10 thoughts on “Anne Warchol

  • Robin, can you email me some time if you ever conduct a poll for your readers asking if they know any young women, or millenials, who are wearing elegant hosiery for work and social occasions. I would like to see some statistics, maybe a future trend?

  • Robin
    Your pantyhose are so soft and sexy
    Anyone who puts a pair of your pantyhose on will be hooked
    Pantyhose will make a come back if people would just try Actsensuous


  • Robin, can you read this article and give me your take on it? I hope what te writer is saying isn’t true. I was hoping for a pantyhose comback since I am a lover of hosiery and elegant dressing. Apparently this writer thinks millenials won’t adopt hosiery because it is “trying to hard.” Robin, please say it isn’t so. http://www.slate.com/articles/double_x/doublex/2011/11/are_kate_middleton_and_a_new_l_eggs_ad_enough_to_save_pantyhose_from_certain_extinction_.html

  • Hello Robin, I hope you are doing well. As a lover of hosiery myself, I was hoping that Kate Middleton was finally bringing elegance back to female dressing. Unfortunately, my hopes are blasted when I read this article. The writer thinks L’eggs ads won’t generate any interest in younger wearers. They’re hell-bent in their opinion that hosiery is going the way of the Model T, obsolete. I hope they’re wrong. We thought bell bottoms were never coming back, yet they did eventually, and millenials are trying them. Can we ever get them to cut the crap about this grandma-thing. Elegance should never be restricted to grandmas. And this “pantyhose is trying to hard.” What is that? Having painful tattoos all over your body and spending $400 on them *is* trying too hard. Robin, is there any hope for us?

    • Hi thathatlady,

      Good to hear from you again. Thanks for your comment. Please don’t let any of the anti-pantyhose propaganda bother you. I don’t blame you for being upset about stories you’re reading, as they used to bother me, too, but today, I see way too much evidence all around us that points to a much wider level of acceptance of pantyhose.

      I’ve written it too many times to repeat it here, but just look around. Pantyhose are showing up more on TV shows and movies, TV commercials (not pantyhose commercials, but women in commercials who are wearing), fashion runways, magazine ads, and on everyday women.

      Is pantyhose back in full force? No, but I have every confidence they will be. Just look at all the young singers, dancers and celebrities who are showing up in pantyhose again, or wearing them for the first time.

      The negative stories will always try to celebrate the end of pantyhose, but trust me … pantyhose are here to stay and some day, they might be mainstream again.

    • Hi Lella,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      I have no idea what your comment means (nor what NHHS is … New Hampshire High School?), but thank you all the same.

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