Seriously, why not Pantyhose and open-toe high heels?

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

December 30, 2010 — Since I started my blog in May 2009, I’ve written 30 posts.  I am really proud of a few of them: “Why Bears don’t wear Pantyhose,” “A good time to be Asian,” “Even Aliens wear Pantyhose.”

But the post that has been, by a wide margin, the most read, and seemingly, the most appreciated, is the one I wrote in January of this year, “Why not Pantyhose with open-toe high heels?”  So, as 2010 comes to a close, and I want to finish as strongly as I began this year, I feel compelled to give you what you obviously want.

Now, please don’t think that I couldn’t come up with something fresh and so decided to reheat this one.  OK, that’s actually pretty much the case, but during this entire year, I’ve been struck with what the stats show – that, when I have, for example, 200 visits in a day, 120 people read “Why not Pantyhose with open-toe high heels?”

Similarly, more readers have participated in the poll attached to that post than any of the others.  And the results?  As of this writing, of the 109 votes cast, 106 (97 percent) were for “Absolutely! Yes, please!” (to wearing pantyhose with open-toe high heels); only three were for “No way! No how! Never!” (3 percent); and zero for “Who cares?”

Because this post, and the ongoing debate over the subject, struck such a nerve with you, I decided to dig a bit further into the matter.  In January, my post began this way:

     Lately, I’ve read several posts on various blogs in which girls are asking for advice about what to wear to a special event.  Often – and I love this – they are open to wearing pantyhose but for the fact that they want to wear some sexy open-toe high heels and believe one is not supposed to wear pantyhose with such shoes.   Who made that rule?

Today, my question is:  Who made these people “fashion experts?”

This time, instead of stating my views, I went the scientific route and visited some websites of fashion magazines.  Like everything else on the Internet, you can find tons more information than you’re looking for, so if you want to see some of what I saw, you can write this in your Google search engine: top fashion experts on pantyhose and open-toe shoes

In the interest of keeping the length of this post reasonable, I’ve selected for your viewing pleasure just three excerpts of advice/opinions about the topic from “fashion experts.’’

Here’s the question posed to the experts:

Should you wear stockings with open-toe shoes?

(Stockings?  Who wears stockings today?  I’m already offended.  Why couldn’t they just write pantyhose?)

Below, you’ll see direct quotes from some of what these “experts”  wrote, a blurb about who they are and their qualifications (as well as mug shots where available), and my polite response to their idiotic statements.

  • “I view it as one of the worst fashion offenses a woman can commit…   “When I see a woman wearing stockings with open-toed shoes, my first thought is that she must have some kind of nasty toenail fungus or calves covered with varicose veins.  Wearing stockings when it is not appropriate to wear stockings always makes it look as though you have some dirty little secret to hide. So if you must wear stockings, wear them with sensible shoes.  And if you must wear open-toed shoes, make sure that your toes are showing.  After all, that is the whole point of open-toed shoes in the first place.”
Marlin Bressi

(Marlin Bressi:  An award-winning hairstylist and beauty expert whose work has appeared in numerous magazines and newspapers on several websites, such as, where he was Beauty Editor for two years.)

My polite response:    Hey, Marlin, it could be that the reason you used to be the beauty editor for two years is that someone finally realized that you actually have no sense of fashion.  You said: “If you must wear open-toed shoes, make sure that your toes are showing…”  Uh, two things for you, dude:  1.) Toes most certainly will be showing in open-toe shoes; 2.) Toes do show through pantyhose.  Nylon is sheer.  That means they’re see-through.  Go back to strumming your guitar and smoking dope, dope.   By the way, real nice outfit.

  • “Breathless with anticipation and wondering if you can wear pantyhose with bare toes?  Relax, take a breath. The answer is no. Pantyhose and bare toes are not complimentary.”
Anne Warchol

(Anne Warchol: A retired mother of three married children. People think I’m in my 30s, and I never tell them I’m 50.)

My polite response:    I got news for you, Anne.  It ain’t just that people think you’re in your 30s (maybe a couple of the neighborhood kids where you live).   They also think you’re a moron.   “…wondering if you can wear pantyhose with bare toes?”  Seriously?  You can’t even pose the question properly.  Of course one can wear pantyhose with bare toes.  What – you think pantyhose are usually worn over socks?  “Pantyhose and bare toes are not complimentary.”  Huh?  Anne, you’re not only not qualified to weigh in on the topic at hand, you’re not qualified to leave your house.  And get a hairdo, will ya?  How can you hope to be thought of as a fashion expert with that do?

  • “Tights and stockings should not be paired together.  No way.  No how…”

(Chelia Copeland:  Highly motivated, creative and versatile journalist with a graduate degree in journalism.  Over five years of writing/editing experience at a variety of newspapers, magazines, web sites, publishing companies and organizations.  No photo available.)

My polite response:   Chelia, you’re a journalist with a graduate degree in journalism?  You’ve been a professional writer and an editor?  Well, so have I, and when I see two mistakes in one paragraph, I stop reading.  First, the issue is whether one should wear stockings with open-toe shoes, yet, your opening statement is “Tights and stockings should not be paired together.”  Huh?  The question was pairing hosiery with open-toe shoes, not pairing tights and stockings.   Why would anyone do that?

Then, you write that you have “over” five years of writing/editing experience …”  Didn’t you learn in journalism school that the word “over” refers to a position in space, such as over the hill, or over the rainbow?  You should have written that you have “more than” five years of writing/editing experience …

Whenever professional writers get the little details wrong, they lose credibility in my book.  You lost me after your first paragraph, Chelia, and I stopped reading.  So, while I don’t know why you are arguing against wearing hose with open-toe shoes, I really just don’t care what you have to say.  You have no credibility with me because, if you’re this sloppy in your own profession, you’re not qualified to comment on what is or isn’t fashionable.  And what kind of name is Chelia, anyway?  Bimbo.

There, see how delicately I handled these so-called experts  and their idiotic statements?   Sorry, but I have little patience with stupid people – especially those who tout themselves as experts and then have the nerve to publish their views, despite the fact that they can’t construct a simple sentence.   I mean one knucklehead wrote that wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes is ugly because the “seem” shows.  I guess he means the “seam.”

sbI wonder if any of these people have really seen a woman wearing pantyhose with open-toe shoes lately?   Could anyone tell Sandra Bullock (left) she can’t wear pantyhose with open-toe shoes?

And in the case of sheer nude pantyhose, in many cases, unless you get probably way too close and/or stare with great intensity, you can hardly tell if a lady is wearing pantyhose or not.  And what if a delicate little seam shows?   Heck, I think that’s sexy.

Seriously, who made these people “fashion experts?”

As long as barely-educated windbags have a forum to express themselves, unfortunately, some women will be influenced by their stupid opinions.  I should point out that, thankfully, there are several writers taking the exact opposite position, so perhaps it all balances out.

One positive about this raging debate is that there is one.  I mean as long as so many women are asking, and so many “experts” are answering, at least it’s a good sign for pantyhose lovers that so many people care.  Unfortunately, I believe the prevailing thought is this:

“The universal no-no is to never wear sheer nude hosiery with open toe shoes or strappy sandals — it just looks tacky.”

      So states fashion expert Sharon Haver of

I disagree with her.   Fortunately, so do many women who most influence fashion – actresses from throughout the world.   Check out the celebrities below (starting from the second row down.  I don’t know why the first three pics are repeating in this gallery).   Who’s going to tell these women they are committing a fashion no-no?

Happy New Year, everyone!


58 thoughts on “Seriously, why not Pantyhose and open-toe high heels?

  • I know I’m way late to the party, and if this was already brought up I certainly apologize. Going back to the pre-pantyhose days of the gartered stockings, hosiery usually had reinforced toes. The main purpose of “sheer toe” hosiery was to be able to wear them with sandals or open toe shoes. This is not a fashion faux pas. What is a “Glamour Don’t” is wearing dark hose with light shoes! Sheer toe hosiery with open toe shoes is fine!

  • I think anyone who’s say you can’t, or shouldn’t wear something no matter what it is should keep their opinions to themselves and let people do as they wish. Most guys find opened toe shoes and pantyhose very sexy and beautiful. So ladies screw what whoever tells you that you can’t as long as you like it, that’s all that matters and I am positive many others will too.

  • I watched a movie called Bad Moms starring Mila Kunis, who plays one of the mothers in the film. In one of the scenes, Mila, along with co-star Kathryn Hahn wore sheer nude hose with open toe shoes when they were going for a night out. Mila wore nude hose with black high heel sandals, while Kathryn wore nude hose with designer sandals.

    Here is a closeup of both Mila’s (middle) and Kathryn’s (right) hosed feet in open toe shoes. Kristen Bell is on the left but does not wear hose, and is wearing closed toe pumps.

    Bad Moms 1
    Bad Moms 2

    Here is a youtube video of the behind the scenes look of the Bad Moms with the scene at the 11:52 mark of the video.

    Whoever the wardrobe designer is for the film, I am glad that they showed that pantyhose and open toe shoes can be potent combo, and debunks the myth from these so-called fashion experts, and their followers that pantyhose and open toes are a fashion faux pas. This scene from the movie is one example of that.

    • Hi Brian W.,

      Thank you for your comment, and for alerting us to this monumental event. WOW THE Mila Kunis wearing sheer nude pantyhose??? I didn’t think I’d see the day when that happens. Excellent find, Brian W.

      One small step for Mila … One giant leap for pantyhose lovers!

      On the other hand (er, foot), from viewing the pictures, I am not certain that Kristen Bell isn’t actually wearing sheer nude pantyhose, too. But you saw the movie, not me, so I’ll take your word for it.

      Either way, 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, and a scene in a movie like this is a good sign for the future.

      • Mila used to wear nude pantyhose on That 70s show since it was quite common for women in that era to wear pantyhose. However, she does not wear hose much in real life since she is from Los Angeles despite her Ukrainian background. I already mentioned that Kristen Bell didn’t wear hose in that scene, it was Mila and Kathryn that wore hose with open toe shoes.

  • I am a fan of the show Shark Tank. Lori Greiner is one of the ‘sharks’ on the show on most episodes. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it when she isn’t wearing pantyhose.

    I know not what she wears when not in the public eye, but she does show a lot of class and style when on television.

    Anyway I came across this tidbit from 2013 while doing an internet search about her and pantyhose and thought it would fit in well on this post, especially since it mentions the fashion police.

  • Today I saw many Japanese women arriving from Japan going through Customs wearing sheer pantyhose and open-toe shoes with dresses and shorts. It makes their legs look flawless. Most all that I was able to see were either nude or suntan. So much better than the bare legs of many others who also came through. If only they realized the beauty of it. Just puts the world into a better harmony.☺


    • Thanks for your comment, Tracy. Yes, Japanese women are in a class by themselves … and I really mean class, as in classy. It’s a shame that (mostly) American women are the only ones who don’t understand or care about class in the way they dress.

      • Amen to that. You know I find that even if their outfits don’t match in either colors or patterns, they still seem to make it work with pantyhose. Even fishnets don’t have a bad or cheap rap like the American culture seems to give them. Just as exciting to see! I will be happy if you are able to introduce a seamless pair in the future as you mentioned before. One of my favorites for women to wear.

  • I like to search for pantyhose on to see who is wearing them.

    Today, it found Kylie Jenner in white open-toe booties with black hose at Nickelodeon’s 26th Annual Kids’ Choice Awards. You can see the seam in this photo. I think she looks great.

    I love your blog. Keep up the good work.

    • Hi, Mike M. Thank you for your comment and the attached photo.

      I’d never heard of Kylie Jenner (maybe I live a sheltered life), but she does have beautiful toes. And while I’m not one who likes (or would ever wear) boots or booties with a dress or skirt and pantyhose, I agree with you that she looks great in this photo.

      I’ve said it before, and this pic is a perfect example: I think the seam of those sheer black hose showing across her pretty toes is extremely sexy. All those fashion experts who want to tell us never to wear pantyhose with open toe shoes (or, according to them, never at all under any circumstances anyway), just don’t have an eye for what is beautiful and feminine.

      Thank you for the link to this photo and to the Getty Images page. I also didn’t know about Getty Images, so you’ve really enlightened me here.

      Finally, thanks for the compliment about my blog. I am glad you’re with us, and hope to hear more from you in the future.

      Take care.

      • Kylie Jenner is the younger half sister of the Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian. But unlike her older siblings who are always in the spotlight with the tabloids, Kylie, along with her older sister Kendall keep a low profile, and does not want attention in spotlight.

        Kylie looks great wearing sheer black hose with open toe boots. She has shown those fashion experts that there is nothing wrong wearing pantyhose and open toe shoes especially among the younger generation.

  • Great post. I’ve always found open toe shoes with pantyhose to be sexy. I supposed I like them in almost all situations but that’s not the point. If they were opaque it may not look quite right but sheer ones only add a certain something. Either way it’s up to the wearer. These so called experts with all their rules make very little sense sometimes.

  • Well, our fav “The Good Wife” latest episode Sun. Oct 4 2012 highlights our amazing talented women in the military. We have a “seasoned” female full bird Colonel who is also a judge proudly showing her legs in sheer nude pantyhose. The entire episode can be seen here Whatever comprises the DNA of male pantyhose lovers, it is certainly highlighted by women in uniform whether they be nurses or in the military. It’s like chocolate or a great cigar, perhaps better. Now if we can just get “Kalinda” out of those horrible black boots.

  • Just a brief mention of Christine Baranski still hav’n great legs on display in nude pantyhose toward the end of this past Sunday’s “The Good Wife”.

    • Yes, Christine Baranski is fantastic. I have DVRed the new season, but haven’t gotten to watch a single episode yet. I imagine she, and Julianna Margulies still are wearing sheer nude pantyhose during most of every episode. I wish we could get Archie Panjabi (Kalinda) out of those boots and the black pantyhose and into high heels and sheer nude pantyhose, but hey, I’m still thrilled with the show as it is.

      I don’t think I’ve ever seen Christine Baranski in any role on any show not wearing pantyhose. For that, she’s one of my heroes, but here’s what makes her truly outstanding and separates her from almost everyone else — she demonstrates those same qualities of professionalism, class and grace in every venue. Here’s Christine on the Red Carpet during the most recent Emmy Awards shows, one of (sadly) only a very few who wore pantyhose for that prestigious event.

      • There was an episode where Kalinda had another nude pantyhosed female playing footsie with her that was must see for those who love pantyhose. I believe it occurred last season.

        • You’re right — that was a fantastic scene. It was with her FBI agent friend, Lana Delaney (played by Jill Flint, who also appears on “Royal Pains.”) I understand we’ll see more of Kalinda and Lana this season, which is great because they have smoking hot chemistry together.

          • Robin you are a wealth of knowledge. You may have just convinced me to watch the Good Wife and give up watching football….Although the cheerleaders do wear pantyhose as well. What to do, what to do.

            • Well, I’d never recommend giving up watching the NFL, but that’s what DVRs are for. You can watch football and “The Good Wife.”

              I love that NFL cheerleaders (and some college programs) still consider the league and the venue of high enough class and worthiness to warrant their wearing pantyhose even during extremely hot and sometimes inclement weather conditions. Good for cheerleaders.

              On the other hand, that bimbo Faith Hill doesn’t think SNF is worthy of wearing pantyhose with her otherwise sexy outfit. And for that matter, all these bimbo sidelines reporters wear pants outfits, even though male reporters, commentators and analysts continue to dress in business suits. Playing for the NFL is a privilege, and being associated with the NFL in all other capacities where there is contact with the public is, too. A shame so many women still don’t get it, and maybe a bigger shame that the NFL allows women to dress so inappropriately.

  • One example of a celebrity showing class and courage wearing pantyhose and open toe shoes is Katherine Heigl at the recent Variety Power of Women event. Yet these morons are bashing her for wearing pantyhose with peep toe shoes. Even the commenters are saying that bare legs are better, she should lose the hose especially with open toe shoes, and that nude hose are made for grannies. When I see people make comments like that, they are brainwashed by these fashion experts and the media, acting spoiled and immature, and are showing a lack of respect towards that person in their neatness and appearance especially in the way they are dress for the event. There is also a section where you could vote, and so far the vote is close with 51% for Just Fine and 49% for Flop.

    At least Katherine is showing class wearing hose and peep toe shoes at a formal event despite her acting in recent bad movies since her departure from Grey’s Anatomy.

    • Yes, the people who bashed Katherine Heigl in your example are morons not only for trying to vilify someone who shows class and elegance, but also because these people can’t even spell pantyhose — the very subject of their poll. It’s not panty hose. That doesn’t even make sense. The very fact that the accessory was invented by joining panties and stockings into one garment calls for it to be one word.

      Love that, so far, the vote is more in favor of Katherine Heigl’s fashion decision than these people’s.

  • On the UK version of Ebay, I came across some shoes that were being displayed from a couple websites, The foot model is wearing sheer nude hose with the shoes especially with the open toe heels and flip flops.I will put those links up later on.

      • As promised, here are a couple of links on ebay UK. The foot models are wearing nude hose while displaying the shoes even the open toe ones that would make these so-called fashion experts who still hate the pantyhose/open toe shoes look cringe. Remember this is from the UK.

        Great to see that women have the courage and class to wear pantyhose while displaying and selling open toe shoes online through ebay UK. Would you ever see this from an American version of ebay?? I doubt it.

        • Wow. Fantastic find, Brian W. This not only is cool, but it has to be one of the most significant wins in our battle against the bare legs mentality. I never would have expected to see models exclusively wearing sheer nude hose for poses in open-toe shoes for sale on a website. What a great sign of hope out there. Someone within the ebay organization truly “gets it,” and deserves our recognition and appreciation.

          Once again, excellent find, Brian W., and thank you again for sharing this.

          • I am glad you like it Robin. I find the Brits very polished and classy in their neatness and appearance, and care very much about it. Maybe the Americans could learn a few things from them.

  • Experts are people who get paid to be wrong.

    I’m an American of the heterosexual male persuasion. Here’s my take on pantyhose.

    1. Pantyhose are attractive. The general thought is that guys are visually stimulated and I think that is mostly true. Pantyhose look good and catch the eye. So, I guess fashion rule #1 is that if guys find something attractive, it’s a no no. After all, pleasing men was something women did back in the stone age and we’re more enlightened and advanced today.

    2. Pantyhose are feminine. There’s another problem with culture at large. The distinction between masculine and feminine has to be discarded, so away with anything feminine.

    3. Pantyhose are classy. Apparently today the style is to look like a slob, and that’s something that’s true of both genders. It amazes me that people will pay to look the way I do when I get out of bed in the morning.

    I saw a young lady in a restaurant a few days ago who was wearing pantyhose. I wanted to tell her she looked nice and to thank her for wearing them. I figured that might not go over so well because one can be accused of sexual harassment these days for the most ridiculous things. But someone needs to let girls like that know that they are appreciated.

    I just found your blog today, so sorry for the long take, and to address the matter you raised, I wish more ladies would wear pantyhose with open toed shoes (see points 1,2,and 3 above).

    Happy New Year

    • WOW. What a great comment. It was like reading one of my own blog posts. 🙂 Fantastic comment, brkev. Did I say WOW?

      Thank you for your extremely well-written and, at the same time, entertaining comment. So glad you’ve found my blog. Please feel free to leave comments on any of my other posts that interest you. I want you to feel welcome any time.

      Wishing you a very Happy New Year, too.


      • Robin,

        Thanks for your gracious reply.

        I wrote my comment before looking at your website as well as the blog. Having looked at it I can see we have many of the same thoughts.

        I had some additional thoughts.

        1. When you hear so many girls/women complaining about guys not being gentlemen, don’t you want to tell them that maybe they can’t find a gentlemen because gentlemen are attracted to ladies, and they aren’t acting ladylike or feminine?

        2. Asian ladies seem to wear pantyhose a lot more than American women do. Asian culture is known for not settling for mediocrity like we are.

        3. Just a comment about your site. I like that it is classy and not a sex/porn site like other pantyhose sites are. Those sites hurt more than help the cause.

        Again, Happy New Year!!!

        • Hey brkev,

          Thanks for your kind words.

          About your latest thougts:

          1. Gentlemen/femininity: I wrote in one of my posts that men should stop wearing neckties with their suits, or socks with their dress shoes to kind of get back at women for ditching the pantyhose. Of course I wrote that as a joke, but I can’t help thinking it might be a good idea. I’m not a believer in responding to negativity with negativity, and I am sure men wouldn’t stoop to that level. Still, it would be neat if men would privately make such a statement when going out with their wives or girlfriends. When the ladies start objecting to the way their men are dressing down, the men could say: “You don’t respect yourself or me enough to wear pantyhose with that beautiful dress and those sexy shoes, so why should I wear a tie, or even socks, for that matter?” I think women need to see how their lack of femininity could lead to a lack of interest on the part of their men.

          2. Asians/pantyhose: Of course there are exceptions to everything, but I do believe that women in Asia care more about femininity and dressing with class and elegance than do their Western counterparts. Unfortunately, many Asian/Americans seem to want to fit in and do things the way we do them, rather than standing on their own principles. I see this with Asian-American celebs, such as Joan Chen, Lucy Liu, Sandra Oh, Bai Ling and (God, I hate to say this, but) Michelle Yeoh, whom I love more than any of them. Unfortunately, they almost never wear pantyhose to awards shows or other public appearances. Very, very sad. Conversely, Zhang Ziyi (the most gorgeous of them all), Maggie Cheung, and to some extent, Shu Qi and Gong Li are more likely to wear pantyhose during the right occasions. I hate to think that the bare legs movement — global that it is — is having some effect even on those true ethnic Asians, as I’ve seen the aforementioned celebs more and more opting for bare legs during magazine shoots and public appearances. That is terrible. But I still say that the most devoted wearer of them all appears to be Zhang Ziyi. For being one of the youngest of them, she remains traditional and classy enough to usually do the right thing. Love her.

          3. ActSensuous website/blog: Yes, ActSensuous has always been about class and elegance first. Thanks for noticing.

          Once again, I am so pleased that you discovered us. And thank you again for your well-conceived and nicely presented comments.

          Take care.


          • Robin – excellent response as always. I always feel good when I see a young woman in pantyhose. That’s a good sign that pantyhose won’t simply die out with the older generation of women who never gave them up. When I was Christmas shopping a couple of weeks ago I saw a 20 something woman working behind the counter of a jewelry store. She looked lovely in her skirt outfit, nude hose and sensible pumps.

            • Thanks, libertariangman.

              And good response to brkev’s comments, too. Like him, did you want to compliment that young lady behind the counter at that store? It’s unfortunate today that some women are ultra sensitive and/or just don’t know how to take a compliment. I know when you see a lady get it right, you want to reward her by telling her not only how lovely she made herself look, but also for making a good decision by wearing pantyhose with an outfit and at a setting/venue that called for it. But, for all you know, it’s a store policy and she might have reacted as if you’re a psycho or something. Very frustrating, isn’t it? You want to give the ones who get it right some positive reinforcement, but you don’t want it to backfire if she takes it the wrong way. Sometimes, I myself want to compliment a lady for wearing pantyhose, but you never know what to expect and it’s easier to just admire her from afar. Sad what this world has become, eh?

            • I’m a single guy. I belong to a dating/matchmaking site online. In browsing the profiles I found a girl on there who had 5 pictures of herself, one of them was a swim suit, in the other 4 she was wearing a dress and pantyhose. That’s very rare to see on those sites. I sent her a message saying “Just wanted to say that it’s nice to see a girl on here wearing a dress and pantyhose. So rare today that females value their femininity. Just wanted to let you know that at least one guy appreciates it.” She sent me a response “awww thank you” As you might guess she is of Asian descent. A little less intimidating to say that to someone online as to say it in person.

            • Wow. I love that. It reinforces everything I believe about all the wonderful attributes of Asian women. Thanks for sharing that, brkev. And good for you for saying that to her.

    • brk – good post and I generally agree with you. However – i think many women dress to be feminine and sexy. It’s just the pantyhose that they have discarded. I think more women than ever wear high heels and short skirts. Tight blouses and revealing tops have never gone out of style. Women know the effect that attire has on men – and often will wear those items. But pantyhose are demonized by the ‘authorities’ in fashion and women have followed that lead and seem to hate hose for the most part. I can only conclude that there just aren’t that many men who care about it or pantyhose would never have gone out of style. After all – women dress for themselves – but also for men. Pantyhose are extremely sexy to me – and they also give a woman a polished and classy look – but I fear I’m in the minority that thinks so. Welcome to this blog. We pantyhose lovers must stick together!

  • Robin,

    As you already know I’m always on the lookout for sexy nylon covered legs.
    No matter where I’m at I’m always looking for them sexy legs.
    I look at football games, the mall, the movies, watching tv and movies as well.
    I love seeing them all the time.

    You have an awesome site keep up the good work…..

  • I’m also on the lookout for sheer hosiery in movies and such. Today – I saw the movie – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. There is a scene where the female star of the movie shops for nice clothes – she pauses over a rack of pantyhose and the camera focuses for a few seconds as she decides which pair to buy. There is a later scene where she is partially undressed – but we see her still wearing her pantyhose with fairly good closeups of her crotch and bum encased in the sheer hosiery. Another plus on the nylon front! Plus – it was a good movie.

  • I’m always on the lookout for positive developments on the sheer hosiery front. There is a commercial for Citi bank card that is positive in an odd way. It shows a female rock climber. She is saying that before she goes out she needs her heels (they are her rock climbing shoes) and her NYLONS (they are the nylon ropes she uses in climbing). At least this woman said the word ‘nylons’ even if she meant something else. i think the commercial at least lends credence to the idea that when a woman dresses up – NYLONS can be part of the equation.

    • That’s so funny — you think the same way I do. I love that commercial for the same exact reason. She’s getting ready for a big event with her boyfriend, and she is going shopping for some things she needs. I even like the way she says “Some nylons.” It does conjur up positive feelings for our cause, placing such importance on buying nylons for the occasion, even though we know it’s nylon ropes for a rock-climbing excursion. The commercial is well done, and I believe the symbolism is definitely there.

      Can’t believe there’s even ONE other person out there who gets and likes that commercial for the same reason I do. You rock, libertariangman.

      Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas and much happiness in 2012 and beyond.

      • Hi Robin
        As i am this side the pond… I was very curious what the advert was about…Luckily i found it on youtube….

        After the first watching a saw what was going on…. They are using sexual references to sell products.. “BELT” “NYLONS” “SHOES” etc…… It is a very clever marketing technique… They are using sex to sell a product from a part of industry that is not very popular in the present climate…. It all works Subliminally…

        Watch this short video to give a better insight into Subliminal advertising….

        Enough for now

        Pantyhose 4 all

        Take Care


        Why do people pay to go up tall buildings and then put money in binoculars to look at things on the ground?

  • Hey Robin,
    I found this site online called Pantyhose Catalog, that features celebrities from Hollywood and around the world wearing pantyhose with open toe shoes under the section Celebrity Shoes/Feet. Here is the link to the site:

    The site does feature some celebrities that are bare legged, but primarily it is a pantyhose site with a majority of celebrities wearing pantyhose especially with open toes shoes. All this talk that pantyhose with open toe shoes as a fashion faux pas or no-no is just a myth and pet peeve made up by these shortsighted, dictatorial, and narrow minded fashion experts, who simply hate the look.

  • I loved the way how you treat those “experts”, I think is the most elegant and beautiful way to present your feet, perfect in every way with your nails well done and a pair of very sheer pantyhose.
    As a final comment on this subject I like to state that the most big insult to hosiery are those toeless pantyhose, definitely they are gross and looks horribly.
    Thanks again for being a lovely person who cares for other women looks and elegancy.

    • I am so glad you mentioned how I treated those “experts.” You’re the only reader who pointed that out. Yes, I set them straight, didn’t I?

    • To me toe-less pantyhose are not pantyhose…..

      I would never ever buy or wear a pair of toe-less so called pantyhose…..

      Only “Pure” pantyhose for me…..

      Take Care


      PS:ActSensuous are very pure pantyhose…From waist to toe…

      • I agree with both Carl and Julio — toe-less pantyhose are a joke. Really dumb. Not worthy of being called pantyhose.

        Maybe I’ll invent something on the same order for men — neckties that don’t have a knot. Knot-less ties. Yeah, I like it.

  • Awesome site to see open toe shoes and see toes and feet covered with sheer pantyhose. Many thoughts go thru my mind, and love everyone of the thoughts. I say it a million times: I’m a lover of seeing pantyhose covered legs, feet, and so on. Come join the movement again.

  • In Malaysia we have to wear open toe heels. Ideally we wear the most flimsy pumps we can buy. It is SO HUMID all the time and even with aircon we get sweaty. Strappy shoes really help. The only time that open toe heels look bad is when a lady chooses not to wear hosiery; and we getto look at their bulbous toes and badly manicured nails!!

    • Thanks for your comment, Denise. “We wear the most flimsy pumps we can buy.” I love that.

      Besides sheer pantyhose, nothing is more feminine or sexy than the flimsiest pumps available. I hate bulky shoes on women. I think the more delicate the shoe, and the one that shows less shoe and more foot, the better!


  • How did we get through life before Experts came along…

    If people stopped supporting their B******T they would disappear over night…

    What does it say about the people who ask these so called experts stupid questions..

    Have people lost the ability to think for themselves…

    There is absolutely nothing wrong in the whole wide world wearing pantyhose with open-toe high heels..

    ActSensuous are perfect for open-toe high heels..

    Take Care


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