Pantyhose wearers catch more eyes


Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     From time to time, I hear from ladies who say they love wearing pantyhose because of the extra attention they get from men when they do.  

    They say they love it when they catch men staring at their pantyhose-adorned legs out in public. 

     Others tell me that their boyfriends or husbands are so grateful whenever they wear pantyhose, that they wear them often to please their men.

   More than anyone else, I hear from ladies who wear pantyhose at the office, sometimes because it’s required, or at least, expected. 

     In offices where the wearing of pantyhose is not required or particularly encouraged, it’s the ladies who are highly professional and classy who wear pantyhose of their own volition.  Those are my heroes. 

     These ladies tell me that when they wear pantyhose, they get a great deal more attention from their male co-workers.  But they say that this often causes a sense of uneasiness or even resentment among their fellow female employees.

Office girls in Korea would never not wear pantyhose to work.

     They tell me that female co-workers will approach them and say something to the effect of “You know, you don’t have to wear pantyhose.  You can go bare-legged.”  Or, “How can you stand to wear pantyhose every day?” Or (and I love this one), “Pantyhose are so  ‘out’ these days.” 

     Well, you know me – I think it’s downright pathetic when women blindly jump on the bandwagon in the name of what is thought to be “in or out of fashion,” especially if it gives them an excuse to be less feminine and not as desirable.  And I think it’s just plain wrong when women use that same excuse to go against time-honored business acumen, and then try to encourage others to do so, as well.    

     Anyway, it got me thinking:  How many of you have been approached by your co-workers about your wearing pantyhose at the office?   Or how many of you have noticed that you get more attention from co-workers, those in your circle, or people on the street when you wear pantyhose?

     Are you seen as a threat to your fellow females who don’t wear pantyhose and don’t want you to wear them either?   (And is that to keep you from garnering the attention of men, or to help them somehow  justify their own choice to not wear pantyhose?) 

     I’ll bet you have some stories to share.  Please do.

Office girls in China gather for a meeting. Wonder if the businessmen at this office find it difficult to concentrate?

6 thoughts on “Pantyhose wearers catch more eyes

  • Hi Robin,

    Well, she did it again. My co-worker I told you about last week who wore the one piece black dress and sheer black hose had on a really nice skirt, the kind that flairs out a bit and a great pair of nude pantyhose with a nice shine to them. Seems to make her legs look longer, yet shapely. Nothing but envy for her boyfriend! What power!


    • Hi Tracy,

      Excellent report. Good to hear. And, yes, you got that last part right on: What power this young lady wields, whether she realizes it or not. Sadly, it seems most women have no idea the power they possess when wearing pantyhose. (That, or they just don’t care.)

      Thank you for your comment.

      • Yes. You know I can really understand the “they may not realize what power they wield”,
        part, however I am still amiss as to the “not caring to wear them” thinking even if it is for a little while, for instance a date or during intimacy. That would satisfy me to no end.
        You know Robin, I can imagine how wonderful it must be around your workplace. The
        inspiration must be very high indeed…if not delightful.

        Thank you for both!


  • My thought on this is that if you love to dress up and wear pantyhose everyday whether to work or anywhere, then do it no matter what other people say because you will be the one getting the attention. R.M.

    • Totally agree with you, after all is ALL ABOUT YOU and how YOU feel, of course the extra attention you might receive is the reward for being classy and lovely

  • This reality is revealed each and everytime I am on a subway, in a hallway, in a restaurant, in an office, walking outside, and even at a family function or party for a friend. I have never…not once, not ever….observed an environment where the woman or women wearing pantyhose did not gain more stares then the not-wearing crowd. This is not an exaggeration, not a lie. Because I am most often standing with one or more other men in these instances, and because in some of these scenarios our guards are a little relaxed/down where the paths of our eyelines are concerned, and because of my own lifelong adoration for the look, I find myself time and time again talking with some guy and seeing his eyes go one place and one place only – to follow the pantyhose-clad legs of a woman that otherwise is incidentally walking by or sitting down. While it can be said that there are other interests out there from a myriad of guys, there is most definitely something to the arrogance of an ad like Leggs: there is nothing short of winning a multi-million dolar lottery that can beat a great pair of Leggs. I am envisioning the guys over the years that I’ve watched get hypnotized – so many different guys with differet preferences as discussed with me – and not one of them can resist stealing a glance at a woman who’s got that look because of pantyhose. I’m there with them in wanting my gaze to be ripped away from everything else in favor of those hose-clad legs, but I so often take my own preferences for granted that sometimes I just like getting validation from watching 100% of them do the very same thing – take attention, energy, and time away from whatever it is they thought was significant and focusing all of it on that lady that just breezed by with the pantyhose on. We haven’t met her yet – but sweet jeepers we want to, and how, even if its just in our minds for a moment. We ain’t thinking that about so many other women in the room who supposedly fulfill some other beauty standard – ‘cuz they ain’t got the PH power.

    Okay – ‘nuf from end.

    Salute to another fun topic, Robin.


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