Return of Pantyhose TV ads a Good Sign

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

Miss the old days when pantyhose TV commercials were a staple of advertising during the 1970s, 80s and certainly into the 90s, but not since?

Well, Hanesbrands announced recently that its L’eggs brand will return to television commercials for the first time since 1997.  “You’re in luck: You’re in L’eggs” apparently is the new message.

Is this an indication that pantyhose are officially back?  Not exactly. An Associated Press article quoted a Hanesbrands report of a nearly 70 percent drop in sales in 2006 compared with the volume that the “Number One seller of hosiery” enjoyed in 1995.

And during the past several quarters, the company reported sales drops in sheer hosiery, including a 9 percent decrease during the fourth quarter of 2010 (reported on January 27, 2011), while innerwear, outerwear and men’s underwear all posted double-digit growth.

Still, there is reason for optimism, as noted in Hanesbrands’ announcement.

Apparently, the new L’eggs commercials follow an animated character as she prepares various outfits (each with pantyhose) for different parts of her day from dressing for the office to going out at night.  The idea is to show how L’eggs pantyhose complement various fashion niches.  Animated, huh?  Hmmmmmmm.

I’ve often fantasized about how great if would be if a Hollywood actress endorsed ActSensuous?  I don’t mean as an official spokesmodel.  We’re not there yet.  But it’s fun to imagine having a celebrity who makes it known that, when she wears pantyhose, she chooses to wear ActSensuous.

I like to contemplate which star would be perfect for ActSensuous?  While there are so many beautiful and glamorous celebs out there, the list of those who actually would be perfect for ActSensuous would seem to me to be quite small.  That’s because, while any pantyhose looks fabulous on a beautiful celebrity, let’s face it – the Number One feature of ActSensuous is THEY’RE EXTREMELY SEXY!

Since ActSensuous are 100 percent nylon and completely sheer to waist, the actress who makes ActSensuous her preferred pantyhose would have to be … you know, really sexy!  She couldn’t be just a beauty who has the class to always wear pantyhose, but rather, someone who truly “gets it;”  someone who honestly believes that pantyhose are sexy.

See how the list would have to be a short one?  Here are some of my favorite actresses, and the pros and cons about their being the right celebrity to represent ActSensuous:

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman – She is a very talented actress.  She’s gorgeous and just oozes femininity.

She’s also very classy, which I like.  She always wears pantyhose in all the right settings.

Yes, Nicole is one Hollywood actress I would love to see in ActSensuous pantyhose.

She is sexy, but does she really think pantyhose are sexy, or is it that she just has the class to always wear for the right occasions?

Nicole is “To Die For” in pantyhose, but I’m not sure she’d really be the perfect celeb for ActSensuous.  But I do love the idea of it.

Julianna Margulies – She wouldn’t be caught dead not wearing pantyhose for the camera or during a public appearance, which is reason enough for me to love her.  And she’s a great actress.  But do you think she sees pantyhose as sexy?  I doubt it.

Parker Posey

Parker Posey – A few years ago, she might have been the obvious choice.  She actually carried the nickname “Miss Pantyhose” because of her devotion to wearing in her movies.  I have to think that she is one who truly thinks pantyhose are sexy, which makes her perfect for ActSensuous.  My only concern is that she isn’t as visible today as some of the other stars I’ve mentioned.  But she remains a very intriguing possibility.

Catherine Zeta-Jones – Another talented actress whose beauty is compelling.  She has so much class and grace.  I never see her not wearing pantyhose for the right occasion.  She’s sexy, but I think her commitment to wearing pantyhose is all about the class.

Lucy Liu

Lucy Liu – She is awesome!  She is gorgeous, very sexy and just plain adorable.  When she wears pantyhose and high heels with a suit or a dress in some of her TV or movie roles, she is incredible.

Unfortunately, I don’t see her in those outfits often enough, and rarely in pantyhose during public appearances or awards shows.

I love her, but sadly, I don’t really think of her as “a pantyhose girl.”

Michelle Yeoh

Michelle Yeoh – Maybe a few years ago.  Today, I just never see her in pantyhose anymore.

I put her on my list because I love her more than any other actress.  I think she’s the most beautiful woman in the world for the many qualities she possesses.  She epitomizes femininity, class, grace and elegance, while projecting a physically powerful persona.

Hollywood directors say she is the most professional actress out there, and she is completely genuine.

She looks awesome in a dress and pantyhose and high heels, but one would be hard pressed to see her dressed that way today.  It hurts me to admit that she’s not the one to represent ActSensuous, but I’ll never make a list of beautiful and wonderful actresses that doesn’t include Michelle Yeoh.

Zhang Ziyi

Zhang Ziyi – If Michelle Yeoh is the most beautiful woman in the world, then Zhang Ziyi is the most gorgeous woman in the world.

Literally, from head to toe, Ziyi is total perfection.  Most of the movies she’s in are kung fu period pieces, which means she’s wearing robes and pajamas.

But of all the stars out there, no one wears beautiful skirts, dresses or suits with pantyhose and high heels in real life as often as Ziyi.

Zhang Ziyi

Ziyi might not necessarily be “a pantyhose girl,” but she has the class and sense to always do what’s right and wear pantyhose for all public appearances.

She might not be the household name in the U.S. that Michelle Yeoh is, but her recent track record of appearing in Hollywood movies (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon,” “Hero,” and “Rush Hour 2,”) makes it just a matter of time before she is.

She is magnificent in every way, and to be able to say that Zhang Ziyi wears ActSensuous pantyhose would make my mission in life complete.

Could it really happen?  The very thought of it is too thrilling for me to be able to believe that it could.

Karen Mok

Karen Mok – Someone who truly “gets it,” Karen Mok seems to live in pantyhose.  She is ultra feminine, very lovely, and has killer legs.

Karen Who?  Precisely.  No one in the U.S. knows who this very talented Chinese singer/actress is.  You might have seen her in Jet Li’s “Black Mask,” in which she plays a quirky library coworker to Li’s character.

Karen isn’t as known to us as the likes of Michelle Yeoh, Gong Li, Zhang Ziyi and Shu Qi because “Black Mask” might be the only “mainstream” movie she’s been in, but she’s huge throughout Asia.

Karen Mok

Probably her best role was in “So Close,” a Chinese movie in which she starred, alongside Shu Qi.

Karen is brilliant.  I think she speaks five languages.  I believe it’s just a matter of time before Karen becomes more of a household name in the Western world.  When she does, she’d be my choice to represent ActSensuous.  As lovely as she is, she’s also very cute and has a great personality.  But mostly, she exudes sexiness, and I would think as devoted to pantyhose as she is, she and ActSensuous would be a perfect match.

Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich – Yes, Miss Resident Evil herself.  Let me tell you, she is awesome.  What’s not to love?  She is beautiful and adorable.

She can shoot and kick zombie butt with the best of them, yet, she also does dress-up extremely well.

And not just in her movies.  I’ve seen her wearing pantyhose during public appearances, awards shows and talk shows more than anyone.

Milla is cool, and she is HOT.  I don’t know if she thinks pantyhose are sexy, but from what I’ve seen of her, I wouldn’t doubt it.   One thing is for sure:  She is incredibly sexy in them.

It would be awesome to say that when Milla Jovovich wears pantyhose, she chooses to wear ActSensuous.

Bai Ling

Bai Ling –  I know what you’re thinking … Bai Ling?   Seriously?   YES!   I mean she is a little wild, a bit strange, definitely out there.  But she is unique and really cool, and I just love Bai Ling.

For one thing, she is a fine actress.  I’m not kidding.  If you don’t think so, you probably haven’t seen her in “Red Corner” opposite Richard Gere, or “Paris.”  Those were excellent roles for her and she was fantastic in them.

Bai has tremendous talent.  It’s just that she usually doesn’t choose quality roles or well-written screenplays.

Bai Ling

Bai always seems to wear wild outfits, but she is a breathtakingly beautiful girl and she’s got gorgeous legs and feet.

And in the few times I’ve seen her in a pretty outfit with pantyhose and high heels, she’s unreal.

Bai Ling is exotic and ultra sexy.  She might be the one actress who, more than anyone, would truly “get” ActSensuous.

She might not give pantyhose much thought, but I’ll bet that when she does, she’d prefer to wear pantyhose that were created and designed to be very sexy.  Just like she is.

Yes, when it is all said and done, I can’t help but feel that Bai Ling belongs in ActSensuous pantyhose.  If I could have whomever I wanted, I would choose Bai Ling to be the Hollywood actress who makes it known that when she wears pantyhose, she wears ActSensuous.

Please, someone get me Bai Ling.

NOTE:  There certainly are other suspects I’ve considered, but I left them out for space reasons.  But here are a few who deserve honorable mention:

Obvioulsy, I love Sandra Bullock, but while she most often wears pantyhose in movies and sometimes during public appearances, she’s another one who I think chooses to do so because she has class and professionalism.  I don’t really consider Sandra a “pantyhose girl.

Gong Li

Named one of the “50 Most Beautiful Women in the World,” Chinese actress Gong Li is amazing.  She is devastatingly gorgeous and looks incredible in pantyhose and heels.

Unfortunately, it’s not often one can  see her in pantyhose when she makes public appearances, but this one at right, makes me wonder why she doesn’t show off this look all the time.

While she is a superstar throughout Asia, she’s been in a few Hollywood movies, such as “Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Hanibal” and “Miami Vice,” where she looked stunning in a suit and pantyhose and heels.

In the end though, I’ve seen too many cases where Gong Li embraces the bare legs look in the public spotlight, which, of course, means she’s not the most likely candidate to represent ActSensuous.

Finally, I just adore Chinese-American Hollywood actress Joan Chen.  I’ve never seen her in a movie in which she didn’t wear beautiful dresses and pantyhose and high heels.   She is so gorgeous and glamorous, but I can’t find one photo of her wearing pantyhose in public.  Not one.

I am so intrigued by her, but she has become too Americanized and follows the trend of most Hollywood actresses in doing the bare legs thing.   To me, that is just sad.

Tell us, who do you think should be the celebrity who, when she wears pantyhose, chooses to wear ActSensuous?

16 thoughts on “Return of Pantyhose TV ads a Good Sign

  • In Europe the advertising for legware is far more common. Why this is probably relates to the way ad dollars are distributed. In Germany, France, Italy, the fashions are more sophisticated. Here it’s an afterthought. Ads for Rx’s in the US are so common it is dangerous. Liquor, porn. Geez

  • “Unmentionables” seem to be just that. One theory, albeit unpopular, is the debacle at the winter Olympics when the sponser, “Legg’s Pantyhose were embarrassed or got bad press when Nancy Kerrigan was badly injured by Tonya Hardings bodyguard allegedly with a bashing to her leg with a baton. No advertising was noted (to my knowledge) after that sullinging of the prestigious winter Olympics. A tragedy so heinous it defies discussion.

    • Interesting take on that one, Tye.

      I don’t think anyone anywhere would assign blame, or even a remote sense of responsibility, to L’Eggs (or any sponsor) for the criminal actions of one figure skater against another. (Well, maybe if one of the sponsors were a baton manufacturer.)

      That’d be like thinking the reputation of General Motors would be tarnished because someone driving a Corvette ran a red light once.

      But, thank you for this and your other recent comments. Appreciate your insights.

  • If ActSensuous did television ads For
    pantyhose and you had any female celebs
    representing the company I would have to
    say the three best ones would be Zooey
    Deschanel, Lady Gaga and Katy Perry. I wish
    I could say Sara Bareillas but I can only
    remember seeing her in one photo with
    pantyhose on. Sadly she is probably a bear.

    • Thanks for your comment, steve.

      I know I praised Lady Gaga a couple years ago for being a devoted pantyhose wearer, but since then I’ve seen many cases in which she’s done the “bear” legs thing. Besides that, she’s seems a little too psycho for my liking. I do agree with you about Zooey Deschanel and, of course, Katy Perry. I like a couple of the songs I’ve heard by Sara Bareillas, but I don’t know anything about her really. And, if she’s really a bear, well, that’s too bad.

      Thanks again. Good comment, steve.

  • Well I have a long list of young starlets that could become the new face of ActSensuous, Debby Ryan for instance or the always lovely Vanessa Hudgens, but don’t know if they fill the requirements, on asian young girls, Brenda Song could be an interesting addition, but for the list you provide, I believe that Anne Hathaway is the perfect choice.

    • Thanks for your vote, Julio. So far, Anne Hathaway has a slight lead over Milla Jovovich. Also, thanks for mentioning other celebs you think would be good choices.

  • What a great article you have written here. I really like that you put so much research and thought into the post and you touch on the allure and attraction of pantyhose in a commonsense and classy way. I plan to be a frequent reader and commentor. Oh and as for the best representative for ActSensuous, I have to ask you to reconsider Gong Li. Yes, she doesn’t wear in public as often as we would like, but as the representative she can serve as a model for those who need to transition into wearing more often : ) And that picture of her might be the most gorgeous in the post.

    • Hi J. Thanks so much for your comment. I love Gong Li. Many believe she is just a slightly older version of my favorite, Zhang Ziyi. They truly are two of the most gorgeous women in the world, and it would be beyond amazing if either or both of them would represent ActSensuous in China. I am glad you ave found my blog, and I hope you do become a frequent commentor.


  • Your are welcome Robin, look forward to new post from you on the subject matter of pantyhose. I’m a life long fan of them and hope to continue enjoy the passion of seeing legs covered in them.

  • Robin,

    Based on your list above I will say Nicole Kidman she would make an awesome spokesperson for your product.

  • I think J Lo would make an awesome spokesperson.
    I love to see pantyhose legs, grew up with them and have enjoyed for 40 plus years.

  • I think Beyonce would be my choice for the actress who would wear Actsensuous pantyhose. She’s one of the few younger actresses/performers who wears pantyhose and she looks great in them.

  • The perfect spokeswoman for Actsensous would be Anne Hathaway. She’s hot, she’s now, she has gorgeous legs and a killer body and she’s full of energy. Imagine Anne in a short skirt hosting the Oscars while wearing Actsensous’s finest hosiery in a nude shade or that deep dark tan. I’m sure more than a few people in the audience and at home would be rapt with attention. Even James Franco. Or Anne doing a commercial for Actsensous walking down Rodeo Drive or in South Beach with her hair pulled back, the aforementioned skirt, killer heels and a pink sweater on. All complimented by 100% nylon caressing her legs. Sexy stuff for sure.

    • Thanks for your comment, Peter. Compelling argument there for Anne Hathaway. After viewing the screen caps you attached in an email to me of Anne wearing pantyhose in the movie, “Love and Other Drugs,” it does seem as if Anne is one who believes pantyhose are sexy. She certainly looks sexy in them.


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