Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ – Margulies just plain Hot

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

      By now, many of you have heard or read that Sesame Street has pulled the plug on a taped segment during which pop singer Katy Perry sings with Elmo.  The segment was supposed to run during an upcoming episode of the popular children’s show, but has been cancelled by Sesame Street because of negative comments received after the video was previewed on YouTube. 

     Sesame Street says it won’t air the segment because of the controversy generated by the risque’ dress of the pop star.  Perry is wearing a strapped yellow gown with a sheer mesh top, which does little to cover up her ample cleavage.

     In the video, Perry sings an edited-for-children version of her hit, “Hot N Cold,” to Elmo.

      Earlier today, viewer complaints prompted Sesame Street’s producer to cut the segment from its planned spot on a future TV show.  The video also has been removed from Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel.  

     The video remained on Perry’s own website for a while.  Seeing the video, I can understand some parents’ concern, but I don’t find it really offensive.  Perry’s outfit seems no less revealing than anything you might see a princess or mermaid wear in a Disney movie.  Too bad it got yanked because I thought Perry’s performance was very well done.  Her facial expressions and demeanor were very cute and innocent enough.  And, she expressed sadness that the segment was pulled, describing it as one of the most rewarding bits she’s done.  Good for her.

     I agree that the bustier-type top of her dress was a bit risque’ and inappropriate for the age of the intended audience, but I doubt that it would have had any adverse effect on them.  Here’s what I want to know: How did this even happen?  Isn’t someone at Sesame Street responsible for wardrobe?  Didn’t the video’s director have a say on the matter? 

      I do respect and appreciate that Perry thought it was important enough to wear pantyhose with the outfit. 

Katy Perry is one entertainer who can be counted on to wear pantyhose during performances and public appearances.

Many of my readers tell me that Katy Perry is one of today’s pop stars who can be counted on to wear pantyhose during her act. 

     Off stage, I don’t think Perry is as devoted a wearer of pantyhose as Lady Gaga.  I checked Perry out in a couple of galleries and saw her wearing pantyhose in only about one-third of the photos. 

     So pantyhose don’t appear to be  her signature fashion statement the way they are for Lady Gaga, but hey, one-third of the time is far better than the norm in the entertainment world, so Katy Perry is OK with me.

     It bears mentioning that Beyonce’ is another young entertainer who seems to always appear in short outfits, showing a lot of leg in pantyhose. 

     It is so good to see these young entertainers demonstrating class and professionalism in their acts.

   Hopefully, they will influence an entire generation of young women who might otherwise not find many examples of their contemporaries wearing pantyhose.


Talk about Hot

     Meanwhile, I wrote last time about how Julianna Margulies is so very classy, always wearing pantyhose on her hit TV show, The Good Wife, and during appearances on late night talk shows.  

Just as in her TV and movie roles, Julianna Margulies always has the class and professionalism to appear on late night talk shows wearing dresses, high heels and pantyhose.

    Funny how in the photo above it looks like Dave is going after a quick feel of Julianna’s pretty pantyhosed leg during a recent episode of  The Late Show with David Letterman.  You go, Dave!

   And check out how stunning Julianna looked recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

      Wow!  She is really special.  She’s extremely talented, seems to be a good person, and she carries herself with grace and elegance. 

     I’m just cynical enough to believe that this is just a fluke; that she’s going to let me down; that I’ll tune in one time and find her doing the bare legs thing during a national TV appearance, but she just keeps blowing my mind because she always wears a beautiful dress, high heels and very sheer pantyose.  This lady is classy. 

      If you aren’t watching The Good Wife, let me tell you it’s about the best drama on TV.  Very well written and wonderfully acted.  I am officially a Julianna Magulies fan now.

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