Pantyhose snagging more appreciation lately

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

While all the haters out there continue to rear their ugly heads, pantyhose keep raising their pretty legs, and finally, it seems that more and more people are taking notice. 

In one of my first blog posts ever, Calling out Professional Entertainers (June 2009), I blamed Hollywood celebrities for their too-casual look.  Far too many of them still show a lack of professionalism and class in the way they present themselves in the public eye, but there has been a huge improvement. 

And in my Credit ‘Wear’ Credit is Due series, I’ve recognized and appreciated many actresses, entertainers and other celebs for never buying in to the ugly bare legs trend and always wearing pantyhose.  I’ve done the same for many of today’s new crop of young performers who deserve credit for embracing pantyhose and setting a good example for young women everywhere. 

Hey, I realize I can’t save the world.  There is a yin and a yang in life.  One cannot know soft if one has never experienced hard.  One cannot know cold if one has never experienced hot.  I could go on.  I won’t.  (You’re welcome). 

OK, one more: One cannot know beautiful if one has never seen ugly. 

Which brings me to this:

Madonna, left, and Britney Spears, right, who wore this costume at a much older age than Miley Cyrus, had the class and good sense to wear pantyhose underneath.

Now, let me just say that I know nothing about Miley Cyrus.  I am sure she’s a nice enough girl.  I realize she’s young, and maybe not all that bright yet.  But she is a professional entertainer.  She has to take some responsibility for her actions.  

Those who say pantyhose are old-fashioned or unnecessary think this look is attractive?

Maybe she just grew up (not sure those are the right words) during a time when none of her gal pals owned a pair of pantyhose or even knew what pantyhose are.  Maybe they don’t have pantyhose in the parts from which she hay-als.  But that didn’t stop Daisy Dukes, did it? 

Could it be that she wanted to achy breaky her daddy’s heart with that outfit?  It seems to me that someone associated with the production from which this picture was taken should have stepped in and told her how awful she looked.  Couldn’t someone have showed her a picture of herself before she went on stage?      

Again, I don’t mean to single out Miley Cyrus.  There are many entertainers just like her.  But it does go to show just how professional, classy and glamorous so many other professional performers are.  

Beyonce' is among some special young performers today who have the class and professionalism to wear pantyhose on stage.

We might expect those good qualities from entertainers like Jennifer Lopez and Madonna, who emerged on the entertainment scene during the 1980s – perhaps, the greatest pantyhose era in history. 

To me, it’s a very pleasant surprise and a real sign of hope for some semblance of class in today’s society when young entertainers, such as Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Beyonce’ and others choose to wear pantyhose on stage (and often in public in general.) 

Last month, Lady Gaga performed an impromptu concert for the audience before she appeared as a guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live.  Apparently, while setting up the stage, some fans began chanting for her to perform a couple of numbers.  And so she did. 

Lady Gaga wows audience members before the taping of her recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Not sure what to make of her outfit, but I’m not complaining.  I didn’t see that episode, so I have no idea what she wore on the set for the part that was televised, but before taping began, she rocked that audience with “Born This Way” and “Judas.”  

Maybe Lady Gaga is a bit over the top, but I love how she always brings attention to pantyhose.  And while she has been a positive influence on her contemporaries when it comes to wearing pantyhose, this outfit makes me think that Lady Gaga wants to be the undisputed Goddess of Pantyhose on stage.

Knowing that practically every man with a pulse loves women in pantyhose, I have to believe that when girls see how much their boyfriends go ga-ga for Lady Gaga, the girls would develop a different perception of pantyhose than the one the haters out there want everyone to have. 

Of course, you know how much I’ve gushed about the likes of Nicole Kidman, Milla Jovovich, Julianna Margulies, Anne Hathaway and others who are devoted pantyhose wearers.  But the one celeb who has garnered the most positive attention for pantyhose the world over remains Kate Middleton. 

On Monday, a positive story about pantyhose appeared in the Detroit Free Press by Associated Press writer Samantha Critchell:|newswell|text|FRONTPAGE|p

 Thank you to one of this blog’s readers, peter_a, for pointing this out to me. 

And earlier this month, Melanie Coulson, a columnist for the Ottawa Citizen wrote a positive piece:

 My thanks to another of this blog’s readers, Carl, for telling me about this article, and that Lady Gaga performance, too. 

Yes, it appears that pantyhose haters will always exist.  It just amazes me that they have singled out the most beautiful, feminine and classy thing a woman can wear as the object of their hatred. 

And, yes, there will always exit those who simply make bad wardrobe choices, those who just don’t “get it” and a few who will blindly jump on the bandwagon of any fashion trend.  

But all that makes it even more pleasant and heartwarming when we see the many celebs and everyday women out there who are continuing to wear pantyhose.  And isn’t it nice to see pantyhose snagging some positive press again?

12 thoughts on “Pantyhose snagging more appreciation lately

  • Hey Robin,
    Great posting the blog from my hometown newspaper, The Ottawa Citizen. I also got to thank Ms. Coulson for writing a positive piece about pantyhose making women feel very professional when wearing a business suit, and that going bare legged is unprofessional unless its the weekend.

    Ms. Coulson did not even know that pantyhose went out of style a few years back probably because Canadian women wear hose more frequently than American due to our weather and culture. There are still some Canadian women that opt to follow the American trend and go bare-legged, but its their choice though.

    Its a great article from the Citizen, and hopefully it would influence many women to wear pantyhose if they want to be very professional, classy and elegant instead of being tacky, sloppy, skanky and lazy.

    • Hey Brian,

      Nice to hear from you. Thank you for your well-conceived comment. Anytime we can share good news and give thanks about positive press for pantyhose, that’s a great thing.

      Take care.


  • It nice to see entertainers wear pantyhose. I’m glad when they do and sad when they don’t. It’s time for them all to step up and wear them again the age of bare legs has had it’s time and it’s not an age I want to keep seeing. The pantyhose legs are what I want to see again and have enjoyed seeing every since I have been old enough to understand why they look so good in pantyhose. I have enjoyed seeing them since the 70’s and will always enjoy them.

  • Such a positive and encouraging posting from you Robin…. A pleasure to read…

    This is my yin and yang quote which i feel is appropriate about pantyhose..

    “Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it. ~Confucius”

    Lady Ga Ga has seemed to taken the wearing of pantyhose to a whole new level…. A level i feel that has never been seen before… Why she goes this far with pantyhose we can make up our own conclusions…. But i feel it more than covering legs and keeping warm..
    One thing is that Role Models have lots of Role Followers… People who would not have dreamed of wearing a pair of pantyhose in a million years will start wearing them….

    Will all this end with younger generation wearing more pantyhose than the older generation….. I think this could be a first in history…..

    Is it me…. Why does the word “Hate” comes up a lot with pantyhose…. It makes them sound like they have done something wrong…. Why don’t people say “Not like or Dislike”….

    Take Care


    • Hi Carl,

      Great comment. Thanks so much.

      I can’t fathom how so many women can hate pantyhose. But there will always be those in this world we don’t understand. I think it’s best to not dwell on these things and instead just be thrilled at the beauty, class and glamour every time we are privledged to behold some of today’s top celebrities wearing the loveliest and most feminine thing in the world — pantyhose. I am thrilled when so many of today’s young and verteran stars, and everyday women in society, choose to wear pantyhose because they understand the beauty and sexiness inherent in the garment.

      Let’s just be thankful for all this beauty in the world.

      • Robin, I agree with you 100%. Lots of women are missing out on the true beauty and natural feeling of sheer pantyhose. It’s good to see that there are more women who are jumping onboard and wearing pantyhose more. Back in the day, women wore pantyhose all the time and they loved them. Nowadays, it’s a whole different story. I’m glad that there are lots of women who loves pantyhose and hopefully we will continue to see these lovely articles of clothing make a big comeback. R.M.

  • I share your hope, Julio and hope the pendulum is indeed swinging back towards far less bare legs! I also hope this swing won’t depend on Hollywood or the media in general, since there are still plenty women on TV, at least on the news, that have been bare leggin’ it this summer. Instead, I hope fashion sense drives the pantyhose comeback, and kicks the flip-flop craze to the curb at the same time! 🙂

  • And thank you for the shout out, Robin. As for the theme of this blog, there has always been a core of pantyhose wearers and people who appreciate pantyhose as you point out. Years ago I had a conversation with a manager of a very large and very prominent hosiery and clothing marque. She bemoaned the fact that her senior management back in Austria were fairly clueless as to marketing and they used a very poor ad with Halle Berry (I think as Catwoman or something) wearing pantyhose. But it was foisted upon all the boutiques with no advance notice or anything to back it up. It was like someone decided to create a poster and distribute it with no information.

    Needless to say this manager was miffed as she said with good promotion, it could be something more than what it was. She also pointed out that there needed to be someone who wore pantyhose who ‘set the tone’ and would attract more individuals to start wearing hosiery or wearing hosiery more frequently. This was before Lady GaGa and this was of course before the Kate and Pippa phenomena. And now we have those ladies as symbols and even the curmudgeonly columnists taking notice. And we have this blog which of course promotes hosiery wearing. There’s that old saying “What goes around, comes around”. People shunned wearing pantyhose for years but there is a whole new generation to influence and if their mothers hated wearing hose, bet your bottom dollar they don’t…..

  • When we speak of entertainers such as Beyonce or Madonna, not only we have a very interesting show, but also those entertainers are emerging as role models for ladies of young age. One people said to me that what pantyhose has to be with role models, the question hits me hard, because we tend to imitate all that we see. Of course there are things that cannot be done, like tattooing a face of a celebrity in their body only to start the removal of it years later, but there are some things that we can use for our own good. Kate Middleton is one example, her elegance and class serves their purpose, and we can see more often young actresses and singers appearing in a more elegant outfit in important events. One of these example is Ariana Grande, a young actress that in certain events looks classy with a lovely dress and sheer pantyhose. Of course those moments are not daily but with personalities like Kate, Beyonce and others giving such an example, I hope pantyhose will be back again.

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