Kate, Pippa give Pantyhose ‘royal’ treatment in UK

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Earlier today, Prince William and his new bride, Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, participated in a medal ceremony for the 1st Battalion Irish Guards Regiment at Victoria Barracks in Windsor. 

It was Kate’s first official military function, as she awarded operational medals to soldiers who had recently returned from service in Afghanistan.

One of this blog’s readers, (peter_a), had long been singing Kate Middleton’s praises as a devoted pantyhose wearer way before her famous marriage.   He would tell me that Kate always appears in public wearing dresses, high heels and sheer pantyhose, and that I should write about her in my blog. 

He is right.  It seems that Kate is all about beauty, glamour, style and class.   Well, add to that … ROYALTY.

Like Prince William’s famous late mother, Princess Diana, royalty really suits Kate.   It’s not at all lost on the masses in the UK and likely throughout the rest of the world that Kate is picking up right where Princess Diana left off  – at least in terms of presenting herself to the public.  

During her time as a member of the Royal Family, perhaps no woman was more dedicated to service in global humanitarian efforts than Lady Di, and her energy for fulfilling those causes was matched by her devotion to dressing beautifully and elegantly when presenting herself to the world.

Catherine, Duchess of CambridgeCredit Prince William for good taste in choosing a wife who is in every way a credit to the Royal Family.  

During the medal ceremony today, Kate wore a beautiful military-style dress in royal blue, with matching pumps and sheer nude pantyhose (photo at right).  She looked absolutely stunning.

Contrast that to the wife of the most powerful man in the USA.  She has come out publicly and trashed pantyhose, saying she hates them and will never wear them. 

So, while her husband has made history, she appears to want to go down as the first First Lady in modern history to dishonor all that the office stands for by making public appearances in “bear” legs. 

Guess she doesn’t feel that the job her husband holds is worthy of her demonstrating any class, grace, or at the very least, professionalism, in the way she dresses.  That’s making history in another way all together.  Swell.

Could anyone honestly believe that Kate would have looked as good, or that it would have been appropriate for her to go bare-legged with this outfit at this venue?

Like her famous sister, Philippa Middleton (affectionately called Pippa), is considered a fashion icon.  Fortunately, she too, has the class to always appear in public venues wearing dresses, heels and pantyhose.

ActSensuous has many customers in the UK, and from time to time, they tell us about the state of pantyhose (or, as they’re called there, tights.)  From what they’ve been telling me, pantyhose were no more popular in the UK the past 10 years than anywhere else on the planet.   But some positive news emerged this past Wednesday, when a blogger for The Huffington Post (an Internet newspaper/blog), Emily Singer, wrote a post with this headline: 

Is Pippa Middleton Responsible for Spike in Nude Tights Sales?

In her piece, Singer wrote:

“Catapulted to style stardom as a result of her sister’s wedding, Pippa Middleton’s clothing choices are almost as influential as her sister’s …

“But earlier this month, Jezebel (another blog site) pointed out that Pippa committed ‘the ultimate pantyhose sin,’ while she was spotted wearing nude tights in Paris no less.”

Wait!  Now, one isn’t supposed to wear nude pantyhose in Paris?  Oh, the rules.  Who can keep up?

Singer continued:

“And somehow, the skin-toned hosiery trend is catching on!  The Telegraph (a UK-based Internet news site) reports that sales of nude tights has ‘risen by up to 85 percent in the past year.’   The shocking increase has been attributed to a hesitancy to jump from opagues in the winter months to bare legs in the spring, as nude stockings offer an in-between of sorts.”

OK, some interesting issues here: 

First, I am glad to hear that sales of sheer nude pantyhose anywhere in the world are up at all – let alone by 85 percent.  That report in The Telegraph also states that UK customers bought 130,000 pairs of tan tights in April and the first half of May.

Second, it’s interesting that in Singer’s post, she didn’t make it clear what “the ultimate pantyhose sin” is, resulting in many of her readers writing in to ask for clarification.

I think Singer was referring to the bare legs culture in general, which has ruled the fashion industry for so long now, meaning that just the act of wearing pantyhose is “the ultimate sin.”

To me, one of the most encouraging aspects of Singer’s blog post is that the vast majority of comments I read were from women who seemed to be coming out in support of pantyhose.   I found this refreshing because, if you’ve read blog topics about pantyhose in general, you know that most men write positive things in defense of pantyhose, while most women wax on about how much they hate pantyhose. 

Somehow, I found my way on to another site: http://uk.ask.com/beauty/Pantyhose-Fashion – a sort of Q&A forum about pantyhose and fashion today.   Usually, I can’t read things like this because I end up getting really mad at all the mean things women write about how much they hate pantyhose, but surprisingly, I was thrilled to find that most comments were very much pro-pantyhose.   Most people lamented the bare legs fad, saying it never should have happened and that they looked forward to the return of pantyhose for its beauty, glamour and workplace significance. 

I also read many comments from men (and women) who blasted the bare legs look, saying it was boring and they were tired of it.   And men stated that women who wear pantyhose are much more apt to receive attention from men.

Finally, there were comments from confused readers.  Some asked in a hopeful tone if all this attention to the subject was a sign of the return of pantyhose to fashion prominence, while others confessed they never realized that pantyhose were ever considered “out” in the first place.  I love that.

      Back to Singer’s post.  She ended it this way:

“Will you follow Pippa’s lead and wear nude  hosiery on cooler summer nights, or have you sworn off the flesh-toned tights?”

Pippa and Kate, Dynamic Duo


15 thoughts on “Kate, Pippa give Pantyhose ‘royal’ treatment in UK

  • Hi Robin,
    With Prince Harry now engaged to American actress Meghan Markle, there seems to be concerns about her hardly wearing any hosiery since she comes from the Hollyweird celebrity culture in California. Meghan was even criticized for not wearing hosiery for the engagement announcement in the media most notably the Daily Mail.


    Is Meghan going to bring the ugly American “bear” legs movement to the Royal Family where she has to adhere to the strict rules and protocol that may include wearing hosiery with her outfits. Meghan also needs to understand that the U.K. culture is far more different than the Hollyweird culture since hosiery continues be popular in the U.K. during and after the Kate Middleton effect.

  • Hi Robin,
    Has Pippa Middleton gone the Grizzly route??? She used to wear hose along with her sister Kate and mother Carole at various events. Now at a wedding last month in Ireland, Pippa showed “bear” legged. Her legs did not even look that good without hose.

    This comment on the Daily Mail really caught me here:
    Denise Forder, Southampton, United Kingdom, 1 month ago
    Her worst offence (amongst many) is the lack of hosiery. No-one of any breeding attends and event like this with bare legs. I think all the other aspects of her appearance here have been well covered by the other comments.


    The pictures are above the comments section.

    I really thought Pippa would have the class and elegance to wear hose as she and Kate were brought up by their mother to be classy and feminine in their appearance. But it seems that all of that is lost on Pippa. Very sad.

    • Hi Brian W.,

      Wow, nothing ever gets past you. We ought to hire you here.

      I never thought Pippa would ever be seen in public without wearing pantyhose or sheer tights, but you definitely found otherwise. I am as surprised as you are. I have no answer for this.

      Wait. Yes, I do. She might have been abducted by extra terrestrial beings and replaced by one of them in a plot to walk among us before the eventual takeover. Aliens couldn’t be expected to know about pantyhose here, so that one flaw in their plan might be the one that enables us to realize what’s up and stop the invasion before it begins.

      Without the knowledge of pantyhose, those ETBEs (extra terrestrial biological entities) wouldn’t be able to pass for some of the very classy ladies here who wouldn’t be caught dead during an event as formal as a wedding.

      Yes, that has to be it in Pippa’s case. Let’s hope the aliens’ scheme is thwarted, and then the real Pippa will be back and wearing pantyhose or sheer tights, and all will be right in the world again.

    • That is an idiotic statement, which never has been true. Maybe it’s more like hat’s are frumpy and the preserve of grandmothers, but I would never make even that statement. Just shows that the writer is jumping on the bandwagon in using such a statement made by the so-called fashion experts who think they know everything, but instead prove over and over again that they really have no clue about anything — especially fashion. Either that, or the writer is just an idiot. Thanks for sharing, Brian W.

      • Brian you do great work digging up this information. It seems funny that some of the same people that claim to be tolerant of diversity are the first to brow beat ladies that wear pantyhose into submission.

      • I just never thought that a British writer would be a hose hater as well. The fashionistas must have gotten to this writer. I guess not all people in the UK like pantyhose and are still influenced by the “Bear” legs movement.

  • As carl says in comment three, the media feeds us, most of the time in the wrong direction, I read a comment in a local newspaper about the Middleton sisters, and the guy said there that these ladies were marking the fashion today because “they not wear pantyhose, and always dress more casual”, see? these comments read by people who do not investigate, can lead to a misunderstanding, of course many will think that I wrote this because of my liking of pantyhose, but no, this is to clarify that wrong media comments are and will be contrapositive.

    As for the article by Robin wrote, when I saw the Disney movie Diary of a Princess, I gladly remember how the always classy Julie Andrews tells to the adorable Anne Hathaway to always wears pantyhose, that bring to my attention that in royalty is a code, and seeing the late Diana, and now Kate dress in such way, I know for sure that the use of tights/pantyhose/pantimedias, is definitely a code.

    • I haven’t seen that movie, but I am happy to hear that Julie Andrews’ character tells Anne Hathaway’s character that she should always wear pantyhose. If only there were more movies in which that line was spoken …

  • I think this is an awesome post. I have to say I enjoy this post. Both ladies have nice legs and I do enjoy seeing them.

  • It is great to see that there are women like Kate and Pippa who still loves to dress with class and elegance and wear pantyhose not only in the U.K. but all over the world. I can remember Lady Di dressing that way all the time. Hopefully in the future, we will see more and more women in them. R.M.

  • Robin…
    Another outstanding posting from you….

    Tights/Pantyhose… Are quite popular in the UK… Especially in the part of the country that i live….. Nude colour is quite popular from girls to women… Even at summer time…

    I often feel that tight/pantyhose in the UK and in other parts the world.. Are far more important than the B######T of fashion….

    It must be a UK thing or was trying to follow a trend in the US ….. When Mrs Obama came to the UK this year… She was wearing tights/pantyhose

    Like i have said in the past… Media feeds the BS that everyone wants to hear…

    Mainland Spain the wearing of tights/Pantyhose (medias, pantimedias, pantymedias as they call them) is still very popular…

    Take care


  • Robin, this is a great blog and not just because I got a mention but both ladies have that style and subtle sexuality that turn men on. And both have great legs. And to paraphrase ZZ Top, ‘they know how to use them’. I can only hope and do think actually that by their wearing of pantyhose or tights more frequently than others we see a resurgence in wearing amongst everyday women. I for one would really go for that.

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