Entertainment industry can make or break pantyhose

Robin Maryland, President, ActSensuous

Is what’s considered fashionable a case of art imitating life, or life imitating art?  Everyone knows that fashion was influenced more by the golden era of Hollywood than anything else, and I am sure it’s every bit the case today.    

Life Imitating Art

By now you know that Sarah Jessica Parker is “credited” with creating the “bare legs movement” with her “Sex and the City” TV show and movies.  When everyday women saw the show’s high-profile characters strutting around New York City – fashion capital of the world – all dressed up minus the pantyhose, they completely lost their minds, adopted the idea, and from the mid-1990s to present, pantyhose practically disappeared as a fashion staple.   

Art Imitating Life

As the bare legs culture grew in popularity among non-celebrities, naturally, more and more actresses and entertainers jumped on the bandwagon, too.  It was almost as if celebs felt obligated to sport the new fashion look since they are expected to be the trendsetters in such things, and it had become clear that anti-pantyhose fever already was firmly established among the general population.

 Coming full circle

While pantyhose were disappearing in society, even in the workplace, the entertainment industry’s role in it was evolving from instigator in creating the bare legs culture, to one of jumping onto the bandwagon, to now becoming the one place where pantyhose most likely are seen and appreciated today.

 There’s one thing you can depend on about fashion – no fad lasts very long.  What’s “in” eventually becomes what’s “not in,” and you can be sure that as soon as what’s not in takes off and everyone gets enough mileage out of it, ultimately, it will become what’s in again.  

Geena Davis

Today, entertainers appear to be split on the wearing of pantyhose.  Thankfully, some truly professional stars, such as Geena Davis, Julianna Margulies, Linda Fiorentino, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Fran Drescher, Holly Hunter, Goldie Hawn, Shelley Long, Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman to name a few, never bought into the bare legs thing and, as long as the role or the scene they played didn’t preclude it, they always wore pantyhose.  And there are some bright new stars today who are contributing to bringing pantyhose back into popularity, among them the likes of Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, and for the most part, Katie Holmes, Kate Moss, Megan Fox, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, Milla Jovovich and Olivia Munn.

 Pantyhose on display

Already this year, stars wearing pantyhose has been a frequent scene in many TV programs, movies and entertainment venues. 

Paula Abdul jokes with host Craig Ferguson during an appearance on The Late Late Show Jan. 12, 2011.

I have to give props to Paula Abdul, who always wears pantyhose as host of her new show, “Live to Dance,” and always wears when she makes appearances on the late night talk shows.  To me, that shows that she is professional and classy.  Good for you, Paula.

 So, it seems that the best we can hope for these days is this pantyhose love-hate relationship in the entertainment industry.  Last week, I saw Gwyneth Paltrow on Jimmy Fallon.  She wore a short dress and very sheer nude pantyhose.  Sadly though, lovely little Sandra Oh appeared on Jimmy Kimmel, wearing a slacks outfit. 

Those who have seen Sandra only on “Grey’s Anatomy,” might be surprised to learn that she has gorgeous legs (and feet), and she’s shown them off in pantyhose in several movies.   Sadly, she mostly does the bare legs thing during red carpet or publicity events.  I just don’t get that.  She doesn’t seem like the follow-what-everyone-else-is-doing type to me.   She is one celeb I really wish would glam it up a lot more because she can do it so well, and it would show a totally different side of her.  Oh well.  I still love her. 

Maggie Q stars on TV's 'Nikita.'

Also last week, I couldn’t wait to see Maggie Q on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno just to see if I would win the bet I made with myself that she would wear a short dress and high heels but no pantyhose. 

Sometimes, I just hate being right.  Then again, with someone like Maggie Q and her perfect Asian skin, whether she’s wearing in this picture or not can be difficult to tell. 

She really looked good on Leno.  Here’s a small pic I found of Maggie on the Internet.  Is she wearing?  Could be.  I doubt it, but I want to believe that she is.

 This weekend, I re-watched the movie, “Get Smart,” with Steve Carell, who did a great job as Maxwell Smart.  

When the movie first came out a few years ago, and when I saw it again on Saturday, I was so disappointed in Anne Hathaway for not wearing pantyhose in her role as Agent 99.  (She “Missed it by THAT much!”)

UPDATE (See the Reader Comments on this post.   Looks like I was wrong about Anne Hathaway.  One reader provides compelling evidence that, at least in one scene, Agent 99 indeed was wearing.  “Sorry about that, Chief!”)

 And speaking of spy shows, another celeb I am disappointed in is Piper Perabo, who stars in TV’s “Covert Affairs.”  She’s really lovely, but she did the bare legs thing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson last week.  Sorry, I just think that shows a lack of class, and I had a different image of her than that. 

 I have written before about my disappointment in the way she often doesn’t wear pantyhose with her otherwise professional attire on “Covert Affairs,”  despite that advertising spots almost always show her in pantyhose. 

Again, I don’t know who’s at fault – Perabo or the show’s costume designer – for Perabo’s character not wearing pantyhose on “Covert Affairs.”   I wonder how much say Perabo has about the matter, and which way she’d lean if she did have a say. 

It’s interesting, as one reader commented, that advertisers don’t miss the opportunity to show off Perabo in pantyhose during promotions for the show.

 Check out this site: http://www.emrahyucel.com/tr/entry/category/all/company/5/customer/0/page/8

and scroll down to the bottom of the page.   You’re looking for page 16.

<< ÖNCEKİ 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | … 94 | SONRAKİ >>

On page 16, the “Covert Affairs” set is about halfway down the page.  These are some beautiful publicity photos, and hopefully, a sign of the outfits to come on this show. 

And it’s not just on TV and in movies that pantyhose are finding their legs again.  One of this blog’s devoted followers, Peter A., pointed out earlier this month that everywhere he looked, he saw the professional models and visitors wearing pantyhose during the Jan. 18 Detroit Auto Show.  I love that.  Thanks for the photo, Pete.

72 thoughts on “Entertainment industry can make or break pantyhose

  • Just did a Grammy Red Carpet review. No surprise to what I saw with a plethora of bony white bear legs. Even our poster girls–Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ariana Grande…no hosiery whatsoever. Beyonce had a long dress on so no visual evidence. Only Madonna had hosiery of any sort (looked like fishnets). You know Nicole Kidman is an attractive woman but with the hem line of her dress and the complete whiteness of her legs she needed help. Just whining again

    • Hi TurboDey,

      I was afraid of that. I recorded the show so I can skip through all the ugliness (artists who want to look and act like gangstas) and look for our girls. It is truly a shame that the only wearer was Madonna (because when she wears, it’s almost always fishnets). Still, we have to give her props for wearing something on her legs.

      I agree with you about Nicole Kidman. I don’t know what happened to her, but she used to wear with much volition. Now, for her to appear “bear”-legged at the Grammy Awards (and what connection does she have to that event anyway?) really is disappointing.

      The bottom line is professional entertainers might be very good at what they do for a living, but the vast majority of them really just don’t have any class.

      Thanks again, TurboDey. Also, thank you for putting your comment under the appropriate post.

      • Hi Brian W.,

        Thank you for chiming in. As soon as I read that Sofia Vergara performed, I wondered whether she finally wear something other than black pantyhose? So, thank you for confirming that and for including a link to the pictures for us.

        Also, I noticed Carrie Underwood still has no class, as she went “bear”-legged. She’s a lost cause in my book.

  • HI Robin. I was looking at an 2010 episode of “The View” and they had Beyonce on, who I believe looks fantastic in pantyhose, and she said that in many of her concerts, including her “Single Ladies” video, that she wears 4 pairs of pantyhose for support of her legs. Though it looks great on her, how uncomfortable would that be? Any input on that? I do realize that you don’t do that, but just curious. Beyonce seems to move well under all that nylon and spandex.


    • Interesting comment, Tracy.

      Hmmmmmmmm, you really want my take on this? OK, first, I have always stated that any pantyhose are better than no pantyhose, and I am still convicted about that to this day.

      As you know, I am no fan of pantyhose made with spandex (synthetic man-made compound of rubberized particles), but I respect two things here: (1) Beyonce is a consistent wearer, showing professionalism and class; (2) Only she knows what makes her most comfortable on stage, so who are we to judge her?

      Now having said all that, I much prefer the incredibly gorgeous and highly feminine look that little dream angel Ariana Grande employs in ultra consistently wearing suntan or nude sheer pantyhose.

      Again, this is just my take on things. Certainly, I understand and respect that the pantyhose made with spandex offer that super tight and shiny look, which appeals to a very large contingent of pantyhose fans.

      Thank you for your comment, Tracy.

      • Thanks Robin. I guess I was more looking at the fact that 4 pairs at one time would be kind of tight fitting.

        I admit I do enjoy the shine and smooth look of many actresses and Women in general with the spandex or elasticity, however with the all nylon, like your brand, it has a turn-on quality just as much. I enjoy seeing them on the models you find to wear them. I have only felt them out of the package, but still working on the body scenario. They feel pretty silky.

        I really enjoy hearing your opinion with our comments. Your take on my question was honest and helps me understand where you are coming from with your articles. I often have a question or two when I read them, but ask the ones that don’t degrade you or others. After all, this kind of fetish can bring out wild imaginations!

        One of the most beautiful inventions that have been created to help enhance the beauty of the human form! As long as I respect it I believe my life is rather normal…just lacking in some perks.

        Thank you again Robin!


        • I knew what you meant, Tracy, but just forgot to answer that question.

          Yes, I agree that wearing four pairs of the spandex kind of pantyhose would feel very tight, and I don’t know how Beyonce’ or any professional entertainer can stand it.

          Heck, wearing four pairs of even our ultra soft and silky pantyhose would likely feel kind of tight. Now, I’m curious. I might have to try that myself sometime. 🙂

          Again, thanks for your comment, Tracy.

  • It Was About leggs tights.I thought for rure
    you saw it.I couldnt believe it Was It the
    nineties all over again some model was
    advertising leggs sheer energy tights.

  • Hi Again Robin I was watching television and
    I just saw a pantyhose commercial and
    I think the last time I remember seeing one
    was in the nineties.It Is like hell froze over.
    I thought about you when I saw that ad.If
    You started advertising your pantyhose on
    televisioN.I think i talked about this before
    who wnuld you like to model act sensuous

    • Hey steve,

      Really, a pantyhose commercial, or a commercial with a lot of pantyhose in it? I haven’t seen a real pantyhose commercial since … what … the 1970s? Please give us all some details. This can only help.

      I do have some ideas for an ActSensuous commercial, but it’s not likely to become a reality unless we happen to have a customer who is a professional videographer and loves us so much that he or she would shoot just to be part of the fun. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, steve.

  • Hi Robin. I am watching Game 2 of the World Series this evening. Saw a new AT&T commercial featuring ‘Lily’ the spokeswoman, (portrayed by actress Milana Vayntrub). Up until this evening, she has been wearing pants. The commercial tonight,however shows her wearing a skirt, heels and I think sheer nude hose. Did you or any other of our intelligent readers catch this? Or is it wishful thinking on my part? Pantyhose lovers can only hope.

    • Hi, Sheer Mike. I’m not watching the World Series, but I did see the new commercial and also wonder (hope) that she wearing sheer nude pantyhose. Too far away to tell. I didn’t even know her name until your comment. Hopefully, someone out there can tell. Thanks, Sheer Mike.

    • I’d love for it to be true – but I believe the woman is bear legged. Look closely at the top of her feet at the ankle area. There is too much definition visible in her ankles for her to be wearing hose.

      • Thank you for weighing in, Steven Haags. I can’t see her feet and ankles closely enough, and I don’t think there’s enough light to see clearly anyway. Maybe it’s just my eyes. Of course, I’ve seen that commercial only once, so I am just not in a position to say.

        I hear what you’re saying, but sometimes pantyhose can be so sheer, it’s difficult to tell one way or another (Christie Brinkley is a perfect example of that). I’ve seen pics of Christie where I thought she wasn’t wearing, and then looked with a magnifying glass only to learn (happily) that she indeed was.

        Still, you’re probably right about the girl in that commercial. Thanks again for playing.

  • I think this is a great website! Tastefully constructed and monitored with fantastic links. I’m glad that it’s not sleazy so that my wife can enjoy reminiscing with me as we stroll down memory lane reading the postings and thinking about our 40+ years together. She’s always known my fondness of pantyhose, so she has no problem with me seeing pictures of other women wearing them. If aroused, I turn to her for my “sweet release”! Keep up the great work on this blog.

  • I realize that the wearing of pantyhose is often not comfortable and can be a hassle. I know that here in Savannah, the only time my wife wears them is to church or out to eat…and occasionally as a “mood setter” before we indulge our intimate moments. But she claims they are difficult to get into and out of when it’s 90+ degrees, and this also makes going to the bathroom an aggravation. With that being said, shaving every morning is a bit of an annoyance for me, but I do it because it helps me to look and feel neater and cleaner. I’m not saying women should wear pantyhose every day, but for those of us (predominately male) who love to look at a woman’s legs and all of her other attributes, wearing hose not only enhances the overall look, but provides a measure of caring and thoughtfulness towards those of us who admire legs wrapped in something sensual and flattering.
    I guess that being 60 years old has something to do with my love of women in pantyhose (or even stockings/thigh highs) because we went to high school when skirts were barely below the “nether regions” with pantyhose being the predominate leg covering. I’ll admit that they were bothersome on dates in cars due to the effort to get them removed and then back on before taking her back home. But, just the feel of them on my wife now is exciting and usually leads to passionate moments prior to removing them for access to the goodies. My wife and I have had some very “creative moments” with pantyhose and stockings over the years that were part of the foreplay leading to some very passionate lovemaking. I guess the late 60’s and early 70’s have ingrained a passion for pantyhose in the minds of us older guys and there are fewer and fewer of us left. The saddest part is that younger men today have never understood or experienced the erogenous effects of these garments and don’t seem to have a clue how arousing simple clothing can be leading up to our most cherished moments going up the path to that magic area of the gorgeous female anatomy!

    • Hi silver dave. Thanks for your comment. What’s that saying, “Beauty is pain?” Something like that. And, by the way, Savannah is hot, yes, but I’m in Florida and I do wear pantyhose every day. Have to set an example, you see.

      • And what a beautiful example you set…both in words and with you extraordinary legs wrapped in sensuous adornment! My wife only complains about wrangling her pantyhose on because she thinks she’s a little overweight. I don’t see her that way, but since she wears control top, they’re not easy to “slip” into and out of when the heat is on. I’m always willing to help her, but then we’d get distracted and probably end up getting to the dance late!

    • Great comment Silver Dave. Sadly you’re likely right about younger people for the most part not having the same appreciation for pantyhose. Luckily I can say there are some of us out here, I’m in my 20’s and have a strong desire for seeing women in them. I’m lucky enough to have an understanding and accommodating wife.

  • Robin, I’m not sure if you or the readers have seen these pantyhose commercials (attached) from the 70’s and 80’s. I remember a few, but know you and most readers are way too young. I forgot what a large market existed of all the various brands just here in the US alone- Leggs, Hanes, Burlington, No Nonsense, Isotoner, JC Penney, Jockey for Her, Today’s Girl, and Supp Hose. There are a few foreign ones too. That really was a golden age, when it seemed every woman wore, and pantyhose were the standard, having all but replaced stockings and garter belts. Though the latter has recently made a comeback due to a sexiness or nostalgia/ vintage standpoint. Some of the videos show age, but are now fascinating to watch, given there are no television commercials aired today. I think in the 80’s one of the NASCAR drivers had Legg’s as a sponsor as the sport gained women fans in the 80’s. Enjoy!

  • Great post! It does seem like the mid 90’s were the end of women casually wearing and enjoying pantyhose. The trend became bare legs. (unfortunately). A women has power when she wears pantyhose. Like you have said, they do not realize this.

    The trend that led to bare legs came from women reading the opinions of other women, (magazine articles?TV trends?) of why not to wear pantyhose. And honestly, this seemed to be centered around feminism, in my opinion.

    Much of the arguments for women promoting bare legs, seemed to be centered around being “forced” to wear pantyhose, as in a work dress code. But this is like a catch 22…A well dressed woman in pantyhose, is much more empowered and respected, than a bare legged women. coming from a male perspective.

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    • Hey Mike,

      Don’t worry, people like her and those who blindly follow along, can hate pantyhose all they want. Based on that mug shot of her’s, she is most definitely someone I wouldn’t want to see in a dress or skirt anyway, much less pantyhose. People like her and her followers have zero concept of femininity, professionalism, class and elegance.

      Whether this person and her minions want to admit it or not, pantyhose are not dead and never will be. Those who understand the values of beauty and elegance will always embrace pantyhose, especially since men all over the world love them. This person and her fellow trolls probably have no men and no prospects for men in their lives … ever!

      • I know you’re right in every sense. It just irritates me when we put forth so much effort to encourage pantyhose wear and you have idiots like that trying to make the typical American girl even more ugly. By the way, you know I’m not a writer by any sense of the imagination, but, I get an education from you when you move in for the “kill” on so called “writers” that stake their experience. Yeah, like for instance “over twenty years”. You expounded on the word “over” as meaning space. I didn’t know that and now I do! I love it when you tear down their credibility! So much for their anti-pantyhose rhetoric!

        • Yes, I’m like a tiger defending her young when someone writes something negative about pantyhose. When someone does that, he or she had better at least use proper sentence structure, grammar and spelling, or I’ll make him or her look silly.


          • Go check out my reply to her article. Oddly enough I gave it one star and it seemed to show up as four. Anyhow I thought it was a terrible article.

            • Hi, Mike T

              To clarify for our readers, I think your comment is in response to this comment from Video Mike:

              “I wish J. Louise Larson would shut up! Opinions like her’s are very dangerous to would-be young lady pantyhose wearers. What a bag of wind. Very nasty writeup.”


              If I’m wrong, Mike T, please clarify what your comment is about. Thanks.

            • Yes you’re right on Robin this was in reference to the comment from video Mike.

      • Hi Robin, I agree with you 100%. Pantyhose has never really died to begin with. If J. Louise Larson and other pantyhose haters want to hate, then that’s on them. Pantyhose always has and always will be the standard to being/looking beautiful and classy. R.M.

  • I was at a Canadian movie awards show called the Genies (the Canadian equivalent of the Oscars, though it is not as glitzy nor glamourous and was more low key) here in Ottawa, Canada back in March. The weather was very cold, chilly and snowy after we had a huge snowstorm the night before. I was awaiting the arrival of our Canadian female celebs at the red carpet hoping to see them wear pantyhose with their gorgeous outfits, given the colder climate here, and the class and elegance Canadian celebrities have than Americans.

    But instead, most of them were bare legged which had me wondering how the heck did they brave the cold and snowy climate to attend the awards show bare legged. They must either have followed the advice from those American fashion experts and designers about wearing pantyhose at these events especially with open toe shoes, which we all know is never a fashion no-no. Not surprisingly, most of the celebrities spend most of their time living and working in the U.S. shooting movies and TV shows, and attend various events such as movie premieres, award shows, and parties bare legged, regardless of the weather….mirroring Sex and the City, no surprise there.

    Fortunately, the women that wore hosiery at the awards show were mostly members of the general public, politicians, and the wives of politicians including Laureen Harper, the wife of our Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, and the wife of U.S. Ambassador to Canada, whose name I am unaware of. Great to see them showing class wearing hose at these events. As for our celebrities, they need to forget about the influence from those American fashion experts, designers, and media, and start wearing hosiery to attend these type of award shows, especially in the colder weather.

    • Hi Hoseaddict,

      First, welcome to my blog and thank you for your comment.

      Second, I sooooo like being proved wrong here, and yes, this is a pleasant surprise. Wow, I am much happier about Anne Hathaway now. Still a bit perplexed though as to why the costume designer would have her in pantyhose for this scene, yet, not in any others, especially the ballroom dance scene, where pantyhose would have been most appropriate.

      It makes sense, and I actually wondered about this, why Anne would be wearing pantyhose for the scene in which she’s crawling on the slick floor. Just for comfort, if for no other reason, I would have thought she’d be wearing, so it’s nice to see that she indeed was. While I like that, it kinda disappoints me even more that someone still made the decision that she’d be without pantyhose for the entire rest of the movie.

      In any case, you’ve made my day today, so thanks again. And let’s hear from you many more times.

      • My feeling on this is…. In the scene she would be under close scrutiny plus exposing quite a lot with that short dress on…
        The pantyhose would give flawless looking skin in the close up shots….

        Maybe i am totally wrong..


  • I have so often read that pantyhose were not making a comeback or women are not wearing pantyhose. I couldn’t disagree more. On television everywhere I look, from major stars to unknown reality “celebrities” pantyhose are being worn. And the women are choosing to wear the ultra sheer to waist NYLON pantyhose and not fishnets (so not pretty) or patterned hose or thick tights. Women are really starting to understand and grasp fully just how spectacularly attractive sheer nylon pantyhose make a woman’s legs appear. It is undeniable.

    There are so many men that are finally overcoming their embarrassment and vocalizing their attraction and appreciation of pantyhose clad women. Think about it, if you were a woman and you noticed that if you went out in public with bare legs one day and the next day you went out wearing sheer black pantyhose and the amount of appreciation and attention you received when wearing the nylons compared to when you were bare legged was so much more, that has to have a major impact on a person’s confidence. I know that when I am in the presence of a pantyhose wearing woman compared to a bare legged woman there is just no comparison to which girl I would rather spend time with. Very superficial maybe but there is no comparison if a person is going to be honest about it. Once again this displays the power of pantyhose.

    And regarding Piper Perabo on Covert Affairs. To be fair, I believe it was the pilot episode where she is being shot at and she is wearing sheer black pantyhose and the director (God bless his soul) actually had the fantastic idea of showing Piper’s world class shapely legs up close and even her pantyhose covered feet! I was in heaven! I thought that this would be the trend and that the show would show Piper wearing hose in every episode. NOT! I think that may have been the only episode with Piper wearing pantyhose because for the next several shows she wasn’t shown wearing any nylons. That was enough for me. I stopped watching. I felt so betrayed and misled…and it really was incredibly deceiving if you think about it (I mean come on, what kind of program intentionally shows the major star of the show’s legs and feet in black pantyhose during a prolonged scene. It wasn’t just a quick shot of her legs, it was a beautiful drawn out scene with her legs and feet being shot at different angles). And then, for the rest of the season I’m guessing, not show her EVER again wearing pantyhose?? Bizarre and so incredibly odd.

    But I hope that all the fans of this website and pantyhose will boycott all programs that engage in this type of behavior. Simply stop watching the shows and when the ratings go down and therefore the shows profits go down, maybe someone will get the message we are sending. On the flip side of that coin, support shows that have the stars wearing pantyhose like The Good Wife starring Julianna Marguiles. A pantyhose bonanza although I wish they would show more closeups and also shots of her gorgeous feet. They could use any excuse to have these scenes incorporated into the show. Oh, I have a run in my nylons. Look at the run on my leg. It goes down to my foot. I need to change my pantyhose. You know, actual real life things that occur.

    But I really am quite pleased that overall, pantyhose are back in a huge way and there are always going to be women that are aching for attention and when they come to realize that they receive a lot more attention when wearing sheer pantyhose they of course are going to be down for wearing them.

    • Wow, what a great comment, Vincent. Welcome to the ActSensuous blog, and thanks for that detailed, well-thought-out comment.

      I agree that pantyhose aren’t exactly on their “last leg” but pantyhose manufacturing and retail associations continue to report a huge drop in sales volume. Seriously, the numbers are staggeringly lower than during any time in history. The losses are in the multi-millions of dollars.
      Nevertheless, like you, I see pantyhose gaining in acceptance and popularity among the younger set, and holding steady and in some cases rebounding among the more mature group.

      Either way, I love that some truly professional and classy celebs, such as Julianna Magulies, Nicole Kidman, Kyra Sedgwick, and for the most part, Sandra Bullock, and many others, never jumped on that “bare legs” bandwagon, and in fact, have continued to carry the torch for dressing professionally and femininely all this time. I am equally thrilled that younger celebs, such as Anne Hathaway, and to some extent, Olivia Munn, Katie Holmes, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba, and Lady Gaga and Katy Perry, have embraced pantyhose. And, I am slightly disappointed in the likes of Lucy Liu, Piper Perabo, Maggie Q., Jennifer Garner, and so many others who just don’t care enough to do what’s right when it comes to how they look.

      Most blog comments you read about pantyhose involve how much women hate them. There’s no excuse for bare legs in the office, but sadly, that’s the place these women are trying to get to. I can’t read those things because they just make me so angry. I hate that women try so hard not to look professional, feminine and glamorous. Still, I like your positive outlook, Vincent. You see the signs that pantyhose are back, and I like that about you.

      Thanks again for finding my blog and making a great comment.


  • Two I would love to see them wearing while singing would be Carrie Underwood and Reba. I would pay just to see them both clad in pantyhose and showing them legs for everyone to see. They both have sexy legs and seeing them clad in pantyhose would be super special to me.

  • Now here is a cause truly worth championing! I have visited a few times and thought I should finally check in to show my support.

    Nothing snaps my head off its rollers more than the sight of a classy woman wearing a skirt with her legs covered. Bare legs just don’t look good to me, no matter how shapely or toned they are. Luckily, my wife understands this and wears often. Phew!

    Thanks for the great blog and please keep it up. Best wishes!

  • I don’t know about the West but we don’t wear panties with pantyhose; the garment is meant to be the two garments in one.

    Maybe women are frightened of becoming sweaty? If so, they are probably wearing too much underwear, yes? Or not?

  • Interesting theory, Robin! I hope you are right, because I’m going to offer a different theory, and one, that less easily offers a way to reverse the bare legs trend compared to your theory, unfortunately. My theory, based on personal observation is comprised of two parts and is about 180 degrees from yours. First, the relaxation of workplace dress codes started the bare legs trend, followed by the popularity of flip-flops. As to the first point, my guess is that women started thinking, “well, if I don’t have to wear pantyhose to work, why wear them at all?” Hollywood women then followed suit, so to speak, reflecting what they were seeing in the general populace. This is based on observations from my corner of the world (Florida), which I hope are more unique to our climate rather than reflecting the nationwide pulse. Bare legs are very prevalent here, and I’d put the percentage of business women “professionally dressed” wearing pantyhose at somewhere around 10% perhaps pushing 20% on a “cold” day. This stands out especially because I see women who are otherwise very nicely dressed, but with legs that are more pale than a full moon! Secondly, flip flops are the shoe du decade, at least here. As long as they are as popular as they are, PH wearing women will be too far and few between. A couple more anectodal snippets to further bolster that my theory, unfortunately, has not been disproved. December and January were unusually cold, and at least more women were wearing pantyhose and tights – it may have approached 20% of the general populace on a weekend nite out. That gave me some hope that maybe this bare legs trend was indeed turning around. Alas, over the last two weeks, as temps have returned to normal, so has the wearing of flip flops and bare legs likewise have returned, en masse. Also, even amongst the senior citizen performance-going (e.g. live theatre)demographic, which I see weekly, and from what I hear wore pantyhose much more frequently than younger women do, I see less than 50% and more like probably 30% of the senior women wearing PH. And this is to events where they are otherwise typically dressed to the nines. That says to me that they are likewise following the general populace. So Robin, I hope my observations do not reflect Actsensuous trends of the past several years, that my observations simply reflect that I live in a more casual than average part of the country, thus invalidating my theory as it applies to the rest o’ the nation. Also, if there is an uptick in Hollywood women wearing PH, that they indeed influence the general populace in this respect. I sure don’t see it, but I’d love to be proven wrong and see a strong reversal of the bare legs trend! I don’t watch enough TV/movies to say I’ve noticed a trend in less bare legs over the past couple of years, but I appreciate the women who are bucking the bare legs on some of the shows I do watch, such as “The Office” and even on the Weather Channel!

  • Reading your part about”Life Imitating Art” reminds me of clip from a film called NETWORK…

    It is quite an old film now but things are as true to day as they where when it was first made…

    Listen for the part when he says “Dress like the tube”… How true it is…

    Here is the link to the clip…

    Take Care


  • Robin
    Another outstanding posting from you.. Again your words speak volumes..

    “Yes” The entertainment industry can make or break pantyhose… It is a very very powerful medium..
    It can influence people very easily without them knowing it.. As i have said previously “Monkey see Monkey do”..

    After looking at all to reasons why people do and do not wear pantyhose..
    I also feel that something more is going on…
    The word is “Blurring of Genders”.. Society is turning very slowly more and more androgynous..
    Keeping to pantyhose.. I feel that one reason that less women wear pantyhose but there are who still do… Plus more and more men are wearing and want to wear pantyhose…

    I would like to add.. “Pantyhose and weddings”
    How bad it looks when the Bride, Family and guests all have bare legs…

    Finally not forgetting your truly outstanding Actsensuous pantyhose… There is nothing on planet earth like them…

    Take Care


  • As for the autoshow I would say that if a model was in a skirt it was 100% hosiery on their legs. Not one exception. Why this stands out is that the Motor City Autoshow (even last year) was devoid of any type of sexuality where presentation models were concerned and it was noted in many papers that the girls seemed to have more sex appeal this year. Wonder what it was? For those of you wanting equal time there were a few Kens to every 10 Barbie’s but rest assured PANTYHOSE was a feature and does work. Why? The Euro influence. Fiat owns Chrysler. They do regardless of what the Obama Admin and the rest of the politicos state. Ford is a global company and GM is coming out of their coma albeit very slowly and realizing that the rest of world promotes men and women in distinct ways. Everyone else got it a long time ago.

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