Pantyhose happenings on my mind

It seems that the current-but-maybe-not-for-much-longer “bear” legs movement came upon us all of a sudden.   One day things were normal and good, and then suddenly pantyhose were public enemy No. 1 (among women that is).  

  It’s been a long decade-plus of the awful bear legs look, but gradually, in ever-increasing numbers, pantyhose are gaining their legs again.  Have you noticed? 

  They’re in movies and TV shows more and more.  They’re in TV commercials all the time.  They’re even on fashion runways, and that’s a real good thing.  They’re in magazines, too.   And now, they’re also the subject on more and more women’s minds as one can see on Internet discussion boards, where there’s always that question: “Are pantyhose back?”  To which some answer: “I never realized pantyhose were out.”  Love that.

  Yes, it’s looking more and more like pantyhose are starting to cling to more willing wearers each day.  With that in mind, here are some recent pantyhose happenings that are getting my attention:

Celebs deserve our thanks

   Probably the biggest reason that pantyhose are once again in mainstream consciousness is the vast and ever-growing number of Hollywood actresses, entertainers and pop stars wearing during their performances.  

As fabulous as she looks like this, it’s surprising Cameron Diaz doesn’t wear pantyhose more often.

  In only my second ever blog post (June 2009) titled “Calling out Professional Entertainers,” I blasted celebrities for instigating and perpetuating the bare legs movement (back then, I hadn’t come up with the idea of referring to it as “bear” legs.)   My, how far we’ve come.  I am so proud of the many veteran celebs who never left, or have now come back to pantyhose.  And that includes Cameron Diaz, who until recently, I thought would be the next recipient of my new column, “The Grizzly Awards.” 

  But I’m even prouder of the young, up-and-coming celebs who are outright pantyhose goddesses.  Yes, we’ve still got a long way to go, but I think it would be difficult to name more than a few young celebs today who are just complete bear leggers — ones you’ll NEVER see wearing pantyhose.  

A young, rising star, Selena Gomez has the class and professionalism to wear pantyhose on stage.

  I think we have to recognize and thank the likes of Jessica Alba, Sandra Bullock, Anne Hathaway, Juliana Margulies, Milla Jovovich, Nicole Kidman, Kate Middleton, Sofia Vergara, Paris Hilton, Zooey Deschanel, and of course, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Rihanna, Beyonce’ and Selena Gomez. 

  There are hundreds of others who deserve credit, but this is a good start. 

  Since nothing influences fashion in everyday life like what we see our favorite celebs wearing, I think we’re in a very good time and place right now with all the professional performers out there donning pantyhose. 


Waitin’ all day for Sunday night

  Hey, Jack, it’s a fact … the outfits Faith Hill is wearing this year during the intro theme to  Sunday Night Football are soooooooo much better.   

While this photo appears “doctored up” a bit, Faith Hill’s bare legs during last year’s SNF theme were an eyesore.

  Last year, she wore that way-too-short black dress with some funky, chunky (OK, ugly) shoes, and Casper-white bear legs  that (I have to say it) looked awful.  Sorry, Faith. 

This year, she wears mid-calf length pants, but with pumps and pantyhose.   

While a leather skirt would have been better, Faith Hill looks so much better in pantyhose during the SNF intro theme.

As I’ve written before, doesn’t she (whomever I’m dissing at the time) see herself on TV later and say “What was I thinking?” or “Why didn’t someone tell me ?”

  Well, one of those things must have happened in Faith’s case.   Thank you.

  Another win for pantyhose.   

More football 

  One of the hosts on NFL Network on DirecTV, Kara Henderson, was doing the bear legs thing during interviews with fellow analysts and guest coaches and players.  Uh, Kara,  “Come on, man!”  (Yeah, I know — that’s a bit featured on ESPN prior to Monday Night Football — but I couldn’t resist.)

  Again, she must have seen herself on TV or someone told her how awful her legs looked.  Now, she wears pantyhose and looks sooooo much better.  Good call.  

  Remember, I am writing just random thoughts here.  Suzy Kolber is one NFL analyst, host, sideline reporter I always liked.  She is very professional.   She used to wear pantyhose with nice suits and heels all the time.  Lately, I’ve seen her wearing pants more than anything.  I hope she doesn’t allow herself to be influenced by the vast majority of other female NFL types and stop wearing skirts and pantyhose and heels.  

Why always black pantyhose? 

  Seems when we see a celeb wearing, especially one who typically doesn’t, it’s always black pantyhose.  I mean sheer black pantyhose are nice, and certainly better than bear legs, but somtimes, I think women think it’s all they can wear.

Popular movie star Jessica Alba looks awesome in a black dress, black heels and sheer nude pantyhose.

  There used to be a line of thinking that was one should always match one’s pantyhose to the color of one’s dress. 

  And we all know how popular the LBD (little black dress) is.  I always thought that thinking was lame. 

  OK, you’re wearing a black dress, but you know … your face, your neck, your arms, your hands … they’re not black (unless you’re Minnie Mouse).  Why do you think your legs should be black just because you’re wearing a black dress? 

  Nude and Suntan are such a nice, refreshing look these days when it seems that all we ever see is black. 

Those awful ‘fashion experts’ 

  If you’ve read this blog, you know how I detest those people called fashion experts.  They probably gave themselves that title.  Since my post, “Why not pantyhose and open-toe high heels?” remains the most popular on this blog, you know how hard I’ve been on these monkeys for making that “rule” that you can NEVER wear pantyhose with dress sandals.  

Veteran model and entertainer Christie Brinkley looks incredible in sheer nude pantyhose, especially in those open-toe high heels.

  It still amazes me that everyday people seek out the advice of these fashion gurus.  It’s not like these guys’ opinions have any more value than your own good judgment, but I still see on Internet threads cases where someone wants to know if it’s OK to wear pantyhose with dress sandals.  Recently, and I love this, I’ve been seeing the fashion police cave a little on this issue.  The last piece of advice I read was that it’s OK as long as the hose is sheer at the toe (well, duh), or (and get this), if it’s thick, opaque hose.  Well, OK, I s’pose that’s better than their previous blanket “NO WAY” answers.  

  I love countering their idiot opinions with the fact that some of today’s most popular Hollywood stars (again, the number 1 influencers of fashion) always wear pantyhose with open-toe high heels.  It’s like these so-called fashion experts think they know better than everyone else, yet, the whole world is doing exactly what they tell us not to do.

Thanks but no thanks 

  The other day, I stumbled across a video made by the stars of the TV show “What Not to Wear.”  I used to watch that show, but after you’ve seen 5,000 episodes, you start to realize it’s pretty much the same story over and over again.  In any case, I never saw the show’s beautiful star, Stacy London, wearing pantyhose, and I hate missed opportunities (meaning a beautiful fashion expert who has great legs, but sadly, doesn’t enhance them with sheer pantyhose).  And now, she’s making TV commercials and still not wearing.  Guess she is squarely behind the bear legs movement. 

  So I was surprised to find a video she and her partner, Clinton Kelly, made, titled “How to wear pantyhose.”  Wait, they are talking about wearing pantyhose?  Well, I certainly wanted to hear what they had to say on the subject.

Not only is singer/songwriter Katy Perry immensely talented, she also has the class and professionalism to always wear pantyhose in public appearances. Now, how can fashion experts ever say that suntan pantyhose don’t look good on anyone?

  Turns out their advice was pretty much that most women don’t want to wear pantyhose, but if you do, “That’s cool.”  Kelly advised that if you’re going to wear pantyhose, make it look deliberate; not a half a shade or two off your skin tone, but rather make it appear that you’re intentionally wearing hose, such as opaque tights.  He’s standing next to a mannequin wearing a dark blue dress, with black tights and black shoes.  

  London talks about denier ratings (the sheerness or thickness of the fabric).  Her mannequin is wearing a black dress. London recommends a very low denier (sheer) black pantyhose with a back seam to make it more elegant.  

  OK, I don’t have any real issue with their advice, except that both agreed that whatever you do, you should NEVER wear suntan pantyhose because, Kelly said, “They don’t look good on anybody.”  What?

  Meanwhile, London appears to be wearing some kind of dark blue, almost purple, dress that just didn’t do anything to flatter her lovely figure. 

  And worse, she is wearing some really ugly shoes.  Ironically, it looks as if she is wearing pantyhose (must be my eyes are bad) and if she is wearing, they sure look like suntan to me.  

Here’s the link.  See what you think:

   On one hand, I’m glad they talked about pantyhose, but I am disappointed that they admitted to covering the topic only because they had been getting questions from many viewers about why they don’t talk about pantyhose.  London’s and Kelly’s remarks have a bit of a negative tone about pantyhose, but they didn’t do any real damage.  But look at the face that London makes as she’s signing off.  Her expression seems embarrassed, almost apologetic, for even mentioning pantyhose. 

  What really bothers me is that they put down suntan.  I can tell you suntan is still far-and-away the most popular pantyhose color among devoted wearers.  I love suntan. 

  Fashion experts … whadaya gonna do?

57 thoughts on “Pantyhose happenings on my mind

  • Hello again Robin! While I was at work yesterday, one of my partners was one of the Korean girls who wore suntan colored pantyhose with her uniform. As she stood next to me several times, she kept adjusting her hose by pulling the leg portions through her skirt up and as she let go each time it would make that tell-tale “SNAP” sound, which excites me to no end!

    Finally I asked her if she had a problem with her nylons and she just laughed and said “she had short legs”, which is not true at all by my standards. I resisted telling her what that does to me, but wish I could have told her about your brand. I just endured the rest of the day. What a sound!

    Not sure the reason why she had to keep adjusting. I just left it at that. I am sure you do not have that problem with your brand.


    • Hey Tracy,

      Well, if there’s a snap sound when a woman adjusts the pantyhose on her legs, that tells me they are made with a lot of spandex, which makes the pantyhose very tight. ActSensuous pantyhose are 100% nylon, so they give and move freely against the skin without a springy, tight feel.

      Thanks for your comment.

  • I really enjoyed this article! For a while there was a slow time for pantyhose, however I never gave up that the chance to return to glory would return. It was still around as a requirement for some businesses per uniform code, for which I was grateful, however the private sector was severely lacking.

    Although I live in a very warm climate like you Robin, there are now more women choosing pantyhose as the way to be fashionable. The excuse that it is too hot or uncomfortable has been chipped away a little at a time.

    This week I saw my first outfit on a woman wearing a mini skirt with black tights. Though they are not pantyhose, it still excites me for that is where I started my obsession with hosiery before starting school. Tights on women works the same way for me as pantyhose. The feel on a body is the same reaction to me.

    Yes Robin there does seem to be many women using black hosiery. My guess is it could be for slimming purposes as well as for looks. However, you are right, a good pair of suntan pantyhose can be a fantastic sight! Shoot, the way I am, any color will make my heart palpitate! With my situation, I take anything at all!

    By the way, I am enjoying my spare time with your articles. Gives me great insight.

    Back to work on Monday. Pantyhose a requirement for women!


  • I occasionally watch “Outnumbered” the Fox show that features 4 leggy women sitting on a couch with a lone male to discuss current events. On Monday – all 4 women were wearing sheer hose. Today – only 1 of the 4 was adorned in sheer hosiery. There just isn’t any consistency in the wearing of pantyhose anymore except in a very few women.

  • I’m amazed, I have to admit. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both equally educative and interesting,
    and let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
    The issue is something that not enough people are speaking intelligently about.

    I am very happy I stumbled across this in my search for something concerning this.

    • Hi, Jane. Thank you for the compliment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. My longtime readers always wish to hear the viewpoint of more females, so I hope you’ll continue to post comments here.

  • Thanks Robin for your response. Its sad I have to ask a woman if she owns a dress let alone wear pantyhose. I used to be involved with a British woman and she had zero issues wearing hose let alone dressing up. I rather be single forever than not be able to have my woman wear hose.

    I recently viewed an arctile on yahoo about a man whose wife will flat refuse to wear pantyhose for him. Yet he bought her a new BMW for her birthday, cleans and cooks for her. Not once did he mention what she does for him. Most woman of course commented its her choice to there uncomfortable. Some women did comment they would do it and advised her that he could cheat or leave u. This article is the reason I get the pantyhose question out of the way or more settle like do you like dressing up.

    Personally I would get divorce and give her what she wanted because I guarantee their sex life is horrible and she does nothing

    • Hey, Brian W. Great comment. Thank you for telling us about this.

      First, Christie Brinkley always looks amazing. Second, she always has had the professionalism, class and elegance to wear sheer nude or suntan pantyhose with her lovely outfits, especially, when making publicity appearances. Third, it is fantastic that she wore sheer pantyhose on the cover of People Magazine (or any high profile mainstream mag), which will be seen by practically everyone. She is setting a great example. It can only help.

        • That’s a fabulous find, Brian. I’ve always liked Christie Brinkley. She is so professional and very classy. I have to give People magazine props for not shying away from the pantyhose subject, especially on the cover. Obviously, they didn’t talk Christie out of posing in them, and they had the courage to actually write pantyhose on the cover. But it’s sad the editors there don’t know how to spell the word.

    • And to her I say: “Good riddance. Thanks for nothing.”

      Hopefully, NBC’s SNF will replace her with someone with much more professionalism and class. Thanks for the alert, Brian W.

  • Hey Robin,
    Bad news. I was watching the 2012 intro for Sunday Night Football at my local bar, and Faith Hill was back to performing the theme song bare legged even though her legs looked smooth and tanned. Very Sad.

    • Hi, Brian. I know. I was going to write a piece about that, but I decided not to give her any attention at all. To me, she’s like an out-of-work school teacher — no class!

      • Come to think of it too, Faith was wearing a short dress showing off not just her bare legs, but her upskirt while she was performing the theme song. Within a year, Faith went from becoming feminine wearing hose last year to a skank back to performing bare legged in a short dress. Not good :(.

  • I went to the movie theatre today to see Dark Shadows. The movie is set in 1972 with Johnny Depp playing a vampire, and Eva Green playing a witch who sets a 200 year curse on Depp’s vampire character, and his distant relatives. Eva Green’s character wore sheer nude hose throughout most of the film with a couple of hose feet scenes where she rubbed her foot on Depp’s thigh and rested her feet on the table. There were also hose scenes with young actress Chloe Grace-Moretz where she was dancing barefoot in nude hose, and a closeup of her red hosed feet while resting on the sofa. Michelle Pfieffer, Helena Bonham Carter and other actresses also wore hose throughout the film especially with sandals. Great to see a movie that features women wearing pantyhose in a time when women dressed like women. Too bad that they can’t dress like that today to respect not just themselves in appearance, but their men as well.

  • One actress that I would like see wear hose more often is Rooney Mara, the rising star and Oscar nominee from the Girl with Dragon Tattoo. I saw the movie last week, and in one scene, Rooney’s character, Lisbeth Salander wore sheer nude pantyhose while changing from her familiar goth look into a business suit to go undercover at a bank.

    In contrast to her character from the movie, Rooney does not wear hose as much in real life, and is always seen bare legged at award shows, movie premieres, and talk shows. While Rooney wears a lot of gorgeous outfits to compliment her dark and edgy look (promoting her character from the movie.), her legs look white and a bit blotchy in a couple of these public appearances.

    I just wish Rooney Mara could wear pantyhose more often like her role as Lisbeth from the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. Her legs would look good if she wears them to hide the visible spots on her legs.

    • Excellent comment Brian. I was thinking the exact same thing. I also saw the movie and I loved the scene where we see Rooney in sheer hosiery. Unfortunately – she follows the ‘hollywood’ crowd and doesn’t wear at public appearances. Rooney is an atractive woman with a very unique look that I love – but she would look so much better in sheer hosiery!!!

      • Thanks for the comments. Unfortunately, I only found a picture of her wearing opaque tights while she was promoting her film in Madrid, Spain. So much like Kelly Ripa, she does not wear sheer hosiery very often, but finds it ok to wear opaque tights.

        I still don’t know why some celebrities like Rooney Mara still pull off the ‘bear” legs look when her legs look awful without wearing sheer hosiery, unless they are getting silly advice from these fashion designers about wearing hosiery.

  • I’m not entirely positive that Faith Hill is wearing hose in that video. You’ve got to consider that women today will spend hours spreading cream and such on their legs to SIMULATE the sheer and soft look of pantyhose. Many of them go to great lengths to AVOID wearing. I also don’t believe the images of Hill’s legs are clear enough to make a positive identity of hose. Can anyone lend some more insight on this?

  • Great post as always Robin. After reading your post, I went to a local restaurant to watch the Sunday Night Football game and intro on HDTV to see if Faith was wearing hose, and she was indeed wearing hose with her leather outfit, and white capri pants with beige platform pumps. Looks like Faith has seen the light, which is a huge difference from last year. Tim McGraw must be lucky to have her as his wife. Thanks in large part to HDTV, you could tell if woman is wearing hose by looking at the sheerness of her legs. If you are able to get a screenshot of Faith’s 2011 SNF intro similar to the 2010 intro you posted where she is standing in front of the U.S. Capitol Building, feel free to post it comparing her intro between this and last year.

    Suzy Kolber does wear hose but I think its either mostly sheer black or opaque when she co-hosts NFL32 with Chris Mortensen on ESPN.

    Great to see that Cameron Diaz is back wearing pantyhose like she does in her movies. One of Cameron Diaz’s interesting pantyhose scenes was when she made her big screen debut in the 1994 comedy, The Mask starring Jim Carrey as the title character. Cameron played a stage dancer and singer named Tina who wore nude hose with her glamourous outfits. While The Mask kissed Tina after dancing with her on stage, one of her high heels flew off showing a close up look of her nude pantyhose foot.

    • Interesting comment, Brian. Didn’t know that Cameron Diaz ever wore pantyhose, so I’m glad you told me about that scene in “The Mask.” I haven’t seen that movie since it first came out, and didn’t remember that scene. Now, I want to see it again.

      In my current post, I have a pic of Faith’s 2011 SNF intro in pantyhose (sitting on motorcycle) to contrast the one of her with bare legs in 2010. I also wanted to use the pic of her in the white capri pants and pantyhose, but was limited by space. Below is a link to the 2010 SNF intro and the 2011 SNF intro.



      Of course, I like the 2011 version better, but one thing’s for sure: Man, it is hard to get that song out of your head. Robin

        • Wow, great job posting that video from “The Mask,” Brian.

          Yeah, I stand by my statement that Cameron Diaz almost never wears pantyhose. I had seen the photo set that you were kind enough to post here, but two things: (1.) To wear black pantyhose with a dark blue dress I think was a mistake. Yes, the pantyhose are sheer, but that outfit called for nude or tan pantyhose. (2.) Those shoes are awful. They’re completely wrong. Not dressy enough for that dress and those pantyhose. And because they cover up so much of her (otherwise pretty) feet, they shorten her (otherwise long) lovely legs. Wish she had worn dress sandals or pumps instead.

          Still, I appreciate that she chose to wear pantyhose at all. But this set of photos is the only one I’ve ever been able to find of her wearing pantyhose, so in my mind, she is not a pantyhose-kinda-girl. Sad because she looks awesome in them.

          Here’s what I just cannot understand: How do you look as fantastic wearing pantyhose as she did in “The Mask” and still not get it, but rather, choose the “bear” legs look ever since (from 2009 until maybe once recently)?

          I so hoped against hope that she would wear pantyhose in her “Bad Teacher” role. I thought that was such a missed opportunity. I had seen a promotional piece leading up to the release of the movie, in which she and Jason Segal? were talking about their roles. They were sort of interviewing themselves. He was talking about his memory of a teacher he once had a crush on. Cameron asked him in a teasing, flirtatious way, “Did she wear pantyhose?” I was so encouraged by her asking that question, I thought that meant she would be wearing in “Bad Teacher,” but of course, that turned out not to be the case. So then I have to wonder if she even had that consciousness about teachers and pantyhose back in the day, why didn’t she wear in her role as a teacher? Perhaps it was a decision by the movie’s costume designer, who probably assumes that no teacher today would wear pantyhose. I so hope that’s not true.

          Anyway, thank you for your comment and the attachments, Brian.

          • I saw the movie Bad Teacher in theatres months ago. Not only Cameron’s teacher character was not wearing hose, instead she was wearing fishnets with knee high boots for one scene in the movie. I don’t even consider fishnets pantyhose, and they are not even classy and elegant. They are more of a skank and slut magnet which suits Cameron’s character very!!!!!!

          • Hi Robin,
            Just want to wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Here is a late Christmas present for you. A video of Cameron Diaz wearing sheer black hose during her appearance on The Graham Norton Show. Great seeing her wearing hose again after months of rarely seeing her in hose.

            • Hey Brian W,

              Thank you for your holiday wishes.

              And, really, thanks a million for alerting all of us here and attaching the link to the video of Cameron Diaz in sheer black pantyhose. You are so right, it is rare to see her wearing, which is a shame because wow does she look awesome in that outfit with heels and hose. Good for her.

              Wishing you and yours a great 2015, Brian W.

    • Hi, libertariangman. Appreciate your posting that link. The article is OK, but still too negative as far as I’m concerned. Everyone still wants us to believe that sheer pantyhose are out for good and that the only hope for the return of pantyhose among the younger gen. will be in the form of patterned and textured hosiery or tights. Sorry, I still don’t buy that.

      Yes, many of these types of stories cite Kate Middleton as a positive influence for the wearing of sheer pantyhose, but every one of those writers remain pessimistic that Kate’s efforts ultimately will make any difference. Yet, I have been saying and will continue to say that one only has to look at the young Hollywood actresses and pop stars to see that sheer pantyhose have nothing to do with a “grandma” perception. That notion is ridiculous. As more and more young entertainers continue to wear sheer pantyhose, the younger gen. will take notice, and fashion will swing that way again. Then, what we need is for idiot writers to stop the negative slant even while they’re trying to write a positive piece. It’s like everything else in the world today: If we all stopped listening to everyone telling us how bad things are, things might actually be good. Thanks again. Robin

    • I also had the opportunity to read the article, and it seems as though the writer is trying to find something negative to say about pantyhose, despite its resurgence through Kate Middleton and a bunch of young celebrities in the entertainment and fashion industry. I tend not to worry about these articles because some of these writers are entitled to their own opinion and still have this Sex and the City mentality instilled in them.

  • Well – I’m here watching the Country Music Awards from Nashville – and I’m getting tired of seeing all these hose-less females on stage. YUCK!

    • I know. Stuff like that is so discouraging, it makes it difficult to watch. Makes you wonder how we got to this stage in life. How we dropped so far in class and values. Very discouraging.

    • And I bet their legs look really awful (white, pasty, blotchy, and veiny) without hose. That is a sad lack of class and professionalism in America.

      • Hi, Brian. You must be responding to libertariangman’s comment about the “bear”-legged women appearing on the Country Music Awards show, right? I didn’t watch the show. It’s difficult for me to watch any of those kind of awards shows these days, precisely for that reason. Thanks for commenting. Robin

    • Normally, I don’t watch awards show due to all the publicity that goes on with celebrities as well as some of the female celebrities being under dressed on the red carpet including not wearing pantyhose to cover their leg and feet blemishes to complete their outfit. Even if some celebrities wear pantyhose with their gorgeous outfits on the red carpet, they still feel the wrath of the so called fashion experts, and fashion police from various media sources who still have a hatred towards pantyhose. As Robin says, What do these people know anyway??

      However, I was watching the Grammy Awards last night, and unlike the country music awards, there were some hose sightings. Rihanna was on stage wearing sheer nude hose while performing. One celebrity that stood out was British soul singer Adele. Not only did she have a big night winning six Grammy awards, she also wore a long black Armani gown with sheer nude hose underneath. When Adele make all these public appearances at award and talk shows, she is always seen wearing hosiery including sheer black hose at last year’s MTV video music awards.

      Much like Kate Middleton, Adele is a true Brit that shows class and feminism wearing hose at public events.

      • Good comment, Brian. I usually don’t watch these shows either, but mostly because I’m afraid of getting too upset at seeing what these people wear (or don’t wear). I did check in from time to time. I saw more pantyhose than I expected, but no where near enough. I mean it’s an AWARDS show. Couldn’t some of these celebs class the joint up just a little? Right?

        • Yep I do agree with you. Its an award show, and these celebrities should show some class by dressing for the occasion instead of dress down or being under dressed. However, they are also dictated by their fashion stylists on what they should or shouldn’t wear to the event in order to make the best dressed list and to escape the wrath of the fashion police in the media.

          • Maybe so, but I wish more bigtime celebs would show a little backbone and wear what they know a situation calls for, or at least what they really want to wear, rather than trying to “get along by going along” with the rest of the pack. (Herd mentality.) Maybe the majority of celebrities are weak and lack discipline. Maybe they have sunk to the depths that they do need someone to make all their decisions for them. I’m just saying it’d be nice if some of them would step up and take a stand for class, elegance and glamour for a change.

      • “Much like Kate Middleton, Adele is a true Brit that shows class and feminism wearing hose at public events.”

        I assume you mean femininity and not feminism.

  • . It’s great to see that more women are starting to wear pantyhose more often than we’ve seen in the last decade as well as more younger actresses and entertainers. I believe that we are heading in the right direction as far as seeing more women in pantyhose and hopefully that trend will continue. I surely miss the era (late 1960’s -late 1990’s) when women wore pantyhose quite often.. Thanks for another great posting Robin.

    • Hi, R.M. Yes, the late 1960s to late 1990s (you got that exactly right) was a great era. It was a rough stretch from the late 1990s to 2010, but it feels like we’re jsut about to enter a very exciting time for pantyhose again. I am looking forward to seeing how far we go, and I won’t rest until we’re all the way back! Thanks for commenting on this post, R.M. Robin

  • I enjoyed your comments on Stacy London. I used to tune into ‘What not to Wear’ to see women literally transformed from plain and sloppy to feminine and elegant. Except that SHEER HOSIERY was NEVER part of the transformation. London NEVER wore hose on the show and she NEVER recommended that her students wear them either. I was always disappointed that at the end of an episode – the transformed woman would come out to reveal ‘bear’ legs thus RUINING her otherwise attractive look. Hosiery is simply never mentioned as an option on the show. Maybe as sheer hosiery gains acceptance once again – Stacy London will get with the program too!

    • Thanks, libertariangman.

      Such a waste, isn’t it? Stacy London would be perfect if she wore pantyhose. Instead, she’s just pretty nice. Makes me wonder: Is it that she just doesn’t like pantyhose on a personal level, or is it that she — like I suspect soooooo many celebrities — feels some (self-imposed) pressure to align herself with current mainstream thinking because she somehow believes she would lose street creds if she strayed? It’s as if — since she’s (supposedly) a fashion expert, and since pantyhose (supposedly) are not in fashion now — she must feel that she can’t be associated with pantyhose in any sense for the sake of her credibility. To me, that’s just pitiful.

      I imagine that’s the reason we see celebs, such as Morena Baccarin and Dana Delany, who always wear pantyhose on TV shows or in movies, but then appear bear-legged on late night talk shows or publicity events or (worse) awards shows. I hate that.

      Perhaps celebs are sheep by nature. Don’t they realize that they are the drivers — not followers? They should do what they want to do, or what they know is right, and not what they think they’re expected to do because of some unwritten code or something, in this case, what is apparently in or out of style.

      That’s why I really respect Julianna Margulies. She has class and is professional in all settings. And she is consistent. You’ll never see her bear-legged on a talk show.

      Stacy London is a disappointment because she could be total awesomeness, but instead, she simply misses the bus.

      Thanks again for your comment, libertariangman.


      • You Said…

        “Perhaps celebs are sheep by nature. Don’t they realize that they are the drivers — not followers? They should do what they want to do, or what they know is right, and not what they think they’re expected to do because of some unwritten code or something, in this case, what is apparently in or out of style”

        Most have lost the ability for “Critical Thinking”

        Not forgetting with the masses “Monkey See Monkey Do”

  • I think many of us who follow your blog appreciate your insight Robin. Hard to disagree with who you point out wears hose with class and those that don’t. The tide really has turned and I think it will only gain more and more wearers. Especially younger females. ..and that’s a good thing. (I like that Katy Perry pic too).

  • What can I add to this insightful article?, nothing, only that the pantyhose movement is still on, and with more and more young actresses and singers wearing today, only makes young girls around the world looking at this garment with more attention, I’m glad the movement is rising again, hope for the best in a very near future.
    Again Robin, many thanks for your in depth research, you always put a reason in your comments.

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