Wearing Pantyhose an Issue of Values

Robin Maryland, president, ActSensuous

     Ever since the global bare legs movement began right around the year 2000, I’ve tried to figure out how and why this happened. 

     We know that it was actress Sarah Jessica Parker’s character on Sex and the City that is universally “credited” with running pantyhose as a fashion staple out of Hollywood.   As the show was set in New York City – fashion capital of the world – it’s easy to see how women everywhere would jump on the bare legs bandwagon.  

     Its effect has been felt all over the world – although nowhere more prevalent among modern nations than in the United States. 

     Initially, the reason women gave for arbitrarily ending their decades-long commitment to wearing pantyhose was that the accessory had gone out of vogue, as evidenced by the fashion fad Parker’s show spawned. 

     But fads in fashion typically don’t stay around long, and eventually, women’s excuses for not wearing pantyhose turned to: 

  • They’re uncomfortable (the fabric being hot, itchy and saggy most often cited)
  • They’re not necessary (my legs are tanned enough) 

     I’ve never bought into the fad thing because I believe fashion always should be about good taste – especially when it comes to being professional in the workplace.  

     As for the excuse: “I don’t need to wear pantyhose because my legs are tan enough,” I think some women are just missing the point.  It’s not that simple.  Nylons do so much more than add a little color to your skin.  They cover minor skin blemishes, soften lines, and enhance the shape of your legs, giving them a look of perfection that bare or oiled legs will never have.  More than all that, pantyhose offer an allure, a sense of glamour and good taste. 

     If you read almost any blog about pantyhose, you’ll always find some women complaining that they’re uncomfortable.   Oh, come now!   That is a weak excuse given by those who are lazy, spoiled and apparently not well educated, as most of them can’t even spell the word pantyhose correctly.  

     I Googled this subject: “most uncomfortable women’s clothes” and was pleased to see that pantyhose, while they certainly made the list, weren’t exactly the Number One bad guy.  Most women cited high heels, bras and thongs as the most uncomfortable things they wore.  

     Somehow, I got sidetracked to uncomfortable uniforms, and found that female police officers in almost every country except the USA wear much more feminine uniforms, complete with high heels and pantyhose.  Check out this picture of Russian policewomen.

     In the U.S., where everyone is spoiled, we can’t get most women to wear pantyhose with a business suit in an air conditioned office.   Our women wouldn’t last a day in Russia, China, Japan, Korea, and most other countries, who clearly have higher standards of what constitutes proper dress, if not good taste.  

     But I’m not picking on just women here.  I stumbled across one blog in which the founder of some computer software company wrote that he didn’t wear business suits anymore and couldn’t imagine why anyone ever would.  His post elicited 416 comments – most agreeing with his point of view. 

     I think we have lost some of our good sense, our values and our judgment about how we present ourselves.  Pretty soon, Casual Friday will turn into Casual Tuesday-through-Friday-but-wear-something-businessy-on-Monday, just for old times sake.

     Here are some pics of female police officers in other countries.  And if you think these female officers are decked out in dress uniforms for only ceremonial occasions, notice that they’re also dressed this way on the street for routine duty.

78 thoughts on “Wearing Pantyhose an Issue of Values

  • It looks like Kate Middleton is going to get a run for her money when it comes to hose wearing in the Royal Family. This time, it’s the female members of Sweden’s Royal Family, who are frequent hose wearers at various events. Here are pictures from Princess Lenore’s christening where Princess Bernadette wore nude hose with her pink outfit.
    Christening of Princess Lenore1

    Bernadette’s elder sister, Crown Princess Victoria on the second right, and another woman on the last right in nude hose.
    Christening of Princess Lenore2

    Their sister in law, Princess Sofia wearing nude hose as well.
    Princess Sofia

    Could you imagine if the so-called fashion experts and hose haters were to bash these women for wearing nude hosiery, I bet those female members of Sweden’s Royal Family would be insulted and dismayed by their comments.

    I am glad these women are devoted to class and femininity when it comes to wearing hose to complete their appearance at a formal event.

    • Hi Brian W.,

      Thank you for your comment and the excellent pics you attached.

      Yeah, I don’t think any royal family members would be too insulted (or surprised) by idiot “fashion experts,” as it’s pretty clear none of them have half a brain. I’m pretty sure royalty will always stand for class, grace and elegance, no matter whether anyone approves or not.

  • Pantyhose shows modesty, morals and values of the women that wear them daily with all their clothes. Pantyhose legs are sexy.

    • Agree Michael. Women that wear pantyhose or any kind of nylons, are classier elegant and sexier. This is true even if the dress, skirt, blouse or suit coat are conservative and modest. Modest can still be hottest.

  • Hi Robin,
    I had the opportunity to watch the IIHF World Hockey Championships that were played in the Czech Republic last week. The female presenters who usually present the Player of the Game award at the end of each game wore pink blazers, teal dresses and sheer nude hose. The ladies that presented a cheque to Hockey Canada, whose team won the gold medal at the event, wore black business blazers, dresses, and sheer nude hose. The cheerleaders at the event also wore nude hose as well. Those Czech ladies certainly know how to dress, and complete their appearance wearing pantyhose with their outfits.

    Here is a picture of the ladies presenting the cheque to Team Canada player Sidney Crosby:

    Ladies presenting cheque to Crosby at IIHFWHC

  • Thank you Robin. I appreciate this blog and the fact that no question is a bad or strange one, and that a person’s interest in this subject is met with an open mind. I mention to you about my interest in “feel” and “touch” because that was how my marriage started off with my wife wearing them. Now I am one of the statistics where she just stopped wearing them cold turkey some years back. The intimacy was great with hose, but she won’t even discuss it now. What keeps me going is that I have a job where pantyhose is a requirement for women to wear so I cannot say I am deprived, but of course it is look only and no touching, however it is a shame someone else has to wear them to enjoy the look. Here in Hawaii that argument of it being too hot to wear them is abundant. I myself don’t wear them so I can’t confirm or deny that. I just love seeing them on women, but oh to feel them again! Thanks for listening.

    • Hey, Tracy. OK, first, I hate hearing that your wife stopped wearing pantyhose, and worse, that she won’t even discuss it with you. My advice is whatever she particularly loves about something you wear or do, stop wearing it or doing it. 🙂

      I really understand your point about touching and the feel of pantyhose. You might like one of my posts: What’s your ‘feeling’ about pantyhose (9/6/2010), in which I cover the extremely sensual feel of pantyhose.

      As for it being too hot to wear pantyhose, I’ve written two posts in which I debunk that lame excuse: Why bears don’t wear pantyhose (10/9/2009) and Why that bear still won’t wear (9/4/2011).

      Thanks again for your comment, Tracy.

      • Thank you! I will happily take your advice and thoroughly enjoy the reading! This is homework I could never get enough of.

      • Well what do you know Robin…My wife wore them for me last night! Almost forgot how to act with that surprise. Most wonderful feeling in the world! Now…will she continue?
        Stay tuned!

  • Hi Robin. I have been going over many of your articles and have really enjoyed them. I have noticed that much of the discussions are about sheer pantyhose, which are great, but what do you think about others such as “Control Tops”? I have always had this thing for how pantyhose feel on a woman and to me the Control Tops send my senses out of, well…control! Do you think they are just as sexy, or in a sense too heavy to wear? Also, there is something about seeing that panty line just under the hem of a skirt.

    • Hi, Tracy. Thanks for your comment. You’re asking a good question.

      I would imagine you can predict my answer, as ActSensuous makes only 100 percent nylon, completely sheer to waist pantyhose. Honestly, that style is the only one I really love, however, as you’ll read many times in my various posts, I believe any style of pantyhose is better than no pantyhose.

      I do understand your point, especially about the thrill of seeing just under the hem of a skirt the demarcation that separates the fabric of the legs from the control top area of that style of pantyhose. It’s my feeling that the control top style of pantyhose leads to one of the (weak) excuses some women make that wearing pantyhose is uncomfortable. Anything that compresses the tummy area can be uncomfortable.

      Still, I say it’s a weak excuse for two reasons: (1) Women have several choices in pantyhose styles, which include not selecting control top and/or the kind made with rubber fibers that offer a “support” effect, which makes them too tight. So, instead of choosing a different style, some women use the lack of comfort argument as an excuse to stop wearing pantyhose all together. (2) Women are willing to wear other compression garments under their clothes to “hold everything in,” and those likely are much less comfortable than any style of pantyhose, so their excuse to not wear pantyhose of any style is flawed.

  • Pantyhose do wonders for the look of all women’s legs. In that way, they are somewhat of an equalizer. I happen to be especially attracted to women’s legs, even as a young boy in Catholic school marveling at the lay teachers’ legs. This was back in the 70’s when they all wore pantyhose and skirts hems hung sometimes far above the knee. Women, who complain about wearing hose, are missing a very important point, and it’s really a shame. They don’t understand the power they have over men like me (and over most men for that matter) and that they can exercise that power. What man (and certain type of woman) doesn’t like a pair of fine legs in a pair of nice hose? A woman can embrace that power by showing off and accentuating her legs. She can use that power in the bedroom with her husband or in the business world to help sway men to her position on an issue or in the social world to garner compliments.

  • This is my first post here in in couple years and my second altogether… Beating a dead horse isn’t my style.

    I do think that, at a certain point – it becomes an issue of values. I think I’ve surely reached that point.

    I love my wife and I think she is incredibly sexy exactly how she is – day or night – 365 days a year. I don’t miss an opportunity to show her either. I get sitters for the kids, make date nights; I take her where SHE wants to go. And I’m not a selfish lover – I don’t rush things… more often than not, I see to her needs before mine. I love this woman.

    Her style is dictated by her occupation, which is entirely as it should be. She wears blouses, collared shirts, business slacks – fitted to her petite frame, loafers. She leaves for work, every day, just as beautiful as the day we met. I appreciate every moment that she graces my eyes.

    Regardless, I’m here – and for the same reasons as others who post here.

    I desperately wish – that just once or twice a year, my wife would wear hosiery for me (even just in the bedroom) – she won’t. We’ve been together for 7 years – married for 5. In that time I’ve made the request 3 times. I’ve been incredibly careful about it each request; I shower her with extra affection for months before. I am constantly on the look out for ways that I can please her… In any/every facet of our marriage. The last request was about a year ago; she remarked that I’d “married the wrong girl”. I didn’t press it further at the time.

    Occasionally, for business meetings, once or twice a year, she does wear a modest dress with heels and hose – but she rushes out as fast as she can in the morning and removes the feminine attire quickly on returning home. She’s not unaffectionate at these times – and very affectionate after she has changed, but it’s clear she does not want to wear these feminine outfits – at least for me.

    Aside from pictures on sites like this (which I’m careful to limit the frequency of – and use great discretion) – I don’t look at other women. I want to look at my wife.

    A few weeks ago – she and I met for lunch at a large open dining area. We sat across from each other. A woman approached from behind my wife, headed in the direction of out table. I kept my attention trained completely on my wife’s face. The woman was wearing a dress, hosiery and heels, any further details I’m not sure of – I kept my attention on my wife… I’m pretty sure the rest of the men in the area were looking though. This lady walked directly past us, leaving my field of vision completely, and directly entering my wife’s field of vision. I saw my wife’s eyes settle on this woman, and my wife’s face contorted into a grimace, then a sneer… It was as pure a look of disgust as I’ve ever seen her give anyone.

    I realized after a couple days, that – the most simple and traditional way that women can appeal to men’s perceptions, and her to mine – even when done modestly (and even just occasionally) is totally REPULSIVE to her mind. I don’t know what I should be thinking or feeling now. I’ve always found my wife incredibly attractive, in or out of hosiery. At this point – though – it’s no longer about the hosiery at all. It’s about that hateful look on her face. It just speaks volumes… It’s so demoralizing.

    • Hi, Jeff. Wow, what a terribly sad letter. Extremely well written, but very sad indeed.

      I am sure many here will feel your pain and reach out to you in some way. There is not much I can offer you because you touched on all the points I offer as advice about talking with one’s wife or girlfriend about one’s desire that she wear pantyhose at least occasionally. You did everything right.

      Your wife seems like a good person. She must be to have a loving, admiring and thoughtful husband like you. This story is so troubling to me because I cannot fathom why any woman wouldn’t reward a wonderful husband by making the simplest gesture (I won’t call it a sacrifice because it just isn’t) of occasionally putting on the softest, silkiest, most decidedly feminine thing a woman could ever wear, which could bring him so much happiness.

      Jeff, you are a bigger person than I, because my feeling is if your wife won’t make such a tiny little effort for you, you should withhold some little thing that is important and meaningful to her. Of course, I doubt you’d resort to that, so my alternative suggestion (probably not a great deal better) is if you can’t get this innocent pleasure from her, you should look to get it elsewhere — and by that, I mean next time, let your eyes zero in on a woman wearing pantyhose and smile. If your wife can get away with a grimace and sneer of disgust, then you are entitled to display a look at pantyhose adorned legs with love, admiration and approval.

      Maybe this is why I write a blog and not an advice column.

      In any case, thank you for your comment. I wish you all the best, Jeff.

  • I quit wearing hise back in the mid 80’s – as soon as i could convince my mom i REALLY hated them. Wearing hose is uncomfortable, hot, and restructive. I do not see how anyone would voluntarily wear them at all.

    • Great comment, Sharon. I have no idea what “hise” are, but it sure does sound like wearing them would indeed be “restructive.” Consider the source, readers. Consider the source.

      • Hey Robin,
        Sharon is entitled to her opinion. However, if she were to make a negative comment about women in pantyhose in countries such as Russia, Estonia, Japan, and Korea, not only people in those countries would laugh at her comments but would view them as insulting and a lack of respect towards their country’s culture and tradition of femininity, and wearing pantyhose is no exception. They would also view a woman not wearing pantyhose at a formal engagement or during the cold months as very lazy and poor when it comes to their appearance. Sharon’s negativity about pantyhose is just another example of promoting the skank and slob culture in America, while women from other countries continue to dress classy in pantyhose with no problems at all. Those cultures are very different and need to be respected.

          • There is irony in this… Sharon Raydor is the lead character in a show called Major Crimes. She is never without pantyhose. She’s played by actress Mary McDonnell.

            • Thank you for your comment, goresnet, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I was soooooo disappointed in Kyra Sedgwick for never wearing pantyhose in her role on The Closer. (At least, never during the few times I watched anyway.)

              I became interested to see whether Mary McDonnell would wear in Major Crimes, and sometimes I thought yes, and sometimes I thought no, or that if yes, they were some extreemly sheer pantyhose because I could never really tell.

              It must be my 1994 TV because it couldn’t be my eyes. Anyway, thanks for clearing that up. Glad to know.

  • Hi Robin,
    I found these pictures that might interest you and some posters here. Its a recent graduation ceremony from Estonia with most of the graduates wearing sheer nude pantyhose even with open toes shoes. Something that you would never see from today’s American women because of the fashion dictators, and media influence on fashion.


    At least Estonian women know that hose completes the feminine look at formal engagement like graduations, weddings, etc.

    • You’re right Brian it’s sad to say but all these photos are obviously much too classy to be north american women.

    • Thank you for this, Albert. This is a great find on your part, and I appreciate your bringing it to us.

      Usually, I can’t read the pieces my followers find and post here, typically, for two reasons: First, they are extremely poorly written; Second, they are too negative, too crude, or just plain stupid. But this piece I love.

      I guess I don’t get out much because I had never heard of Slate.com or Buzzfeed, but I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this piece written by Katy Waldman. She is a Slate assistant editor, and let me say, she is the real deal. Her piece was extremely well written, her sentence structure, spelling and punctuation was all spot-on, and I love her witty style (very professional, yet, bordering on sarcastic).

      Longtime readers here know that I am especially hard on those who write pantyhose articles (pro or con) (mostly con) for online publications, especially, when they are supposed to be trained journalists. As an ex-newsreporter and copy editor, I expect these people to at least be able to construct a proper sentence, but 99 percent of them can’t (or just don’t). Katy is awesome. I would read her works anytime. Heck, I might become a fan.

      Too bad her piece wasn’t about sheer pantyhose, but hey, she made a great case for tights, and that’s close enough. Thanks again, Albert.

      • Katy wrote a good article and it’s one of the first positive pieces (outside of your articles) about hosiery. I’m guessing here, but she seems young. That flies in face of those “fashionistas” who complain about any hosiery.

        I prefer ladies wearing pantyhose, but I’ll take tights anytime over bare legs!

  • Watching the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics was interesting. It has always been fascinating watching the athletes of all the different countries march into the stadium. Friday night was no exception. I was very impressed to see the women dressed in white carrying the sign for each nation marching with that respective delegation. Of course I loved seeing each of them wearing sheer nude pantyhose even if with the white boots. Russian women look so classy. Glad there is still respect for dressing up and wearing hosiery.

      • I also watched the opening ceremonies of the Olympic winter games, and while the Russian hostesses wore nude hose while holding up each countries’ signs ushering in the athletes, the Russian female presenters, delegates, and Olympic flag ushers wore nude hose as well. There was also a Bermudan female athlete that wore nude hose under her shorts during Bermudan delegation entrance.

        I also had an opportunity to watch Olympic figure skating, and there was an Italian skater named Valentina Marchei, who wore nude hose that sparkled during her routine. Her hose later had little flashy designs that gave a sparkling look on her hose.

        Great seeing lots of hose sightings including nude hose at the Winter Olympics. Russian women know how to dress feminine, and take pantyhose wearing very seriously by finding the right size and style of hose to complement their outfit, unlike American women who dismiss pantyhose as itchy, uncomfortable, etc.

        • Speaking of figure skaters, here is a picture of former U.S. figure skater and Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski in nude hose.

      • While I watched the Olympic Winter games, there was a segment called “My Russia” where the reporter did several stories on the daily lives of people in Sochi. There was a single mother in her early thirties that wore nude pantyhose throughout the entire segment even when she picked up the tickets to take her kids to the games.

        There was another part about a high school in Russia where every female students and teachers wore pantyhose with their normal outfits by choice.

        I am glad that Russian women still have the class to wear pantyhose as an everyday fashion item. If only American women could take note on how women dress in Russia and other Baltic and Eastern European countries as well.

  • http://www.ijreview.com/2014/02/112234-bud-provides-glimpse-behind-hit-super-bowl-ad-heros-welcome/
    Many of you all watching the Super Bowl Sunday evening likely saw the heartwarming ad from Budweiser. They sponsored a VFW parade in Winter Park, FL ( my old hometown where I went to school) for a returning soldier from Afghanistan. It was a 60 second ad showing the famous Clydesdale horses pulling the Budweiser carriage in the parade of Army Lieutenant Charles Nadd and his girlfriend Shannon Cantwell.

    Now what does this have to do with keeping with “all things pantyhose”? The attached link is the backstory behind the surprise parade for this soldier and girlfriend. It still features scenes of the parade shown in the ad. Get out the tissues too. It’s moving. In the parade, the girlfriend Ms. Cantwell is wearing sheer nude pantyhose. What’s more her attire looks very elegant , stylish and classy. It is refreshing seeing young women like her have the good taste to dress in a way that honors her boyfriend’s service and sacrifice, protecting our freedom we enjoy. Kudos to her. We focus a lot on celebrity women. Here is a regular young lady dressing so beautiful and appropriate. It reminds me of my time in the Army in the 80’s when my wife would dress so pretty to include sheer pantyhose, when I retuned from a long term field training exercise. She and so many military wives looked great, especially when wearing dresses and hose on many social occasions.

    • Thank you for your comment and the link you attached, Sheer Mike.

      I did see that commercial during the Super Bowl and was happy to see that the young lady was dressed with class and elegance, including wearing sheer nude pantyhose.

      It goes to show that no matter how badly so many women want to see pantyhose go away, or how many celebrities dress inappropriately during public appearances, there are still many real ladies out there who have the class and good sense to dress properly for a significant occasion.

  • Hi there! Someone in my Facebook group shared this site with us so I came to check it out. I’m definitely loving the information. I’m book-marking and will be tweeting this to my followers! Wonderful blog and wonderful style and design.

    • Hi Winona,

      Thank you for your comment, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog.

      My readers (at least the ones I know about) are mostly men, and they (and me) always lament the fact that there aren’t enough female commenters here, the thoughts and opinions of whom they so long to hear.

      Also, thank you for your compliments about my blog. Looking forward to hearing more from you, Winona.


  • So I’m going to assume that most of the folks here are aware of the fact that “Hooters” restaurants have pantyhose as part of their uniforms. The reason we’re aware of this is two fold.

    #1 The fact that they make the uniform look twice as good. Honestly I’m aware these women are attractive and the tight fitting shorts and T-shirt accentuate their features. Even all that being said though it’s the pantyhose that really complete the look and polish everything off.

    #2 The sheer (yes the pun was intended) fact that almost no other restaurants do this as part of their attire. I’m sure there are some out there that I’m not aware of but the fact remains that it’s uncommon. This I find very curious for one main reason. Success in the restaurant business is achieved by making yourself stand out and leaving people with the desire to return. Hooters has achieved this without being known for great food. So what would happen in a restaurant with great food and pantyhose as part of their uniform?

    Let me know what you folks think about this I’d love to know.

  • Robin, I found this article (see link) from a columnist in Arkansas. It was written 2/25/2013. Although she sounds like she might be old school, she tells a story that underscores her commitment to wearing pantyhose and being determined to NOT go “bear” legged. Has optimism of the comeback we’re seeing of women wearing pantyhose, albeit slowly. Hope you and the readers like this.


  • You know after seeing pictures of European and Asian women including policewomen from those countries wearing pantyhose, it has me thinking why the issue of pantyhose has turned into a huge debate in the USA, while in other countries, pantyhose is pretty much in fashion with women wearing them with grace, class, elegance, professionalism, and as a culture and tradition of femininity.

    When I look online on American news articles, blogs, and videos, and the topic of pantyhose comes up, it seems that the pantyhose hating is centered around American women than their international counterparts. When celebrities wear hose at various events even with open toe shoes, they get ridiculed by the fashionistas and media for wearing pantyhose calling it a fashion “sin” which is a misconception made up by the fashionistas. Even when other women wear pantyhose, their peers show a lack of class and respect by telling them that pantyhose is “out of style” or “nobody wears them anymore” without looking into the facts about hosiery being back in fashion.

    Between 25 and 30 years ago, even much earlier, American women had no problems wearing pantyhose, and were not considered dressed without wearing hosiery. Now years later, it has turned into a hatred for hosiery causing women to dress lazy, tacky, skanky, and unprofessional in their appearance, and going too far by turning the issue of pantyhose into a debate. I wonder what may have sparked the debate?

    Could it be that women tend to take casualization too far with the rise of the internet, and loosening of dress codes in the workplace environment?

    Are the so-called fashion experts continuing to worship the Sex and the City “bear” legs look to spread their message to women about hosiery being “out of style”, despite the fact that hosiery is back in the mainstream with Kate Middleton and a number of celebrities including the younger ones wearing them?

    Are celebrites continuing to influence women with the “bear” legs look even though some of them have awful legs and feet without wearing hosiery?

    Could the feminists be telling women that pantyhose is sign of female oppression, and that not wearing hose is a sign of empowerment?

    Just some questions and thoughts to ponder.

    • Hey, Brian W.

      Well, you certainly summed it all up in one comment, and I don’t disagree with anything you’ve written. I think it is clear (and I’ve written about this before) that seemingly the majority of American women have let themselves go during the past couple of decades, not caring about how they look.

      A while ago, one reader sent me an article (it’s here in the comment section somewhere) about how American men prefer women of other nationalities (particularly, Asian) because American women aren’t feminine in the way they dress or conduct themselves. Think of how many times we see women wearing jeans, T-shirts, sneakers and baseball caps. Those women not only try to look like men, but they also talk and act like men. It’s very unappealing.

      Classic Asian women would never dress this way, and in fact, they enjoy being, dressing and acting female — especially, when it comes to wearing pantyhose. And you’re right that women in England (in large part thanks to Kate Middleton) and other European countries also embrace pantyhose.

      I don’t think it’s still the “Sex and the City” effect, nor do I believe that the “fashionistas” today have as much influence as they think they have. I do believe it’s a case of the casualization of the workplace and society as a whole, which has caused and is sustaining the “bear” legs culture. Yet, I see in ever-growing numbers this trend beginning to die off.

      Yes, we’re always going to read the negative propaganda of the so-called fashion experts. And, yes, we’re always going to be disappointed in some celebrities (even those who are pantyhose friendly) who show up bear-legged on the Red Carpet, during a talk show, or at some other venue that would usually call for a more dressed up look, including pantyhose.

      Still, I see tremendous promise out there. So, hang in there, stay positive and keep the faith. The times — they are a changing, my friend.

    • Good observations, Brian W.

      When I was in Dublin, Ireland, almost every woman there wore either pantyhose or tights (mostly pantyhose). The idea of wearing hosiery seemed like a normal part of their wardrobe. Seeing that reminded me of how things were here in the States: women tended to wear hosiery more. It wasn’t uncommon, even for girls who hated pantyhose, to have a couple pairs in their dresser. Now days, probably not.

      I have no idea why there is so much hatred for pantyhose in the U.S., where in other countries, it’s not an issue. There seems to be an attitude loaded with statements like, “nobody wears them anymore,” “only grandmothers wear them,” “they’re too uncomfortable,” “they’re too hot,” “these must have been invented by a MAN” or “you try wearing them.” I don’t mean that as sexist, because that could be flipped around. In general, guys and girls in the States have just become lazy in their clothing choices.

      Pantyhose are looked upon as goofy today. I just don’t get it. Some people see them as being taboo or embarrassing. I remember ladies in various places I worked at talking about pantyhose. This happened for many years.

      Some ladies would comment on liking the color or the sheen of another co-worker’s hosiery. Some ladies would ask what brand another girl was wearing. Some girls would tell me they hated, hated, hated wearing hosiery. Another girl I liked at job would take them off the second she got in her car…and those were knee hi’s. Yet other girls would say to their female co-workers that they didn’t mind them, or that they liked wearing them! It’s just too bad the haters have taken over. My bank (mostly) requires ladies to wear pantyhose or tights after many years of having the ladies go bare legged.

      The workplace has definitely caused the casual look of America. Casual Fridays and “business casual” (the most confusing dress code ever invented) contributed to the lazy look. I’m appalled when I go into a retail store and the employees are dressed so casual it’s hard to tell if they work there.

      I can’t stand the “experts” who razz on celebrities who wear hosiery on the red carpet. I recall Kathryn Heigel wore sheer hose to a premiere and many of the “experts” totally made bad comments about her “shiny legs…lose the hose!” She looked classy! Yet these same experts will rave about a celebrity wearing tights at the same premiere.

      Can these same haters look at Kate Middleton, Zooey D., Christine Baranski, Ann Curry, or Disney’s executive Ann Sweeney and say they look horrible in hosiery?

      Just as some guys say that suits or ties or even pants are “oppressive,” the same people make ladies think that pantyhose are “oppressive.” If you find the right size, or the right material, clothes are comfortable, no matter what kind they are.

      Jeez, I need a life! lol

      • The hose hating is not just centered in U.S., but here in Canada as well. Fortunately, its only a small number of women since a majority of them here wear pantyhose and tights due to our different culture and climate than in the USA. Its likely that these Canadian hose haters must have followed the American fashion trends from the media.

        One example was that I was reading a blog where a woman was doing some shopping at a local London Drugs store in western Canada. She overheard a couple of women where one of them was a clerk discussing hosiery saying that they look awful, while the other woman saying that she is not looking forward to put pantyhose on as they are a hassle, uncomfortable, etc.. The woman wanted to tell them off big time that hosiery is 10x better than bare legs but felt they would think she is a freak, so she minded her own business. London Drugs sells high quality brand of hosiery that the woman has purchased numerous times and they are comfortable to wear. To add fuel to the fire, her best friend who is a guy also thinks that “bear” legs is much sexier than pantyhose. So, it seems not all guys like pantyhose.

        I left a message on her blog telling her not to worry about those pantyhose bashing women as they sound like they want to be very lazy, sloppy, and skanky in their appearance. I also told her that women need to find the right size and style of high quality hosiery instead of those cheap dollar and discount store hose. I ended my message by paraphrasing part of Robin’s and thathatlady’s quotes, “If those two women want to live in a world of cleavage and slobification instead of class and modesty, they should join the “bear” legs movement and hibernate during the fall and winter”

  • to me American women have just gotten to lazy to wear pantyhose and its really sad. It is always very nice to see women wearing pantyhose. I wish I was older in the 70s when women wore pantyhose more. I do remember one girl I dated when I was 18 she even wore pantyhose under her slacks. Its nice to see that women in other countries still wear pantyhose a lot. my wife wears pantyhose for me when we have sex its great. long live pantyhose.

  • Here is another angle to think about for all of us who would love to see more women wearing pantyhose. We know the “bear” legs movement started in ‘ 96 or ’98. While we are seeing some hopeful signs of a comeback of pantyhose, the culture is still dominated by bear legs.

    If we’re not careful and the bear legs trend continues another 8 to 10 years, I’m concerned we’ll lose a generation of women wearing pantyhose . Yes we need to continue finding ways to get more women under 40 to dress up and wear pantyhose. Robin, bringing in young women to model your ActSensuous pantyhose. Maybe think about focusing on a younger demographic- girls age 10-16. We all know pre teens and teens historically rebel against parents, whether boys or girls. We’ve all been there. Try and market to that group. Maybe pitch pantyhose to show the beautiful princesses they can be, with a teen girls pretty legs encased in pantyhose and a slogan saying something like “not your mother’s bare legs”. Capture that youth’s independent rebellious spirit. Turn it back against the current “bear legs” generation who think they are “empowered” by ditching their pantyhose the past 15 or so years. Robin, I know you and your readers have better insight, but it’s just a thought.

    • Hey Mike,

      I appreciate your comment, and I thank you for trying to help the cause. However, I would think that even pro-pantyhose mothers wouldn’t allow their 10- to 16-year-old daughters to wear pantyhose, as that is an accessory item more suited to ages 17-year-olds to adults.

      And, as our pantyhose are particularly designed to be extremely sexy, they certainly aren’t suitable for marketing to pre-teen and teen girls.

      Of course there are exceptions to everything, but tights likely would be more appropriate for the age group you referenced.

      • I get what you’re saying Robin. Maybe start with the tights to market to that age group first. The idea, is to try and capture a new generation. I do remember in my junior high or middle school years, girls wearing beige or nude colored pantyhose as young as 13, yet understand your brand are promoting more of the sexiness. Thanks for the quick feedback.

    • When I was in grade school, hardly any girls wore dresses, let alone pantyhose. There were a couple who did occasionally wear pantyhose and I found myself staring at them at recess. Overall, kids wanted to be kids.

      Once I got to junior high school, everything changed. Suddenly, girls wanted to grow up and emulate the fashions of the day or even their working moms.

      Many girls came to school in dresses and pantyhose. Some girls wore dolphin shorts (i.e. Hooters-style shorts) in the early 1980s. Either due to school rules or their moms making them, those girls wore nude pantyhose underneath. It was always a thrill to see that as a teenage boy! I think the school district banned dolphin shorts because, honestly, they were distracting. But girls still wore pantyhose with dresses and pants, thankfully.

      Once I got to high school, a lot of girls wore pantyhose. It was not uncommon for them to wear high heels, skirts, and pantyhose. Some even wore that kind of ensemble everyday. It wasn’t until I went to college when girls didn’t wear them much.

      This generation of kids is different. They wear short dresses for prom or dances without hosiery. They tend to wear jeans or pants and hardly any dresses or skirts.

      We also have a previous generation of young adults who don’t even know how to dress appropriately for jobs, job interviews, weddings, or funerals. With rare exceptions, there was a “code of dress” for such things. I went to a wedding two weeks ago and there were maybe two women under the age of 50 who wore pantyhose, one of which was my girlfriend. Everyone else, including old ladies (though a few wore them), was bear legged. Most of the guys were sitting in the hot sun in suits or dress clothes!

      I digress…

      There is hope. My daughter is in high school and many of her peers wear tights and some pantyhose during the cooler months with their school uniforms. I also noticed (not in any sick way, mind you) that a number of her peers wore actual pantyhose during the father and daughter dance. I also have seen young women wearing tights (and occasionally black nylons) with shorts quite a bit, even in summer.

      • Great comments Albert. That is encouraging news. I’m a little older and in my college years (late 70’s) too, most of the women wore jeans and shorts. The only exception then was at the discos when many college women went out dancing. They all wore beautiful dresses with heels (usually open toe) and wore pantyhose. That was quite a fun time.

        • Thanks Mike.

          I’m kinda of envious of the guys who grew up during the 70s and early 80s. They got to date woman who usually seemed to wear pantyhose a lot. I distinctly remember women wearing nude pantyhose with open toed shoes. Honestly not my favorite look, but if it was pulled off right, it looked great. A lot of movies and TV shows of the day had girls wearing that same look.

          During the early 80s, my uncle dated a couple of women (he was in his 20s) who wore nylons all the time. He had one girl who wasn’t really a looker per se, but she always had on hose under her pants (could’ve been knee highs). His other girlfriend, whom I had a huge crush on, was in pantyhose and skirts every time I saw her.

          Once I finally started dating, the girls I dated wore them occasionally. One girl almost always wore them under her pants, except when we went out.

          One of my first thrills was a day after school when my first girlfriend wore pantyhose to school. We went to her house and she laid her legs over mine while I stroked them. Very sexy!

          Once I got to college, pantyhose weren’t seen except for a short time at one college I went to. There they were fairly abundant. Once I got to a big college, they were a very rare sight.

        • Great comments Albert and Mike. Even though I was born in the late 70s and grew up in the 80s, I bet that was the time when women dressed like women (dresses, heels, pantyhose, etc.). Its too bad that women don’t dress like that today.

      • It stuns me when I see women attending social functions in expensive dresses and shoes and have their ugly “bear” legs and feet showing all the bumps, bug bites, razor scratches, cracks, corns, etc. They’ll whine that pantyhose is too uncomfortable, but they’ll squeeze their big feet into a pair of expensive shoes that’s guaranteed to have them in pain, and their feet smell all night.

        Women come up with all these lazy and lame duck excuses to support their refusal to wear pantyhose such as “made for grannies,” “makes my legs itch,” “They’re too hot.,” “It cuts me in the waist,” “They fall down.” Look for the right size and style of hose and you won’t have those problems. Women will spend money and hours getting a pedicure, tan and wax on their legs, but they won’t spend a minute puting on a good pair of pantyhose. Typical bimbos.

  • I was in a restaurant/coffee shop here in my hometown today. Numerous females were there today. I saw one who was wearing pantyhose. The area I live in is majority white, with blacks being the largest minority. The young lady wearing pantyhose was neither white nor black though. Anyone want to take a wild guess at what her ethnicity was……..that’s right she was Asian. In fact, as near as I could tell she was the only female there who was even wearing a dress or skirt. I guess I should have called the fashion police to report her, she would have been easy for them to spot as she stood out……..like a rose among the thorns.

  • Hi Robin,
    Jessica left a couple of interesting articles on her blog. The first article about a conversation she had with her grandfather about bare legs in winter. He wondered why women have all those clothes, and can’t cover up those legs. He would consider going bare legged in winter as a sign of poverty, and would lead to long term health problems if a woman does not cover her legs and feet in winter.

    The second article is about pantyhose as a sign of prosperity in Russia and other Eastern European countries. It also mentions that women in those countries would be insulted, and considered poor if they go barelegged in a business and formal environment, and cold weather during the fall and winter months. Jessica cites a deputy who is accused of blackmail, and an actress who was insulted in the press for not wearing pantyhose at a formal event in cold weather. Imagine what would have happened if that was an American women showing up bare legged in a business and formal setting in Russia, she would have been insulted big time. Russian and Eastern European women take wearing pantyhose very seriously than American women as they see it as a custom, culture, and tradition of being feminine that must be respected and adhered to.

    Here is the link to the articles on Jessica’s blog:



  • Hey Robin. I just got back from seeing The Dark Knight Rises. It was a very good film – but more importantly Anne Hathaway is seen wearing black sheer hosiery in THREE distinct scenes. It was great to see this beautiful woman in hosiery and it added to my enjoyment of the film.

  • Hey Robin,
    I found this interesting blog from a New York writer whose is a daughter of Polish immigrants. Despite having a bit of a Polish background, she is a hose hater :(, and has refused to wear pantyhose after her mother tried to get her to wear them, and having a cousin from Poland where women are devoted pantyhose wearers. Anyways, I left her a message but didn’t want to be a Tabitha, and attack her for hating hose as I wanted to make my post positive. The post is a year old though.

    BTW What is wrong with wearing capri pants, sandals and suntan-colored hose to a summer picnic?


    • Hi Brian,

      Well, what the heck! We know people like her are out there. We can’t save the world.

      To me, it all comes down to class and femininity, and professionalism in the workplace. This woman doesn’t get it. She can join all the other bears. Wish she would stay in hibernation year-round.

      Thanks, Brian.

      • You’re welcome as always Robin. And why would Joann buy cheap hosiery let alone the wrong size or style of hose at a drug store when she could buy it at a department store or order it online. I told her too that women in Poland dress more feminine than some women in the USA. Towards the end of her post, Joann says that she does not care about Kate Middleton or hose comeback, and feels liberated. When I hear that type of message from a woman, All I could say is that women like Joann does not care what she or others think about her looks and appearance.

  • Interesting Blog! Best of luck changing minds about this.

    I don’t think this trend will change in America (I hope I’m wrong about that). Most women under 50 that I know would spend a week in a thong bikini – but not a single minute in pantyhose/tights/stockings of any sort – even behind the bedroom door. I don’t understand this?

    I’ve purchased high-end European sheer stockings for a girlfriend in the distant past (once) – and also the wife (once); both gorgeous ladies. Gave them as gifts, beautifully wrapped – on both occasions. No pressure – lots of “I love you” ‘s… lots of quality time together – trust building activities. The stockings went in the trash – never worn – within a week – both times. It’s not worth the time, effort, money and crushed desires to bother with it again. Let her be happy in her Mickey Mouse Pajamas and the ridiculously mood killing baby-doll outfits.

    As other comments have alluded to – this, for (most – not all of) a generation (or 2) of American women (age 30-50), is more about self-esteem inducing, self-centered desires for the physical/emotional comfort of eternal adolescence, a faux societal empowerment statement to spite the opposite sex – and a dehumanizing egalitarianism. No one designed this trend – I think it just happened.

    Have a look at the websites for Victoria Secret/La Senza (owned by the same company) – then look at Agent Provocateur. VS/La Senza have 200+ variations of the same silly Baby-Doll outfit and that is the lions share of their lingerie selection. Then look at Agent Provocateur again. One offers a comforting vision of cutesy/naughty eternal adolescence – the other, one of maturely sensual femininity. I’ve no doubt which retailers have higher sales. VS/La Senza know one big truth…

    “Beggers can’t be choosers..” – they don’t care what men like. Sell your customer the self confidence inducing platitudes of “Empowerment”… and… “if it makes you comfortable – THAT’S sexy”!! And they take that to the bank – hats off – more power to them.

    What is most frightening is the loss of the the basic metaphysical proposition that – once mature, men and women – while already, by and large, intellectual and societal equals by virtue of being human – are and always will be reproductive opposites (that’s the dehumanizing part). Lost is the idea – that the woman might display herself to the man with mature, supple and sensual femininity – which is anything but weak.

    • Well, hello, Jeff.

      Thank you very much for your well-conceived, well-written, thought-provoking comment. I must say your comment (sad but all too true), accurately depicts the current divide between men and women when it comes to their perception of what is attractive, classy and sexy in female fashion.

      Here’s my take on it: Men (like you) are right, and women (like the ones you described) are wrong.

      I’ve been saying for years that women no longer care what men like or want. Women seem to be making a statement that empowerment is more about blurring the lines of what is masculine versus feminine. I hate that women want to look like men, dress like men, act like men. To some extent, men are to blame for this, but it’s only human nature to want things both ways — men want women to be able to talk football, politics, business, go fishing, go hiking, camping, whatever, but at the same time, men want women to maintain some sense of femininity. Women seem to have missed that part.

      What’s saddest to me about women’s descent from femininity is that they have chosen as their enemy the most beautiful, sensual, classy and decidedly girly thing they could ever wear — pantyhose. They don’t mind wearing thongs, stilettos and support-type accessories, but they have declared pantyhose Enemy No. 1. Their decision to go bare-legged in every situation and venue is ridiculous, ugly and just plain wrong.

      Of course, this makes the (seemingly vast minority of) women who do still “get it,” and enjoy the look, the feel, and the beauty that pantyhose offer all the more special and desirable. It’s easy to lump women into a single category, but we should all be eternally grateful for, and show our appreciation to, those classy, elegant and beautiful ladies who stand against the ugly bare-legs trend.

      Jeff, I do disagree with you on one issue: I believe that pantyhose will make a comeback, even in the U.S. Fashion is a fickle beast, and nothing seems to endure. I need to believe that the cycle will turn, and women once again will embrace the virtues of femininity. And no article of clothing accessories is more feminine than pantyhose.

      Thanks again for your great comment, Jeff, and welcome to The ActSensuous Blog. I hope we hear from you often.


  • First, let me say Robin that tonight was the first time I read or even found out about your blog. I am relieved that you have your blog and feel so strong and passionate about wearing pantyhose and the positive effects that come from wearing them. I have read several of your blog postings and have found myself amazed and pleasantly surprised at how much research you have done and effort you have put into your posts. Thank you.

    As for this particular post of yours, I have to say that I agree with you one hundred percent. I do think that we (Americans, especially American women) are losing some of their values. I also agree that women who wear pantyhose in any occasion these days are becoming a rare and even endangered species. I do hope that changes in the near future. I myself am an admirer of women who go to the effort to wear any type of hosiery much less pantyhose. Though, I as a male pay much more attention to a woman wearing pantyhose than one that does not. Having been in Korea for three years, from 07′ to 10′, I found that foreign women(especially American women) who stayed in the country for more than 8 to 10 months eventually started taking on the traits or practices of 95 percent of Korean women which is to wear some type of hosiery. I found the longer the women stayed in the country the more they would wear hosiery, eventually wearing pantyhose or tights with more regularity. I was quite surprised and happy to observe that, especially since almost all the American women went through the practice of fighting or not wanting to wear pantyhose as is the common norm in the USA. They (American women) would use most if not all the arguments you described in other posts. I love the USA but I really miss South Korea. Thanks and keep the posts coming.

    • WOW! Thank you for such a great comment, AKH.

      I particularly appreciate your well-written insight into how women in Korea set the bar high in wearing pantyhose, and how Western women eventually catch on and go along the longer they’re in that country. If you’ve read my posts, “A Good time to be Asian,” and “A Good time to be Asian II,” you understand how much I love this positive reinforcement about what I believe — that Asian women are more feminine, have more grace and, as such, are more prolific wearers of pantyhose than their Western counterparts. Nice to hear that from somewhere who actually lived there.

      Also, I really appreciate your noticing and pointing out how much research I do before writing each post. I believe that it is my responsibility to know what I’m writing about, otherwise, I’d be just ranting and raving based only on my opinions. There’s enough of that going on out there, isn’t there?

      I am so glad you’ve found my blog, AKH, and I look forward to more comments from you.

      Happy New Year!


  • Stockings, nylons, pantyhose all of them are part of a real way to dress up and not only to look sexy but for some women it is a way to look professional and to be distinguished among other co-workers.
    It is an important piece of clothing for some women that continue wearing them that not only makes them be distinguish but puts them apart from the ones that do not wear them. Back in the rock era women used animal skin, and nothing else, they did not have anything better to wear, as for now the fashions is like going back to those days, some women do not even do their hair no more, they just pull it back and tied up with a rubber band, put minimun underwear (bra + panties) then a dress and shoes and they say they are ready. Is this what fashion is about? I think it is an easy way to cover up lazyness!
    Nylons most be used to enhance the look of the entire attire that a women is wearing, that is why they have many colors, to mix and balance the tones with the outfits that they wear.
    I do admire those ladies who even while wearing pants they do wear knee highs under their trousers.
    Hats off to them that still show their good taste and style in dressing properly.
    May the stockings and garters come back or at least the pantyhose.

  • Hello again Robin from NYC, the (Wink, Wink)Fashion Capital of the World.

    These days, it seems to me, most of us Americans like to imagine that each and every one of us is “unique” and “special”. This idea is almost entirely self-flattery that flies in the face of plain old common sense. One very unfortunate byproduct of this phenomenon is the sense of personal entitlement that you see everywhere these days. The casual dress trend is a perfect example of it. I think that one thing the die-hard, insistent casual dresser implicitly tells the world is “My personal comfort is more important than any large sense of what makes a man look masculine or a woman look feminine. My comfort is also more important than the inherent dignity of my profession (whatever it may be).” Or, in other words, “I’m not that interested in accommodating anything BUT ME.” How ugly this is – physically, spiritually, and morally. How lonely it is too. After all, how can you have a deep sense of belonging if you have disdain for the social? And, finally, how ironic it is. Most who so value “personal” comfort in fact subscribe to an *impersonal*, passed-down idea of what that precious comfort is. Anti-sociability is the new sociability.

    What a weird hall of mirrors our society has become.

    Anyway, Robin, I’m your fan! And there’s still lots of us that love pantyhose and the idea of beauty! We’re in the minority now but one day the tide will turn again. In the meantime we just have to do our part to keep the idea alive. Keep the faith!

  • I read this blog post a couple of times and allowed myself to play Devil’s Advocate in challenging my own developed notions about how pantyhose are in fact intellectually, culturally positive in society. In other words, I tried to make myself a male version of the anti-pantyhose army and make up some slogans to convince myself that pantyhose could intellectually and culturally be a negative. To do so, I faced off against my life’s experiences – I regarded female acquaintances, classmates, colleagues, those that I have loved and had relationships with. Who wore what, who’s basic nature was one plagued by submission, doubt, uncertain direction. I considered all the places I have lived and had dependable real life interaction.

    As Devil’s Advocate, I did not discover arguments for women not wearing pantyhose that were not already put forth by anti-pantyhose crew (I just like typing that because it’s sort of fun to pronounce). I simply time and time again in my memory bank produced images of all those women who chose to wear pantyhose and kicked society’s arse almost daily, and mine even more often in educational, professional and social arenas.

    Particularly in the US, pantyhose were an intellectual add, not subtraction – all those powerful American women dominating their perimeters while wearing hose. In China it was this and a little more, the women taking 5,000 years of developed culture, putting on a pair of pantyhose, and transforming whatever square of earth I previously had imagined I would dominate into her tightly controlled sphere of influence.

    I have not ever, do not know, and will not possibly ever be the dominant force in these interactions or relationships. The women in these interactions or relationships wearing pantyhose don’t wait for excuses, don’t have time for my whimpering that I’m losing in our competitions, don’t like wearing frowns, love beauty and aesthetics, and simply need me to do the very best I can to be there for them in the capacity they’ve chosen me to be there for. They ask me to try and keep up – but since so often this might mean me blowing a gasket and collapsing in a state of bad health, they also ask that I accept defeat with humility in favor of saving some energy for another day.

    Culturally and intellectually, pantyhose seem to have affected the women I have met and known over many years in quite a positive way – they like winning, they like dominating spheres, and they like the fact that while doing all this, guys like me, after nursing bruises and whimpering a bit to ourselves about how we possibly could have come in a distant second, spend time admiring how they look and how they represent a timeless aesthetic.

    The Devil needs to take a holiday today in this argument and find another Advocate – I ain’t got time to help create reasons for down with pantyhose.

  • I feel there is not one single answer to all of this.
    But i feel it could be down to a few of these factors…

    Core Belief Systems throughout life..

    Culture and family units..

    People losing the ability to think for themselves..Letting media propaganda do the thinking for them..

    Today has never been a better time in history to wear pantyhose.. A mind blowing collection of colours.. Deniers..Styles..to choose from.
    Today the comfort and fit is the best they have ever been.
    Hot and uncomfortable depends on the individual and the type of pantyhose they have chosen..

    Female police officers.. Just imagine if all the female police officers in the photos had just bare legs.. Without spelling it out.. They would lose something..

    I do not want to offend anyone.. I feel the worlds growing waistlines is not helping the wearing of pantyhose..

    Take Care

  • As I am sure a few of us are aware, the bare legged movement was a bastardization of the Park Avenue matron running late to put her hosiery on and exiting her upscale apartment only to put hosiery on in the limo. I kid you not. Apparently Candace Bushnell and her four henchwomen took it to another extreme. I should excuse Kim Cattrall somewhat as I do recall seeing her wearing pantyhose and not much else. With today’s technology on knitting very low denier hosiery along some very sophisticated yarns and stunning shades, wearing pantyhose even in warm weather is not the chore many make it out to be. Sadly, cattle mentality is in and will be for a long time. I will say when winter hits and dampness reigns, nothing is better than wearing pantyhose to save your cold bacon.

  • It is so sad to see how lots of women have lost good taste in style, and class (esp. when it comes to not wearing pantyhose). They are some of the most delicate, softest piece of clothing that a woman can wear. They enhance the natural beauty of a woman’s legs. Lots of women have stopped wearing pantyhose altogether everywhere- church, office, school, etc and it is so sad. You even see celebrities and actresses without pantyhose also. But we do see some celebrity women who set the standard for wearing pantyhose and looking good in them- Tina Turner, Joyce Dewitt from Three’s Company and a few others. Let’s hope that pantyhose makes a complete comeback and more women will wear them

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