Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’ – Margulies just plain Hot

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

      By now, many of you have heard or read that Sesame Street has pulled the plug on a taped segment during which pop singer Katy Perry sings with Elmo.  The segment was supposed to run during an upcoming episode of the popular children’s show, but has been cancelled by Sesame Street because of negative comments received after the video was previewed on YouTube. 

     Sesame Street says it won’t air the segment because of the controversy generated by the risque’ dress of the pop star.  Perry is wearing a strapped yellow gown with a sheer mesh top, which does little to cover up her ample cleavage.

     In the video, Perry sings an edited-for-children version of her hit, “Hot N Cold,” to Elmo.

      Earlier today, viewer complaints prompted Sesame Street’s producer to cut the segment from its planned spot on a future TV show.  The video also has been removed from Sesame Street’s YouTube Channel.  

     The video remained on Perry’s own website for a while.  Seeing the video, I can understand some parents’ concern, but I don’t find it really offensive.  Perry’s outfit seems no less revealing than anything you might see a princess or mermaid wear in a Disney movie.  Too bad it got yanked because I thought Perry’s performance was very well done.  Her facial expressions and demeanor were very cute and innocent enough.  And, she expressed sadness that the segment was pulled, describing it as one of the most rewarding bits she’s done.  Good for her.

     I agree that the bustier-type top of her dress was a bit risque’ and inappropriate for the age of the intended audience, but I doubt that it would have had any adverse effect on them.  Here’s what I want to know: How did this even happen?  Isn’t someone at Sesame Street responsible for wardrobe?  Didn’t the video’s director have a say on the matter? 

      I do respect and appreciate that Perry thought it was important enough to wear pantyhose with the outfit. 

Katy Perry is one entertainer who can be counted on to wear pantyhose during performances and public appearances.

Many of my readers tell me that Katy Perry is one of today’s pop stars who can be counted on to wear pantyhose during her act. 

     Off stage, I don’t think Perry is as devoted a wearer of pantyhose as Lady Gaga.  I checked Perry out in a couple of galleries and saw her wearing pantyhose in only about one-third of the photos. 

     So pantyhose don’t appear to be  her signature fashion statement the way they are for Lady Gaga, but hey, one-third of the time is far better than the norm in the entertainment world, so Katy Perry is OK with me.

     It bears mentioning that Beyonce’ is another young entertainer who seems to always appear in short outfits, showing a lot of leg in pantyhose. 

     It is so good to see these young entertainers demonstrating class and professionalism in their acts.

   Hopefully, they will influence an entire generation of young women who might otherwise not find many examples of their contemporaries wearing pantyhose.


Talk about Hot

     Meanwhile, I wrote last time about how Julianna Margulies is so very classy, always wearing pantyhose on her hit TV show, The Good Wife, and during appearances on late night talk shows.  

Just as in her TV and movie roles, Julianna Margulies always has the class and professionalism to appear on late night talk shows wearing dresses, high heels and pantyhose.

    Funny how in the photo above it looks like Dave is going after a quick feel of Julianna’s pretty pantyhosed leg during a recent episode of  The Late Show with David Letterman.  You go, Dave!

   And check out how stunning Julianna looked recently on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon:

      Wow!  She is really special.  She’s extremely talented, seems to be a good person, and she carries herself with grace and elegance. 

     I’m just cynical enough to believe that this is just a fluke; that she’s going to let me down; that I’ll tune in one time and find her doing the bare legs thing during a national TV appearance, but she just keeps blowing my mind because she always wears a beautiful dress, high heels and very sheer pantyose.  This lady is classy. 

      If you aren’t watching The Good Wife, let me tell you it’s about the best drama on TV.  Very well written and wonderfully acted.  I am officially a Julianna Magulies fan now.

‘Ladies, please …’ Class or No Class

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

If you’re like me (and really, for your sake, I hope you’re not), there are a few TV shows that piss you off. 

You see, it really irks me when people miss opportunites:  To make a statement, to do the right thing, to be special.  With that in mind, here are the most obvious: 

TV shows that piss me off

  •  Deal or No Deal 

Like the game – hate the dumb models.  Sorry, but the models rely on their short and beautiful dresses, their fancy high heels, their big hair and big – you know – brains, rather than glamming it up for the big occasion and wearing pantyhose.   Not impressed. 

Now, I will say this:  The few times it’s aired, the special Deal or No Deal Around the World is great. 

The Real Deal

A case in point, the models of the Phillipines, left, not only have the class and grace to wear pantyhose, they come out and do a rousing little coordinated dance routine to the show’s opening theme music. 

It’s very creative and really cool.

Likewise, the models in Estonia have the good taste to wear pantyhose.  In fact, I’m sure the models in all the countries except the good old USA “get it” and wear pantyhose. 

Back to DOND in the U.S., when the banker makes a statement with a special gimmick offer, he usually has one of his Robert Palmer band-looking girls deliver it, and she always wears pantyhose and looks incredible.  Why the other models (or at least the idiot costumer for the show) doesn’t see that and say, “We should really dress up all the models” is beyond me.  

OK, one more reason I hate this show:  The idiot contestants, the idiot audience members, and the idiot models always boo or put down the banker at every opportunity, which I understand is part of the act, but the banker is hillarious, and he should get credit for his antics.  Idiots! 

  • Covert Affairs

 That’s right, I said it.  I had such high hopes for this show after seeing it advertised and watching the pilot, both occasions on which the star, Piper Perabo, wore a skirt suit with high heels and pantyhose.  

No longer a "special" agent

Well, that lasted all of that one whole episode.  Since then, the bimbo agent (uh huh) is always bare (bear) legged.  Yeah, like you’re going to go to work at the CIA in a suit and bare (bear) legs. 

Sorry, not a fan! 


A TV show that probably will piss me off 

  • Nikita 

Coming later this month, it’s another version of the “La Femme Nikita” professional assassin story, this time, starring Maggie Q (“Balls of Fury,” “Mission Impossible II or III,” “Live Free or Die Hard”).  

Now, you’ve read my blog – you know how I love and appreciate Asian actresses for always having the good sense and class to wear pantyhose.  Well, I can tell you that I’ve NEVER seen Maggie Q in pantyhose and I am sure she won’t be wearing them in “Nikita.”  I do hope I’m wrong. 

TV shows that make me proud 

  • The Good Wife 

Thank God for this show.  It’s a bigtime corporate lawyer show, so it would really have  infuriated me if the the female cast members weren’t dressed lawyerly.   

Always classy
But they are, and it’s an awesome show, too.  It’s very well written and acted.
Its star, Julianna Margulies, appeared on “The Late Show with  David Letterman” recently, left, and again one night last week, where she wore very sheer nude pantyhose.  I am really liking Julianna for being professional and doing things right.
  • The Closer 

Never watched it, but I have seen it advertised many times and ALWAYS the lovely little Kyra Sedgwick is wearing a skirt suit with pantyhose and heels.  Good for her.  I probably will begin watching that show just to support her. 

  • Ally McBeal 

No, seriously, the series is being re-aired and it’s the first time in 10 years that I’ve seen it.   Wow, talk about pantyhose city!   Calista Flockhart, below right, as the title character, along with fellow lawyers, including Portia de Rossi and Lucy Liu, make this show a real pleasure to watch. 

Adorable attorney

Watching the show is kinda sad though because it harkens us back to a very special time in our past, as even in the scenes where people (extras) are just walking through the streets of Boston, all the women are wearing pantyhose. 

Ahhhh, those were the days. 

OK, readers, what TV shows piss you off because the female stars don’t wear pantyhose in them? 

Or what shows make you proud because they do? 

Let us know.

What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose?

Robin Maryland
Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

What is it that we love so much about pantyhose?  Is it the look, the feel, or both?    Most people will admit that legs adorned in  pantyhose look better than “bear” legs.   I believe true lovers of pantyhose love their feel as much as their look.

What is silky?  

Almost universally, people say pantyhose have a “silky” feel, probably because that’s the word they’ve always heard associated with pantyhose.  But when they describe how pantyhose feel to the touch, most people use words such as “smooth,” “slick” or “slippery.”

I have always thought of pantyhose as silky, but to me, “silky” means extremely soft and delicate like the silk of a spider’s web.

Not exactly

When Lycra (the most widely known brand name for spandex) is added to the nylon fabric, you get a “support” effect.  Spandex is a man-made synthetic blend of rubberized particles.  That can be good for keeping pantyhose from sagging, or for therapeutic reasons.

Pantyhose made with spandex offer a  smooth, slick or slippery feeling to the touch.  If you run your hand over pantyhose like these, it will slide across effortlessly, as if on a glassy surface — like running your hand over a  dolphin as it swims by.

The tight and shiny effect of pantyhose with a high content of spandex attracts some, but doesn't make the legs look real.
The tight and shiny effect of pantyhose with a high content of spandex attracts some, but doesn’t make the legs look real.

I do understand how some people are attracted to pantyhose made with a bit of spandex.  They can look alluring and still feel petty nice.

On the other hand (or legs), pantyhose made with a high degree of spandex are very shiny (yeah, I know many people really like shiny) and elastic.

To me, those pantyhose feel like a rubber band stretched to the max.

I believe this is the reason women say they hate pantyhose and complain that they are too tight, too hot and just too uncomfortable.

Spandex-phIt’s almost as if manufacturers today believe that all women want pantyhose that will hold their tummies in and massage their legs (really?), but in so doing, the tightness can give them stomach aches and cutoff circulation to their toes.

Speaking of toes, I find it amazing when everyday real girls, or professional pantyhose models show off their feet in photos, but the pantyhose are so tight with too spandex it actually pulls their toes down and under, so they aren’t displayed properly.

Actress Mila Kunis during a scene from the recent move, 'Bad Mom.'
Actress Mila Kunis during a scene from the recent move, ‘Bad Mom.’

Sometimes, you can tell when the pantyhose are all-nylon (no spandex), as the toes are held in their natural position.  Of course, this isn’t an exact science, as some girls just have toes that aren’t straight, and they probably shouldn’t be showing them so readily.

Even so, check out this picture of actress Mila Kunis, wearing pantyhose in the movie, Bad Moms.

While it’s great to see Mila wearing pantyhose, an extremely rare event these days, they’re made with so much spandex, the fabric compresses the natural curves of her legs and squishes her toes together.

In fact, her pantyhose are so thick, you can barely make out her toes.

angelina-jolie-357613Now contrast that with another movie still, this one starring Angelina Jolie in the movie, The Tourist, and check out this scene in which Angelina slips out of her pumps.

See how much more delicate her pantyhose are (likely all-nylon, or very little spandex), as her toes are clearly and nicely displayed.

Give and take

P1160596What I love is the extremely soft and truly silky texture you get from 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  I love that when you touch that fabric, it sorta touches you back.  It gives.  It moves.  When you touch this fabric, you can really feel it, and you can make the person wearing it feel what you feel because the pantyhose will move on her legs, forcing her to “feel” the soft and silky fabric against her body.

And then, there’s the overall concept of 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  There’s just something very sexy about the sense of vulnerability that truly silky and delicate pantyhose provide.

Most of the pantyhose you find on the market today are made with some degree of spandex.  What bothers me is that women who think pantyhose are uncomfortable might never have tried anything but that kind of pantyhose.  Perhaps they don’t realize there is a choice.

2003619271I can’t fathom how anyone would describe the feeling of 100 percent nylon pantyhose as “uncomfortable.”  Nothing could be softer, silkier and more delicate than 100 percent nylon pantyhose.  They make your legs look perfect, they feel so nice on, and they feel incredible to the touch.

Pantyhose can be practical:  The right thing to wear at the office, proper for a formal or special occasion, or good for a massage.

Or, pantyhose can be beautiful, decidedly feminine and extremely sexy.

You have a choice.