Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due – Ann Curry

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

“I’m Ann Curry, in for I guess nobody this morning – me, myself and I.  It’s nice to be able to say that, isn’t it?”

That’s how the multiple-award-winning veteran journalist debuted as co-host with Matt Lauer on NBC’s “Today” show this morning, replacing Meredith Vieira who held the post the past five years.

Curry, who had been on the “Today” show since 1997 as the news anchor, and was previously passed up for the co-host spot in favor of her friend Vieira, also is anchor of “Dateline NBC,” the network’s award-winning newsmagazine. She also regularly substitute-anchors on “NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams.” 

Curry’s been on my radar for some time now, but after two readers of this blog asked me to write about “news anchors and pantyhose,” and now, with Ann making her debut as co-host of “Today,” the timing is right.  

Meredith Vieira, left, co-host of the NBC "Today" television program, embraces her fellow co-host, Matt Lauer, as her successor, Ann Curry, looks on, during her final show, in New York, Wednesday, June 8, 2011. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)

Other than when she’s been on-location in a jungle, a desert, or a war-torn environment, I have never seen Ann Curry not wearing a dress or skirt suit with high heels and pantyhose. 

In this sad (OK, being honest here – sickening) time when so many women want to lose the pantyhose even at the highest corporate levels, I greatly admire, respect and absolutely love Ann Curry for her dedication to being professional, glamorous and ultra feminine in the way she dresses. 

In a minute, I’ll get to the part about news anchors and pantyhose, as it appears that it’s the network and cable executives who make wearing pantyhose a policy for their female stars, but it seems to me that Ann Curry would wear of her own volition.  And, of course, we know that Meredith Vieira is famous for her devotion to wearing pantyhose in her roles as co-host of TV news/talk shows, and as host of the game show, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”

Ann Curry maintains her professional and elegant look during a recent guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

I love Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira because in addition to wearing on the job, they choose to wear dresses, heels and pantyhose when they make appearances at awards shows, publicity events and late night talk shows.  To me, that is the very height of professionalism, and it shows the true, very fine character of these women. 

This post could be three pages long if I wrote about all of Curry’s accomplishments and the awards she’s won, but there are many great stories on the Internet, which you can find yourself, and I encourage you to do so. 

Suffice it to say that Curry has distinguished herself in global humanitarian reporting, frequently traveling to remote areas of the world to cover under-reported stories.

“I try to do stories that make a difference – stories that affect the way people think, stories that people need to hear – and usually what drives me is to do stories about people who have no voice, people who have no political power, people who are overlooked by society.” – Ann Curry

Ann Curry is consistent in dressing professionally, as well as femininely, always showing her lovely legs in high heels and sheer pantyhose.

If you do a Google search for Ann Curry, you will find many images of her, almost always wearing a dress or a skirt with high heels and pantyhose.  

In fact, she is becoming pretty famous for her beautiful legs.   On Google, there are image categories devoted to just her legs or just her feet.  

I love that she is dedicated to dressing professionally as a journalist, but I think it’s equally impressive that she always looks very feminine, too.     

Of Japanese (mother) and American (father) descent, Ann is a very beautiful woman.  That’s enough to win her the millions of fans she has, but she’s also cute, funny, and sweet. 

Here is an excerpt from an interview last month with TV Guide Magazine: You were certainly the people’s choice to replace Meredith. Why do you think the Today audience likes you so much?

Curry: I would say that — almost to a fault, pretty much — what you see is what you get.  Sometimes I’ve been accused of being too exuberant in the morning. Once, I said “Good morning” three times with a goofy smile on my face. I’m as fallible as the next person. I’m as goofy and dopey and silly and caring as people think I am. Take me or leave me.

TV Guide Magazine: When your co-anchor job was announced, you said you felt like the computer nerd being asked to the prom by the high school quarterback. Does it matter to you that you’re not one of the cool kids?

Curry: I think there are more nerds in the world than there are cool people, so more people might get me than you realize. I do want people to like me, but I don’t want to be loved for something I’m not; I want to be loved for something I am.  What I am is someone who grabs people and hugs them even if other people think that’s weird. I am someone who is gong to wear her heart on her sleeve. I am someone who is going to care about stories when some people think, “Why do you bother?” My motivation is how do I reach the most people to tell the stories that matter most to them. However fallible I am as a human being, my intent is earnest and my effort is constant in the practice of providing viewers good information, which I know gives them power.

Awesome Ann Curry

There’s no denying Ann’s passion and humanity, but she also is extremely professional.  She’s a total class act who has forged a distinguished career. 

Ann Curry so deserves “Credit ‘wear’ Credit is due.”   I wish her much happiness and success as the new co-host of “Today.”

News anchors and pantyhose

MSNBC's Contessa Brewer and Courtney Hazlett.

In the entertainment world, everyone knows that “sex sells.”  While the news industry was never designed to be about entertainment or sex appeal, today’s broadcast news organizations know that in the ongoing battle for audience share, they have to attract and keep viewers coming back for more. 

Perhaps, demographics show that men make up the largest audience of TV news programs, which could explain the current trend that all the powerhouses seem to follow: Feature beautiful female anchors and reporters who wear dresses, skirts and pantyhose. 


CNN's Carol Castello dresses up any set in heels and pantyhose.


And these women aren’t your daddy’s crop of journalists.  They are well educated, talented professionals.  Oh yeah, and they’ve got legs and they know how to use them.   There’s no shortage of strong, sharp, pretty women anchoring news shows, such as CNN, Fox and MSNBC.  But wait a minute, don’t anchors pretty much just sit behind a desk?  For all we know they’re wearing a suit jacket and pajama bottoms with fuzzy slippers.  Ah, but the executives calling the shots find ways of getting these news babes out behind the desk, often sitting with studio guests, showing their pretty crossed legs with high heels and pantyhose.

And, when it comes to women who are dedicated to beauty and femininity, especially when it comes to wearing pantyhose, no culture understands this power better than Asia.

On its blog, HKTV writes:

“For many years, Bernie Lo was the host of Bloomberg’s morning show. He would inject humor into the daily headlines, which was a great tension reliever for guests or analysts reporting on the show. When Bernie returned to CNBC, Bloomberg had to make some choices. Competition from all directions came from networks including Fox Networks and CNBC.

“Now, … Bloomberg has a new strategy to attract new viewers … Susan Li’s legs.

Susan Li of Bloomberg Asia interviewing a financial analyst.

“Those opinions are clearly overlooking her skills as a broadcast journalist to keep the audience tuned in to “First Up with Susan Li on Bloomberg Television. 

Susan Li's interviews are concise and get right to the point to capture viewer attention. Of course, her legs can do that without saying a word.

“Susan Li also uses clear, simple language during the interview.  She does not let the analysts and fund managers “talk their book,” which is a practice where guests provide recommendations that benefit their investments; instead, Susan Li often politely asks the guests to clarify their statements.

Susan Li of Bloomberg Asia discusses market data with a guest analyst.

“The clarification sometimes leads to more thoughtful discourse, as her use of clear language to highlight the main ideas translates the “analyst speak” for Bloomberg TV viewers. Clarifying analyst comments or recommendations maintains the credibility of the Bloomberg brand, while subtly signaling to the guest that the interview is a discussion and not a sales pitch.”

Of course, there are many other news anchors and in-studio broadcast reporters who are talented and professional, and know how to capture viewers with their glamorous and sexy looks. 

Did I leave out your favorites?   Please let us know who your favorite news anchors in pantyhose are.

Meanwhile, here’s another picture of Susan Li and her gorgeous legs in pantyhose.

Look at the texture of Susan Li's delicious pantyhose. Is that guest trying to discreetly cop a feel?

81 thoughts on “Credit ‘wear’ Credit is Due – Ann Curry

  • I’d like to nominate Amanda Debison from Ctv news Atlantic. She regularly wears sheer pantyhose and always dresses very classy. Another interesting point on this is the fact that she’s also under 30 and doesn’t let that stop her from dressing like a woman rather then a kid. Check out the link here and you can see what I mean in the opening scene around 30 seconds in as well as an interview she does from 13:15 to about 19 minutes.

    This clip will likely only be available until tomorrow as you have to scroll through the video selection and pick Friday February 19th.

    • Great link. I agree that she looked very professional and classy wearing sheers. I wonder if the fact that she is in Canada impacts her decision to wear sheer hosiery. Canada may align more with Europe’s tendency to dress nicer and make more effort to look polished.
      Of course in th US the dress codes have evaporated to the point where CEOs for Fortune 200 companies are telling their executives to eschew neckties. I guess that is okay since the women dumped hosiery years ago, but you walk around the office and everyone looks like a slob.
      Sorry, I just can’t get off these rants once I start.

  • That’s what I was talking about Robin.Chris mentioned Jedidiah Vila on Fox news. Politically I’d say I do lean towards the right.Another reason to watch that show would be a lot of women on there who wear pantyhose.However I have seen a lot of women on there with dresses and bare legs.I have heard many other people mentioning the women in Fox news on these blogs.

    • Hi Robin. To expand on what Chris and Steve mentioned, Fox News Channel (FNC) has a news talk program called “Outnumbered”. A combination of four ladies (usually political, news or business reporters /consultants) and ‘one lucky guy’. The four ladies are dressed professionally and yes,at least usually two of the four wearing sheer pantyhose. They rotate some of the ladies. Generally the main ladies are Andrea Tantoros, Harris Faulkner, Julie Roginsky, Kennedy (formerly of MTV in the 90’s ) Sandra Smith, Melissa Francis and Kirsten Powers.Jeremiah Bela sometimes appears, but not as frequently. She is a true dedicated pantyhose wearer. Andrea used to be a devoted hosiery wearer, but sadly went the ‘bear’legs way. Kennedy alternates days wearing hosiery and ‘bear leg’. The other ladies that are true devoted wearers are Harris, Sandra, Melissa and Kirsten. It’s not just an eye candy show of pretty faces and pretty hosed legs. These ladies are brilliant as they are beautiful, and know the issues (depending on your political leaning ). There are other news programs on FNC as well as their sister network Fox Business Channel (FBC) with hosiery wearers such as Jenna Lee and Patty Ann Brown . It’s refreshing seeing ladies looking sharp and professional accentuated by wearing hosiery.

  • Jedidiah Bila has the sexiest legs and feet in the business along with Kiran Chetry. I think girls look hot in pantyhose

    • Hi Chris,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I had never heard of either of the ladies you mentioned, but I Googled them and saw quite a few pictures of them in pantyhose. Thanks for sharing.

  • I had the opportunity to watch the Today Show over the weekend, and while both Dylan Dreyer and Erica Hill wore hose on the show, the only anti-hose host on the show is Shanielle Jones. Unlike her Today Show weekend co-hosts, Shanielle hates wearing them even during the cold months of the year, and dresses on occasions like she is going out clubbing rather than a professional news host on a morning news show. I never thought that the Today Show would have a grizzly on the show, but they do now in Shanielle Jones.

    At least Dylan and Erica looked classy and professional completing their outfits with pantyhose.

    • Harris Faulkner, Sandra Smith, and Melissa Francis are my favourite ladies on Outnumbered. Always looking professional in their appearance on the show.

      As for Andrea Tantaros, Here is a rare video of Andrea wearing sheer black hose on Outnumbered last year.

      Andrea does wear hose, but mostly sheer black, and only once in a blue moon unlike her previous co-hosting gig on The Five, where she wore them quite often. It probably depends on the studio light since the light on The Five is darker than on Outnumbered, so if Andrea is on The Five, she would probably wear hose, but if the light is bright on a daytime talk show like Outnumbered, then she probably won’t wear hose except on rare occasions, unless she decided to go “bear” legged not just to impress her viewers, but her main squeeze, guitarist Dave Navarro, who could be anti-hosiery…lol..

  • Hi Robin,
    I have been away from the site in the last few months. I found a couple of photos of Kathie Lee Gifford doing a photoshoot sometime around the late 70s/early 80s in nude hose and open toe shoes.

    Kathie Lee1
    Kathie Lee2

    Its too bad that Kathie Lee has gone the bear legged bimbo route with Hoda Kotb on the Today Show. She looked very classy in those pictures when she wore hose with her outfits. It was also sad to hear about the sudden passing last week of her husband, former NFL star and sports commentator who was also the voice of Monday Night Football, Frank Gifford. My sincere thoughts and condolences go out to her and her family.

    • Hi Brian W.

      You’re being too nice. I think Kathy Lee and Hoda look completely ridiculous “bear-legged.” And, you’d think they would have a little common sense (especially since they apparently have no class) and would not try to act like they’re 19.

      I would think that most men, if they had to choose between marrying either one of them or a grizzly bear, the bear would the better choice.


      • Hi Robin,
        This might make you happy, or come as a shock to you, but here is Hoda Kotb doing the Today Show from Las Vegas wearing sheer black hose with beige boots.

        What I can’t understand is why Hoda along with her co-host Kathie Lee, dress in summery clothes “bear-legged” in New York even during the cold winter months of the year. But when the show is on location, Hoda dresses professionally wearing pantyhose with her outfits. This is confusing.

        • Hi Brian w.,

          I continue to think of both those women as devoted “bear” legs lovers. I am shocked to hear that Koda actually wore sheer black pantyhose (at least once now).

          Thanks again, Brian.

    • Hi Robin. Another professional news reporter that still wears pantyhose is Sharyll Atkisson, formerly of CBS News and CNN. She almost always wore nylons in the late 80’s and early 90’s at CNN as a news anchor. When she was at CBS, it was difficult seeing whether she wore hose, mainly because the live shots were in studio behind a desk. She is a brilliant and fearless investigative reporter and consummate professional. She has her own investigative program coming out this fall. She recent;ey has been spotted as a guest on news programs, interviews and speeches looking classy wearing sheer pantyhose. Attached is photo from YouTube.

  • One person I didn’t get a chance to acknowledge on the blog is long time Fox News reporter Patti Ann Browne. She is a true Fox News Fox who is always classy and professional wearing hose with her outfits. Here are pictures of her in hose even in peep toe shoes (she’ll give Meredith Viera a run for her money.)

    I am glad that Patti Ann stuck with her principles in wearing hose especially with open toe shoes, and not be swayed by the so-called fashion experts who hate the look of pantyhose and open toe shoes. It is also great that Kim, Jedidiah, Martha, Heather, Jenna, and Remi learned from Patti Ann to complete their outfit with pantyhose in order to be classy and professional in appearance on various news programs. Now if others like Megyn Kelly can learn from Patti Ann to dress professional rather than showing off their “bear” skanky legs to appease the viewer.

  • The actress Jessica Chastain’s fashion style is often described as a throwback to the ‘Hollywood glamour’ age. This is true except for one notable exception – she rarely wears hose. I don’t like articles like the one linked below that rave about her fashions when it is apparent that hosiery is not included. The photos in the link tell the tale. I think she’s a fantastic actress – but I sure wish she’d wear more often. It bothers me that the fashionistas don’t even notice or care.

    • Jessica is a talented actress, and it would have been nice if she wore hose to complete her outfit as she did in Aspen, Colorado last year. Jessica is not the only one that should have worn hose at an awards show that calls for dressing up, but other celebrities including Julianne Moore, Carla Guigno, and Emma Heming should have worn hose as their legs and feet look awful without hose by looking at those pictures from the event. Even one commenter mentioned that the celebrities all have awful legs despite having a low rating on the comment that is hard to believe. The only woman that wore hosiery at the event was Ed Norton’s wife though it was fishnets. I don’t know why these so-fashion experts don’t seem to get that wearing hose completes the look of a womans appearance. Not wearing hose shows that a woman is underdressed, and it is evident by looking at the celebrities who forgo hose to show up ‘bear” legged at an awards show.

    • To make you feel better, here is Jessica Chastain in sheer black hose and open toe platform heels.

      By looking at those pictures, I think Jessica wears hose, but only at her own time at various events. However, if the event is an award show or movie premiere, she is usually ‘bear’ legged to fit in with the Hollywierd glamarazzi, and avoid being putdown by those idiotic fashion experts who constantly push for the awful “bear” legged look. Jessica looks very nice in her black hose and platform heels.

  • Hi Robin,
    You know since Ann and Meredith left the Today Show, the hose wearing on the show continues to live on with Tamron Hall, Natalie Morales, and Savannah Gutherie. They all have been wearing hose on the Today show in the last few days. Dylan Dreyer, who hosts the Weekend Today show also wears hose as well. Tamron continues to impress me as she wore sheer black hose to match with her black strappy sandals yesterday.

    The downside is that Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, who host the 4th hour of the Today Show, rarely wear hose. Hoda Kotb is a hose hater always complaining that hose always rip even poked fun of Meredith, who once filled in for Kathie Lee as co-host, for wearing pantyhose with open toe shoes. Kathie Lee used to wear hose during her time when she co-hosted Live with Regis even having her own line of pantyhose. But the fashion experts must have convinced Kathie Lee that pantyhose is no longer in style causing her to stop wearing hose and go “bear” legged. Her legs do not look good without hose as they are a bit veiny and blotchy for her age (Kathie Lee is in her early 60s). Too bad that Kathie Lee and Hoda have gone grizzly as you say.

    Overall, it was great seeing the four ladies that I mentioned earlier keep the pantyhose wearing tradition alive on the Today show. If only Hoda and Kathie Lee can learn to wear pantyhose from those ladies despite both being much older than them.

  • Very encouraging seeing the Fox News Channel ladies wearing sheer nude hose again. Kimberly Guifoyle has always been the steady reliable wearer. Many of the women of Fox News in the past few years have gone “bear” legged. Among them, Megyn Kelly and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. Glad to see more sheer hose encased legs of some of these brilliant and beautiful ladies. Thanks Bryan W

      • Hi Robin,
        I found an old picture of Megyn Kelly, when she co-hosted America’s Newsroom with Bill Hemmer back in 2007. Megyn is wearing nude hose with her outfit. One person on another website once mentioned that she wore black hose a few times as well.

        I don’t know why Megyn gave up wearing hosiery. Could it be that she saw the other Fox news women like Gretchen Carlson stop wearing hosiery (Gretchen once had to duct tape a run on her hose before taking them off while co-hosting Fox and Friends.), or is it because she became a victim of the so-called fashion experts and their anti-hose mentality. Megyn looked professional in that picture. Now she gave that up to look trashy and unprofessional in her appearance on her show, The Kelly File, and at various events such as talk shows, debates etc. Her legs are not even that good without hosiery as they are thin like toothpicks. No doubt in mind that she is devoted Fox News Grizzly.

        • I hear ya, Brian W. I am disappointed in Megyn Kelly, too, for that very reason. Obviously, she is very intelligent and attractive, but her “bear” legs make her unprofessional in my mind.

          • Hi Robin,
            You are not going to believe this, and this may come as a shock to you, but could make you very happy at the same time. Megyn Kelly, who we all thought was anti-hose, and a possible Grizzly Award recipient, has been wearing black hose in Russia last week during her NBC debut on the Today show. Here is a picture of her in black hose.

            Looks like Megyn only wears hose once in a blue moon likely when the weather is cold outside or if its a special occasion as seen with black opaques in 2011.


            I guess it was too premature to consider her a Grizzly Award nominee given the fact she hardly wears hose, and only sports her skinny and oily bear legs. While Megyn looks nice in black hose, I won’t be surprised if she is back sporting her bear legs once she returns back to the USA.

            • Wow, nice find, Brian W.

              Yeaaaaaaaah, about that … I am not sold. I am thinking that Megyn Kelly’s producer(s) convinced her that it would be insulting or in bad taste culturally to go “bear”-legged in Russia, and she only reluctantly consented. (Do I sound bitter?)

              I am very sure that this future Grizzly will revert back to her unprofessional self when she returns home. Or, better yet, hopefully, she won’t come back! 🙂

              Good to hear from you again, Brian W. Thank you for your comment.

    • Your welcome as always Sheer Mike. I don’t know what happened to Elisabeth Hasselbeck. She used to wear hose on the View, mainly its sheer or opaque black designer hosiery. Now all of a sudden, since she has joined Fox, she has gone the “bear” legged bimbo look joining Megyn Kelly, Ainsley Earhart, and Gretchen Carlson on Fox and friends. Those “bears” are nothing compared to the classy and professional ladies on Outnumbered.

    • I always like to see Kimberly on tv, as well as some of the others on FOX. Megyn and Elisabeth are beautiful, but I’m dismayed at their lack of hose these days. I don’t know, it’s just not important to some of these women, especially once they’re married with children.

      • I also liked seeing Jenna Lee as a frequent wearer of sheer pantyhose. Have not however seen her on air in a while. I think she had a child recently. Then again it’s rare I see that segment time, since I’m usuallY at work.

    • Here are a couple of youtube videos of Gretchen Carlson when she used to wear pantyhose during her time on Fox and Friends until she became a Fox News Grizzly to join the “bear” legs movement. Takes you back to memory lane when Gretchen used to be very professional in her appearance

      • Good post Brian. Gretchen joined a few others on Fox that stopped wearing hose entirely. Megyn Kelly used to wear hose everyday – now she never does.Very disappointing. On the plus side – Kimberly Guilfoyle and Jenna Lee still wear hose everyday on air.

        • Hi Steven
          Thanks for the reply. I wouldn’t worry about Gretchen, Elisabeth, Megyn, and the other anti-hose women on Fox News for their lack of hosiery on their shows. As far as I’m concerned, they have become the Fox News Grizzlies to paraphrase Robin’s term for those who are anti-hosiery, too lazy to put them on, and would rather dress skanky instead of feminine in appearance. It is also possible that they were convinced by their stylists that hose was out of fashion, and seemingly bought into their word after years of wearing hose.

          There are some hose friendly ladies on Fox News including Kim Guilfoyle, Heather Childers, Martha MacCallum, Jenna Lee, Remi Spencer, Sandra Smith, and Jedidiah Bila whom I dubbed the Fox News Foxes as they are frequent pantyhose wearers who know that wearing hose completes their feminine and professional appearance. Those are my type of ladies.

          Its too bad that Ann Curry was let go on the Today show about three years ago. I once read an article that the producers wanted her to dress provocatively by wearing skimpy clothes and sky high heels showing off her bare legs, but she balked at their demands that lead to her dismissal. I am glad that Ann showed courage by stepping up against the producers on the Today show that don’t seem to care about class and professionalism, and perhaps wanted Ann to join their ranks possibly becoming a Grizzly, which she refused to do so. Good for you Ann :).

          • Watching the premiere of Kennedy on Fox Business News this evening. It’s difficult to tell ( and I’m wearing eyewear too), but I think she’s wearing sheer nude hose with a tight white dress. Anyone else watching?

            • I don’t watch the show, nor get Fox Business News Channel so I don’t know if Kennedy wears any hosiery on her show. However, when she appears on the show, Outnumbered with the rest of the Fox News ladies, Kennedy rarely wears any hose, and is always seen “bear” legged with a small tattoo on her left ankle. I am not against tattoos, but when I see a woman does not wear hose, and instead has a tattoo on her leg to substitute for hose, it screams one word:

              And that is just another example of a lack of class on Kennedy’s part when she appears on a Fox News show or works for its business channel. Until I see her wear hose, Kennedy is another Fox News Grizzly.

            • Hi Brian W. Yes you’re right. Watched Kennedy’s show on Fox Business News. The glare of the TV light reflected off her white pasty “bear” legs. Uggh! Disappointed, but should not be surprised. Happy still to see other FNC ladies like Jenna Lee still wearing hosiery and looking professional and pretty.

            • Not only Kennedy’s legs are white and pasty, but they are flabby and not toned. Kim Guilfoyle’s legs without hose are also flabby and not toned. But unlike Kennedy, Kim wears hose frequently not only to complete her professional and feminine appearance, but to improve and enhance the look on her legs. Its too bad that Kennedy can’t learn from Kim when it comes to dressing up professionally by wearing pantyhose to improve the look on her legs when she appears on her show and Outnumbered.

            • It looks like Kennedy is starting to wear hose now on her show. Here is a video of her from a couple weeks ago in designer patterned hose.

              I guess Kennedy is finally seeing what hose can do for her legs. A stark contrast from showing off her white and flabby legs on Outnumbered.

  • Luv me some Susan Li, it’s a hoot watching the guys try to keep their composure when Susan hops upon her desk and flirtatiously flaunts her luscious legs, they gawk & drool, while Susan wears a devilish grin, cuz’ she KNOWS she’s taunting & teasing the hell out of them.

    Keep it up Susan, no bigger turn on than a confident woman rockin’ her red hot gams!!!

    • You’re so right, annfan. Thank you. And, as fabulous as her legs (and feet) are in pantyhose, she also has a lovely figure and a beautiful smile, doesn’t she? All this, and she is a total class act, a great journalist, and a wonderful person.


  • I love to tune in to see what Ann is wearing, she is so stylish, and smart, I am shocked she is being let go, Big mistake, I will probably not tune in to watch since she is not going to be on there, she was the reason I watched. I liked her so much more than Meridith.

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for your comment. I did not know that Ann is being let go, but I never watch those kinds of shows anyway. I just love Ann Curry. I think she is extremely professional and very charming. I agree with you — big mistake if they let her go. But maybe she’s got a better gig she’s going to anyway. Hope so.

      Nice of you to comment about Ann here, Nancy. Thanks again.


  • I wasnt sure where to post this but I figured this was probably as good as anywhere. I constantly find myself turning to the news and weather channels all the time, hearing the same news repeated sometimes several times, just so I can sit and admire these gorgeous women in their hose and heels. I have been an admirer of both for many years now and nothing turns me on more then to see a woman in nylons of some…of ANY…sort and/or high heels. This morning was a perfect example. I couldnt begin to tell you whats in the news, but I can tell you that the woman on FOX News this morning was driving me absolutely crazy. Meredith Viera is another one that I lust over, wanting to caress and kiss all over her stocking clad legs and heels before taking things oh so much further. I’m glad to have found a place I can express my thoughts about pantyhose with others who share my passion…or fetish…or obsession with them. If anyone out there would like to chat by email about their experiences with pantyhose and heels, PLEASE, by all means, email me and lets talk.

    • Great comment, Ed. Glad you’ve found us. Look forward to hearing more from you.
      And thanks for inviting our readers to chat with you via email, but to protect your identity on this blog, your email address doesn’t show up with your name when you make a comment. You might want to make a second comment and write out your email address for others.


  • I don’t see panty hose on any of those women! Ick! Panty hose are not attractive in ANY way, they’re disgusting!

    • Obviously, you’re entitled to your opinion, but you don’t even know how to spell the word, so it’s hard to take you seriously. It’s one word, not two. Pantyhose.

      • Hi Robin,
        Sorry to hear about that last poster. That person should look at the pictures more carefully before making negative comments about pantyhose. As for her comments, she may be entitled to her opinion but she does not know what elegance, class, and professionalism really means. She just wants women to remain very sloppy, tacky, lazy, and unprofessional. That person should at least be more respectful of women wearing pantyhose.

        Hopefully those comments don’t discourage you or any other women who loves wearing pantyhose. Comments on this board about pantyhose should be positive especially if you are selling your pantyhose products, and encouraging women to wear them with grace and class.

        • Hi Brian,

          I hear ya. I have always appreciated how our readers who’ve commented on this blog are very upbeat and always in good taste. I sometimes glance at the comments on other blog posts where the subject is anything from football to pantyhose, and the majority of the comments are nasty, from people who are just looking to pick a fight.

          When I decided to write The ActSensuous Blog, I had no idea what kind of comments I would get, but being a former journalist, I knew I would have to publish whatever comments come in (unless they were completely vulgar and offensive to everyone) in order to keep things real. I have been so thrilled that our readers’ comments have always been classy. I am very impressed about that and grateful for it.

          This woman, spookiewon, has a different viewpoint, which is fine. I just have no idea why she would even read my blog in the first place if her attitude toward pantyhose is so negative. But, to me, more surprising is why she would even want to make such a comment on a board where everyone is upbeat and positive. Clearly, she’s looking for attention in a negative way.

          Glad you’ve weighed in and challenged her point of view, Brian, but not surprisingly, in a positive and classy way.

          And, thank you for you concern but someone like her, who can’t even spell pantyhose, could never discorage me. I consider the source.

          Take care,


          • Thanks Robin. Your responses are always appreciated. As far as spookiewon goes, she sounds immature especially with the trouble spelling the word “Pantyhose”. If she wants to make negative comments about pantyhose, she should take them elsewhere. At least you keep the comments as real as always on this board Robin.

            • Surprised that no one else came out against that comment, but maybe it’s an indication of how insignificant spookiewon’s comment was to begin with.

  • I too agree with ‘libertarianqman’ about the Fox News pundits he named. But, to help offset those women, I’ve noticed that Jenna Lee wears pantyhose about 85% of the time overall. And, probably about 40% during the summertime and higher than 85% during the fall and winter season. I think she has incredible legs and looks great in her outfits and pantyhose. I also think that Kimberly Guilfoyle is another woman who wears pantyhose often, not all the time but more than most. I think Andrea Tantaros is hot, especially when she wears pantyhose which is a little less than Guilfoyle but I appreciate when they do wear them.

    In reference to Ann Curry, I don’t exactly always agree with her politics but I will give her credit for wearing pantyhose quite often if not 95% of the time. And, that is great considering. I will admit she is a attractive pundit as well. Another woman not mentioned maybe due to her age was Barbara Walters. I’m not attracted to her but have always admired her for her continuing sense of loyalty or whatever you want to call it in regards to her wearing pantyhose about 97% of the time on tv or almost any appearance she makes in public. I credit her for holding on to the 70s, 80s, and 90s business dress codes. I do wish E Hasselbeck would follow her lead. What can you do?

    I’ve also noticed that most of the time Wendy Williams will wear pantyhose or tights. I only watch occasionally and just long enough to see if and usually what color hose she is wearing. I would say she wears them about 85 to 90% of the time. Kudos to her.

    On a personal note, I noticed today while at work at a wholeslale market place that about 55 to 60% of all the women ranging in age, race, and stature were wearing pantyhose or tights. I found this to be amazing and was very happy to see a slight majority of women changing back to wearing hosiery of some sort. Plus, I get to enjoy looking at the women in their hose and their legs in most cases look 2 and 3 times better than they would ‘bear’. And, most of the women today were wearing skirts or dresses and heals or boots. Their is hope.

  • Unfortunately – there doesn’t appear to be any requirement that network anchor women wear sheer hose any longer. I’ve been watching Fox News for many years now – and the NON-hose wearers there are legion. Chief violator of panythose etiquette is Alyson Camerota who ONLY wears in the middle of a January deep freeze. Other violators include Juliet Huddy and the beautiful Megyn Kelly – both of whom STOPPED wearing sheer hose over the past couple of years. It’s a real shame – because all Fox ladies wear dresses and the camera always gives viewers plenty of leg shots.

    • Yes, it is a shame that those women stopped wearing, but it is all the more reason why we should appreciate Ann Curry for her professionalism, class and commitment to femininity. It’s like everything else — some people take their responsibilities seriously and act professionally, and others don’t. As a former journalist, I cannot respect any female reporter or anchor who appears on national television bare-legged. It is difficult for me to take them seriously. They lose credibility for that.
      Thanks for your comment, libertariangman.

      • Hi Robin,
        I got some positive news that will make you very happy, and these so called fashion experts cringe (hello Stacy London). There is a show on Fox News called Outnumbered where four female journalists and one male guest appear as analysts on the show to discuss subjects such as politics and business. On Friday’s show, Kim Guilfoyle, Heather Childers, Jedediah Bila, and Sandra Smith all appeared as analysts wearing nude hose with their outfits. Something that we haven’t seen in a while, even on Fox News. Here are the pics:

        To clarify:
        Sandra: black dress, burgundy jacket, gold high heels with light tan pantyhose…
        Kim: green dress with white/nude sheer pantyhose…
        Heather: blue dress, beige high heels with tan pantyhose.
        Jedediah: Red dress, black high heels with tan pantyhose

        Despite the hose bashing from the so-called fashion experts and their followers, seeing those women wearing hose in the pics shows that class, professionalism, and femininty will always come out on top. This also proves that nude hose is alive and well, not only in the news industry, but in the USA. Hope to see more of this in the fall and winter months.

          • Not only that Robin, but it seems more Fox News women are starting to wear hose since we are now in the fall season. On America’s Newsroom today and yesterday morning, Martha McCallum wore nude hose, while Shannon Bream was also wearing nude hose. Great to see more hose friendly women on Fox News. If only Ainsley Earnhart, Megyn Kelly, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, and Gretchen Carlson can do the same but those bimbos are stuck with the “bears.”

            • Hi Brian W.,

              That’s good news. Good for Martha McCallum. She’s always been professional. I don’t know the others you mentioned, except Megyn Kelly, who is a real disappointment, and Elisabeth Hasselbeck who I thought was a consistent wearer. Guess the Grizzly got to her, too.

  • Ann Curry and Meredith Vieira–there was a pantyhose duo! I would have done anything to sit between their legs every day! Ann has gone bare-legged, and while I much prefer to see her legs sheathed in nylon, she has that creamy, flawless skin tone to pull it off. And that’s the point–a woman with that type of skin-tone and flawless legs STILL mostly wears pantyhose. That should be a message to any other newswoman who eschews wearing pantyhose. Guaranteed it will also lead to higher ratings.

    I was at event with Natalie Morales. She certainly is very pretty, almost too petite in that “breakable” way. I didn’t try to bother talking to her, but she certainly seemed very sweet. Since it was winter, she was wearing black opaques. Oh well…

    • Hello, Mel. Welcome to the ActSensuous blog and thank you for your comments.

      What? Ann bare-legged? I just cannot believe that. I will have to start watching the Today show again. Have we just crossed over into the Twilight Zone? Not doubting you, Mel, but there must be some mistake somewhere. Sweet, lovely Ann just has way too much class and professionalism to go bare-legged.

      How about it? Can anyone else verify this?

      Thanks again, Mel.


  • Ann has a great new exclusive interview. Looking great in heels and nude pantyhose. Worth checking out.


  • I’m sorry, though I respect everyone’s opinion I don’t understand the hair comment, even the pictures posted above show that her hair is styled perfectly. Maybe we can get a suggestion on what her make up should look like? I can’t believe it should be any more adventurous for a professional news women and it complements her natural beauty well. If you watch the Today show you will see that they do many shots of the anchors sitting on the couch introducing segments or of the individual anchors interviewing guests. And for those of us that love classy women in pantyhose than its worth the wait during the close-ups. : ) Honestly, I think the only news shows that stick to only close-ups are the evening news broadcasts.

  • What is all of this talk about leg? Most of the time its close up and you don’t see the legs. As for Ann Curry. I think she is the most undesirable of all. She never looks good. To much of the natural plain Jane look in my opinion. She could use a new makeup girl, and that hair. Give me a brake. Looks like she just got out of the shower and let it dry on her way to the studio.

    • Thank you for your comment, flyguy657. Obviously, I disagree completely, but I respect your right – and appreciate your willingness – to voice your opinion. Anyone else have something to say about this?


  • And let’s not forget some of the Weather Channel women, Stephanie Abrams, Jen Carfagno and Kelly Cass are almost always wearing nice dresses, shoes and of course pantyhose!

  • I did not realize MSNBC had hosed-up some of their women! That is amazing news.
    I could swear Kiran Chetry used to love to show off her pantyhose feet-at least her feet, at any rate. There is even a video of her thanking some man (she used his name ooooohhhh) for sending her tan pantyhose as a Christmas present.
    Juliet Huddy used to show her stocking feet a lot. I think she prefers shoes off.
    Melissa Mack of WBZ wears, but she wears a lot of boots. BOOOO HISS
    I know of several other types of hosetesses and reality programs with brief wisps of pantyhose wearers. All hope is not lost.
    I really think the post-16 yo crowd is the key to success. But they are fickle and fragile.

  • What a great tribute to Ann Curry. It is so nice to get another post from you so quickly and they both have been so interesting. I don’t think I have ever seen Ann Curry working without pantyhose and she looks fantastic in them.

    E.D. Hill is my personal favorite as you will always find her in pantyhose. I think Amy Robach is coming around but she has been more susceptible than either Ms. Curry or Ms. Hill when it comes to the “bear” leg look.

    I think Susan Li makes the point well; If you want to be taken seriously and sexy drop the underdressed bare leg look.

  • Pic above: I can tell you he’s very conscious of her legs. Men love women in pantyhose. Women are oblivious to that as they don’t know how to use their sexuality anymore. But I digress. A great blog Robin.

    I love Meredith and will miss her. She was a self described pantyhose person and Ann Curry is her hosiery sister for sure. Ann wears nightshade and black hose as well as anyone on TV.

    But what about Natalie Morales? Natalie is the cute host in waiting. A pantyhose MILF. Back a few years ago during the winter time I counted…no word of a lie, her wearing a skirt and pantyhose 10 days in a row on the TODAY Show. So we have to give credit wear credit is due. Natalie also wears richer shades….browns and tans and copper shades that are not common, as well as tights.

    When her friend Bobbie Thomas is on and they do a fashion segment and walk around………..well, its all I can do to stay calm. Love what they do and how they look.

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