for Black History Month. One of those books is about Condolezza Rice, the former U.S. Secretary of State. In the middle section of the book, there were pictures of Ms.Rice wearing pantyhose from her college days (when women dressed like women) to her time as a Secretary of State. Whether if its working for the Bush Adminstration or meeting foreign dignitaries, Ms. Rice is very conservative and professional when she wears pantyhose with her outfits. I would choose her over Ms. Obama anyday. The ironic thing about Ms. Rice is that she used to be a Democrat years ago before she switched to Republican. I wonder if she would be wearing hose if she were still a Democrat?

  • There are two other women who have been known to be seen in pantyhose over the past few years, and they are Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann. So, I’ll ask an interesting question, and as 2012 will be an election year it’s timely, are Republican women more likely to wear pantyhose than Democratic women?

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