Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due – Fran Drescher

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

UPDATE – Wednesday June 22:

Apparently, the joke’s on me.   Neither during last week’s pilot, nor in tonight’s second episode of the new comedy, “Happily Divorced,” has Fran Drescher worn pantyhose – or even a dress for that matter.  

I will say that I like the show.  It is upbeat and funny, and the cast includes veteran comedic actors who deliver every line, expression and gesture with impeccable timing.

When I wrote this post last week before watching the pilot, I didn’t realize that Fran’s husband/ex-husband is played by John Michael Higgins, who is very funny.  I really liked him as the psychiatrist in Ally McBeal.

So far, “I’m not (head tilt) comfortable …” with Fran or whomever is dressing her for “Happily Divorced.” 

I don’t understand how the costume designer for this show can miss the mark on selling what Fran is famous for.   If this person is going to continue to dress her in slacks and jeans, or maybe worse, dresses and skirts without pantyhose, I will stop watching. 

Nevertheless, I think Fran still deserves credit “wear” credit is due for being such an ambassador for pantyhose during the early years of her career, and that ‘s really what this post is about. 

What do you think?  Does this change anything?   Please take the poll at the end of this post.

Now, here’s what I wrote last Wednesday:

Tonight marks the debut of actress Fran Drescher’s latest TV project, Happily Divorced, premiering at 10:30 p.m. EST on TV Land (channel 304 on DirecTV), with a second showing directly afterward at 11 p.m.

 The storyline features Drescher as Los Angeles florist Fran (naturally) adjusting to the world of dating after learning that her realtor husband of 18 years, Peter, is gay.  The comedy is set around Fran juggling new relationships, while still living under the same roof as her ex-husband. 

Apparently, Fran is told by Peter in the opening scene that he has finally realized that he is gay.  Then, we fast forward six months and find that, while Fran and Peter are divorced, out of financial necessity, they are forced to continue sharing a house together.  

Actress Fran Drescher, attending a premiere event for TV Land, appears in her new sitcom tonight.

I decided to write this post tonight before the show airs.  I’m doing this for two reasons:  First, I’m not a film critic, and that’s not what this blog is about; second, I don’t care if the show is any good or not.   I like Fran Drescher because she’s funny, she’s beautiful, and more than anything else because she has always been a true pantyhose ambasador. 

Now, perhaps, the 53-year-old film and television actress, comedian, screenwriter, director, producer, author, singer, talk show host, political lobbyist and health activist wouldn’t claim “pantyhose ambassador” among her credits, but I’ll bet that readers of this blog who are Fran Drescher fans definitely think of her as one of those who fight the good fight for pantyhose.

Drescher got her start with a small part as a dancer in the 1977 blockbuster movie, Saturday Night Fever, then had roles in other movies during the 1980s.  But it was her role as Fran Fine on the TV sitcom, The Nanny, (1993-1999) that catapulted Drescher into stardom.  

In 'The Nanny,' Fran Drescher always showed off her fabulous legs in heels and pantyhose.

Created by Drescher and her then-husband (1978-1999) Peter Marc Jacobson, The Nanny, featured Fran as a whiny, nasal-voiced woman from Flushing, New York, who has just been fired from her job and abandoned by her boyfriend. 

She ends up selling cosmetics in Manhattan until making a sales call at the home of a rich, widowed English Broadway producer.  Fran is mistaken to be applying for the job of nanny to the widower’s three children and is hired for that purpose, but of course, the story is centered around the budding romance between Fran and the man.

Drescher was nominated for two Emmy Awards and two Golden Globe Awards for Best Actress in a Comedy Television Series for her work in The Nanny

I never watched the The Nanny, but I was aware of Drescher in that role, mostly for her beautiful short dresses, high heels and sheer pantyhose. 

Among Drescher’s many other TV credits are appearances on Fame (1982), 9 to 5 (1983), Who’s the Boss (1985-1986), and Night Court (1986).  More recently, she starred in (and produced) Living with Fran (2005-2007), and last year, was host (and producer) of the talk show, The Fran Drescher Show.

In 1996, Fran Drescher launched her book, 'Enter Whining', a memoir about growing up in Flushing, Queens, her early struggles in Hollywood, and her triumphant rise to fame through her hit sitcom, The Nanny. Here, Fran promotes her book at a Barnes and Noble store in New York.

Far from just an entertainer, Drescher – a cancer survivor – is known as a healthcare advocate and is recognized for her work as a Public Diplomacy Envoy for Women’s Health Issues for the U.S. State Department. 

She’s also an author, having written one book about her early struggles in Hollywood and subsequent rise to glory, and another about overcoming cancer.

Drescher is the recipient of the John Wayne Institute’s Woman of Achievement Award, the Gilda Award, The Hebrew University Humanitarian Award, and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s Spirit of Achievment Award.

Most recently, she was honored with the City of Hope Spiritof Life Award, which was presented to her by U.S. Senator Hillary Clinton. 

And on April 10, 2010, she was guest of honor at the “Dancer against Cancer” charity ball held at the Imperial Palace in Vienna, Austria, where she received the first “My Aid Award” for her accomplishments in support of cancer prevention and rehabilitation. 

I like Fran Drescher because she created herself in a unique and entertaining fashion that endeared herself to millions of fans.  Like many professional entertainers, she’s endured great hardships along  the way, yet, she has always carried herself with grace and dignity. 

Fran Drescher has won millions of fans for her roles on TV and in movies, but she also is adored for always wearing short dresses with high heels and sheer pantyhose.

Most of all, I respect and appreciate Fran Drescher for her devotion to dressing femininely, including always wearing dresses, high heels and sheer pantyhose. 

I don’t know if she will continue that tradition in her new show, Happily Divorced.

I’m always afraid that those you can count on most to always do the right thing will all of a sudden change gears, meaning in this case, lose the pantyhose in favor of today’s popular “bear” legs movement. 

But I seriously doubt that will be the case on Happily Divorced.  Fran Drescher is much too classy for that to happen. 

I wish Fran Drescher good luck and success with her new TV show.  

Either way, I will always be a fan because of her dedication to always setting such a great example for dressing beautifully, especially during a time when so many women seem to want to look less feminine.

29 thoughts on “Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due – Fran Drescher

  • I used to like the tv show the nanny mainly
    because of the way Fran Drescher would
    wear her pantyhose short skirts and
    high heels.I remember one particular
    episode when her and Charles Shaughnessy
    were trapped in an elevator and Fran
    climbed to the top of the elevator to
    open a small door and yell for help.I was
    jealous of Charles Shaughnessy when he
    ended uq underneath her skirt trying to
    pull her down.I Always Tiought Nicholle Tom
    was even hotter though in many episodes
    where she wore pantyhose.

  • Being a woman, I really didn’t pay a lot of attention to Fran’s babdy parts, but did love her style and always thought (and still think) she is beautiful. LOve how she dresses on Happily Divorced.

  • I was working at the library last Friday, and I came upon Fran Drescher’s old autobiography, Enter Whining. On the front cover she is seen wearing black hose, but on the back her skirt is lifted up revealing her pantyhose butt that had me thinking if she is wearing panties underneath or not…lol. I thought about borrowing the book but did not have the time to do so.

    Here is the link to the book, and the pictures.

  • I didnt insult anyones class. I said someone in a dress with OR without pantyhose is no more feminine than a lady in jeans. Re_read the post. And actually the blogger here (in almost all the articles) insulted just as many people as she complimented. So maybe you all should read over it b4 you go saying some crap about me being uneducated or brainwashed. I’m not brainwashed because I think its rediculous that fran isn’t fran without pantyhose (thats all u). I just think you shouldnt bash fran for changing or miley cyrus- for not wearing pantyhouse just because people twice her age do. I mean I get the whole stick with what you know thing- change is scary and all! However, just because you grew up a certain way, wearing certain things, with certain hair and makeup trends doesnt mean its the right way. Almost all trends come back around eventually so just keep holding on to ur past decades and you will be all caught up when it comes back.

    People, fashion, trends, decor it all changes. Why is it ok for these people to be insulted for not sticking with pantyhose, but it makes me stupid, moronic, or mental for saying my opinion. How do you not see this? Lady gaga is wearing a bra and pantyhose in one of the articles and all you have to say is shes classy for having black hose on and miley cyrus isnt wearing hose maybe because shes a hick. And yes if you read the article on miley -b4 freaking out on my comment, you will see it says {growing up in her hay-yall town is no excuse} for basically being class-less!

    But whatever bc you all are 100% right and no other opinion matters. And I never said pantyhose were evil so maybe you are the uneducated one’s! I said YOU ALL ACT as if people NOT wearing pantyhose are evil. SO BASH ME on my opinion fine but at least get it right! Your like obsessed on here. Seriously omg run for the hills its a pantyhose conspiracy. And I do know for a fact that all men do not find pantyhose more attractive so whatever. Ur like a pantyhose cult or something (now that I said that you can call me a crazy person) lmao!!!

      • I wouldn’t worry about Tabitha. She is just someone as you said looking to pick a fight with you on a panyhose blog…lol. I bet if you did the same thing with pantyhose on a blog that promotes bare legs, then I am sure you would get a lot of heat from the pantyhose haters on that blog, but you would never pick a fight with that person. Even though we disagree with their view, they are entitled to their opinion, and need to respected. Tabitha may disagree with your view on pantyhose, but she needs to respect your opinion instead of attacking it.

        In your defense though, what you are doing is not just selling your products online, but praising women that do or don’t wear pantyhose as you mentioned in your last post about Michelle Yeoh. You are not insulting women who don’t wear pantyhose, its only those who don’t have the legs to pull off the bare legs look or those who are brainwashing women into the belief that pantyhose are out of fashion (e.g. Stacy London), which we all know is not true.

        Keep your head up as always, and don’t let those negative comments about pantyhose get you down.

        P.S. Check Tabitha’s spelling. She mispelled the word “ridiculous” in her post. It pretty much tells you about her communication skills.

        • Hi Brian,

          Thanks for your comment. I just can’t figure out why Tabitha would visit this blog when she finds it so troubling. I don’t like blogs that promote bare legs, but instead of fighting them, I just don’t read them.

          As for her spelling, you missed “pantyhouse” (sixth line down). Love that one. And I don’t even know what this is: “I mean I get the whole stick with what you know thing- change is scary and all!” And, she has no idea what an apostrophe is. Then again, I doubt that Tabitha is concerned about her credibility here.

          Notice she is denying that she insulted me in her first comment. I don’t care if she disagrees with my point of view, or that she misses the whole point of this blog. But to insult the way I dress, how I look in that dress. How I wear my hair and makeup? And to refer to me as … what did she call me, a hussy? Wow.

          As our longtime readers know, this blog is written in a positive, upbeat style, intended to be humorous. Above all, it’s fair. Even when I gave Sarah Jessica Parker the first Grizzly Award, I gave her credit for wearing pantyhose almost as often as she doesn’t. I actually stated that I felt bad even naming her the first recipient because it probably wasn’t her intention to bash pantyhose, but rather, that of the writer, director and/or producer of her TV series and movies. Similarly, I wrote that Stacy London is a beautiful and extremely well-educated lady. And we’ve already seen that Tabitha completely missed the point about Fran Drescher. And, with Miley Cyrus, I wrote that I’m sure she’s a nice-enough girl, but someone associated with the performance should have told her in confidence how bad her bare legs looked in that outfit. Almost all professional female entertainers wear pantyhose today during a performance, regardless of their age. The achey breaky heart reference, and where she’s from, were jokes meant to lighten the story.

          Tabitha doesn’t seem to get that bloggers express their opinions, and most attack others. I never insult anyone. I always tell both sides of a story, like the former journalist I am. I choose to do it that way. I could get really nasty in expressing my feelings and personal opinions (the way Tabitha does), but I run a clean and classy blog. Not everyone will “get it.” Tabitha is painting a picture the way she wants to see it, which is fine, yet, she chose to attack the writer personally in her first comment, and defend her actions in the second. The question remains: Why bother visiting this blog in the first place?

          At least, I give Tabitha a forum for expressing her views, even though she’s the only one to date who has ever written negative and downright nasty comments here. Of course, I could pull the plug on her, but the editor in me wants to maintain the integrity of this blog. So, good or bad comments can make their way here. I just hope Tabitha will lose interest and go away. Obviously, she is one of those pantyhose haters out there, and I’m sure she could find plenty of blogs devoted to sustaining the bare legs culture in today’s society. Shouldn’t she expend her energy supporting one of those, instead of wasting her time commenting on a blog that seeks to promote beauty, professionalism, class and glamour in the way we dress today?

          Finally, the thing that puzzles me and many of our readers most is this: I own a pantyhose company. I sell pantyhose. I promote pantyhose in a blog devoted to pantyhose. The reason other pantyhose haters don’t write in is because they at least have the good sense and courtesy to respect the very foundation of this blog. If I hated shampoo, I wouldn’t write negative comments and attack the person who owns a shampoo business and writes about shampoo in his or her blog. Why would anyone do such a thing? If one doesn’t like shampoo, one can simply not buy it, not read about it, and not insult those who do like it. (Isn’t that called minding one’s own business?)

          Tabitha, I’m sure you’re a nice-enough person. If anything I’ve written in my blog offended you, I am sorry. It’s not my intention to hurt anyone. Please, just find somewhere else to play. Enjoy your life.


          • Hi Robin, don’t worry about those negative comments that are being said about your blogs and pantyhose. Continue focusing on the positive and continue doing what you love to do and have been doing for years which is promoting and selling pantyhose. I, as well as the majority of the posters on here are with you 100%. R.M.

            • Thanks, R.M. The negative comments are coming from only one person, and believe me, I’m not losing any sleep over anything she says.

          • I don’t get why she would waste her time leaving negative comments here. I’m not a fan of the NBA, but I don’t go on pro basketball sites and tell them they should quit watching basketball and tune in to Major League Baseball instead.

            Oh well, as you say you let her post her comments unedited and uncensored. Maybe she will start her own blog trashing this one, and we can ignore her.

  • Wow, Tabitha. I hear they serve brewed decaf nowadays too.

    Your post is misguided.

    Robin was in fact complimenting Fran as a hosiery role model but she (Robin) does understand that times change.

    Robin’s blog was as much to honor Fran for her femininity as much as anything. The way Fran Drescher looked and dressed was sexy and her trademark; Robin certainly would like to see that continue as do many of us.

    But if I take your mentality, Tabitha, then what you’re saying is that Robin is terribly misguided because, even though she owns a hosiery company and the blogs she creates are about pantyhose and appearance, somehow Robin is deficient because she’s not tilting at the windmills writing about breast cancer or starving babies or homeless veterans.

    Correct me if I am wrong but there are plenty of blogs and news articles and agencies out there that address the above.

    My suggestion…..lighten up, lady. And go easy on those ‘parascute’ pants.

    • Thanks for coming to my rescue, peter_a

      You certainly “get me” and you did a good job explaining things. In fact, you hit on the one main point: I own a pantyhose company. (Hundreds of them do still exist, which is an indication that pantyhose are not irrelevant in today’s society, even though an entire culture out there is trying to brainwash people like Tabitha that that’s the case.) So, why wouldn’t I write a blog about pantyhose? That’s where I have more expertise than the average bear. And why would I write a blog about any other topic? I would have no credibility writing about breast cancer, starving children or the homeless. I don’t believe in sounding off about things of which I have no firsthand experience, even though it seems some people of today’s generation believe that everyone wants to hear whatever they have to say.

      Here’s what amazes me about Tabitha’s nasty comment: While there obviously are thousands of women out there who no longer (or never did) wear pantyhose, they have the good sense, if not the class, to ignore a blog like mine. Weighing in with a different viewpoint would be one thing (and those anti-pantyhose people don’t even do that), but to go onto a pantyhose blog site and rip not only pantyhose, but the owner of the company and author of the blog, is (1.) in very poor taste; (2.) really dumb.

      While I completely disagree with the anti-pantyhose people out there, I’ll say that in my own little space on my own blog, but I would never go onto a blog that promotes bare legs and insult the concept, the author and all the readers of that blog. Why would anyone be so ugly to do such a thing? Tabitha should find a blog devoted to bare legs, and there, she could rip into me and my blog all she wants. I’m sure she’d get many comments, agreeing with her and supporting her.

      But, I guess (as I stated before), when you see a comment like that from a real hater like Tabitha, you just have to consider the source and take it in that context. I hope she’s proud of herself.

      Thanks again, peter_a


  • I think it’s a shame that so many women – and Tabitha seems to be one of them – have been brainwashed by the so-called ‘experts’ in fashion and Hollywood into believing that pantyhose are some kind of gross evil. I remember when all these authorities were on the other side of the fence. Every fashion oriented book written prior to the late 90’s always included words on the necessity of wearing pantyhose at work and at nights out on the town. What changed? Why did it become so accepted to drop this beautiful and elegant adornment? Forget the fact that sheer hosiery is simply sexy – it always enhances the beauty of the female leg. It has much less to do with ‘covering up’ the legs than it does ENHANCING the lovely female form with a soft and silky piece of apparel. I just don’t understand how people can be hostile to that. A woman of true class and elegance deserves far better than to be attacked for promoting pantyhose and staying true when most everyone else is following the crowd – and in a very wrong direction. Keep doing what you do Robin. It is much appreciated…and needed.

  • I dont really get the big deal hear. Shes wearing jeans and super cute shirts. She’s not in her 20s anymore. Maybe she wants to wear jeans. Saying that panty hose define her is rediculous. The nanny was 15-18 years ago. So why would she dress the same? Whats wrong with bare legs anyway. How about joining us in this decade and not judging people who aren’t ashamed of their body? Do ya’ll look down on people who dont wear makeup. Cuz your saying a woman needs to conceal legs behind a curtain to be classy? Not true. We also don’t need to wear dresses to be. This is the most rediculous post I’ve seen in a while!

    I usually dont comment on theses things or take the time to read them. However, I was trying to find where a shirt she wore on the show was from and came across it. Couldn’t help but comment, as this post is demeaning in itself. If the stylist had dressed her similar to the nanny:
    1. It wouldnt be age appropriate
    2. The stylist would be out of a job for being stuck in the ’90s
    3. Fran may not be comfortable
    Also her hair and makeup is also very different but that doesnt bother you.
    Just bc your stuck in a way doesn’t mean you should judge her for stepping out.
    Finally, if will smith (from around the same time) still dressed as he did on “Fresh Prince” would that be good? parascute pants, high tops, clothes so loud and bright they blind you. Leave her and other women out of your mission to fill like you fit in by trying to bring pantyhose back. What a dumb freaking cause? You ever heard of breast cancer, starving children, homeless veterans? PANTYHOSE REALLY? REALLY?
    FYI…. The dresses your wearing in your 2 pictures dont make you any more fiminine than fran in jeans. Shes beautiful without her a** hanging out, and the pantyhose dont help that one bit. IM JUST SAYING!! EVER SEEN A HOOKER IN JEANS? NOOO! SO ARE THEY FEMINEN THAN AN AVERAGE JANE BC THEY WEAR HOOCHIE DRESSES?

    WELL ALRIGHT THEN!!! Please join us in 2012?

    • While an actress like Fran Drescher does need to be comfortable in a shirt and jeans, she also needs to be classy as well. I don’t expect Fran’s character in her new show to be the same like The Nanny, but at least she still can dress very elegant.

      I don’t even know where this uneducated person got the idea that women look less feminine in a dress than they are in jeans. This person does not know anything about femininity.

      What Robin is doing is praising celebrities like Fran Drescher who still have the courage to wear pantyhose and not be swayed by those who still think hose is out of fashion. Not all women have the legs to go bare if their legs look white, pasty, blotchy, and veiny. Even Angelina Jolie’s legs at the Oscars look awful which has been receiving a lot of negative press from around the world.

      And for this person’s information, we are in 2012. Has this person heard of Kate Middleton? Even those that are following her are praising her fashion style with grace especially wearing sheer nude hose which is popular in the UK and parts of Europe. Even some young up and coming celebrities are also wearing pantyhose so at least hose is alive and well.

      What this person is doing is insulting the reputation of women being very classy and professional especially when it comes to wearing pantyhose, and if they want to see women remain lazy, tacky, and sloppy in the way they dress, that is their choice. If this person hates pantyhose by the tone of her comments, then don’t wear them, and do not insult those who do.

      Don’t let that person’s negative comments about pantyhose get to you Robin. These are people that may be entitled to their opinions, but don’t know anything about class, elegance, professionalism, and femininity.

      • Hi Brian,

        Thank you for your comment. Since she insulted me personally, I didn’t reply to her, but I was hoping our readers would come to my rescue.

        While Tabitha (there’s a name for ya) is entitled to her opinion, she showed her lack of class by hurling insults, as if I’m the bad guy for standing up for class and elegance. But, as usual, with haters, did you notice all the misspelling, punctuation and sentence-structure errors in her rant? Right in her first sentence, she writes: hear instead of here. Also, in just the first paragraph alone she wrote:

        Shes instead of She’s …
        Panty hose instead of pantyhose, and rediculous instead of ridiculous.
        Whats instead of What’s…
        Your instead of you’re …

        And her entire comment is filled with errors such as these. Whenever I see that, I consider the source. She has no credibility with which to make her case. She should be ashamed of herself for writing such a hateful comment for publication when she has such poor communication skills.

        Based on her remarks, and her lack of sophistication in constructing sentences, she comes across as a member of a generation who didn’t get a quality education, but nevertheless thinks she knows everything. Certainly, she seems to buy in to a culture in which dressing like a slob is acceptable. She even spelled feminine (in all caps no less) FEMINEN.

        So, thanks again, but don’t worry about her negative remarks regarding pantyhose getting to me, Brian. I was happy to post her comment to give her a forum for expressing her viewpoint. And I wouldn’t have minded if she hadn’t insulted me personally. I would love to see a picture of her.

        Funny, what seems completely lost on Tabitha is the fact that this post was recognizing and admiring Fran Drescher for her years of dressing with class and elegance. And whether Tabitha likes it or not, Fran is highly regarded as a pantyhose ambassador. When I wrote after the first couple of episodes of “Happily Divorced” that Fran not only hadn’t worn pantyhose but not even a dress, I still praised her. And, as it turned out, in subsequent episodes she did wear dresses, high heels and pantyhose. Vintage Fran. Good for her. Sorry, hater.

        Any of our other loyal followers have something to say about all this?

        • Robin,

          You’re too pitchers ar FEMINEN. LOL, I purposely misspelled everything in that sentence. How Tabitha can’t see that is amazing. Well, maybe not given what has happened to this generation.

          In case Tabitha is reading this, I’d like to see pantyhose come back as well, but it’s not my cause. She mentioned starving children, well I regularly contribute to Samaritan’s Purse and I sponsor a child in Thailand through World Vision. I give no money to the cause of seeing pantyhose make a comeback, but I can appreciate femininity, class, elegance and beauty where I see it and if that puts me back in the 20th century, then so be it.

        • I gotta laugh at Tabitha’s grammatical errors in her post. Not only she’s uneducated but sounds immature as well. If she has insulted Fran Drescher for dressing very nice in pantyhose, she could perhaps praise Grizzly Award recipient Stacy London for the “bear” legs movement….lol!!!!

          I gotta hand it to Fran Drescher though. I am so glad she still dresses very elegant at her age especially on her new show “Happily Divorced”.

  • Despite that annoying voice, Fran Drescher is one fine woman with insanely sexy legs! I hope they put her back in pantyhose.

    I’m still ticked off that pantyhose wasn’t part of the Dukes of Hazzard remake!

    • Hi Mel,

      Fran’s voice might be as much a trademark as her legs. It’s hard not to like her.

      Finally, she wore pantyhose in the third episode of Happily Divorced, but unlike her longtime style of wearing sheer black PH, these were so sheer, I had to pause the DVR a few times to really be able to tell whether she was wearing or not. I’m looking forward to seeing the next episode.

      I never did see the Dukes of Hazzard remake. Catherine Bach would be a tough act to follow, and I’m not a Jessica Simpson fan (or whomever it was who was cast as Daisy Duke). Somehow, I am NOT SURPRISED to hear you report that her character was not dressed in the iconic character’s pantyhose, but I am disappointed nevertheless. Have costume designers, directors, writers and producers, not to mention the actresses, today completely lost their minds?

      How in the world would someone play that character and not wear PH? I am assuming she wore the trademark Daisy Dukes short-shorts. If she did, but skipped the PH, she and/or all involved in that movie, are complete morons!


  • I still watch The Nanny every night on Nick@Nite, and Fran Drescher still has the best (rear end) and legs on TV. I have been wanting to say that for years. Love ya Fran.

    • Thanks for your comment, Bob, and welcome to my blog. I’m glad this post gave you the opportunity to say what you’ve been thinking for years.


  • To be honest, I never ever watched that show because her voice was grating but, heck yeah, those are world class legs. And credit to Fran as she understood how to use her feminity (and pantyhose) to stand out amongst the crowd.

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