What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

Robin Maryland
Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

What is it that we love so much about pantyhose?  Is it the look, the feel, or both?    Most people will admit that legs adorned in  pantyhose look better than “bear” legs.   I believe true lovers of pantyhose love their feel as much as their look.

What is silky?  

Almost universally, people say pantyhose have a “silky” feel, probably because that’s the word they’ve always heard associated with pantyhose.  But when they describe how pantyhose feel to the touch, most people use words such as “smooth,” “slick” or “slippery.”

I have always thought of pantyhose as silky, but to me, “silky” means extremely soft and delicate like the silk of a spider’s web.

Not exactly

When Lycra (the most widely known brand name for spandex) is added to the nylon fabric, you get a “support” effect.  Spandex is a man-made synthetic blend of rubberized particles.  That can be good for keeping pantyhose from sagging, or for therapeutic reasons.

Pantyhose made with spandex offer a  smooth, slick or slippery feeling to the touch.  If you run your hand over pantyhose like these, it will slide across effortlessly, as if on a glassy surface — like running your hand over a  dolphin as it swims by.

The tight and shiny effect of pantyhose with a high content of spandex attracts some, but doesn't make the legs look real.
The tight and shiny effect of pantyhose with a high content of spandex attracts some, but doesn’t make the legs look real.

I do understand how some people are attracted to pantyhose made with a bit of spandex.  They can look alluring and still feel petty nice.

On the other hand (or legs), pantyhose made with a high degree of spandex are very shiny (yeah, I know many people really like shiny) and elastic.

To me, those pantyhose feel like a rubber band stretched to the max.

I believe this is the reason women say they hate pantyhose and complain that they are too tight, too hot and just too uncomfortable.

Spandex-phIt’s almost as if manufacturers today believe that all women want pantyhose that will hold their tummies in and massage their legs (really?), but in so doing, the tightness can give them stomach aches and cutoff circulation to their toes.

Speaking of toes, I find it amazing when everyday real girls, or professional pantyhose models show off their feet in photos, but the pantyhose are so tight with too spandex it actually pulls their toes down and under, so they aren’t displayed properly.

Actress Mila Kunis during a scene from the recent move, 'Bad Mom.'
Actress Mila Kunis during a scene from the recent move, ‘Bad Mom.’

Sometimes, you can tell when the pantyhose are all-nylon (no spandex), as the toes are held in their natural position.  Of course, this isn’t an exact science, as some girls just have toes that aren’t straight, and they probably shouldn’t be showing them so readily.

Even so, check out this picture of actress Mila Kunis, wearing pantyhose in the movie, Bad Moms.

While it’s great to see Mila wearing pantyhose, an extremely rare event these days, they’re made with so much spandex, the fabric compresses the natural curves of her legs and squishes her toes together.

In fact, her pantyhose are so thick, you can barely make out her toes.

angelina-jolie-357613Now contrast that with another movie still, this one starring Angelina Jolie in the movie, The Tourist, and check out this scene in which Angelina slips out of her pumps.

See how much more delicate her pantyhose are (likely all-nylon, or very little spandex), as her toes are clearly and nicely displayed.

Give and take

P1160596What I love is the extremely soft and truly silky texture you get from 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  I love that when you touch that fabric, it sorta touches you back.  It gives.  It moves.  When you touch this fabric, you can really feel it, and you can make the person wearing it feel what you feel because the pantyhose will move on her legs, forcing her to “feel” the soft and silky fabric against her body.

And then, there’s the overall concept of 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  There’s just something very sexy about the sense of vulnerability that truly silky and delicate pantyhose provide.

Most of the pantyhose you find on the market today are made with some degree of spandex.  What bothers me is that women who think pantyhose are uncomfortable might never have tried anything but that kind of pantyhose.  Perhaps they don’t realize there is a choice.

2003619271I can’t fathom how anyone would describe the feeling of 100 percent nylon pantyhose as “uncomfortable.”  Nothing could be softer, silkier and more delicate than 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  They make your legs look perfect, they feel so nice on, and they feel incredible to the touch.

Pantyhose can be practical:  The right thing to wear at the office, proper for a formal or special occasion, or good for a massage.

Or, pantyhose can be beautiful, decidedly feminine and extremely sexy.

You have a choice.


69 thoughts on “What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

  • Robin,
    Have you thought about making tall sizes in your pantyhose line so they would fit men?
    If not, can I suggest / request that you expand the sizes of pantyhose to include ones that would fit men.
    I’ve got to believe there are some tall women who have a hard time finding pantyhose that fit.

  • Aloha Robin,

    It has been raining quite hard here in Hawaii the past few days and I kind of sat myself down and went over some of your articles to pass the time. I particularly looked at some of the articles from you early on and answers from readers. I again ended up at your September 9, 2010 blog and kind of sat back and pondered about how women who do wear pantyhose, do or do not know they have the power over us who love seeing the look on them. Do they really give signs of wanting us to look at their legs with pantyhose on?

    As I sat back, I realized that for the life of me, I don”t really, know myself if women really do want me to look at their legs, I mean it has never been an experience of mine where a woman has caught me looking, or that she has gone out of her way to express that she wants me to look. I know you have mentioned subtle movements such as rubbing their hose on their legs, or adjusting them somehow. Maybe I am too naive to realize.

    I wanted to put a feeler out to the readers if they have had such experiences, and to any female readers if they do give signs for men to react to their “feminine look” of hose on. The only time I have had the pleasure is if I mentioned to them about my interest if the subject came up. Let’s just say it has peaked my interest. Of course, if you have any insights on this Robin, I am all ears.

    Ever anxious,


    • Hi Tracy,

      Interesting points. I think very few women realize the power they wield when wearing pantyhose. Those who don’t also are probably the same ones who just don’t have a sense of femininity about themselves in the first place.

      Those who do probably are the same ones who cast signs that they do want to be noticed for wearing pantyhose.

      Your question is a good one, but maybe we ought to be asking: Is it OK for men to openly notice and show their appreciation for women wearing?

      • Ahhh….point taken. Yes, let’s ask that one. Any taker’s on this subject? I would love to know a female thought about this. 🙂


    • Hi Tracy

      I have no intention to judge anything you’re saying. I’m just observing that you’re not treating women as individual people with their own hopes, desires and attitudes. You’re lumping them all together as a group and wondering if all those women want their legs stared at because they are wearing a particular item of clothing that you personally find sexually charged.

      I think the answer is clearly no. Some people wear an article of clothing out of habit, out of cultural expectations, out of job requirements. Sometimes they wear it to attract attention but again, the desire for attention is very individual as well. A person may want indiscriminate attention to feel powerful because they are not feeling that power in other areas of their lives– I suspect that’s pretty rare, I would consider it as sad state of affairs. I’ve had conversations with therapists who have described pretty women who derive their value from their looks as the most terrified of losing those looks. They don’t think they have anything else.

      Or they may only want attention from people they believe are “worthy” of them — the same or better class or status. Some people get very upset if the “wrong” people pay them attention, whereas they are quite pleased if the “right” people pay them attention. Hence, some people have the license to treat them badly and objectify them, while other people are despised for merely believing they have a shot. Again, this is a sad state of affairs relating to the person’s insecurity.

      Still other people in a trusting and loving relationship who feel valued as they enjoy the additional attention, the “icing on the cake”, of having their container (their body) appreciated on top of everything else. Their container may come or go, but they are still valued.

      Personally, I’ve had men walk past and say my girlfriend is very pretty and I should look after her. That’s cool. It’s something else entirely for some guy to stare at her like a classless creep. That’s gross. Or worse, follow around behind us to drool over her legs. The guy is objectifying her for his own personal jollies with no regard for her as a person. This happens from time to time and I make it clear for the creep he’s being a creep.

      It’s an immature (and I don’t mean that as a judgment, merely as an observation of a continuum of maturity) point of view to consider the people of the planet as objects for your gratification– that their purpose is to serve some need you have.

      It’s one thing to notice the beauty in the world around you — the beauty of everything around you– the people, their diversity, their ideas. It’s something else entirely to feed your personal sexual fetish by ogling a stranger’s body part. In your personal world, legs and pantyhosed legs are highly sexually charged and meaningful to you. That’s just not the case for the rest of the world.

      I doubt it’s possible to understand how demeaning objectification is until you’ve really experienced it– to be ostracized for something superficial, and accepted for something superficial, sometimes by the same person based on changing circumstances.

      I think that’s why many women are just so fed up with this pantyhose thing. It has little to do with the item of clothing, and plenty to do with feeling like someone else’s mannequin.

      • Hi no one in particular,

        Thank you for commenting on Tracy’s comment on this blog. Yours is a very well-conceived and thoughtfully presented comment, and I am sure no one here would disagree with your points.

        I can just tell you that from my experience, Tracy is in no way a creep, staring at women’s legs to satisfy a sexual fantasy. In fact, he is a gentlemen and is quite professional at work and out-and-about, merely admiring the beauty of women’s legs in pantyhose.

        You might have read only one comment from Tracy, and taken it out of context.

        Secondly, in 99 percent of cases, the men (and some women) who have made comments on this blog, have followed my lead and kept everything clean and classy here.

        Nevertheless, there’s no denying that sheer pantyhose are sexy, and seemingly an overwhelming majority of men throughout the world have a pantyhose fetish. And, fortunately, most of them (at least, the one’s we come into contact with here) are gentlemen, merely voicing their frustration over the bare legs culture that exists today.

        While I agree with almost everything you wrote, I don’t think women are fed up with pantyhose today because when wearing them, they feel like someone’s mannequin. Rather, I believe that it’s a state of the culture of today’s young women, which is less about professionalism, class and glamour, and more about carrying a casual look too far (especially, at the office and other formal affairs).

        Again, thank you for your comment, and please always feel free to share your perspective with us here.


      • Hello no one in particular,

        First of all, I just wanted to thank you for responding to my question to all of the readers of this blog. Your’s is the only answer I have received thus far and I must say, “wow” it is one of the most detailed and thoughtful answers I have received. It is amazing how a simple question, as the one I asked Robin and the other readers, created such an elaborate opinion of this apparently sensitive subject. However, that is the beauty of this blog that it is open to everyone to express how they feel and also to discuss such topics as this one I decided to ask about. To be honest, I expected to receive some “positive” and “not so positive” replies, but, as I stated, you are the only one that responded so I will try to answer as objectively as I can.

        The question I presented was simply out of “curiosity” after reading several of Robin’s excellent aritcles regarding many subjects of the “pantyhose world” and also pondering all of the responding reader’s comments. I will say that, “yes!”, I do appreciate the beauty of women wearing pantyhose and have stated so on this blog. Perhaps the way I asked the question might have triggered your response, but is was at no disrespect for women and what they wear. I assure you that I do not sit at street corners, or hide behind bushes, or even look out windows with binocuars at women’s legs to get my “thrills” as you may have suggested in your response. Of course there is a difference of staring at a woman legs as opposed to just looking at them as I suggested in my question.

        Yes, pantyhose can be ” sexually charging ” as you stated, but that is of course each individuals personal feelilngs and has nothing to do with me going around “oggling” legs. A woman can be respected by the mere look of what she is wearing on her legs as well as what type of outfit she is wearing. It is not a “need” of gratification, but a admiration of how well nylons look on their legs and I will say that
        there have been friends of mine who don’t mind being told they look good in pantyhose.

        I did find it fascinating the use of some of your vocabulary to express your opinion about a woman’s looks. As much as I consider the woman’s looks (body) a perfect artform based on curves, for which pantyhose brings out that beauty, you mentioned their body as a (container) for which I picture in my mind to be a rectangular, boxy shape by definition. As for me, and no disrespect to you, trying to compliment a woman by saying ” that your dress, or hose on your container look great on you” just doesn’t sound right, But out of respect, I do see how you view it as being valued. We just differ at that.

        I have one more inquiry in regards to this topic. I find it interesting that you do defend women from being objects to to be stared at and subject to “objectification”, which is good and I have no argument to that, but what I find puzzling is that out of all the sites on the internet that do make women “sexual objects” to be oggled, you chose this site and my question to “psychoanalyze” me as a “needful person”. This leads me to believe that you may have some sort of “pantyhose fetish” or the love of nylons on women also if you follow this blog.

        As I stated, this is a clean blog that lets us who appreciate beauty and be able to express that. appreciation. Yes beauty is found in people and everything around them. I apologize if I have offended you in any way but I just wanted to make my feelings clear and do not judge you for your beliefs or ways. Again I do thank you for replying and I hope in the future we can discuss ways that we may agree on if you still follow this blog.

        I just wanted to say “thank you” to Robin for defending my character and I consider her an expert on the subject of “pantyhose” and am proud to say she is a friend to not just me, but to all who follow her articles and wisdom. May you all find all that is right in your world.

        Thank you!


  • Hi Tracey I mean aloha.Well I hardly ever hear anybody say there jealous of me.I liked that story about the one women taking off her pantyhose and giving them to you.Well my ::) do sent always wear them as much as I would like to see her.Her younger cousin who is 23 is the one who loves to wear them more and says bare legs are tacky and inappropriate. I think that’s the attitude she got from her stewardess mother.Well I hope your wife could wear them more often for you.

  • Hi Robin I hope everything is well with you and your business . Also I would like to say my comments don’t seem to measure up to Traceys .well I have never been to japan or china.People in this blog have said the women in those countries are generally more feminine than the women in the united states .I can’t seem to come back with anything other than during most holidays when I sit at the table at my gfs relatives house. You know the cousin I told you about . When I get to sit between them and feel both of their legs up when they are wearing pantyhose.Also her cousin referred to act sensuous pantyhose as girly feminine and sexy and when she wears them every other article of clothing seems to disappear. So I know she likes your product.Well getting back to the story. Japan and china are probably the best places to go if you like to see women in pantyhose.

    • Hi Steve,

      Thank you for your latest comment. Yes, Tracy’s comments would be tough to beat, as he lives in Hawaii and sees many Asian women wearing pantyhose all the time. But this isn’t a competition, and your comments are very entertaining.

      Also, you have extremely rare circumstances, as your gf and her cousin both wear pantyhose and allow you to feel up their legs. Heck, most men here say they couldn’t pay their wives to wear for them, and you have two girls who wear frequently and love to tease you in their pantyhose.

      Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas, Steve.

      • Aloha Steve!

        Thank you for your kind words regarding my comments to Robin and the rest of the readers. Yes, Robin hit it right on the head regarding my locale and seeing many, many Japanese
        women, as well as others from East and Southeast Asia. Here in the islands the population is made up of about 70 – 75% Asian, (just an estimate),which in most part is 2nd and 3rd generation. To me they all look great wearing pantyhose, for those who do wear them. Mainly the tourist walk off the planes in them in many colors and styles.

        Don’t get me wrong though, for there are many other women from all over the world who visit that look just as amazing in them, with there long legs such as flight attendants and also local office workers. Many opportunities to see them.

        You know Steve I have to envy your opportunity with the two women in your life. Reading
        your experiences you have far exceeds anything I have. You have the opportunity of touch and feel, where as I have “look only”. Your experiences give us who lack in that an idea of how it would be to have that opportunity, especially when you have two lovely ladies who voluntarily let you do so. Many have said that we who don’t have that should “man up” and ask or tell our wives or gf’s to wear them, however many situations are different and we choose to keep it going rather than create any rifts. I express any thoughts or wishes with words through Robin’s blog she has so graciously made for us to use. I do express gratitude to her, and she probably thinks I overdo it, but she is all knowing with many things and pantyhose is her specialty. I do appreciate her for that.

        Please do not think your stories are plain or not interesting. As I have said I am envious of your opportunity and your stories peak our imaginations of a great experience. I for one will not tire of them. Keep expressing those experiences! Look forward to the next one. Take care and Aloha!


  • Hey Robin,

    You are probably relaxing during the week-end, as you should, and I don’t mind the wait for your excellent answers. It is usually worth it. I witnessed the other day a young Japanese woman exit the airplane with an unusual outfit ensamble. It is a bit chilly in Japan, so she was wearing a nice maroon color sweater, with short, short Levi shorts, and thigh high stockings and a nice pair of flats w/o any concern at all. I am sorry it wasn’t pantyhose, but it goes to show you that in Japan, anything goes for fashion w/o any predjiduce. I have seen many women with nude and tan color pantyhose as well. Ahhhhh… Wintertime! Wonderful season!
    Enjoy your rest Robin.


    • Hi Tracy,

      I never rest and relax. Maybe that’s my problem.

      Yes, thank God for Japanese girls. There is no question about who the most feminine girls out there are (besides me).

      And while you say that in Japan anything goes when it comes to fashion, I know you know more than most that fashion or no fashion, pantyhose (or as the women in Japan call them) nylons are an important staple in Japanese culture.

      So, really, thank God for Japan.

      Thanks as always for your comment, Tracy.

      • Yes Robin, by all means you are one of the most feminine woman I believe. Maybe keeping busy is what keeps you so young looking! The pantyhose enhance it even more!
        The words (feminine and pantyhose) do go very well together. They compliment each other. Please always compliment us Robin. We do appreciate it.


  • I was very excited to tune in to the Victoria’s Secret fashion show the other night. And just like about all of the most recent years past, I was EXTREMELY disappointed. Not 1 single woman in sheer pantyhose, nylons, stockings, or thigh highs. I could rant about this forever, but I’ll keep it short. How can you possibly have a lingerie show without nylons?????

    • Ahhhhh, innocent Lenny Hoseman, let me explain: It is best not to get one’s hopes up for this event and most just like it. Veteran readers here, along with myself, know instinctively not to watch these shows or any of the celebrity awards shows.

      While things are improving, even the most pantyhose-friendly celeb who can be seen wearing even just out and about won’t wear to any show where these deeply shallow and classless peers of theirs gather.

      Thank you for your comment, Lenny Hoseman

    • These shows are always a disappointment because the women have no curves and usually are not wearing anything remotely sexy. The have body shape of 10 year old boys because that’s what they want to promote as sexy. I’ll take a female with curves in pantyhose, stockings, or thigh highs any day of the week over them. Men we cannot depend on society to bring these nylons back we have to ourselves

  • When I go on dates I always tell my date that I want to see her in dress or skirt, heels, and nylons. Some will complain otherwise will comply with my request. More comply than not and that’s why I have dated a lot of women that wear nylons. I would like to get others opinion on this approach especially women. How would it make you feel if a man told you he wanted you to wear nylons as part of a dress code. The second part of this post is that I want to challenge the men reading this blog to request that the women they date wear nylons. I’d like to see how this goes for them.

    • Hi Zeus,

      Good comment, as before. In fact, I was surprised we got … what … zero comments from men or women the first time you mentioned your way of doing things? Like you, I am curious to learn what the reactions of men and women will be.

      Hope we get some traction this time.


  • I am a straight male guy i love to wear pantyhose.they feel so good on me. And fit really good since I weigh 113 pounds I wear a size B i wear leggs sheer energy control top pantyhose I,have been doing this for two months.I love to rub my hands on my thighs and they feel so silky and and also I love to rub my legs and feet together when in bed and it feels so silky too i am hooked thank you for reading my experience

  • I was wondering if anyone knows if there is something they have on brand new pantyhose that give them that more silky feel that didsapears after a couple of washings. Not sure if it’s something they stay on them that comes off or if it is just wearing and stretching them that causes that feel to go away

    • Hi Brian,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. You’ve asked a good question, and I hope at least one person among the thousands of readers we have here can answer it.

      I can’t answer your question because ActSensuous makes only 100% nylon pantyhose. Ours are soft and silky by design, and at least I’ve never known our product to lose that feel after several washings. Then again, I might be biased. (Might be … haaaaaaaaa.)

      Another issue (as covered in the post on which you’re commenting), is what does silky mean to you? Many people think pantyhose made with Lycra (spandex) has a silky feel. I completely disagree with that. I would say pantyhose made with spandex (a man-made compound of rubberized substance) are more “slick” or “slippery” than silky.

      Think about it: If you feel the texture of a large rubber band stretched to its limit, is that a silky feeling to you? I think it’s more like slick or slippery. On the other hand (or in the other hand 🙂 ), if you felt something actually made in silk, isn’t it more like soft and silky?

      It’s been a long time since stockings were made out of silk. And for that matter, it might have been an equally long time since pantyhose were made of nothing but nylon, if not for ActSensuous.

      Thanks again for your comment, Brian.

  • Hi Robin. Just wanted to let you know it is great being back in a place where pantyhose is the norm in the workplace. Even though there are ” bear legs” around here, it is nice to know there is a place to go, and a few female friends to see and discuss the different types and colors of hose around. How soothing! Must be nice around your office also. 🙂


      • The heavy and busy workload aside, any male that could work on your staff would be one lucky guy, Robin. Just saying.

      • Well then that confirms my assumption that your company is totally a classy establishment. I can just imagine how nice it looks at your workplace. I am off to work now and will take in the sights at my office, and you are probably getting ready to end your day. Still enjoying the articles when I can now that I am off vacation. It stimulates me after a busy day. Enjoy your evening Robin!


  • Well… as I have mentioned many times, A woman’s body (shape) is a perfect art form. Women wearing pantyhose completely enhances their shape and the feel of them on women as well doubles the pleasure of the sense of touch! Sooooooo……..sexy! Just plain and simple.

  • just love pantyhose and tights being a straight male the warmth on cool days the support the look and feel love the glossy ones most but i have most colors and styles dont understand the fetish thing to me their just clothing i love wearing i wear them everyday

  • Pantyhose are great but opaque tights feel much better to wear.Black 100den or thicker feel sensational and last so much longer.

  • Hey Robin.
    I wonder when you first
    developed your love for pantyhose. If I
    may be so bold to ask. I dont know if
    anyones asked you this before

  • I In high school there were two girls who
    were good friends and they could frequently
    be seen together.One girl would be
    considered a beauty queen by most guxs

    and the other one was like a plain jane.
    The one most guys considered a plain
    jane would consistently wear dresses
    high heels and pantyhose two or three
    times a week.the other would hardly ever
    wear a skirt or dress and when she did
    it was with bear legs.Most of my friends
    would starf at the bear legged one and
    they thought i was odd when I Would Be
    staring at the plain jane with the nice
    legs..The plain jane would end up being
    mx first girlfriend and my prom date.

    At The prom her friend wore a pair of
    pantyhose and after the prom she took

    her pantyhose off and gives them to me
    saying these things are uncomfortable and
    they itch like hell.Her Friend Told her to
    do that.When I got home I hid them in
    my closet.Referring to the fetish before and
    my secret collection.In The End the plain
    jane won me over with her love of pantyhose

  • I think that hosiery could steal the cotton slogan “the touch, the feel, the fabric of our lives”. It really is so many things. Very soft to the touch and sensual for the eyes. They do appeal to all the senses in some way or another. I’ve made a habit to encourage the ladies I’ve dated over the years to wear them. There is no other item that will catch my attention and hold it than hosiery clad legs.

  • Loved this blog. I discovered I had a pantyhose fetish. They were worn quite a bit by my mother and sister so they had them around quite a bit. I tried on a pair they had stored in a bag and was hooked ever since. When I met my wife I hid them from her at first. But then after we started living together, before we got married, she happened to find my stash one day. I came home from work and she wanted to know if I was having an affair or if I was stealing clothing from people. I explained my fetish to her, and she though it was humorous but also cute.

    After that is has been awesome ever since. I buy some of my favorite brands for her to wear and sometimes she even picks me up some that she knows I’ll like. She don’t wear them, but will if I ask her to because she likes how they turn me on. Even in the bedroom things are awesome. I would say that it is much easier to have a wife who understands the fetish and has a good time supporting you and knowing what turns you on.

    I do not wear them in public, because for me it’s a more private sexual thing. But I always love to make excuses on why I need to use them. I take a pair of sheer and a bunch of peds (their free! just go shoe shopping with the wife and get a bunch! LOL) camping with me. They do keep the ticks off, can be used as a coffee filter, they are warm at night, you can put a bar of soap in them to use for washing, place them over bowels to keep bugs out, ect, but really I love to wear them sleeping in the nylon hammock in them with a fleece over top.

  • not just fleas..but they will protect you against jellyfish sting..as strange as it sounds..its been proven ..

    when i was 8..mum put tights on me to keep warm while i was sick..i thought nothing at all of it..some time later my cousin came came over wearing pantyhose..she had found a bag full of her mums old ones..i was admiring them and she asked me if i wanted a pair…ok..she went home and came back a short time later with pantyhose in hand..so there i was putting on my aunts old pantyhose..they felt sooo much different to the tights..and i,llnever forget those first feelings..the way they rubbed all over my legs..the butterflies in my stomache..there was no turning back..that was 37 years ago..

    i really dont know why some women choose to dispise them..but they will wear a thong that cuts them in half ,get boob implants,liposuction,botox all for the sake of beauty..bless their hearts..but if your a leg man..none of it really matters

  • I came up with sixteen good reasons why Pantyhose are good to wear. There are
    probably some reasons that can be argued and some additional reasons that I can’t
    think of, nevertheless they are listed below.

    (1). Keep ticks from attaching to your legs
    (2). Keep fleas from biting
    (3). Reduce leg fatigue
    (4). Improve blood circulation in legs
    (5). Control varicose vein condition
    (6). Keep legs cooler in hot weather
    (7). Keep legs warmer in cold weather
    (8). Eliminate chaffing
    (9). Improve shoe life over bare feet
    (10). Support for men if control top is used
    (11). Improve appearance
    (12). Eliminate need for a panty or brief
    (13). Prevent foot callos if
    (14). Nylon is virtually non-alergenic
    (15). Great for people suffering with psoriasis
    (16). Provide legs with a very smooth feel

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for your comment. I would imagine you’ll get some replies to this. Here’s my take:

      (1). Keep ticks from attaching to your legs
      It’s rare we even see women in pantyhose at the office; I kinda doubt they’re going to be wearing while hiking in Alabama.

      (2). Keep fleas from biting
      Once, I accompanied a girlfriend to check out an apartment she was thinking about leasing. We both noticed a bunch of black specks on her pantyhose. Turned out the place was infested with fleas, and later, we noticed somehow they had worked their way through the pantyhose and onto her skin. That was weird. (She didn’t rent the place.)

      (6). Keep legs cooler in hot weather
      (7). Keep legs warmer in cold weather
      Huh? My whole life I’ve had to listen to “It’s too hot to wear pantyhose in the summer,” and “It’s too cold to wear pantyhose in the winter.” Now, I’m confused!

      You’ve put a lot of thought into this, Mike, and you’ve made some good (and very amusing) points. Thanks for that. It’ll be interesting to see what others say.

      Robin 🙂

      • (1). The tick thing I’ve proven not to be a myth as I have to work in tick infested areas and so far with the hose on I’ve never been bothered other than above the waistline i.e. scalp ;^ (
        (2). The flea thing I haven’t proven. I only read that they sent a bunch of pantyhose over to the gulf war for soldiers to thwart the sand fleas. Maybe sand fleas are different than our typical fleas.
        (7). I have proven both of these. I wear hose both in hot and cold weather. My legs actually do feel cooler in the hot weather.

  • For some reason, I use to think that sheer to the waist 100% nylon pantyhose were a cross between the softness of semi-opaque pantyhose and the transparency of very fragile ultra sheers. But that was a long time ago. R.M.

  • Hurray for all the lovely ladies who are the hoisery battlefront so to speak fight the good fight we true men love to see sensuous ladies wearing lingerie, hoisery, etc. keep up the good work and spread the word

  • I sometimes wonder how cheerleaders and the waitresses at Hooters restaurants would look if they wore actsensuous pantyhose instead of those shiny support pantyhose. E.M.

    • Thanks for your comment, E.M.

      You know, I’ve often wondered that myself. Actually, I know how they’d look in ActSensuous pantyhose — AWESOME!


      • They Certainly would look Awesome in ActSensuous pantyhose..

        Not forgetting how they would feel wearing a pair of ActSensuous pantyhose…. A truly positive experience…

        Take Care


    • agreed..the hooters hose look nice but arnt that comfortable at first..they feel more like tights and take some breaking in..i think they should be abble to choose for themselves whats more comfy to each theirown

  • Pantyhose is the best invention ever made when in comes to legwear. They are like “make-up” to a woman’s legs. The softness, sheerness of 100% percent nylon pantyhose truly enhances the natural beauty of a woman’s legs. It’s so sad how a lot of women hates pantyhose but they love to wear make-up to be noticed. They should use that same concept and apply “make-up (sheer pantyhose)” to those bare legs and they will really get a lot more attention. R.M.

  • “Naturally Sheerness” and “Irresistible Softness” from waist to toe is what I think about when it comes to 100% nylon pantyhose. This is what pantyhose should be like. No lycra, spandex, control top, etc. Just sheer 100% nylon from waist to toe.

      • I 100% agree also….
        More people should discover the wonder of 100% nylon pantyhose….

        ActSensuous…. A fine gossamer of fabric between you and the outside world…

        Take Care


      • In my opinion, actsensuous pantyhose are so soft and sheer, they should be called “Ultra Soft sheer to waist 100% nylon pantyhose”. Classic sheer and Dress sheer best describes actsensuous pantyhose.

        • Hi, R.M. Thank you for your kind words, but you’re killing me here.

          It’s bad enough that your initials are R.M. (like mine), so it probably looks like it’s me writing these comments, but then you go and say those nice things about our pantyhose. Look, folks, most of the people who comment on my blog posts are not customers, including R.M. who comments a lot (thank you), but only just became a customer this week.

          More disclaimer: You do not have to be a customer to comment on my blog post. And anyone will tell you that my blog is for your entertainment only. Commenting on my blog posts (please do) doesn’t put you on some list to receive emails or solicitations from us to buy our pantyhose. I keep the blog completely separate and will never contact you (except maybe to thank you for commenting.)

          Anyone notice that, until today, you haven’t seen a new blog post from me since January? I get very discouraged when I write Pulitzer-quality pieces and no one bothers to comment. So, puh-leeeeease participate.

          OK, lecture over. Thank you again, R.M.


  • New customer and just bought a few pair for my wife. They look and feel amazing, will be using them quite OFTEN 🙂 cant wait to see her in them more

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for your comment. You didn’t have to endorse us, but thanks for that. Glad that your wife and you like our pantyhose.


      Editor’s note: My blog posts are open for your comments. You can agree or disagree with my point of view on things. While comments about how much you love ActSensuous are appreciated, the purpose of the blog really is to talk about pantyhose in general.

  • “What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?” 2

    After my other posting another word came to mind about the feeling about 100% nylon Pantyhose. “Gossamer”

    Gossamer.. A thin light sheer transparent fabric…

    Actsensuous. 100% Nylon pantyhose are highly recommend for a truly positive pantyhose experience… There is nothing like it…

    Take Care


  • There is something so unique about sheer to the waist 100 percent nylon pantyhose that outbeats all other hosiery. The natural silky softness, the exquisite see-through sheerness are what 100 percent nylon pantyhose should always look and feel like. These are the type of pantyhose that makes you want to dress up just because you enjoy wearing them.

  • What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

    When i think about the feeling of 100% nylon pantyhose… One word comes to mind “Pure”

    Pure.. pleasure to wear.

    Pure.. comfort and feeling to wear.

    Pure.. lustrous and smoothness

    Pure.. 100% nylon without the lycra.

    Pure.. perfect looking legs.

    Pure.. Unforgettable experience.

    I can recommend 100% pantyhose to everyone.

    Take Care


  • I love both the look and feel of pantyhose. The way they look and how they cling to a woman’s legs like a second skin is so sexy. The ones made with 100 percent nylon are like heaven on a woman’s legs. The extreme sheerness and softness of the pantyhose are so naturally silky. Support pantyhose are silky also but they are nowhere near as beautiful as the ones with 100 percent sheer nylon. I just can’t see how lots of women can’t stand wearing these beautiful articles of clothing. If I was a woman, I would wear 100 percent sheer nylon pantyhose almost everyday.

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