A Treat when Pantyhose show up unexpectedly

Frequent readers of this blog know that I  think pantyhose should be worn for the right reasons, during the right occasions and at the right places.  OK, so pretty much always.

Obviously, I want pantyhose at the office, the courthouse, the wedding, the funeral, the party, the stage, the TV studio, the movie set ….. you get the idea.  When this happens, I am so proud and very happy.

Today, it’s hard enough to see pantyhose worn in movies where the occasion and venues would seem to warrant it.   I like it a lot when it does happen.  So imagine the thrill I get when pantyhose show up on an actress in a role and at a venue where one not only wouldn’t expect them, but in which one would actually forgive the character/actress for not wearing.

This weekend, I watched such a movie: Blood: The Last Vampire.


Now, I like a good vampire-killer movie, but throw in a Japanese setting, karate fights and samurai swords, and, hey, I’m all in, baby!

So, I was excited to watch Blood: The Last Vampire, but I certainly didn’t expect to see the young heroine, Saya Otonashi, wearing a traditional Japanese schoolgirl uniform, complete with pantyhose so sheer, even I didn’t realize she was wearing until almost halfway through the film.

The delicate-looking, but deadly Saya prepares to dole out destruction.
Striking a pose: The delicate-looking, but deadly Saya prepares to deliver some demon destruction.

I wanted to check out the martial arts action sequences more closely, and when I put the DVR in slow motion to enjoy Saya’s beautiful spinning wheel kicks, I realized she was wearing pantyhose.  Wow!

I was digging the movie anyway, but the fact that the actress (or, perhaps, the costume designer) chose to put the actress in sheer nude pantyhose, even for the samurai sword and karate fight sequences, well, that made me fall in love with Blood: The Last Vampire.

Like the Resident Evil movies being based on a video game, Blood: The Last Vampire movie is based on the wildly popular and multiple award-winning Japanese anime cult classic series.

Saya slices through several demon attackers during a scene from the movie, "Blood-The Last Vampire."
Making sushi: Saya slices through several demon attackers during a scene from the movie, ‘Blood-The Last Vampire.’

I’ve read differing accounts of the time frame in which the live action movie version takes place, but most say it’s around 1966, during a period when the U.S.military is preparing to enter the Vietnam War.  The setting is an American Air Force base in Tokyo.  But while the base is on edge about the war, there’s already an unseen battle going on; a 400-year-long fight waged by vampires and their monstrous bat-like creatures who feed on human blood.

Korean actress/model Jeon Ji-hyeon plays Saya, a centuries-old demon slayer, in the 2009 movie, "Blood - The Last Vampire."
Comes a swordswoman: Saya, a lovely and  innocent-looking schoolgirl, actually is a centuries-old vampire and demon slayer, in the 2009 movie, ‘Blood – The Last Vampire.’

Enter Saya, the lone execution arm of a covert government agency that has been hunting  demons for centuries.  She is installed as a would-be student at a military school on the base to discover which of her classmates are demons in disguise, and to force a confrontation against the most powerful demon of them all — Onigen, who murdered Saya’s father when she was a young girl.

While Saya has the appearance of a 17-year-old student, she really is a 400-year-old samurai of extraordinary ability.  Saya is a half-human/half-vampire being, who preys on demons that feast on human blood.

Joining forces with a secret government agency known as the Council, Saya is tormented at being a half-breed creature with the soul of her human father and the powers (and need of blood to survive) of her vampire mother.

She is obsessed with a desire to finally face the most powerful of demons (the one that killed her father) and, en route to the confrontation she seeks with Onigen, Saya wages a one-girl series of battles in which she dispatches with her samurai sword hundreds of lower level demons.

Not so dark: Always classy and elegant, Jun Ji-hyun is one of the highest paid spokesmodels in South Korea.

The character, Saya, is played by beautiful Korean model/actress Jun Ji-hyun. (Remember, traditionally, Asian people say and write their family names first, and their given names second.  Because she’s young, I am going to call her by her first name here.)

By the way, don’t be confused: For an English audience, Ji-hyun changed her named to Gianna Jun, and the film credits list her as only Gianna.   To complicate things further, some Internet sources list her name as Jeon Ji Hyun and Jun Ji-hyeon.

Since her name is written as Jun Ji-hyun everywhere one can look on the Internet, I will go with that.  But, for the record, a  Korean movie data base site that I trust has her name listed exclusively as Jeon Ji-hyeon.  My feelings about these things is that one should always believe the way the country of origin spells and pronounces a name.   You’d have to think the Koreans know how one of their own spells and says her name.   In any case, I like her name as Jun Ji-hyun (and it’s my blog), so I’ll go with that here, however, my apologies to first generation Koreans if her name really is Jeon Ji-hyeon.

Tender sole: In the role that made her famous, Jun Ji-hyun rubs her foot beautifully adorned in sheer nude pantyhose during a scene from "My Sassy Girl."
Tender sole: In the role that made her famous, Jun Ji-hyun rubs her foot beautifully adorned in sheer nude pantyhose during a scene from ‘My Sassy Girl.’

Whoever cast her in “Blood: The Last Vampire” is brilliant.  Ji-hyun is one of Korea’s most popular young actresses, beloved for her starring roles in romantic comedies.  Who could have imagined her pulling off such an impressive performance in an action thriller, relying on martial arts fight sequences throughout?

During an interview, Ji-hyun said she never imagined she’d play a part in an action movie, but that she had a lot of fun doing it and is now hooked.

While I haven’t seen any of Ji-hyun’s other movies, I am extremely impressed at the transformation she makes of herself from a romantic comedy legend to a role in which her very dark character doesn’t smile once throughout the movie.

Class act: During movies and in ad campaigns, Jun Ji-hyun usually can be seen in sheer pantyhose.

I am happy to have seen Blood: The Last Vampire because I am now a Jun Ji-hyun fan.

I am extremely impressed with her.   For a 27-year-old, she is very professional and classy, almost always wearing dresses, high heels and pantyhose during public appearances and in fashion photo shoots.

It is so heartwarming to see a young professional displaying good taste and showing such grace and elegance in her young career.  I am looking forward to seeing more of  her.

Blood: The Last Vampire is done by one of the producers of Hero and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  An extremely good story with wonderful acting and martial arts fights, Hero stars Jet Li, Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi.  It is one of my favorite martial arts movies because the story is so beautifully told (and I love Maggie Cheung and Zhang Ziyi).  And, of course, you know all about Crouching Tiger

While Blood: The Last Vampire will never win any prestigious film awards, it is definitely worth checking out.  It often runs on the DirecTV Encore channels.  If you can’t find it, you really ought to buy the DVD.

Pantyhose in other action settings

Dressed to kill:  Actress/model Milla Jovovich, as Alice in the movie, 'Resident Evil,' typically displays beauty, class and professionalism in wearing sheer nude pantyhose when she's on the clock.
Dressed to kill:  Actress/model Milla Jovovich, as Alice in the movie, ‘Resident Evil,’ typically displays beauty, class and professionalism in wearing sheer nude pantyhose when she’s on the clock.

I’ve often praised Milla Jovovich (and/or the costume designer) of the Resident Evil movies for dressing Milla’s character, Alice, in sheer nude pantyhose for many of the scenes in which she’s shooting and kicking the crud out of zombies.

These rare cases are so impressive to me.   While today, so many movies that are set in business or formal scenes feature lead characters who dress up, except for the awful bare legs look, it’s so rewarding to see that some actresses (and/or costume designers) have so much class that they dress their female star characters in sheer pantyhose.   They truly get what so many others don’t seem to  legs look so much better in pantyhose.

1198423833A couple of my other favorite action movies are Beyond Hypothermia, about a beautiful Chinese professional hit woman, who dispatches countless dudes, while dressed in lovely outfits, including high heels and pantyhose.  There’s just something about a delicately beautiful and petite woman (Wu Chen-Lien at right) dressed all femininely, while toting a high-power rifle that’s bigger than she is, and wielding assorted automatic handguns.  Maybe it’s the juxtaposition of the whole thing — pretty but deadly women, kicking butt, while wearing the most feminine thing in the whole world  pantyhose.  

You’ve read here before how much I love the movie, Princess Aurora.  Don’t let the title fool you.  This is a Korean movie, starring the immensely popular Korean singer/actress Uhm Jung-hwa, who plays a heartbroken mother out to avenge the kidnap/murder of her young daughter (who loved the Disney character, Princess Aurora.)

Taking a stand: Just one of the bad guys meeting his end during a scene from the movie, ‘Princess Aurora.’

Despite the fact that this movie is pretty violent, it is a heart-wrenching, beautiful story, incredibly well-written and superbly acted.   I love Uhm Jung-hwa and will buy anything I can find that she’s done.

Unfortunately, Princess Aurora was not available on DVD, but it is shown on IFC (Independent Film Channel) from time to time on DirecTV.

Besides that I love this actress and this movie, one of the reasons I am recommending you see this is because Jung-hwa wears stunningly beautiful outfits, complete with high heels and sheer pantyhose throughout the movie.

While not quite as powerful or well done, another two movies I like are Black Angel and Black Angel 2, about a young Japanese woman who, years after witnessing the murder of her Yakuza boss father, becomes an accomplished hit woman, who eventually extracts great vengeance on the new Yakuza clan.

Real-life angel: Japanese actress Riona Hizuki often could be seen wearing sheer nude pantyhose in movies and when out and about in real life.

The beautiful star who plays the Black Angel character is Riona Hizuki, who wears all black (naturally) dresses and sheer pantyhose throughout the entire movie.

Seeing a trend with me here?  I guess I like movies in which women assassins extol the virtues of dressing femininely while blowing (mostly men) away.   Hey, I’m sure men would rather be done-in by a beautiful babe in pantyhose, than killed a little bit each day by women who go bare-legged.   Guys, am I right here?

Recently, I watched the movie Salt, starring Angelina Jolie as a CIA spy (or Soviet Union double-agent?).  In the beginning of the movie, her character wears a skirt suit with high heels, but sadly, no pantyhose.  Too bad.  I thought it would have been very attractive and sexy if she had been wearing pantyhose when she kicked off her heels to fight and flee once her cover was compromised.

How about you?   Do you love it when you see pantyhose in unexpected places?   What’s your favorite action (or otherwise) movie, in which the lead actress wears pantyhose throughout?   Or, do you have a favorite pantyhose scene during a movie?   Please share so that we all can enjoy!

16 thoughts on “A Treat when Pantyhose show up unexpectedly

  • No one has mentioned Adventures in Baby Sitting, A super cute Elisabeth Shue dancing in sheer tights more than sheer pantyhose, but that is one of my favorite scenes.

  • More than unexpectedly I say pleasantly surprises, imagine my surprise near the end of 16 candles were Debby Ryan’s car get out of gas and she has no choice but walk, then one heel broke and she take her shoe, that scene reveal to me that she was wearing sheer pantyhose, but to my surprise, she steps on gum in the asphalt and then I fall in love, seeing her lifting her nylon covered feet, I must admit, one very lovely scene.

    Another lovely surprise happened in The Tourist, starring the always sexy Angelina Jolie, about half the movie both she and Johnny Depp starts to undress each one in their own room and there it was, a very short glimpse of Angelina steeping out of her shoe revealing the most lovely pantyhosed feet, too bad the surprise only last a second, but the image last forever.

    And who can forget all those car chases in the seventies television series, most of all Charlie’s Angels, were the three goddess always were in pantyhose, always during the chase, one of the girls has to speed up and there was the scene of her open toe shoe (very popular those days) and nyloned feet fueling the car to escape the bad guys.

    Last but not least, Charlie Wilson’s War, where Amy Adams plays the secretary of Tom Hanks, the entire movie she dresses skirt and pantyhose, I must tell she looked gorgeous the entire movie.

    • Thank you, Julio, for describing those pantyhose scenes in various movies. I haven’t seen The Tourist or Charlie Wilson’s War, so I will be sure to look for them now that I know about these scenes.


  • I want to add one more scene that just popped into mind. Gabrielle Anwar in The Guilty is sitting at her desk working late when her boss, Bill Pullman who plays an attorney with political aspirations, notices Gabrielle’s fantastic, smoking hot, and mouth watering black nylon clad legs. He asks her out right then and there (something I have done on numerous occasions after seeing a beautiful woman in pantyhose) and they go out for drinks and get wasted. Unfortunately, Bill plays an evil demon in the movie as he ultimately rapes Gabrielle because he can’t control his lust for her.

    So the noticing of her perfect legs is a pivotal scene in the movie. Later in the movie Gabrielle is shown wearing ultra sheer to waist nude pantyhose and in a sensational scene is shown removing her boots and massaging her pantyhose covered feet and toes.

    Then a bit later, she is murdered by a hit man hired by Pullman to silence Anwar for good. Maybe I should have left this terrible sequence of events out of this comment. Sorry, but it is only a fake movie and Gabrielle is in my humble opinion, one of the hottest pantyhose princesses of our time.

    • Thanks, Vincent.

      I saw parts of that movie a few years ago, but had forgotten about it. I really like Gabrielle Anwar, especially her role as Fiona in the TV series on USA, Burn Notice.

      You believe she is “one of the hottest pantyhose princesses of our time.” Funny, I never think of Gabrielle as a pantyhose lady at all. I’ve never seen her wear on Burn Notice in any episode during the several seasons it’s been on. And other than The Guilty, I don’t know of any other work she’s done in which she wore pantyhose. I hope I am wrong. Please tell me what else she’s been in where she wears pantyhose. I will have to Google her, but I have a feeling I wouldn’t find one pic of her in pantyhose.

      • Great comment, Vincent. Thanks for the synopsis of all of those movies. I didn’t know about some of them, but I like the idea of being able to hear the sound of Jennifer Love Hewitt’s pantyhose covered legs rubbing against one another in that one scene. I’ll have to look for that one.

        The one with Nicole Kidman is a remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers from the 1950s or something. I think the remake is called The Invasion. It was very well done, and there are many scenes of Nicole wearing (quite beautifully).

  • One Fine Day will go down in pantyhose history as one of the all time great movies that display the star wearing ultra sheer to waist black nylon pantyhose. I have literally watched that movie 10 times or at least fast forwarded to every leg scene showing the incredibly delicious Michelle Pfeiffer wearing black pantyhose, and there were many many scenes.

    Directors, producers and the creative geniuses responsible for a films content are really coming to understand how popular and desired nylon scenes are. The Adjustment Bureau has Emily Blunt sitting on a bus wearing ultra sheer black pantyhose and Matt Damon is mesmerized by the sight. There are just too many scenes and movies to list. Innocent Blood has the lead actress (A French woman Anne Parillaud) in a couple of great black nylon scenes, although it’s difficult to tell in one scene if she is wearing thigh highs or pantyhose when Anthony La Paglia bends down and replaces her pump that has fallen off her nylon covered foot.

    Nicole Kidman wearing ultra sheer white pantyhose actually takes off her dress and is shown wearing a bra, pantyhose and panties. Spectacular. She plays a shrink. Can’t think of the name of the movie. Google it. Angelia Jolie in the beginning of Mr. and Mrs. Smith where Brad Pitt and Angelina are being interviewed by their therapist regarding their marriage. It’s difficult to tell, but I think that Angelina is wearing ultra sheer nude pantyhose in that sequence of scenes. And later in the movie she is shown wearing sheer black pantyhose paired with boots. That short little scene is my favorite in the movie. And so very short. Did I mention that it was a short scene and not long enough?

    And in one of the greatest and sexy scenes in a movie, Jennifer Love Hewitt from Heartbreakers is shown lifting her leg onto a couch and smoothing her pantyhose clad leg. Also during that unbelievably hot cinematic treasure, the audio of her pantyhose covered legs rubbing against each other is actually able to be heard. It’s strange because I’ve never been able to verify that Jennifer is wearing pantyhose in that scene. Because if she is, they must be of a 8 denier type because of how sheer they appear. I wish someone would ask her during an interview if she wore pantyhose during that scene because of how perfect her legs appeared.

  • I would have to say One Fine Day. Michelle Pfeiffer looks amazing in black pantyhose throughout almost the entire movie. I guess that is not really a scene but I’ll keep thinking. Also as for turning up unexpectedly, check out Hulu which is running a great video where Julie Bowen discusses “Modern Family” while wearing nude pantyhose. She looks great and I think it is this kind of unexpected wearing that will start nylons to gain in popularity again.

    • I agree, J. Michelle Pfeiffer was always good for wearing in lots of movies. Remember her in “Wolf” opposite James Spader and Jack Nicholson?

      Thanks for that suggestion.


  • I recently went to a wedding where I received many compliments on my dress as well as those bold enough to comment on my nylon covered legs. Those that did followed from my sexy heels all the way to the hem line, wondering if I was wearing stockings or pantyhose. For inquiring minds, I was wearing nothing more than a pair of nude sheer to waist ActSensuous. They hid nothing to the imagination, you know what I mean!

    I must confess that I love looking at myself in the miror while wearing. I’m not one to wear panties so those pantyhose were a real treat. Those that would like a picture of me wearing, please email me at: thesexymylf@aol.com. I would upload here and share but there isn’t a link to do so.

  • I distinctly recall a scene in ‘The Towering Inferno’ where (was it Robert Wagner) and his secretary were trapped and all she had on were pantyhose and a shirt. And it was quite a scene. Sadly they did perish in the movie. Steve McQueen couldn’t save them in time. I am sure you would not recall this movie Robin as you were probably not even born yet…(wink wink).

    • Yeah, I have no idea what you’re talking about.

      OK, truthfully, I do remember that scene. Good call, Peter. And thanks for your participation.

      Anyone else have a favorite pantyhose scene in a movie to share?

  • I agree with you about the movies and shows on TV as well. My favorite TV show is The Good Wife. I enjoy seeing the pantyhose legs there.

    • Thanks for your comment, E.

      I think “The Good Wife” is the most compelling show on TV today. It is well written and the acting is supurb. I also like that the show is very realistic. You’re not likely to see a high-powered law firm in Chicago, at which any of the female lawyers go bare-legged, so I am glad the show didn’t compromise there.


      • I remember the movie Independence Day from 1996 when we saw Margaret Colin in a skirt suit and she looked as if she had on pantyhose.

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