Two Jolie thrillers – One a thrill for Pantyhose lovers

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

This month, I’ve watched two very different Angelina Jolie thrillers on DirecTV, both of which I had missed at the theater.  One was a Hitchcock-inspired thriller set against the beautiful backdrops of Paris, France and Venice, Italy, “The Tourist,” complete with classic film noir glamour in its costumes.  The other was a better action-oriented, spy movie that wasn’t worth its “Salt” when it came to the costumes.

Oh, the difference a movie’s costume designer can make. 

Responding to one of my earlier posts, “A treat when pantyhose show up unexpectedly,” Julio commented about Jolie wearing pantyhose throughout “The Tourist.” 

“The Tourist,” tells the story of an American tourist, Frank, (played by Depp) who meets a mysterious beauty, Elise, (Jolie) on a train, while traveling through Europe.  While the flirtatious encounter appears innocent, we soon learn that Elise deliberately crosses Frank’s path as part of a much more sinister plot, leading to a whirlwind romance and dangerous pursuits, as both dodge deadly criminals through historic streets of Paris, and the winding canals inVenice.

Angelina Jolie looks stunning in 'The Tourist.'

While “The Tourist” is a pretty good thriller on its own merits, the movie is helped by the beautiful scenery, which includes Jolie herself. 

Oscar-winning costume designer Colleen Atwood dressed the characters in classic, contemporary clothes “to complement but not overwhelm the breathtaking settings of Paris andVenice.”   

Atwood, who won Oscars for costume design for “Chicago” and “Memoirs of a Geisha,” told People Magazine, “My inspiration for Elise’s costumes were the Hitchcock movies – minimal elegance.  In a Hitchcock movie, everyone looked great, even if (he or she) was not a particularly chic or fashionable character.”

Jolie dressed in classic film noir glamour in "The Tourist.'
Mission accomplished in “The Tourist.” 
From the outset, one cannot take one’s eyes off Jolie.  In the opening sequences of the movie, Jolie wears a cream silk dress, a mocha wrap, elbow-length leather gloves, towering stilettos, and very sheer nude pantyhose, which in some lighting seem to have a cream tone themselves. 

It was so nice seeing Jolie in those very sheer and soft-textured pantyhose, especially because of the shoes she wore with that outfit, supplied by legendary designer Salvatore Ferragamo. 

Those suede, rose-colored stilettos with gold metal heels quickly earned their own identity (the Elise), named after Jolie’s character in “The Tourist,” and available at retail for $750 a pair.

Knowing Atwood’s work on such films as “Chicago” and “Nine,” as well as her devotion to classic film glamour, it’s no surprise that Jolie wore pantyhose throughout the entire film.

What is a surprise, however, is that wonderful scene our reader, Julio, described earlier.

Said Julio:

Another lovely surpise happened in “The Tourist” starring the always sexy Angelina Jolie.  About halfway through the movie, both she and Johnny Depp start to undress, each in their own rooms, and there it was – a very short glimpse of Angelina stepping out of her shoes, revealing the most lovely pantyhosed feet.  Too bad the surprise only lasted a second, but the image lasts forever.

Right then, I made a mental note to see “The Tourist,” and I got that opportunity, as it was on one of the Starz channels last night. 

That scene is exactly what’s been missing in film for decades.  When Elise slips out of her heels, the camera doesn’t cut away or pull back, or come at an inconvenient (for us) angle.  Rather, the scene is shot close up, and we get a close, clear look at Jolie’s very pretty nylon-covered toes, albeit, for only a couple of seconds.  It’s the sexiest such scene I’ve seen in about a hundred years.  

It makes me wonder why a scene like this is never shot today, and why it was shot in “The Tourist.”  For the past, well, ever really, a scene like this – if it were done at all – would be shot far away, the angle would be wrong, and the actress would have curled her toes in a way that the audience wouldn’t have gotten a good look.  And, if she were actually in pantyhose, they would have had a reinforced toe, or would have been so dark or so thick, you wouldn’t have been able to see anything. 

But in “The Tourist,” this scene is delicious.  The pantyhose is so sheer and delicate that they do what they’re supposed to do – enhance the beauty of what they cover.  This is what so many women today don’t get.  

If those stilettos Elise was wearing were open-toe or even peep-toe shoes, all the “fashion experts” would have said that the character shouldn’t have been wearing pantyhose with them.  Yet, this scene in “The Tourist” clearly shows why that thinking is just ridiculous.  The pantyhose Jolie wore were completely sheer.  One couldn’t even see a seam (not that it would matter to me because I think it’s sexy anyway), and the nylon made Jolie’s feet absolutely beautiful. 

It makes me wonder how this scene even made it into the final cut.  It wasn’t essential to the story in any way, but it was done so beautifully and tastefully.  Could this mean that someone with influence over the script – a writer or director – “gets it?”   Is this a case of someone giving the millions of people out there with a foot fetish or a pantyhose fetish (or both if we’re truly tortured souls) what they so long for – a closeup of pretty toes in pantyhose? 

Or, could it be that this scene was shot to focus our attention on those fabulous shoes, and Jolie’s pantyhosed feet were just a freebie for us?  I guess if you’re the sexiest shoes on the planet, you deserve a closeup, and ….. wait for it ….. the lovely lady wearing you had better be in pantyhose to honor your true beauty and sexiness. 

More often than not, I am disappointed in movies because the costume designer ruins the look of its female lead by dressing her in fabulous costumes, but bare legs.  

Jolie flees CIA headquarters in Washington, D.C. during a scene from the movie, 'Salt.'

A case in point is the other thriller starring Jolie, “Salt.”  Jolie plays a CIA agent named Evelyn Salt, who, while interrogating a Russian defector, is told (as her superiors listen) that she is actually a Russian sleeper agent who will assassinate the president of Russia during his upcoming visit to New York City. 

The movie then goes into practically nonstop action, as Salt employs all her spy skills to elude capture.  She runs, climbs buildings, jumps on moving trucks, and pretty much just kicks everyone’s rear end who tries to stop her, while she tries to learn the truth about her identity and clear her name. 

 In this movie, Jolie is at first dressed in what would seem to be the usual “spy wear” for a female agent, a skirt suit, pumps and ….. wait, no pantyhose?  That can’t be.  I can’t believe a CIA agent based in Washington, D.C. would be bare-legged.  

This is all the more disturbing because it follows the same thinking as another disappointing spy show, starring Piper Perabo, who is almost always bare-legged in the TV drama, “Covert Affairs.”  

While I have no way of knowing whether real-life female spys routinely wear pantyhose as part of their usual dress, I know this: costume designer Sarah Edwards didn’t do Jolie any favors in calling for bare legs with her suit.  

I hate missed opportunities, and so when Salt tries to extricate herself from CIA headquarters, there’s a scene where she kicks off her pumps, exposing some Casper-like white tootsies with bright red toenail polish.  I thought then (before I saw “The Tourist”) that this scene would have been really sexy if she had been wearing pantyhose. 

Now that I’ve seen just how gorgeous Jolie’s feet were in pantyhose in “The Tourist,” I feel even stronger that costume designer Edwards blew it in “Salt.”

For those who think it doesn’t make much difference, consider these movie stills from “Salt” and “The Tourist.”  

When seen in their expanded state, who could honestly say that Jolie’s character in “Salt” looks equally as lovely as her character in “The Touist?”

I have to wonder how much credit the costume designer in movies gets, versus how much influence the actress has over what she wears.   I would have to think that someone of Angelina Jolie’s status would insist on her character wearing pantyhose if she felt strongly about it, but maybe it doesn’t work that way.

But how can Jolie watch herself in “Salt” after seeing how much more beautiful she looked in “The Tourist?”

Maybe next time, she’ll demand more say over her wardrobe and choose pantyhose.

17 thoughts on “Two Jolie thrillers – One a thrill for Pantyhose lovers

  • Hi Robin. Outstanding blog. Thought I read all of your posts, but must have missed this one, since finding your site nearly a year ago. Great writing and fabulous pics of Angelina Jolie’s pretty pantyhose feet! Love them!

    My wife and I went to a theater, Saturday, to watch a recent suspense thriller movie, “A Most Wanted Man”. This was the last starring performance from Philip Seymour Hoffman, before his tragic drug overdose death last February. His acting as always was brilliant. It also has Rachel McAdams, Robin Wright and Willem Defoe in it. Recommend, if you like geopolitical spying and counterterrorism type films.

    Anyway, what does it have to do with “all things pantyhose”? Stay with me. The setting (without giving away too much of the plot) is in current day Hamburg, Germany. Hoffman’s character is head of an anti-terrorists unit for the German government attempting to nail a well known professor at a college there who is Muslim and tracking his charities as a front to fund terrorists mainly coming from Chechnya inside Russia. His partner is played by a lovely German actress name Nina Hoss. Robin Wright plays a CIA agent based in Berlin representing our US government, also going after the muslim professor.

    What I noticed about these two female characters was obvious- the way each dressed. Wright’s American character wore pants, looked harsh and even somewhat masculine. Hoss’s character (in the same line of work as Wright’s character) wore dresses in all but one scene and yes always wore sheer nude hose. Only one other scene was she wearing smoke or gray colored pantyhose that were still sheer. In another scene where Willem Defoe plays a British banker, he goes home to his beautiful wife (unknown as to name of actress) waiting for him, sitting in a living room chair wearing an expensive classy dress with her sheer nude nylon clad legs stretched out on a footrest, shoes off showing her pretty pantyhose feet. Love it of course.

    Anyway this film seems to underscore the continuous differences in cultures or dare I say pantyhose divide between a majority of American women ( present company excluded of course) and women in Europe as well as much of the free world.

    For us pantyhose lovers not a bad viewing film as well as again recommend it for the suspense thriller it is billed.

    I do again see more younger women wearing sheer nude hose in my office. So there is hope. Just thought I’d mention the contrasts I know have been stated in your blog posts and comments from readers. Many thanks for your well written blog and first class product of Act IV.

    • Hi, Sheer Mike. Great comment. Sounds like a movie I’m going to want to see. Glad you reviewed it here, as I otherwise would likely have missed it.

      Can’t believe an actress named Robin (as in Robin Wright) appears in a movie not wearing pantyhose. How can that be? I guess that must be the case with Rachel McAdams’ character too, since you didn’t mention what she wore in the movie. I’ve seen her go both ways. She looks fabulous in sheer pantyhose, but I believe she’s almost as likely to not wear.

      I’d never heard of Nina Hoss, but glad her character was dressed appropriately. Looking forward to seeing this movie.

      Thanks again, for your comment, Sheer Mike.

      • Yes Robin, that’s true. Sadly,Rachel McAdams’ character Annabelle did not wear pantyhose in any of the scenes. I do not know much about this actress. Her character was a German lawyer representing Chechyians coming into the country or as Gunther, played by Hoffman stated a “lawyer for terrorists”. Im quite sure she would look great in a pair of sheer nude pantyhose, namely Actsensuous Act IV. 🙂

  • So this morning I happened to be flipping channels and came across the movie “The Tourist” at the exact scene you describe here in your blog. I dropped the remote. I’m serious, it is a crazy sexy scene. I then thought hey I bet the Actsensuous blog has some reference to this. This blog post was great even though I haven’t watched the whole movie or haven’t watched “Salt” either I definitely saw the impact that scene had.

  • Ms Perabo actually wears tights/hose in Covert affairs, she also kicks off her heels revealing her ph feet. in a few scenes when under fire.

  • I realized after reading this blog what I love about Angelina Jolie, Ann Curry and Kate Middleton. They have such a classic, pulled together look because they usually always wear pantyhose with their skirts and heels! I think it was a mistake to have Jolie sans PH in the Salt film. But the writers and wardrobe stylists must have had much deliberation over this when creating the scenes. I’m sure there was much discussion over whether or not she should be wearing PH when running around doing a bunch of stunts, running, shooting and everything else she does in the film. I guess they thought ripped up PH would be more unattractive than bare legs. But, something was definitely amiss with her in-office suit. What professional would wear a suit like that without PH? Not right!

    • Hello, Bridget.

      Thank you for commenting on my post. Many of our readers have pointed out that there aren’t enough (hardly any) comments from women, and they really want to hear the female take on things.

      I agree with everything you wrote. Thanks again, and please come back many more times.

      Robin 🙂

    • Bridget enjoy reading your comments here very much. It’s great to hear a female comment. I agree with your comments very much.

  • In the pantyhose scene in the “Tourist” only one word comes to my mind “Pure Elegance”..

    It certainly does paint a thousand words….. Great to see someone is awake when it comes to pantyhose…

    Take Care


  • Need to check on this movie. Have been a life long fan of pantyhose. It’s an awesome site to see. I hope more ladies will continue or start to wear them again. I want the trend to grow again.

  • You’ve done a remarkable changeover with the new blog look, Robin. I like it a lot. Kudos to you. Now I have to say that I am not personally an Angelina Jolie fan. I know that makes me a minority in opinion, but I think there is a lot of hype surrounding her. As an example, I like Jennifer Aniston far more, but hey, if they want to have a pantyhose wrestling match ….

    But on a more serious note I do find the photo of her left foot naked in hose very enticing as I find feet very erotic and even more so when encased in nylon. So from that point of view it does not matter who it belongs to but my bottom line statement is that a pantyhosed foot or feet is very, very sexy indeed.

    • Thanks, peter_a

      Nice comment. Would love to see Angelina Jolie wrestle Jennifer Aniston in pantyhose. Hey, their initials are AJ and JA. Hmmmm. They are one another’s yin and yang.

      I’d think AJ would win the wrestling match because she’s played a spy in movies before. Both have pretty feet, especially in pantyhose.

  • First of all I would like to thank you for mention my brief comment on “The Tourist” movie, you describe as always to perfection the feeling and the good class the movie is in wardrobe, and the lack of class on the “Salt” movie.
    It seems that still there’s a lot of people thinking the same way you are when it comes to elegance and those forgotten glamour all the ladies need to show nowadays.
    I hope those glimpses fulfill their goal, if there were one intended, and the wardrobe specialists, start to look beyond the rules the so called experts, or fashion critics are trying to impose these days.
    Again thank you on your notes and your good sense of fashion, that is always in the right line.
    I love the new face of the blog.

    • This one was for you, Julio. And it’s fitting that you’d be the first to comment on this new post.

      Thank you for your previous comment that gave me the heads up about that great scene in “The Tourist,” and ultimately, the idea for this post. Also, thank you for noticing and commenting on the new blog look!


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